July 27, 1924–May 20,1925

27 July 1924


“In a card game you may be dealt the best cards, but it is up to you to make the best use of them.

“I am talking about the pictures of the future. In a way that corresponds to the quality of the recipients’ auras, these pictures are realistic and extend in a certain direction.

“Of course, ill will may push the traveler in a different direction, and then he will see signs of a different nature.

“Therefore, when pictures of the future are received, it is important to keep in mind the condition of the recipient’s spirit at the time of transmission. A corresponding opportunity comes with the ray; otherwise justice would be violated. You should understand the transmission of dates in the same way.

“For the dates with cosmic significance, manifested ‘vessels’ are made use of, and such vessels bring with them a chain of coworkers. That is why coworkers may be replaced at the request of the chosen vessels.

“Even if We notice that a coworker is lame, We do not replace him unless the elders desire it. But if the spirit of the chosen ones is aware that the work is being betrayed, then let it turn to Us and say, ‘Oh Sponsor, replace the coworker.’ This means that a link in the chain will be unlocked, and the consciousness of the chosen ones will be freed from the effects of the departing coworker’s aura. Similarly, the person departing takes his fate upon himself, for each is free to build his own house.

“We can summon, and We can reveal pictures of the future that show the appropriate direction, but how Our Call is applied is left to the recipient’s free will.

“Only devotion and awareness of the wisdom of the Plan can ensure that the pictures of the future convey reality.

“The vistas from the mountains are so vast, which makes the urge to crawl into a hole that much more deplorable.

“Long ago debtors were cast into a pit calledgehenna. Why crawl there of one’s own accord? On this note, let us conclude about the vitality of the dates and mirrors of the future.”[2]

Call U[draya],[3] then we will sit together.

“I wish to see everyone in place, with greater awareness of podvig, achievement without expectation of personal gain. Is it possible to call a warrior a hero if he goes into battle filled with expectation of reward?

“Long ago the Teacher Mohammed had to promise raptures in paradise to the warriors of Islam. Will I have to promise the (limousine?!)[4]sparkle of rubies? You must go forth without expectation; otherwise there results a grievous waste of time in eternal evolution.”[5]

Lumou entered.[6]

“The soul may be laid down for My daughter.The river of centuries has only brought Me closer to her.My daughter, never before have you sat before My Image. My Ray manifests My Rainbow to you. My daughter, I will wisely show you the gates of Our Abode. My daughter, you are needed for the manifestation of a miracle; let Me reveal the power of My Shield. My daughter, cover Our Cathedral with the arch of the Temple. My daughter, We are touched to see Our three Images within the same walls. My daughter, We will appear where your name will be honored. My daughter, the miracle at Lob-Nor[7] is preordained.”—I conveyed the words of Our Lord.

28 July 1924

Urusvati,[8] your tears are like the dew of a bright morning. Your spirit has touched the great truth—through these touches shines the Power of the Brotherhood. Christ was sending His Call to you. Yesterday, I talked about the dates. You have keptthe dates; not everything is transferred to paper. We will not miss the needful.

“Let us now conclude about the law of co-measurement.

“A builder has to know how heavy a load the pillars of a house can bear.

“A lack of co-measurement results in destruction, blasphemy, falsehood, betrayal, and every sort of ugly phenomenon.

“Can a structure stand in which the features of a giant are attributed to a flea? In which a soak in the hot tub is sought for more than the Lord is? In which a whirlwind is likened to a mosquito’s flight?

“A condition required by the Brotherhood is full co-measurement in one’s thought and expression—this is a stronghold for the truth of beauty. It is easy to go through life without passing things over in silence or exaggerating them.

“We keep close watch on Our coworkers to make sure that the way they express themselves corresponds to what they mean to say. That is the only way different beings can cooperate.

“The best judgment will be based on beauty. It is ugly to say, ‘I’ll fit the giant into a little box,’ or, ‘The eagle soars like a hen.’

“The best apparatuses are so often ruined by a lack of co-measurement, something that could easily be avoided with a little attentiveness.”[9]

Call U[draya].

The Sirin bird flies widely, and the surf is powerful on the North Sea.The gospel is vast, carried away by the bells, and powerful is the chorus of human hearts from the mountain abodes of Tibet up to the forest hermitages of the White Sea.We forge a prayer about a Wondrous Teacher.On the M[ongolian] spears and Russian bayonets, We shall raise the symbol of fearlessness and touch with a smile of joy.The vaults of the houses of Christ and the vestibules of Buddha’s shrines—may the three pearls shine! Let there be Light until the end of time!Glory now and forever!

29 July 1924

I want to see the mirrors; let U[draya] take the notes.

1.     In a blue fog, I see three people sitting and looking through papers; they are not Russians.One, thin and clean-shaven, signs the paper; followed by a shorter, younger man who waves his hand and writes.The third man has folded the papers in an envelope, goes to the telephone, calls the “Academy,” and hurries to leave.

2.     I see in a dark fog, the people are swarming, loading the cars into prepared boxes, placing upon theman inscription with the year 1928.The mood is hasty.

3.     I see a golden fog. Log[van][10] is sitting with non-Russian Industrialists; the year is 1927.The paths of B[elukha][11] are on the map, and the case has already been signed.

4.     In a purple fog, I see a phenomenon on the mountain.T[aruhan?][12]is coming, followed by the workers with the picks, carrying a chain.A bearded man, wearing a fur coat, is walking towardthem, waving a letter and shouting: “The union is with us; think about how to speed up the shipment; write to Boot[h?][13]—the bearings are too large again.”

5.     I see in blue fog, Av[irach][14] is driving along the road, and with himis O[yana?][15] and an old man, the representative of the Shipbuilding Company who is also the representative of the Relbund[16]—a very strong organization.

6.     I can see the fog swirling.Thefields are only partially sown with wheat.A caravan of motors is crawling up the mountain, followed by a tall man.There are several buildings on the side and a wooden Church—it should be named after S[ergius].[17]

Let U[draya] stand.

7.     In a golden fog, I see a gray-haired man in Har[bin][18]is inspecting a train with the goods from Am[erica]—the destination is Ur[ga?].[19]

8.     Ina blue fog, I see a small house surrounded by a fence in the steppe and a room with a stove on the floor.F[uyama][20] is drinking tea;amotor is in the yard, and the officer is packing the leather bags.Two M[ongols] with guns on their backs start the car—it is cold, five o’clock in the morning.

9.     I see U[draya] sitting by the phone in a ditch; behind him lies a M[ongol] with a revolver.There is a lot of gunfire in front of them.Here, U[draya] descends the slope and points at the forest with his whip.The mood is nervous.Ch[ahem]b[ula][21]peers through the binoculars.

Now let F[uyama] write.

The preordained places are given.

Now, the four of you sit together.

About the torments of Ch[rist]through torture—people will learn the love for the world. My daughter, human love does not know cosmic love.And the miracle of building theNew Country will affirm the construction of a New World. There is no need for Ch[rist] to suffer more. Let the Spirit heal His wounds. Let the Spirit partake from the Chalice of courage. The Spirit remembers partaking of communion from the Chalice of courage.

Doubts arose as to whether the verb was given in the previous phrase.

It was given; only “the spirit revealed”was omitted.

The Spirit of the Teacher knows where the Chalice is hidden.[22] My Spirit knows how to find it.

30 July 1924

Everyday, I manifest important Signs; I have revealed how the Chalice will be found; today, you are aware of its way.

“While reading the books recommended, you will discover sparks. Place the fragments of reverence for Maitreya[23] into a single receptacle, just as I Myself have placed the fragments of One Stone over the face of the Earth. A new miracle will bring the nations together. Our Ray will drive away doubt.

“The bonds ofpodvigact in a way that is similar to work in a laboratory. The researcher’s hand does not shake while measuring out an experimental liquid, because he knows that spilling a drop can blow up the house. Only faith and courage uphold his hand.”[24]

My pharmacy has strengthened today.Look for viability among the juices of plants.I donot see how it is possible to artificially replace a living resin.Can a living hand be replaced with a wooden one?Therefore, I rejoiceand welcome My plants in the house.

Call U[draya].

I have pointed, pointed, pointed out—now act. I manifested the opportunities. I pointed out the Signs, and now I am expecting action.

The four of you sit together.

Show bravery.Understandwell My Ray, F[uyama]. A miracle will protect you. Understand, F[uyama]. Ur[usvati] correctly thinks about the t[emple].I think a miracle will reveal a step toward the liberation of the lands of Urukai.[25]I know the Chalice; it burned with fire in London—on the manifested books.

31 July 1924

You want to know exactly how you will get there.One thing is unswerving, I will take neither a day nor an hour away from Ur[usvati]. On the way to Us, you can only count on increasing and approaching.Smile at him and say—praise to the enemies. The reason you donot hear the details of the path is that We have several plans, and it would be unreasonable to clutter up space with one of them. When the enemies have no clue about the plan, it will be better.The paths may be opposite.It has already been said that the one heading to the East will sometimes come from the West, and departing to Egypt, We found Ourselves in Mongolia. And, therefore, let us say: “Lord, I will reach You both by water and by land!”

The manifestation of My Friend’s experimentmay unexpectedly brighten the path. In two years, I will know the first signs.The acceleration would have been cruel, causingHim untold pain.Clouds are over Him, for Our enemy is afraid of these experiments. To awakenMy Friend or to pour red sand to Urusvati is his only hope.He has many helpers.

I guarantee one thing: “I will not take a day or an hourfrom the next three years.We will add as much as We can, but it depends on the experiment of My Friend.”

How I wish I could contributeat least a drop of help! You can help by forgetting about Him.I donot see a reason why Urusvati cannot return to a new body.Now let us carry the stones to the Temple.

Call U[draya].

It is necessary to sense the future path; it should be pointed out to Logv[an] the teaching of courage in practice; also, let Yar[uya][26] learn to work in secret, and they must know how to keep silent.

The four of you sit together.

F[uyama], be able to travel. F[uyama], be able to wait. F[uyama], be able to bypass your favorite towers. F[uyama], know how to proceed where you will be sent.Think about how best to keep the Plan, how to burn the old papers without fear.Ur[usvati] burned them boldly. It is a very important time now. The books about Mon[golia] are required. I vouch fornew, brilliant opportunities.

Will U[ncle] V[olodya?] help? (Sv[etoslav]’s question.)Also, in a new way.

1 August 1924

I sense the spiritual Chalice of My Abode. The Russians already understand the pure sacrifice. The events are successfully composed;My Ray penetrates the mansions of the T[emple].The hand of the new offerings reveals the gift of the spirit; therefore, this place mayalso be marked by the Ray of the Plan’scomprehension.

Bury here the list of the legend given in February.At the old stupa by the road. It is better in a metal box. It is better to go high above the road. Or go to the G[hum] monastery,[27] wherever it is easier. It is better to go with Yar[uya] when he is here.

Call U[draya].

I indicated an important time here.When a tunnel is dug out in a powder vault, the powder hisses and explodes.I can already hear the hissing.

Yar[uya] must accept the affirmation of the manifested work.

I think a Rockef[eller]’sMedical School in Bei[jing] is ready to open a branch in Ur[ga].Through it, you will receive the medics for the troops.I am thinking of ways to help Hor[ch][28]to send supplies to M[ongolia].I believe that Am[erica] will be happy to sell some of the supplies, hoping to gain influence in M[ongolia]. In the beginning, the army will receive the necessary supplies from Russia, and the campaign will be completed inRussian boots.

Let the four of us sit together.

I think the Russian Tula factories will be very useful. I will figure out how to help U[draya] get them. I will delicately send K[ai?][29] to Moscow. You mayinvolve V[ladimir?] R[oerich?].[30]Be willing to break the chains of spiritual bondage as soon as possible.

2 August 1924

The Guru may believe My breath.I will point out one thing—look for the best among your desires—that desire will help a miracle. Mon[golia] needs to be saturated with wonders. Of course, these wonders are only historical discoveries. Even the real appearance of Buddha will only be a consequence of a historical cause without any magic.

“The Ray of Christ has as much scientific basis as a ray of the sun, but for the multitudes the simple discovery of an object seems like a miracle.”[31]You know how We define the concept of a miracle;therefore,the discovery of ancient objects is not a miracle but a necessity of time. “But was the change of races a miracle? Was the coming of the Great Teachers a miracle? Was the appearance of Christ a miracle? Does one prophesy a miracle centuries ahead? A miracle violates harmony, whereas cosmic events only affirm evolution.”[32]

“(You have listed Ur[usvati]’s)dreams and visions are not miracles, either, but are a thread of life, an awareness of the essence of what is on its way, revealed to a degree that does not affect karma. If people could accept dreams and awareness without succumbing to preconceptions, the path could be improved.

“When new images manifest, they are often refracted in a distorted way. The mirror either expands the image or contracts it, as if its surface were quivering under unusual pressure.

“You should take a cautious approach to the so-called nightmares, for their meaning may be significant.”[33]

My Hand was protecting you; many get in—the bugs are attracted by the fire.Any foresight is commendable.We are not the cowards, but We take care of the locks. You just need to think that a thought is better than a gun.You may have a lot of dogs, but thought is better. They walk around; your consciousness easily repels them every night. Thus, from the beginning of the firmament, the Host of Earth makes the rounds of the possessions, as the police stop the rebellion of the spirit.From the Earth derives an earthly spirit, from the Sun is a Ray of prana.

Uru is Our Brother, a famous healer, from about one thousand years ago.

Call U[draya].

Ur[usvati] must rest; tranquility is necessary for the work of the future.

3 August 1924

Why is She under an umbrella? Why is there a ring of lightning around Her?Both phenomena are profoundly significant. An umbrella is a collector of Good Moisture, as if it were a receptacle for the emanation of Light.The sacred grains of the Brotherhood gather and form a flame of protection.The ring of lightning has an even more ancient meaning, for in times of danger, the Holder of Lightning wraps the sacred firearound the one.Hence, the fiery ring of the great evocations, but this phenomenon requires an unclouded connection with the Lightning Holder.

Today, the experiment gave a brilliant result, for none of the lightning has burned Ur[usvati]. The threads of lightning are a very powerful tool, and, if a summons is impure or an aura is full of spots, then lightning can burn to the point of physical burns.In terms of protecting and purifying the atmosphere,lightning is an excellent tool. Reciprocity is necessary.

Now what would I do?B[elukha][34] will be registered now as an Am[erican] business. At the end of N[ovember?] of the year [19]26, a monetary formation will begin.Offer to the R[ussian]governmenthalf of the revenues with tax exemptions. The expenses for the first years are half deducted from the payment offuture profits.If K[ai?] had time to enroll as a Communist, he could be a harmless representative of [. . .].There is no danger for him; let him speak about the possibility of attracting foreign capital. Then, We will see further.

There is a desire to come into direct contact with Us(an explanation of the dream).I just cannot sayabout the path, but the fact itself is immutable.

Call U[draya].

Point out the need of keeping the secrets, for the time will come and we shall halt the dance of demons.Many lamas[35]will recognize the warriors of Shambhala.The blow approaches, and a new page of history will begin with the words of a terrible surprise.And where there will be a hundred of you, the human fear will see a thousand;they may even give up their dance.

The four of you sit together.

I will think, think, think of a good robe and a sacred blade for My U[draya].Guru, figure out for yourself the best and clearest manifestation of the revealeddeeds.

To the remark that nothing is needed from me and that I cannot give anything anyway.We receive something from you that no one can ever give. The spiritual arrow is weightless, but its quality moves the world.Elena—is the name of the movement of the world. You will read this in The S[ecret] D[octrine].[36]

I listen to the questions.

S[vetotoslav] asked questions abouttherays.Yes, about the main ray. Besides it, there is a ray of the spirit that can be physically determined through the aura.

Can it be tried on metals?No, on the plants. Through observation, by laying the hands on the plant. Every touch brings forth a special tension of vitality.For plants, it is necessary to find a connection with the quality of the spirit.The spirit can receive the plant’s fluids only along the radiation color of the rays of vitality.The quality of the spirit attracts to itself.

A question about the medicine and the number of ingredients.Yes, six ingredients.Imagine a hospital as a gardenof M[orya]. The houses of S[ergius].

Can I get a hint on how to treat cancer?Ultrasonic waves. Any tumor can be decomposed by sound waves.

A question about the ultrasound transmission. It is selenite.This teaches us about soundreflection.There are direct waves and the reflected waves.You can observe the vibrations of the plants.How wonderfully the plants vibrate to the waves of sounds when it emanates the same light as the radiation of the plants. Asthe ultrasonic[. . .] can be condensed in a block system.

If it ispossible, sit with full agreement; a great benefit couldarise.

The main radiation comes from a pistil.

A daughter of Dr. H[ille?] is a very good spirit.[37]

4 August 1924

Today, we will sit together; firstI want to say one thing, show more joyfulness because everything is going well. We are especially happy with the experiments. Better to wait. Bring the dark ones closer by playing with the earthly crystals.

The manifestation of Moguls and Tagore[38] are accessible to the masses; they cannot be denied. The fact of Moguls and Tagore are often discussed in the house;they are both useful to you. I think that Tagore’s appearancewas important, for Tagore obeyed My Ray. Now his spirit has descended, but you must remember only the best.

The boys came.

Direct your thoughts toward M[ongolia]. Think well toward Am[erica].

[Ask] questions.

To Udraya’s question about K.

ToSvetik’s question about the vibration for cancer treatment.Not before a century.

Barley and a carrot.

How to treat consumption?The lungs are best cured by a ray of sunlight—it should be passed through a violet glass.

In response to Svetik’s remark.[39]Ur[usvati] knows.

[Ask] questions.

What is the best way to apply this ray?It is necessary to concentrate the ray on the sore spot and perform a ray massage, acting along a circle—even until the burn.

Can M.M. indicate the best purifier?Carrot syrup. The oil from a sorrel[40] is also good.It is harmful to eat it often.Castor oil soup is harmful. A carrotsyrup should be given ina small amount on an empty stomach for a month or two. It is great for the children.

Can you specify a remedy for smallpox? Juniper is good.

I would like to know a remedy against decay and decline of strength.In ancient times, the priests gavecedar resin [to heal the people].

Can mercury be used for skin diseases?Carefully, because mercury is the enemy of the white blood globules.

Is radish juice also a purifier?Yes.

Is it possible to treat with radium?Through the plants. It helps plants to grow.

What remedy would M.M. advise against appendicitis?This disease is more susceptible to suggestion.Pinchednerves can be dispelled by suggestion.Removing the appendix is harmfulto the centers.

Can bones and tissues be augmented?The blood is impure, but it is possible with a condition of vitality.I think any doctor is able to cut; I prefer treatment.Pay attention to the function of the solar plexus.Donot forget flax fibers during the experimentwith the solar plexus.

In what form should they be used? Subtle and processed, otherwise they will not be fine.Little was done about the solar plexus.Donot forget the iridium.

Will it be possible to come to I[ndia?] for the meeting?There are alot of events. Let the spirit know the direction of the currents.

5 August 1924

“What I am about to say is very important. The rule, ‘By your God,’ is the higher one. This rule is the foundation of the New World. In former times people would intone, ‘My spirit rejoices in God, my Savior,’ but now you will say, ‘My spirit rejoices in God, your Savior.’

“Solemnly do I say that in this lies salvation. ‘Long live your God!’ That is what you will say to everyone, and exchanging Gods you will walk onward to the One.”[41]

Therefore, today We gave Urusvati the strongest formula, reinforced by sleep—when even those who disagree had to smile; therefore, it was possible to pass through the most inconvenient paths.

“There where you might have gotten stuck, you can tread lightly if you avoid negation. Where you might have suffocated, you can pass onward by recalling, ‘Your God.’ Where matter is esteemed, you can pass onward only by exalting the earthly matter into the Cosmos. The main thing is that one should not be attached only to the earthly world.

“Why is there a legend about Christ descending into hell? The Master addressed the lower strata of the astral world, saying, ‘Why bind yourself to earth forever by thinking about earthly things?’ And many beings were stirred up and rose higher.

“Therefore, find the God of each person and exalt Him.”[42]

My contentment was boundless, seeing how the two religions were honored today.“You can understand this logically, but it is more important to embrace it in the smile of the spirit. When the most difficult becomes easy, in the way that flight is easy for birds, then the very stones will unite into the Dome, and to each one Christ the Mason will manifest.”[43]

Please do not be upset—sometimes silent work does not produce sounds.

The question—am I correctly thinking about Rockef[eller]?Yes—for L[umou?] and Sib[eria].

You may call U[draya].

The school will be established in U[rga]. Yes, from U[rga] they will travel to B[elukha?]. I approve of a military school in U[rga] for M[ongolian?] and K[almyk?] children.There are many orphans in R[ussia].I will think of the warriors in S[iberia]. Sit together.

Blowing on the mountains, the clouds break.Blowing on someone’s sensitivity, you pave the way toward the heart.The manifestation of Our Ray should expand your path.

[Ask] questions.

Better [use] the sound [waves?]—they spread through the air.

Thecomposition of urine will show the secretion of salts concentrated in case of a tumor.

You will understand a lot more during the development ofthe work.

Spring barley.

The spirit will cover the experiments with the Shield; it is better to keep a pure thought.

6 August 1924

Now, themain thing is to be prepared for the mobility of the Plan. If things turn out thus, that We call for you earlier, you must be ready.I sense that acceleration may be coming.One of the main qualities is to be light.

So far, the experiments proceed excellently.If the experiments continue to be equally successful, then many who know about them will soon want to change their living conditions.

When He awakens, every time the first exclamation is: “I do not seem to have done anything again!” And We again suppress the memory. For the experiment requires being in ordinary conditions but not touching them spiritually. Similar phenomena have vaguely been contemplated long ago, and in ancient times,it was called the transmutation of Vitsiosa—a mutual movement or creating a visible border between worlds.

Apollonius of Tyana[44] based himself on the manifestation of Christ and believed to magically create the approach of the dead to the earth. He achieved strong materializations, but they only remained within the magical circles,for the limit of magic cannot be increased.Therefore, to reach one line is useless for evolution.Christ told: “Matter will be conquered by matter that recollected its spiritual origin.” However, material conditions must first be transformed intospiritual ones. One may understand how painful the touch of matter is when the essence passes into a spiritual shell. Without leaving the earth, sense how logically possible the connection may be between the worlds. At the same time, there should be a realization of the possibility of an amalgam protecting the subtle body while maintaining all its joyful properties. Centuries were required for this research. In continuation, two experiments are now underway to bring important mobility to humanity.

Your experiment opens a broad window.If the lamas heard Our working voices, they would have run away.For one must have the courage to understand the laboratory as it is.Having accommodated the entire laboratory, one can speak to Me and Those closest tothe Ray.I advise you to pay close attention to the emerging thoughts because constant contact is working.I will say completely scientifically:when there is an important period of accommodating as many voices and rays as possible, then it is harmful to fill the space with only one voice.He repeats the same thing, although no one would understand the high dangers of achievement better than Him.

Write down the exact questions, and I will answerthem tomorrow because one should not delay the success of the experiments.Believe, We strive to accelerate the good, and on the day when I talk about the possibility of acceleration, do not reproach.Believe Our records—they do not lie, and We see the amount of spiritual work better than you.I requestthat you stay for a short time without discontent; just let Me fix the knots. The clichés of upcoming, big events can come at any minute.

Call U[draya].

Of course, the aspiration will have its effect. I will think about the work for L[umou] in Am[erica].

7 August 1924

You have four talents: music, painting, healing, and mentoring, but most importantly,itis the synthesis of spirituality.Look around, why do you always know what to do?

“Synthesis of spirituality is the rarest of gifts; it is what kindles the light of the world. Nothing compares with the light of the world.”[45]Through this light, you have imparted the best illumination to the hearts.Why are they drawn to you?“Though the light burns, its ray is being sought.”[46]

I donot find it; the palm lines are good.The synthesis is expressed by the body; this is above the conditional proportionality.It is necessary to pay attention to the synthesis of nations, combined in one body.It is necessary to distinguish personal egoism from cosmic egoism.The difference of rays is noticeable in the development of certain purposes.For example, along the Ray of spiritual Teachers,we often see a change of gender,whereas leaders and builders of life preserve the same gender.

I donot like eloquence.I Myself have never had it, and I find every written word difficult.Fromthe life of Sergius, I Myself know how far He was from eloquence, but He gave the peoplehope for the strength of the spirit.

The experiment requires a special synthesis of spirituality.I mustadd about the experiment that it was formed a long time ago when Maharani of Kashmir[47]along with her Spiritual Teacher selflessly dreamed of breaking the chains of Earth and making the invisible visible; therefore, the experiments arenow connected.

You are able to contain up to forty, and, gradually,We will reach seventy-seven. We must warn you that if you notice interruptions or strangled voices, know that We are protecting the peace of the Sleeping One.The sensitivity of the spirit is phenomenal.The tension proceeds in spiral waves.

You may read about the M[essiah?] but replace the last path with My Path.

On the contrary, the development of one (talent) would upset the balance ofsynthesis. Synthesis is most important forthe new cult.We understand this burden very well, but I ask you to pay attention to the desires of the spirit because we are already at the step when the spirit makes no mistakes. The sparkling thoughts must be grasped at the threshold of events.Each event is accompanied by a feeling—these are valuable. So far, Our Counsels have been good; follow the path of Chr[ist] and Buddha.Let me explain with a parable.The world begs to purify Their Teaching.With His permission,I will transmit the Teaching of Christ. The Buddha’s Teaching is in perfect agreement with the Teaching of Christ. The Ray of Christ is above you.

We need to look at people’s distress; the darkness will be replaced by light.Knowledge [exists] to help the worlds. We do not have“no.” But the experiment must especially be guarded now, when after centuries, only two years are left.Therefore, I advise you to stay as if in a sanatorium, not caring about the ways; at the first error, I will give a sign.There may be a delay; wait.

Call U[draya].

Our decision is strengthened by the events.We already know the hour ofdisaster.But the Caliphate must enter Russia, for I seegreat benefit in uniting the irreconcilable.Let the crafty advisors continue their activities; they will not notice how they float in a nutshell.It was decided to give the documents for the organization of the Stateto a Russian tramp.

One blow will bring a victory—the people of Eng[land] did not understand.

8 August 1924

Let us deal with politics. It is a good start to the plan if atreaty with England succeeds.Recognition of Russia will only help its actions.This year is very important.

It is necessary to send the article “Strings of the Earth” to Egypt.The details of the veneration of Mohammed are very timely.It is advisable to accept Turkeythrough an understanding of its ideal.Islam must not be forgotten.

A Decree of the Lords: Russia must preserve the temples of St. S[ergius]. Through them, the R[ussians] will again enter their T[emple].

The Mountain will send Him the new servants.My Decree: “Courageously yield yourself to the Plan.”

U[draya] needs to understand the R[ussian] cause as the center of the planet.The boundaries of the new formations should be seen from sea to sea, neglecting the occasional partitions.Negotiations must only be peaceful, giving praise to the peculiarities of each nation.The spirit of the people will smile at every caress.Know the best legend about every nation. It is the same with you as it is with Us.Everyone can bring his best. Each one senses when they are understood.

Do not forget that alwayshostile Jewry will support the carriers of the U[nion?].The secret hand that previously harmed will now help.And the Jerusalem given to them will be a symbol of the Union, for other borders will not be needed.Therefore, we include in the prophecies their expectations of a New Jerusalem.

What does the date mean—in twenty years?The period for finding Solomon’s hiding place.[48]

I would like to be present at the discovery.You will be.

Call U[draya].

When I indicate the actions, the hour of decision will come.We already know how the sail freezes before a storm.I want to see you, warriors, in the new caftans.It is not suitable for the bearers of the Idea to wear the rags; therefore, My powers should manifest a joy to the eyes.

F[uyama], vouch for finding Solomon’s hiding place.Ur[usvati] could already hear Solomon’s voice. “I feel the King’s Chalice has not rusted, the shield can ring, and the silver hand may call upon the Voice of God.The Teraphim of Moses, the Throne consecrated by the Fathers who spoke from the Lord, and the seeds of the sacred herbs still preserve the Call.”

Please, place this record in the C[airo?] synagogue.

The lightning of My guarantee.(I sawlightning piercing through the room.)

9 August 1924

“Do not make enemies—everyone should follow this rule(who carry the Sign). Know your enemies, beware of them, put a stop to their actions, but bear them no malice. And if an enemy comes under your roof of his own accord, give him warmth, because your roof is large, and the newcomer will not take away your space. But if it is difficult to redirect the momentum of a deep feeling, then cover it with a smile of Light.

“A grudge based on old, fictitious accounts is completely incommensurate with the Plan of the Lords. If we place on a scale the occurrences in their original form and then weigh the fictions cooked up by the exertions of hatred, the latter will turn out to be heavier.

“In the name of co-measurement you have to find the right place for people. Otherwise, we might as well speak in the same tone of voice about the center of the planet and an inkblot. A piece of music performed in a monotone disgusts the listeners; that is why We urge you to understand how practical co-measurement is.

“And if you notice a conversation going on and on about an empty shell, draw the speaker’s attention to the impractical nature of the trivial. There are many people who require this discipline.

“Do not be afraid if people say that you are insane, for the path is open to you. Do not forget to praise the enemies.

“Let us stop here about the enemies.”[49]

How to answer the questions and rumors about the true founders of the school, etc.?Tell: there were special reasons.

Call U[draya].

I direct F[uyama] to manifest clear, pure spiritual understanding.

10 August 1924

“About the lack of co-measurement regarding dates.(Cosmic dates have been given to you for the twelve coming years.)

“Along with a wave of the ocean (that was clearly seen by Ur[usvati],) small streams of events are transmitted. Is it possible to confuse a rivulet with an ocean? But in the earthly world people are always in a hurry to confuse the personal with the world-scale. Like a hand feeling the thickness of a fabric, the spirit should discern the depth of events.

“Do not get carried away by the apparent magnitude of events, because between the basic nodes there may be phantoms of many colors, and the rivulets may temporarily change their beds.

“A chance moment, or a silence, or a bout of ill health should not be attributed to the wave. So if a traveler takes a short rest along the way, it does not mean that he has deviated from the path.

“A nodal wave lifts everything up in an instant, but before each such current the boat hesitates. A more sensitive boat will shudder more strongly, because the dust of the explosion already fills the atmosphere.

“That is why the co-measurement of dates and events must not be forgotten. Especially an acceleration of the current may affect the organism. The complexity of events may sometimes even sever the thread, as it were, but this only goes on for a limited time, while the organism is digesting a double helping of the flow of world events. The complex of physical conditions may intensify physical sensations; you should avoid getting tired then, because the waves of the ocean are coming in quick succession.”[50]

Call U[draya].

Rest is necessary, for the evaporations and currents are unfavorable. Information is coming.

11 August 1924

Assurgina is the name of the Lady in the Senzar language.Amuru means voluntary devotion.Theword Assurgina has not been spoken for a long time, for We do not utterwords until the time of a total revelation.[51]

The concept of Isis is close;[52] therefore,We remind that sometimes under the pressure of the world waves, the Priestess fell into such a shock that she temporarily even lost her speech.Of course, the change of waves brought back the power of speech.

I must say about the yellow Ray.When the consciousness is shaken, the yellow Ray is useful. It is the so-called Ray of the first man because the aura of the first man was yellow.Remember in the legend of Adam that he was made of red clay.

What color is the aura of our planet?The aura of the Earth is yellow;over yellow therecomes green, then navy blue, sky blue, violet, and silver.

Is there a lilac mixed color?It is susceptible to silver.It is a crystal of dark blue and ruby.The crystal can only grow upwards.

Call U[draya].

The time has come for the great events.I will indicate the path of achievement.Let them know the banner of the battle.

