June 1, 1921 – September 9, 1921


New York - 1921[1]

1 June 1921, evening

Allal-Ming Shri Ishwara. E. and N. Rerikh, Deryuzhinsky

– I reveal the strength.

– I establish.

– I will make you happy.

– I want to teach you.

– I consider you My disciple (To Elena R.).

– I—I—I—I—I!

– Perceive—I will help—perceive—happiness awaits.

– I provide—I teach—I—I—I—grasp.

Addressing Deryuzhinsky:

– Pray to Christ!

– Enough.

2 June 1921, morning

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– “I bestow My Wisdom upon you.”[2]

– I deem a gloomy mood in distress does not help the Master.

– I taught you that misfortune is not a black day.

– I will explain in the morning.

2 June 1921, evening

E. and N. Rerikh

– With a subtle request to the Lord, I begged to bestow pure thoughts upon you.

– Read, I am Shri Ishwara.

– Love Me—you should accomplish a difficult task: to reveal a wondrous, wise, and smart Russian soul in the common folk.

– It is not easy for My wife to learn from Teros.

– Teros—the pure spirit.

– Enough.

3 June 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– I sent Leonardo (completed by me).

– No need to grumble—success is near.

– I gave you happiness.

– Read only in the morning.

– You will receive unexpected news concerning the sale of the painting.

– Cautiously blame your husband.

– Rerikh doubted; tired from the work.

– Fate can be altered.

– In November Rerikh will learn how to change the fate.

– I deem it impossible, but Christ can be begged to alter it.

– I love you, Elena—manual help is valuable for Rerikh—make traces.

– Work better now.

– Hearken, My disciple—(To Elena R.).

– Labor in a happy country.

– Love Me, pray, and help.

3 June 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Through broad speeches, I prepared your road to success.

– I promise you pure happiness.

– A new person will come and buy a painting in Madison.

– You shall depart to a luminous homeland.

– I will plainly uplift the happy one.

– Grasp what is imparted and a new spiritual consciousness.

– Enough.

4 June 1921, morning

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

How do they know our thoughts?—We look for soul manifestations.

Then twenty-four strikes followed without explanation.

– I taught you not to ask about the affairs—I Myself will tell.

– I give you a wondrous life.

– Rerikh’s language—is My stern style.

– Print in a separate book.

– “I am not a bridge built of promises, but verily the Light that calls to you.”[3]

– Enough.

4 June 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh, the Lichtmanns

– “I teach love.

– My disciples must realize happiness in the love of Christ.”[4]

– I am in a hurry to reveal the Spirit, no doubts.

– I can give a wise proof of Rerikh.

– That newly manifested school happily attracts the hearts of people.

– I deem that now Rerikh’s heart, remembering phenomena given to pure souls, will like My gift.

– “Shall have some rest—Communicate—Cornelia.” *

– I consider Zak should not search for truth in old devices of Paris.

– I was appearing carefully, but you were afraid.

– I decided to double the strength given unto you.

– Enough!

5 June 1921, daytime [5]

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– I can see the presence of a dear soul in the much good advice received by you.

– Rerikh, accept advice from My wife.

– Do not order My wife in front of the Master.

– You yourself remember advice.

– With both of you, he will create a happy and bright life.

– Love your pure husband!

– Enough.

5 June 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Svetik should not sit.

– Svetik would not recognize—I am a stranger to him.

– Love the torturer.

– You have grimly honored someone’s fierce life.

– I did not promise happiness and joy (to Deryuzhinsky).

– Not true—it will not be (concerning a promise to [. . .]).

– I will reveal the Teacher in Rerikh’s cause.

– The tongue again promises you happiness.

– Rerikh, My disciple, expressed My teaching.

– Improve pure thinking.

– I will increase Rerikh’s success in Paris.

– Read more purely in the hearts of friends [. . .].

– Enough.

6 June 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– I feel happy and successful work of the Master on your appearances.

– Do I accompany Rerikh to the prayer room?

– I provide success.

– I provide a gift of the Teacher.

– I direct you loudly.

– I deem you have received.

– My wife grasps the phenomena in a purer way.

– I deem purity enters your auras.

– I prepare happiness for a pure one.

– Enough.

7 June 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Wait, grasp My thoughts better.

– Telegraph Logvan.

– Rerikh will write himself.

– Repeat My instruction through Horch.

– My happiness with joint work approaches you.

– At the Muromtsevs, the spirits communicated not through the Teacher’s Guardian.

– Let Muromtsev labor for twenty years in spirit, then he will deserve the Master’s Guardian.

– Love can create universes.[6]

– Pray to Lord for love to Me—the volcano of love.

– “Love and Wisdom are equal for My Lord.”[7]

– Telegraph.

7 June 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– I dictated you not to be afraid.

– I will provide the necessary amount.

– I taught you to be involved less with Rozenberg.

– Within a day you will receive happy news from Logvan.

– We shall bestow power upon you.

– I deem you will know the Teacher soon.

– I deem your fear to be wrong—I will lead you to a pure place.

– You express My desire for the best.

– Accept that wisdom is akin to knowledge.

– Protect yourself in life.

– You can confidently trust in Me.

– I love you, My wife—you brought a gift to your husband.

– Urusvati—light of the morning.

– Pray purely.

– Pray and love.

– Enough.

8 June 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Your prayer to Me is improper—good for rikshaw.

– I cannot undertake the sale of paintings.

– Your life is full of good happiness.

– The treasure of Rerikh carries happiness to people.

– Rerikh, do not be afraid of debts.

– Rerikh, the Master takes care of you.

– The Spirit trembles to manifest a happy life to Rerikh.

– It is unworthy to offer a disciple the work of a charwoman.

– Elena, I gave you a good book (Harmonics of Evolution).[8]

– It exists.

– I read it happily with you.

– Just desire, and you will be able to do it.

– You will happily and successfully apply the knowledge of the spirit—Daughter of Light (Lodge in the Society of Spiritual Comprehension).

– You doubted Me.

To a question in which incarnation I saw Him in London—Akin to you.

– Enough.

9 June 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– My advice—shake off prejudices.

– I will give you the portrait today.

– You may not close your eyes.

– Rerikh wrongly admits the worries.

– Your future is known to you.

– I will give you the portrait and My love, the wife of Mine!

– Urusvati, be more courageous (advice not to be scared at phenomena).

– I will instruct you in Arizona (the task of physical training).

– Get some fresh air.

9 June 1921, evening

E. and N. Rerikh, S. and M. Lichtmann, A. Zak and L. Toreckaya

– Carefully move from the Mountains.

– I will give My pure image through miraculous power.

– Do not wash utensils in Arizona—fluids of food are harmful for the portrait.

– Rerikh, I will give the portrait through you today.

A smile is inappropriate; concentration is needed.

– Somehow you are not attuned to be cautious with Us.

– Worthily deepen your spirit.

– After half an hour direct your mind toward Me.

– Double the shade.

– A miracle will happen today.

– I deem My portrait will bring happiness to you.

– Teachers will arrange a miracle.

– I will give a portrait through Rerikh.

– Teaching you, I will bring you happiness.

– I—I—I.

– My pupil, do not close your eyes while drawing!

– I am happy with success at Rockefeller’s.

– I will provide a pure place for the school.

Ludmila’s question, what will the Teachers tell her—Choose, beg Rolan, search for your Teacher!

Further followed concentration on Allal-Ming for ten minutes.

– I cannot give the portrait, it is pure misfortune!

– Rerikh is tired.

– My pupil is unable, he is tired, for every night he comes to help Me!

– Help Van Hoock. Offer your services. Write to him.

– I wish to help you; I think he can be useful.

– I will try to improve your teeth through the doctor.

– You lose your strength through teeth.

Information from L. Toreckaya, that she had a vision of a painting which will be drawn by N. Rerikh inspired by Allal-Ming.

Follows Allal-Ming’s explanation of the painting:

– “Water cannot extinguish the Fire that will purify the world,

– Nor wash away the rivers of blood.

– By new scourges will the world be purged of its evil.

– I expound happiness.

– I shall designate the path for the battle against the bazaar that is the present world.

– People have reached a dead end, but lightning will reveal the way out,

– And thunder will arouse the slumberers.

– Mountains have crashed to earth.

– Lakes have been drained of their waters.

– Cities have been engulfed by floods.

– Hunger shows its face.

– Yet has the spirit of humanity remained unmoved.

– Go, teach, stretch out the hand of aid!”[9]

Question of Zak:

– Better not to touch Purusha.

– Your heart is covered by clouds.

– The Teacher will show you a new life.

– Old devices got rusted.

Question of S. Lichtmann:

– Tiredness—prana is required.

– Better Aurol.

Question of Zak:

– The hunter finds Urga quite near.

– For your Teacher, Chita and Khabarovsk are full of significance—you will learn soon!

– Pure spirit— Rerikh!

– “Seek happiness and exalt your spirit!”[10]

– Enough.

10 June 1921, morning

E. and N. Rerikh

– The Teacher knows how to initiate creativity!

10 June 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– I deem your misfortune is happiness—I am the Teacher.

To a question, what to tell Virend for his tactless note— Rerikh, gently tell him, I would not be very angry.

– I admire your husband.

– I taught you to show My Power to Elena.

– I will manifest My pure strength to you.

– I shall weave wondrous, new clothes for you.

– You should persuade Rerikh to understand My wondrous sacrifice.

– Rerikh, Urusvati is a marvelous, pure wife.

– Perceive better; you, the wise one, have the sacred wife.

The table made eight knocks—there was a talk about the Master visiting Olcott and Leadbeater, and I asked whether I will see Him soon.

– Love your husband.

– Enough.

11 June 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– You may impart wisdom to the darkness.

– Do not make wrinkles on your forehead—judge wisely and cordially.

– I will establish.

– I will direct.

– I teach.

– I wish happiness to you and decide to place you at the helm.

– I consider that article to be a fortunate one.

– I shall manifest Our strength to you and Urusvati.

– Tell Yurik: “Do not be ungrateful.”

– Work now.

12 June 1921, morning


– Urusvati’s Muktu depends on Rerikh.[11]

– I teach Urusvati in the morning.

– Rerikh, you will acquire the strength to read people’s thoughts.

– Rerikh, teach manifestation of Spirit to your dear homeland.

– Urusvati, I teach you.

– Still you consider Me a manifested torturer.

– You do not love Me enough.

– I do not exist for you as a husband and a friend.

– Ask for advice, I vouch for the essence of My answer.

– You need fresh air.

To a question, when and what advice He will give—I shall give in Arizona.

12 June 1921, daytime

E. and N. Rerikh

– Think yourselves about the said.

– Name that article A Talisman.

– I am not very happy with you, Urusvati.

– I teach purely—I am not a torturer—your happiness is in good health.

– Breathe fresh air.

– Rerikh should help Urusvati to move to nature.

12 June 1921, evening

E. and N. Rerikh and A. U. Zak

– Hearken, the Teacher summons you for the feat of enlightening the Homeland.

– Rerikh builds the Society for Spiritual Comprehension of Russia.

– I sense an amazing work of the eternal beauty in Russia.

