First messages received by Modra[1]

                                                             New York  

                                                   07.07.1922 – 09.09.1922

(All these messages were received by Modra in English. Therefore, all text remains unchanged and unedited to maintain its original exactness.Trans.)

7 July 1922


M. hears thy plans and approves.

K.H. and M. approve.

Let thy devotion be unswerving.

Many have faltered.

M. will help thy plans.

The future will show the results of thy devotion.

M. and K.H. do not forget.

Pleased at thy work.

Horch will help!

My children—Our Blessings!

Work for humanity.

You will be repaid.

M. shall remember.

M. is helping you always.

M. needs you to prepare the way for the coming Avatar.

The way must be prepared. You must be amongst the leaders.

When thy work is done—you will come to Me and be My children.

The path before you is a difficult, but radiant one.

Prepare for it:

Thy days must be filled with thoughts of Me.

We shall have you ever in Our Hearts.

Alcyone brings you a message from Me—listen to him.

He brings you My wishes, My love, and My greetings.

He also bears a remembrance from Me, that you know, that thy Father has His children in His Heart.

Against you many will fight. But none will conquer—for My warriors bear the Banner of Michael the Archangel.

And they shall dispel the darkness from the souls of men.

5 August 1922


M. is happy with your plans.

There must be no animosity among the workers.

I have foreseen all troubles before the work was begun.

I am with thee, and the enmity of men will not prevent the work.

The Name must be used—Master.

M. approves of the plan of action and will help in a way unforeseen.

The difficulties must first be overcome.

The Name will be decided—You have done well.

Remember a mistake in action is better than inaction!

Another month will bring great change.

The New ideas must be inaugurated.

The School must be a centre of Beauty, not for the few, but for all!!!

Once the work is begun, the ideas will unfold.

The help that will come will be unexpected.

Prepare the way for the institution of which you are dreaming.

Modra—thou wert once at Saragossa.

You learned then Martyrdom,

Since then thou wert many times a martyr.

Once you learned the Joy of death in the cause of Truth, the way was shown to you;

And once the way is pointed out, the traveler advances rapidly.

Thy work is given to thee—you knew it long ago.

I shall soon reveal to thee thy former lives.

But not yet, only be brave!

The way opens very soon.

A light will come before thou art aware.

On the pages of the book are written the words of thy services.

Add another page! Let the pen of time pen the words forever!

The days of great achievement are approaching.

Look forward! O, my little one!

Hail that day with joy! Heart of flame!


On Monday begin thy new work with joy, for I am with thee!

On that day, thy Mission in My Name begins!



12 August 1922


M. on the Himalayan peaks listens and understands.

Exult, oh warriors in the task!

On the heights One sees and understands.

Let the hearts of the workers be undivided.

Remember the School was founded as a sacred source from which all may drink.

Let none go thirsty.

Let all who seek the font of Beauty find it free.

Dream on, oh workers!

On the foundations of these dreams the Temple shall be built.

Its walls must be impregnable.

On the hearts must be inscribed the Name.

And that Name must be inviolable.

Oh, guard the sacred shrine from all assaults, for these will be many.

Oh, let the hearts be steadfast.

Let the sacred shrine remain inviolate.

Guard it with thy heart’s blood if need be.

On the Himalaya peaks the Stranger watches the work.

Once passed these days of uncertainty, the ways will open smoothly.

Be patient, oh my daughter.

The tears shed for Me are pearls.

The dawn is close at hand.

All thy difficulties will vanish in the morning light.

Let the day find thy heart aflame.

Let thought of thy Father fill each hour.

Shout thy joy – sing loud the song.

Remember heart be brave.

In a short time light will come.

Many things will be unfolded which are not understood.

On all points guard the ideals of thy heart.

Be unswerving.

On the subject of thy work judge thy course with wisdom.

Be on guard against attacks, these are imminent.

Beware of the advances of false friends.

On thy guard!

Have thy trust in Me.

M. on the opposite side of the earth hears each tremor of thy voice.

Be brave – oh, rest thy trust in M.

While the world attacks thee, He is on thy side.

Only this can determine the conquerors.

Make the most of thy present means.

I shall soon point out the means of thy growth.

Only be patient – and all will be proven.

On thy heart engrave the sacred work,

Have faith in the living God,

Guard the sacred hearth, and the Master will thee.


19 August 1922


M. has set His seal upon the labors.

On the heart’s inmost corners the Name of Him who guards thy soul is written.

M. is thy blessed Father, thy living God.

All worhip His Name.

(Picture of mountains, etc., with title “On the road to the Himalayas”)

On the path journeyed a traveler once.

Through the perils of the way he went, minding not the vicissitudes.

At the journey’s end he found the object of his search.

On the way many were the hardships he encountered.

He turned not from the path.

His eyes garded only the distant goal.

And at the journey’s end he found awaiting him a resplendent Being.

Only such valor will prevail.

Thou knewest the way once – find the way again.

On the way thou art guarded by my words – thou art protected.

(Another picture with date 1929)

In 1929, there will occur what thy vision has foreseen.

I once was at thy side of late.

One time thy heart spoke loud to you and whispered My message.

Listen to thy heart, it shall reveal to you My wishes.

