New York

November 13, 1921January 13, 1922[1]

13 November 1921, daytime, New York


Visions from November 12–13.

1) From the cylindrical object of a lilac color, the Hand of the Teacher manifested two electric blue beams of amazing beauty and strength. The effect of these beams was felt by touch all over the body.

– “The Hand of the Teacher reveals the power of the rays (to Urusvati[3]).

– Comprehend their salutary light.

– M fills your being with the power of calmness.”[4]

2) The Hand of the Teacher applied a metal plate covered by some signs to E.R.’s[5] chest, and there was a strong sensation of touch.

– The spirit sometimes requires a touch of magical items.

– “And when the stillness of harmony embraces you the force of your arrows will increase.”[6]

3) The Hand of the Teacher pointed at the face of the clock; in place of the number eight a star was shining. The Hand of the Teacher moved the clock hands and stayed for a while on two, then moved to eight where the star was shining, and from the star two beams lit up—blue and pink-lilac, which gave together a royal purple radiance.

– The hours of happiness.

4) The Hand of the Teacher displayed a crown with a sparkling stone.

– I displayed the crown of Charnoya of your clan.

– I recalled the link with courage.

– I shall continue with the Lichtmanns.

13 November 1921, daytime, later

M. S. Gr. and M. Lichtmann

– “Austerely do you begin the Great Task, (but)

The light of My Banner will bless you and will lead you on the path to manifest My Truth.

– Know how to begin, and the Teacher will know to send you His Shield.”[7]

– Charles Crane was pointed out to you in Chicago, and a Russian friend is ready to help.

– Moody—she is sent to you.

– “I foresee happy results from the fulfillment of My command.

– And with the Seal of Solomon I attest—I gave, I give, and I will always give.”[8]

– And the Empire will remain from the beginning to the end of time.

– Not in pettiness, but in glory manifest your zeal.

– Place the Images of Solomon, Allal-Ming, Sergius of Radonezh, Akbar—and let the unity of nations descend on the way of the Great Country, chosen by Me.

– “I tell you—be vigilant.”[9]

– Enough.

14 November 1921, morning


– Four of them will come—I am with them.

– From the noon, the Light of dawn—the Morning Star.

– From the East, the powerful, manifested winner of Shamo and Gobi.

– From the sunset, thrice called happiness—the Temple Builder.

– From the midnight mountain, all northern powers’ Sovereign Ming, illuminated by a star.

– My Shield empowered hidden treasures.

– Seal the mystery with your stamp and give it to the Lichtmanns; let them bring it to you in the year of 1931, on September 27, of an old style.

– My decree will be their talisman.

– Your spirit will learn to communicate with the spirit of the people.

– Enough.

Receiving permission, E.R. asked questions:

Why does M.K.H. talk to her and not M.M.?—K.H. talks for Me.

M.M. did not withdraw from her?—Here I am with you.

What does she need to do in the near future?—Proclaim My school.

Does she need to have conversations with students?—I shall instruct.

14 November 1921, evening


– Rerikh should not be afraid of Nauberger.

– I vouch for tomorrow’s success.

– My children, could I leave you, after revealing a mystery today.

– My children, you may walk amidst the happiness bestowed upon you.

– I will give you to wear My attire.

– “Combine strength and understanding.

(Addressing E.R.:) My Ring will seal the happiness of those who spread My Teaching.”[10]

Addressing E.R.: Morya will plunge your spirit into the ocean of visions. You will learn tonight.

You may pray to Christ and Me for helping you.

E.R. remarked that she is afraid to ask for help, considering it a weakness—You may.

– Urusvati, for the sake of My instructions it is necessary not only to pray, but to demand.

– Enough.

15 November 1921, daytime


– My Yavunchu helped you at Naumb.

– Yavunchu is My chela.

To E.R’s question whether she can help mankind while preserving the physical body?—You can, after the execution of the order.

– A ray of Light will transform the sheath.

– “When amidst the highest vibrations, the body is transformed.”[11]

– Urusvati, read Ramakrishna, 32. stanza 1: “An Avatara is a human messenger of God. He is like a viceroy of the mighty Monarch. As when there is any disturbance in some far-off province, the king sends the viceroy to quell it, so whenever there is any waning of religion in any part of the world, God sends his Avatara there to guard virtue and to foster its growth.”[12]

– Urusvati, read Kingsford, 44. Line 6: “It must also be such as to enable him by the observance of it to turn his existence to the highest possible account imaginable by him, be his imagination as developed as it may: and all this as independently of any being other than himself, as if he were the sole personal entity in the universe, and were himself the universe.”[13]

– Morya is not mistaken, but the interpretation is not immediately clear.

E.R’s question: to which Hierarchy belongs M.M.?—Leave such questions.

To E.R.’s remark that she would like to have the same visions as A. Kingsford—you trade the short way; no need to touch the astral world.

To E.R.’s remark that she is not interested in the astral world—your path is correct.

Who were those two tall men coming to her in childhood during illness, and pulling her to them by a silver thread emerging from her flank? She was afraid of them—Us.

– We were attracting.

– “The body obeys the spirit as the slave obeys his master.”[14]

– Your vibrations were increasing during illness.

– We do the most useful for the march of four.

– Four must unite into one consciousness.

– Rerikh, happiness approaches, unlock the door for it.

– Think about the Russian campaign.

– Good—it will happen.

– My little star, do not slander yourself.

– Enough.

16 November 1921


– “The Teacher suffered for His words of Truth.

– Man resists the path to Light.

– Darkness is more pleasing to the eyes of moles.

– Love and knowledge will conquer all.

– Your spirit will ascend and you will pass by the uncomprehending ones swiftly, as you

would mileposts on the way.”[15]

– You may continue with Muromtsev.

– Enough.

17 November 1921, daytime


– Ilya, your name is Jewish.

– Solomon speaks to thee in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, the Lord of the Universe: show respect to the human race, and do not tarnish yourself with hatred for the tribe of your name.

– I stand and attest: Russia will manifest the unity of the people, being shielded by Me. I Myself will do the Judgment.

– Preserve silence.

– Learn to accept My testimony.

– “Smile at the difficulties upon your path.”[16]

– Rerikh, hasten your meeting with Crane.

– Ilya, do not be sad; express eagerness.

– Urusvati, put your name in the cause of seven.

– “I vouch, you will conquer!”[17]

– Koshetz is dangerous.

– Enough.

18 November 1921, daytime


Visions from November 17–18.

1)   I clearly heard the word “spare.”

2)   A candle and a hand removing the snuff.

3)   The appearance of a portrait, a first one, then two in one medallion of a square shape on a chain.

4)   The hand holding the book “Pythagoras.”

5)   The cross glowing against a blue cloud slowly tipped over; its lower part lengthened, and it got the shape of the sword. At the end of the sword hovered the scales with perfectly hanging cups. This phenomenon was repeated twice.

6)   From the middle of the glowing cross, a piece on two blue threads separated, and vibrating on these threads, quickly moved in my direction and disappeared, touching my chest.

7)   The appearance of a golden hoop with a sparkling stone.

– Rerikh, do not show Kan the face of the petitioner.

– Point to Bicham, he is guilty before you.

– Kan will defer payment if he is shown the person who owes you.

– I think your position will not be diminished, but will increase.