12 August 1924

Let the four of us sit together.

The broad horizons are successful. Leaving, you are approaching the date. The guarantee is almost a month closer. Step on every stone when crossing the river.

I senseWe may already seethe mirrors.

1.     A purple fog—U[draya] receives a sending.I choose new people for him. Sensing the spirit of these young companions, I can peacefully send them to help.

2.     I see a green fog—L[umou] found a bride. A bright head. Of a good kind. The previous lives are beautiful. This may safely lead to Zv[enigorod?].

3.     A green fog—the Teacher placed His Hand on L[umou’s head],manifesting a thought to Urusvati; L[umou]’s heart may be kindled.

4.     I see a blue fog. Ur[usvati] receives her desire. Her goal, running risks, is found. The mountains do not obscure.

5.     I see a golden fog—F[uyama] and Ur[usvati]are on the road. U[draya] and K. Lama are going to receive them.

6.     I see a purple fog—Ur[usvati] is standing on the mountain.

7.     I see a purple fog—Ur[usvati] stands at My window and sends a silver ray to A[ltai?].[53]

8.     I think we had a good time today.

13 August 1924

M[orya] is happy to see you moving forward. Verily, We tear every step away from space.Even where there might have been a great crash, there is a lot of joy. Ur[usvati]’s desire to see L[umou] married to a bright head has a deep meaning. L[umou] may be blessed with My Hand. L[umou] mayaccept a new spirit around the relatives who have long dreamt of joining spiritually. L[umou] should not know. Send the girl the best pendant adorned with a ruby. I think the ruby one [. . .].

I smile happily when the rings of the ages enclose.Of course, she belongs to Ur[usvati]—she was the native princess under Urukai; an adopted daughter, for often adopted daughters are closer in spirit.The resemblance of the eyes has returned, and, again, she may be a princess in the same places.

Manifesting the possibility of happiness, I understand the possibilities of labor. I think it is destiny.

Your name is not Russian. It is necessary to go to Chicago.

Let us carry the stones toward the Temple. Call U[draya].

Perhaps I will indicate a necessary phenomenon.The Russians are guided by Us.Soon, soon I will point out a new crack in the camp of the evil ones.

When is the best time to send the book material?In two days.

Why do I hear clichés of Russian life?It is required to do so.

14 August 1924

I sense how the Shield should be guarded.I already sense your fierceprogress.I already sense how you may move toward Kashmir. I sense a quiet, small house. I feel it is necessary to show haste in writing to the best-recommended person.I do not like long delays.You need to know that those who do not answer you for a long time are not for you. But with Us, of course, everything is for the best.I can whisper to you that everything around you will be transformedfor the best, for your devotion is great. What is best for the Plan is also best for you.Ur[usvati] knows everything that is needed. We shall live in Kashmir as students.

Let My power help Ur[usvati] not to take strangers and fools close to heart. It is necessary. We are filling the cabinet with gold.Ur[usvati] may wait quietly for how the lives are to be arranged.You may send a ring—let P[oruma?][54] give it when the time comes. It was already promised at one time.

Lum[ou] can become a Freemason.Taking citizenship is not against the Plan.I see no harm if one will temporarily be a Mon[golian] andanotheran Amer[ican]; it would only erase the unnecessary boundaries. These are only the signs of mobility.Let us not forewarn aboutthe events, but Am[erica] is the only friend of the future R[ussia].The division of the world will go according to these countries.Africa—for Russia andthe islands—for Am[erica]; the rest is not important.Abyssinia[55] is the center of Afr[ica]. The spirit of Ur[usvati] knows.

Call U[draya], then we will sit together.

It is necessary to give an outcome to the Rus[sian] pilgrimage.The Russian power [is] from the midnight countries to the southern oceans.R[ussia] will prove that the years of humiliation have created people who do not know defeat.Ivan Karpov will raise his homeland from the height of his martyrdom to the height of the earthly mountains.Let them know that the R[ussian] knapsack will follow the great paths. I allow U[draya] to arrive a little earlier. From here, you can listen to the important news in July. I will give him important details. I vouch for the essential ones.

Your questions.

Against malaria—sunbaths, even massage by the rays of Sun through the glass—to concentrate them on the centrifugality of the heart.This movement will increase blood emission. One can understandthe dispositions of the colors with a hand.

If U[draya] could go to Gyantse,[56] it would be good. It may be specified later.The spirit must be strengthened, for some mysteries are similar to a powerful medicine. The evil teachings are manifested to the world.

15 August 1924

The Teacher recalls various expressions about the cult of the Mother of the World. Our language consists of different roots. We constantly add words according to the phenomena of the century. Thus, Assurginais a symbol of a future life, and on the night of the second of September, Her essence comes into force. For it is Venus that, on this day, carries away its main Ray, and departing, receives again the influence of the distant worlds. Having poured upon the Earth, She flies again to accumulate the Rays. After Her withdrawal, Jupiter will manifest the power of Her Ray.

Instruct America to decideeverything by November 27.Do not leave it until the final days. Success is short—you must hasten. Ur[usvati] feels the warning.

“Both acceleration, which brings success, and deceleration progress in waves. Therefore, when you catch sight of a wave of acceleration, you should seize the opportunity and cast as many seeds into it as possible.”[57]Now you may write to America.

We will later sit together; now call U[draya].

Again,the water is pouring on our mill; they do not know yet that the foundations are rotten.

I deem M[oskovia?][58]provides important decisions; it is needed, and it is necessary to assert the Russian power.The powerful phenomenon may be shown in several countries.Every month, it is necessary to strengthen the world conviction of invincibility.When each one becomes afraid, then every Russian movement is guaranteed. One may win with a way of thinking, not with guns.

Your questions.

They are innumerable (the radiations).

First of all, you need to wash the aura.

Of course, blue, purple, green, and pink are more responsive to treatment.Ofcourse, alcohol and drugs precludethe treatment. It is better by suggestion. Therefore, it is necessary to cleanse the body.

Only in the red range, in the range from scarlet to purple(the color of the protective net).

In all skin diseases(a treatment with ultrasonic waves).

It is necessary earlier because the tissue of sound restores;it acts on the tissue.

Only a rough exposure is possible (with an unrefined aura).

The spiritual consciousness of the patient will help the physician.Help can only be rough;one may be rendered unconscious by any poison (in the case of immediate surgery with an unclean aura).

The help from the seeming insensitivity.But the insensitivity of the martyrs surpassed everything. Sometimes one may apply a current of electricity, but it is better to begin by cleansing the spirit. When you receive the influence of the rays of plants, then you receive vitality.If only people would use the natural powers of the spirit!

16 August 1924

Know how We would like to draw you closer to Our Towers right now.Thesuccess of the work depends on you, so you must courageously wait for the upcoming date. My dearest ones, you are not meant for the earth! I sense how joyfully you will change your clothes.The Teacher reveals the hope that each conquered day is a holiday toward Us. What is woven by Our Rays for the world guides you as well.

“The laws governing the manifestation of Teachers are connected with the plan for the entire culture. Karma rolls up like a scroll, and the signs of the departing earthly power begin to flicker forth.

“For those who know the future, it is painful to observe these departing flickers. Tomorrow stands as clear as yesterday. And the pace is measured not in feet but in three-year periods—here we have the stride of giants who are unafraid to step over whole centuries. And that is how the psychology of the spirit filters through to the earthly world.

“For earthly shells each century is like a looming threat. But the bridge of spirit bestows the wings of truth.

“To those who stride in three-year periods, it sometimes seems as if life has been suspended. A sphere moving very rapidly sometimes appear motionless because its momentum does not correspond to its surroundings.”[59]

Your phenomenon is similar to the Russian destiny—as if not in contact with other nations, Russia is centripetally accumulating a new meaning; a new concept of self-creation arises, which I told you and L[umou] about.

Call U[draya].

It will be easy to show Europe the sword of the spirit’s indignation.Russia is waiting, and in the poor houses,a rumor is already spreading about the great city of Kitezh.Terrible is the army of the white and red orphans, for they dream of manifesting suffering and hunger.Such an army awaits you.But We will easily arrange the way because thousands are ready for the feat.

17 August 1924

Follow My advice.Point out to the Circle the importance of unity. Let them say to T[aruhan]—down with the past; we will work for the future.I think the spiritual condition of T[aruhan] will allow the common work. Thorny hints may be forgiven with benevolent thoughts.The sorrow is familiar to every phenomenon of novelty.

Our Ray brings new unity to U[draya].It is very important to finish the book before leaving because I want to give it significance.Somewhere you may include the name of Buddhism as an ideal communism.The Guru should finish his pure work as early as possible. I teach U[draya] to write faster because there is much to complete.

Let us sit a little longer; call U[draya].

Kir.will earn immortal glory if they give up the need for domestic changes.The attention is good for the book; let him think about including an article on Orientalism. I like this article. It was in the magazine,“La vie des peoples”(Fr: “Life of the peoples”)—thoughts contained in it are valuable—[references].

I praise the resourcefulness of L[umou] for getting the salt.These sediments are instructive for decomposition. I sense a courageous decision may be indicated.

We shall see the mirrors.

1.     A lilac fog—just like an earthly figure, it is impossible to assume that it is the matter of the spirit.I think no one wants to honor it as a spirit.

2.     A blue fog—manifested is a pure Image of the Mother of the World; the women—Guardians stand beside it.

3.     A blue fog—U[draya] asks if they have seen the sign that was revealed at night.

4.     A green fog—the coming appearance of a human being throws a flower to the Mother of the World. Women are sitting around—one of them senses the closeness of aninitiated, Russian Tara.[60]I am saying how convenient it is to come to Earth undernew conditions.

18 August 1924

I want to talk with the kindred spirits. You do not realize how much you are doing for the world.I can affirm that in the direct emanations of the spirit, Ur[usvati] does much more. Remember the vision of eight Ur[usvatis]; it showed the characteristic of the spirit. Let us speak calmly. The quality of the divisibility of spirit is very rare.When looking back from the future, you will see how a whole thread of Ur[usvatis] helped people in the most diverse places.

This characteristic was given to Me only once when I was S[ergius].It was then that I was least aware of it.It was then that I considered Myself incapable and refused to accept the title of the Metropolitan on the assumption that I was sincerely unable to take this position.Meanwhile, all over the area,people saw Me in dreams and visions and asked Me to lay hands on them.And the Brethren affirmed that the grains would grow better around Me.

You have probably noticedthe fact that saints can simultaneously appear in different places.At one time, I strongly denied sucha possibility, and even Origen[61] wrote negatively.Often,at the threshold, We do not allow for this possibility.But the manifestation of the divisibility of the spirit is granted once beforecompletion when it is accumulated by the spirit. Truly—not for long now.

Akbar[62]completed the revealing of unity while in the king’s body;the situation of the ploughman Ch[arnoya] was difficult; for, having traveled different paths, he deviated from the earth.

It is good that the flower collector and forest planter Rok[otova][63] has already honored the earth. Even Rok[otova]’s roses kept the name for a long time. The recollection of Kashmir.

“A deep interest in flowers is quite typical of the final stage of the path. Not the intellect but the spirit understands the significance of plants.”[64]Cath[erine] of Siena[65] knew and revered the plants.“You should no more pass by the treasures of prana[66]than a person ascending would pass by the significance of the sun or the planets. Soon every chemist will be making use of the radiation of the luminaries.”[67]Youwill see laterthe great significance of the divisibility of the spirit.Those are very important incarnations for the plan that is currentlyproceeding. (The inc[arnation] of the Mong[ol] Queen.)

The center of the world is in Asia, and a whole structure is assembled around it.The appearance of Ur[usvati] is urgent;We see three paths and will choose the shortest one.A day ago, I said how sometimes We seem to not be living when the whirlwind of events is accumulated and only a few have sensed the touch of it. Tomorrow, we shall talk about the experiment. Let us sit together for a while.

Call U[draya].

It is time to settlethings.I think the events will start moving after March.I sense the phenomenon; the Teacher sent the map of M[ongolia?]. The preparations go successfully. The dark ones only see the smoke, but Isee the light.

19 August 1924

You know that both experiments are mystically connected with each other;therefore, the appearance of waves must be persistently attributed not only to the world perturbations but also to the rhythm of the planets.With the outflow of the world energy, one cannot hear as clearly, and We do not manifest a cliché. Also, that particular sleep is less strong at this time.

Today, the word Brahmacharya was indicated. Find My song in the newspaper today—understand it spiritually, for the translation is not very good.I wrote it during a difficult time of betrayals.Lichuan[68] is the right word for China’s future border.

Now do the following.The sent Lama reached and started the required painting.Let him make two copies fromthe T[ibetan?] prediction;he shouldoutline the central symbol of Sh[ambhala?] on the top of the sheet.Also, let him write on a separate sheet the words: “I would like to see an even more beautiful Temple of Buddha than we built together, and it will be such.” After arriving in P[aris?],send one copy through Yar[uya], without a name, through the Buddh[ist]temple. Send another copyto M[oscow?] and to the same person at the M[oscow?] mission in the Kr[emlin?]. The prophecy and the note. Let Yar[uya] understand that there should be no h[igh] n[ames] used. Let him write the envelope with a typewriter and burn the letter with the name of A.Let the Lama have time to make a few small drawings, for it is important to spread this Image. T[ashi] L[ama?][69] senses a new phenomenon, but his ear is not sharp; therefore, he is sometimes evading.

I requestthat Ur[usvati] notworry about the experiment.

A figure of manifested perfection.(The rainbow squares that I saw on the silver field.)If the triangle corresponds to the passing evolution, then the square denotes the future one.

The voice of the Tara on Mong[olian] Seku[. . .?].

Of course, His Voice (Ch[rist]).

No, but we need to introduce a New Ch[rist]—thecommunist.

Yes, yes, yes—a very important time.

I will indicate everything; demand and roar.(Concerning the return visa.)

Call U[draya].

The tunnel is growing, and the paper dam is unable towithstand the wave.

Soon, soon, soon it is necessary to hurry up to get on the train.

Let us sit together.

Feel how important it is to fulfill. The karma of India curtails, being obedient to the ray of Ch[rist].The Plan of the Lords is exact; it is impossible to hide from it. Give wishes forsuccess to My Plans as I wish for this in spirit.L[umou] may walk calmly if he is with Me.We will fill the cabinet with gold.

U[draya], do not forget to put Our three circles on the sword. Inscribe on it: “A Servant of Buddha”—the sword will serve you for a long time.

20 August 1924

Powerfully, teach and specify the pure reason.Feel how you must roar;therefore, I say that you mustmove.Ur[usvati], I approve of youraspiration for the visas.Your intuition has risen high;it hasascended higher, and your knowledge of the spirit is unmistakable. Smiling, you may roar.

“He who bears the knowledge of the future can stride boldly even on unsteady stones(a dream).”

“Success is when the end is beautiful. Success is when you can set forth on a new journey.

“A wish is already part of its own fulfillment. Forward courageously to the Light!

“Separation is a threshold to reunion. As St. Sergius used to say, ‘Let us part so we can meet again.’”[70]

It is difficult tothink of a better way (a kind and polite address).You may also say that spiritually it is wise to think about Indiabut remain silent.The desire for unificationis like a thread that winds around the spindle.What is the spindle? The rod of the New World.The ancient wisdom prepared the magic rod of the Mother of the World;therefore, I say: soon, soon, soon.

Call U[draya].

The dashing Russians are already plotting.My Plan cannot be harmed—M[oscow?].

Let us sit together. Consider that the Russians might arrange an event in Egypt.The Teacher sends you the opportunity to meet with the R[ussians]—you will understand what to do.

Your questions:

What does M.M. advise to prevent gangrene?The significance of the sound waves is great.The shower of yellow waves may fight against it depending on which centers are affected.The lower extremities and abdomen will respond better.

I suddenly felt sick, but it soon passed.It is better to lie down, place a poultice on, and then apply Baume Bengué.[71]

How can I treat eczema?With the resins; sometimes you may even pour resin over a certainspot.

Have I heard correctly about a cancerous tumor?A number of ergot injections may be used. It is possible to combine ergot with violet rays. You must understand how majestic a brass band is.Our orchestra is the sound of the airwaves. It is not easy to understand its sound.

21 August 1924

Rejoice, My daughter, for the hour of India has come! Even if We forget all the hardships, even if We close our eyes to the brilliance of the future, even if We keep silent about the great Teachings,nevertheless, the day of theshift in people’s [consciousness] radiates before Us—and will be the first offering to the Mother of the World.Let us fill the space with the affirmation of the new shift.

Buddha said: I am manifesting a new step of the datesto the world.The new spirit finds a way. The unshakable soil is being forged.The horseman of war sadly makes his way back to the shore.But We are not hindered by the dark waters, and even the dark boats will serve Us (a dream).

“The purple aura of the Mother of the World bathes us.Who shall not bow? Who shall dare against Her?

“Among the predestined treasures are guarded Her lustrous adornments. The Teaching of Her glows as a purple Lotus.

“Let the pain of the center of the solar plexus be linked with Her Days.

“Let the new coils of the Serpent unfurl during Her Days. Let the trumpets of air herald Her Time. (I felt the pain and heard the trumpets.)

“Mother of the World, pass over the desert, because the flowers are behind Thee! Mother of the World, look upon the Mountains, because they glow with Thy Fire!

“Departed are the despicable ones. The hordes are rising.

“New miracles. New bearers. And above the destruction of the walls rises the voice, ‘Mother approaches!’

“‘Mother of Buddha! Mother of Christ! Inspire Thy Sons!

“‘Even though a rock fall upon me, yet shall I know that it comes from Thy Steps.’

“Thus shall we flood space.”[72]

Call the boys.

I see that many people will be surprised when an unknown armored fist rises among the common ruckus.Believe that all of the human fantasy will become insignificant before this fact.A fountain of absurdities awaits in [. . .].

Let us sit together.

Lum[ou], be able to approach prayerfully.You may achieve better results. Even aninstrument needs to be tuned.

Ask your questions.

U[draya], ask.

There is.

It is very important to understand what has already been said.

I called U[draya] Kh[utuhta?] when L[umou] temporarily becomes an Am[erican].

Ur[usvati], take valerian when the serpent moves.

Will N[ikolai] meet with the people who were named?With one of them.

Is it necessary to collect the Honorary Advisors around the museum? Many of them are nonresidents.

Will the work start soon? B[elukha?] may now be started.

What name should appear in M[ongolia?]? You may appear as Kh[utuhta] Nur[ukhan]—Noyon Khut[uhta]—the Guardian.

22 August 1924

I can sense how Hir[am][73] steals the strength.I feel that Hir[am] needs to hold his hands in constant labor. I feel L[umou] resembles Hir[am]. I sense Ur[usvati] needs valerian—it is better to come to terms with alcohol.Valerian is prepared with alcohol. Hir[am] used to draw his strength cruelly.All kings are heavy until they accept spiritual guidance.But he was often near to the throne.

Why does U[draya] find it difficult to include My brief notes in the book?After all, I want to make him a hero of knowledge and culture. A short word sometimes bears golden fruit.

The idea of an air mattress is very good but cover it with light silk. There is no need to be shy since you must have the centers prepared as the body requests. It is necessary to remember how the priestesses listened to their needs.

However, Chr[ist] and B[uddha], when feeling the need, used to go into the desert and did not torture the body. It was only during the Middle Ages that the torture of the fleshappeared; it was not ordered. Besides, it is not only about hearing and seeing but also about spiritual knowledge. If not onlyto check the knowledge ofmajor events but also the sense of life, then expansionbecomes obvious to Me.

“I would like to remind you of the cult of high priestesses. There was one group that was brought into an exalted state by means of chemical preparations, and another by means of magnetic currents. There were also lower grades involving incantations and whirling about mechanically. Later there began inward concentration on the threshold of sleep or intense focus on a brilliant object. Knowledge that arose from within, without any apparent conditions, was considered the highest.

“The path of global evolution that is unfolding before your eyes requires different conditions; the time is approaching when psychic forces must be greatly curtailed for the sake of the spirit. In the past decade the lower strata of nature have taken hold of lower psychic phenomena to such an extent that it is posing a danger to evolution.

“You can move forward not through the lower strata of phantoms and clutter but through cooperation with the higher planes.”[74]

Why am I unable to read what is revealed to me as clearly as N[ikolai] K[onstantinovich] does?But he can no longer do it because the center is unsuitable.I do not advise him to write because the center of his hand is not flexible and may end in paralysis.Therefore, I also sent L[umou]outside. I will tell you later in more detail about why the writing of the circle does not go beyond the call. Later, I will also confirm why F[uyama] must sit outside the circle.

It is better to buy supplies from here.

Only to a certain extent because they still only generally understand and are not adapted to sharp details.I will explain in detail tomorrow about all the circles of receptivity.

Call U[draya].

You may know the arrow of the future and how dangerous is the wave of people’s resentment!

23 August 1924

Ur[usvati] is right that the Mother of the World must not remain as an abstract symbol; thus, tomorrow, I will pronounce Her Name.Thebest adornment for the twenty-fourth is the Name of the One who is with Us.The pure Name will essentially answer the requests of subsequent generations.

“Now, about the circles of receptivity.

“The circles of sharp sight proceed centrifugally, while those of receptivity proceed centripetally. From symbols and fuzzy outlines they advance spirally to sharp fact: clair-call, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clair-understanding, clair-podvig, clair-knowledge.

“You should understand that a fact is not found in the category of ‘call,’ because in this category a sharp action could be misunderstood and would only heighten the danger.

“I have no wish to belittle those who need a call, but a fact in their hands would be like a bullet in a pistol held by someone who knows nothing about handling weapons.

“Of course, the boundary of the call is quite relative, but when someone can pass on to the circle of understanding, We heartily rejoice.

“Every circle is like a caravan. Naturally, a caravan consists of more than one horse, yet a single horse can delay the progress of the whole. Timidity or a misstep may upset the onward march. In this sense the concepts ofpodvigand clair-podvigdiffer a great deal. A flash ofpodvigmay be checked, but not the fire of clair-podvig. The flame of clair-podvigmay flicker amidst the gusts of cosmic whirlwinds, but it is impossible to remove it from the head. You will understand, then, why up to a certain degree a symbol is necessary as a conventional sign, but later becomes unbearable and begins to drop away like a husk.

“Like the music of the spheres, all existence resounds along the paths of Boundlessness and Non-recurrence.

“Just as a bird first flutters and then flies, a word gushes forth from Our Furnace, and afterwards it can only be confirmed. The first moment has more occult significance; therefore, making out even a single word when first spoken is more important than hearing it repeated. And when you can catch the boiling of the Furnace, the word glows more powerfully than a command.”[75]

I will briefly say that when one can discern even an unadorned voice of labor, then it is more likely that they will enter the workshop of the future life.Of course, Our Labor is not embellished in the crucible, but it is better to give an idea about it to those who love the truth.

But I am unable to grasp everything and write it down.But the pillars are correct and nothing important is missed.

Sometimes an unfinished sentence is clear to me.That is because of the knowledge of the spirit. With the Mother of the World, the spirit realized that the time has come to affirmanotherSign.

I would like to know more about the centers, concerning the phrase I heard last night: “Lingam—a vessel of Knowledge.”[76]We may talk about this particularly after the Sign of the Mother of the World.

Call the boys.

A small mind prevents one from courageously recognizing the Russian power. Think about how to solve Yar[uya]’s debt.

24 August 1924

“I have already told you that the Mother of the World conceals Her Name. I have already shown you how the Mother of the World hides Her Face. I have already made mention of the Mother of the Buddha and Christ.

“Certainly, it is now time to tell people that the Mother of both Lords is not a symbol but a Great Manifestation of the Feminine Origin—the spiritual Mother of Christ and the Buddha.

“It was She who taught Them and ordained Them forpodvig.”[77]

We do not pronounce Her Name, butonce I whispered It to Ur[usvati] so that It would not be missed in the book of Our work.I will name only the first letter, “A.” All the names begin with the first letter, as the Origin of the Origins.You may name the third one Adytha, for in the language of Senzar,it is also the name of the coming Origin.“From time immemorial the Mother of the World has sent forth Her children to podvig. Throughout the history of humanity, Her Hand traces an unbreakable thread.”[78]

Why didthe Mother of the World not raise the women?She raised them during Atlantis[79] and now leads to the Origin over the planet.

“On Sinai Her Voice rang forth. She assumed the image of Kali.[80] She was at the foundation of Isis and Ishtar.[81] After Atlantis, when a blow was inflicted upon the cult of the spirit, She began to spin a new thread, which now is beginning to shine forth.

“After Atlantis the Mother of the World veiled Her Face and forbade anyone to utter Her Name until the hour of the constellations struck. (Some Instructions are forbidden to record.) Shehas only manifested Herself partially, and never manifested Herself on a planetary scale.”[82]

The Brotherhood has been founded as a stronghold against Lucifer.[83]

When was the Brotherhood founded?Precisely after Atlantis. At the time of Atlantis, the understanding of the planetary Principle began.The teachings of Atlantis started to assimilate the idea of Oneness, and a rapid evolution could have been expected. But his plan was tied to the ground with the most beautiful ropes.

Of course, having come from Jupiter, She assumed an earthly state for the perfection of the spirit of humanity.Therefore, the planetary conjunctionbetween Venus and Jupiter is so important for theNew Era.Jupiter—as the past of the M[other] of the World, Venus—as the future of the M[other] of the World.The Ray of Jupiter provides the basis for the materialization of the spirit, but the flight of the future depends on the rays of Venus.Still, the time will come when the Mission of the Mother of the World can be bequeathed, and She will return to other worlds to extend the Hand of connection from there. Shemay be preciselycalled the Mother of Ch[rist] and B[uddha].

The sparks are scattered, especially near the center of the planet. The shards of Truth may be found in Asia.

How did the Mother of the World come here from Jupiter? Was She alone? She came voluntarily and alone.

Lucifer gavethe development of the intellect; how can he be blamed?We are ready to praise Lucifer, especially now when the Gates of the Spirit are about to open.

Were the spirits of the Lemurian race so high that they could reincarnate on Jupiter without waiting for the development of the earthly shell?In Lemuria, the spiritsthat prepared the next race were high.

But in the Lemurian race, the intellect was developedquite poorly?When the spirit was manifested, there was often no separation.When Lucifer conceived of separating the intellect and directing it to the lower layers of matter, then,She, the Future Named One, decided to leave the world in order to reconnect the conduit of the spirit. Understand it equally as a historical figure of Chr[ist] and B[uddha].

I will explain everything; “One could cite many examples where even high-ranking Magi left behind them unexpected consequences and a desire to find support in the lower strata of matter.

“That sort of aberration could be called the channel of the intellect, and it could set back communion with other worlds for a long time.

“Nowadays people are searching by mechanical means even for what has been spiritually predestined.”[84]Chr[ist] was stronger than Edison in His spirit,[85] which led the intellect.Open your ears, Chr[ist] is ready to give the benefits of a true matter.I can give you an exact, simple scheme.Let us keep the exalted spirit in the fact that the great Teachers were instructed by the M[other] of the World—a historical person, and “the Teaching of the future epoch will be a joining of the spirit with the intellect.”[86]

The exaltation consists of the fact that“the course of the planets is making it possible to speed up the communion between the worlds, and the development of the human spirit will proceed along new paths.”[87]The exaltation is due to Chr[ist] and B[uddha] coming to Earth to bestow the materialization of the spirit.The celebration of the Mother of the World and all Her helpers and servants.You will go to the celebration of labor, and then I will tell you how there were evolutions and deviations from each race.

If it is possible, we will sit together.

Today,We can say something important for U[draya] and L[umou].U[draya], remember how your repository of books will shine, for a historical fact will be illuminated from its inception, not by the alphabet of the authors but by its origin.L[umou], there was no healer-artist before; therefore, I foresee your house as a garden of flowers and sounds.

The Mother of the World sends Her greetings to Ur[usvati] on her way to Our manifested Tower.

25 August 1924

Yesterday, I pointed out that “the luminaries are making it possible to speed up humanity’s path.”[88] Any general acceleration is yours as well—three months have already been reduced.

“Now, more about the Mother of the World.

“The Mother isbeauty, and the world is self-sacrifice. It is by these two fundamentals that the Gates are opened.

“The bridge between the planets and the abbreviation of the race cycles rest upon these two fundamentals.

“Why follow a path of gradual progress if a single flash of illumination will lift you above the boundaries?

“Someone whose path is to a distant world usually meets a messenger upon departing Earth. The liberated one tells the messenger whether he prefers to accept a new path or will return to help out the Earth again. Naturally, many prefer a new path, but there are some who choose the path here.

“Truly, it is better to wait things out in the plant kingdom and bypass the insect stage. One can even bypass a whole planet.”[89]

Call the boys.

You need to write down the questions.

I am thinking of making Yar[uya] a traveler.

Sit together.

It may be fumigated with Balu[90] plants;it is a good disinfectant for the rooms.

Sit together in silence.

26 August 1924

I feel I need to answer the questions.

The question of the donated land.You know that everything that comes to you deserves attention.

The question about the distribution of Al[atyr?] shares.Let them have them but notmore than one-third.

Is it possible to publish an Image of the M[other] of the World?You already know about the importance of the M[other] of the World for women’s organizations.

Who should be allowed to write the prophecy?Let the Lama write it.


Сулейман рунеу ли Абу-мелик – драгоман. Ясак аксакал.[91]I am reminding you.

I feel that we need to resolve the issues today. Convey to those who need it.

The questions.

L[umou].I think you should look for a color thermometer.Also, remember the harmful effects of the drugs.No measurementis possible as long as there remains a fraction of the drug in the body.But it is good to measure in clean air.The external conditions for the measurements are completely forgotten; the hospitals are especially terrible.Disinfection with rays is necessary, but it requires individual precautions. The opposition of the rays is also necessary.For example, Ur[usvati] was treated with a yellow light against a seizure of the spinal center.In this case, the impact of the violet ray would only increase the effect.In general, when experiencing physical sensations, remember the nerve centers.

How many nerve centers do we have?There are twenty-four available ones, but there are many more inactive centers; of course, you have to deal with only seven.Focus on the solar plexus and the base of the spine, then the chest, and then two brachial and two cerebral ones.

I wait for the question.

What ray should be used for treating the spleen?You need to alternate green with yellow. The blue ray is for the right shoulderand a more pinkish ray is for the left shoulder.

Which ray responds tothe chest?The violet ray and, also,for the vertebral center.It must be understood that the violet [ray] induces activity, but the yellow one decreases irritation.Of course, the main action is through the alternating rays.

Is it possible to have another hint concerningthe flax fibers in connection with the treatment of the solar plexus?You should first clean the fibers and check the magnetism with iridium.

The road will be successful; Ur[usvati]may be peaceful.

U[draya], who is Suleiman? Why aren’t you asking?

F[uyama]should not worry.I foresee that you will start B[elukha?]; therefore, you must not miss the opportunity of unexpected conversations, maybe even in Par[is].

Who is Suleiman?The representative of Islam.

Is it possible to publish a textbook on Amer[ican] art?It is much better to print F[uyama].Print ready-made postcards of the Museum and Cor[ona] M[undi].[92]

Uru the Healer will help L[umou]Ur[usvati] may be at peace.

From the paintings of the Museum and Cor[ona] M[undi], Let Naru[93] manage the postcardsof Al[atas?][94]—she is very ill.

27 August 1924

Tripitaka may also give the prophecy found yesterday.[95]The Blessed One Himself indicated the connection of the elements offuture events.