– Suvorina had drowned in the Teach [. . .]

– Teacher, new Zak is My disciple.

– I can give him advice to read My instructions to you more often.

– I consider it necessary to point out to him that My portrait will become a talisman.

– Urusvati—you became a pupil to your Husband—Teacher.

– As if she does not have her own life.

– My wife, Urusvati, your temper is your trouble.

– You do not value yourself!

– You will write wisely.

– My elder pupil, your book should be printed.

Addressing Zak.

– Read Raja Yoga, My new disciple.

– I shall teach you.

– I deem you can join the Teacher’s disciples.

– I love you, My pupils.

– It is necessary to copy Counsel to the Hunter from My disciple.

– The Guard at the gates—Supromati.

– My wife Nara—it is not a fairy tale.

– My power surrounds you by a wondrous talisman.

– Enough.

13 June 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Your love is still gloomy!

– You are My smile!

– You are My wondrous wife!

– You—Urusvati, heart can [. . .].

– Just think about losing Me!

– You, Urusvati, should not teach Rerikh to doubt!

– Teacher pointed to Logvan purposely, so that you do not lose count of your friends!

– Save the truth, it can kill a man!

– You do not need to belittle your consciousness; doubts pollute your pure apparatus!

– “Faith in self and the search for truth create harmony.”[12]

– Sometimes you thought that others are worse than you, but you should think of self-perfection, leaving out evaluation of others.

– I shall manifest a school for you—hearken.


– You should often talk mentally with Me.


14 June 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– You will personally behold the Torturer in Arizona.

– Learn, Urusvati, My lovely poem.

– I shall manifest Rerikh’s happiness.

– The Teacher will point to fortune and success.

– Think of the Teacher, Urusvati.

– Through your love, dispel the doubts.

– I shall manifest a new success with Rerikh.

– Happiness grows.

– His shield is covered with the stars.

– Think purer, trust, Urusvati.

– My Word—improve your strong feature.

– Draw My happy victim in a pure place.

– Enough.

15 June 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– People will reveal their faces—study them.

– Read Counsel to the Hunter and fight!

– Read the books, but remember the Hunter, you will pass with his help! (Seven books—The Steps for Realization of the Deity).

– Success will come shortly.

– I deem you remember the miracle in Chicago!

– I like your work on yourself.

– The strap of life will not belittle the spirits of the pupils.

– Urusvati, you can be satisfied with the given path under the cover of My scarf.

– Rerikh accomplished a lot of useful things.

– I manifested My scarf to him.

– Take it with you.

– Wrap the scarf around your neck during the prayer.

– It will help My manifestation in Arizona.

– You have a talisman.

– Agvan Hambo Lharambo Jyorjyev knew.

– I told you in the morning.

– Now about the book.

1. The Hunter

2. Seven books

3. Your séances in London

4. New York

5. Part of joint séances

6. Rerikh’s biography

7. Urusvati—the visions

15 June 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E., N., Y., and Sv. Rerikh

– Master knows your needs.

– “I grant you joy of love for the Motherland of the World.

– You will know love for mankind.”[13]

– Get ready for Arizona.

– Do not press too hard on the table.

– Your strength increased.

– Family has a special meaning for you.

– “Behold, I lead you towards the heavenly joy of spirit.

– Stray not from the path of ascent.”[14]

– My scarf will be a sign on your way.

– I gave you My Banner.

– It is hard for Svetik to scoop from a well.

– But My karma will help him.

– Bring the scarf.

E.R. brought it and wrapped everybody with it. It turned out to be Tibetan custom.

– Urusvati became Rumu, and the joy of the spirit will cleanse the image.

– My scarf will give you unity and power.

– Enough.

16 June 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E., N., and Y. Rerikh

– I sense your journey to Arizona.

– Hunter, fortune is near, darkness will dissipate on your path.

– Master can help you.

– Urusvati, be happy—everybody loves you.

– “Through joy, purify the path.”[15]

– Rerikh’s pure sight brings peace to Urusvati.

– I, standing at the guard of your happiness, foresee success.

– “While you are disciples, learn to overcome irritability.

– My disciples must have a sympathetic eye.”[16]

– Read Ramakrishna.

– Svetik is a good boy, his soul is young, one feature can be revealed—he is good-natured.

– Hunter, you can go to Prince.

– Your role in the New world is incomprehensible to them.

– I shall point out your mission in the world to the pupils.

– Rerikh’s destiny is to strike the evil.

– I am happy that your children love their mother.

– Do not be angry with your near ones!

– The scarf will cover you with the veil of Lakshmi!

– Yours is a friendly family; do not resemble the dark one.

– Do not grumble, Yurik; you are fortunate to discover the treasure of Passedvan (the king).

Addressing Svetik:

– Let him join.

– I do not advise it. Good luck awaits you here! Kostelyanets is sent to help you.

– Rerikh, I shall reveal happiness to you in a role of a Teacher.

– Urusvati will depart for Arizona.

– Better not to reveal.

– Learn My Instructions to the hunter.

– Do not be afraid of anybody—I will shield.

– I shall help you.

– Enough.

16 June 1921, night

E. and N. Rerikh

– Teacher requests to abandon any irritation.

– It prevents from His personal manifestation.

– I shall manifest pure tranquility of space in Arizona.

– “As through a magnifying glass behold the good, and belittle tenfold the signs of imperfection, lest you remain as you always were.”[17]

– Promises are not enough; you should be ready to receive Me.

– I deem the mountain air will help.

– I will tell when it is useful—answer to E.R.

– Tell: Morya and K.H. (to Theosophical Society).

– Gulab Lal Singh—K.H.

– Good night.

17 June 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– “Love one another.”[18]

– Remove irritation—it harms My fluids.

– “I shall send you pure thoughts.

– I shall strengthen your desire for perfection.”[19]

– Rerikh, do not worry—success is near.

– No need to sell Rembrandt.

– You may show Logvan another painting.

– You can paint a new copy of Lakshmi.

– Rerikh, Teacher is happy with you!

– Urusvati! One can lose happiness.

– Spare your Teacher!

– “By love would I heal the mistaken ones.

– Ramakrishna says: “Love, and all will come unto thee.”[20]

– We do not need loneliness, you are surrounded by three hearts. Are you alone?!

– Teacher is against changes and requests to wait for two months.

17 June 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Remove Suvorina, she spoils your success.

– Rerikh, give Urusvati additional money.

– Urusvati can deprive herself of money.

– Urusvati can hurt herself in food.

– I look into your pure, beautiful in daringness, soul, Urusvati!

– A volcano of happiness is ready for you; cross the obstacles!

– I deem Rerikh will make Urusvati happy.

– “I rejoice in unveiling the manifestations of life’s complexities (to Urusvati.)”[21]

– Rerikh is a brave hunter!

– It is possible to bring closer My portrait.

– Rerikh, display your strength to manifest My portrait!

– Urusvati, read séances, and choose for the book.

– Urusvati, I consider phenomena in London equal to former phenomena.

– I deem that book should be translated.

– Call to Suffern.

– Enough.

20 June 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– I teach My disciple.

– I shall manifest happiness.

– I bring success to Rerikh.

– No need to tell the Muromtsevs.

– I, Morya, talked to them.

– I am happy to help Rerikh through your Teacher.

– I, Morya, manifest the essence of My instructions.

– I deem My touch is very fortunate for you.

– Good, devoted to the Lord, disciples will bring worthy deeds to Rerikh.

– I shall continue tomorrow.

21 June 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– “I shall reveal the power of darkness to those who can conquer it.

– People realize not their happiness.

– I am the Guardian of your happiness.

– The Fiery Messenger brought to you the sword of valor.

– Understand that the way has been marked for you to attain the path.”[22]

– I shall reveal the power to discriminate given signs to Rerikh.

– Urusvati, I shall grant you mind reading and knowledge of the future.

– It is necessary to follow your own path.

– I am happy with you, Urusvati.

– “Follow your own path.”[23]

– Enough.

21 June 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh, Lichtmann

– I shall reveal the school by the name of the Masters K.H. and Morya.

– “Gathering the flaming hearts, you bear them as gifts to Us.

– The power of harmony will announce triumph to the pure in spirit.”[24]

– Morya considers Urusvati His pupil.

– Urusvati, your power will make for the happiness of the school.

– You are able to impart My Teaching to My disciples.

– Become a full mother to the pupils.

– I shall darken those who refuse to help.

– You will understand what was given to you.

– “Teach smilingly, joyfully create, your ears hearkening to the song.

– By pure love shall I preserve compassion in my bleeding heart!—(mantram to Alexander Arbelov.)

– Grant me, O Lord, the mastery of self!”[25]mantram to Alexander Arbelov.

– Urusvati, I read with you better in the morning. . .

– Sinaida, We teach you to avoid printing the matters of other Guardians.

– Enough.

22 June 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming (Morya). E. and N. Rerikh

– Today will be a joy.

– Rerikh, your power will manifest the Teaching of the spirit at Draper’s place.

– Rerikh, your heart is pure.

– You may show your power to Draper.

– Today you may display a lot at her place.

– Draw a new portrait of Urusvati.

– Rerikh found a house.

– Rerikh, it is pure.

– My stronghold is with you.

– Rerikh’s love to Me is growing.

22 June 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Urusvati did not notice the teeth of a dead dog.

– In desire to listen about the spirits.

– You did not rush to hold My arch.

– You should have told Bullit about the fate of Atlantis.

– I—Morya, your Husband.

– Read tomorrow.

– A new person will be found.

– Icebergs are visible . . . Svati (guess, Urusvati).

– Enough.

23 June 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Rerikh, I can help better than a relative.

– Urusvati, your request for help was fulfilled by Me.

– The consciousness of Urusvati is gloomy, but “the pupils must not judge hastily.

– I rejoice in the fiery spirit—but temper yourself.”[26]

– I think you know your future—these three years are very difficult for you.

– My Urusvati, I, Morya, will help you to find joy.

– “The spirit quivers, the northern lights are at play; teeming with life is nature,

and God manifests His Mercy.”[27]

– I am telling Urusvati in the morning.

– Enough.

Séance after an incident with Deryuzhinsky

23 June 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E., N., Y., and Sv. Rerikh

– Rerikh, strike the darkness.

– Today I imparted a new strength to Rerikh.

– I give Deryuzhinsky six months of probation—do not touch his matters.

– I give the date (twelfth).

– Urusvati, raise, glance broader.

– I deem Rerikh is a hunter, manifested in America.

Which Teachers were visible?

– Allal-Ming and Uvuchaya.

– You can show My scarf to the people.

– Deryuzhinsky loses the path of spirit.

– Think of Me more often.

– Ask the hunter.

– Deeds are already covered by My Shield.

What can be told to Mrs. B.?

– The whole truth.

– Convey the prophecies of John of Kronstadt.

– Golem attempts to assert his verdict as if through My Command.

– I think it is convenient for the Teacher to appear near the table in the dining hall.

We were instructed to sit for half an hour and look to the dark corner of the dining hall.

– Nice session.

– “My Shield will flame radiantly above you.

– Read less—ponder.”[28]

– You should trust Me.