– The scales of justice at the end of the sacred weapon are not testimony of the phenomena of a vision, but the symbol pointing to the future.

– The heart is manifested to you for softening the spirit.

– The heart is a symbol of forgiveness of the dark ones, who obstruct you, sensing your aspiration for the light.

– “My Children, you are unaware of the battle that rages around you.

– Both secretly and openly do the dark forces fight.

– Your spirit, like a dam, is lashed by the waters.

(My daughter,) Your heart unfolds and will be flooded with knowledge.

– Fear not, O heart, you will conquer!”[18]

– Urusvati, read Ramakrishna, 39, stanza 1: “The Juggler alone is true; the jugglery is false.” [19]

– Good cannot interfere with the work; many will receive help in a pure place.

– The search does not muddy the currents, and, though indignant, you still will attain happiness. Not an oracle, but life.

– Your indignation is pure.

– If I say without indication in life, you will not believe it.

– Svati means light.

– Light will penetrate darkness.

– Enough.

19 November 1921, daytime


At night from November 18–19, E.R. saw M.M. sitting at the table, holding a piece of paper, which was rolled by Him into a scroll and handed to someone (I could not see properly). Then, from the table, M.M. took a dark square plate, on which stood a tall object in the form of a crown or tiara. Inside of it laid a glittering object, which was offered to me. Then the ring was manifested with a portrait inside (I could not see).

– You may sit with the Lichtmanns.

– I shall give you a better method: One day talk with the help of a table; another day write down the thoughts, which you want to express. I shall be with you, watching how you discriminate given thoughts. It is necessary to move to attain the consciousness of the inspired. Then, through the table, I will indicate which thoughts were inspired. It is a useful lesson for the inner ear.

To E.R.’s remark that her spirit is tired and wilted—Raise it through the ear, or take the Ouija board; it will help to develop the center of the hand.

– Ming will place the hand, and the battery will come into action.

– Then the feeling will also hint how to express My language.

Addressing E.R.: You can do a lot; later you will smile at your doubt.

– “Miracles surround you, but amidst life’s tumult you heed them not.

– (Call Chistyakov tomorrow, tell him:) Inscrutable are the ways of God in their infinite means to bring the message of the spirit; even a blade of grass can convey the Tablet of Commandments.”[20]

– The talisman of unfolding new centers.

– “The ship encounters the fury of the waves, but it reaches its destination.”[21]

– Your fleet is strong—four ships.

– Enough.

19 November 1921

M. S. and M. Lichtmann

– “Pure service flourishes if its roots are deep and strong.

– My Shield may not be upon their doors, but the approaching ones bear My Banner in their hearts.

– Fear not the spear, nor dread the scorpion; no venom will penetrate your bodies.

– I am the Morning Flute, calling the flock.

– I am the Waters of the Spring, refreshing the lips of the sorrowing.

– I am the Mighty Pillar of the Temple.

– Approach, O vigilant ones!”[22]

– Enough.

20 November 1921, morning


At night from November 19–20, E.R. saw M.M.’s face and heard the voice telling: “And your glorious Names will ascend.

– “My children, the teaching of life under My Guidance is the straightest path to an understanding of Cosmos.

– You must recognize the obstacle of ignorance.

– The physician can cure only when he understands the symptoms of the illness.”[23]

– Even a small circle of people brought you so many surprises.

– What experience should it be for Russia!

– “Those of vast possessions are often blind to the world’s phenomena.

– Seldom does the preoccupied one perceive the future.”[24]

– Questions about perfection of the body are inappropriate during the greatest battle of spirits.

– Understand, during the battle Krishna taught about the spirit, and now is the time of the greatest battle.

– “In the history of mankind is revealed the great battle at the change of races; at the call to battle each summoned warrior takes up his arms.”[25]

– You are My warriors; your mission is important here, but your spirit gets confused by hostile arrows.

– The great battle is manifested to you, but you attempt to turn it into a peaceful school.

A remark concerning the book “The Life Everlasting” by Corelli—Not bad, but the new Russian souls should not begin with the vague dreams, when the Song of the Lord is opened before them.

– Much is perverted.

– Take the book indicated by Me, and you shall find peace and understanding.

– Take the thick book Torments of Christians.

The Menology is available in the church.

– “Providence leads nations by way of struggle; and you, My warriors, guard yourselves with the Shield of God’s Will, and the Divine Song will ever find echo within you.

– Before the Deluge, when men were wedding and feasting and bargaining, Noah was already selecting the most stalwart oaks for his ark.”[26]

– The consciousness of the Lord’s battle will strengthen you.

– Remember that you are My warriors!

– Enough.

21 November 1921, morning


Visions from November 20–21: The image of the Master M, blue rays, from everything told I remembered only: These are poisonous times, you must resume.

– I sent Slobodin to Kan.

– “Accept the harsh lessons with a smile.”[27]

– You will see, I sense the clouds on the horizon.

– Wisely accept and feel—the decision of Kan is useful for you.

– Urusvati, show mercy.

22 November 1921, evening


– My beloved, where will you lay Morya’s flowers? Retreat—I shall manifest the power. The noise of battle grows; the Hand of the Spirit will not fall on the innocent.

– The Shield will safeguard you.

– Morya understands your confusion before the uncertainty of the future.

– But My power will protect you on the ways of danger.

– “It is better to trust your Guide upon the night path than to grope your way, alone in the dark.

– My children, these hazardous days will pass and you will safely enter the New World by the appointed path.”[28]

– You will achieve a mastery of hearing.

What should be done to speed up the opening of the center?—We move the quickest way.

– I Myself will help, just keep good heartiness.

To E.R.’s remark, what a hard meeting they had with Nauberger—In Russia, it is even more difficult to direct a dark spirit.

– Difficult is the way of the rich man to the Kingdom of God.

– You will hear, you will see, and you will understand Me.

– Enough.

23 November 1921, daytime


Visions at night from November 22–23. I saw an image of the Master, and heard many pronounced sentences in the English and Russian languages. I managed to remember only some fragments: You must resume . . . India . . .

Vision of my husband N. Rerikh and the words: He displays a modified image—neither he nor the third party; I revealed the mystery. At that time, I understood the mystery.

– Call the Lichtmanns; I have instructions for them—the school will be decided.

– The given statement is not Mine; I shall provide My law.

– You can vouch for the success of the matter.

– Call the Lichtmanns for 8:00 p.m.

– Find Bok; he may be useful.

– The false way is to go through Muromtsev.

– It is better through Yakhontov, but no references are needed.

– Go for advice, the rest will follow.

– I sent many thoughts to Urusvati; her spirit grasped them, though the brain will express them later.

– We will pass the course of learning.

– Water is the best conductor where soil and air are poisoned.

– Everything comes on time.

– My son expresses My Will in life.

– You four have been chosen by Me.

– All perform the Will of the Lord.

– “The whole Universe is the Body of the Almighty, and We express the command of the highest manifestations of the Supreme Will.

– The servitor awaits upon the Lord, and the All-Merciful helps us to find the best attire

for the Festival of Light.

– According to our zeal are we given the hue of our spiritual vestment.

– O Thou Benevolence, O Thou Sufferer on the Cross, Thou wilt attest the fire of our

resurrection there at the foot of the ladder leading to the Temple of Divine Glory.”[29]

– Write to Chistyakov.