“Just now, during this critical time when Mars is approaching and the lower currents of the past are disturbing the world, We are thinking only about the future.”[96]

Remember the name of Hutukhtu;[97] remember how the path is built.“The unprecedented deviations of the planets are helping the consciousness to awaken.”[98]

You ordered the painting correctly.If youwill have to print it, do it without your name.It is good to print it for March 24 as a rare story of the Eastthe King of Sh[ambhala?], confirming the book of Ossendowski.[99]

Heaped clouds grow around the fulfillment of the prophecies; “Banks of clouds are gathering around the fulfillment of the prophecies. Space is being densified, and the ray of Mars will be drowned out in the light of the Mother of the World.”[100]

Did Bl[avatsky] see the Sisters and the M[other] of the World?[101]Only four of thembecause the M[other] of the World does not appear to anyone.Nowyou will ask, who was in Her rays,a kind of old man?Of course, it was Uru the Healer, addressed by the M[other] of the World for strengthening the ways of healing the people.It is necessary to send to the one who is more closely immersed in this matter.

Uru will help L[umou]. L[umou] can fulfill an important prophecy about a healer with a Ray of Buddha.The colors of the whole Earth are contained in the Rays of the Blessed One.When the Tara, the Guru, and the warrior of science take their appointed place, then the Healer who connects severed limbs will be manifested.

Call U[draya].

I listen, I listen, I listen to the steps of new ideas along the paths of India.Three years to go, and then the shadow will cover the United Kingdom.

28 August 1924

Ur[usvati] is rightly amazed at the similarity between the Yogi Uru and Me.Ur[usvati] correctly asks about the time between Origen and S[ergius].The spirit of Ur[usvati] senses a connection between Me and the manifestation of the Mother of the World. It is possible to indicate the phenomenon that exists between incarnations.Sometimes the spirit,conscious of the path of service, finds it necessary to make up for an unmanifested trait—for example, healing.In order not to break the chain of earthly incarnations, the spirit creates, as it were, a special spiritual personality, and in a variety of spiritual influences, sows useful,accumulated information. Through dreams, visions, voice, and understanding of the spirit, such spiritual personality reaches the limits of the earth. This is known as a fact when whole nations know a certain person; they knew his Name and used his help.Many people in India knew Yogi Uru and appreciated His treatment—dreams, visions, or voiceswere used to impartthe needed guidance.And you may boldly call My Pharmacy—Yogi Uru, for the spirit of Ur[usvati] knew and fought for knowledge with arms in hand.Of course, the image of Uru is beyond earthly incarnations, and the Mother of the World has turned toward the appearance of a healer beyond the earthly attraction.Of course, when the experiment of the densified astral is successful, these intermediate phenomena will take on an even more convincing form.

The aura of Ur[usvati] has become even more silvery; the so-called dying of colors leads the aura to a harmonious rainbow.There are two kinds ofrainbows; when the essence of the spirit is full of the radiance of the distant worlds, then let the rainbow be built on a distant scale, and in this scale,one may serve the ascent of the worlds.Ur[usvati] knows the difference between the rainbow of B[uddha] and Chr[ist].When Chr[ist] cast His Ray over Apollonius of Tyana, He did not lift Him away from the Earth.

I will explain about Bl[avatsky] tomorrow.

Call the boys.

You must catch an animal—a kind of rat.(There was a terrible noise in the attic.)

You have many opportunities to roar, but I see success.

M.M. yielded to our requests to sit with the four of us.

Show courage when My [inaudible four letters] revealed Power will be darkened.Even hit with a chair, just as Ur[usvati] did. Of course, it is now time for battle.

Who was the woman wrapped in red?The opponent of the Mother of the World—vainly, you think to achieve. My warriors are strong!When red radiations wander across the earth, it is terrifying to survive this wave.

This will remain until the end of the year, but gradually it is weakening. Show spiritual courage. It is necessary to manifest spiritual courage.Therefore, My power was blown away by blowing in the attic.Forging, I sense the chain—feel My Shield.The crippled ones have a holiday, but We are stronger.

29 August 1924

Ur[usvati] is right again when asking about the meaning of the incarnation of Ch[arnoya].Of course, it was not the direct sowing that made sense,not only the purpose of reaching into the body but also allowingthe aura to settle in the midst of nature.There were diverse layers of external arrows in Akbar’s aura; like the tincture of flowers, the aura must also settle down amidstthe earthly conditions.

You may find an analogy with Bl[avatsky].The indicated rebirth was carried out by emergency measures but did not give the desired effects.It was supposed to change the blood composition to enable the task to be completed. For two reasons, the effect was short-lived.First, the supernatural effect intensifies the convulsions of the sick limbs.Second, drug use is completely destructive.In this case, smoking is sometimes more harmful than alcohol.Of course, when the body has absorbed nicotine, it is quite difficult to fight amidst the battle.One can understand everything, but as a result, the work remains damaged.

To my remark that when those around Bl[avatsky] expressed surprise about her smoking, she used to reply that M.M. understands and knows.

“(Therefore,)Healer, tell the ill that the use of wine cuts their chances in half, and that the use of narcotics does away with three quarters of their vital capacity.

“Naturally, in My pharmacy there is no place for narcotics. Before using My medicines, one has to spend three years in the midst of prana.”[102]

The impact on Bl[avatsky] was the coordination of the white blood globules with the emanation of the center of the Chalice.This made it easier to perceive people’s intentions since it helped to respond, essentially, without affecting the excess brain energy.But, as a result, the center of the Chalice absorbed a lot of white blood globules,and the body had to produce them vigorously, taking the strength awayfromunhealthy limbs, which were weakened by nicotine and morphine. Therefore,strongly warn future patients.

Do not be surprised that you need to sit daily with L[umou]; you see how his aura has cleared.

May I ask who was called “The Great Venetian”?

I will tell you in detail, but I am afraid to complicate the conversation in terms of time.If you like, I will answer today, postponing [all] other [questions].

Call the boys.

I am surprised at the dullness of this place.I will indicate where My blow is needed. The events are going well; amidst the international turmoil, we work calmly as if behind a wall.Let them dance without noticing they have no soles.

Sit together.

Give My guarantee for the treatment of L[umou].You maysoon find a better saber drawing from Nur[ukhan].I feel an exquisite handle.Think about how you can decorate it with turquoise; a bone with a yellow lanyard is also good. Yes, the aura has become better; the purple dots appear gradually, and both auras receive a similar protective net.The spirit saturates M[orya]’s sendings.I will indicate the possibility of working with Hil[le], as Ur[usvati] thinks.

30 August 1924

M[orya] will give to all of you; Hewill give, will give.

F[uyama]is spoiling his mood in vain.Ur[usvati], you must sense that the Plan is well thought out.U[draya], hasten with the Tibetan language.Like a fragrant flower, ascend high, L[umou].Why is He called the Great Venetian? I will explain why. You know already about the beginning of the movement of people; this wave has reached the Balkans.In its movement, it threatened the Veneti peoplefrom the Adriatic to the north, the Veneti could perish.[103]Then a tall shepherd appeared amongst them and directed them to withdraw from the path of the people and proceed to the islands. They called him M-sa. ThenHe vanished mysteriously. He disappeared from the visions and dreams, just as Uru did.

Regarding the title of the “Teacher of the Teachers,” this title belongs to several Brothers who take it upon themselves to meet the newcomers.

Chohan is a special name that corresponds to the Image [to be realized?] below.A Chohan usually moves to another planet after the given time.

Where is the previous Chohan now?On Jupiter.

Why is the future of the M[other] of the World on Venus?Because thoseRays are closer to Her.“The work to link up with(Jupiter)[104]the higher planets requires the existence(both)[105]those planets of spirits harmonized in conscious work. Usually the inquiry comes from below and the answer from above. The higher you go, the deeper the connection.

“The isolation in which the Earth finds itself must end, and the Earth must finally be brought into the destined circle. Otherwise, not only the Earth but also Mars and Saturn will lag in their development.

“Why do only a few go to Jupiter, when the atmosphere of the Earth is so cluttered up?

“One feels like saying, ‘Dear travelers, turn your eyes upward. Rather than clinging to the illusions of the Earth, if you wish to fly further, your wings will surely grow. In the meantime, you have jammed the astral plane chock-full with the same miserable shacks. The same slander, the same phantasmal smoke, but you forget about the foul fumes that your phantoms exude. The rays of the sun grow dim through your feasts of stupefaction. Empty shells create empty shells.’

“(Of course, they are struck (by the rays)). But imagine what would happen if the phantoms aspired to creation of a beautiful movement. Then the rays, instead of being a disinfectant, would turn into rays of light.

“Indeed, it is thought which creates beyond earthly limits. Therefore, learn to govern thoughts.”[106]

Call U[draya].

My Ray searchesfor the reason for the delayof the visa. It will be given but walklike lions. There is no need for troublesgo firmly. It will be given. They will hurt themselves.

The Russians can be satisfied that they are considered to be all-powerful.I see you on the ship but make your way to the pier.Move and write every day.Of course, their intuition cannot be denied; therefore, you need to roar, smiling. The time is not running out; ask to change the appeal in the letters.

T[aruhan?]’s letter and the names of the leaders should be removed.I see so much work ahead that the English midge is nothing.

31 August 1924

In case of success, the experiment will touch near to the astral plane; therefore, let us complete this plane.

“For a consciously developed spirit, the sojourn on the astral plane could be limited to a span of forty days, but various earthly conditions have turned this stay into an interminable period. The hapless regret of those carried away from the earthly world bind them to it.

“This is best illustrated by what happened in the story of Lot. For the sake of a new life, Lot’s family left the city with only one condition imposed on them, not to look back. But Lot’s wife looked back—and bound herself to the earth.

“Religion says: He who goes to the fathers will dwell with them; he who goes to the angels will dwell with them; and he who goes to God will dwell with Him. It means that a person who sets himself the maximum degree of motion will arrive at the best attainment. So the best farewell for someone leaving the earthly world will be, ‘Hurry onward without looking back.’

“What about one’s nearest and dearest? Well, the higher you ascend, the better and closer you will see them. Of course, not infrequently delays are caused by the last dear ones left. That is why efforts to shorten the stay on the astral plane depend on proper cooperation.

“The higher up, the more pleasant the stay; and when it reaches the border of the mental plane the spirit can rest, because there it is already subject to the attractive force of the loftier spheres. But one should consciously bypass the lower strata. It is necessary that the explosive burst of consciousness be able to propel the kernel of the spirit as far as possible. That is why the moment of transition is so important, for it allows the spirit to transport itself to the higher strata. Once the spirit hooks on to the lower strata, it is very difficult for it to rise further.

“If the condition of the spirit permits, it is far better to use the last flash of the nerve emanation for flight; that way the lower strata thin out.

“It is important to do away with the atmosphere of the lower strata, so that it no longer weighs upon the earthly world. Cooperation from above and below will deliver the speediest results.

“It has been correctly observed that sometimes a transition happens without the spirit being aware of it. This need not be a problem: If a desire for lofty flight has already been planted firm, then the emanation of the nerves acts almost automatically.

“Prayers that speak about the ‘wandering of the soul’ are very helpful, to be sure, but there is one thing wrong with them: They repeat about repose, while it would be more appropriate to repeat, ‘Hurry!’

“Everyone should read this and keep it in mind, and thus help not only themselves but also the world plan.”[107]

Call the boys.

It is necessary to go vigilantly, not to smoke, not to drink, not to visit superfluous people.It is better to sit at work, at the table of M[oscow?]’s mission; afterward, the air of Ur[ga?]will be better.

Sv[etoslav] came.

F[uyama]should better consider his opportunities in Am[erica].He will go the best way;he will strengthen the best deeds. He may bring gold. He canmake the first dealfor the E[astern?] U[nion?]. He may not miss the best matches.

I want to make such an arrangement for L[umou] as Ur[usvati] wishes.

I approve of the book. U[draya]maygallop further. My Ray is searching for what is the best and fastest for you. Everything will come.

1September 1924

Indicate My Guarantee and attention toward L[umou]. L[umou] may soon find a new understanding of My Covenants.L[umou] may help My works.I will tell him how powerfully he should convey My Guarantee to Hil[le].

And F[uyama] should say: “Behold, you have always been waiting for the Hand of the Teacher. Behold, you have always been looking for and even have lost time and moneyno more losses, no more disappointments; I am sending you a calm source of accumulations.Our channel flows without evasion.Build your new workwith such care that not a single penny is lost. I affirm your work for the benefit of humanity.When you set the animals free, the plants will bring you plenty.

Do not limit your works’ deeds to one country.All new works will exist withinnew limits.Our Decree should not harm anyone.The silence of the house will not be broken by Our Instructions.There is no need to remember the past because former losses are only the growth for the new sprouts.Here, We are in front of the distant mountains talking about you as if you were near. The thread of dreams and best desires connect the connectable.You may safely accept the gift.It is good to remember how the ancient kings used to exchange gifts of healing.The Shield of Stars justified the correct composition.The path of the new discoveries was forged under the roof of the Temple, and your workshop may be beneath the arch of the Temple of the future.This Temple is predestined, but its place will be revealed later.

Dr. Hil[le], I call you to this Temple. My Hand will be upon you. The pharmacy of Yogi Uru is readytake it with human hands.”

Call the boys.

You can sit. L[umou], ask.

Canhair growth be improved?This can also be helped through the vitality andapplicationof the rays.After raising the vitality, you can alternate the purple ray with the yellow one, but,first of all, vitality is needed.

But why do we often see increased hair growth in sickly people?There is no need to counterpoise vitality with exhaustion.Often, damage of one organ causes a rush to another. This significant disharmony often causesa remarkable but useless consequence.Do not forget the resin and musk preparation.

Did I hear correctly that heather is good against the plague?Of course, and burning the heather is the best disinfectant;the resin of the heather is better.

You have heard that “garlic” is important as it may cause destruction to the liver.Garlic is like a lime, which cleanses but also burns.

Will M.M. indicate how to treat cataracts?You can massage with light from the center to the edges in circlesofblue light.

How can glaucoma be treated?By persuasion.

L[umou], do not spoil it; I see how pure and holy the path can shine.I want to reassure Ur[usvati].

The question.

Can elephantiasis be cured?It is a purely nervous disease. It is possible, but help will not come quickly. It should be associated with purification of the blood. A better life condition is required.


Yes. You may also find the internal one(resin).

U[draya] may ask.

You should notwaste time (regarding a Mong[olian] citizenship).

It is necessary to use all the ways (regarding the book).

Take three ways—Harb[in], Rud[nev?],[108] and Am[erica].

Give an assignment to Orientalia. You can knock.Another time, collect more questions.Time is important; there are many signs. Knock. Write once more to Rudnev—he may get it. Let him send the Mong[olian] [copy] while the Tib[etan] oneis available here.

Which of the cuneiform reference books would M.M. recommend?I think the German one is the best—you can get it through Ya[ruya].

L[umou], remember—resin, musk, and Balu.

2 September 1924

“Laboring for the future means transforming the present. If people understood that only the future exists, cooperation would draw near.(Ur[usvati] is right in fighting for knowledge.)

“There are two kinds of knowledge: the knowledge expressed in words, and the exact knowledge understood by the spirit but not expressed in words. Words cannot even begin to explain how such understanding arises; all we can say is that it is truly wondrous.”[109]

Ur[usvati] knows from the vision of the boy about some exact but indescribable sensations.Such sensations belong to the supermundane straight-knowledge.

“Our experiments and flights bring straight-knowledge. Though the spirit’s subtle body may prevent it from penetrating beyond certain spheres, the illumination of the spirit brings it into contact with the most distant radiation of the Cosmos.

“It would be foolish and crude to try to transmit the Light of Knowledge in unrefined language. It would be as ludicrous as resorting to absurd conventional terms.

“I can whisper one thing: (Ur[usvati] you,) having a presentiment that knowledge through the window of individual flights is possible, you are right to stand up against its belittlement.”[110]

I do not deny it(on my assumption about Plato). Dear Ur[usvati], listen, your spirit knows.I rejoice in seeing the yellow tones near the lilac ones.For it meansempowerment.But yellow with purple was difficultat times.

Call the boys.

I will point out the need forthe acceleration of the work.Events are moving, and a new collapse is about to begin.

Svetik entered.

I sense the appearance of danger for the revealed, ardent Numens.[111]I think there is no needto name it. Of course. The Mountain[. . .].I think Ur[usvati] can be at peace.

The questions.

L[umou] requests to be provided with the essential data regarding the apparatus for the study of the solar plexus.Search for yourself.

What is the remedy for rheumatism?Of course, an herbal treatment.

The questions.

Should V. Picca be included as an Honorary Advisor?Yes.

Should T[aruhan] be included as a Directorate?Yes.

Should Sv[etik] meet Dr. Karel?Yes.

To L[umou]’s remark that he can do it through the father of R.P. I will provide the new ones because the old memorial services must be discarded. Ur[usvati] knows.

3 September 1924

You must save your strength. With a strong guarantee, things need to be moved forward.I sense how it is possible to consolidate the affairs for ten years. Success loves a sharp sword.It is better to start B[elukha] and the museum.I praise Ur[usvati] for the letter because preciselyit is now necessary to remove the excess.

“It may well be time to throw light on the miracle of elemental spirits. Their main property is elasticity. Their form depends on the nature of the aspirations and impulses of those who behold them; falling into the focus of human sight, they are sucked into human form. Because they have no shell, men see them in human form, and animals see them as animals.”[112]

Are they endowed with consciousness?It is difficult to call it consciousness; it is rather a reflection.

“I assure you that whether the forms are terrifying or beautiful depends on the reflex of the nerves. The potential energy of the elements is always ready to respond by intensifying a reflection, ready to amplify what we transmit in a definite direction.

“It is wrong to think that the elemental spirits are our offspring. It would be accurate to liken their manifestation to a spark generated at the moment they contact a reservoir of dynamite tension, and the consciousness of this spark is ignited by the touch of a human spirit. Of course, their grades vary, as do the degrees of the dynamic energy’s intensity.

“You can evoke this energy’s intensity by mechanical means, but We are opposed to such magic because it disturbs the regularity of the elemental waves and is full of repercussions. One may make use of this energy outside of ordinary worldly conditions.

“Rays can bring the waves of the elements into balance. Naturally, you are also making use of them; as long as this action arises from the spirit, it is less dangerous.

“It would be easy to turn many factories into focuses of magic.

“Of course, it is difficult to convey the nature of cooperation with the elements in ordinary words. Yet, there is a sense in which a magical circle has as much scientific basis as a generator. Naturally, with people working so diligently in the mines of evil nowadays, it is impossible to give them access to the possibilities close at hand.

“The collision of the two Origins is unavoidable, and the sooner it takes place, the better.”[113] There may be partial decelerations, but the principle remains. Such details as the destruction of England or the unification of Africa may vary in the next three years—the significance of the Plan is much broader.On the island, the Principalswill meet closely.

The Ring of Nephrite is from Us.

I worried about the experiment.The new improvements are coming continuously.

What is the printed note that I am seeing for the fourth night but cannot read?You will see it in reality—it is slander.

Call the boys.

It is no coincidence that My Ear hears the rustle of footsteps;there are many who walk along the way.

Svetik entered.

Think that you can speed up world events.Add to the letter from Me: “Russians, prove that it is easy and joyful to work with you.Americans, prove that you know how to wait because unripe fruits are bitter.If you fail to understand, send the question to Me through Mine [people].”

Is it not possible for M.M. to pass it through the Lichtmanns?[114]No, the tension for a specific Decree is still not strong enough.First, an invocation and symbols and then an acute Decree.

Is it possible to break this law? It is impossible. You may enroll. U[draya] and L[umou] may ask.

What is the remedy for meningitis?The current of electricity will help—the voltage is manifested by the tenth-volt arc.

Ask, U[draya].

Write to Vladivostok through Lement.

Maybe M.M. will tell L[umou] how to allocate his studies?That is a reasonable question. In the beginning, I advise you to find out in N[ew] Y[ork] aboutthe musk and paintings; then, of course, work with H[ille].Start with resin and musk.It is better to start the exhibition in the city of Chicago;it may be the chain of the cities through the museums.

4 September 1924

Write it down carefully.Long ago, I promised to tell you about the phenomena from the life of S[ergius].

“The time has come to set forth the most Meaningful[115]—the vision of glory of the Mother Celestial.Can it be that the great predestined vision was a silent one?Can it not be that the trembling of the spirit and the hoary head resulted from this great proclamation?

“The Mother Celestial said, ‘My Time will come, when My Heavenly Star will speed earthward. Then wilt thou come to fulfil the ordinance of the dates.

“‘And the despised ones will be the saviors. And the vanquished one will lead the victors. And the three roots cleft by a curse will be knitted with love. And they will be led by a Messenger not of their strain.Until then will the Tartar and Jew be cursed, and they will curse the Russian soil.

“‘And when thy bones shall be scattered, the date of the three curses will be fulfilled.And invisibly visible, thou wilt be enthroned, adorned in thy Crown and a Signet-ring.

“‘And there where thou wilt set Thy Seal, there will My Hand be. And Those of the Lords.’”[116]

Thus, you will understand the dates given; thus, you will bring the best skill sent to glorify the Proclamation. Let us perform the assigned work when the heavenly Luminaries pass in an unprecedented succession. Why should the earth perish when a chopped tree produced leaves? The Canon above is “By thy God.” I ask all those who wear the Sign to apply [the Canon] and make the best efforts.

Call the boys.

The demons have come, and they sit by the fires. Three more years for them to rule.I honor the given commission.

I consider the covenant of the M[other Celestial] to be a real fact. The gray hairs fill Me with the consciousness of a trepidation that overwhelmed Me.

Notify Ch[ahem]b[ula] about the Decree.

Ur[usvati] feels the difficulty of understanding, but a lot has already been done.

The questions.

L[umou]’s question.

Of course, I have an instruction—act resourcefully in combining the healing of the spirit and body.Follow the arrangement of the center for women’s organizations in the provinces.I see your house; understand the instruction about the new friends.Let Me prepare the house for you.

5 September 1924

The R[ussian]cause gets its impulses from here.The Teacher believes that the invasion into T[ibet] is useful.The course of events will affect religion; it is possible to be on time only by responding to religious grievances.Therefore, without wasting time, collect the signs that have affected the sacred feeling.Every indication is valuable.It is valuable to know which monasteries are outraged.It is valuable to know how many people do not accept the new order.A stranger’s uniform on the steps of the shrines is insulting.

Help will appear from Yarguya. A blow will thunderover the desert.It is better for U[draya] to think about the caftan; only the caftan will win over the uniform. New times require a new shell.The right path will lead to a bloodless victory.It is not Our Plan to shoot cannons.One shot at Buddha is equal to a whole battle.By that time, a rise in expectation can be shown.

Truly I say, where the M[essiah] will be awaited, there the children of Israel will bring the sacred dream turned into reality.Av[irach], can you already speak to your kin?Do you have the words sothat Ilya’s penny will not seem ridiculous but be a genuine deposit of wealth?The cedars of Lebanon formed the foundation of My Temple; thus, the best dream yields a ripe harvest.You may print the legend of the Messiah by signing it Baal-Sheb. How can you kindle the best hearts?But say:“The time is new; therefore, the clothes of the Messiah are new. The new eyes will perceive the New Light, predestined from time immemorial.People of the house of David, rejoice, for your branches will come together. The great Prophet of the house of David put on the garments of Light. Follow, you who understand!A field isappointed, and the mountain is surrounded by the plow of labor, and the brothers are alreadyhastening; donot be late!”

Call the boys.

My Ray is waiting for events. Let us start quietly.Let the participation of the motherland be significant but hidden.I think Germ[any] can provide the planes;the motherland can give the rest. Amer[ica]will provide the motors and hospitals for patients with epidemics. Afterward, the headquarters mobilizes the infirmaries due to the military operations on the [mountain] passes.

Russia,to youwe send thecoworkers from all over the world.We are raising the old tents; we are weaving the banners in a new way.Sit in silence, thinking: “We shall reach!”Once again, We will send an order to work for R[ussia].

6 September 1924

Make a note about B[elukha]. Of course, the R[ussians] will be in different images, even divided among themselves.But the foot of B[elukha], where Z[venigorod?] will be,[117]leave as the experiment stations.Under the name of the experiments, the G[reat]P[lan] will begin. You can tell the outside shareholders that this place is an experimental station.This condition can easily be explained by the necessity to [locate] a station at an altitude of seven thousand feet [2000 m] and an observation point near the summit.Donot forget that I want to see the Ur[usvati]library below the building.At seven thousand feet there should be the Ur[usvati] laboratory. Also, at the top [there should be] the observatory of Ur[usvati]; keep a separate meeting room there.

By covering yourself with the shield of science, you may avoid many of the consequences of ignorance.The construction of the Temple will also begin under the sign of science.I see the A[llal] M[ing] Museum below; when asked about the meaning of this Name, say: “It is an Eastern word meaning the Name of the L[ord] or the Name of the Highest.” In the museum, everyone who has a name until next year has a room of his name.The museum is dedicated to knowledge and the arts.Lay the foundation for the Un[iversity?] nearby. The Ur[usvati]library and the houses of M[orya] are at a distance in a coniferous grove. Broadly sow the city.

Let the factories begin on the usual business grounds, emphasizing the cooperative beginning.I leave it to President H[orch] to vigilantly observe the people;amongst them will be those guided by the Ray, I will send them.The corporation will begin to live quietly right now, reasonably and legally.

Ur[usvati] saw the library in order to draw attention to the children’s department—to avoid the old deceivers.The feeling of a previous life when the spirit understood the tardiness of the life of the people.(An explanation of my dream.)

Where was my son?He was not at home much; he was more in the capital.

To the request to explain the dream of N.—a vision of a veiled, female figure, with her face completely covered, entering our house.The same hands that supported Ur[usvati].She advances the Plan, and the broken glass panes will bring a new air to U[draya].Let him break them if only he is ready to move. Tomorrow, more about Al[atyr].

Why do I hear so little and at such long intervals?You are not the reason. I will tell you more on Monday. Call the boys.

My Ray made a discovery. The right books are coming.The image should be made known to the world.The motherland will appreciate well the “K[ing] of the W[orld].”[118]I will specify the date of the publication of the image.

U[draya] may raise a question.

May I get the book?From everywhere. I will give you a detailed indication when the time comes.Earlier, there will be a race—it is too early to say.

L[umou]’s question.

May I have musk?Knock. Near the beginning, you need to knock.I will give you one more name. Take it to the daughter of H[ille]—her name is Anda.

Who was Anda before?I will tell you later. The manifestation of hands will help to reveal a new understanding.

Whose hands?Hers.

To whom?Sh-sh-sh.

7 September 1924

Al[atyr]should be a purely national institution.First, farmers and workers must find a way to it.Forests, furs, crops, buildings, cattle breeding, manual crafts should be combined with metallurgy, mechanics, chemistry, medicine, and all the achievements ofthe arts and sciences.But the main thing is that everyone who comes knocking will find his application.Al[atyr] should absorb the unemployed.B[elukha] rises to the summit; Al[atyr] cements the valleys. The only unusual feature of Al[atyr] will be thatit will not be profitable to use lies and dishonesty there. We will take measures to show the benefits ofhonest cooperation.We will triple the results of sincere thought and accelerate the backlash.A[latyr]must begin as a cooperative. B[elukha]on a business basis.You need to have a project of a comfortable house applicable everywhere. The sign of Al[atyr] is a firebird carrying a stone in its beak. For B[elukha], Al[atyr], and A[ltai] Sisters make a square as the form of a sign. [A sign of] a foot and a hand for the Sisters and a Mountain forB[elukha].[119]

Ur[usvati] realized that the nameAndais not complete.The full name is Andai, but in Am[erica], it is easier to be abbreviated.Donot become too tired.

Call the boys.

My Ray searchesfor the possibility of the bestsolutions. The events are flowing favorably.

Svetik entered.

I see the important events. I sense that the success of the Plan on Earth gets stronger. The opportunities creep in like the streams of flame; it is only necessary to coordinate the external with the internal.The way is serious when instead of battles, the earth is covered with the waves of people’s quests.Useful opportunities are collected, and the steps of events hasten in new directions.

8 September 1924

My Ray found one detail—maybe on the way back from Am[erica], F[uyama]should stop in B[erlin].Therefore, take advantage of your acquaintance with the wife of the G[erman?] consul in Calc[utta];get a visa here, specifying the publication of the biography in B[erlin] as a reason. You may meet with Yar[uya] there. It is necessary to understand the acceleration of the opportunities.

Now, about the experiment—you need to know that the flow of the luminaries is extremely difficult.I have already mentioned how external events do not correspond to internal ones.The currents of Mars disrupt the rest and continue the state that should have already ended. A special precaution is needed, and special measures are taken to ensure silence.Apart from the spiritual and cosmic connection of the experiments, space is not filled with sound; therefore, naturally, one cannot hear.If a simple, rude regiment of soldiers can move without noise, then one can imagine how the Spiritual Brotherhood can become quiet.No words are spoken among Us;We just need to agree on how to react in such temporary states.

But why can’t the visions be strengthened during this time?The experiment consistsof the transmission of sound.

But I still hear something, although I do not always write it down.Of course, some lowered sounds can fly in.I would do the following now.Of course, there are many reasons for special fatigue now, but on the days when fatigue is not so great, you may listen for a short time, recording even the fragments in order not to lose the recording technique. Record for no more than forty minutes or an hour, then go to sleep, for when there is a need to hurry, We will wake you up.Already the assimilation of reception with extraneous sounds is very successful, as is the recording technique.During a complex combination of the Luminaries, you need to take great care of your strength.Everything will come, and sleep is needed now.

You are seeing the extraordinary, rapid turns of the planets toward a new structure.Whole organisms are changing before your very eyes,and the Plan receives an unheard-of acceleration. Given the number of oppositions, the result is unexpected.In addition, the so-called miracles have been removed from life, and the understanding of the new religion develops among the people.The turmoil, of course, is great; even the best spiritual consciousness feels heaviness, but the fact of the acceleration is clear, and therein is Our salvation.This year had to be kept from the collision, and it ends quite successfully. Similarly, We shall reach the next achievement.

Call the boys.

Wait for the news from a friend.It is better to get a new Ayah.[120]It is good to learn the news in P[aris?].

L[umou] came.

We must also hastily arrange for L[umou] to go to Am[erica].The material side of life must be completed.I will take action; let L[umou] help Me.Every day spent in harmony is like a healing plaster.So much is drawn from the well of the pure spirit that these costs must be appreciated.The time will fly by so fast.After all, B[elukha] will start shiningby next year. The foot of the future is already treading on the predestined soil.My Decree will not be delayed—everything is accelerated.I will give the exact date; evenbefore I specifiedthe dates of the departure.The numbers wereaccurate. When the experiment comes to a calm state, we will breathe more freely.Random currents are heavy.

What is the next step in the evolution of the elemental spirits?“The spirits of the elements are progressing toward connection with humankind. They experience consciousness of the lower forms in the elements, which is why it is possible, in rare cases, for their consciousness to grow to the human level. Similarly, in exceptional cases human beings can bypass an entire planet.”[121]

Is it really possible to incarnate in a human being straight from the elements, bypassing the animal consciousness?There have been cases; but “of course, if you are making a strict classification, you can place the great mass of elemental spirits into the primary forms.

“You know how diverse the various evolutions are. Awareness of this makes it possible to embrace a broader understanding.

“One could devote a special discussion to the elements—this domain is very beautiful.”[122]

9September 1924

I deem to improve the required blue Rays. You can vouch for the success of L[umou].You can safely let himsail on the waves.When necessary, My Ray will stay overnight.Most importantly, please do not make enemies.Smilingly, go through Ad[yar?], P[aris], and Am[erica].If they start asking too much, tell them that we have so much workto do that it was hard to follow everything.Let them tell you more. You need to get through without arguing.My Ray seeks the exact personwho will establish the path to B[erlin?] and U[rga?].I see a number of useful people, but among them, I can sense who is particularly valuable. For now, while in B[erlin?], remember the name Kir. Meet Bor[odin?][123] in Am[erica]. Rak. may be in P[aris].