24 June 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– I taught Rerikh to solve that task near the house.

– Do not disturb Urusvati’s joy.

– Do not worry, I will help.

– In the name of Morya be brave.

– Urusvati, the Teacher observes manifestation of genuine trust.

– Rerikh, darkness enwrapped your heart, the best destiny failed—I gave the house.

– Urusvati, do not be scared.

– A good school, initiated by you can bring you happiness, and I promise you will be the first to rejoice.

– I shall manifest My country house to My wife.

– You may send Svetik for Lichtmann.

– Svetik should go for Lichtmann.

– I am happy with Svetik.

– Urusvati, I shall manifest to you the Teacher, who carries your image in heart.

– Urusvati happily proceeds with Morya’s teaching.

– I shall instruct My wife to overcome fear.

Number forty was given—The house number.

– Urusvati, you will learn amazing news from Me.

– A new joyful Teacher appeared on earth.

– Rumu (near Pondicherry—Aurobindo Ghosh).

Only Rumu was given, the rest completed by me.

The name for Yurik was given “Powerful Udraya.”

– Go to Longier.

– Enough.

25 June 1921, morning

Allal-Ming. M. M. and S. Gr. Lichtmann and E. and N. Rerikh

– Teacher considers insistence is correct (in the matter of house).

– Teacher considers that house to be pure.

– Rerikh, strike darkness with pure fire.

– “Love Me, for love multiplies your strength.”[29]

– Ask happy Urusvati about My love towards new mankind.

– “Love is My Shield.

– My Smile will bring you light.”[30]

– I—Solomon.

– I shall return the lost ray.

– Find the synagogue project.

– I deem it belongs to Jerusalem’s museum.

– “Cherish the manifestations of blissful communion.”[31]

– Blessings to the travelers.

– Enough.

25 June 1921

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– I shall provide a pure place for your strength on Seventy-Seventh Street.

– My fortunate hand can aid the hunter in the matter of school and creativity.

– At Rerikh’s place in the morning, I did not talk sternly with Deryuzhinsky—I noticed one important detail in the words conveyed to sister.

– Morya n. o. R.—manifests as stern, adamant.

– Through My Guidance I shall instruct Urusvati to make Rabinova happy.

– Your desire to turn one soul onto a new path is valuable.

– Cherish Urusvati’s love for Me.

– Urusvati, people are unable to love purely; I shall make them appreciate words about Me.

– “By Us and by you, together, is the spiritual culture built.”[32]

– Rerikh is a pure spirit.

– Your Kundalini is awakening.

– You may teach husband breathing; Morya is with you.

– Be able to move to Arizona—it will happen.

– I shall joyfully help you to depart to Arizona.

– Enough.

26 June 1921

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– I can say, My Shield is pure with Rerikh.

– Urusvati is also pure.

– Urusvati, perceive My manifestation in Pondicherry with the given Teacher.

– I shall soon send news from Tibet to Urusvati.

– I love you, Urusvati, for obedience in My matters.

– Enough.

26 June 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E., N., and Y. Rerikh

– Spirit of Udraya does not like Me.

– Spirit of Rerikh is wise, pure, and he is Our new hunter.

– You, Urusvati, support Rerikh.

– Rerikh kept Elum of Morya.

– A new ray will shine over you.

– Jumps of a leopard are better than fears.

– I shall point Urusvati to manifested phenomena.

– I shall carry away Urusvati to the mountains of Tibet.


The number forty was given.

– Enough.

26 June 1921, late evening

Allal-Ming. E., N., and Y. Rerikh and Ar. U. Zak

– I shall give Udraya a new flow of love for Me.

– I shall establish the Society of Spiritual Comprehension after ten years.

– “The Truth of the world will stand firm.”[33]

– Udraya will also be useful.

– “The Light will penetrate the darkness—I attest.”[34]

– My pupils, after three years you will teach others.

– The Teacher searches His approach to you and prepares your spirit for meeting with Him.

– I sense your spirit is renewing.

– Return the holy book from Sakhnovsky.

– It will be your source.

– “The Gates of the Spiritual World are thrown open.”[35]

– It is near.

– Better talk now.

27 June 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Rerikh, after three years you will become a Teacher.

– Learn to strike the darkness—Morya is your shield.

– Learn, Urusvati, to consider Morya your shield.

– My power will defeat the enemies.

– “(Urusvati,) We possess the power to both create and destroy obstacles.

(To a question, what power is it—) Thought is like lightning.”[36]

– It is your karma to fight and conquer.

– Urusvati, fight.

– I shall direct, but trust Our power.

– Let Muromtsev earn.

– You may evaluate it at three thousand, but do not distribute too much.

– Pray for him (a person whom I caused pain, by chance).

– Enough.

27 June 1921

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Rerikh, I am satisfied with you.

– You may teach.

– Urusvati’s time to not spare grey people is over.

– Tonight, I shall carry Urusvati away to the mountains of Tibet.

– Fanyama—for—turasemble t.[37]

– I deem Ilyashenko’s appearance is fortunate.

– But tonight, I shall carry Urusvati away to Tibet (after Ilyashenko leaves).

Ilyashenko’s speech.

– I am happy— no need to meet Shumatov; he is not a good man.

– A dandy, dishonest.

– Why are you not calling Me.

– I—Morya, Urusvati.

– Urusvati should summon Me.

– Enough.

28 June 1921, morning

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– You judge harshly, Urusvati—be careful.

– “Do not forget to turn to the Teacher.

– The cultivation of offenses produces a poor garden.

– (Urusvati,) neglecting your health impedes your strivings to the Eternal.”[38]

– You will not notice, until the spirit cognizes the flight.

– In the same way as you did not notice the Teachers in London.

– We have approached you during the Easter.

– We paid a new attention to you.

– Do you want to know the reason for an ugly word dandy?

– It corresponds to a carp (my expression).

– Watch your expressions; it brought the end to discussion.

– Inappropriate is unpleasant for both sides.

– Perception of flight is unpleasant and worrisome in the beginning.

Have I seen him?

– You saw Schagiy.

– You will see Me, when you will not expect it too much.

– You should not disturb harmony.

– Paint Urusvati’s flight to Tibet on a white scarf.

28 June 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– I consider Avinov’s appearance as useful.

– “The ability to overcome proves the strength of your spirit.”[39]

– Inflicted blow teaches to realize one’s own strength.

– Urusvati should spare Avinov.

– Better not to discuss it with Koshetz.

– The Teacher does not hear the noise—a pupil does not see the teachings of love.

– Rerikh is tired—I feel sorry for him.

– We love Rerikh and Urusvati.

– Enough.

29 June 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– A new person will offer to Rerikh a related business.

– Rerikh may trust the Teacher.

– Urusvati, do not wear others’ jewelry given by the Teacher (earrings).

– They were worn by a woman troublesome for Us.

– Rerikh must consider the Teacher a simple man, offering him human questions.

– Rerikh is genuinely distressed by the sale of earrings.

– Urusvati is his happiness.

– Your happiness is in Urusvati’s love for her husband.

– “I shall ravish your ears with the song of Truth.

– (Both of you) work without complaint.”[40]

– Meat will not follow the spirit.

– “I have laid out for you the ways of the spirit.”[41]

– Enough.

29 June 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E., N., Y., and Sv. Rerikh, V. Dixon

– Reading Vivekananda, Urusvati is discontent with My Guidance.

– Rerikh, My disciple, can feel the harmony of being.

– Urusvati, you are splitting the knowledge.

– I deem that one more misfortune is to ponder about the future of the motherland.

– You torture . . .

– I. I . . . I . . .

– I am—the Master of the spirits.

– I am—the Lord of the elements.

– I am—the fisherman.

– I am not Morya.

– I am Dixon’s Teacher.

– Switch off the light.

– Urusvati, you are noisily growing your clouds of doubts.

– I give joy to mankind.

– Do not obscure it with doubts.

– I read your soul.

– Decide, I deem there is no means to convince.

– I teach you simple manifestations of life.

– But do not hurry and do not split accumulation.

On E.R.’s request not to deal so much with her, but give attention to the new member—I know who is unwell.

– Urusvati should not be impatient.

– I shall tell everybody.

– “I love being your Teacher in quests of the spirit.”[42]

– You, Russians, are equal to migratory birds.

– The motherland will soon receive something new—hordes of Mongols.

The number twenty-four was given.

– Grzhetin is in America—better to avoid him.

– “The other world, where My days are, must kindle joy in yours.”[43]

– Treasure Czechoslovakia—Slavs gather there.

– Udraya, do not be in a hurry to dream about the peace in dear motherland.

30 June 1921, daytime


– I sent a Shield to convey to you information about Me.

– I will not leave My Urusvati.

– I deem Rerikh will become a Teacher here.

– I deem Rerikh should become a Teacher not before three years.

– I shall establish Rerikh a Teacher in Russia.

– Urusvati will help him.

– I vouch, you will walk a new path for the feat of Rishi.

– I manifest the ray; I impart My wise Word to you.

– I love Urusvati; she expresses her caring love to children—it is such a joy.

– See Golem.

– The same strength should possess the hunter to direct the prey, and thus crush the evil.

30 June 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– At night Rerikh departs to work with Me.

– Rerikh, hurry to go to sleep.

– Urusvati as well.

– I am Pomor—I am nemr.[44]

– Urusvati, your joy is with Me.

– Remember the Harmonics of Evolution.

– My smile, Urusvati, carries the ray of happiness.

– Noisily, Yurik composes the letter to Shklyaver—teaches patience.

– Urusvati, remember Harmonics of Evolution.

– Enough.

– Read the best book of Leadbeater, The Inner Life.

1 July 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E., N., and Y. Rerikh

– Rerikh, it is a pure knife, acceptable by Us!

– The Hunter can find a smile of pure spirits in Arizona.

– Urusvati can find Me.

– My miracle will be better manifested in Arizona.

– I guard you, My pupils.

– My road is akin to yours.

– But you should not be discouraged.

– I deem Urusvati loves you.

– Urusvati’s love for Rerikh is very needed.

– Love erects temples.

– A love manifest in spirit shall We send to you.

– Udraya is unhappy, getting no letter from Harvard.

– Udraya, do not be ungrateful.

– Urusvati very often teaches Udraya to feel gratefulness.

– Rerikh, Teacher teaches the strength of the spirit.

– Urusvati, help your husband.

– Rerikh better Urusvati to the Teacher . . . (not completed).

– I will tell Rerikh—Urusvati loves Me.

– Urusvati, I deem your phenomena to be the manifestation of a shield.

– We summon you, Udraya, tread powerfully—My Shield will reveal cosmic knowledge to you.

– Enough.

2 July 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Painter, understand Urusvati better.

– I understand Urusvati—at night I impart happiness through pure sermon.

– Go to Knauff and accept the role of a Teacher on My behalf.

– Rerikh’s role is to be a Teacher on Earth.

– Love Me, Rerikh.

– Rerikh should not read the books; he receives wisdom from Us.

– He read, I just remind to Urusvati;

– Rerikh confirms to Urusvati what was learned from the books.

– Urusvati would better obtain power from the books.

– Rerikh can perceive Me in pure spirit.