– Your ear will hear in the bathwater, and you will understand why water is chosen for the perception of spirit.

Why were those heard phrases alternating between English and Russian?—A language exercise.

What are these things that were pointed at E.R.? They all emitted rays or light—They were from Our Laboratory.

– I will continue in the presence of the Lichtmanns.

– Enough.

– Everything goes well.

23 November 1921, evening

M. S. and M. Lichtmann

The evening before the arrival of the Lichtmanns, N.R. and E.R. sat quietly in order to focus and relax before a conversation with the Master.

Suddenly E.R. saw an image of M.M. covering N.R.’s head. Then, the image appeared behind N.R.’s head; from the forehead of an image, between the eyebrows streamed blue threads, being directed to N.R.’s head.

– I allowed accepting a kindred greeting, but not advice.

– Who would dare My school?

– I gave the test, understand!

– I vouch for My Cause.

– I directed you to teach those who come from different sides, and to light a blue fire above them.

– I decided, I cover with My Shield; I safeguard—show understanding, and welcome valuable coworkers sent by Me.

– We will give the structure of Our matter; list them after the title: Music, painting, sculpture, architecture, ballet, drama, opera class, and lectures.

– I will connect all the Muses, diminishing none, and the tree will thrive.

– Tell the Lichtmanns about the last vision.

– Enough.

24 November 1921, morning


Visions at night from November 23–24. I saw an image of the Master M. I heard a wonderful story about the ascent of the soul, but only its end remained in the memory: The rising soul yearns to touch the thorns, but cannot reach the thorn forest, as the distance between it and her does not decrease; then the soul through its own will power creates the thorn tree and embraces its thorns.

You don’t need to fret. Your handicap will be . . . recorded.*

My little star . . .

A vision of a hoop with disconnected ends and bulges on them.

– “Your happiness lies in understanding the Divine Energy at the root of the Universe.

– Let others count the leaves of the mango—whilst you savor the fruit.

– Guard the roots and the fruit, and give away the leaves, for they renew themselves each year.”[30]

– I vouch—you shall know.

– “God’s plan is beyond the ways of men.

– Again you have forgotten the Heavenly combat!

– None go to school during an assault by the enemies.

– Times are more complex than you can realize.”[31]

– Now the preservation of harmony is necessary for Our Forces.

– “Never was hatred more rampant.

– But the hour has struck!

– The hostile forces strive to defy destiny.

– The doomed ones persecute Our chosen ones, and We must protect them.

– Fate can be lightened and the battle brought sooner to its end.”[32]

– Enough.

25 November 1921, daytime


Visions from November 24–25. Several times appeared the Master’s Image; then the hands of the Master M. manifested blue rays, but everything told was forgotten in the morning, except the words: You and I summon for the battle.

– The price of blood is measured by the pocket, and your way shows a smile to earthly stench.

– My children, walk smilingly the way of the chosen, and pay with pebbles for the gates of Heaven.

– Enough.

26 November 1921


– Chili is harmful—do not eat the soup.

– You can ask for a cup of milk.

– Your tormentors will behold your victory.

– You can peacefully create My Will.

– Our decision concerning your mission in Russia is unwavering.

– I think Chistyakov’s doubts are not dangerous.

– It is not difficult for you to lead him.

– Pay attention to the Lichtmann in the matter with Saminsky.

– Let them come tomorrow.

– Pay attention to Lichtmann in someone’s matter concerning music.

– Taylor is useful.

– Russians should not block the way to the best Americans.

– I will send you new allies, and in spite of these difficult days, My Work will be accomplished.

– Pay attention to the main room.

– Pay attention to the curtain device over the office.

– In the spring you will have to repaint everything.

– I will indicate the paint from Germany.

– Place the busts, but instead of Roosevelt put Rachmaninoff.

– In the corners, it is good to put Francis of Assisi and Nil Stolbensky.

– “Austerely and pure in thought commence My Work.

– Remember the obstacles at the beginning of every great task.

– The temple gates are closed and prayers are forgotten during the battle, but the flowers of the spirit will blossom and entwine themselves on the old walls.

– Naught can deter the Hand of the Creator of the New World.

– I say unto you: My Shield has taken many arrows, but at the Spirit’s Feast We will assemble, victorious.

– Strive for victory. For now, dismiss thoughts of peace and be vigilant, My warriors!

– I know, My Daughter wishes to adorn with roses the path to My School, but these times are bitter and cold.

– All will be well.”[33]

– Enough.

27 November 1921, daytime


– New shields are vigorously coming to help you.

– “Displaying fearlessness, you show a noble example to those around you.”[34]

– November will pass, and we will go further again.

– “I teach you to face life’s experiences with hearts alight.”[35]

– Three years is a short term.

– Do not worry—the stranger’s way is not for you.

– Give time to help you with your work, then we shall proceed further.

– “I shall explain—I am hastening your karma, and on the way I strip away all masks, that you may see.

– Your power increases at the understanding of another soul.

– You will reach the goal predestined for you by Christ.”[36]

– Enough.

28 November 1921, daytime


– My Shield guards you. November comes to an end—the month of the beginning of My assignment and your troubles.

– Verily, you brought a spiritual offering to the school.

– So it was necessary, you give the money later.

– Part of your forces I shifted to Lumou and Udraya.[37]

– I guard their cheerfulness and accelerate their success.

– “Better to pay heavily, the sooner to learn the predestined path.”[38]

– No need to mix Gurs with Oigurs.

– I shall explain to Udraya.

– Lumou should not write about the Temple to outsiders; let him put all the thoughts about the Temple building in a special album.

– You think essentially about the Muromtsevs; your help must come from a spiritual impulse.

– It is in your power to provide proper ideas.

– Many can help with money, but mental help strengthens the spirit, and “the eye will perceive instead of briars a garden nurtured by love.

– The heart is aware of the phantoms of the mind, but it knows the truth.”[39]

– Ilya Muromtsev should pay attention to the lecture of Millyukov.

– Zak has a ticket—the lecture is useful for Muromtsev; he will meet a helpful person.


– Do not waste opportunities—call Muromtsev.

– I shall end at night.

28 November 1921, night


– Crane is helpful for Muromtsev.

– It is beneficial for the Muromtsevs to attend the lecture—they can compile similar lectures.

– It is not good for Udraya to be friends with officers.

– It is useful for you to have lunch with Crane.

– Forgive Prat.

– I shall help.

– Enough.

29 November 1921, night


– Crane’s thoughts are impure; he is trying to look at you sensually, but there is no danger. Let the melody record break; nothing will touch you.

– He will be useful.

– “Strive for the future and many forces will be summoned to your aid.

– Of various instruments is the orchestra composed, but a symphony soon ends and its

sounds die away through the open window.”[40]

– Soon you will pay the debts and move forward.

Addressing E.R.—to think and aspire for departure—About the future departure from America, I will take care of the rest.

– He was an ardent admirer of the queen of India during Akbar’s time.

– Ambassador of Nizam—part of India.

– Chewing soup and porridge of Ryazan; he was a coachman, too, near the landowner Rokotova.

– Yes.

– Do not be afraid; everything will be fine.

For several days N.R. felt pain in his hand—My son, put your hands in hot water.