Keep the question simple.

A group of good Am[ericans] wants to cooperate in S[iberia].It is necessary to help to bring useful elements together.Therefore, I believe that it deserves attention to approach both agriculture and the vaults of earth.It is very important to emphasize the subsoil because agriculture alone will not be convincing.It will be good to see New[berger?][124] among the participants;he will help L[umou]. You can also think of an old man Shn.Better to gather people together first.I see the money [coming]from four sources.It is important to consolidate the Russian consent.The connection with M[ongolia?] is also equally clear on the basis of agriculture.It is better to cover dangerous points with scientific experiments—in fact, this is also true wherethey may suspect something incomprehensible.

Call the boys.

You will receive a lot of news; pay attention to them.He can get the books.As soon as the spoken Tib[etan] language is strengthened, the Mon[golian] books will arrive. It would also be possible to see H[ille?] among the participants in B[elukha?], but let us not get ahead of ourselves. On the steppes,you may find, so-called, Saiga moss, which is also from My pharmacy.

Sit down, thinking about Chr[ist]. Send Him the thoughts about the future life.

10September 1924

I told you the news is coming.Try to learn the legends and life details from the newcomer.Be careful, but donot waste time. The walls can hear.Do not forget the white towers of the houses of S[ergius?].The houses of M[orya] should be for treatment; the houses of Sergius are for the crippled ones.The condition for admission is an indispensable labor.Every crippled person can find peace in particular labor. You must sensitively find an application for everyone.Do you remember the thoughts at the birch tree when you dreamed of equipping each person with labor? Everyoneshould have their own craft in hand.If in that life the external world circumstances were late, they now hasten.The building of a new life is approaching. I cherish the opportunities.The Plan is flexible; if necessary, required measures will be taken.Although the current of the Luminaries is heavy, this whirlpool makes it possible to expect an acceleration.The clichés of the past and the future arewhirling; even the aura of the Earth is changing.

When discussing the sign of B[elukha], take the upper part of the window frame—a triangle divided into two triangles by a square, as if the vertexis separated from the base.You just need to look for the proportions. The inner sides may be of different thicknesses. You need to carry the sign to Am[erica]. The rest can be carried to S[iberia]. Let us not clutter up the Plan.Along the way, everything will become clear. Thus, the trip to B[erlin] has appeared recently.

Ask the questions tomorrow, Ur[usvati].If it seems the answer does not apply, it is only temporary.But the creation of the states of the East is near.“The path of construction is absorbing, but one can guarantee that the stages of self-forgetfulness will also bring joy. Precisely, it is the beauty of the Cosmos that brings self-forgetfulness closer to the consciousness.”[125]But this consciousness will be renewed.Theflame of your spirit is not extinguished; on the contrary, it has become even more silvery.Your spirit cannot blaspheme God because you have an acute feeling of Beauty. You were not mistaken in anything. But “awareness of cosmic solitude is but awareness of the straight paths, for it is only through this awareness that man can fly on to other worlds, helping others for their sake alone.”[126]

Call the boys.

I hear a roar in the North.In two years, China will not raise its hands—it will be easy to move but let the stew boil in the West.I teach you how to progress your path.I think it will be possible to attract the best circumstances.Help [Me] with your mutual consent.

L[umou] must not tear the threads woven for him.We will prepare a house for him in Chic[ago]. U[draya]’s name is ready. You may accumulate the opportunitiessent to you. You shall see.

11 September 1924

For many, it is unheard of that the minds of an entire part of the world come together at once to seek freedom.All the countries of Asia, each one in its own way, areseeking a way. The burning of darkness has begun.A red light emerges from under the black mass.The rays of the red luminaryfan the fire.

The atmosphere glowed from the rays (an explanation of the vision).

One can imagine what a vortexrises above the predestined lands.The atmosphere is saturated more than it was ten years ago.There was the confusion of war at that time; now there is a search for life.The S[acred] U[nion] of the E[ast] is the threshold. If we do not succumb to the opposition, then I will see an astounding implementation of the Plan.

“Let whirlwinds and sandstorms darken the air; amidst the dross that they stir up shines the generative silver that spiritualizes the colors of the Earth.

“With the onslaught of turmoil there may be very distressful moments, for the upheaval of an entire part of the world is like a powerful volcano.

“Since ancient times people have been advised to repeat a short appeal in an hour of turmoil and turn back the wave of disruptive influences by these strokes of rhythmic repetitions. Later these methods turned into the meaningless repetition of religious words, yet the principle remains sound. There are times when our spirit requires some kind of repetition or enumeration.

“During the best periods of the priesthood, the chosen words were: Adonai, Ishtar, Alleluia, and Aum.[127] The repetition of the alphabet or numbers was also used. Naturally, the actual power is not in the words themselves but in the creation of waves.

“The fact is that sometimes you can create a beneficial wave through an appeal of the spirit. But habits are like necrosis, which can stop even a powerful remedy from working.

“At times when a whirlwind is blowing strong, you can create your own wave to render it harmless. When a poisonous breath is on the point of touching you, it is best to breathe out. Likewise, you can create a protective veil with will power. During the Mystery rites, the priestesses were wrapped so deeply in an invisible veil that they ceased to hear or see, as if the thread of existence had been severed—a kind of purification when the atmosphere was full of turmoil.

“I am reminding you about the mystery of the protective wave because its origin was in Asia, (where a thousand million are now in turmoil).”[128]

Each about their own and all about one thing. Tomorrow, [let us talk] about the elemental spirits.

Call U[draya].

I hear a roaring or a grunting nearby, but the grimaces are not terrifying.However, do roar. Wait for tomorrow.Wait until the fourteenth.I will also indicate how an agreement is practically useful for the threads to be active.The abyss is great now.Please give Me an opportunity to turn the currents of the Luminary to an advantage. I see clearly the possibilities of the unification of great nations.

Soon His sleep will be relieved. We are implementing unprecedented caution.

“Humanity is in need of new paths, and the window into the astral world must be opened. The wise feel cold on the weather-wasted earth.”[129]

12September 1924

“I have said, I am saying, and I will continue to say, ‘Help build My Country.’ And remember this request of Ours not in warmth and abundance but in the cold and in times of trial.

“You have been told that there will be times that demand courage, that there will be steep precipices that you can only cross in the Name of the Master.

“People will say, ‘It’s warm by the fire,’ but you will answer, ‘I’m hurrying into the cold.’

“They will say, ‘A full-length fur coat feels wonderful,’ but you will answer, ‘It’s too long to walk in.’

“They will suggest, ‘Shut your eyes,’ but you will answer, ‘That’s forbidden on watch.’

“You can cross the bridge with indomitable strength, and at a moment of hardship remember Our request, for the Plan is as beautiful as the radiance of the elements.”[130]

“The elements are spatial substance, which can neither be weighed nor measured, and semi-amorphous crystals when they take the form of so-called elemental manifestations. The essence of the unmanifested spirit saturates the substance of space.

“It is said of a person that he is born and he dies. About an elemental spirit one can say that it flashes forth and goes out. The consciousness of a manifested spirit pierces the substance of the elements like an arrow, and like a magnet it gathers that molten substance. The birth of an elemental spirit is conditioned by the contact of the manifested consciousness. Truly, cooperation knows no bounds!

“The quality, outward appearance, and dynamic power of an elemental spirit depend upon the spirit of its creator. That is why evil thinking is condemned as a progenitor of ugliness. The power of the consciousness calls forth a corresponding reflex in the substance of space. The focuses of space that have flashed forth remain close to the person who created them. An insignificant consciousness will give birth to sparks that sputter out, but a consciousness that is growing in potency can engender giants. It is a factory of good and evil, which is why the quality of thought is so very important.

“So We have carved out a picture of evolution—the evolution of the life of space. And we can urge humanity to do better and not besmirch the waves of the wondrous Light.

“The spheres of the elements are of dazzling beauty, and defiling them is like destroying a marvelous flower.”[131]

We shall continue afterward.

Call the boys.

Russia will earn the gratitude from nations.Many feel the significance of R[ussia] and M[ongolia].An unprecedented time is coming, when the senders will be amazed and those who met them will be afraid. “I feel how deeply the teaching of pure thoughts can penetrate into the consciousness of the people.‘The sower of thoughts gathers the harvest’—this needs to be written on the doors of cooperation. Thus, all-seeing cooperation is inseparably linked with the Mother of the World; and the state of the substance of space, which is being permeated by combinations of new rays, is making it possible for the New Era to begin. Everything that is Good should be gathered.”[132]

13September 1924

“The Blessed Buddha told a parable about the Wheel of the Law.

“An honorable man brought an ample parchment to an accomplished scribe and asked that he copy out an appeal to God.

“Another man came right after him with a request that the scribe copy a letter full of threats. He also provided a parchment and urged the scribe to finish the work quickly.

“In order to get that letter done in time, the scribe gave it priority. In his haste, he wrote it out on the parchment that the previous customer had given him. The man who brought the threatening letter was very pleased and rushed away to spew his spite.

“When the first customer came back, he looked over the parchment and asked, ‘Where is the parchment that I gave you?’ On hearing what had happened, he said, ‘The parchment for the prayers bore a blessing that was to aid their fulfillment, while the parchment for the threats was made void of such power. Faithless man, by violating the law of timeliness, you have deprived a prayer of its power, a prayer that would have given succor to the ill. Not only that, you have put into action the threats with all their unprecedented consequences. The work of the Arhat, who blessed my parchment, was in vain. The work of the Arhat, who acted to deprive evil of its power, was in vain. You have loosed on the world a spiteful curse that is sure to come back to you. You have pushed the Wheel of the Law from the path; it will not lead you onward but will stand in your way.’

“Do not write laws upon a dead parchment, which may be carried off by the first thief who comes along. Bear the laws in spirit, and the breath of the Good will bring you before the Wheel of the Law and ease your path.

“Faithlessness like that of the scribe can draw the entire world into disaster.”[133]

Jodhabai[134] ordered this parable to be recorded for the Temple of the One Religion, and, therefore, the law of this religion is not written until it is ignited with the fiery signs in the hearts of men.

Of course, [there was] noise of the dates.(There was a loud noise, as if from the shaking of airwaves or a strong fluttering of wings.) Of course, the noise of the dates resembles an eagle’s flight.

Call the boys.

You should be able to aspire firmly.I will instruct Yar[uya] to understand the need for mobility.I feel the Teaching must penetrate deeper. My Sign may provide protection. Truly, explicit instructions are only part of the possibilities.Light waves are invisible, but they transform the lives of entire nations.And Our smile appears not only in a thunderstorm but also in the smile of an unprecedented Lama.We have protected you from many things; an invisible guard will also stand on your unrepeatable paths—therefore,preserve Our thread.

I advise you to take the copper cap to M[ongolia].Maybe it will be useful even sooner. The Tara may be calm, Mayavati[135] is unsuitable, for there may be disturbances in neighboring places.The whirlwind is very fast.

14September 1924

“My Ray is manifesting the sign of the spirit, and it senses a fierce battle ahead.

“You can conceive of the New World as the destiny of the spirit; you can recognize it according to the significance given to knowledge. The coiled spring of the spirit brings (new) health. The years rush by, placing the spirit on a firm footing. The spirit is summoning and transforming the mark of the priesthood into spiritual wonderment in the face of humanity’s fate.”[136]

The Spirit, spirit, spirit. Moddu-Durvu[137] visited Ghum. Ghum and My Ray greeted the representatives of the New World. The Spirit, spirit, spirit. Moddu-Durvu visited Ghum. The Spirit of Kurnovoo saw the New World for the first time, but the prison of Origen was immeasurably far from the New World.[138]

The Guru wants to know whether his actionsare correct. You better, better, better indicate to safeguard My Sign. He can give advice to Ch[ahem]b[ula]—let him remember to act. The dawn of his deeds may be beautiful. It may bring devotion to the world traveler. For now, he does not need a memory because there is much to be forgotten.Tomorrow, I will give a talk to the Circle.

Call the boys.

Point out the benefits of the Plan to L[umou].I think Mong[olian] is useful.

Yes. F[uyama]will recognize Our path.

Help to build My Country.When things get tough, remember Our request.You can proclaim Our manifestation.You can proclaim Our manifestation.You can proclaim Our manifestation.You can whisper about Our manifestation to those who are constrained by their needs.You will not be tormented about the appearance of the New World for a long time. Only by taking Our Hand will you reach. Remember and know how to safeguard the communication.

15September 1924

“Friends! Place four stones in the foundation of your actions: First—Reverence for the Hierarchy. Second—Consciousness of unity. Third—Consciousness of co-measurement. Fourth—Application of the principle, ‘By your God.’

“To establish the first stone, call forth all your love. Think back to your childhood and recall the best smiles, the brightest rays of the sun, and the first song of the birds outside your window.

“For the second stone, gird yourselves with the weapons of the day, don the armor of your actions, and refresh your receptivity with a mouthful of sobering water.

“For the third stone, select the longest vertical line in your workroom and make it the scale for measuring the Plan. Mentally measure every discontent, irritation, and fatigue on the scale of the World Plan, and in making this comparison you will find that there is not even the smallest place for illusory moods.

“For the fourth stone, picture to yourself the boundless nature of the starry world. Truly, the Father has many abodes; which of them shall we denigrate? Recalling the rule you have been given, imagine that you are coming out of a closed house into the light. In this way, everything that you need will come to you.

“Upon the first stone inscribeA Dove;upon the second,A Warrior;upon the third,A Pillar;and upon the fourth,The Sun.[139]

I will accept your offerings; I will give you the opportunities enshrined in the agreement.

Let Por[uma] build the houses of Good. Let R[adna][140] ascend the Mountain. Let M[odra][141] join the management of the given works. Let the Visionaryreceive her place. Let Nar[u] go to the healing source.Let O[yana] bring the Decree of the Tara to A[ltai]. The flight is open to Logv[an]. Respect for the messages of Av[irach] is ready; let the silver horseshoe lie on the table of T[aruhan].Let M[orey][142] strike that darkness. Thus, I envision on this day.

We must add spiritual guidance to everything that was justly said in Ur[usvati]’s letter.

“You may have noticed in My Words cryptic passages or certain words that are not clear at the moment of reading. Remember, guidance is given on condition that it not violate karma.

“A sense of the Good should prompt you to place milestones correctly along the road.”[143]

I allow you to include a section from the book about the future in the Teacher’s textbook.You may include the parables given by Me.Do not rush to publish them.Four stones will guard you. Walk directly according to the Plan of the Lords.

Now something else. I donot want to embarrass U[draya] with the parables; let him proceed in his own way.

Call the boys.

It is worse in A[merica]; it is worse in F[rance]; it is worse in I[ndia]. The letters are coming. With a favorable wind along the way, you can help the ship.Donot make enemies. Let us pour oil on the waves. Remember that the irritation of one is like a knife for three others.My Ray sees how easily and beautifully one may achieve.

16September 1924

The Teacher counts, searches, and does not waste time.I have already told you about the heavy rays. Instruct the Circle to gather one Saturday with Tar[uhan] and N[aru] to discuss the textbook and to wait for the visions.Another Saturday is to be dedicated to the former [activity].N[aru] and Tar[uhan] should be wisely brought nearer.

I request help to build My Country.How the red arrows fly between the bearers of the Signs!You must wait carefully.While we wait, we can remember the story of Nefru, called the One who Refused. By the Guarantee of the Higher Powers, He could choose his future path. The Priestess told him:

“The Mother of the World can speed up your path to the distant worlds.By straining your will, you may bring the happiness of your departure closer—the boat is ready.But think,Priest, how will you leave the pain of Earth?The moon is silvery in its yellow glow, and the Luminaries are tense. Pronounce your will, Priest, before the countless eyes of the Mother of the World.But remember that everyone who chooses Earth must accept the burden of the achievement.”

The Priest accepted the service of achievement, and the Mother of the World said: “In My time you will serve the world and gather those who chose the achievement.With them, you mightproceed to the other world, for the One who refuses will be crowned.”

Thus, an oath of voluntary achievement was sworn over the fire.Forrefusal was shown by the radiance of the luminaries so that it was clear what is to be given up. My last action is approaching—help [Me] to build My Country; Weshare one path.

Call the boys.

Point out to Ch[ahem]b[ula] that it is better to testcourage in My work—there will be opportunities.Why risk the sheath when it belongs to the cause.Lethimengage better in collecting information according tohis specialty.I think he can count on a better[fate]rather than grieving.I think it is best to accept the impending opportunity wisely. I think the quest is more honorable than intimidation.I deem the best thing happens when the spirit is ready to fight.I think there is nothing to be afraid of now.

17September 1924

As a pledge of the T[emple] on B[elukha], let us talk about its construction.In the beginning, there is no need to make it large.The material [should be] wood or stone.The doors [should]open from the outside—inside, the doors are pushed into the wall.Enter the vestibule—a narrow room leads to the main t[emple].There is a light overhead; the walls are prepared to be gradually decorated.On the sides,there are two long tables for knowledge. In front of the entrance, there isa sliding screen extending into the wall.Behind it is a hemispherical room, like an a[ltar].[There are] four windows with closets between them in such a way that the open door covers the window.The cabinets enclose the memorable images.In the middle of the a[ltar], there is a wall covered with a sheet of pure, polished silver, which is usually covered with a white canvas. On the a[ltar], there is a raised table that is covered with a purple clothwhenever necessary. On it is placed the Ark and the specified items. Along the walls are the benches of a Russian-Romanesque character. This style is suitable.On the sides of the main room is the T[emple] of the M[other] of the World on the right side; on the left side,there is thevault of achievements. Cedar and cypress can be used in the T[emple] of the M[other] of the World. Thewalls can be decorated with paintings, and, remembering the deeds, you can give a space for birds and plants in the paintings.The floor should be covered with mats.It is necessary to show the beauty of simple materials that are exquisitely collected.Gold and precious stones are not needed.Natural, pure ores maybe collected, and you can use them to build the floor. Unnecessarybasements, as well as dusty attics, should be avoided. The rest you will bring by hand.

Is it possible to place the Images of the East[ern] Teachers on the walls of the a[ltar]?You can do that. The first is the Unknown Teacher, then Moses, Solomon, Buddha, Christ, Mohammed, and one more Teacher, but only when the human consciousness expands.Afterward, you can show the entire meaning of the T[emple], but before that, reveal it as a T[emple] of Knowledge.

I see a church dedicated to S[aint] S[ergius].Of course, it is downstairs.But at seven thousand feet, this structure is needed. It is better to be a small one with a capacity of about two hundred people. Donot forget the music.

Overtime, I can see a whole orchestra.Of course. Itwill be possible to create such a T[emple]. It can be done very easily.

Call the boys.

Point out to Yar[uya] to be faster. I will reveal new people. It is necessary to prepare well.

Svetik entered.

I think you can relax concerning the musk.I feel the success of the book, and I am glad that even meat does not disturb Ur[usvati].After all, according to the Plan, nothing should interfere with a developed state of mind.The spirit knew; thus is the shield forged.

Some phenomena of light caused a slight contraction of the heart.When the Aura of the Lord approaches, there may be contractions.

I can clearly see how easy it is to build a T[emple]. You just need to apply the guidelines.

18September 1924

Pass through K[ai?] to the New R[ussia]: “The heart of the planet beats in Asia. The Russian country is happy to belong to this part of the world.A new common house is hastily being built.It will take about two and a half years for the new opportunities to emerge.We must wait actively, knowing that we are in a hurry.Our messengers will themselves knock and say one word:Dorje; it means, the lightning has flashed and it is time to listen.Watch closely, for the message will come in a caftan.We bring forth new things so that the old works are not lost, and all that is ending now shall be completed before the date. The future is beautiful and what I say is true, just as I say it from behind the highest mountain.”

Let K[ai?] inform whoever he wanted to tell.K[ai?]may consider My words to beCosmic Good.Let him not reveal your name yet.The work in the East is going to benefit New Russia.Write it down for him using the new spelling. You may send it from P[aris].

Call the boys.

The aspiration must be intensified.It is necessary to know the Teachings of Buddha and the languages of the scriptures.It is necessary to become a rider and become accustomed to battle discipline.It is useful to start right now, for F[uyama] will bring new details.

Sv[etik] came.

We will never leave the Russian people. The new and beautiful souls are descending to earth. It is necessary to open their eyes. How easily they will absorb spiritual food! It is a joy to help them. Even the wrong mind is ready for the newest idea.Only the courage of achievement!The spirit must pierce a matter before a suitable thunderclap.I vouch for the unprecedented beauty of the feat. Unprecedented! Each one is unique and unlimited.

Help build My Country!

I will tell how the manifestationof L[umou] will raise the healing of the people.The manifestation of U[draya] will arm the people.The manifestation of F[uyama] will judge the people.The manifestation of Ur[usvati] will sanctify the people, for We recognize her as the Tara for the readiness of the spirit.

19September 1924

Addressing the Mong[olians]: “The great leaders and those sent by the Blessed One have passed through your land. The sacred Burkhans are hidden on your land, and the most sacred Chalice is awaitinga worthy time.By the prayers of the holy Teachers, the places of the old camps are preserved; the foundations of the sacred monasteries are not ruined.Through prayers, metals and salts are embedded in the earth. Whoever raises the sacred Chalice and puts the salt of the earth in it, to them it is given to say: “Mong[olia], live in wealth!” From the sunset, the fires are burning; hurry to glorify the Blessed Teaching.A ray of power has illuminated your strongholds. The H[utukhtu] of the great M[ongolia] will come and strengthen the heritage of the people. What I say is true, just as I say it from behind the highest mountain.”

Now to the Jewish people: “You who are waiting for the Messiah; understand that to approach closer is to cross the bridge, for the bridge connects opposite shores.The sword will rise, for the limits of enmity have been fulfilled.The signs of reverence for God will be united in the handof the heart.It is necessary to gather the nations that turned to God. The horse is whiter than snow so that you do not miss His approach during the day nor night.

Do not slow down His path—every halted step shakes the earth.Every untrue dream obscures HisComing.Shall I reveal the Stone of Solomon to the sleeping one? Shall the trembling one ascend the mountain of the Law?Should the escapee be entrustedwith the keys of the treasure?To you, the sighted ones, I send the people and My Signs.What I say is true, just as I say it from behind the highest mountain.”

Call the boys.

Act wisely in the new labor.

L[umou] came.

Cat, do not show your jaws, for we received a pass from the Lord.Av[irach]may include what has been said today in his book about the Messiah. Ch[ahem]b[ula] may convey to M[oscow?] what has been said today.

Know how to gather courage, for I progress the events.Build a bridge with the new people; donot make enemies, and donot belittle yourself.Everyday,you need to remember the path of achievement.

The questions.

Musk can be replaced with a Balu preparation of pure valerian root, but concerning the scent, of course, you need to search for it.

Is there anything else M.M. wants me to do?Of course, I do. Donot go late.Donot listen to the Russians; live in Chicago, live in Chicago, live in Chicago.

20 September 1924

M. will be with you near your bed,near your work, near your thoughts, near Ur[usvati]’s desk, near the morning hour, near the crystal ball, near the night hour,near the task, near the walk, near your thoughts about the future of Russia, near the dreams of the feat,near the love of little ones, near the houses of Ur[usvati], near everything you touch, near the best messages of the spirit, near the valuable beads of mental aspirations, near the power of the service, near the Signs of the New World, near the Smile of Christ and Buddha, near the veneration of the Mother of the World, near the short way, near the giving hand, near the sending thought; I protect you. I will send the necessary Ray. I shall fill the space around you. I will send a living wave on your feats. You shall sense My Hand in everyday deeds. Like a circle of fire surrounds you, I create near you.It is an important time—the new elements are approaching.Judge courageously.

Call the boys.

F[uyama] will point out that it is necessary to remember the construction of the future.

L[umou] came.

Beneficial help will come from a new spirit.You need full hands to collect My plants.

Ol. will show an abyss of misunderstanding. Be careful in P[aris]. Walk courageously, smiling at the Russians, but [stay]far away; youmust go your own way.I will list the harmful phenomena:

(1) A fierce Der[yuzhinsky?],(2) Z., the enemy of Ur[usvati], (3) Padge,(4) An abyss of Ru.,(5) Death of Sr.,(6) A new abomination of the traitor Brint[on?], and(7) Anabyss of the parasite Sh.

Watch out.You need to bypass Av. and An.Let all the time be occupied with the works. There are so many things to do, and so much depends on them.

Yes. To bypass Bo[lsheviks?].

Is it necessary to evade any publicitycompletely?You may write afterward.

21September 1924

The Teacher has strengthened a silver thread between you.The begetting silver pierces, and thespirit reveals a new step of achievement. The Morning Star, the daughter of B[uddha], wishes this, which is already known by your spirit.[144]It is the state of foresight, when the spirit rushes forward, soaring overlife. Hasten at full speed toward the new events.Donot spare the effort.The one who refuses will be crowned.Think about the work; the roles will be forgotten. The robes of light are waiting.Please walk calmly and cheerfully. This will increase Our opportunity.On the mountains, you will grasp the spirit of the Russian heart.

A tear over the letter to K[ai?] is precious.Exactly, how to abandon them? Labor can be brought to the people.It is better to sleep than to pass the time.I think about how unprecedented the predestined time is.I say to the warriors: “Cheerfully lead the vigil.”

Call the boys.

The ores are waiting for you. The first steps began in Rus[sia]. I sense success in F[uyama]’s affairs.

Svetik came.

I said there would be musk, and it came within reasonable limits. I said there would be a book, and it appeared in an unprecedented form.I testify that while with Me, you will worthily walk over the waves.I am building a house for L[umou]. I am forging a sword for U[draya].Let the best thoughts hover between you. Be together in spirit. You are entrusted with many things. The uncle of Ur[usvati] is waiting for the feat of the Morning Star.

I would like to know what was the achievement of Moh[amedi].[145]The time will come soon to find out.

What kind of shell is he in now?In a densified shell.

How many Brothers are in the physical body?Eleven.

How many Sisters? Three.

Is it possible to know their names?They will be revealedat a proper time.

Remember, as long as we are together, we are invincible.

L[umou]’s question. May he say [.. . ].?

Yes, when he needs to ask.

22September 1924

The departure to America.

Our Message will also come.I rejoice in the breadth of the flight. They are going well.I think the trip is full of meaning. Before the jump, one needs to affirmhimself.Now is the time to prepare. Deepen My Work.I accept your achievement to the Lord Buddha.I hasten to show a new stage to the motherland. The Russian soles walk far.I am directing a new, permanent Ray to Chicago.I carry L[umou]’s aura to a new environment.Chic[ago] will provide a new start. I am glad for F[uyama];he will convey peace about the Teacherto Hil[le]. I am glad, glad, glad. Help to build My Country.

23September 1924

Walk powerfully; on the way, listen in silence to Our symphony. Grasp the thread of events.Behold the wondrous fire on the peaks. The S[tone?] will manifest pure aspiration. By the Truth of the Eternal One, I affirm the steps of Our T[emple].

Blessed Augustine knew about the Brotherhood through the Manichean Mysteries, but the Teaching of Jesus enticed him with its simplicity.

Rome has collapsed; a false power will collapse.I testify by the Word of the Lord Buddha and all the Teachers and the treasury of the Good, which the Blessed One gave to the world.

I rejoice in the flow of things; F[uyama] and L[umou] are progressing well.

24September 1924

Purifying the aura at home is useful. The experiment is better in a pure place. There is noneed to oppress the Tibetans. The Lamas appreciated what happened today.

The motherland will show its teeth. It is ridiculous for shopkeepers to decide the fate of nations.

I work in Chic[ago] and B[erlin?]. I am building the steps of the future.

Remember: I am walking through the desert, carrying a Chalice covered with a Shield.The Chalice of Buddha is a symbol of Service. The Shield is a sign of achievement; all together they are a symbol of the great T[emple?] of M., the gift of theindicated banner.

It is good to be on the mountains of A[ltai]—the time is close.

Help in the building of My Country.

I speak briefly, for I guard F[uyama] and L[umou]—they are safe and happy.

25September 1924

Collect the roadside signs.Today, you may be happy because the opportunities have increased.My Ray is looking for the people in the world to build a T[emple].I believe that the pure Teaching of the Buddha will appear again on Earth.My Ray forges a connection with many lamas.I believe that in Ladakh[146] you will find the new seekers of Sh[ambhala].The rumor goes quietly; there is no need to make noise. My hordes will gather at the Sign.My Ray seeks and strengthens the new ones. I am building a bridge between Us and the world.The experiment is better in a pure place. It is better now. The lamas sense; they feel your connection with the departed one.My Ray strives with F[uyama]. I am building a house for L[umou].

26September 1924

The Teacher wants to see you active.Point outto Yar[uya] the need for quick thinking.Let him bring Ch[ahem]b[ula] closer to the work if he cannot handle it alone.

Yes. The payment should be avoided. The Teacher will send the Ray to R[iga?].[147]I believe that Yar[uya]’s trip to India is urgently needed.He must realize the decision of the future. The Teacher is waiting for His warriors.The Teacher insists on action.The Teacher wants to see you on the paths of the future.The Teacher directs His Ray along the path of F[uyama]. Work.

27September 1924

They have a goodjourney—the path is clear, and My Ray plays aboard the vessel.The journey of My devotees must be adorned.Now you know why it is important to appear from Russia.Can the warriors of My Country be defeated?The battle is great, but My Ray shines on the steel of the armor.Darj[eeling] is a small place, but the signs may be great.

The Mong[ols] are waiting for the departed Lama. I will think of sending him a strong Ray.

Ur[usvati], rejoice; an unprecedented success awaits you.I rejoice hourly at your work. Labor in My consciousness. Now do not fear the noise of life.

A good message to K[ai?].I am sending him a Ray to facilitate the path. We need to help him. The Ray will ease his path.

Will M.M. not inspire F[uyama] to send him support?Yes, it is necessary to send [support]. He needs to be helped. The money is Mine. I will endow him with what is needed.It is the beginning of the night, and the laboratory rays are working harder. It is easier to influence the sleeping ones.

I do not sleep enough, so I am depriving myself of influence?It is a different condition. I am going around the posts; they sail peacefully.

28September 1924

“It is better to strive onward; everyone has their own path. It is beneficial to tune the organism so that it assimilates what the Master teaches.

“Our Ray is constantly at work, but it is necessary for the spirit to concentrate. It is better to seek out the Instructions of the Master in the various manifestations of life. It is good to know how to pray. Prayer, or spiritual conversation, is the highest manifestation, but for this one must have refinement of mind and strength of spirit.

“The knowledge of Communion is dangerous; it can bring on a weakening of the organism, just as narcotics do.”[148](This is said for Yuri.)

Now it is time to work; the battle is great, and We are sending many posts theRayswith doubleintensity. Special vigilance is required, but the consciousness of success is great.They are sailing well. Do not fear the arrows, for I will strike them at their root.

29September 1924

The opportunity of the Plan is growing, and I rejoiceto see the start of actions at Our posts. The aspiration of Russia is glorious. I will send new people to Our achievement.Ch[ahem]b[ula]will accept F[uyama]’s instruction in B[erlin?].I think Sin. will gloriously prove [his-her?] purpose. Along the way, L[umou] will understand the framework of the future.I will powerfully manifestMy Hand in Am[erica]. Let Logv[an] quietly wait for August 1928.

I can see Jaf., leading the Turk[estan]bunchuks.[149]You will recognize him by the scar on the temple—he is a good spirit.