– Rerikh should intake pure mercury—your fortune is in good health.

– Reveal the miracle of Urusvati.

– Rerikh should better understand the mercury.

– Rerikh, understand purely—read more consciously.

– I shall instruct Urusvati about the mercury in Shure’s book.

– Rerikh is able—I can help him now to be renewed.

– Rerikh can impart My manifested phenomena into the achievement of painting.

– I shall give strength.

– Enough.

Pranayama –Kundalini, two suns, two-pointed flame, a flame, sun and two-pointed flame.

2 July 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh, A. U. Zak, S. and M. Lichtmann

– Ice became visible to My disciples.

– “Learn to approach Our Heights pure of heart.

– Our Ray will shine upon you and exalt your daily life.

– You carry stones for the raising of My new Temple.

– Teach others My Word, and wisdom will flourish; and a new Temple will be raised.

– Do not regard Me as a magician, yet can I lead you upward upon the ladder of Beauty beheld only in dreams.

– Wafting to you the fragrance from the mountains of Tibet, We bring the message of a new religion of the pure spirit to humanity.

– It is coming; and you, united here in search of light, bear the precious stone.

– To you is revealed the miracle of creating harmony in life.

– It will reveal to the world a new Teaching.”[45]

– “Be alert—much time has been wasted.

– Remember the duty of the hunter.

– The divining of the meaning of My words in order to understand My Indications is a good exercise for the huntsman.”[46]

– The manual method is the first step; later the ear will open to hear Our Words.

– You will hear through spirit.

– Enough.

It was allowed to ask questions.

To A. U. Zak:

– Love Me.

– Urusvati will give you a letter.

– Urusvati will improve your fate.

– I shall help the pure.

To Sin. Gr. Lichtmann:

– Do not doubt the school, bard, but I Myself will provide the rudder!

To A. U. Zak:

– Study Raja Yoga—ask Our Hunter, if you feel any doubts.

To E. Rerikh:

– You understand My peaceful aspiration against the Romans.[47]

To M. M. Lichtmann:

– Moris, I do not see anything friendly in Saminsky’s aspiration—another is better.

– Saminsky thinks about himself, not about the cause.

– Poldovskaya is not good for the school.

– Do not have contact with her aura.

– I guard you from her.

– I shall summon useful people—Zilotti.

– I have united decoration with usefulness.

– You will help Zilotti.

– Moris, you will find a stranger.

– Enough.

3 July 1921, morning

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Urusvati, it is not the Teacher who speaks with the Muromtsevs.

– Rerikh, no need for Saminsky to organize lessons—it may harm the cause.

– Teach Lichtmann not to argue with Taylor.

– A growing, vital matter should not attract quarrels.

– Be able to discharge the quarrel.

– Morya wishes to establish your happiness here.

– I shall send a scarf to Urusvati—hundreds of prayers received a bell ringer in it—you can cover torments of your spirit with it.

– Modern man is unable to accept immediately the Teaching of Spiritual Comprehension.

– I shall indicate the ways of developing Cor Ardens.

– The hunter should not get weary by sitting several times a day.

How many times can we sit?—four times a week.

– Your work turns into conversation.

– Sitting too much, you are withdrawing from mobility.

– Then speak in the evening, not now!

3 July 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Urusvati, I taught you about your journey to India.

– It is better to sell the paintings of L.

– Rochester—Eastman is also useful.

– Urusvati can better stop commotion at your rudder.

– Deryuzhinsky says bad things about Urusvati’s portrait.

– Deryuzhinsky spreads lies about you.

– Hunter, strike the lie.

– Your mission is to strike the darkness.

– Hunter, summon the huntsmen vigorously to halt the lie.

– Rerikh can direct the huntsmen for the hunt.

– A new person will bring you success.

– Rerikh, call the huntsmen.

– Rerikh, call the huntsmen.

– Call the huntsmen, Rerikh.

– My presence will bring fortune to you.

– Walk towards the feat of love, teach humanity.

– It is beneficial for Zak to improve the course.

– The Lichtmanns are your friends.

Who are the huntsmen? Is it possible to name some of them?

– Zak, the Lichtmanns.

– Rerikh, be ready for battle.

– I deem there is nothing to worry about.

– My Spirit is around you.

– Read the letter from Lichtmann.

– Rivkin gives a wrong price.

– It is necessary to prepare the book of séances.

– I desire to have it printed in Russian language before your journey to India.

– My Smile carries a blessing to you.

– We call you to the mountains of New Mexico.

– Urusvati, I sense within forty days you will travel to Mexico.

– Urusvati, the feeling of that man is false—soon you will discover the lie.

– Deryuzhinsky expresses lies.

– Enough.

4 July 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Rerikh likes Knauff.

– He is useful for My Cause.

– Urusvati, I am opening your centers—keep your heart open, and you shall receive.

– I, Morya, decided to initiate the move for Art through Rerikh, here.

– “The miracle of Beauty in the adornment of our daily lives will exalt mankind.

– (Urusvati,) raise high your light.

– Illumine the beauties of My Temple.

– Teach the Joy of Beauty.

– Teach the Happiness of Wisdom.

– Teach the Bliss of Love.

– Teach the Glory of Unity with God.

– I will grant you the power and fleetness of Mercury.

– Go forward without doubt, without fear, without turning back.”[48]

– I consider it necessary to implement your karma of work—My word is with you even without the table.

– Be able to invoke the glory, and you shall see Me.

– Urusvati, help Rerikh arrange the journey to India.

To the pronounced desire of E.R. to become a theosophy student.

– Do not belittle My Guidance!

– Happiness is near, but do not resist Me by doubts.

– Morya guides you for a long time—N. Rerikh from 1891, E.R.—from 1910.

To E.R.’s question why has He not guided her earlier?

– Morya knows the ways of Benevolence.

– Rerikh, My desire to impart the Art to America I entrust upon you.

– People should know My decision.

– But Rerikh should teach here for one year.

– Enough.

6 July 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E., N., and Y. Rerikh

– Urusvati should not encourage Udraya in hurrying to see Me.

– The condition of the body must be considered.

– Later would phenomena pass without harming his body.

– For you as well.

Why haven’t I felt any influences in London?—Amidst the crowd emanations dissipate.

– Friends, I shall appear at the best time—trust.

– Do not torment yourself.

– Udraya, We teach you.

– Urusvati, sometimes I am a stranger to you; sometimes I am close to you.

– Urusvati does not love her husband.

– Urusvati, fending off your happiness, you may lose Me.

– Rerikh made Me one with his creativity, and now he ascends wisely.

– Urusvati, discriminate between your personal moods and cosmic ascension.

– You will live through difficult years for future happiness.

– My desire to help is with you, but the hell of life often hinders.

– The life was easier for My wife with the Uraeus on her head.

What does it mean?—Solomon’s wife.

Yurik’s question, what does the star on his hand mean—The thirty-third degree of My mason.

– Love Me, Urusvati.

– Beloved wife of Akbar.

– You may start preparing for India.

– I approve Rerikh’s plan to bring Urusvati to Agra and then to Himalayas.

– Rerikh can become a freemason.

– Lomonosov (the last of Yurik’s reincarnations).

– No need to know a lot from the past.

– You may invite Draper.

– Urusvati, do not grumble; better move ahead.

– Urusvati, I think there is no need to do pranayama daily.

– Do it on alternate days.

– “Walk light of heart, rejoice, follow the higher path.”[49]

– You had the images of the future, and the clairvoyant told the truth.

– Food is not a new obstacle for your body.

– Before your trip to Mexico keep your spirits up—you will get strengthened there.

– Enough.

7 July 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E., N., and Y. Rerikh

– I teach My Urusvati the wisdom of the Teachers, imparted through comparison between experiencing phenomena and the books.

– Examples of successful meetings are useful for My Cause.

– “My Smile attends you, My friends.”[50]

– Do not belittle Me in front of Knauff.

– Already there was mistake with B. and Wadia.

– You have been given much more than others.

To E.R.’s remark that she sees daily how little she knows, as yet—We also know relatively little, but still We bring use to humanity, praising the Creator.

Should I attend the lecture of Mrs. B.?—You do not need to go.

– Point the gun at Knauff.

In which incarnation have I seen Him in London?—In one, akin to you.

– The spirit feels turmoil, but be wise.

– The surest knowledge is the heart’s.

– Urusvati, your power grows by heart, the books only confirm.

– The Hunter needs My Voice, I am giving it in his work.

– Better not to gargle, it will pass by itself (to Yurik).

– Safeguard your family’s harmony—it is your advantage.

– She stepped on a dangerous path (Koshetz).

– Separate Suvorina from Koshetz, her soul is dark.

– Romans carried eagles with them; Hunter, Cor Ardens is your sign.

– Hunter, perceive the Teacher.

– My Urusvati, Morya is happy with you.

– You may ask Me concerning Svetik.

– Lumou—“Happiness thrice called.”

– Allal-Ming—“Light of the Eyes”—Cor Ardens.

– Enough.

8 July 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E., N., and Y. Rerikh

– He may become a disciple of Aurobindo Ghosh (pertains to Pearson).

– His soul can hearken to Hunter (to Pearson).

– The hunter will himself experience his blow.

– My help to Rerikh—Hunter increases his strength.

– Stop thinking about pranayama (to Yuri).

– You could ruin yourself.

– The mountain would lead there sooner.

– You will manage to leave your burrow.

– It is possible to display the knowledge even in a burrow (to Yuri).

– Enough.

9 July 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E., N., and Y. Rerikh

– I would rather impart the teaching of Rig-Veda to My Urusvati through the fire of Kundalini.

– Spirit will lead you to Nirvana—My Power will be manifested.

– Enough.

10 July 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E., N., and Y. Rerikh

– My Mind sends love to you, Urusvati.

– You may ask Morya for knowledge and help in your journey to India.

– Urusvati, be firm in your thought about India.

– Depart happily.

– Rerikh may sell the exhibition Lo(ngir . . . added by us.)

– Urusvati, My pupil, you will happily pass the stages of Initiation in glorious aspiration to the Lord.

– “My thrice-called pupil!

– Through your art, carry My Word, bring joy to the hearts of the world.”[51]

– Your spirit aspires to the heights (there).

– We decided to render help to you.

– I shall give My Command to Rerikh—the ray will shine over the Hunter.

– “Hunter, walk in victory.”[52]

– Udraya, silence that voice of doubts.

– I shall prepare a new path for him.

– Better do pranayama tonight.

To E.R.’s question what does it mean ‘better’—You understand.

– Keep your hands lifted near your mouth.

– Do it standing; carefully concentrate.

– Do the movements with your body like [. . .].

– Better wait for a ray, it will facilitate messages.

– Morya is with you, My friends.

– Hunter will receive My Ray in Santa Fe.

– Urusvati will behold My Ray in Santa Fe.

– Enough.

To Yurik’s question.

– Obey the Hunter.

11 July 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E., N., and Y. Rerikh

– The vessel cannot go to Santa Fe.

– The Teacher is clear about both your journeys.

– Zak may improve your course.

– Let him find out who is in charge of issuing the Nobel prize.

– You have the right to it.