Only let that be thy guide.

Only regard its call.

(picture again with date 1929)

Oh, regard this date 1929.

Begin to plan for that year.

Oh, let thy heart rejoice!

Let thy labors continue. The school must have a firm foundation by then.

For thou will leave it. Remember.

1929 – 1929.


M. on the Himalaya peaks awaits thee.

Only work. Only thy heart must be patient, oh my daughter!

There will be much to pass through before.

Many battles are before thee. Be brave,

And the end will be beyond thy dreams.

Tell Horch that happiness is in store for him.

His actions are observed. He must be patient.

I shall point out the way of growth.

Work, work, work all together in harmony and no other will conquer against you.

Unity and compassion will prevail for Love, Beauty and Action.

19 August


   Love must be your guide. Instill love amongst all the workers. Do not forget this. Your words come from Me. Have trust in Me. There must be unity amongst the workers. Be kind to all. Your work will come to you in the Future. Be patient.


27 August 1922


M. is with thee. Oh, all His disciples, look upwards and behold His splendor!

M. has seen the progress of the work.

On one of the days to come you will feel the presence of the Father.

You will be gathered together and shall feel His Presence like some Glory hovering near thee.

Modra, guard well the portals.

The enemy approaches.

Beware, he advances upon the stronghold.

M. is with thee, be not afraid!

He comes armed, many are in his army.

Yet my seven will be the conquerors.

Horch, be ready for a battle in My Name.

Be forearmed and guard the Temple.

One will lead the enemy who is now among those pretending friendship.

Only be silent and ready and the battle will be averted.

Horch may look for a House.

I shall indicate which I wish for My dwelling.

Let him begin at once.

I will tell him which to choose. 101 West.

Now search! All will be well.

Let not the overhanging dangers disturb the labor.

These will be overcome and all will progress.

My other warriors will soon be with you.

My leaders – they shall go within the year.

Be ready –  young ones to continue the work.

I shall be with thee.

There shall be no need to worry.

Be prepared for great activities.          


Modra - Mamaway

27 August


   Love thy neighbor – know well the meaning of these words – love and compassion – this is the foundation from which you shall develop. From the bud is borne the flower – know thyself.


4 September 1922


M. on the Himalaya peaks hears thy morning prayers.

Sing – child – sing!

The day of gladness approaches.

M. is with thee in thy plans.

Thy vision sees the future of the school.

More than school – temple!

A place of worship for All.

Youth, answer to the call of the present hour.

Behold the future in store for you.

Worship before the shrine of Beauty, and the hearts will unfold like flowers.

(picture 101)

Blessed be the work – Hearts of flame – tremble and rejoice!

Bless the shrine within.

Modra, only wait, and I will reveal to you your former lives.

I will tell thee thy former work.

Come to Me.

M. will be with thee after the leaders are gone.

Be not afraid.

I shall reveal to thee much before they leave.

The work will be protected.

Daughter, prepare for greater duties, they will be yours.

There is much to do, Horch will help thee.

He is ordained thy helper.

Plans are not made by the Masters without forethought.

Not by chance that thou art working for Me.

Nor is Horch new to thee.

All will be told in due time.

M. is with thee – thou hast been with Him during the sleeping hours.

Be ready any time for thy call.

Thou must be trained for future work.

Thou and Horch.

Modra – My daughter.

Michael – 1927.

Picture – Pamopo.

Tibet – Olom.

(Many different languages were written.)   M.

4 September


   Corona Mundi shall be a success – I proclaim it. You shall realize its ideals as time evolves. Do not fear – I guard it with My shield. Help will come at the proper time. There should be harmony amongst the workers. In unity is strength. M. is pleased with the school. Its growth this unseen is there. Keep always the ideals before you. Do not waver.

M. protects it. Work with.

9 September 1922


Make way for the coming warriors!

Make way for the warriors of the Holy Name!

Make way, for the young warriors are coming.

Join their ranks, oh youth.

For this is the army of Millennium.

They battle for a cause, which is beyond even thy vision.

Picture – His shield!

M. is happy to know that His children will be henceforth together.

Greet My returned leaders.

Tell them the work grows.

Tell them their heirs are making progress.

They are coming closer to Me.

Know thy former life (picture).

M. is thy Master. He will guide thy work.

Ye in America – young warriors – thou must accomplish in the Name of thy Father.

Works beyond thy present hopes and dreams are before thee.

Only work as ye have begun.

Be one in spirit. Be together constantly, for then you shall become one.

Each has his allotted work – each his place in the ranks.

All are necessary to the success.

Young knights, bear thy Father’s banner to the battle.

Uphold it, and the enemy will fly before thee.

Thou art conquerors before the battle is begun.

               Light of the World!

Modra, lay thy hand upon the hands of My other children.

Unite thy spirits now.

Young knights – America is thy battleground.

When the leaders are gone, you must continue.

A great mission awaits you, greater than you can imagine or dream.

Remember, a mighty temple rests upon thy efforts.

Prepare, for thy mission is great.

Many will look to thee for help.

May thy lives be loving examples of Beauty.

Prepare for the days ahead. Prepare and rejoice!

[1] “Modra” is the spiritual name for Frances Grant.Ed.