They are sailing well. F[uyama] is receiving prana. They journey together in friendliness—there will be success in Am[erica].I must finish My observations beforedawn.I am going now but have sent aRay to F[uyama] and L[umou]—there is light on theEast.

30September 1924

You are living in an important time. I believe you will receive a favorable message about the Plan.I appreciate the aspirations toward knowledge and promise to give you what is needed. Only strive along the path ofBrotherhood. I deem you are thinking correctly about Steiner.[150]

“People often lack discipline of the spirit and a sense of proportion. Finding the key to the next attainment is the most difficult step on the path. That is why many newcomers regard the path of an Adept as galley slavery. Not a flattering opinion, but I prefer the austerity of the spirit’s command.

“The despair of the spiritual emptiness felt before the anointing was well known to initiates in the mysteries of Isis. On the night of the anointment the candidate was locked in a special chamber where he drank to the dregs the chalice of despair and rent his garments, undergoing a mortal anguish of spirit.

“Before dawn he sank into a stupor, and when the rising sun illumined the pylons of the temple and the priests intoned the morning prayer, the High Priest opened the door, awakened the candidate, and led him into a dazzling chamber, where he received a new name and was reborn in ecstasy of the spirit.”[151]

How and when did he receive the knowledge?It is a secret that should not be spoken about. I can only say that the secret Brother instructed the neophyte for seven weeks afterward.

Why was he so desperate?He lived out his karma.

F[uyama] and L[umou]are sailing peacefully.

1 October 1924

I will convey My Decree in B[erlin]. I think they should appreciate it—I will explain later. I rejoice at Ch[ahem]b[ula]’s sense of Infinity. I want to see Yar[uya] mobile. Ur[usvati], your spirit knows the future path. L[umou] sees his task; he is not opposing Chic[ago]. K[ai] will learn about My Cause. Joyfully, I carry My Message to him. It is necessary to send. I see that F[uyama] is bringing new ideas; pay attention to them. The anointing awaits you. I am now blowing success on F[uyama]. They work well; they sail well. I am going to Am[erica].

2 October 1924

It is better to work at home; there is a lot to do. I am glad you cleaned the house.

“A clean place is absolutely necessary at certain stages. Our Ashrams are notable for their cleanliness. The hygiene of the spirit presupposes the hygiene of the body. The emanations of the human body are harmful for a certain aspect of spiritual life. Many of Us with especially sensitive physical bodies cannot bear the emanations of the physical world.

“Ritual ablutions should be understood in both a literal and a symbolic sense. (I will make you happy.) The highest and very last act of all the mysteries was notable for its absence of ritual. Often the Initiator said to the neophyte, ‘Here you have come to Me, armed with the Secret, but what can I give you when the crown of completion is there, preserved within yourself? Sit down and open the last gates, while I ease your final ascent with prayer.’”[152] Each of Us accepted these last words.

They are sailing well.

3 October 1924

Resourcefully, strive for the indicated goal; I will explain what is necessary. Great events are coming. The motherland may raise its voice. Turmoil moves among the nations. There is a restlessness in the mirror of the Earth. I sense the new; the new, the new is coming quietly. Let us support the striving ones. The last Rome was built in one year. The symbol of the sovereign falls. My Ray illuminates the success of F[uyama] and L[umou]. They will learn the need for caution with Shk[lyaver].[153]

4 October 1924

Time is flying; the whirlwind already rises, and the horse neighs near the tent. The steps of the path are ready. A royal staircase is of an unprecedented length.

“Let the best warriors of the Holy Grail gather for podvig. (Let the best horses of M[ongolia] carry My warriors.) Above every joy is the smile of podvig. Accept the baptism of podvig with a smile. Give the sternest command with a smile. The Master walks beside you. He will support your right hand in battle, and in council will point out the solution.

“Everywhere you go there are guards walking behind you. Time flies, so hurry to obtain knowledge! (In three years, you will effectively begin building My Country.) Joyously accept the austerity of podvig!”[154]

My sons, [. . .], high lamas, horseback and foot warriors, I pray for you! Sons of the steppes of Mong[olia], Dzung[aria],[155] Turgai,[156] Kirghiz Kur, and Don, I send you the Blessing of the Lords.

I have said it.

Ur[usvati], feel My Joy. They sail well.

May I have an explanation of the dream? You were present at the mystery of Osiris[157] when the birth of the spirit was celebrated.

5 October 1924

Read carefully; these days there may appear information that is important to Us. I can sense many great discoveries in the field of history. I feel it is necessary to destroy the mirage of modernity. When the little people continue their petty lives, Our pupils must strive for the goal set by the Brotherhood. Go higher, bolder, and more cheerfully. It is better to smile while working.

Ur[usvati], read The S[ecret] D[octrine]. I rejoice at your new understanding. I rejoice at your desire to make K[ai] happy. I rejoice in seeing new sprouts in Russia. I rejoice about L[umou]’s journey to Chic[ago]. I rejoice about F[uyama]’s battle in Am[erica]. I rejoice at the unprecedented success of the new deeds. The strength of achievement is growing in you.

“The air trembles with joy the hour before dawn, the hour when the Buddha perceived the greatness of Cosmos, the hour when Christ the Lord prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane.”[158]

They sail well.

The body requires rest. Start a plant-based diet in a week.

Does meat interfere with the experiment? Not much.

6 October 1924

It is very necessary to check the books on Theosophy. Bl[avatsky] alone knew. B[esant]’s path is different.[159] We will scientifically prove many things. Ur[usvati] is right that the time for lectures has passed;now We need to work in the laboratories. There are empty walls in Ad[yar]—it is not on Our way. See and judge.

It is unnecessary. (Refers to the Adyar visit.)

“There are few workers. In their search for the miraculous, people have lost the Guiding Hand. We are coming into the world once more. Once more We are bringing proof of the spirit. But now We shall decide the victory on the battlefield and in the laboratory of the scientist. Man will startle when a sword is raised above him and a voice cries out, ‘Awaken!’

“The time for lectures is past; now work in laboratories is needed. We will demonstrate many things scientifically.

“Our Manifestation thunders and terrifies; the barriers the world has erected will crumble. I shall manifest My messengers with fire, for I myself am leading.”[160]

They sail well.

What do the words I have heard mean? They are Our language.

Will M.M. explain them? Later.

7 October 1924

“It is better to know the weaknesses of humanity than to feed on the images created by wishful thinking. The truth is distressing, but it is time to realize that the world is populated with shadows. (It is better) before every catastrophe, only shadows are walking about. The hammer has been raised; hideous is the dance of the shadows who have forgotten the spirit!”[161]

Walk silently and resolutely without friends or helpers—I Myself will help.

“Shadows who do not know, shadows who have lost everything, they are unaware of the New World. I sense that the enemy camp will fall. I sense that the gold they wear will lose its luster. I sense that the temple of amusements will grow hateful. Radiant is Our Path.”[162]

I feel that F[uyama]’s and L[umou]’s trip will show Our strength. Like the pearls, I collect your thoughts about the future. They are afraid of you, but you build My Country. Dear L[umou] is eager to settle in. They sail well.

8 October 1924

Prana, prana, prana—it is the best remedy. It is joyful to work in the mountains. I will think about giving My Word to the new ones. F[uyama] is coming in time. The beginning of new events in Eng[land] and the fall of the government. Also, in Fr[ance], Spain, Poland, and Bulgaria. A special eye is needed for the events in Eastern Europe. I believe it is safe in Am[erica]; the enemy camp will not live long. I have noticed the new opportunities for the work and will inform you soon.

Hor[ch] has advanced a lot; now he knows the need for patience. The preparations in Ch[icago] are going well. Hil[le] will receive My answer to his quest. I was in Am[erica] and am bringing you the information. Do not be surprised at the brevity of the messages; I give much to L[umou] now.

I think you can stop eating meat—a little bit is possible.

They sail well.

9 October 1924

I think it is necessary to cleanse the atmosphere around the room; human evaporations are harmful. It is better now but it will be even better.

I will think of a way to help; do not be upset. It is an important time. Human plans crackle. Our disciples stand on guard. My Ray will manifest new opportunities.

The Teacher gives peace of knowledge, just let the date be fulfilled. I will send the books. The burning of the spirit is precious. Buddha’s covenant of silence holds the seed of success. The lost path of Buddha. From the crumbs, you can collect part of His Teaching—this will create the best monument to the Lord.

We shall find the portrait of Ch[rist]. The chalice gives a faint impression.

Who did the inner chalice belong to? The Apostle Paul who left it in Antioch. Read carefully, more will come.

Soon they will be in Mars[eille]—they are sailing well.

10 October 1924

Yes, Russia! R[. . .] will give you a new garment. I want to see you already in Russia. I want to see you in the T[emple]—its mirror will take the reflection of Our mirrors. Let there be a special entrance for the extraordinary visits. Let it lead toward the A[ltar]. Also, a special chair [is needed], for I may appear unexpectedly. My appearance must not disturb the calmness of the vigil; otherwise, harm may come to those present. Exclamations are especially unacceptable—they break the harmony.

Later, I will give you the detailed instructions; as in chemistry, absolute precision is required. I will indicate who is to be in charge of the vigil. Zv[enigorod] will receive a new statute. I approve the idea of personal radio stations—they will be useful. I think, I think about the changes in the world. I foresee the events. My Friend’s experiment brings results.

They are on their way now.

When shall I start the exercise with a crystal? I will indicate shortly.

Why is it harder for me to grasp what I hear? Because of changes in the atmosphere, in people, and in nature.

11 October 1924

Read carefully; the information is coming. I sense a movement behind the mountains, but the hour has not struck yet. When the abodes lose their brothers, when the miraculous Image withers, when the sacred tree blossoms, then the warriors in fur garments will come from the North. I see a multitude of them, a hundred and twenty thousand, and the same number follows them. When the Image of Maitreya[163] appears in the brilliance of the rainbow. When the cloud in the sky unfolds like a wimple. When the Merciful Lords smile on the Temple Altars and the thrice-blessed Image of the Buddha raises its head as if in prayer. When the people of the Holy City spend the night in prayer. When the sounds of music are heard in the early twilight and the processions of the lamas with lamps move; then, exactly at four o’clock in the morning, the gates will open, and My regiments will enter. Thus remember. The world will not believe a fairy tale. Now work hard, for the core is launched. Peace be with you.

They spent their first day safely in P[aris].

Do not worry about the experiment. It proceeds well.

12 October 1924

Read carefully; the information is coming. The road is ready—work hard. F[uyama] already knows. L[umou] feels better. I will think of the new people. I notice an improvement in the house in Am[erica]. The appearance of F[uyama] will calm the minds.

The main thing is to firmly keep the designated goal in mind. Simply approach the action. You will even be surprised about how they expect you. Even the poorest nomad keeps a horse in reserve. There are still five important events to come. Ur[usvati] will help from Our Tower. The spirit knows, the spirit feels, the spirit rejoices. It is better to wait quietly for the date. You will receive the message, and I will soon give further instructions. Many rays are intercrossing now—the time is difficult. Three turbulent years.

It was the second successful day in P[aris].

In response to a question about seeing a strange experiment.I will give you an explanation later.

13 October 1924

I teach you to know the power of the Circle. I advise you to review the data in Bost[on].

There are instructions about the University in Zv[enigorod]. Also, what was said about psychic energy. I think Per[tsov][164] missed the opportunity for a brilliant discovery. I think others will go. I will instruct you about how to build a laboratory in Zv[enigorod] at the University. I see a whole city. When excavating, use chemical analysis and a special type of X-ray. I will give a number of instructions. I am happy with your work.

Buddha actually spoke with the beings of other planets.

It was the third successful day in P[aris].

14 October 1924

It is useful to gradually collect the scattered Teachings in The S[ecret] D[octrine] as you read. One can learn better about the cosmic structure. A lot is not stated clearly.

“The human mechanism is complex; it is a special conscious evolution. From the moment consciousness comes into being, there is no common evolution. Everything is built upon an infinite diversity of types. General laws are established with difficulty. Even such basic, immutable laws as the law of perfection or the law of compensation cannot be expressed in a single formula.

“Statements made in books are not so simple in practice;only an especially enlightened mind can penetrate into the structure of human evolution. Many lances have beenbroken on this issue. But one is allowed to knock on the door.”[165]

I feel that the explanation will be allowed. The construction of the world is more important now. F[uyama] can get a hold of popular astronomy at Harvard. Ignatiev may be available in B[erlin].

Yar[uya] is good but difficult.

Familiarize yourself with the mechanics of the worlds. Ask them to bring a celestial sphere from B[erlin].

One must be careful with Shkl[yaver]. Paris is full of larvae.

It was the fourth successful day in P[aris].

15 October 1924

I sense the sparks in Europe. My Ray knows the ways of future events—there is much to come. A disciple from Europe came to Us. I cannot say because the approaches to Us are sacred. You do not even suspect how many superfluous people are looking for Us. He is very exhausted from the spiritual fog of the West.

What nationality is he? Austrian.


The view is wrong; only in the second half of life can one really approach. I have talked a lot about it. The dates are needed. The date is approaching, and it is harmful to build one’s own plan. Believe Me, calmness is necessary now. I only demand quiet work. In two years, you will have to work hard. It is necessary to reach with the whole organism. Therefore, have many hours of peace, and remember that many roads lead to Us. Ur[usvati], you are needed in the Plan—take care of yourself!

Your strength has increased; do you not notice?I notice it in the expansion of consciousness.

Yes, yes, yes!

It was the fifth successful day in P[aris].

16 October 1924

The sixth good day in P[aris]. I feel success along the whole Plan. They did a lot of work in Paris, but the dust of the city is harmful. I hold him on My way. We will prepare a double battery of Rays until the arrival in N[ew] Y[ork]. It is necessary to think better about Naru.

The way to My House is clear. The clubs will give a new path to the Cause. The tricks of the enemies only strengthen the consciousness of the truth. Wisely goes F[uyama]. The rook cuts the waves. Joy awaits them in N[ew] Y[ork]. I rejoice in the work of the Circle—a new branch is growing. I think F[uyama] will instruct L[umou?]. A trip to Detroit is good for Log[van].

I constantly think about the future. Ur[usvati], joy awaits you. The participation of women in the city’s economy is intended by Us. We also expect K[ai] with joy. I am also pleased to announce that it has been decided to move one of Our Ashrams to Zv[enigorod]—the first experiment in the city.

I think I knew Orig[en]. Yes, it is a long story. I will begin tomorrow with the legend of the spiritual Teacher Origen.

Whose voice did I hear last night? The voice of Our Sister Al.

Is it not all just one name, starting with A.? Yes, yes, yes.

17 October 1924

Ramakrishna and His followers will be useful to you.[166]

Now the legend.

“Nowadays it is hard to imagine the fall of Alexandria. It is better not to even recall the years of that transitional period.

“One is seized with horror at the sight of the religious superstitions of that time. Origen walked upon the still hot coals of the ancient world. Knowing what Jesus had laid down, he suffered on seeing how little the crowd understood. Knowing the sacraments of the ancient mysteries, he suffered on seeing the failure to comprehend the unity of the Source. Knowing the simplicity of the Teaching of Jesus, he suffered on seeing the erection of churches.

“He labored alone, suffering from the too great contradictions in his own spirit.”[167]

After all of His former incarnations, how could Origen have suffered from the contradictions of the spirit? Everyone bears the stamp of time. “While he had an unusual clarity and simplicity of spiritual cognition, his entire being was characterized by an unusual complexity.

“In himself Origen atoned for the tempest of those early years of Christianity. Being a fervent adherent of knowledge, he was indignant at the decline of knowledge among the priesthood.”[168]

Origen lived simply. A small house on a remote street, surrounded by a low wall. One room and a vestibule. A simple mat and a pile of papyrus. Ur[usvati] was interested in seeing the old man through the hole in the wall. An old man used to bask in the Sun and sketch the drawings on the sand. Ur[usvati] also used to draw on the sand. She often wondered why an old man’s house was worse than hers, but they were great friends. Her life was a fleeting one—she died at the age of five. But We love to remember this life. Thus lived Origen.

F[uyama] will be soon on the road again.

18 October 1924

They are sailing safely. I am glad that they avoided the larvae nest. The Sephiroths[169] have done well reducing the force of the wind. I am preparing the way. I saw loyal people in Russia. I will tell by their nationality. Two are from Samara, ten Al[tai]ans, three Muscovites, eleven Cossacks, twenty Tatars, ten Kirghiz, three thousand Buryats; there are more Mongols, one thousand Kalmyks, as many Siberian Cossacks, one Afghan, and thirty Turkestanis. I have listed only the very loyal ones. Many are barely fifteen years old. Among the Cossacks, there are many very old ones. I will give you the names later, but you may remember the name of Esaul Kudr., also captain V. Naz., and Leb. N. from Mos[cow]. There are many more names on My list, but Dorji prevails. Especially noted is the [. . .]—the church servant of F[uyama] and U[draya]. Also, the devoted soul of M. is waiting for Ur[usvati]. These simple workers are very important.

I rejoice in your thoughts about the future paths of R[ussia]. Of course, the S[acred?] U[nion?] is located in Z[venigorod] under F[uyama]’s leadership. Tomorrow, I will give some instructions about the schools.

19 October 1924

Let us talk about the schools. It is necessary to remove all outdated subjects. The ancient languages can be elective courses: either Latin, Greek, or Sanskrit. Of course, the program varies according to population. On the other hand, it is necessary to implement a study of general linguistics. Especially, a visual teaching should be developed in the areas of the natural sciences, geography, and all applied knowledge and crafts. Religion should be abolished, and instead of it, introduce spiritual discourses in the spirit of different religions, depending on the composition of the students. The distinction between the village or city school will be eliminated. There will be one primary school for all, one secondary school for all, and one university for all. Pay particular attention to the primary school. Primary school should be coeducational until the age of ten. Secondary school is from ten to sixteen years, but, of course, everything depends on the [pupils] abilities. A secondary school does not have coeducational learning. Examinations will be abolished, but everyone must yearly submit an independent study. Even a seven‑year‑old child should be able to demonstrate his worth. In this way, it will be easier to recognize one’s abilities. School buildings should be the most beautiful buildings of the community. Spiritual discourses should take place in special rooms where there are images of all the great religions’ founders.[170] It will be good if a priest also becomes a mentor. Schools, hospitals, and the houses of S[ergius] will strengthen your establishment. You already know about Our attitude toward music. We will continue our conversation tomorrow.

How are they traveling? Nicely, but it is rather cold.

20 October 1924

You may be in peace concerning Rus[sia].

They sail well.

Time will affirm L[umou] on his path. Believe me, I spend a lot of time preparing the ground in Ch[icago].

My medical schools must be founded.

I want to add more about the schools—a student’s individuality of spirit must not be harmed. Obviously, any politics should be excluded. I deem that summer camps are very useful. Military schools should be abolished, but a military discipline will be introduced in the schools. For those who wish to devote themselves to the military service, a Military Academy will be established, an institution equal to any University. Those entering the Military Academy will be exempt from the compulsory military service, for they are listed as in the service, while all others will have to serve.[171]

Ur[usvati] very correctly decided on women’s participation in all the municipal services.

The preparations are going well. Ur[usvati] correctly senses the spirit of the dark one. We appreciate his efforts.

Ur[usvati], read TheS[ecret] D[octrine]. I will send the new books to Ur[usvati]. The book is to be read many times. It is useful to write out [the notes]. It is necessary, necessary, necessary. There is a lot of rubbish in Leadbeater’s books—he gets carried away too much and so does Sinnet.[172] The new ones will come.

May I ask M.M.’s opinion on “The Lives of Alcyone”?[173] It is a sad delusion, the creation of many hands devoid of beauty and simplicity. You will recognize but pass silently by Ad[yar].

Will they show us the portrait? I wonder Myself.

21 October 1924

I sent you the book—read it; it is partially interesting. You need to know the rituals of the services. I will send more. Gather as much information as possible. I guarantee success. We will receive more information in about two weeks. Difficult moments have not taught M[orey?]. F[uyama]’s appearance will destroy the mutual distrust. I rejoice at Av[irach]. Let Logv[an] calmly wait for the instruction.

The last Rome made a fatal mistake; there is no blood in the vessels.

“I repeat—the world’s careless attitude is criminal. Is it possible that people do not notice the danger? (The Lama who saw the flames on the horizon understood better. Yes.) Tongues of flame signal that a storm of the spirit is approaching, but people are unwilling to understand Our warning.”[174] Chinese mud is causing many worries. There are absolutely no people, and therefore Vaughan[175] is very useful. You will find the knights of the spirit among the nomads. Unified power creates an unprecedented era but chase away all tavern lovers. Away, away, away! I speak not only with a word, but I will cleanse My land with a steel decree. Yes, enough of the dark ones playing on the world.

They sail well.

The night before last, I heard the sounds of an orchestra but muffled; where did they come from?From the deep foundations of Nar.; it was Our holiday.

22 October 1924

They sail well; soon they will reach N[ew] Y[ork]. L[umou] worries, but I will help in Ch[icago].

“Events are thundering. I am trying to rein in the madness.

“If only you could see all the crimes being committed! But we will not let the pantherleap out. The seekers of the spirit shall receive a Guiding Hand. The seekers of knowledge shall receive instruction. Those in affliction shall receive solace. Those who have raised the sword shall be smitten. Those who mock and jeershall be banished. Those who have occasioned evil shall be stricken down. Thus do I decree.”[176]

You carry a lot. I rejoice at the Circle. In two years, I will be wearing the armor of action. You have no idea how you will crave some free minutes. Truly, you are beginning to work.

Ur[usvati], you will be seeing Our laboratory day and night, but let the date be fulfilled. I do not see any reason to worry. (Regarding the experiment.)

Put brackets (where I am in doubt).

A new phase. The absence of F[uyama] is noticed; the aura needs to be constant.[177] The main thing is calmness. Let the aura settle—it is invaluable for the experiment. It is one thing to feel and another thing to hear.

His aura was close (during the visions in N[ew] M[exico]).

So, I myself am unable to see or hear without his aura?It is not true, but the usual conditions are reflected in the experiment. Even the replacement of servants is reflected. Let it settle down—I cannot speed it up. Tomorrow, if you want, I will tell you about the sensitivity of the apparatus. Even smoking affects the body—if one stops, it temporarily loses the accuracy of its functions.

23 October 1924

There is one among Us who always longs for the vast expanse of Russia. His Spirit aspires to the future.

Now about the experiment. Imagine a thin needle of extraordinary sensitivity that reacts to all changes in the surrounding environment. A needle is connected to a special device that formulates the surrounding currents. A needle that vibrates with all the currents, all sounds, and all images. The formulating apparatus records all the incoming data. The sensitivity is such that even a thought is registered. The accuracy of the work requires consistency in the surrounding environment. The prevailing current creates a semblance of constancy, i.e., a device that adapts to the current. If the current is replaced, the device even often stops, especially if the currents are inharmonious. Our Ray is muffled because its full power can destroy the device.

Yes, and this reason is M[ahatma] K[oot] H[oomi]’s dream.[178] For before the end of My Friend’s experiment, even a faint sound is very dangerous.

We have built an apparatus corresponding to the essence of Ur[usvati]. Calmness is important now. It is difficult to have such a device on earth.

Spend time in peace until Yar[uya] [arrives]. Now I am going to prepare for F[uyama]’s meeting. My presence is necessarysomeone resembles a colt.

24 October 1924

The resolution of the matters approaches. All is well. Joy is being prepared. The events are proceeding, and it is difficult to delay them. However, the Lords have decided to manifest Their manifold Power at the appointed hour. The manifested path will lead you. Perceive it carefully; there will be rather interesting information.

The rook glides amazingly, even L[umou]’s flashes do not darken the aura. The colt will easily accept, but Ming is needed.

Yar[uya] must decide quickly. Consider his arrival very necessary.

Accept it easily. I think you got rid of the larvae very well. Avoid the new (larvae), the world is overfilled with them. I will send joy to Ur[usvati].

Maybe it all depends on the circumstances.

Of course, it is not just you. So, get to work.

It seemed to me that I heard a bead fall and roll. I sent the bead, but the process is not completed yet.

Yes, I did muffle it, but the sounds of the orchestra do not interfere.

25 October 1924

I think the work goes well. They are working well together. I will keep, I will keep, I will keep L[umou] from the larvae. It is a subtle border. As I said, the reinforced battery of Rays is directed toward Am[erica]. We put out a fire in P[aris]; We will do the same in Am[erica]. But the main thing is to know the Decrees. During an attack, repeat the words of the Decree.

It is better to follow the newspapers. It is an important time, an important time. The first stone has been cast. You do not know yet, but the news will come soon. A bloody fog hangs over ChinaMukden.[179] It is busy all around, but few are the people. How blind the people are!

I sense F[uyama] recognizes the enemy’s path. He must be able to touch Ford.[180]

It is better if they quietly pass through P[aris] on their way back. I notice an improvement in many posts.

Approach the people sincerely.

26 October 1924

You saw Our Brother S.; He works among the Rajputs.[181]

It seems to me that I knew Him; was He that close to me?Maybe.

But why was He so obviously disguised?Verily, He must disguise Himself. He was even a drummer.

I also saw another one.Yes, yes, yes.

Will we see again?Maybe.

But where could it be; the flowers, among which I saw Him, resemble our chrysanthemums, but the bushes were much larger. Beyond the mountains. The other one is in Bengal.

The Decree is given, and the work must begin. Today, you saw an attack and then the soldiers on the road—you know their value. You also heard how afraid they are of Russia. The Russian Cossack eating candles and the Mong[ol] with meat under his saddle—they both will occupy the minds of the West. You are truly living in the Middle Ages. They are afraid of you. They are afraid of you. Of course, there are not many people in Am[erica] but still there will be.

N.K. is working and worrying, but I sit in peace.So, it is necessary because it is important to be calm—you can send the arrows.

Like last night? Yes, yes, yes.

Did we say too much to M. Jeod.?No, but do not say anything more.

To talk about anything even remotely related to the Teach[ing] is such a joy to me that it is difficult to refrain. I say alright, but a lot of interest was aroused. Speak to those who come simply. I do not say much now because I am helping in Am[erica].

Alright. We will see reg[arding] the invit[ation] of M. Jeod.

27 October 1924

There are many works in Am[erica]; I am constantly working with F[uyama]. We should have taken L[umou] to Chic[ago], but we hold him tight. It is better to ride carefully through Paris. There will be news soon.

A bloody hand is over India, over China, and also over Turkey, Egypt, Romania, and Poland; they will go up in flames like a house of cards. It is hard to preserve peace. The main thing is that there are no people; the most honest ones have died. Of course, new ones are coming, but it is difficult to start. We are beginning to do things correctly.

Of course, they are surprised, but they accept it. The main thing is that Logv[an] has learned patience. The manifestation of the colt cannot disturb the harmony. Ur[usvati] can be calm—I will be a nanny. I am going to them; we begin the work.

28 October 1924

A lot has been achieved. The governments have made a fatal mistake. Russian fumes penetrate every crack. If they heard a conversation about you, they would be afraid.

Everything goes well in Am[erica]. Of course, I hasten to send everything that is needed. Of course, the phenomenon of the strong-minded is somewhat of a hindrance.

The military nature of Ch[ahem]b[ula] makes him more mobile. I rejoice in him. It is necessary to send arrows to L[umou] toward Ch[icago].

As a newspaper columnist, I give you the news of the day. Information is coming. Affairs in Bengal are extremely complicated.

I can sense a new victory for Us. Much, much is coming from F[uyama]. His presence in Am[erica] has confused the plans of the enemies. Before going to bed, repeat: “Victory, victory, victory, victory, victory, victory, victory!”

I am happy to report success in the experiment of My Friend. It is still too early (to say what is the success). However, positive results have been achieved.

Also, the aura of Ur[usvati] is infused, and the outer segment acquires clarity.

Now I am going to Am[erica]; on the way to the school, we will resolve some issues.

29 October 1924

Things are going well in Am[erica]. Of course, a lot will be decided. The most important thing now is aspiration, for the world tension is extremely strained. It is better not to express ideas in a conversation with everyone. It is better to sail with the lights dimmed; a lot of dust hovers in the air. When F[uyama] arrives, I will give you many details.

“It is astonishing how the world is going to ruin. The destroyers and the destroyed will be swept away. The new, the new ones are coming. From pureplaces will the new ones appear: nomads and ploughmen, orphans and vagabonds, monks and convicts, scientists and minstrels—in short, everyone who is strong in spirit, a legion of its own kind, endowed with understanding of the spirit.”[182]

When U[draya] aspired to the legion, he did not yet know that this would begin. Obviously, the meaning is different. “You should know that among the rejected people are real pearls. Accept anyone who comes to you and says a word about the spirit. Even in the hardened eyes of a brigand there sometimes shines the thought of podvig. And even a convict is able to make a sacrifice when he is standing on watch.

“I want to see your squads become real homes for strong spirits. Remember that (Lord) Christ prayed among brigands[183] and that the Buddha revealed a sacred mystery to a bandit. Of course, you should judge by the eyes. Note that down.”[184]

I am going to Am[erica]; we work together.

30 October 1924

Of course, the number three (the answer to my thoughts.) Of course, the main manifestation of energy (regarding Fohat).[185] But the true meaning of these concepts can be understood only in Our laboratory. Regarding the definition of Fohat as a bridge between the matter and spirit. Yes, but the words do not convey well; it is better to imagine it as a transitional stage. Yes, but it is better that way. A lot is wound up. I like to be extra careful in the expressions.

The wheels of the hordes will travel long distances. You may know about the five years of a marching life as well as about the happy work on A[ltai].

The main one is the thirty-first [year]—think better.

Send the arrows to Am[erica]. The staggering Russians understand My Way. Naru is better. Send the arrows to Chic[ago], thinking about My pharmacy. Ur[usvati] knows, Ur[usvati] knows, Ur[usvati] knows, Ur[usvati] knows. The wonderful gift must be strengthened. Can you not see?

I sense success in the work. I am going to Am[erica].

31 October 1924

These are difficult times, but the ship sails successfully. We are proceeding firmly. The remaining matters are being efficiently eliminated in P[aris]. Of course, the larvae will still try to penetrate, but Our main forces will already be far away; therefore, I care about Chic[ago]. I am glad for K[ai]. Yar[uya], Yar[uya], Yar[uya], the region is like a swamp. Understand—there is no way, no way, no way for the small predators. Of course, one must have the wisdom of F[uyama]. I consider the foundation has been laid.

I want to please you. L[umou] is holding on.

To my remark that it is only the first week. Yes. But We are taking the necessary measures. It is amazing how the beginning is laid; it is a great undertaking. They marvel at the plans, but, fortunately, they trust in them. I am going to Am[erica].

When is it better to send the arrows—during the day or at night? When you feel the necessity of it.

1 November 1924

“I rejoice when you are filled with understanding of the significance of the future. These are especially crucial times. People’s old prejudices are virtually a mountain of incomprehension. Their paths are dark. Truly, it is only Our effort that can alter the swift course of events. Brutish habits have come to fill the leisure-time of humanity.

“Christ taught compassion, and the law of love is flouted.

“Gautama, called the Buddha, asked for courage and energy, and His followers have surrendered themselves to sloth.

“Confucius taught an orderly system of government, and His followers have given in to bribery and corruption.

“It is hard to say which crime is worse. Therefore, it is impossible to speak about peoples; you can only speak about individuals. Sloth is dreadful and may border on the criminal. Its consequences are hard to see, but laziness turns a human being into an animal.

“Understand that sloth is one of the main obstacles on the path. There are times when a murderer is more mobile on the spiritual plane than a lazy person.

“Also, a person who accepts bribes deprives himself of the Brotherhood’s trust, because the treachery of such people is great. And a lack of compassion makes a personunfit for podvig, because such souls also lack courage.”[186]

I am going to Am[erica].