– I promise success.

– Enough.

30 November 1921


– “Priceless is M’s Guidance on the road of life.

– Dark ones beset the way.

Seldom does the spirit’s light assert itself.

– Far from tilled is the eternal field.

– Widespread are discord and hate.

– Stand not in fear of Divine Justice.

– Like passengers on a short journey are you in your earthly life, facing Infinity.”[41]

– “The Bliss manifested on the Heavenly Heights will bestow courage upon the legion of warriors for Truth.”[42]

E.R. asked how good is the book of Vale Owen “Highlands of Heaven.” Sometimes the “Truth is veiled in symbols, but

– The mind cannot comprehend their relevance to life, and their meaning must be

revealed by everyday events.

– People need familiar images, and by these images is the spirit uplifted to its True Dwelling.”[43]

– Nevertheless, we will survive, and move to learn further.

– I am with you.

– Enough.

1 December 1921


– Rerikh, read the Sun newspapers today.

– Give the article “The Flame” to Kaun; he will translate it and print.

– “As often as Karma permits, My Hand removes the dangers from your path.”[44]

– Take aspirin, and go to bed.

– Urusvati, do not worry, I am leading you towards manifested Lhasa.

– Urusvati, tomorrow evening you may peacefully direct your eyes and ears.

– Through the nets of the earth, the tips of Lhasa appeared.

– “Earthly ways obscure the view of the mountains, yet you shall reach them.”[45]

– Rerikh has problems with breathing—(N.R. had a runny nose.).

– Enough.

2 December 1921


At night from December 1–2, visions of the hands of M.M., but because of strong tiredness E.R. could not continue watching. Before the vision, a few sentences were given, but remembered only one: “He will run after you.”

– “(Urusvati, your) each righteous thought helps the cause.

– It is important to send the arrows through Me or directly, but your purpose must be benevolent.”[46]

To E.R.’s question whether it is possible to send benevolent thoughts to Kan—“Arrows may be aimed even at a rogue.”

– For the sake of My Cause you may be insistent, but without anger, spreading the creative force of benevolence.”[47]

– You possess the strength, but do not use it as at Naumb.’s place.

– “Wrath begets wrath, but My children can extinguish the red flame with a blue ray.

– With the power of the blue ray you can erect a temple, but the red cloud will blight the

noblest tendrils of your soul.”[48]

E.R.’s remark that she does not believe that her sufferings could disturb relations with M.M.

– They do not disturb, but temporarily color your aura.

– It is good to suffer, but it is better to overcome suffering.

– Take aspirin.

– Enough.

– Urusvati, you asked for an example in action.

3 December 1921


– Call Chistyakov for tomorrow—I shall talk to him.

– While present, he should stand and show respect.

– He may put his hands on the edge.

– Chistyakov will take My Words to the youth.

– Rerikh, show him the shield.

– Urusvati, show him My Love.

– Rerikh, it is hard to eliminate the matter of Naumb.

– Urusvati, do not worry; you should trust and know.

– Your happiness does not fade.

– You can drink hot tea with lemon.

– I shall give instruction to Chistyakov tomorrow.

– Russians should not hurry with the events—I shall point the time.

– Enough.

4 December 1921, evening


– It is better not to announce the school broadly; let it first manifest itself in life.

– I direct you toward success—no need to suffer.

– Morya will manifest strength on your path.

– I see a pure thought.

– Prat will be useful.

– Moody will help to draw up a committee.

– I shall send you a shield.

– Crane’s involvement will have results.

– Take aspirin—two tablets.

– Enough

5 December 1921, daytime


– Chistyakov does not need a physical doctor, but a call toward the spiritual world.

– Urusvati, “M has many towers and sentinels upon the slopes of Himalaya.

– None without guide shall penetrate the snowy barriers.

– Amidst the glaciers Giants keep watch over the currents of the world.

– The fields of ice blossom with pure fire, and the air is rich with ozone.”[49]

– Urusvati, I vouch for your path; show patience to the hour of reckoning.

– You will appear renewed before the face of Russia.

– My beloved ones, establish yourself in the thought of serving Russia.

– Those are beloved, who are chosen to serve the enlightenment of the spirit.

– You can become John.

– Phone Chistyakov; summon him today for the world of Spirit.

– Phone now.

– Your news is more important for him than a doctor.

– Go—it is possible tonight.

– He will have guests; they take his energy, but he needs a sense of peace.

– Muromtsev can go with you.

– Maybe tomorrow.

– Help is not funny.

– He needs your call; he has no window into the world of truth.

– You carry light.

– Manifest the Guardian to him.

– Jacob, the Cave-Dweller of the thirteenth century—of the Kiev caves.

– Give him the Image, and tell him: “In the Name of Christ, in the Name of Saints and prophets, I proclaim: be filled with peace and power, and show the spirit of Goodness through your work. Those, who are sent by Me, will transmit My Teaching to you.”

– Hurry with your departure—Muromtsev will help.

– Enough.

6 December 1921, evening


– Urusvati, respect Chistyakov; help to take him to the Forest Hills.

Who are the Wilsons?—Consider them thoughtless.

– Consider Chistyakov clean but unhealthy.

– Rerikh should not write to Rabinov.

– He should not write to Tenisheva—Lukomsky is not hostile.

– He should not write affirmatively about Krishnamurti’s carelessness concerning Advey.

– Morya decided to send the articles to the right place.

– Urusvati, your phenomena will return.

What is necessary for me to do for it?—To plunge into peace at home.

– No need to be sad, I do not leave you, My beloved.

– “Recognize the call even in the fall of the rose petal.

– Life is full of calls—the fire brings you to the summit of the Mysteries.”[50]

– Think about the earthly image.

– You do not need to look into the abyss of people.

– The spirit of Zak also belongs to the earthly images.

– Ilya started from the same point, but spiritual world uplifted him.

– “Pure tears bring roses to M.”[51]

– Morya gave them (The Flowers).

– “The good does not rust.”[52]

– My power will bless them (Those who work in the studio G…N.).

– Enough.

7 December 1921, daytime


– Direct actively an urgent letter to Eggers.

– “My Hands bring aid to you—I send the miracle of Love.

M has many ways to manifest His Care.”[53]

– Urusvati, you can accept greetings from the peaks of the Himalayas.

– Urusvati, you can send food to Petrograd.

– You may reveal phenomena of Morya to Chistyakov in memory of his commission.

– I think he should safeguard the mystery.

– You may send the exact list of “Counsel to the Hunter” and Morya’s Flowers to Harbin—the English translation.

In the evening at the Lichtmanns, we found the newspaper “Rul” with the announcement of the book “Flowers of Morya” and its cost. We converted its cost into dollars, and counted for how much it can be sold.

– You may happily consider the Flowers of Morya to be received today.

– You can teach the Lichtmanns to sit alone.

– Today you can dispel Saminsky’s cloud.

Saminsky left calm and peaceful.

– Enough.

8 December 1921, daytime


– Rerikh, it is better to paint Morya’s phenomena well, than to reveal poor miracles to the strangers.

– Fuyama-tsin-tao g-uru—I, I, I.[54]

– I sense, a stranger comes to you. (Tolstaya)

– Ming—Rerikh.

– Zuk is helpful.