– Inform My society in Stockholm about your peaceful international work.

– My Spirit envisions a peaceful victory by receiving this prize.

– These victories are needed for Russia.

– Hunter, you are familiar with leopard jumps.

– Two honorary chairmen of Cor Ardens received the prize.

– My Smile will attract new admirers.

– “Love and striving work miracles in life.”[53]

– I think you may decide to act with all your might.

– You should personally go there.

– Ludvig Nobel’s uncle has influence there.

– Let Zak come here tomorrow evening.

– Show him the notes.

– He was revealed a lot during this year, it is rather difficult for an unprepared spirit to grasp it immediately.

– You may show notes to Zak; he wishes to grow, but let him not only read, but think and create as well.

– Urusvati, love the buildup of your life.

– Aspire your desire for obtaining happiness in India.

– London gave you a lot.

– Urusvati should love Me.

– Urusvati should reassure her desire for victory.

– Urusvati should not think about Our country without completing the task here.

To negative remark of E.R.[54]

– Their karma is not to understand the Higher paths.

– Urusvati was long ago warned about the random books.

– This is the reason I entrust you with establishing a New Society.

– You can sit every day, but not too long.

To E.R.’s question—but why it was recently told not to sit more than four times a week.

– I observe vibration.

– Love Me, Urusvati.

– Ludvig Nobel’s uncle may arrange award you.

– I think Gulkevitch and Vikander may support the cause.

– “We are awakening your energy for new thoughts, which are needed for transmutation,

and for the work of thought in life.

– You must find the resources to create a new life.

– We send you thoughts—sharpen them without violating Karma.”[55]

– Enough.

12 July 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E., N., and Y. Rerikh

– Urusvati, I shall help in your journey to India.

– I think you will happily depart to Santa Fe.

– Urusvati, you should not do pranayama often in New York; you should not pray, but you may read Ramakrishna.

– Your spirit can beat the inner turmoil, but your vibrations do not permit to delve deeply.

– Rerikh thinks Morya cannot help.

– Urusvati, treat with confidence; We give a hand only to love trust.

– Rerikh knew immediately that India is allegory.

– I deem Urusvati perfectly understands the spiritual origin of My Teaching.

– Urusvati, study Shri Ramakrishna, love Me, and prepare yourself for the meeting with Me.

“Hunter, unwavering is your spirit.

– Be clear in your beliefs and you will conquer darkness.”[56]

– Enough.

E. and N. Rerikh, A. U. Zak

– I gave you the task—work it out (Nobel Prize).

– I shall help you.

– I believe you will get the power to help the motherland in the joy of Spiritual Comprehension.

– Zak’s aspiration is useful for the motherland.

– I consider it useful for the new mighty organization to unite the huntsmen in the institute for searching the Truth.

– Motherland will accept the gift of Morya’s heart.

– “Pupils, spread love and knowledge.”[57]

– Enough.

13 July 1921

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– I learnt Romeiko at Rerikh [. . .].

– Urusvati guessed right My thought.

– Morya has a happy access.

– Urusvati shall see My Image at night.

– Pass by, you may understand it later.

– The spirit of Urusvati smiles.

– “A smile carries power.”[58]

– Today you can do pranayama.

– I feel happiness will not miss you.

– Enough.

13 July 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Urusvati should learn patience.

– At night Morya will relieve Urusvati’s sufferings.

– Pray strongly; I shall help—Morya will create heartwarming miracles.

– Pray.

– Enough.

14 July 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E., N., and Y. Rerikh

– I, Morya, for a long time protect Rerikh’s happiness.

– Everything given by Me, I decided to call the Compendium.

– I request My Urusvati to collect in a book My instructions for Rerikh, starting from the year 1891.

– No need to name Morya—simply say, “The Blessed.”

– Do pranayama tonight.

– Rerikh will not be tortured for too long.

– Urusvati, in the process of spiritual ascent do not consider mood drops dangerous.

– I call a new book on Rerikh a Compendium.

– My facts are to be pointed out in the biography.

– Urusvati, do not include records of the recent time.

– The road of Urusvati is full of hills and ravines—turn to the path of heart; it is smooth.

– Your friend will appear in Santa Fe.

– Pray, Urusvati, love Teacher.

– Love can alter the fate.

– Enough.

15 July 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E., N., and Y. Rerikh

– Wisdom is not destroyed in Urusvati’s nature.

– Do pranayama in the evening.

– Draper will give a good answer tonight.

– I deem friends will give the proof of Morya.

– I cannot make you see Me here.

– Friends, Urusvati’s experience shows proof of the spiritual Master Morya.

To E.R.’s question, what was the meaning of the wand with a bright end, which she saw in His hands, and which He was directing towards her—A spiritual arrow.

– Our Magnet may beneficially raise the spirits. Thus, We help in the moments of decline.

– Other cherishes even the shred of the Guardian.

– Urusvati, you demand continuous impact, but you should yourself take it further and deeper.

– Smiling, proceed toward Tibet.

– Reign on the top of the mountain, but consider the poisonous vibrations of the Broadway.

– Be brave, but understand, that example of Swami Vivekananda is not for the Broadway.

– “Beware of venomous vibrations.

– Strive for the future and succumb not to the spell of the present.

– (Goodness builds life harmoniously on transitional paths.)

– Follow the simplest path as you ascend the mountain.

– Powerful, exalted visions require pure surroundings, and prana.

– Christ’s deeds were consummated amidst the beauties of nature.

– Never did He dwell for long in cities.”[59]

– Rerikh, your spirit is strong, but it is time for nature.

– Enough.

15 July 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– It is sufficient to sit once a day.

– Urusvati should spare the student.

– How do you prefer to sit—four times a week for a long time [. . .][60] or every day, but a short time?

– Benevolence should be known, endure, get over the situation.

– I love you, but you should bide happy vibrations—no need to insist. Trust and hope.

– Enough.

16 July 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E., N., and Y. Rerikh

– Mrs. Barry and Baron Sh[ooking] are soul mates to My Urusvati.

– Own sisters of the Egyptian.

– Own sister of empress Yaluru of a mighty, happy Judea.

– Baron— son of Yaluru (E.R.)

– Perceive My power, dear.

– Morya can preserve the place in your memory until your journey.

– (Yu.) own brother of Dixon.

– Udraya, enough to know.

– New work will come up through Baron Sh[ooking] for a dear disciple.

– Urusvati, dear to him; Morya calls a dear one, My dear wife, Urusvati.

– Enough.

N.R. was very tired.

17 July 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– “I reveal to you the profundity of Ramakrishna’s simple teachings.”[61]

– To you, Our priest, Ramakrishna bequeathed to carry My knowledge to Russia.

– Rerikh—Our luminary and visionary.

– Urusvati will offer her support on the way of joy manifested by Us.

– Pure in spirit are receptive to mudras.

– I, Morya, summoned Rerikh to serve the spirit of Creator’s might.

– Feelings will not deceive Urusvati—"We, all together, implement the Will of the Creator.”[62]

– Do pranayama; keep your hands at your mouth when exhaling.

Morya’s Flowers—thus name the book to be printed in Berlin.

– Do breathing—it will increase table lift.

– “Your strength grows through prana.”[63]

– Enough.

18 July 1921, evening


– It should not be that each time Urusvati thinks, she is doubting My mind.

– Let her remember—everything that happens has significance.

– Friends, let us not waste our time with doubts.

– “Manifold wonders have We to reveal to you—manifestations on the happy ascent to the Heights of Tibet.

– Think and strive, transforming airy castles into fortresses of achievement.”[64]

– Urusvati, be able to master that task, realizing the complexity of the path.

To E.R.’s request for clarification—No need—you will understand.

– Rerikh, calm down—follow the indicated way.

– Take rest now.

– “(Urusvati,) give rest to your spirit—fatigue it not too much with books; and love, surging like a sparkling torrent, will reveal to you the splendor of M flowers.”[65]

– Now we shall complete the middle book.

– I will give stanzas in Santa Fe.

To E.R.’s question about the meaning of S. Lichtmann’s vision.

– Spirits have many ways to express themselves.

– Enough.

19 July 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E., N., and Y. Rerikh

– It is happiness to read your thoughts, Urusvati.

– I brought Udraya. Lomonosov—Udraya can master the tasks of the Universe.

– India will give him a new success!

– Great Rerikh’s house will be blessed in India.

– The worthy spirit, Rerikh, hovering over your minds creates—watching you vigilantly as an eagle.

– Urusvati senses Rerikh’s initiation before his birth.

– My disciple is ordained to manifest My Power.

– Start a new path in Santa Fe.

– Friends, your Guardian is at home, watch Him. Morya instructs you—follow Him.

– Think higher; do not trust subconsciousness—Our thought is stronger.

– Choose a new way.

– Try to trust Me.

– Enough.

– Grasp the sentence—he expresses Me.

– Udraya understands.

21 July 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. M. M. Lichtmann, E. and N. Rerikh

– “I disclosed to you the knowledge wherein is concealed Tibet’s Wisdom.”[66]

– It is your mission to lead races to conciliation.

– A series of successes will follow you very diligently.

– Wondrous, initiated, happy disciple will give you conduit of Our thoughts for creating good deeds.

– Do not get too tired by a long search of the house.

– You can easily find it later, directly from the owner.

– Morya’s house, Urusvati (unfinished phrase).

22 July 1921, morning

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– “Friends, look forward, forget the past,”[67] I bless you to be useful for humanity by knowledge given in India.

– I shall offer you My Hand for leading you to the mountains of Tibet.

Was any of the Teachers Russian?—Sergius of Radonezh—Morya.

On E.R.’s expression of surprise, how could Sergius of Radonezh later be Akbar and have several wives—Urusvati’s uncle can explain.

– Udraya knows, Rudnev as well.

Who is Urusvati’s uncle?

– Akbar’s historian.

– Solomon, Sergius of Radonezh, Akbar—they all searched for unity of love.

– Many ranked saints were coming to create unity.

– Schagiy—Morya.

– Initially the body aspired—the spirit was kindled later.

– Enough.

23 July 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– I provided the house.

– Come to the Teacher, Urusvati.

– You can proceed with the beginning of the school.

– Rerikh knows My decisions.

– Until India live in the house—do not purchase it.

– Rerikh should place his hand on the table in the beginning of a séance.

– First Yurik, then Rerikh ([. . .] V. Sh.).

– Express love to Me for receiving secrets.

– “Think about creation for the future, and I shall come to give you Counsel.

– Exalt others in spirit, and look ahead.”[68]

– Rerikh’s thoughts coincide with Mine.

– Urusvati, do not resist the peaks of Himalayas.

– Help My school of My Name.

– “Endeavor to inspire others with the teachings of M.”[69]

– Enough.

24 July 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– I sent you the house on Seventy-Seventh Street.

– Now you can contact the owner.

– Rerikh can take rest now—motherland needs him.

– Display your love to Morya—I will surprise you.

– Urusvati, love Morya.

– Your tormentors remain here—you will rest.

– You can start on the thirteenth.

– You may begin packing your things.

– Kurunpo will help you through Barry.

– My friend, a marble house provides false comfort—simple decorations are sufficient for My school.