2 November 1924

Tell them that everything will be well. Today, you saw and heard about the depth of the human swamp; now you can appreciate My words about laziness, corruption, and lack of compassion. I sense how iron measures will be needed to save humanity. The spiritual warriors must protect My land. Yes, yes, yes.

Even if they call them tyrants, which have no place in My land, let them fill the pockets of tavern keepers in other places. Our task is to protect the young, even at the cost of harsh measures. I am also a supporter of strong decisions. Of course, it is better to silence them than to just forbid them from shouting. Yes, I call you toward an achievement.

I am going to Am[erica].

I was restless last night. It seemed that L[umou] was offending F[uyama]?It happened so.

3 November 1924

I repeat that the time is difficult; I especially concentrate on Am[erica]—it is necessary to forge the future deeds. Of course, I take part in all decisions. I will protect L[umou] from larvae; it is necessary to take precautions.

Ur[usvati] has seen how they hate My House. The fog obscures the eyes of England, and they do not see the growing crack. Now you understand the books that were sent. I weave the net for a future catch. Kaz. plays the role of the future proclamation. I think you will receive a number of messages, but calmness is needed—after all, everything is fine at the posts, although the attack is strong. He senses your strength—he is dark, Wadia.[187]

I sense that this is a particularly important week in Am[erica]. Thus, it is good—sending [a message] to Am[erica]. But today, repeat: “Victory.”

I am going to Am[erica].

4 November 1924

Sow broadly; the Russian stream is broadly pouring—the obstacles are insignificant. Practice intensively! Vigilantly, guard Our affairs.

I will hold L[umou]. I will specify the true value of the A[merican?] M[useum?] to T[aruhan?]. L[umou] already senses the larvae. You will receive the good. It is a right idea; let L[umou] gather young people for an achievement. You can already see the loyalty of some individuals. I rejoice at the new ones.

A world built on prejudice is crumbling. The actions of the enemies of the motherland are ferocious, but the end is nearing. Today, send victory to Our works.

I am going to Am[erica].

5 November 1924

Once again, you can see how the Instructions are fulfilled—the books have arrived. I testify that the experiment proceeds well. I testify to the need for rest. Why pay attention but try to settle differently in Kashmir. I repeat it is difficult here; the Nawab type has killed the country.[188] If possible, send the children to the village. But the main thing is tranquility; it is better to reschedule for the evening. It is even better to cancel the trip to Madr[as]. Do you not rejoice before the beauty and possibility of the future?

I called you a “spring,”[189] departure from the Plan is disastrous because the work is colossal, and many participants cannot be replaced. I call you to an achievement; no other considerations should confuse you.

I am going to Am[erica].

6 November 1924

The towers of Z[venigorod?] are already visible on the horizon. Despite the onslaught, F[uyama] walks victoriously.

Scientifically, analyze the Teachings of the Buddha.

“Clearly, the entire Universe is made up of diverse principles. By ‘principle’ I mean a number of basic elements.

“We say that elements are ‘primary’ if they are to be found in a free state—that is, a state in which they have not yet entered into combination with one another. One of the principal features of creative power is its need for combination.

“For Us the universal principle is the basic law of the Cosmos, which can only be partially investigated. Of course, investigating the basic lawis difficult, but opportunities exist. Many of Us have grasped it spiritually, but it is impossible to express it in a general laboratory formula so long asuninvestigated cycles remain.”[190]

“Dhyan Chohan” and other names are just a mirage created by a man.[191]

“The play of the Cosmos is like the sparkle of acrystal with many facets. The mind is capable of catching only oneflash from the crystal. This isjoyous, not sad. Of course, butchers cannot transmit all thesubtlety of the concepts.”[192]

There are and will be Metoscopes.

Now about Dhyani-Buddha. It is extremely unreasonable to imagine Them as special beings. We are talking about the spiritual Gurus of the earthly Teachers. When a disciple or Bodhisattva attains the degree of Buddha, then his spiritual Guru passes into the Dhyani-Buddha. So now the Gautama Buddha is the seventh Dhyani Buddha. Likewise, Chr[ist] is the ninth.

And who is the eighth?It is a mystery—My Guru. When you are in Z[venigorod?], you will learn more about the name of Vajradhara.[193]

I am going to Am[erica].

An affirmative answer is given to my guess about the Guru of M.M.

7 November 1924

Wait to send arrows to Am[erica]. The new beginnings are being successfully forged. Texas should be particularly mentioned. I will think of more opportunities. L[umou] is on the correct path. The new workers are approaching.

My Guru remained a Buddha for a long time. Only recently, He became a Dhyani-Buddha. One can be in the spirit on Earth.

What body is Dhyani-Buddha in? A Ray is not to be explained in words.

And in this state, one may feel the physical touch of the hand?Yes, yes, it is possible; He bestowed so much of it.

I again came across the “Dhyan Chohan” and feel it is difficult to find a suitable definition for Them.The combinations of the elements.

But this substitution will not be clear in all cases.Try replacing it with Dhyani-Buddha.

Dhyani-Buddha is the definition of the Spirits that have passed through human evolution, but in this case, we are talking about the primary Dhyan Chohan.The Beginnings.

The book is interesting, but it is complex and confusing.Yes, the main Plan was different. We gave the book “Dzyan,”[194] but the manuscript is filled with something else. I advise you to take only the stanzas and write your interpretation; then we will talk.

But it is too complicated of a job.There is time. I am going to Am[erica].

What does Sh[afran]’s[195] vision of three wounds on my chest mean?A separation—My temporary presence in Am[erica].

8 November 1924

Yar[uya] should better search for his path; Ch[ahem]b[ula] should write down his thoughts. It is better to be sent to F[uyama].

Now let us look into the mirrors.

1.     I see in a purple fog—Ur[usvati] is reading from My book to a group of girls. There is a large room with white walls; there is a sofa near the window, and a small man lays out sheets of paper on the carpet—it is a weekday.

2.     I see in a light blue fog—Ur[usvati] and F[uyama] are talking on the balcony of the house near a pine forest; below, Av[irach] closes his suitcase and puts it on a sleigh—they are waiting for Mong[olian] mail.

3.     I see in a yellow fog—a large barrack where, apparently, a great noise reigns inside—it is the dining room of a local orphanage.

4.     I see in a purple fog—Ur[usvati]’s suitcase is standing on the table by the open window; there are lilac bushes outside. Ur[usvati] takes out a book and several parcels.

5.     I see in a blue fog—U[draya] is sitting at the table and writing; another person is next to him and is typing on a typewriter; both are in the greatcoats.

6.     I see in a golden fog—a motor is rushing by, and several people are sitting in it, among them Ur[usvati], F[uyama], and [L[umou]].

7.     I see in a golden fog—a meeting of the Circle members. F[uyama] says My words. Ur[usvati] nods her head—the mood is good.

8.     I see in a light blue fog—Ur[usvati] and Por[uma] are sitting on a sofa; there is a small table with a tea set in front of them. The servant is holding a very large book. A female figure is sitting in an armchair—her face is not visible. The mood is joyful.

9.     I see in a blue fog—as if a corner of a garden, a little man is trying to climb on a horse; he is not very successful yet.

10.  I see in a golden fog—F[uyama] is writing images for the T[emple]; Ur[usvati] and U[draya] are sorting out sheets of paper.

Everything is fine in Am[erica]. I am going.

9 November 1924

I rejoice at the new beginnings. The spirit of Ur[usvati] knows about the unprecedented success. In the days when the new enemies have assumed the power, My disciples extended a helping hand and offered to build on the new principles. In the days when the motherland is humiliated, being called Moscovia, My disciples are ready to join the ranks of the Asian squads. In the days when orphaned Russia raves about the Mother, My disciples carry the smile of the Mother of the World. Thus, remember, that the Most Holy Mother will raise all peasant households. The success is great because they are waiting. The houses of S[ergius] and the communities of the B[elukha] C[ooperative] will open the gates to R[ussia]. Thousands of orphans will give Russia a new flourishing. It will be dark in Europe when R[ussia] is reborn. I see a great distrust among the people toward foreigners, even Am[ericans] will have to speak Russian. The others will face contempt. Think about how much Russia has suffered! And the people’s character has changed.

10 November 1924

I am happy with the current state of affairs in Am[erica]. Russian courage will save the world. I will think of help in B[erlin]. It is better to know the approach of certain dates. I cannot say yet, for long ears listen—great caution is needed. When everything is boiling around, it is better to be silent.

I think, I think, I think about going to Gyantze,[196] but be prepared to go in a different direction. Better think of Ladakh. I am thinking of starting a work with Ford. I am sending you more books. When you go to Lad[akh], do not forget to take a letter from Lama Ming[yur]—the news is coming. At the end of the month, you will receive an important message. The lamas will greatly appreciate your worship of Maitreya.

I am going to Am[erica].

My guess about “Asuramaya” is confirmed.[197]The knowledge of the spirit, without it one cannot pass.

11 November 1924

Our Abode is drawing near. F[uyama] walks powerfully; the new armor is ready. You already know how people wait for the power of the spirit. The regiments of Shamb[hala] will proceed quietly—a scoter bird will not leave its nest, and the width of the steppewill not reveal the movement. If you put your ear to the ground, you can hear the hum of march. But the European windbags will not notice the beginning of a thunderstorm. The League is destined to crash upon Russia. The new government will fall in the fourth Rome, and “leaders will forget about resting and begin raving in their folly. There is too little imagination, too little understanding, too little knowledge, too little sense of proportion, no beauty, no podvig, and no desire to renounce comfortable habits.

“Be ready to see comical characters, too. You must be able to lead. You must, you must, you must!

“If you only knew how often We have to praise piles of sand and call them castles. Certainly, We rejoice when the builder blazes up with enthusiasm at the praise and is ready to build new piles. Keep this in mind.”[198]

In January, you will see many piles. But you should not take My words personally. When I call for achievement, it means that no piles are there.

Rejoice in the rise of affairs. Ur[usvati], I want to see your smile on the shield of new deeds.

I am so sorry that I have so little to give.It is a misapprehension.

I am going to Am[erica].

12 November 1924

There is no need for crafty people. A new thunderstorm is in the air—I am talking about Europe. One should go quietly through Par[is]. It was well decided in Am[erica] concerning L[umou]. We will be heading to Chic[ago] soon.

It is very necessary for Logv[an] to be able to lead without violating the value of others. Let him look for young workers—six are required. I will tell you the exact position of everyone. But we still need four more. Let us not forget the specialists. I will also point out that O[yana] should find time to study the beginning of healing for Al[tai]—the paramedic. In A[ltai], there is great need for sanitary stations for the population. I will not hide it; in some places, the wildness is too great. I will not hide the fact that many units will wear what they have, but they will need warm clothes. I will not hide that it is necessary to pay special attention to the calvary; the speed of movement will decide the blow.

Ur[usvati] should know the legends of the Russian ascetics. F[uyama] can get into B[erlin].

I am going to Am[erica].

13 November 1924

It is better to serve the duty. Of course, I do not foresee such calls in the future, but the matters require a successful solution. They are afraid of you, and all the rules of human convention get in the way. I would already like to see you in R[ussia]. I have already spoken about the situation in A[ltai]; now I will say that the fruit obedient to Our Ray is ripening. It is interesting to note that a number of people saw Ur[usvati] in their visions, and they woke up relieved. Also, the future near ones are still unaware. Equally a legend about Bel[ovodye]—it also takes roots from Ind[ia].[199]

Also, the emergency military mission in Mong[olia] plays a vanguard role. In addition to Noyon N[urukhan?], there is also captain V.—maybe he will take a high place, for he is a Bur[yat]. Then, there is Ch[ahem]b[ula] as a military expert, but I will talk about him later. I see the council of five. Remember the names given last night.

I touched the hand, for I knew of tomorrow’s duty.

14 November 1924

The duty has been served.

Now let us look into the mirrors.

1.     I see in a red fog—there is blood on the streets, the sentries stand everywhere, people in aprons are watering the streets with the fire gutters, telegraph poles are knocked down, and the crimson flags are flying on the buildings.

2.     I see in a blue fog—a deck of a Russ[ian] steamer, L[umou] sits on a bench reading a Russ[ian] newspaper; the sailor is pulling the rope. I think that he is disturbing L[umou].

3.     I see in a purple fog—Ur[usvati] is listening to the orchestra. K[ai] and L[umou] are talking in the doorway.

4.     I see in a blue fog—F[uyama] is sitting at a large table, surrounded by a lot of people. Ur[usvati], L[umou], R[adna], and a few others are sitting in the box. Logv[an] is reading from a note.

5.     I see in a light blue fog—a platform of the new station; there is a lot of snow. U[draya] and Van. are walking on the platform; the train is very late.

I gave a number of paintings for several years. I am very happy with Ur[usvati]’s experiment. I gave a number of important instructions. I am especially happy about the stability of the aura.

Is the pain in the left side of the abdomen associated with the experiment? Yes, the Ray from one of the Sisters, but its effect is short-lived. It will soon cease to affect you, but light food will be better.

Am I accepting the Ray of M[aster] R[akoczi]? It is a pity that such a high Ray caused such a painful sensation.Yes, but you must stabilize the aura. The main thing now is calmness and interest in the sent books: Doctrine, Akbar, and Wadell. I will send more books.

I am going to Am[erica].

15 November 1924

Everything goes very well in Am[erica], the mechanism of the Plan is working precisely. The phenomenon of external combinations is striking. It is joyful to think that the Plan of the Lords is beginning to exist—it is the first stage.

Of course, light food is needed. Of course, a lot will have to be done in A[ltai], but the means will be different. The type of communist philanthropists is good to begin with.

Ur[usvati] saw how strongly one should not argue with R[ussia?]; it is better to spend the first years pacifying wandering tribes, preaching communism to the Gobi[?] tribes—this is the only way to earn their trust. Do not forget that the assignment is from R[ussia?]. Upon returning from T[ibet?], having completed a communist mission, the assignment will follow for the f[irst?] s[cientific?] ex[peditionary?] force to protect the interests of the Union of the Soviet Republics in Cen[tral] Asia. In two years of campaigns, excavations, and communist victories, the core of the n. d. d. n. c. will be formed. But there is no need to hurry with the prov. kh.;[200] let us better manage the region from A[ltai] to G[obi].

16 November 1924

It is better to write a letter to Kashmir today. I will consider a trip to Kash[mir] for U[draya]. We must wait for the arrival of F[uyama] with a decision on Kashmir. I will not hide My portrait; it is difficult to see.

Can M.M. not order B[esant]?Maybe; there are not enough conduits.

Maybe through Jinara[jadasa]?[201]Butchers; I think, I think, I will try. It is necessary to talk about the meaning of F[uyama]. Of course, one must speak significantly.

It seems to me that I have said too much?Do not mention geography.

Maybe I should not go.You will feel it yourself if you do not have to go. Perhaps it would be better to make F[uyama]’s trip to A[dyar] more businesslike.

M.M. thinks I am going to say too much.Of course not, but I will leave it to you to decide. Both Mayavati and the journey to A[dyar] are not included in the Plan. I want to say that the remaining years need to be spent as usefully as possible.

I am suffering; I think I said too much?You spoke well, and I was particularly pleased with Bl[avatsky]’s defense.

Perhaps in Ad[yar], we should emphasize our respect for Bl[avatsky]? There is no need to make enemies. F[uyama]’s painting will be a worthy reproach. Talk about Me. Unfortunately, you are correctly guessing about the use of Bl[avatsky]’s articles and manuscripts.

It is criminal and at the same time so human; who is deprived of it?Ur[usvati], you are destined to give the pure teaching in A[ltai], so rejoice every minute.

I do not understand the explanation about Luc[ifer] in “The S[ecret] D[octrine].”[202]Skip it—it is a mistake; the influence of the Gnostics got in.

I am going to Am[erica].

17 November 1924

Everything goes very well in Am[erica]. Soon, soon, we will go to Ch[icago]. There is a lot of work on L[umou]. But I tell you, good for him; he is better now.

It is necessary, necessary to think about the future. Your thoughts have already corrected a number of phenomena. Imagine small Tar[uhans?] in A[ltai?]. A lama can give an idea of Mong[olia]. Your foundation is in the East. It will be much more difficult in R[ussia].

Yes. I think Sam. is a very smart Kirghiz.[203]

I think Ur[usvati] can think about Bl[avatsky]’s manuscripts. I think one can think about the Bl[avatsky] Institute. I think Ur[usvati] will get the opportunity to act. In addition to the Russ[ian] source, the women’s clubs in Am[erica] will give millions to women’s education.

Ur[usvati] may dream of a quiet and spacious house in a cedar forest. Ur[usvati] may dream of a quiet room with a large table. Ur[usvati] may dream of the cheerfulness of the winter air in A[ltai]. Ur[usvati] may dream of a quiet Ashram—of course, Mine. Help build My Country! I will be happy to visit Z[venigorod]. Brother R. will live permanently on the slopes of A[ltai].

Can M.M. tell who this brother R. is? It is still too early.

I am going to Am[erica].

18 November 1924

Take care of pure food for Ur[usvati]. Changes in the Rays cause interruptions in the body. It is better to stay calm for a few days. Take the children away; a room for them should be found somewhere close by. In the evening, it is better to fall asleep. At night, We will give a signal for listening. Also, if you fall asleep in the morning, then sleep.

Why were all the phenomena in Lond[on] painless?We were closer then and acted with a special Ray, but now We are tempering the body for occult experiences.

Where was the room of the Teachers?Gr. R. Sq[uare]—the dormitory for visiting army officers.

How long did the Teach[ers] stay in Lond[on]?Two months—November and December. We left in January and February. In March, We returned. There is no need to ask.

Today, I said—be happy,great joy is coming. The news is coming. I rejoice in the Circle.

I am going to Am[erica].

19 November 1924

You will be surprised at the ease of the path. The main thing is to have courage. The motherland will accept you, saying: “Here are the conscious people!” F[uyama] will beautifully cover the true scope of B[elukha]. I can already see your success in S[iberia]. They say, “Verily, so. Notice, the women who are leading their husbands to work. Distant villages are sending their messengers. Ordinary soldiers are going to their commanders and are asking for permission [. . .].”

I think that M.M. was speaking to Bl[avatsky] in Russian.Yes, of course. Her English was not good and her Sanskrit was very bad, but at least there was Russian. My Friend, of course, could not teach in Engl[ish], so at first had to be content with the expressions of readiness of His disciple.

But M[ahatma] K[oot] [Hoomi] knows English very well.Yes, but Bl[avatsky] did not know. We have a different language as well but not during the first month.

Yes, of course.

How many years was Bl[avatsky]in the Brotherhood?Three years.

Judging by the hints in the books, it seemed much longer.She had been in contact.

It is completely incomprehensible how one person could have collected all the information contained in “The S[ecret] D[octrine].”We indicated the area, and she wrote it herself or asked her friends.

Which pages are written by M.M.?Of course, you will find out soon.

It is difficult to read the comparative symbolism.But sometimes it is necessary.

I am going to Am[erica].

20 November 1924

Of course, everyone has his or her own approach. Of course, if you asked each member of the Circle to describe the Teacher, you would notice an extraordinary variety. Everyone is right, for everyone knows the Image under which I appear to them.

In response to the statement about my understanding of M.M. Not at all. You know, yes. I have a proof—closer.

You need to know about the success in Chic[ago]. I wish to please Ur[usvati]. I may tell you that the coachman is stuck again; he does not know how to understand people. He roams around. We must praise Ch[ahem]b[ula]—he is a very useful person. [The letter] will still reach (aboutmy letter to Par[is]).

K[ai] rejoices; there is a lot of joy ahead.

I was saddened by my weakness and sentimentality, for even the sight of the mountains brings tears and fits of melancholy.Valerian is necessary, necessary.

Walk like lions with dignity, with dignity. A new Ayah is needed.

I am going to Am[erica].

21 November 1924

Yes, you saw two students working here, but you will be far away. Yes. Of course, there are a lot of events, but in My house in Am[erica], the work will proceed calmly. My Ray has already marked the steps. L[umou] and the near ones will arrive at the wooden trading posts in A[ltai]—precisely, the trading posts. V[ladimir?] R[oerich?] will already be riding around the flock of cooperatives. K[ai] will already be organizing musical events—although [only] in a barrack, but a spacious one. F[uyama] and newly arrived Ur[usvati] are already in the house. U[draya] is still in Mong[olia] and tames the tyranny of a Chinese neighbor; then he will be traveling to A[ltai]. In 1931, everyone is living cheerfully in the wooden houses.

All is fine in Am[erica]. I am carrying a strong accumulation of Rays.

In response to my expression of sympathy for D[octor] H[ille].I am convinced of the success.

The bridle. The lama is waiting for you in L[ittle?] T[ibet?]. I am happy with your labor.

To my remark that I do so little. That is a misapprehension. Lad[akh] and the new books. The position of the spring is high. I am happy that the children are gone.

I am going to Am[erica].

22 November 1924

“Discipline is the beginning of everything.”[204]

In the Sh[ambhala] regiments, purity of mind and body is mandatory. Let them look like princes amidst the population.

But can they become a privileged guard at the border?The border is an extremely difficult service. I strongly advise to have the lamas with the regiments.

Will they be purer than the ones we met?Yes, they will be. I also advise you to appoint one of the L[amas] as a temporary commandant of Lh[asa]. They will not dare to disobey an order that begins with the name of Maitreya.

Do not forget to educate the young ones. Gather the orphans—it is a special field for Ur[usvati].

It will be clean in Al[tai].

Yes, even the Mon[gol] prince will sit in the bath because he will be convinced of its benefits. Notice that one may enter the temples only in pure vestments, having first washed the body, and repeating the prayer: “In the presence of the Merciful and Blessed Lord Buddha, I wash my sinful spirit and my sinful body. May my body be cleansed from all defilement, and may my spirit be sanctified by the Ray of the Merciful Lord, so that I may prostrate before the Image of the Lord in the Purest Temple.” This is how the charter of the monasteries is read. Thus, in simple words, may the foundation for understanding the Teaching be laid.

I am going to Am[erica].

23 November 1924

Let us go, let us go, let us go. Clearly understand the meaning of the impending time. The fire of indignation breaks out all over the continent. Yes, some places burn like straw.

I deem that we are proceeding successfully. F[uyama] knows the way to B[erlin]. L[umou] implements My decree better, better, better. Also, L[umou] is aware of the signs of larvae. Just as K[ai] reveals the joy of My decree.

The Teacher rejoices in the direction of your thoughts.

Should we understand that M.M. is not against our harsh measures?The Apocalypse is on. The Teacher knows the meaning of Ur[usvati]. The Teacher sees the joy of the motherland. The Teacher knows the meaning of Ur[usvati]. The Teacher leads powerfully. M.R. The Teacher knows the meaning of Ur[usvati].

This is the only thing I cannot believe, and it causes me so many sufferings.You will have to believe.

It is a misapprehension. Peace be with you.

I am going to Am[erica].

Is Sister Hr. fair in her assessment of A[nnie] B[esant]?No need of illusions.

Is A[nnie] B[esant] pursuing the policy of the Teach[ers]?Not always.

24 November 1924

I said, and the books have arrived, and so will come the rest; for many years, the Signs have been laid. Now, having accepted the power of sacrifice and having drunk the chalice of courage, be ready, in spirit, to receive My Word. On the day the dates are met, I can tell you about the extraordinary preparations We do.

I will say it was decided to impart stability to A[ltai] for many years. I will say it was decided to create a new, unprecedented core among the youth—Our Brotherhood entrusted this task to Ur[usvati].

I will say it was decided to г. ч. в. д. в.

I will say it was decided to в. С. А. с. ц. какс. м.

I will say it was decided to ст. г. А. С. р. Р. им. Д. С. р. наД. с. и. Г.

I will say it was decided to manifest the shield to д. ис. с. н.

I will say it was decided to ук. н.дое.

I will say it was decided to be наЗ. а. Этуз. М. д. Ф. С. Г. з. у. е.[205]

I crossed out the enemy’s timeline with a pencil (explanation of the vision).Everything is fine in Am[erica]. Do not send to Z[venigorod?].

25 November 1924

I vouch for an extraordinary success; new people are coming. The movement is growing, and new connections are being forged, but I repeat have no illusions. Now you know how happy they were in Am[erica]. We have done much work. Another worthy field has opened for Ur[usvati]. The Circle will receive a decent addition. Ur[usvati] can safely wait for the dates. The firm decision of the Lords is sent to the world by an arrow.

You can think firmly about the communities of the B[elukha] C[ooperative] M[orya?]the orphans. You can think about announcing success on A[ltai]. You can think about using the laws of nature. Machines will replace human labor. Do not mention geography in the conversation. What has been said today about F[uyama] is highly appreciated by the Lama. I am happy to envision you on A[ltai].

I am going to convince T[aruhan?].

Does he not understand?It is fine.

What was that terrible explosion in my brain?A nerve in the brain was affected.

26 November 1924

I bear witness, there is no need for belittlement. You may believe—you are irreplaceable. There is no need to belittle Ur[usvati]. You will come to know. You do not see. (All of this refers to a lack of my self-confidence.)

It is better to rejoice in the affairs of Am[erica]; despite the misunderstanding, the victory is clear.

In response to my remark that I could not rejoice because my spirit had known it before.But it is a joy.

But what kind of misunderstanding is M.M. talking about?There are, with the new ones. I will think about how to bestow joy upon My warriors. Can you see how amazingly events are unfolding? Help build My Country.

Remain a mystery to Ad[yar]. The conduit with A[nnie] B[esant] was damaged a long time ago.

Is M.M. communicating with A[nnie] B[esant]? No.

But she claims that.My Decree to India remained in her subconsciousness. As long as Bl[avatsky] was alive, everything was there.

Did A[nnie] B[esant] have visions and messages from M.M.?You will see yourselves.

Were the powers of A[nnie] B[esant] overrated, and did she not live up to the expectations of the Br[otherhood]? No.

So, A[nnie] B[esant] was also irreplaceable in spite of all her shortcomings? I Myself am in the service of the Lord. My Friend worked hard, but there were no people.

Ur[usvati], you have two pearls—the truthfulness of experience and the sense of beauty.

I am going to Am[erica].

27 November 1924

The R[ussians?] will welcome F[uyama].

Valerian is required.

L[umou] proceeds better, better; the musk will be there. Friends are in Chic[ago]. The work is going smoothly.

Ur[usvati] can rejoice at the new works in R[ussia]. There are many conversations ahead, but we keep the rudder straight. We prepare joy, We prepare work, We prepare understanding, We prepare knowledge for Ur[usvati]. Truly, one must know the greatness of My Country. The new ones are coming.

F[uyama] will decide wisely in P[aris].

Now I am busy preparing a place on A[ltai]. Ur[usvati] may think about the work plan in Z[venigorod]. A public health, a public education.

To my remark that I do not feel strong enough to carry out this assignment. But then, besides F[uyama], who has the knowledge?

I want to do the work that no one else can do.That is why We give it.

It is a misapprehension.

M.M. pointed out the truthfulness of the experiences, but I remember instances when M.M. interpreted the words and dreams differently. It is also possible to understand it that way. This is the difficulty—that there are always two truths in eternity. I will give you an explanation.

I am going to Am[erica].             

28 November 1924

Yes, yes, yes, We approach the world through you. Ur[usvati] is right, I have girded Myself with a sword. Does not the Plan sparkle with a glint of a sword?

The appearance of Kali is now closer to that of Lakshmi.[206]Of course. Yes, truly the Moth[er] of the W[orld] is a warrior in goodness. Yes, you have heard many times about the need for the sign of battle.

The warlike appearance of M.M. was not so clearly revealed in Am[erica].Yes, they will not see the battle. Of course, the guns will not win, but the power of the spirit behind them will. The collapse has overtaken a man; do you really think you can save him with the gifts? No, he will laugh at them; so, I say—walk like lions.

I am glad of one thing; there is no need for guns in R[ussia]. The houses of S[ergius] and the communities of the Belukha Cooperative M. will adorn the vault of Ur[usvati]’s homeland.

But in the West, show the dignity of the H[ouse?]. I rejoice; the auras of F[uyama] and Ur[usvati] shine with the armor. U[draya] also has armor. Good hours are coming in Z[venigorod].

I am going to Am[erica].

29 November 1924

Now you can understand why you must go to R[ussia]. Only a few months in M[oscow?] and the situation there is not strong either; that is why We are sending you. Success is predestined.

Yes, the spirit of Ur[usvati] resembles a signal tower.

I feel less about myself while our external events and deeds are clear to me. It is a characteristic of the knowledge of the spirit. You are connected to the Pl[an]. After all, how long has the L[ord] B[uddha] been watching you—your whole life has passed under His Ray.

You had a clear dream today about how the Muslims approached R[ussia]. Remember, the one third of Christians in Russia. Yes, the life of Islam is not sweet, but the Sp[aniards] were defeated. Now they are in the Balk[ans].

I am happy with Yar[uya]’s decision. Also, in Chic[ago], My Ray opened an opportunity. I want to prepare a hut for everyone. I will send Ayah.

How sad it would be for me to leave without seeing the portrait of M.M.? You will see enough—Ad[yar] is not in your way. I guarantee that My original Image will be in Z[venigorod]. Maybe, you will see. Everything is fine. St. S[ergius] will not reveal.

I am going to Am[erica].

How should I understand “Mental and Will Breath”? It is a special state of consciousness; it is difficult to explain in words, but our friend Vaug[han] is going to explain it at night.

30 November 1924

Today, V[aughan] was able to show the manifestation of mental breathing.

But at the same time, a special consciousness appears, which I did not observe?Yes, but with very strong manifestations. But the consequences of strong manifestations are harmful.

If I only knew, what particularly hinders the experiment?It is necessary to be alone, but there will be necessary phenomena. The Plan of the Lords is important now.

So, my experiment fades into the background? It is very important, but mental breathing belongs to the realm of magic.

Almost a year has passed, and the stone of R[ussia]’s destiny has been laid. From now on, the spiritual steps lead you to the gates of Al[tai].

What does the money mean on the steps of the ladder, which I have seen?There will be no shortage. The vision is good. I will also say that there will be a great defeat here. F[uyama] builds in Am[erica]. L[umou] may work safely. I stand behind him. Ur[usvati], joy is coming.

I am going to Am[erica].

1 December 1924

The joy is comingtoday the books arrived, so the rest will come. The speed with which dates are met is astounding. Notice the signs on F[uyama]’s path. The R[ussians] are coming. We may say to Ur[usvati]: The Chalice of the future work is wonderful. Day and night I direct My Ray.

Yes, but in Am[erica] I felt it more.Yes, a particularly strong Ray was launched then. Of course, you will soon begin to feel the influence again. Accumulate your strength; when F[uyama] and Yar[uya] arrive, there are many important decisions to be made and questions to solve and understand about the true meaning of mobility. Understand, in the midst of the noise of life, We vigilantly lead you. In silence, We indicate the new beginnings and wait for the moment when the wire of the Lord will send: “It is time!”

Yes, great is the new path of the world! Tomorrow, we will talk about L[ord] Buddha. I want to give Ur[usvati] an explanation.

I am going to Am[erica].

2 December 1924

“Let us speak about Lord Buddha.

“People do not grasp the foundation of the Teaching of the Blessed One. The foundation is discipline.

“With spiritual and physical striving, the monastics of the Community endeavored to stay on the path. In the first years a monastic underwent a rigorous regimen. He was forbidden to kill himself with ascetic practices; rather, he was ordered to do battle along the lines of the spirit alone. Thus, the Buddha was strict in teaching His disciples. In fact, they only knew joy in spiritual battle, which is why the thorns on the path are spoken about.