– Do not stop if you do not understand something.

– You may sit in Chistyakov’s presence.

– There is no weakness.

– Part of the name of the emperor of China, I shall say in due time.

– Now write the message: “I pray, by pure powers attest—I guide the Russian heart. The wise men will clearly grasp the phenomena, but it brings danger, if ignoramus opposes willfully.”

– For Zak, write it down and give it to Lichtmann—after one year.

– “My Hands overflow with bounty, but opponents must be stopped.

– I shall manifest the power of My Teachings to those of narrow mind.”[55]

– Urusvati, write to Zharintseva—the son requests her not to lose heart.

– Urusvati, write to Advey—I Myself will arrange the journal, let him think of printing the book Flowers of Morya.

– Let him proceed on your behalf.

– Beloved, call Lichtmann, he has something to convey to you.

– Enough.

8 December 1921, evening

M. E. and N. Rerikh, P. Al. Chistyakov

– My dear soul, whither do you aspire?

– Benevolence bequeathed for you is near, and your path lies not through earthly India.

– Do not expect consolation from the leaves of books; from the mountains of Tibet, the aroma of the knowledge of truth will enter invisibly, comforting your heart. But carry My Teaching to the young hearts.

– My Image will help you to know My chosen ones, and you will bring the stones to the Temple of the Living God.

– Calm your spirit, and work for the good of the motherland.

– My Shield is upon Russia; I blessed the battle of Kulikovo.

– I shall bestow the signs, and the Russian heart will rejoice.

– Be cheerful. I lay My Hand.

– Enough.

9 December 1921, evening


– “Realize the healing power of prana.

– The torpor of life is dispelled in the pure rays of the sunset.”[56]

– Remember the air of the Himalayas.

– The school will be alien to Poldovskaya.

– Warn Saminsky about the aura of Poldovskaya.

– Shubert carries harm, seeking to fill his emptiness with gossip.

– Tell: Hearken—what measure do you apply, such will be your reward.

– Morya will not let you be ridiculed by the bishop.

– Do not take to heart the matter of the Snow Maiden.

– You may prepare the articles for Chicago.

– Jacob was an officer of Yam, the tax collector.

– My beloved, work hard.

– Enough.

10 December 1921, evening


At night from December 9–10, the voice of M.M. In her memory it remained only: My love is with you.

From December 9–10, E.R. saw a shield dotted with arrows.

– You did well writing a draft.

– You may not worry, let Rerikh travel to Chicago.

– I deem, no need to display nervous emotions concerning the money.

– “Be calm and assert your wisdom.”[57]

– You can do well until the new payday.

– “M knows how wracked is your spirit by the hovering shadows, but those who come

to scoff will stay to pray.”[58]

– Let Rerikh calm down, I shall continue tomorrow.

11 December 1921


– Multimillionaire Rerikh can royally reward applicants with ideas.

– It is possible to receive sendings not only through the table.

– Urusvati knows how to listen without the table.

Who talks to her in the evenings?—Everything comes from Me.

To E.R.’s remark, why is she unable to remember everything that is said?—You shall recollect in due time.

– Teach disciples to evoke pictures through concentration.

– Request Hille to give a letter for masons here concerning the school and stipend.

– Urusvati, send the arrows to Ming in Chicago.

– Yesterday you helped without anger—consciousness of rightness.

Did her arrows help?—They helped.

– I shall endow Urusvati with help.

– Consciousness of rightness will help—I am with you.

– Urusvati, do not be afraid, help will come.

– In the evening sit with Ouija board.

– I knock in all directions—be able to discern My signs.

Which feature prevails in her, pride of spirit or disobedience?—One follows from the other.

– Help fading hearts, even Naumberg.

– Yesterday you helped him more (Naumberg).

– Help the school—I will help you.

– I shall help.

– Enough.

11 December 1921, evening


– The board is alien to the wise ones.

– With them you will gently, happily direct the cause. I deem they are friends.

– It is bad, the hand should move easily.

– Urusvati will hear and see better.

– Enough.

N.R. left for Chicago.

At night from December 11–12, E.R. heard the voice of M.M., talking about different manifestations of love, but only the last phrase got imprinted in memory: “Love is the spiritual welfare.” *   

At night from December 16–17: “Dangerous shock.” * It concerned the vision and appearance of M.M.

At night from December 18–19: Ways close to Me—close to My heart.”*

In the morning, Tuesday, December 20: “Out of sorrow.”*

On December 20 a letter was received from N.R. with favorable news.

At night from December 21–22, a vision of the Tibetan or Chinese in a long narrow robe, slightly widened towards the bottom [. . .] widened upwards (young, longish, and a

smiling face).*

23 December 1921, evening


– I bestowed happiness upon you.

– I brought a pure shield to Urusvati with Russian hands.

– Nutsya is unhappy—you need to tell Sina that he is tired.

– It is better to smoke than to allow a manifested miracle being spread amidst the false friends: Sim-Dan; I consider Dixon is pure.

– “Reap wisdom from the manifestations of life (Lumou).”[59]

– Lumou is My disciple; he will come to Me.

– “I shall show you much in life, but be alert.

– Imagination is naught compared with the realities of life.”[60]

– Feel sorry for Ming; he needs to work.

– Urusvati, I love your devotion.

– I want to teach you a new way of communication. When you are not tired, let Ming speak, and I will confirm through the table.

– Tibetan Uvuchaya manifested his disciple Chunda—on the ways of Tibet you will recognize the assembled guides (Vision at night from December 21–22).

– I Myself was coming.

– The place around you is guarded by Ming or Me.

(A vision from December 16–17: A bright pinkish-lilac light, then a figure in white clothes with flowing silver folds.)

– I hurry to help, but you do not recognize Me.

– Chistyakov was aspiring.

– Call Muromtsev; let him hurry up.

– My warrior, your shield is filled with light.

– Enough.

24 December 1921, evening


– “Each enemy of Master must perish” *—convey this to Shubert.

– I endowed Koshetz with the shield, but she forgot many of My warnings.

– Urusvati, be out of sorrow!

– I assure you of joy.

– I know your way.

To N.R.’s question, whether he can start speaking, as M.M. mentioned—Your soul is restless.

To E.R.’s question—was it thoughtless of her to spend so much money on books?—Urusvati,

“let naught in the path of knowledge of Divine Wisdom hinder you.

– Different tasks require different tools.”[61]

– Your soul needs aspirations of other people’s lives.

Why she was not afraid during the last appearance of M.M.?—Without recognizing Me, you do not experience the vibrations; but now your organisms are fragile. We need to take care of the warriors.

– Udraya, display understanding of an indicated task.

– The Shield shines in lilac and blue tones, grasp the power.

– You may quench bodily hunger after the prayer, and take your hands out of the pocket when you touch the power sent by the Grace of God.

(Udraya started eating a bun and approaching the table, placed one hand on it, while the other one remained in his pocket.)

– Perceive the minutes of communication as happiness.

– Enough.

25 December 1921, daytime


– I manifest My continuous attention to you.

– Urusvati, in the evening you need to send a message to Chistyakov: “I chose Harbin to be the center in constructing the future culture of Russia.”

– The Teacher requests not to harm this thought.

– I consider it is your pure duty to help with a new undertaking in Harbin.