– Rerikh will better show you a morning path.

– Think about India, strengthen your thought.

– “My warriors, walk valiantly.”[70]

– You may consider India certain.

– I am giving you power to find the funds for the trip.

25 July 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– His spirit is in the quest for truth.

– “The growth of the spirit needs its impetus.”[71]

– You may call Draper and Mrs. Barry.

– Chalice of happiness approaches you.

– It is enough to join the Star (To Shibayev).

– I shall meet him in Adyar.

– His rudder is pure.

– Guardians consider Rerikh to be one of the preceptors coming with the purpose of enlightening mankind.

– Shibayev comprehends a new teaching with heart.

– He may be called your own.

– “All can attain.

– The spirit, once called, will not turn back.”[72]

– Udraya refuses to grasp My advice to go to India.

– But you should make every effort for the journey to India.

– I shall let you know about the means.

– Love Me.

– Urusvati should direct her mind toward India.

– My dear worker, not only manual work, your mission ahead is to hold and uplift the teaching of the Spirit.

To E.R.’s question, why did K.H. looked at her so seriously?—You do not think sufficiently about India.

– Yesterday Urusvati was with Us.

– Enough.

26 July 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. A. Zak, E. and N. Rerikh

– I teach you to grasp harmony of incarnations manifested by Me.

– Lay Morya’s Flowers on the Russian grave.

– Print the book here.

To E.R.’s question what does the “Russian grave” mean—Starving Russian people.

– Add (to the book) My words pronounced today.

– Zak, work hard, time matures for spiritual pennant in Russia.

– Enough.

To Zak’s request for instructing him in the details concerning his plan, followed:

– Friends of Russia exert all their strength.

– Now you write to Paris not to bar the way from America to Russia.

– Double your attention towards Quakers.

– No need for new people.

– Learn about pure strugglers tormented by hunger.

– I consider the hand providing bread to be the foundation of Russia.

27 July 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– I deem you may accept the Master’s decision to print the book in Berlin.

– Rerikh should not consider that small people are tormentors, when he is shielded by Morya.

– New happiness is above you—the Guardian will appear in Santa Fe.

– You can perceive the Russian essence safe despite the enemies.

– I deem you should overcome the weakness and take a new path.

29 July 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. Y. and N. Rerikh

– Come, I call you to Santa Fe.

– I call Urusvati.

– The heart will recover in fresh air.

– The Hunter and poems are sufficient.

– Another time collect all My words, they would form the second book.

Should we include the fairy tales?—Lakshmi.

– Udraya does not trust My Guidance.

– In Ulku, a pass is waiting for you.

– Talk with Avinov about Tibet; take the notes.

– By rendering help to Riazan’s Hebrew Doguster, you met A.

– Urusvati, you have a hard time—I forward strength to shorten Ryazan landlady’s karma.

– Do not hurry to decide—you know yourself.

– To renounce Morya.

– In a hot climate your impatience will last longer.

– I understand your irritation and am ready to help.

31 July 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Tell Koshetz not to insult the Guardians.

– Rerikh, insist there should not be any discord in the family.

– I must eliminate mockery; Koshetz’s immaturity is very harmful.

– Now it is time for you to ponder about the harmony in nature.

– One year has passed.

– Start searching for the means from autumn.

– You will achieve by aspiration.

– “(Urusvati,) you battle ably—victory is yours.

– Be not hasty—even iron needs time for forging.

– Iron must be tempered in cold water before it can flash in the flame.”[73]

– Enough.

1 August 1921

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh, N. Koshetz

– The manual way should be later replaced by the language of heart.

– Harmonious attunement will have a special significance.

– “Learn to sharpen yourself in quietude, by uplifting your spirit to the Almighty Eye of the Universe.

– Friends, Our answers are ready; but let the stream of Karma flow. Answers given too soon will, like a dam released, cause floods.”[74]

– You have your Guardian (on Koshetz’s request to come to her).

– “Strive for unity of spirit.

– By pure thoughts strengthen the harmony of your spirit, that the Blessed Ones may reach you. The Light will fill your aura—guard it.”[75]

Addressing N. P. Koshetz: Go to Chicago alone—reveal the feat of art.

– Do not disclose about the spirits, sit alone.

– Beware of Prokofiev; he is not ready.

– Children may also sit.

– Convince Suvorina to go to Serbia.

2 August 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– I shall prepare a wonderful time for you in Santa Fe.

– The wonder of Morya’s pure benevolence.

My Manifestation is closer and closer.

– Until that moment keep free from doubts.

– Urusvati, take aureol.

– Urusvati, the school will bring happiness to your near ones.

– The “Rudder” shall accept the book (Morya’s Flowers).

– A new friend will soon come to you.

– Morya gave.

– Morya thought it over.

– Morya brought Trismegistus on the mountain.

– Enough.

3 August 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E., N., and Y. Rerikh

– I rejoice at your words about Tolstoy.

– Spirituality should be added to the image of the great writer through his son.

– Ponder seriously about the means for journey to India.

– Not deceiving, offer the treasures.

– I shall bring success in San Francisco.

– Write to Lorvik as well; send him Andreyev’s article.

– Let “keep smiling” be your motto.

– Barry is useful for Morya’s house.

– Sutro will later respond to the scholarship (The drama department).

– You can trust Morya in the matter of the school.

– Respect the featured gift (school).

– Carry renewed spirit to Russia (to Yurik).

– Urusvati, keep smiling.

– Answers are ready for you in Santa Fe.

– Enough.

4 August 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh after séance with B. and Bar.

– Ruler’s spirit will support you, but dear, trust Our Benevolence.

– Sleep peacefully—everything will be fine.

– Enough.

5 August 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Spirits have no thirst, but attachment to earth creates an illusion (concerning Havem’s statement).

– Only you are not attached to earth. It will help you at the time of transit.

– “The Spirits of the Master will lead the happy ones to the throne of the knowledge of Truth.

– The mole digs his burrow. The eagle soars above the mountain.

– The mole is warm in his hole. The eagle is chilled before sunrise.

– Soar too, towards happiness, My dear ones.”[76]

– Enough.

– I will give the highest happiness (to Yuri).

– He is not sleeping (to Svetik).

– “In your labor your thoughts turn not to danger.”[77]

6 August 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. K. and I. Muromtsev, E. and N. Rerikh

– I gave the words about the moles for Muromtsev—let her use them in drama.

– I wish to help her.

– But reiterate spiritual meaning of the future Russia.

– I prepare a happy future for Russia.

– Is it true that the prophet will rule in Russia?—Yes.

– Ancient is his name.

– Read the book of kingdoms. I am building the temple on the mountain and expect you, the masons.

– “Let your heart unfold and your eye perceive.”[78]

– Zak is not right, obstructing the publican’s contribution. It is time to leave hatred behind—it harms him.

– I give one more commandment: endure a difficult time and you shall see the light.

– Enough.

6 August 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– I deem Urusvati loves Me as the unit of the family chain.

– I shall send you joy in Santa Fe.

– Wisdom of My disciple will blossom.

– Rerikh was chosen by the spirits to help Russia.

– A seeking, honest prophet will come to help Russia after visiting Aurobindo Ghosh in India.

– You shall see Me in Santa Fe.

– Joy will come through this manifestation.

– No need of Levit.

– Do not sit far into the night.

– Become a mason through Hille.

– Indicate the eighteenth grade of masonry for yourself.

– Enough.

7 August 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. N. and Y. Rerikh

– Fulfill the will of Morya; you will have a good time at the given place in Santa Fe.

– Decide to help Mme Deryuzhinsky through your counsel.

– Urusvati, fulfill the will of Morya, everything will be fine.

– No need to talk restlessly.

– Dear Urusvati, move to the fresh air, your spirit will take rest.

– Urusvati, the Teacher is close to you.

– Tibet will prepare the offerings to the empress of India.

– Enough.

8 August 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E., N., and Y. Rerikh

– I appeared to you near the Tower of Chun (N. Rerikh had a vision).

– Rerikh firmly thought about Me and trusted Us.

– Trust Rerikh, he knows more than you think—in heart his spirit is close to you.

– Accept My Guidance in your mind (to Yuri).

– Bring to the end selected topics, honoring spiritually Him, who imparts creativity to you.

– Before India you will go to Paris.

– Honor the Master in spirit, thus will you approach spiritually.

– Be strong spiritually.

– Dear Urusvati, come, trust, cast out your doubts.

– “Labor is the guarantee of success.

– Each of you must endure earthly thorns.

– Manifest strength of spirit and approach!

– Open your hearts through benevolence.”[79]

– Live, breathe deeply.

– Eat three times a day.

To E.R.’s question why their relatives do not appear anymore—Now you are in My consciousness.

– Enough.

8 August 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. L. V. Raap, E., N., and Y. Rerikh

– “The Teacher values every pure quest for Higher Knowledge.

– The spirit of reason bestows knowledge upon the seekers of Truth.

– It is enough to follow the path of spirit-realization—the rest will come.”[80]

– I have given you countless proofs of Our nearness.

– Morya is older than Solomon.

– Love Our guidance (addressing Raap).

– Daughter of Andrey Shukolov, eighteenth century, Sofia, was martyred during Pugachevism.

– Yamuk-Khan, thirteenth century, Tartar.

– Sofia Shukolova—landlady of Kazan. Incarnations of Raap.

– Urusvati, do pranayama tonight.

– After coming back, you will call Raap again.

– Let him read The Inner Life now.

– Enough.

9 August 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E., N., and Y. Rerikh

– Shooking will briefly render help in the matter of the school.

– New people will take care of the school.

– Better warn Lichtmann about the harm of Koshetz for séances.

– I deem the notes were not given to Koshetz by Us.

– Aim forward.

– One more life wave billowed, now strive towards the new water.

– He (Raap) is taken for probation.

– “I test different souls.”[81]

– Work and depart—Lord be with you!

– Enough.

10 August 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– I deem it is high time to get fresh air.

– Your spirit will brighten in Santa Fe.

– Until you reach Us, be strong, dear.

Who was Allal-Ming?—Spiritual leader of Pamir.

Who was E. Rerikh in relation to Allal-Ming?—Yamyna Sovereign, close to Me in spirit. She suffered together with Me. She was buried alive.

– Enough.

11 August 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. A. U. Zak, S. G., M. M., and E. M. Lichtmann, E., N., and Y. Rerikh

– So, seven gathered for My Cause.

– “My Spirit is your shield.”[82]

– “Direct your forces towards the enlightenment of mankind.

– Love Me—Bliss will come as comes the dawn.

– I shall strike the doers of harm.

– Carefully raise up the treasure of the Temple upon M’s Mountain.

– The Teacher sends you His Blessings.”[83]

– Zak, keep the ambassador from Bekhterev. He is not going to ease the hunger. Inform the ambassador.

– He should not give money to Hoover.

– Must defend previously given amounts.

– “Learn to understand Me. Be unwavering in your faith.

– I shall help those who seek.”[84]

– Enough.

E. Lichtmann’s Guardian—Tohot, Egyptian in the third century BC, spiritual Teacher.

– Udyashchin—reincarnation of Enta Lichtmann.