“Only when the will of the practitioner had grown strong as a lion’s, and the silver bridle of the spirit guiding the disciple’s senses had begun to sparkle—only then did the Lord lift the veil slightly and assign a task.

“Then gradually the disciple was initiated into the mysteries of knowledge.”[207]

Now the Buddha is in the Dharmakaya state,[208] and therefore we cannot speak of His incarnation. But you need to know that His Ray remains and blesses groups of people.

How can we then understand Bl[avatsky]’s statement about the incarnation of His astral[209] remnants in some of the Great Teachers?The Ray ignited the hidden powers of the great spirits. An incarnation is a certain degree of ignition.

In response to my remark that F[uyama] is such an incarnation. You just beat Me to it.

Also, of the Lords.

That is a misapprehension.

Why do all the incarnations of the Lords pertain to men; where are the female manifestations?Follow the history, you will find it.

But why did they not give great Masters?They did not follow the path of teaching but the path of achievement. We will talk tomorrow.

I am going to Am[erica].

3 December 1924

You can console yourself: the responsibility is enormous. (A response to our conversation with U[draya].)

Now about the masterhood of the women. You already know about the Great Mother. Let us talk about Isis. Isis and Her betrothed sister Nephthys[210] are initiated Sisters of the Brotherhood in Abydos.[211] There was also a Brother named Osiris. Hence, the later legend of the Brother and Sister. In fact, there was no kinship between them. Sister Isis is a native of the Nile Valley; Brother Osiris came from the East. And note that Isis possessed secret knowledge.

When a young man, who was later named Osiris, came fulfilling the Decree, Sister Isis bestowed part of the Secret Knowledge upon the newcomer. Osiris was sent to pass on some of the knowledge to the people, but he could not stand the test and was forced to return to the Brotherhood. He failed to dispel the human darkness called Seth.

Horus was the only disciple of Osiris who was admitted into the Brotherhood. He was ordained as a spiritual son of Sister Isis. After three years, the Brotherhood sent Horus to prepare for the coming of Isis. He managed to pierce Seth; meanwhile, Brother Osiris atoned for his imprudence through the prayers of the Sister Isis and attained a number of spiritual degrees.

How should prayers be understood in this case? As the instructions.

Sister Isis, having completed the task, appeared in the world and laid the foundation for the knowledge of Egypt. Over time, Her appearance merged with that of the Great Mother, for She carried the Ray of Assurgina. Sister Isis is the Great Mother among the Lords. Let Me explain—the Mother of the World is beyond earthly words—She is the Head of the Hierarchy.

Now Ur[usvati] can read the legend of Isis and Osiris and remember the true meaning.

I am going to Am[erica].

4 December 1924

Go boldly; your movement on the spiritual plane resembles the sighs of an ocean. The power of the wave resounds in your feat. The path is short but cold. The helmsman holds the rudder straight; his goal is the desert in the mountains; there We will suspend Our path for a while.

The wanderings of the spirit are familiar to Me, but the gate is already creaking. Yes, human joy will depart, but is not participation in the Plan of the Lords a joy?! Yes, there is joy, for it is about the construction of Our Abode on Earth. The words: “A daring one asks for a bow, for he will fetch the bird himself” are firmly laid in the past.

Many things in Am[erica] are very important now.

I am unable to send the arrows.It is impossible to send; let the spirit renew, let the spirit renew. I testify with a Stone—joy is coming.

I am going to Am[erica].

5 December 1924

Yes, some excitement in Am[erica] is reflected in the spirit of Ur[usvati]. This is inevitable, and it is better to wait for the renewal of the spirit. When the process of the spirit renewal takes place, one rarely understands the real reason. Therefore, take it easy. We have especially chosen this time to complete until Yar[uya]. Even the special Rays are launched.

These Rays do not bother me; they do not cause any pain or sensations.That is how We act.

Ur[usvati] may read about Queen Hatshepsut—an Egyptian.[212]

In “Breasted’s [book]”?[213]Yes, Breasted. Yes, you may remember the construction of the Temple, the establishment of the school of Hierophants, as well as the warlike disposition.

Was she also an initiate? Of course, She was close to Ur[usvati]. You will understand.

In response to the remark that I myself am this queen. The guess has a basis.

Yes, you may read about it—the image is close.

How could I be a Mong[olian] queen after that?The influence of the spirit of Buddha. I cannot give an inner meaning of reincarnations yet, for this knowledge makes a person an Adept.[214] But we will approach this too. It is wise to know Advaita [. . .]. Tomorrow, I will tell you about the movement of the centers. There is a lot to do during the day.

I am going to Am[erica].

May I ask, does M.M. send me the dreams?Yes, of course.

Is it that I am still not out of a preparatory class yet, but I do not like these warning symbols? But it is impossible to show otherwise the fractures of the spirit in dreams.

6 December 1924

The night state is characteristic of the moment. The Rays are being replaced. We are trying to transmit the Ray of the Lord Buddha. Yes, but now a permanent conduit is being established. The spirit of Ur[usvati] has ascended to the step called “Absence of Illusions,” and the Lord Buddha hurries to grow a new flower.

Yes, during the operation, the patient remembers little.

But in many ways, I am going back to the old.Yes, but the old is not all an illusion.

“The Blessed One said, ‘Truth is the sole source of courage.’”[215]

The consciousness of beauty will give courage.

Yes, “when correctly understood, truth is the wisest and most beautiful chapterin the book of the Cosmos.”[216]

I am starting to worry about the outcome of the operation.What for? The critical moment has already passed.

But I do not notice the change in my spiritual consciousness.You will notice. Seeing the three wounds in Am[erica] means the replacement of the Rays.

Will I still have Your Ray?Yes, it is the main one. The centers take on the new positions like electrified cells. Calmness, the main thing is calmness and the absence of any tumult.

My spirit feels no change.We do not touch the spirit—you will notice. But the experiment takes on a new opportunity. I am going to mend in Am[erica]; the hole is not big.

Can I send the arrows?For God’s sake, do not send.

May I aspire as I did last night?I will tell you when it is necessary.

But since I hear constant mentions of the Lord, should I aspire to Him?Of course, you should.

The nine strokes were given.

7 December 1924

Now you see how necessary it is to give the world the pure Teachings of the Buddha. Indeed, the world does not know its own ways.

The luxury must leave you. I see a white house, a spacious house but simple.

I see the T[emple] of [St.] S[ergius] but a simple one. Of course, ugliness is banished. To my remark that I am imagining the beauty and size of the Assyrian sculptures as well as their amazing mosaics. Yes, public buildings may be decorated.

Now let us look into the mirrors.

In a silver mist, I see Ur[usvati] walking through the forest to the temple, unlocking the small door, and entering the narthex.

In a blue mist, I see Ur[usvati] and F[uyama] discussing a special Image of the Lord.

I see in a pink mist, the troops are approaching along the high road—the beginning of R[ussia?].

I see in a golden mist—Ur[usvati] and U[draya] coming up the stairs. Ur[usvati] indicates her desire for some changes in the construction.

I see in a green mist that L[umou] is not happy; the way is on horseback, but Av[irach] convinces him of the convenience of such movement.

I see in a light blue mist—on the street a thin man is perplexed: “Please tell me! Who wants to climb such heights? But they do climb!”

Yes, you need to get used to the Al[tai] way of thinking.

I can say that the operation is over, and the newly installed conduit is gradually getting stronger.

But I have already heard the voice of the Lord—is the Lord’s conduit separated from the Brotherhood?Yes, there is a difference. My conduit is closer (to me personally).

There is a lot to do in Am[erica] now. We put the seals on the paper. I do not forget a position of a supervisor.

8 December 1924

I manifest the power of the future path to you. I can say that I am more than happy with the current state of affairs in Am[erica].

The Ray ofB[uddha] allows further development of the experiment. You do not know about the possibility of the future yet. Just be calm because We have everything prepared. Ur[usvati] senses opportunities. At night you saw the result of My Ray. When you are on A[ltai], you will remember the vision of the children.

Emphasize the new construction, but O[yana] should not come. An important time is ahead for you. Thus, we have prepared coats of mail, papers, forged the blades, and are even herding the foal. As you can see, there are many things to do, and Ur[usvati]’s uncle is unusually absorbed in his work.

I am going to Am[erica].

9 December 1924

The guess is not without reason. (Regarding the proximity of Por[uma] to Nefrura.) She lived happily in Egypt.

Was she married? Yes—to the head of the Palace guard.

F[uyama] is ready to go—the way to B[erlin] is ready. He carries a full battery of the Rays. L[umou] continues to please—We are shepherding him; the year in India was of great importance. Time flies—you have already seen the harvest of R[ussia].

Does the reason for the ugly symbol lie in me?How shall I say it concisely? Dreams are characteristic of the Ray of Our Lord. Its dignity makes it possible to point firmly to the events of the future.

Yes, but I have also seen some beautiful images before.Yes, His Ray.

What is the difference now?Constancy. We must rejoice in the success of the Plan. We can calm down U[draya]; remove the responsibility of [. . .] and also Ch[ahem]b[ula]. When you give the orders; remember the matter.

I am going to Am[erica].

10 December 1924

I will speak brieflytoday, My presence in Am[erica] is necessary. I want to say that I am very happy with the Circle. So, they have reached a new step. L[umou] is on the way, and the peaks of A[ltai] are already in action. The M. armies of the E[astern] U[nion] will receive their beginning. Thus, we have the directorate of the cooperative and the internal staff of the troops. Now we will get the pickaxes and [. . .]. We can talk longer tomorrow.

I am going to Am[erica].

11 December 1924

Thus, we sail. The benefits are great; we are happy to look to the future. I Myself will name the unprecedented [. . .]. It is useful to enter the M. Sh. in B[erlin].

We are sending you the books again.

You decided on the skandhas[217] almost correctly but understand the physical dependence. I believe you will grasp it.

Yes, “going to Devachan is not a matter of compulsion. Devachan is like a reservoir of energies where renewal of the spirit takes place. But many souls, possessing a large store of energy, have no need of Devachan. They are waiting for a date to manifest anew. That is why it is important to grasp the true teaching about the skandhas.

“The law of dates is as important as the law of karma.”[218]

I am afraid I will not solve it correctly because the timing is complicated. Yes, the world’s mysteries are not easy to explain. “The law of dates governs the combination of the skandhas.”[219]I think you can understand; the rest follows logically. Yes, it is often a group evolution; often it is impossible to distinguish the spirit. There are relatively many reasons for this.

If the evolutions are group-based, it is strange that I do not remember my incarnations with F[uyama]. There was—yes, long ago—Assyria. I will give you a hint tonight.

I am going to talk to F[uyama] while walking around the deck.

Does F[uyama] feel it? Yes.

Why do I not notice?However, today we were dealing a lot with the issue of skandhas.

12 December 1924

We continue to sail. Ask questions.

Is not the new collection of skandhas also guided by the need for improvement through such a combination? That is almost right.

With a certain development of the centers, do we use only our skandhas?Only ours.

The dates are controlled by the spirit; therefore, it is the dominant principle in human evolution—is it so?Yes.

It seems to me that spiritual karma can greatly precede physical karma, and when the time comes, the combined elements must manifest, although the physical body would not fully respond to them; in a strong spirit, such a discrepancy is especially acutely felt. Yes, but “the spirit can correct the defects of the physical body: The main factor is spirit.

“A prodigious memory does not exist; there is only an aptitude for calling up facts and images.”[220]

I think you will find new sustenance amidst the books. Records are needed. New books are coming for Udr[aya].

In what state do the souls wait for a new manifestation?An unmanifested consciousness. They cannot consciously manifest themselves.

How do they manifest themselves, in spiritualistic sessions?Yes, if an external force directs them. “The astral plane is still full of earthly possibilities, but further on the knowledge of the spirit prevails; ‘consciousness’ exists only in the earthly shell. In the astral there is still a remnant of the personal consciousness, but this consciousness is not the knowledge of the spirit.

“Consciousness is only one combination of the skandhas. It is an enclosed knowledge of the spirit. The knowledge of the spirit possesses clarity of conception, but it can be manifested in action only when it enters into a combination of the skandhas and fecundates the consciousness of that given combination.”[221]

Is it a combination of higher Manas and Buddhi?Yes. “In saying this I have in mind spirits subject to karma and the law of dates. The evolution of free spirits isdifferent.

“(Tomorrow) We will draw nearer to the question of the impact of karma on the essence of a spirit in other spheres. This is important to know, for you should understand the distinction between consciousness and the knowledge of the spirit.”[222]

Today, you saw the amphitheater where the mysteries of Ishtar took place.

Have I been the priestess?Of course, you were a priestess. F[uyama] was the priest promulgating the decrees of the Goddess and the Guardian of the Threshold—hence his love of predictions.

13 December 1924

We continue to sail. Ur[usvati] warned F[uyama] about the phenomenon in B[erlin]. It is necessary, necessary to know about the Ray on Ch[icago]. The Tower of Chun[223] is indicated. I deem you will understand. A new, revealed friend will adorn your vault.

I am waiting for your question.

Why do small children have a white aura?The personal aura has not yet been revealed.

Is the color of the personal aura predominant?Yes.

Ur[usvati] has correctly decided upon the way of the Buddha.

All the later metaphysics of Buddhism tells me nothing.It is not Our goal. It is better to reveal the teaching of achievement. “Know that the diversity in different worlds is great. Name a person and I will tell you his evolution, but it is almost impossible to point to a general law.”[224]

Is it possible to indicate the evolution of A[nnie] B[esant], for she is completing her journey?I am afraid the amount of tamas is great.

But did she have incarnations as Hypatia and Giordano Bruno?[225]Yes, but then misunderstood the dates.

Were these incarnations?I prefer to be silent.

But she lengthened the stay in the astral plane. She disobeyed My Decree.

May I ask what Decree?About Krishna. I urged her to understand Bl[avatsky]’s instructions differently. They did not understand My apparition. Personal conviction was taken as My instruction.

How could a spirit as great as Giord[ano] Br[uno] be so wrong? Were these incarnations there; could it be a mistake?Yes, if she lived during Gior[dano] Bruno’s time. You will find out better yourself. I will show you the rhetorician at night.

But can M.M. explain to me her way?It would take two months to explain.

I wanted to talk about the afterlife of the future.

Is it possible to avoid the astral plane?It can be shortened.

If the spirit passes Devachan,[226] in what state does it expect a new incarnation?The state of purification of the spirit before the date.

B[esant] claims that this is her last incarnation.If the illusion of self-conceit is destroyed.

How hard is it for me to destroy my illusion of pride! Yes, but “the pride of the spirit is a step toward podvig. If all people were monarchs of the spirit, there would not be half the harm.”[227]

14 December 1924

We continue to sail.

Is everything fine?Yes, yes, the Plan has begun perfectly. Today, the enemies were seen; of course, at the first skirmish, they will turn southward. For you are indestructible.

“Now, about dates.

“The law of karma and the law of dates are like the double-faced Janus; one gives birth to the other.

“Karma bears the fruit of actions and calls forth the date of manifestation.

“Note that personal karma, group karma, and cosmic karma ought to coincide, and thenthe date will be the right one. Often the development of a personal karma draws the group karma after it.”[228]

The karma of a great spirit?Yes.

But can personal karma sometimes be separated from the group in case of severe evasion?Yes—it is mournful.

Can group karma be delayed because of one spirit?Because of several ones. “Some spirits are completely ruledby karma, which means that the knowledge of the spirit isminimal and karma is the only way the spirit can evolve.”[229]

When the Lords decided to move the Plan, They met all the dates; therefore, the actions are indestructible. Tomorrow, I am ready to answer the questions; today, I am going to repeat the parting words to Yar[uya].

May I ask if I saw correctly tonight?You have confused two visions.

But I saw and know that this room was a school, and I recognized the spirit of Bl[avatsky] among the students; there was another great spirit in that room.Yes, yes.

But I do not remember the rhetorician; maybe it was him?You did not see the rhetorician well—I will show him again.

15 December 1924

It is necessary to eat less.

But I do not eat much anyway. Yes, you need more sleep. You can go to bed earlier—at ten o’clock. We continue to sail. The appearance of F[uyama] in B[erlin] is wise.

Does M.M. already know what F[uyama] will do?Of course, We know; We know even Ur[usvati]’s room.

Ask your questions.

When the hierophant Nefru finished his earthly journey, did he choose his further manifestations by himself, or did the Hierarchy indicate them to him? The Hierarchy—The Ruleress has indicated.

A free spirit, manifesting again, inevitably beginsnew karma; is this not a great sacrifice?Yes.

In addition to the karma of deeds, there must also be other reasons that combine the group; may I know them?I may say one of them—the historical evolution of a nation.

If at least once the fertilization of consciousness has occurred, is it later completely lost in its astral existence?No.

What opportunities will M.M. give us in Ad[yar]?You will be convinced of your strength.

Why did M.M. indicate our stay in Ad[yar] and at A[urobindo] Gh[ose]?[230]It was your desire.

Can my dream be explained? It does not matter.

Does knocking on my window mean that I should open the window?Yes, a windowpane.

I also sent a saber. I think you can buy it for the occasion. Of course, the articles cannot be printed [ . . .]. Wait for F[uyama]. Not on your way. Send the money and put them in the desk. But you will see. I am going to P[aris]. It is necessary, necessary to clean the atmosphere.

16 December 1924

My Signs are advancing, and the first steps have already been raised. You know already how My Ray is ablaze toward Chic[ago]. Collect all prophecies and you will see Our help. The experiment proceeds smoothly. It is necessary to wait out the period of renewal of the body. The technique should not be lost. But wait out the renewal of the organism.

What prevented M.M. from appearing in N[ew] M[exico]?External circumstances. We have so much work to do right now. It is almost impossible to determine the day (a day of the manifestation).

And what about Chicago?Yes, if the Ray is directed, but now the Ray is muffled. Also, a monsoon is not conducive to the transmission. (To my remark that there was so much time for the manifestation.)

Really, is it so that even the closest warriors need a push? If We stop giving to Am[erica], everyone will disperse.

Do you want to change to the visions? Proceed courageously, and do not inflame your heart. Do not be sorry, do not be sorry. Comprehend, comprehend.

17 December 1924

The conjecture is not without reason.

This afternoon I suggested that M.M. had come to Chic[ago] as A[pollonius] of T[yana] and that Mme H. knew Him in this incarnation. In response to my question, where did she meet Him? In Asia Minor.

It is practical for Ur[usvati] to stay near the Blue Mountains.

Do not belittle the experiment; do not belittle the experiment.

What was that strange feeling of weightlessness of the body I experienced tonight?The movement of a center.

With an effort of will, I stopped this state thinking that it was caused by the excitement of the nerves.You stopped it correctly.

Is this the exit of the astral?Almost correct, but it is still early.

I also felt some kind of discharge from the crown of my head.This trait is characteristic, but it is still early.

I wish to reveal a page from the sacred history of the Lord Buddha. It is amazing how distorted the life of the Lord is. Of course, the four main episodes of His life to some extent correspond to the truth.

“The Lord Buddha verily left the town of His birth. Verily He meditated beneath the tree of wisdom. Verily He taught in Benares. Verily He concluded his teaching in Kushinagar. But the centuries have added their many tales. (Therefore, I want to give a true page of the life of the Lord. You know, how) the Lord departed from His native place on horseback accompanied by (Our) servant-courier. The road lay northwest, along the valley of the river. The hurried journey lasted for two weeks. Beyond the mountain passes, the trail for horses ended. Further on, the hunter’s path continued.

“Here (Our) courier left him, but in farewell said, ‘Prince, Brother, when you will reach the hunter’s hut, give him this chip of wood.’ And he gave him a piece of wood with three signs.

“For seven days the Lord traveled the path. Upon the eighth day he reached a hut. The door stood open and a tall old man dressed in a dirty old surplice chipped some wood.

“The Lord approached him in greeting, as is the custom of India. But the hunter laughed and pointed to the tree. The Lord remembered the piece of wood and handed it to him. The old man carefully examined the signs and then pointed kindly to the table inside the hut. The Lord understood the invitation and partook of the venison and honey. Then the old man, by gestures, bade the Lord rest.”[231]

I will give you the second part tomorrow.

Should I send a telegram to F[uyama] so that he does not rush in B[erlin]?I am going to tell him Myself.

18 December 1924

[Thus], I am continuing.

“The hunter was not in the hut, but from the courtyard the strokes of his ax resounded. Soon, however, his figure appeared at the door and he offered to the Lord a drink of honey. Then the old man took a sack and a spear and pointed to the sun. The Lord understood it was time to depart and taking His staff left the hut. The old man bowed thrice before Him and indicated that He should follow.

“Approaching the brush he pushed aside the branches and disclosed a narrow path. He beckoned to the Lord to follow him and quickly strode forward, pointing to the sun. Thus they walked until midday. The forest became less dense and the rumble of the river could be heard. They emerged at the river’s shore.

“The old man arched his bow and shot an arrow. They awaited in silence. The Lord took off His remaining adornments and offered them to the old man. But the latter indicated to cast them in the river.

“On the opposite shore a tall man appeared, pushed out his bark and set out in their direction. His garment was edged with fur. And his face was quite dark and broad. Reaching the shore the stranger bowed to the Lord and invited Him into the bark.

“The Lord wished to bid farewell to the hunter but he had disappeared unnoticed. The stranger also preserved his silence. Reaching the shore they mounted horses and began to ascend the mountain.

“During the night they reached the boundary of snows and at dawn descended into the Abode,”[232] but here is the seal of the Mystery.

I am going to B[erlin].

19 December 1924

Thus, we begin in B[erlin].

Drive away those who despise you and hold My Banner high. When you read what has been said, you may see how the steps are laid. Ur[usvati] is right, there are no worries in the Brotherhood now. It was emotional between 1922–23. Now the mechanism works exactly.

The experiment index increases.

I felt a temporary delay.Yes, the temporary clutter of the receptor is an inevitable phenomenon during the renewal of the organism, but the speed of the transitions is amazing.

Why am I unable to feel the Lord’s Ray?It is thereyou will see the result; but, of course, it is not possible to accelerate the development of the phenomenon. Interestingly, the priestess Analula[233] had the same characteristic—a desire for the results.

But maybe she did not have any, or very few?Even a lot, but she kept saying the opposite, which confused the priest.

Just like F[uyama] now? Yes, even more.


I am going to B[erlin]; the phenomenon of freedom from prejudice must be pointed out to the guards.

20 December 1924

Write to F. in Colombo;[234] let him smile wisely at the misunderstanding. Even I had to listen to reports about the Brotherhood and smile at the lecturer’s ignorance.

Remember your assignment to work in the Pl[an]; therefore, all the nodes of the Pl[an] are strong magnets. I have already spoken about silence; it has an extraordinary power. When silence surrounds the Altar of the Temple, one may expect the appearance of the Lord. Remember this in Z[venigorod].

Ur[usvati] is right, justice is the rarest pearl. By this you will achieve. But with human limitations, how can justice be achieved? My eye speaks in you.

Hypatia asks to testify that She has never been A[nnie] B[esant].

Do you remember the school? (Refers to my vision of the Neo-Platonic school, where the spirit of Bl[avatsky] was among the students.)

But who was the other spirit?Also, a great spirit.

Of course, B[esant] is a great spirit, but the absolute lack of simplicity spoils everything.

I am very happy with L[umou]. Ur[usvati]’s ray has forged many links. You will see the result of the experiment, but I cannot change the law of cosmic renewal. We will talk about it tomorrow.

I am going to B[erlin]. F[uyama], F[uyama], F[uyama], the action of a woodpecker is of great importance.

21 December 1924

Today, H. was allowed to reach the conduit of Ur[usvati]. The difference is small (with Bl[avatsky]).

Today, we spoke correctly about the law of renewal. We give three months of a year to renew the organism. November, December, and January.

After all, you hear—so be calm. When I say, “Good,” it means that there are no interruptions. When I say: “The index is rising,” it means that I notice the strengthening of the receiver. I am just keeping you safe.

So, I said, “Musk will be there,” and the substance moves. So, I said, “The books are coming,” and the indicated sources are already being loaded.

Every day brings new opportunities. Accumulate prana; many vessels will have to be filled. Breathe more air; stay in the garden for more of the morning. Accumulate [prana] for [the journey to] Lad[akh]—the road. I am busy again in B[erlin]. We must, we must, we must strengthen Ch[ahem]b[ula]. In a week, I will begin to intensify My Ray with you.

I rejoice at the attitude toward Me. I am going to B[erlin].

22 December 1924

“New, new, new ones! There is no place for the oldin the new construction. Why turn to the old when already the lightning of the new world is flashing upon the horizon? When the traveler spurs his horse to reach the goal and even We watch the clock of evolution, We put an ear to the sand and hear distant voices that speak of an epoch withoutprecedent.”[235]

Here you stand in the narthex of a new life. Here you are ready to change your clothes.

The one who held the b[rush?] yesterday, seizes m[ace?]. The seeker of knowledge holds the a[xe?]. Behind them are the swordsmen and spearmen—a whole regiment, a squad of companions. And even I Myself put on armor. Even the L[ord] B[uddha] took off his monastic robes and put on the cloak of the armor. Let us call upon all the symbols of the invocation, call upon all prophecies, and raise the banner of the march at dawn. Truly, you can say, with Us all the Forces of H[eaven] are now serving invisibly. Thus, I command.

I am going to B[erlin].

Yes, the achievement is approaching.

23 December 1924

The appearance of a blue flame marks the raising of the experiment indicator.

But I saw these lights long before the experiment.Of course.

It is necessary to help in B[erlin]. I am thinking of helping.

I feel some delay in B[erlin].Yes, but do not send the arrows—let the experiment settle down. Yes, the centers must have a temporary rest.

No. Let the fibers grow.

There is also a reading.

I am ashamed to lead such an animal life.No.

Udr[aya], learn to lead. U[draya], be ready to personally lead the army. U[draya], know how to guard My Legacy. You may know how to sweep out old rubbish. I believe F[uyama] will show wisdom in P[aris]. They are clever at soliciting. Precisely, Shk[lyaver] and his fellows, but F[uyama] has a collar ready.

I am going with stern instructions.

24 December 1924

Yes, I said “again” because We highly honor the inspirer of the Temple of One Religion. While in Paris, the appearance of Nephrit was close; now the image of an Egyptian queen is closer. Why the past when we rush to the future?

But why were there such incarnations as the Mongol queen?For you do not know that time; it was impossible to manifest otherwise—you chose it yourself.

Read more. It is difficult for me to concentrate.

The fruits of suggestion. Let the spirit be renewed. I now approve of reading the given French book. You should not rush. The leaps of the spirit are familiar to Us. You can finish a French book before F[uyama]. We must learn to work.

You can—yes, the fruits of suggestion. Remember your music lessons. You can trust Me.

We will talk tomorrow.

25 December 1924

Give yourselves courage; only a bold action can carry out the Plan. Therefore, I give each of you a drink from the chalice of courage. Ur[usvati], remember the cloak of armor; yes, also the priestess Analula; her participation in the priestly coup was significant. Yes, but now the image of an Egyptian queen is closer. Find the strength to walk the upper path. In some cases, We are not allowed to influence the spirit. It is an Occult law so as not to disrupt the evolution of the spirit. Remember, all the worlds are on trial, so give yourself courage.

I do not see the freedom of the spirit; we are surrounded by influences and dependence. Yes—it is a problem. You have to work hard. The room is bursting with the books. The moral teachings of the Buddha have been preserved. It must be collected.

You must overcome it; you must take it calmly. Tomorrow, I will give you the legend of Apollonius of Tyana’s visit to Northern India.

I must go.

26 December 1924

F[uyama] is doing well. F[uyama] is heading back to the mountains. I teach him to avoid larvae.

Let us talk about Apollonius of Tyana’s visit to Northern India.

“The story preserved of the life of Apollonius contains the tale of his visit to the North of India. A precisely detailed description is given of the cities, the sites and the people; but the significance of his visit is completely overlooked. Truly, Apollonius of Tyana was known as a lover of distant travel. But this little explains his journeys.

“While still a young man he heard of the existence and the Dwelling of the Brotherhood, from one who knew and collected strange tales. He paid little regard to it. But later when he knew more and had discerned more, he recalled it and in the depths of his spirit decided to visit the North of India.

“He had a friend, a great scientist, who had received many degrees of initiation. And to him, Apollonius turned for advice. The old man became pensive and promised to obtain information.

“And thus, after one year, the reply came. The old man addressed Apollonius: ‘My friend, happiness is truly with you. They write to me that you may prepare for your journey. In Kashmir you shall meet my friend. I deem he can give you necessary directions. Thus, prepare for your journey.’”[236]

We will continue tomorrow. I want to say that there is a lot of slander about the name of Akbar; while his campaigns are known, his inner image is completely misunderstood. Of course, S. was not a pasha. But I must go to P[aris].

27 December 1924

F[uyama] is successfully heading to Marseille.

Let us continue about Apollonius of Tyana.

“The journey of Apollonius was long. He encountered numerous people upon his way. One of those whom he met, as though surmising Apollonius’s intention, said, ‘I can be useful to you. He to Whom you journey is known to Me. I beg you to use my house when you shall reach ancient Gandhara.’ And the stranger gave Apollonius a casket. Apollonius never learned the name of the stranger.

“Reaching Taksila, Apollonius found the dwelling of the stranger, and approaching its doors knocked with the hammer. The door opened and a young Hindu invited Apollonius to enter. Only then did Apollonius recall that the name of the host was unknown to him. The door-keeper evidently awaited. In order to explain his arrival, Apollonius showed him the casket. The door-keeper made a gesture and let Apollonius into a room where stood a table and two arm-chairs.

“Shortly the door opened and into the room entered a tall man, dressed in a kaftan with the insignia of a cavalry commander.

“Calling himself brother to the host, and as if knowing the purpose of Apollonius’s visit, he said, ‘My people shall accompany you tomorrow.’

“In the morning, in the courtyard, Apollonius saw several warriors and horses. They set out on their journey, hurrying towards the northern mountains.

“There the warriors left Apollonius.”[237]

And you already know the nature of the further path. I can say that some of you served in the army of King Takshila and even accompanied Apollonius of Tyana, but, of course, you knew little. U[draya], Logv[an], and Ch[ahem]b[ula] also served in the cavalry unit of the stranger’s brother, but they had little idea of their superior’s true identity. For your journey, a rock in the form of a tower can be useful.

I am afraid I do not remember it very well.You will recollect.

I am going to P[aris]; I must wish for a good journey. I am ready to deal with the questions tomorrow. I rejoice in the mood of Ur[usvati]. I bring joy and the appearance of Asvaghosha.[238]

Chugtse entered the room and handed over a telegram from F[uyama].

28 December 1924

Thus, we sail.

We cannot deny shrewdness of the guess. (Regarding the proximity of Asvaghosha’s appearance to F[uyama].)

Ur[usvati] may find herself in the books she has been sent.

Will M.M. give the hints?You will see.

The questions. M.M. defined the causal body as the shadow of aura. Is it possible to have a more precise definition? An emanation of the aura.

It seems to me that the existence of this body is conditioned by the necessity of manifestation. When this necessity disappears, is this body transformed into a pure light? That is correct decision.

Does skandha samskara correspond to the causal body? It seems to me that this group of skandhas, as it were, absorbs all the features of other skandhas? That is very correct.

Is it correct that the skandha vijnana gives color or character to other combinations of skandhas, and therefore, is the main cause that determines the manifestation in the sense of aspiration and inclinations?Yes, partly the same role is played by sanjna.

Is the group of skandhas of physical form dependent only on personal and group karma plus the dates, or is there still any other significant dependence?It is stimulated by the necessity of existence.