– Rerikh shall indicate a new way of the Teaching.

– Chistyakov, display concentration and energy.

– Your path from India goes through China and Harbin.

– Your desires become true, Urusvati.

– “M’s Flowers flourish not in many gardens, but they can blossom even on ice.

– As healing herbs, My leaves will close all wounds.”[62]

– Enough for now, until evening.

26 December 1921, daytime


– I promise you happiness in the miracle of establishing the Russian school in Harbin.

– “I will grant you power to see and hear.”[63]

– I consider the assignment between you is even.

– You need more magnetic ground; while here, keep to what you can get.

– “The first essentials are purity of air and clarity of spirit.”[64]

– I will grant everything permitted by circumstances.

– I am apprehensive to speed up the teaching of Udraya and Lumou—it is dangerous.

– “The knots of life must be untied, as quickly as possible.”[65]

– Urusvati was holding the body of Maharani of Kashmir.

– The alien religion was affirmed by her among the people in the tenth century.

– I suggest knowing only the name– Urusvati. It was given by Us.

– Purusha Svati dahva bram-sat.

– Soul of Svati—the burning of Divine Being.

– I have an urgent message—give Rumanov My book, pass it through Milyukov.

– With Crane.

– I forward joy—it is worse to be silent than to knock.

– Make noise; you have the right.

– Enough.

27 December 1921, evening


– It is necessary to impart Rerikh’s ray to the Russians.

– With a pure heart shall Fuyama bring Russian life to happy Urusvati.

– Now you should be attentive—fruits ripen.

– “Let the happy hunter face his enraged tormenters with courage.

– It is good to judge seriously and honestly the profound manifestations of creation.

– Be not content with mediocrity or with the clamor of the passing show.”[66]

– I consider it necessary to inform My disciple about the success.

– Let Urusvati describe the wonder of Morya.

– Wonder will be manifested; I shall disperse clouds, Urusvati.

– “Hosanna, cheerful, Master Roerich, your success grows. Rakoczy *    

– Urusvati, in English—an alien language for Me.

– I commence the work of India’s unity with Russia.

– Rerikh will extend the thread of understanding.

– You can call Muromtsev—I will tell him.

– Tomorrow evening.

– She is far from it (K.M.).

Can we call Lichtmann?—Yes.

– “(Your) consciousness grows as life’s experience expands.”[67]

– Come to Us.

– Urusvati, I want to indicate, Kashmir is the meeting place.

– You were holding the body of Maharani. K.H.—was the Teacher.

– Enough.

28 December 1921, evening

M. I. E. Muromtsev was present.

– I affirm the pure presence of Muromtsev: It is better to direct aspiration toward the matter of school in Harbin. I will provide wondrous conditions for developing the Russian center for the benefit of the motherland.

– Notify Chistyakov, I continue My instructions: Show immediate persistence; talk to Mutro in China. There is no need to bother Vinogradov.

– Crane should be informed after January 10.

– Set a future school committee here. I will be the Shield.

– Chistyakov must understand the importance of the task entrusted to him by Me.

– It is necessary to gather friends of Russia besides the embassy, without losing time.

– In February work should begin, otherwise it will be too late.

– I will ensure the matter to be outside of politics.

– I deem Muromtsev will be helpful in Harbin.

– No need to disclose the last message to Chistyakov—it will become clear later.

– All of you, put pressure on Chistyakov.

– Let him not defer because of his weakness.

– I consider it necessary to tell Chistyakov that Rockefeller is needed in the matter, from the point of rapprochement with China.

– Urusvati, do not be concerned about the furniture, we shall change it later.

– Muromtsev, do not be late to give Chistyakov My Blessing.

– Enough.

28 December 1921, evening

M. E., N., and Y. Rerikh

– Long is your journey to My Uluses.

– I think Rerikh should start working.

– I will give you a suggestion for Harvard, but if we do it today, the Lichtmanns would remain without the séance.

– Raja of Kashmir—departed around the age of fifty.

– I reached the Tower of Chun among the spurs of the Himalayas.

Addressing Y. Rerikh: You will reach India earlier.

How long will he stay in France?—one-and-a-half years.

– To reach China does not mean to be in China.

Should he take part in the volunteer movement?—You will have a purer task.

– I deem Russia’s path is not through cannon.

– I shall send you in time.

– Execute the order of the Russian Emperor. Disobedience leads to death.

– Enough.

28 December 1921, evening, later

M. E. and N. Rerikh, M. Lichtmann

– Morya’s Ray vouches for success of the school.

– “On pure soil do you begin My Manifestations.”[68]

– My Shield will adorn the mighty school.

– “I shall point out the time for every pure beginning.

– Need will not afflict you.

– Outer laws will not violate your inner order.

– Deem it a blessing to bring light amidst the dark and inimical hosts.

– We have determined to reveal the ways of enlightening cruel hearts—to soften them

with the balm of Beauty.

– But the iron of the dark spirit is colder and stronger than the words of Bliss.

– Only with great travail can the Hand of Truth bend the prison bars.

– From Above rain words of Truth, and men have unfurled umbrellas to shield

themselves from the downpour of God’s Clouds.

– But the shower will reach even their dry hearts.

– We strike evil blind, and by lightning illumine the path of Good.

– We send the gift of understanding to the manifested hearts.

– Only the blind will doubt.”[69]

– Nutsya, read Gitanjali, page 36.

– “(You are not a prisoner, but) have patience for the future steps.”[70]

– Read page 53 and 58 of Gitanjali.

– Enough.

30 December 1921, daytime


The next day there was a phone from Saminsky. He ended his talk with a request of Zuro to ask N.R. to make a production for the Russian ballet.

– Zuro inquired from Saminsky about productions of the Russian ballet—it is wiser not to agree.

– I deem troubles come from the struggle—I want to remove Russians from the school.

– Slobodin is far from Rerikh and art.

– The school will spread widely, but do not mention My Name.

– Go yourself to Albany—point out the truth to others.

– You can defend My Shield.

– Rerikh and M. Lichtmann.

– Call Lichtmann.

– Maurice, let Flateman give you a recommendation. Point out to him the importance of art for social life, and show objections if the art studies were to be pretentious.

– Rerikh, obtain a letter from Dagan and Richman from Vinogradov.

– No need to be puzzled; you will find out.

– Work.

– Enough.

31 December 1921, evening


– My Love broadly vouches for you, Urusvati, on the way of approaching Us.

– I think Crane will depart soon.

– You refused many; do justice.

– Urusvati, where do you direct your thoughts when your path is so straight.

– Urusvati, go through an open procedure of learning: One year in Adyar, then with Aurobindo Ghosh; later I shall send the guides.

– I collected several valuable things in Adyar; it is useful to study them.

– Besant, she is not elevated, but she has experience.

– After two years—one-and-a-half years here.

– I shall Myself teach you for three years.

– Hurrying Udraya is dangerous; he will be useful if he develops normally.

– Other’s influence on him is harmful, and you need to live with him for half a year.

– Smoking is silly, but his spirit is not affected (Pertains to Svetik).

– Shoot with words, not guns.

– “I give you happiness—accept it and learn to comprehend the Teaching.”[71]

– Draw frescoes in the name of Blavatsky.

– America’s ignorance is the touchstone for the darkness of Russia.