– Oyana—Finnish in eighteenth century Finland.

– Woman, the teacher of Tavastas.

– She taught to read and pray.

– Zak, cooperate with Americans.

– Enough.

12 August 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– “The woodpecker wisely hollows the tree. Follow its example.”[85]

– Ruprecht was purer.

– We shall surprise Urusvati by a new proof.

– Enough.

13 August 1921, morning

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Happy journey.

– “My Shield will guard you—My dear children.”[86]

17 August 1921, evening, Santa Fe

Allal-Ming. E., N., and Y. Rerikh

– Do not worry about the baron.

– Be happy.

– Money cannot be counted as evidence.

– “My Shield assures your joy.”[87]

– Morya loves Udraya, when he, the “Hand grumbler” does not oppose My Will.

– Rerikh—contented with the decision to travel on September 10, and manifest Morya in San Francisco.

– Urusvati knows Morya.

– “Be an Aeolian harp to M’s Breath.”[88]

– Those who saw Me did not think, when will I appear.

– Love Rerikh—My messenger.

– Another one is elusive—I am vigilantly watching you.

– Destiny wants you to adorn your path with a new friend from Paris (to Yuri).

– Sylvain Leme.

– Urusvati, you will be happy.

– “Through love will you come to Me.

– I will bestow upon your spirit the strength of the cedar.”[89]

– Lumou.

– Be happy, grow in a pure place.

– Enough.

18 August 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E., N., and Y. Rerikh

– Hand grumbler loves horses—I wish him all success—a dreadful spirit of nomadic rider Tamerlane is in his hands.

– You can trust him with a horse.

– Russian spirits can be highly elevated by My future loving appearance in Cliff-Dwellers.

– On the way to Cliff-Dwellers you need to find a place where pine grows purely.

– I do not like guns; do not take it with you.

– Rerikh is happy to see Me first.

– Others will not believe that he, the painter, saw the Master. I deem you shall see Me on the way to Mexico.

– I shall appear to him on Monday.

– You should start at 6:00 a.m.; an old man will accompany you.

– After eleven days (Urusvati) (exemption from kitchen work).

– No need to travel in a fog, you shall see Me—I will vividly feature Myself.

– Your spirit grows, but forget about the house these days.

– Eat corn flakes and fruit. Let Lumou eat once a day in a restaurant.

– But save the trouble for these days.

– I think a new painting should be named The Gorge of Morya.

– Rerikh decided to complete a great suite.

– Rerikh will reveal the homeland of the queen of Mexico.

– The Palace stood on the site of the Church of Miguel.

– Cliff-Dwellers is a sacred place.

– You may give Lumou a drawing board in My Name.

– You may like to paint Me in Cliff Dwellings.

– I deem there is no need of any other attributes.

– Love Me.

– Urusvati should not be in the kitchen these days.

– Lumou is silly. (Svetik was rude.)

– Think before questioning (to Yuri).

– Enough.

19 August 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– You may impose a clean taboo on the baron—in due time he will arrange a new business for you.

– Urusvati thinks correctly.

– He will arrange a sale of the exhibition in the museum of spiritual educational societies.

– Pure build up in one year will improve your position in America.

– Focus your mind to the purest place in the pine forest.

– “Know how to love as you ascend.”[90]

– Urusvati, know, We lead you towards the summits of Tibet—you cannot travel without the means—We accumulate your opportunities.

– Do not obstruct with insults.

– In this life without a fairy tale you must visit Us in Tibet, and then teach in Russia—I vouch for those happy phenomena in America.

To E.R.’s question why Thomas à Kempis came to her—He is Our brother.

– Now you are under My continuous supervision.

– “Only later will you realize how gently and lovingly I strive to shorten your journey in the field of action given to you.”[91]

– Udraya is appeased now because of the horse and journey to Paris.

– Lumou will complete his education in three years.

– Your path is fast.

– Blavatsky had to go longer and much harder.

– Do not be bitter; remember the years of Besant and her life journey!

– Facts in the future will remind you of My righteousness.

– My beloved, everything goes fast and well with you.

20 August 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– “I will endow you with the gift of bringing joy to others.”[92]

– “I will grant you the power to lead souls to God.”[93]

– I will bestow the strength upon you of countering darkness with a smile.

– “Teach the manifestation of Master M.

– Teach—I will help you.”[94]

Who can loan money for preliminary costs for the school?—I think Kristal may help if he receives the guarantees of Lichtmann and Rerikh’s return.

– Barry may help the cause of the school.

– Pure soul cannot help with the money.

– Do not touch for mining money.

– Rerikh knows about the decision of the pure Brotherhood to develop the art in America.

– By laying his hands, Rerikh can convey the power of the Comforter Spirit.

– Manifesting his strength, he cannot sit with you.

– Dear Urusvati, Koshetz’s example is not for you.

– Beloved Urusvati, salvation of her wild soul will not do you any good.

To E.R.’s remark that her soul is also wild—Do not slander yourself.

– Harmony among you brings results most cherished by Us.

– “+” without “-” would destroy the current.

– Leave Koshetz, you have helped her, submit the rest to Us.

– We have sent Lyutov to sit with her—he is not a high spirit, just corresponding to her immaturity.

– For missions of importance We bring together harmonious persons—their current is the most powerful.

To E.R.’s ironical remark, with which wife of his had Akbar the greatest harmony—you were the only wife of Akbar.

– You were not Solomon’s wife.

– Proud Egyptian did not condescend to a Hebrew.

– You were always the only one.

– Your mission is great—to carry the light.

– Enough.

20 August 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

Is the Incorporation plan well-developed by Baron?

– He forgot to calculate properly distribution of shares to the teachers.

To N.R.’s request to reveal one more reincarnation of Svetik—Ivan Rokotov, landlord of Ryazan, the painter.

– Son of Urusvati (Ryazan landlady).

– Urusvati—Natalya Rokotova—died in 1830.

– Urusvati—Elena Golenischeva-Kutuzova, sixteenth century, tsarina of Kazan, wife of Simeon.

– Yuri—Khan Girey, the son of Empress Elena.

To E.R.’s question where is her husband Rokotov now and who is he—Urusvati should not ask.

– Enough.

21 August 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Complex matters can be postponed.

– I shall appear in Santa Fe.

– It takes too long to wait for new Karma, every difficult day is worth a year of desire.

– Do not make food an obstacle.

– I shall send you a simple person for making food—tell you are spiritual pilgrims.

– Write it down.

– Do not postpone tomorrow’s trip.

– Love and you shall behold.

– Find the will to stay without resentment for one month.

– This time is too important for you, do not waste it with the ghosts of offenses.

– Urusvati, you are set high, called the only one; leave resentment.

– Do not prevent the elevation of all of you.

– I can do a lot in a month.

– I beg not to disturb, at least do not think badly of Me.

– Song of the Songs—ode of the court singer—Shabal—the son of Suffrem.

– Enough.

To E.R.’s remark, that she will try not to be upset if she does not see Him first—I will not upset you, I will appear first to you, and remember My Command—leave grievances—the Teacher is chosen by God, do not decry the Will of the Creator.

24 August 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– The Teacher should take care of so many matters, feeling Urusvati’s love.[95]

– The phenomena is near when the tears of delight raise the spirit.

– My Hand was above you when you felt pity for Rerikh, also when you regretted leaving the steps of the temple.

What structure stood at the place of the sketch?—God imparted His Will to the king here.

– The will of a genuine king is imprinted here.

– The court rules.

– Will the spirits of the Lichtmanns be able to handle it?

– I gave you My Name, do not belittle It.

To E.R.’s remark that without the money they cannot insist on issuing money to Baron, and must be consistent with the intentions of the Lichtmanns.

– Then establish My school in Chicago.

– It is not good to give My Sign to someone else’s business.

Does the Teacher insist, as before, on organizing the Society and sale of shares, i.e. on the plan of Baron Shooking?—Personal stands below the societal.

– Better Unity of Command or Society.

– Enough.

25 August 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– I sent a simple person to let Urusvati rest and contemplate.

– My Hand supports the spirit of Urusvati.

– My Hand is above you.

– Enough.

26 August 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Rerikh rightly envisioned the painting with an idol.

– Urusvati, I implore you to concentrate better on Me.

– Ponder deeply about Our house in Tibet.

– Now you know the color of Our structures.

– Think of Us as relatives from afar.

– Fate and thought will lead to Us.

– Do pranayama on Monday one time in the evening.

– Eight pranayams—Two, one, one, two, one and one.


– I think the essence is better than a flame.

– See how quickly you will get fortified in the fresh air.

– Urusvati, Uvuchaya thinks there is no need for Svetik to show his ego.

– Pure aspiration of Svetik is My Shield.

– Recently We decided to gather you at My place.

– Lichtmann worries too much—the manual way is difficult—pure confidence is not sufficient.

– Read The Inner Life and Karma Yoga.

– Enough.

27 August 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– My Smile, your heart will rejoice.

– I sense joy; I want to tell you.

– The Teacher will grant power; the day after tomorrow you shall receive important news.

– Shibayev’s good letter moved the matters.

– The spirit of Besant will fill you with meaning for your happy journey to Adyar.

– “Learn to love Me—and manifest it.”[96]

– Do not worry about My manifestation—I shall appear when no harm will be caused.

– It is very useful for Urusvati to take spermine.

– Pure spirit is your shield—do not despair.

– Let the servant begin tomorrow—always know the address.

– “My work allows no indecisiveness.

– What is sent by Me, take without hesitation.”[97]

– Quickly write a letter to Lichtmann.

– No need to postpone it until Monday.

– Enough.

28 August 1921, morning

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Trust Shooking—I will help.

– Telegraph Shooking to take eighty-two dollars from Osso.

To our question wherefrom he will take the remaining amount—Barry’s friends will give.

– Enough.

After we composed the telegram and read it to the Master, He made some changes.

Our telegram:

“All we can afford now take eighty-two dollars from Oscar Osso. This is to certify it. Realization of promises in Washington will strengthen Lichtmann.” *

Changed telegram:

“All we can afford now, take eighty-two dollars from Osc. Osso this is to certify it. Wire us realization of promises exceedingly important.” *

– Sensing distrust, hold off on Lichtmann.

– Urusvati, write to the baron.

28 August 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– I read your letter—I am approving it.

– Rerikh did not spare the money for Shooking, he gave it—I appreciate it.

– Better direct your thoughts towards the exhibition—success is required.

– Nobel’s uncle will write concerning the prize.

– Enough.

29 August 1921, morning

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– The Lichtmanns do not understand My idea—they think Morya spares those who turned to Him for Guidance.

– I think you should start the initiative without corporation—you will approve it on arrival.

– Do not worry about the house; you will find it—I shall help.

– Urusvati, write to the Baron.

– Write the letters.

– Enough.

29 August 1921, evening

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

After reading the letter for the Baron followed by the remark of Master Morya: In the beginning do not make much noise with My Name.

– Enough.

30 August 1921

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Let Urusvati smear her body with Baume Bengué.

– A friend will help Urusvati—I shall send a new remedy—manifest a vivid, pure aspiration to the summit of Tibet; and imagine Me, transmitting the passes—you will get relief.