Is it for this reason that the Lord denied the existence of an immutable element in man, for there is no such principle in the entire Cosmos?Yes, He meant constant evolution, for “there is no permanency in the Cosmos.Even a simple object isdifferent in two consecutive moments.”[239]

The evolution of a human spirit is compared to a necklace in which each bead is one of the physical incarnations, and the thread itself is like the core of the spirit, stringing all these manifestations together.

But it seems closer to me to imagine this evolution as a complex tincture—with each new manifestation, a new ingredient is added in it that, of course, changes the entire composition. That is a very good comparison.

Moreover, each new manifestation is limited to a group of physical skandhas.Yes.

It seems to me that liberation from the yoke of egoistic attachments, which also limits the attainment of perfection, is most easily achieved by revealing love for the sake of love itself, beauty for the sake of beauty itself, action for the sake of love of action, and an idea for the sake of the idea itself.

Translating it into practice and into an understandable language for the people is the manifestation of the highest conscientiousness in all matters and thoughts.Thus, We teach.

What book was shown to me that described, as it seemed to me, the characteristics of karma?Everyone has his own book—the accounting of the spirit.

Can I ask about the meaning of the second book that I could not read?You will find out.

What does the twice-heard word “Avena” mean?Avena is an herb for L[umou].

May I find it for him?He will find it himself.

There was another name associated with Avena? “Jara.”For old age.

What does “feolin” mean?Feolin is a medication.

From Avena?Yes, against old age.

The name Dravaki?A Sister.

Did Ap[ollonius] of T[yana] possess all the powers attributed to him before joining the Br[otherhood]?Yes, he knew about them.

What was the mission of Ap[ollonius] of T[yana]?To strengthen the Teaching of Chr[ist] among the upper classes of the population. You can see how Buddhism is being purified now.

Yes, but still, I see that I need to know other systems of teachings as well.Read easily.

I am very happy about your thoughts about R[ussia]. When the chariot, directed to the good, crushes the worms, the charioteer is not responsible.

Yes, try even harder.

Yes, there will be occasions to use all diligence.

K[ai] saw the new light.

I wish I could please him in his old age.Feolin.


He will get the substance.

We sail on.

29 December 1924

Yes, the author of devotion to Buddha pertains to Asvaghosha.

They sail happily; the aura of the steamer is favorable. L[umou] is also complacent. Ch[ahem]b[ula] is also touched by the drumbeat. Also Log[van] soars high; also Tar[uhan] sees silver; Av[irach] also prepares mentally. In short, the Decrees are cleaned, repaired, and assimilated at all posts.

But the larvae are shocked—after all, the last thread has slipped away. No matter how careful they were, no matter how hard they tried to hold on, one day the steps of the Plan faded, and the traces disappeared. They cannot reach My posts.

Ur[usvati] saw the formula of Space—the scheme of the Rays.

I will say this is an important time as if Europe is on the verge of a new crisis. Tomorrow, we will talk about the possibilities of Al[tai]. It is amazing how people gather. Ur[usvati], the circle of your works is huge.

I am going to go around the posts.

Can I send a conversation about Ap[ollonius] of T[yana] to Am[erica]?Wait for Yar[uya].

30 December 1924

It is all for the best. I repeat the hole is temporary. I approve of geography classes; anticipate all possible circumstances. We will reasonably decide the beginning of Z[venigorod].

Europe is again on the eve of conflict.

Now about the possibilities of A[ltai]. The first thing will be to use local opportunities. It should be firmly established what can be exported from Al[tai] and what is needed for the area. Having established export and import, the financial condition will be established. Then it will be possible to decide the scope of affairs.

Now the five main evils: lack of proper farming; lack of food; loss of livestock; the spread of diseases and an absolute lack of medicines; general poverty and the decline of literacy.

The bison still live on rare lands. Grassroots villages are quite bad. Accept it in every sense. Therefore, remember that even a tin spoon will be a luxury. But I teach you to approach the people. You can enjoy the amount of work. The society of ragamuffins is sometimes more useful for business. There will be helpers.

Do not send this to Am[erica]. Later Avi[rach] and O[yana], as well as T[aruhan] and N[aru], can find out in general terms before leaving.

When will it be?I will give everything. But do not tell to Yar[uya]. Ch[ahem]b[ula] is ready. The others will find the [. . .] ragamuffins rather scary.

Help to build My Country.

We sail on.

Which Sister saw O[yana]?Sister P.

31 December 1924

We continue to sail. F[uyama]’s influence grows. The new R[ussians] approach your banners. As from a wonderful Source, the Russian power is being born. The thirty-first year is recorded in Our memorable book. Oceanic Russia!

Today ends the year of laying the steps; a lot has been completed. The predestined dates are coming. A whole constellation of dates! In Our Tower, the clock will strike the time of the coming year of progress. A wonderful year is coming. Much has been laid.

Of course, Av[irach] deserves words of praise; he can carry the chalice of achievement.

Yes, F[uyama] is happy when entering the East.

The run of events in R[ussia] is amazing.

Ask the questions.

What book did I see wrapped in purple velvet? A memorable book. You will have to write a lot because the experiment is developing.

Who is the person shown this morning?An undesirable type.

Does my vision of two clergymen near a small house in a provincial town have anything to do with the rhetorician?Yes.

Where did this happen?In Königsberg.

It seemed to me that this could relate to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.Yes.

Who was with me at school on the opening day of the new wing of the Museum?I Myself.

And you said the words, “This is my favorite,” pointing to a music textbook.Yes.

Did it belong to Av[irach]?Yes.

Why did I have such an explosion in my head? A quick return. It was necessary to come back.

Who eased my headache tonight as if with an icy wind?I was treating it.

Whose voice did I hear today? I thought the Lord spoke.Yes.

Note: Grateful acknowledgment for the permission granted by Rev. Joleen D. DuBois, president and founder of WMEA (White Mountain Education Association, Inc.) for the use of text and notes from firstly, the publication by Sina Fosdick, My Teachers: Meeting with the Roerichs, Diary Leaves 1922–1934 (Prescott, AZ, U.S.A.: WMEA, 2015) [hereafter cited as (short title) My Teachers]; and secondly the publication by Helena Roerich, At the Threshold of the New World: Dreams, Visions & Letters of Helena Roerich, 2nd ed. (Prescott, AZ, U.S.A.: WMEA, 2020) [hereafter cited as (short title) At the Threshold of the New World.] In this Notebook, many of the footnotes by the editors are from these two publications.—Ed.

Readers’ Note: In the original text, the initials of Helena Roerich, Nicholas Roerich, and their sons, George and Svetoslav, usually appear in their Russian form; therefore, in the translation, we chose to transliterate them: N.R. or N.K. (Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh) for Nicholas Roerich; E.R. (Elena Ivanovna Rerikh) for Helena Roerich; Y.R. (Yuri Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Yurik) for George Roerich; Sv.R. (Sviatoslav Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Svetoslav, Svetik) for Svetoslav Roerich.—Ed.

[1] The names of the Authors of the messages are presented by their initials (in bold).Abbreviations of names and technical terms are expandedwherever possible and, as well as any translatorial/editorial remarks, are placed within square brackets.The initials used for some words are unknown and remain in a single or abbreviated form. Missing or illegible words are indicated with square brackets containing ellipses: [. . .].—Ed.

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[38] Rabindranath Tagore (1861–1941): prominent Indian Poet (1913 Nobel Prize laureate), writer, columnist, and public figure. His Gitanjali cycle of poetry was a defining influence on N. Roerich’s free verse. Tagore facilitated the translation of N. Roerich’s book of poetry into English, its publication in India, and maintained correspondence with the artist.Ed.

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[54]“Poruma” is the spiritual name for Nettie Horch.Ed.

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[62] Akbar the Great (Jalal-ud-din Mohammed Akbar) (1542–1605): the most notable of the Moghul emperors in India. He tried to create a new, unified Religion of the Sun based on the world’s main religions. In Agni Yoga, he is considered to be one of the incarnations of Mahatma Morya.—Ed.

[63]“Rokotova” was Helena Roerich’s family name in her previous incarnation in nineteenth-century Russia asa Ryazan landowner and wife of a landowner-forester (Ryazan is a Russian city situated southeast of Moscow). As told to Helena Roerich by her Teacher, Rokotova died in 1830. Rokotova’s task was not a small one: providing a due place for woman instead of freedom for husbands. The original Russian edition (1930) of Helena Roerich’s Foundations of Buddhism (New York: Agni Yoga Society, Inc., 1971) was published under the pen name of “Natalie Rokotoff” (alternate spelling: Natalia Rokotova and Natalya Rokotova).—Ed.

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[66]Prana (Sanskrit): a vital principle, breath of life, energy.—Ed.

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[83]Lucifer, Prince of this World: In Agni Yoga, a Kumara, overseeing the evolution of humanity; later, entered into a conflict with the Plan of the Hierarchy and became the leader of the dark forces of the planet. As a result of Armageddon, he was defeated by the Lord of Shambhala (in Christianity, the Archangel Michael) and was banished from Earth.Ed.

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[85]Thomas Alva Edison (1847–1931): great American inventor and electrical engineer. Among his many accomplishments, Edison developed the telegraph, phonograph, long-lasting electric light bulb, alkaline storage batteries, and a camera for motion pictures.Ed.

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[90]Balu: “The essence or Moru, or Balu, is made from a plant which is found all over the Himalayan slopes at or above eight thousand feet. It belongs to the rhododendron family. In Tibet, it is used as incense in temples and home.” (Letters of Helena Roerich, 1929–1938, Vol. 1 (New York: Agni Yoga Society, Inc., 1954, updated July 2020), 498.)Ed.

[91]As in original, encrypted. Apparently, the whole name of “Suleiman”: Suleiman runeu li Abu-melik – dragoman. Yasak aksakai.Trans.

[92]Corona Mundi: The International Art Center was founded in 1922 in New York by N. Roerich. The center was engaged in the purchase and sale of paintings and exhibition activities. It opened with an exhibition of paintings by Nicholas Roerich. Many exhibitions in different cities of the United States showcased the fine art of American and other nations.Trans.

[93]“Naru” is the spiritual name for Tatiana Grebenschikov.Ed.

[94]Alatas: an international publishing house that was a part of Churaevka. “Churaevka,” now known as the “Russian Village,” was established in 1925 as an artistic community for Russians who fled to America after the revolution of 1917. The village was created by two Russian writers, County Ilya Tolstoy, the son of Leo Tolstoy, and the famous Siberian novelist George Grebenstchikoff [also Grebenschikov]. Churaevka is located in Southbury, Connecticut, U.S.A.Ed.

[95] Tripitaka: (Sk.). Lit., “The three baskets,” the name of the Buddhist canon. It is composed of three divisions: (1) The doctrine; (2) The rules and laws for the priesthood and ascetics; (3) The philosophical dissertations and metaphysics: to wit, the Abhidharma, defined by Buddhaghosa Abhidharma contains the most profoundly metaphysical and philosophical teachings, and is the storehouse whence the Mahayana and Hinayana Schools got their fundamental doctrines.Agni Yoga Glossary, 2021. “Tripitaka.” Accessed June 6, 2021. https://agniyoga.org/ay_en/Agni-Yoga-Glossary.php.—Ed.

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[99]Ferdynand [also Ferdinand] Ossendowski (1878–1945): mining engineer and geologist of Polish origin. He was the Minister of Finance in the [White Russian] government of [Admiral] Kolchak. He wrote a famous book, Beasts, Men and Gods(London, 1922) which was based on his travels in Central Asia.Ed.

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[101]H. P. Blavatsky (1831–1891): prominent philosopher, writer, traveler, public figure, mystic, and parapsychologist. Blavatsky was the author of a series of fundamental works on occult-mystical philosophy and the founder of the Theosophical Society. Her heritage served as the foundation of the Roerichs’ worldview.—Ed.

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[103]Veneti (also Heneti) were an Indo-European people who inhabited northeastern Italy, in an area corresponding to the modern-day region of Veneto. Wikipedia, 2021. “Adriatic Veneti.” Last edited May 28, 2021. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adriatic_Veneti.Ed.

[104]“Jupiter” is in the original diary, later replaced by “higher planets.”—Trans.

[105] “Both” is in the original diary, later replaced by “those.”—Trans.

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[108]Rudnev, Andrey Dmitrievich (1878–1958): Russian Mongol scholar, Professor, linguist. Since 1903, he taught Mongolian language at St. Petersburg University. In 1918, he went to Finland where he met the Roerichs and taught the Mongolian language to Yuri Roerich.—Trans.

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[111]Numen (plural numina): Latin term for divinity; divine presence; or divine will. Wikipedia, 2021. “Numen.” Accessed June 6, 2021. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Numen.Ed.

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[115]In the original Notebook follows: “You already know about the vision of glory of the Mother Celestial, but you do not know Her words.”—Trans.

[116]“From the Life of St. Sergius of Radonega: The Proclamation of the Mother Celestial” in On Eastern Crossroads.—Ed.

[117]One of the records made by Helena Roerich on this subject reads: “Materialization of the Higher Forces on the earthly plane becomes possible. Later it will become clear to you how Zvenigorod should be built. You already have information about altitudes and the arrangement of levels. Here is an example: you are living at a height of approximately 7,000 feet; such an altitude is suitable for the temple. The altitude of 12,000 feet, above the Temple, a good place for meetings. Therefore, you have three levels of life: below there is a city of the New Era, and above it, the Temple of human achievements, and, still higher, a meeting place of Earth and Spirit. The Stone will be deposited in the Temple. Ur[draya] will know about that place, for after you leave, he may be protected through the same ‘wire.’” (At the Threshold of the New World, 103.)Ed.

[118]Ferninand Ossendowski. The last chapters contain a talk about the King of the World.Trans. See also note 99.Ed.

[119]Belukha, Alatyr, and Altai were three institutions established by N. Roerich.Ed.

[120]Ayah: in India is a native nursemaid who looks after children.Trans.

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[122]LOMG II, 228.

[123]Mikhail M. Borodin (1884–1951): A Russian revolutionary and, later, a Soviet diplomat and agent of the Comintern. As a Soviet diplomat, he worked in Mexico, China, England, and the U.S.A.Ed.

[124]Sydney Newberger: attorney and one of the earliest associates of the Roerichs in America. He did legal work on the registration of the Urusvati and Belukha corporations and was also a member of the board of directors of the Roerich Museum. He took the side of the Horches in the conflict of 1935.Ed.

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[127] AUM (Sk.): The sacred syllable, the triple-lettered unit; hence the trinity in one.Agni Yoga Glossary, 2021. “AUM.” Accessed June 6, 2021. https://agniyoga.org/ay_en/Agni-Yoga-Glossary.php.—Ed.

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[134]Jodhabai—Mariam-uz-Zamani Begum, also known as Rani Jodha Bai (c.1542-1623): was a beloved wife of Emperor Akbar.—Trans.

[135]Mayavati (also referred to as the Mayawati Ashram) is located at an altitude of 1,940 meters in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. “Advaita Ashrama,” Mayavati, is a branch of the Ramakrishna Math, founded in 1899 at the behest of Swami Vivekananda as a place dedicated to the study and practice of Advaita Vedanta. Wikipedia, 2021. “Advaita Ashrama.” Last edited April 2021. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advaita_Ashrama.Trans.

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[137]An unknown name.—Trans.

[138] Kurnovoo: a great Leader and King of Atlantis. Agni Yoga Glossary, 2021. “Kurnovoo.” Accessed June 6, 2021. https://agniyoga.org/ay_en/Agni-Yoga-Glossary.php).—Ed.

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[140]“Radna” is the spiritual name for Sinaida Grigorievna Fosdick (Lichtmann).Ed.

[141]“Modra” is the spiritual name for Frances Grant.Ed.

[142]“Morey” is the spiritual name for Vasilii Vasilievich Zavadsky, a Russian composer and pianist who lived and worked in New York and was close to N. Roerich.Ed.

[143]LOMG II, 236.

[144]The “Morning Star” and the “daughter of Buddha” are references to Urusvati i.e. Helena Roerich. The Master is encouraging Urusvati to engage in the earthly act of wishing.Trans.

[145]Mohamedi: a disciple of M.M. and uncle of H. Roerich (her father’s brother).Ed.

[146]Ladakh: a region administered by India as a union territory. It was part of the Jammu and Kashmir (princely state) from 1846 to 1952, and part of Jammu and Kashmir (state) from 1952 to 2019. Wikipedia, 2021. “Ladakh.” Accessed June 6, 2021. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ladakh.—Ed.

[147]Riga is the capital and largest city of Latvia.Ed.

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[149]Bunchuk is a pole with circularly arranged horse or yak tail hairs of varying colors arranged at the top. It was historically flown during the period of the Mongol Empire, and later adopted in derived Turco-Mongol and Turkic khanates and the Ottoman Empire. In the seventeenth century, it was also adopted by Slavic cavalry under the name bunchuk.Ed.

[150] Rudolf Steiner (1861–1925): mystic philosopher and founder of Anthroposophy. For the Roerichs’ views on Steiner, see “A. Klizovsky, Foundations of Understanding the New Era (Riga: Vieda, 1991 [in Russian]).”Ed.

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[153]Georgy Gavriilovich Shklyaver (died 1970): jurist, professor at the University of Paris, secretary of the Roerich society, and chairman of the Association of Friends of the Roerich Museum in France.—Ed.

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[155] Dzangaria (also transliterated as Zungaria; Dzungharia or Zungharia; Dzhungaria or Zhungaria; Djungaria or Jungaria; or literally züüngar, Mongolian for “left hand”) is a geographical subregion in Northwest China that corresponds to the northern half of Xinjiang—hence it is also known as Beijiang. Wikipedia, 2021. “Dzungaria.” Accessed June 22, 2021. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dzunaria.—Ed.

[156] Turgai (also Turgay or Turgaj) was an oblast (province) in Imperial Russia, established on October 21, 1868. It was located in the central part of present-day Kazakhstan. Wikipedia, 2021. “Turgai.” Accessed June 22, 2021. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turgay_Oblast_(Russian_Empire).—Ed.

[157] Osiris: The greatest God of Egypt, the Son of Seb (Saturn), celestial fire, and of Neith, primordial matter, and infinite space. This shows him as the self-existent and self-created god, the first manifesting deity (our third Logos), identical with Ahura Mazda and other “First Causes.” For as Ahura Mazda is one with, or the synthesis of, the Amshaspends, so Osiris, the collective unit, when differentiated and personified, becomes Typhon, his brother, Isis and Nephtys his sisters, Horus his son and his other aspects.

He was born at Mount Sinai, the Nyssa of the Old Testament (see Exodus xvii.15) and buried at Abydos after being killed by Typhon at the early age of twenty-eight, according to the allegory. Agni Yoga Glossary, 2021. “Osiris.” Accessed June 15, 2021. https://agniyoga.org/ay_en/Agni-Yoga-Glossary.php.—Ed.

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[159] Annie Besant (1847–1933): a leader of the Theosophical Society and associate of H. P. Blavatsky.—Ed.

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[163] The Maitreya: in Buddhism, the future Buddha. In Agni Yoga, the Maitreya is venerated alongside the Christ and Buddha.—Ed.

[164] Vladimir Pertsov (1898–1970) was Yuri Roerich’s college classmate. They studied at Harvard together in 1921, and Pertsov became a member of Yuri’s Agni Yoga group. Pertsov specialized in biochemistry, and in 1929, there were plans for him to work at the Himalayan Institute, “Urusvati,” to research ways to cure cancer. The plans failed, and Pertsov remained in the United States. His archive is at the University of Virginia.—Ed.

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[166] Ramakrishna (1834–1886): Hindu philosopher, a great Vedanta leader.—Ed.

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[171]The Leader (Sacramento, Calif.: Paloria Press) by Helena Roerich, translated from the original into English by Gleb Drobychev and Burt Wilson. There is similar text in thisbook in paragraph twenty-six.—Trans.

[172] Alfred Percy Sinnett (1840–1921): Anglo-Hindu journalist, journalist, activist of the Theosophical movement.—Ed.

[173] Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater, The Lives of Alcyone (Adyar, Madras, India: Theosophical Publishing House, 1924).

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[175] According to information received by the Roerichs, the famous mystic Thomas Vaughan actually did reach the highest degree of an Adept of occult knowledge and became a full member of the Brotherhood of Shambhala.—Ed.

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[177] Aura (Greek and Latin): a subtle, invisible entity, or effluvium, emanated by human and animal bodies and even inanimate objects. This is a compound—physical, psychic, and mental radiation—having a particular color. The color of the aura is determined by the person’s psychic and physical state.—Ed.

[178] Mahatma Kut-Humi (K.H.) Together with Mahatma Morya, He was the driving force behind the creation of the Theosophical Society and its benefactor. He is the author of the majority of the letters to A. P. Sinnett, in which for the first time, the foundations of the scientific and philosophical views and knowledge preserved by the tradition of the insular Brotherhood of Mahatmas were revealed to the West. His name is also written as “Koot Humi,” “Koot Hoomi,” and “Kuthumi.”—Ed.

[179] Mukden: The main city of the Manchu state (from 1625 to 1644), later renamed by the Chinese to Shenyang.

[180] Henry Ford (1863–1947): American industrialist and creator of a large auto-manufacturing concern and of the assembly-line technique of mass production.—Ed.

[181] Rajput: a large multi-component cluster of castes, kin bodies, and local groups, sharing social status and ideology of genealogical descent originating from the Indian sub-continent. Wikipedia, 2021. “Rajput.” Accessed May 26, 2021. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/Rajput. For example, Master Morya is a Rajput prince, possessing an Indian body and living in the Himalayas.—Ed.

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[183] In original it is written: “. . . among fishermen . . .”—Trans.

[184]LOMG II, 248.

[185] “Fohat . . . is the ‘bridge’ by which the ‘Ideas’ existing in the ‘Divine Thought’ are impressed on Cosmic substance as the ‘laws of Nature.’” [Fohat is therefore the bridge between Spirit and matter as well as that which brings Spirit and matter into existence.” Fohat is called Cosmic electricity, or the atomic energy contained in the most refined atoms in the highest level of each Cosmic plane. The electricity we are using at present is “the grossest form of the visible energy of Fohat,” (Heart, 291).] H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Vol. I (London: The Theosophical Publishing Company Limited, 1888. Unabridged Verbatim Edition 2019), 16.—Ed.

[186]LOMG II, 250.

[187] Wadia, a prominent figure in the Theosophical movement.—Ed.

[188] Nawab (also nabob): The title awarded as a personal distinction by the paramount power to persons and families who ruled a princely state for various services to the government of British India.—Trans.

[189]Meaning a sort of “steel spring” or “coil.”—Trans.

[190]LOMG II, 251.

[191] Dhyan Chohan (Sk.). Lit.: “The Lords of Light.” The highest gods, answering to the Roman Catholic Archangels. The Divine Intelligences charged with the supervision of Kosmos. Agni Yoga Glossary, 2021. “Dhyan Chohan,” Accessed June 15, 2021. https://agniyoga.org/ay_en/Agni-Yoga-Glossary.php.—Ed.

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[193] Vajradhara is the Supreme Buddha of the Tibetan Buddhists. He is depicted as sitting with a Vajra and a bell. Vajradhara in translation from Sanskrit means “The Bearer of the Vajra.”—Trans.

[194] The Book of Dzyan, also known as the Stanzas of Dzyan is reputedly a Tibetan ancient text. The Stanzas formed the basis of Mme Blavatasky’s The Secret Doctrine. Wikipedia, 2021. “Book of Dzyan.” Last edited May 21, 2021. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Book_of_Dzyan.—Ed.

[195] Sophie Mikhailovna Shafran, Sina Fosdick’s mother, had a manifest talent for clairvoyance.—Ed.

[196] Gyantse: a town located in Gyantse county—Shigatse Prefecture in Tibet. It was historically considered the third largest and most prominent town in the Tibet region after Lhasa and Shigatse. Gyantse was notable for the Palcho Monastery, the largest chörten in Tibet; it was an important center of the Sakya school of Tibetan Buddhism.—Trans.

[197] Asuramaya:According to the Hindu Puranas, the birthplace of Asuramaya was Atlantis. Asuramaya was considered to be a great magician, astrologer, and astronomer who based his work on the prophetic astronomical and cosmological calculations of Pesh-Hun. H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine Vol. II (London: Theosophical Publishing House, 1893, reprinted 1921), 49–50.—Trans.

[198]LOMG II, 252.

[199] Belovodye: The land of White Waters, the country of a highly evolved civilization.—Ed.

[200] Ciphered, meaning unclear.—Trans.

[201] Curuppumullage Jinarajadasa (1875–1953): president of the Theosophical Society at Adyar and disciple of H. P. Blavatsky.—Ed.

[202] Lucifer, Prince of the World: In Agni Yoga, a Kumara, overseeing the evolution of humanity; later entered into a conflict with the Plan of the Hierarchy and became the leader of the dark forces of the planet. As a result of Armageddon, he was defeated by the Lord of Shambhala (in Christianity, the Archangel Michael) and was banished from Earth.—Ed.

[203] Kirghiz people (also Kyrghyz, Kirgiz, and Kyrgyz): a Turkic ethnic group native to Central Asia, primarily Kyrgyzstan. Wikipedia, 2021. “Kyrgyz people.” Accessed May 27, 2021. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kyrgyz_people.—Ed.

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[205] As in the original. Ciphered, meaning unknown.—Trans.

[206] Lakshmi, the Goddess of Happiness, is the most beautiful Goddess. Nicholas Roerich Museum, 2021. “Lakshmi.” Accessed June 17, 2021. http://www.roerich.org/roerich-writings-himavat. [To learn more about Lakshmi, please go to Roerich.org and read the poem in Flame of the Chalice, by N. K. Roerich about “Lakshmi, the Victorious.”].—Ed.

[207]LOMG II, 254.

[208] Dharmakaya: In Tibetan Buddhism, one of the three metaphysical states of consciousness (Trikaya) of the enlightened Buddha. It is considered the highest in relation to the other two—Nirmanakaya and Sambhogakaya.—Trans.

[209] Astral: a subtle-material body suffusing the physical body and belonging to the astral world of desires and emotions; may be visible under special conditions.—Ed.

[210] Nephthys: According to the contemporary view of ancient Egyptian mythology, she is the consort of the god Seth, the mother of Anubis, and the sister of the gods Osiris and Isis.—Trans.

[211] Abydos (ancient Egypt: Taur—“Great Land” modern: Araba El-Madfunah) for many centuries was one of the largest religious and cultural centers in Egypt. According to legend, the god Osiris was killed and buried in Abydos. In the era of the Middle Kingdom, Abydos became the main center of the cult of Osiris. In this regard, the custom of burying the dead, making a pilgrimage, and putting memorial inscriptions in Abydos has spread. In Abydos, the nineteenth dynasty Pharaoh Seti I erected a temple dedicated to the seven great deities of Egypt. The central sanctuary of the temple belongs to Amon-Ra, the King of the Gods, who dwells in the house of Osiris. To the right of the central chapel of Amon-Ra were the sanctuaries of the Abydos triad: Osiris, Isis, and Horus.—Trans.

[212] Hatshepsut Maat-ka-Ra (circa 1475-1460 BC) was a female pharaoh of the New Kingdom of Egypt from the eighteenth dynasty.—Trans.

[213] James Henry Breasted (1865-1935), Am[erica]n Egyptologist. Here it is most likely referring to one of the following books: The History of Egypt (1905), Ancient Records of Egypt, 5 volumes (1906-1907), and The Development of Religion and Thought in Ancient Egypt (1912).—Trans.

[214] Adept (Latin: Adeptus, “One who achieved”): Broadly understood as a follower of a particular teaching or set of ideas. Esoterically understood, it is one who achieved true knowledge and mastery of the laws of matter and spirit. In Occultism, one who has reached the stage of initiation to become a Master of esoteric philosophy and life.—Ed.

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[217] “In Buddhist doctrine, as described by Helena Roerich, the five skandhas are: form, feelings, perceptions, forces, and consciousness.” J. D. DuBois, Education for the Soul, Vol. I (Prescott, AZ, U.S.A.: White Mountain Education Association, 2007) p. 29.

Skandhas (Sk.): “We find that the physical and psychic organism of a man is but the combination of five groups of aggregates or skandhas, which are divided into physical qualities: form—rupa; sensation—vedana; perception—samjna; forces—samskara; consciousness—vijnana. All five are equally unstable and dual.” (LHR I, p. 478). Agni Yoga Glossary, 2021. “Skandhas.” Accessed June 20, 2021. https://agniyoga.org/ay_en/Agni-Yoga-Glossary.php.—Ed.

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[225] Giordano Bruno (born Filippo Bruno, January or February 1548–February 17, 1600) was an Italian Dominican friar, philosopher, mathematician, poet, cosmological theorist, and Hermetic occultist. He is known for his cosmological theories, which conceptually extended the then-novel Copernican model. He proposed that the stars were distant suns surrounded by their own planets, and he raised the possibility that these planets might foster life of their own, a cosmological position known as cosmic pluralism. He also insisted that the universe is infinite and could have no “center.” Wikipedia, 2021. “Giordano Bruno.” Accessed June 4, 2021. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giordano_Bruno.—Ed.

[226] Devachan (Sk.): (Sk.). One of the states between two earth-lives into which the Ego (made up of the 3 highest principles) enters after leaving Kama-Rupa. It is a state during which the person’s finest earth desires are at last realized in a time of perfect subjective bliss. . . . no sensual, material, or unholy recollection can follow the purified memory of the Ego to the region of Bliss. The Karma for these recollections of evil deeds and thoughts will reach the Ego when it changes its personality in the following world of causes. The Monad or the “Spiritual Individuality” remains untainted in all cases. No sorrow or pain for those born there (in the Rupa Loka or Deva-chan); for this is the Pureland. All the regions in Space possess such lands (Sakwala), but the land of Bliss is the most pure. Agni Yoga Glossary, 2021. “Devachan.” Accessed May 21, 2021. https://agniyoga.org/ay_en/Agni-Yoga-Glossary.php.—Ed.

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[230] Sri Aurobindo Ghose (1872–1950): Indian philosopher, yogi, guru, poet, and nationalist. He joined the Indian movement for independence from British rule. For a while he was one of its influential leaders and then became a spiritual reformer, introducing his visions on human progress and spiritual evolution. At Pondicherry, he developed a spiritual practice called “Integral Yoga” and wrote extensively on different aspects of it. The central theme of his vision was the evolution of human life into a Divine Life.—Trans.

[231] “A Page from the Sacred History of the Lord Buddha: The Beginning of the Path.” On Eastern Crossroads.

[232] “A Page from the Sacred History of the Lord Buddha: The Beginning of the Path.” On Eastern Crossroads.

[233] Analula—the priestess of Assyria; one of the incarnations of H. Roerich (see Notebook 1, entry of May 9, 1921).—Trans.

[234] Colombo is the main city of the island of Sri Lanka (Ceylon).—Trans.

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[237] “Apollonius of Tyana: The Visit of Apollonius to the North of India.” On Eastern Crossroads.

[238] Asvaghosha (also, Aśwaghosha, Ashvagosha, Asvaghosa, Ashvaghosha) (1st century AD) was a poet, playwright, and writer of Sanskrit literature, an ascetic of the Mahayana Buddhist teachings in Northwestern India (i.e., in Gandhara), and a contemporary of Apollonius of Tyana. He is the author of the extant poems “Buddhacarita” (The Life of the Buddha), “Mahalankara” (The Book of Glory), “Soundarananda” (about Nanda and Sundari), “Sutralamkara” (A collection of instructive stories), “Syariputrakarana” (The conversion to Buddhism of the Syariputra). Supposing the incarnation of N. K. Roerich.—Trans.

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