– “All that is possible to hasten without destruction will be hastened.”[72]

– By creating pure atmosphere in the school, you will uplift your own consciousness and many others.

– “Life bares its teeth, but the spirit is undaunted.

– Calmly face the new year, full of events.

– The tide of spirit is rising. I send My Blessings.”[73]

– Enough.

1 January 1922, evening


– Read the school charter.

– Let Lichtmann perceive the charter as given by Me.

– Udraya, write down the laws to Harvard:

– “Half of human life passes in communion with the astral plane, but people do not remember.

– They search for knowledge but find it not.[74]

– “(My young friends,) you are surrounded by knowledge of the past and of the future.

– Blessed are those who comprehend the knowledge of the future and its ever-changing outlines.

– By love will you learn the boundaries of the new structure of life.”[75]

– Cannibalism is not love.

– “The miracle of perception of the future will come unheralded, without cannon salute.

– But the bell will summon each wayfarer lost in the forest.”[76]

– Read, Udraya.

– Display expedited work through the strength imparted to you.

– Udraya, contemplate; display understanding.

– Enough.

2 January 1922, daytime


– “(My beloved,) be not depressed—the battle was foretold; you were forewarned.

– The very name of M provokes the enemy.

– Little wonder that the dark ones would wound My warriors, but the Unseen Guide keeps watch.

– Your impulse is natural—soldiers at the battle line, seeing not their commander, will chafe amongst themselves; but he is linked to them by phone and keeps watch over them with field glass.”[77]

– Remember, besides your battles, roars the Great Battle in India.

– Urusvati, a terrible battle, many lives will be given. Our arrows fly to India, and your thoughts will strengthen the armor of the right cause.

– No, U. is a disciple. But do not worry.

– Let doubts sink into the noise of battle, if contradictions arise.

– “(For the school)—Accept the fight and try to shield My Name.

– The weak are terrified even by growls, but the strong laugh at the sight of bared teeth.”[78]

– Now let us send Benevolence to India and respect.

– We save power also in India.

– There is no need to read Kingsford. She herself regrets a lot.

– Urusvati, be merciful, your father requests.

– Display compassion here—everybody requires it—wait—ways would clear—the battle roars.

– We love you and protect all four.

– Read Gitanjali, poem “34.”

– Understand and help. Help those who need it.

– Enough.

3 January 1922, daytime

M. E., N., Y., and Sv. Rerikh

– Urusvati, I vouch you four have a special mission.

– Russia will be widely embellished by your labors.

– “We will assert Our Existence.

– We will unfold the pure teachings of the happy journey of life.”[79]

– Display respect to My portrait, Lumou.

– I present the portrait to those who beseech it.

– Udraya also can have it, if he desires.

Which of the friends can be shown the portrait?—I shall indicate.

– It is good to carry it with you.

– My Shield will explain to them the source of Rerikh’s strength.

– Do not suspect dishonesty of transfer.

– Urusvati, do not doubt My Will; Morya provides everything in time.

– The need for money does not mean discouragement; the build-up of life goes beyond ordinary conditions.

– “(Rerikh,) fatigue not yourselves with worry—after you understand the different aspects of Our Teaching, you will walk the broad highway.”[80]

– I vouch.

– No need to change the Chinese.

Addressing Harvard’s students: Let them remember: “Hit Us not, and We shall save you from all danger—each enemy of Master must perish.” *

– There are many miracles, and vigorous, pure aspiration leads to victory.

Addressing Vl. Arbelov: Consciousness of God does not put up with a rich marriage. But the aura had darkened; the work can purify it.

Do they need to go work at the ranch?—Yes, and then continue to study.

Svetik got up to pass on what was said to Arbelov—Do not hurry, Lumou.

– “Be benevolent not by impulse but by constant striving.”[81]

To Yurik’s question whether he should become a sannyasin or live in the world—“With pure spirit must you work, and all will follow without effort.”[82]

Svetik, again, tried to go to Arbelov to convey to him the Master’s instruction, and we reproached him—he is still too young.

– Enough.

4 January 1922, evening


N.R. and M.L. brought favorable response from Albany—“The ray disperses the clouds—a new path is revealed to the conqueror.”[83]

– The enemies must be crushed, Fuyama!

To E.R.’s question concerning Akbar’s reign—Do not take English statements; you can well see the English efforts to diminish India. The history of Mohamedi is better.

– I deem that he investigates phenomena out of curiosity (Told about Raap).

– He will inform the Russians. He will recollect in due time (Told about Raap).

– Happiness approaches; spread the road.

– Urusvati, I vouch My Hand is with you.

– Morya desired to unite all nations in the temple of India (History of Akbar).

5 January 1922, evening


On the night from January 4–5, E.R. was woken up by a current, and near her headboard she saw blue-silver rays, and then a small table, on which lay M.M.’s hands holding a ready project of the school, and M.M. turned it in such a way that I could see it clearly; then He opened it, and raising his hand slowly, lowered it to the second page as if a sign of approval. At the same time, from the right side appeared, as it felt to me, a stick or hand, could not see clearly. . .

This time the ring was worn on the left hand and on the second finger.

– Morya approved the Shield —approved the Shield—approved.

– Tomorrow at the Lichtmanns, I will tell you.

– I deem Urusvati will reach high levels of phenomena.

– Zermoth.

– Urusvati, love your husband—he helps Urusvati with pure spirit.

– I think your assignment will be completed soon.

– You can write a letter.

– Fuyama, appear to your friends in the manifested Shield.

– Urusvati, visit the school on Sunday.

– Urusvati, your ear center will be opened.

– You need to take valerian.

– You will see today, but go to bed earlier.

– Read about Tagore, page 33, line 3 from the top. “The reason of my sleeplessness was the ecstasy of soul.” *

– I promise phenomena in your life.

– Of My Power.

– Go to bed.

6 January 1922, morning


– Understand simply: if I say go to bed early, go to bed. Otherwise I will tell: sit.

– “Messages come more readily through dry channels.

– Smile—tears interrupt the current.

– Only certain glands may be used, and these as long as they are not irritated.

– With cloudbursts of tears, humanity obstructs the beneficial currents.”[84]

E.R.’s remark, that it means, here the rich again have an advantage, because the poor and humiliated often shed tears?—They themselves chose to be poor.

– Try your best, you will.

– Urusvati, do not be sad—by executing the mission, you will fulfill your own desire.

– Now the great work is to attract new souls, to spread My Shield correctly.

7 January 1922, evening

M. E. and N. Rerikh, S. and M. Lichtmann

– My Ray weaves happiness of the school.

– I indicate correlation between the Shield of the school and Our Work.

– Understand the obstacles and achievements of setting a school.

– “Amidst the boundless tumult of life do We erect Our Temple.

– We labor on, and each stone is drenched with the sweat of Our labor.

– As you build your school, strive to keep in mind Our Eternal Structure.

– Lonely stands the summit—never does the feeling of solitude leave it.

– Blessed are you if this feeling is known to you.

– You are on your way to Us.

– Yet the snowy summit feeds the streams of the plains, and waters the fields for harvest.

– Upon the summit does the sun bestow its first ray.

– And the moon is reflected in its glaciers.

– And none know this womb of the hot springs, and they wonder at the seething waters below the snowy summits.