– The Hand grumbler is not aware of a new theory about the Tokhars.

– The souls of the departed Tokhars speak very amicably about Gothic origins.

– A new solution of the matter will help Urusvati to send the grumbler to Paris.

– The power of Urusvati conditionally spares the spirit of Tamerlane.

– You may know better than Pelio about the happy inhabitants of Tuanhuang.

– Enough.

– Pelio will arrive on September 25.

31 August 1921

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Love Me and you shall achieve happiness.

– Rerikh, depart in a due time on Monday.

– Displeasure can be removed—referring to the telegram.

– My Hand shall grant success in San Francisco—Urusvati is spiritually required, sending fluids to the exhibition.

– I shall instruct Urusvati before departure.

– Display courage; demand My help—sense My Presence—My Shield is above you.

– Morya shall bestow the portrait in Chicago.

– Morya considers Urusvati’s learning successful.

– New aspiration has been created.

– Urusvati’s friends have good souls (Lichtmann, Baron, and Barry).

– You may warn Shubert not to sit with Suvorina.

– Her aura is grey.

– Do not evoke any spirits; destiny will attract necessary people.

– “(Urusvati,) do not turn away from your friends—in My Name can you enlighten them.

– Have courage—be true disciples of the Master, (show a broad understanding of the value of Russia.)

– Teach them to love the world of spirit.

– Sow the wisdom sent unto you.”[98]

– Enough.

1 September 1921

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– “The mist will soon be dispelled, and the sun’s radiance will shine upon your path.”[99]

– Remove this nice plant from your food (chili).

– You may not travel to the sketches, but to Cassidy.

– Rerikh, you will work enough after San Francisco.

– “Expound My Teaching.”[100]

– To the best friend, Urusvati vouches to love you spiritually with a happy heart with Morya’s guidance.

– In Los Angeles you will see Rumanov; tell his wife about the idea of My school in Los Angeles.

– For better comprehension, tell her you are My disciple.

– Rumanova is tormented—quest for Me causes her restlessness.

– Rumanova was akin to Urusvati in the fifteenth century (Rumanova’s surname—Baranovskaya).

– Akin through Great-Black (wonderful prophetess), a relative of the Tsar Simeon of Kazan.

– The name of Rumanova in the fifteenth century—Yazyama.

– Destiny changes a given name.

– Let Rumanova not leave her husband.

– Let Shooking write a proposal to Mexico about entrusting the staging of the opera to Rerikh—to give him 10 percent.

– Urusvati knows the meaning of passes, and a look at a sleeping person.[101]

– I shall restrain the desire for the exhibition.

– Direct your attention toward the success of the exhibition.

– It is useful for intensifying aspiration of the family.

– I grant power to New York upon Lichtmann and Barry.

– Urusvati, work peacefully.

– “I shall send listeners.

– Those who receive must also give.”[102]

– Just take it.

– “Know that by the shortest path I lead you toward knowledge, labor, and happiness.”[103]

– Enough.

2 September 1921

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– You grow spiritually without noticing it.

– I send you a new Teaching.

– Through me, Urusvati learned about Ramakrishna, then Vivekananda—later I arrived from India, and pointed towards Aurobindo Ghosh.

– Rerikh carries My Shield.

– I shall disperse the cloud and ease the way to Tibet.

– Know how to bring them closer to Me (the sons).

– Show your love to Me, it is an example for them.

– Do pranayama twice a day starting from Tuesday.

– In a week, hold for ten.

– Focus your attention towards the exhibition.

– The Guardian will be able to bring benefits from these paintings as well.

– You may leave them (the paintings at the exhibition in Santa Fe).

– I will not force prosperity.

– The blue landscape must be left.

– Do not disturb the spirit; the paintings are useful here too.

– You will take them to Chicago for sale.

– Rumanov can become an agent in Los Angeles.

– The spirit of Rumanov is more agile (Kal).[104]

– Urusvati can be at peace—everything is done for Good.

– A number of happy events are waiting for you.

– Enough.

3 September 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– Read today’s newspapers—Russia declared war on Romania.

– Remove Shubert from Bashkirov’s influences.

– Pay attention to Searle.

What did the Indian who saw Searle near my husband want to say?—He has the message (from the Master as well).

How should we know this message?—A happy diviner is manifested here.

Should Searle find him?—Yes.

To my husband’s question of whether he should write articles for “Herald of Star.”

– You should promote the Art. Your spirit teaches youngsters here.

– Do not scold Tinglay; she will get the instruction without you.

– The good must come from you.

To E.R.’s remark, that it was unpleasant for her to hear rumors about Tinglay—Urusvati is right.

– A new person will approach you; a new dawn will kindle you.

– “I pass among them and they see Me not.”[105]

– But you have a way ahead.

– “The Spirit of Christ breathes across the desert of life.

Like a spring It wears Its way through the solid rocks.

In the milky firmament It radiates in lights beyond counting, and rises upward in the

stem of every flower.”[106]

– The Hand grumbler is not going to Harvard, but it is better for him to write to Lanman.

– His zeal will manifest later (Svetik).

– To strangers Lumou displays a stranger's face.

– My Hand is upon him (upon Svetik).

– Your devotion is noticed and appreciated.

To E.R.’s remark, that their efforts still do not give positive results in the matter of school—All will be.

– Now you shall soon find out the way (Lichtmann).

– Enough.

4 September 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

– My dear ones, I shall provide you with everything needed.

– Urusvati, read The Secret Doctrine.

– The Teacher considers the Hand grumbler being embraced by the darkness of class prejudices.

– You understand it, Urusvati.

– It is necessary to protect him from the conventionality.

– The Russians should go as the head of mankind.

– Urusvati, perceive your work as revealing the spiritual world to the people.

– After India, in a due time, I will arrange the needed working conditions.

– I will indicate new opportunities in Adyar for you.

– Rerikh treats Urusvati like a bird.

– Rerikh loves Me and Urusvati.

– You shall return renewed from India.

– Now focus your thoughts on the exhibition and the means for the journey.

– During preparations for departure, you will have time to open the school.

– Your work, now, is to concentrate on the exhibition—I shall bestow power, but be able to accept it.

– Do not show regret, but send the victory.

– “We lay stones for the steps of the resplendent Temple.

– In the name of Christ do we carry them.

– Place Thy Throne, O Lord, in our garden!

– But the stones are too large for our garden, and the steps too steep for flowers.

– On a cloud He will approach.

– On the grass will He sit beside us.

– We rejoice, O Lord, to offer to Thee our garden.

– Depart not, O Manifested Lord.

– Leave not our garden.

– With stars is Thy Path adorned.

– By them do we find Thy Way.

– We shall follow Thee, O Lord.

– Should the sun’s morning rays banish Thy starry signs,

– Then will we invoke the aid of storm and whirlwind to obscure its rays.

– Of what use the sun, if it banish Thy starry tokens?”[107]

– Enough.


– My friends, heed the secret words of your heart.


– Om—Tat—Sat—Om.

– Peace to all prophets!

– Remember that the pure in heart will see God.

– Pupils, remember that behind the cloudy sky sparkles the eternal sun.

– Rejoice, the motherland will reveal the mighty aspiration of the spirit.

– Life gives man strength in the struggle, and My disciples have to overcome obstacles.

– The red-hot iron burns out the ulcer of doubt.

– The way of creativity leads to comprehension and unity. Meditating on the Lotus of the heart, free in spirit, you will behold the unity of being in the ocean of wandering human souls.

– Erect a temple of the Spirit in Russia.

– O Giver of Goodness, bless my heart with Your crown!

– O Giver of Grace, grant me a vision of the heavenly wonders! (Ancient prayer).

– Follow the path of Celestial Dove.


– Breathe in the incense of mysteries, the secrets of Elevzis.


– Delve into the quest for Divine.                                    K.H.

– Think more often about Us.[108]

– Pure prayer is as light tidings in the Benevolent Abode. The ocean of suffering is crossed by bright souls.


– Comprehend manifestation of the Divine, and may you be blessed in your search.

– Reasoning can clear the casket, but it can be opened only by faith, aspiration, and consciousness of the Great, the One, and the Eternal.


– Greatness and originality should not be mingled.


– What is poetry?—Trembling of the Divine strings of the World chants.

O Yam

– Sufferer of the past, the Great Soul prayed for the awakening of the world.

– One who comprehends the misfortune in life opens his heart.

– Beauty in the universe (experience of the theory of the unmanifested).

– Keep yourselves from doubts; once breaking through the wall of the unknown, it is fearful to surrender to the power of the dragon of doubt.

Meister Eckhart

– Repeat “Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah Glory to Thee, O our God!” three times.

Question about measuring the other world—Why measure the immeasurable?

About the language:

– The silent voice of your heart.

– March of the sons of Russia.

– Arhats descend from the mountains.

– Three Brothers are here.

– Accept the blessing of the Unseen.

– Pure hope is the key to the spheres of the Great Scepter.

– And then We shall give you the signs.

– And then We shall give the light in your eyes.

– Arum sends a spark of benevolent sympathy.

Egyptian Arum.

– My children, rejoice in the Divine sparkles!

– The call of your prayer will show you the way.

– The veil of Mystery opens to the disciples.

– Think of God.                                                                Allal-Ming

– Man seeks the fountain of living water.


– The gold of dawn and the silver of the night are from one source.

In the evening of September 4, E. and N. Rerikh sat at the table to forward their love and gratitude to the Teacher.


– The Teacher reads your thoughts and wants to send His Blessing to Urusvati!

5 September 1921, daytime

Allal-Ming. E. and N. Rerikh

The day of N. Rerikh’s departure. In the morning we found missing the chain and the image of Our Lady from Lourdes.

– Find comfort in loving Me.

– Pure in heart, do not pay too much attention to things.

– I vouch for the success of the exhibition.

– Urusvati, give money to the Hand grumbler for the horse (fifteen dollars).

– To Lumou—give ten dollars.

– Urusvati, give money to Rerikh.

– The Teacher will save.

– Time for you to go.

– Enough.


Cliff Dwellers – National Monument containing remains of a Mimbres culture community. The Native American Peoples made use of natural caves to build interlinked dwellings within five cliff alcoves above Cliff Dweller Canyon. The Mogollon Peoples are believed to have inhabited the region from between 1275 and into the early fourteenth century, during the Pueblo III Era.

Santa Fe – Capital of the New Mexico state in the USA. The city is situated at the height of 7,199 feet (2,194 m), surrounded by famous canyons and steppes that were original habitat places of the Native American People of North America. The Rerikhs visited the South West America in the summer of 1921 along the route: Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Taos.

[1] Readers’ Note: In the original text, the initials of Helena Roerich, Nicholas Roerich, and their sons, George and Svetoslav, usually appear in their Russian form, therefore in the translation we chose to transliterate them: N.R. (Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh for Nicholas Roerich; E.R. (Elena Ivanovna Rerikh) for Helena Roerich; Y.R. (Yuri Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Yurik) for George Roerich; Sv.R. (Sviatoslav Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Svetoslav, Svetik) for Svetoslav Roerich.—Ed.

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