– Be not afraid of the holy bliss of solitude.

– Through love let it enlighten you.”[85]

– Urusvati, affirm yourself.

– Convey to Zak: The wisdom of Avksentyev is less than the wisdom of Solomon.

– Let the son of Levit judge, unless he has lost his mind.

– “Love and Lightning do I manifest.

– The Lips that give can also withhold.

– The Light is given—there is danger in retreat.

– We need not the weak of mind.”[86]

– Do not give the Rembrandt to Heller—send it to Volkov; he will sell it.

– Mention the two hands—of Rembrandt himself and his disciple Despré.

– Rembrandt’s sister arrived from Leiden to visit him; so Despré painted, but Rembrandt corrected it. I deem the similarity of the lips and nose is preserved.

– Invite the fierce soul to the school, but do not add into the list (Deryuzhinsky).

– Enough.

8 January 1922, night


– My beloved ones, display love for the school.

– It is better to love than to hate.

– My Shield will show the meaning of life in America.

– Your contribution exceeds that of a rich man—need has not closed your eyes, and loneliness did not break your spirit; these flowers will flourish.

– I deem you will receive good news.

– Twilight will multiply the benefit, and the morning will enlighten the gift of night.

– The ray will not bend, penetrating into the loving heart.

– Urusvati, thank you.

– Enough.

9 January 1922


– “(Urusvati,) smile—I grant you the joy of spreading the Teaching of Christ.

– The joy of conceiving the Greatness of the Universe,

– The joy of manifested labor,

– The joyous fatigue of accomplishment.”[87]

Sanochka Muromtsev appeared.

10 January 1922, evening


– My dear ones, the steering paddle must work throughout the winter; later it will be easier.

– “You can carry My Shield.”[88] Fuyama, know, your name grows.

– Urusvati, I assign you a pure work.

– Morya rejoices at your idea to bring happiness—I shall bestow the Shield upon you.

– Better go to bed earlier.

– I safeguard you.

– Enough.

– In each pure thought lies the Glory of God.[89]

11 January 1922, daytime


– Ponder over My Words in The Secret Doctrine.[90]

– Urusvati shall read page 436. Line 6: “without boundary or end.” [91]

– You will grasp My writings.

– For Shibayev—affirm yourself in thought; I shall manifest My Power in Russia.

– The Teacher loves the manifestations of a pure spirit in life.

– Through My children, I will strengthen your connection with My behest.

– They are guarded by the Shield—Morya bestowed the Shield upon them.

– I shall help your group.

– Let them know about the help.

– The ray above you shall affirm the light.

– “From east and from west will come My warriors,

– And among the conquerors I shall recognize those chosen by Me.

– And you will know those designated by Me.

– Even the grass in its growth fulfills the Will of God.

– Higher than the wheat is the human spirit, and in Our Teaching its work accomplishes

even more than do benevolent thoughts.”[92]

– I name you—Yaruya.

– I shall give the order through the one called Allal-Ming.

What does the name Yaruya mean?—I honor God.

– Decide and trust!

– Urusvati, My Hand is upon you.

To Arbelov: Labor shall cleanse him.

S. Gr. Lichtmann: Go to the Metropolitan Museum, the Eastern Department; there is a similarity in the Chinese drawing with an old man—she will recognize.

– Enough.

From January 11–12: You can do your packing.

13 January 1922, evening


– Urusvati, consider a journey to India guaranteed by Me.

– I shall forward new people to Urusvati.

– Do not forget about the mentioned Bok and Prince.

– I often direct you, but you delay.

– Read the The Secret Doctrine I, 374. Line 8 [9—Ed.].

The Jewish Kabbalists felt this necessity of immutability in an eternal, infinite Deity, and therefore applied the same thought to the anthropomorphic god. The idea is poetical and very appropriate in its application. In the ‘Zohar’ we read as follows: —

As Moses was keeping a vigil on Mount Sinai, in company with the deity, who was concealed from his sight by a cloud, he felt a great fear overcome him, and suddenly asked: ‘Lord, where art thou . . . sleepest thou, O Lord? . . . ’ And the Spirit answered him: ‘I never sleep: were I to fall asleep for a moment before my time, all the creation would crumble into dissolution in one instant.[93]

– I shall point out more: The Secret Doctrine I, 212. Line 3.

The breath of heaven, or rather the breath of life, called in the Bible Nephesh, is in every animal, in every animate speck as in every mineral atom. But none of these has, like man, the consciousness of the nature of that highest Being, as none has that divine harmony in its form which man possesses. It is, as Novalis said, and no one since has said it better, as repeated by Carlyle:—

‘There is but one temple in the universe, and that is the body of man. Nothing is holier than that high form. We touch heaven when we lay our hand on a human body!’ ‘This sounds like a mere flourish of rhetoric,’ adds Carlyle, ‘but it is not so. If well meditated it will turn out to be a scientific fact; the expression . . . of the actual truth of the thing. We are the miracle of miracles, the great inscrutable Mystery.

– You shall happily spend a new year.

– Urusvati, a life full of happy circumstances is waiting for you.

– You shall find out on Tuesday.

– I will continue in the presence of the Lichtmanns.

– Rerikh, be comforted; happiness approaches.

– Rerikh, I vouch you will be able to work—My Shield is upon you.

– Urusvati, I have found an apartment; you will understand.

– Enough.

13 January 1922, late evening

M. S. Gr. and M. M. Lichtmann

– “You serve a cause beyond the reach even of wealth.

– The pure offering is returned alive by God to those who bring their offerings in pure

faith, just as was offered Isaac upon the altar.

– And Mount M, which accepts your offering, will guard the offered treasure of the heart.

– Not a small task have you undertaken.

– Without pride or self-interest you placed all your possessions upon the altar.

– Can I, the Truth Bearer, pass silently by those who, amidst cold and storm, brought

useful tributes for the coming harvest?

– In safeguarding My Instructions will you find protection.”[94]

– Call advisors and give them the idea to protect the city.

– Levinson, Rut. Vorburg, Untermayer will do their bit.

– I will provide the basis of My Foundation—within a month.

– “Need shall not afflict My Manifestations.

– Calm is found in the light of Truth.

– The mountain before you is not a test, but a task.”[95]

– Invite Zimbalist,[96] Zuk—go to the new building of the Metropolitan Museum—on the wall you will see happy Yagzhud.

– He will understand.

– Urusvati, where will you go, tired, tomorrow?

Is it possible to use the sign of the school for the Institute and make a branch?—Yes.

– Invite Ziloti for a lecture-concert.

– You can approach Rockefeller.

Can we hang old paintings of N.R. in the school?—Yes, write to forward ten paintings from London.

First lecture: Taylor-Roberts, Saylor, Brinton.

– I value your trust.

– Enough.

[1] Readers’ Note: In the original text, the initials of Helena Roerich, Nicholas Roerich, and their sons, George and Svetoslav, usually appear in their Russian form, therefore in the translation we chose to transliterate them: N.R. (Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh for Nicholas Roerich; E.R. (Elena Ivanovna Rerikh) for Helena Roerich; Y.R. (Yuri Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Yurik) for George Roerich; Sv.R. (Sviatoslav Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Svetoslav, Svetik) for Svetoslav Roerich.—Ed.

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