New York

September 14, 1922–December 2, 1922[1]

Evenings in the school

14 September 1922, Saturday, evening

“Automatic writing of Porooma:[2]

M. is pleased with the union. May your spirit unite. Happiness awaits the conquerors. All work together. Work all ye workers. You shall see the results, I shall give the work—success is assured. Black forces surround you, be on your guard. Do not fear. Your spirits shall always unite you. Let then be joy with the work.*


“M. is pleased with the work done and will help. Porooma was thy wife before, many centuries ago. M. will ever be on your side1929. Once a traveler came afar to see memany years ago1929watch that year and be prepared to do great work, that year it will be an important one for all the workers.*


Picture of Allal-Ming

“Modra, last worked faithfully. Thy reward is at hand. A fateful day draws near. Thy eyes will be opened. M. is near the seven, so close that they feel the glory near. White walls . . . of great beginnings. Glory in thy destiny. M. has laid His seal upon the first meeting of Corona Mundi. Such seed shall grow until a mighty tree, let the roots grow deep—the roots are seven. Brave children of My army, what glory awaits thee in the battle. Rush forward into the fight. Carry the banner of the Holy Name, uphold it. It shall blind the enemy with its beauty—1927—Michael—year of destiny, year of glory in its wake—year of Light, year of splendor 1927— Michael—I have proclaimed it. Look forward and prepare. O, you seven gathered together, I send My blessing.

“Urooswati, behold thy children and smile. Young hearts recruited for My army, young apostles ready to spread the light. M. pours upon thee His benign Blessing.

Picture (House) 101.

For ever Eternity.

Hearts of Flame.” *


с87.jpg“Und die Decke zu niedrig und nicht genügend Raum für alle suchenden. 1924. Die Übergangstufe wird zum Tempel führen und hoch wird der Tempel sein. Du der Auserkorene, der Überall Licht streicht, wirst der Menschheit das Thor zum ewigen Licht öffnen und gedeihen wird deine Arbeit. Es ist sein Wille. Deine Seele ist groß und groß ist der Zweck deines Daseins. Deine Erben sollen weiter schaffen. Erwachen beginnt. Unser Schild wird stets über Euch schweben, Segen den Versammelten.”

с87.jpg(Germ: The roof is low, and the rooms are too cramped for all seekers. 1924. The transitional stage will lead to the temple, and the Temple will be high. You chosen ones, radiating light throughout, you shall open the gates to the eternal light for mankind, and your deeds shall blossom. This is His will. Your soul is great, and huge is the significance of your being. Your heirs should continue to create. The awakening begins. Our Shield will be ever above you; blessing to the gathered ones.)

Your Great Teacher is here. Unite all the suffering and thirsty ones. You will give light to those living in the darkness, and your glory will be unforgettable—for you led towards the goodness.


I am giving an eye—behold. I have sent the signs—understand and defeat those standing at the gates. The post carries instruction to you, but there is no time for contemplation. An abyss should be crossed. I have said.

23 September 1922, evening



“By what power wilt thou gain strength?

How wilt thou attain the fulfillment of Our Work?

By the Power given to Us.

Shall I speak of power when all folly, all ignorance, all vanity, strive for power?

But I say, and affirm, Our Power is different.

Our Power is sacrifice.

I will explain briefly.

“When Kurnovoo, the ruler, erected the Golden Gates,

He was striving to enter the Temple.

Nevertheless He bore to the end His sacrifice.

When Solomon sought the power of Beauty,

When, through Sulamith was revealed to him the symbol of superhuman Truth,

Yet He remained king and carried to the end His sacrifice.

“When Tibet’s spiritual teacher, A-lal Ming, was striving towards the mountains where

first the Lord appeared to Him,

He still remained in the valley and accepted the chalice of sacrifice.

“When Sheik Rossul Ibn Rahim was striving to hand His power unto His son,

He nevertheless heard the Voice and sacrificed all to serve to the end.

When the Teacher, Origen, committed body and spirit,

Gave all to spread the last teachings of Christ,

He still bore the burden of teaching.

“When Sergius of Radonezh declined the throne of the Metropolitan,

And strove to commune with animals,

He stayed to build monasteries,

And kept around Him His pupils.

“When Akbar, called The Great, laid the foundation stones of a unified religion,

His soul longed to be under the Tree of Wisdom,

Where He received enlightenment.

Nevertheless, He remained upon the steps of His throne.

“Knowing wherein is podvig,

Knowing that power is sacrifice,

Whilst affirming the victory you will say,

‘Lord, let this triumphal cup pass from me.’

Then will you attain the right to create,

And your spirit will be unassailable.

“Remember this Book of Sacrifice.

For it reveals the Gates of Fulfillment and Readiness.

And, being prepared, you will know all.

Because all will be opened and given and told unto you.

But only listen and remember.

And chiefly read, and read again.

Because oft the physical form obscures the knowledge of the spirit.

“And when you behold the prophesied conflagration you will say,

‘This is why yesterday I removed my possessions.’

And, beholding the lightning, you will bow your head in reverence to the Will of the Lord.

“I said it, I instructed you—cherish it.”[5]




“M. has revealed to thee the pages of the book. Read their message; study the glory of the hidden meaning—This reveals the path before thee, the path of sacrifice and martyrdom. It is a way fraught with sorrow of body and filled with physical torment, but with spiritual glory. Thou art forewarned, yet I know thou art not daunted. 

“Hearts aflame . . . Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice. It is the sesame to salvation. Akbar heard thy first call of service. Akbar answered that call. Thou died for Him. Thou may be compelled to die again. Art thou ready? That is the supreme test. The great achievements must have their toll of human endeavor, perhaps life. Face this possibility: death[6] but for this cause—the glory!

“M. has rejoiced in the clearing of the altar. The dust is wiped away. Let no second pass in anger. Love each other. Horch and thou are brother and sister. Love each other, ye warriors, for hand in hand thou must fight through fierce battles. It is not easy. Sorrow even death faces you, but together you may achieve a goal beyond thy dreams. Twin warriors, my young children, prepare for the fight. Gird on each other’s arms. March abreast. Face the enemy together.

“Modra, Modra, Modra, Dodst thou remember the Golden Gate? Dodst thou remember Egypt? Dost thou remember Tibet?

“When the dream which is thy physical life is over, thou will remember these yesterdays sweet in service. My arms have touched thee. My robe has covered thee, Servant, daughter, thy future is not an easy one. Thou must bear the brunt of great tasks, even crucifixion. Remember, be brave. Thou on the brink of happiness chose sorrow as thy cup, but thou shall see the reward. Greater than power, greater than human offerings. Thou shall reach Gethsemane. Thou art mine now and forever. Remember, daughter, be brave. I am with you. My little Modra.


“Crucifix and Salvation.

“And beyond, the Gates of Eternity.

“Ye seven children of light. Be ready. The glory of thy father fills this room. Look for the flame, which enfolds thee. Thy father’s ray touches each of thee, stirs the flame within thy hearts. The quivering of thy spirit reveals my message. The dawn of a new era is immediately before thee. Be equipped for thy labors. Be ready. The ray comes before thou art aware. This, my message! Discern its meaning. Rejoice in the trust. Be ready and look for the morrow.” *




“M. is pleased with thy work.

M. will tell thee, when you shall see His glory.

M. will always—May you be ready for His call. Be ready, be ready, be ready.

Harmony must be … ” *


“You see the path before thee. Strive along the path of sacrifice. Little ones, tender ones, small ones lead to great ones. Keep My image before thee always, do work in My name.

Akbar calls to thee and remembers thee.

My message to thee—Be patient, little one.” *


Wie eure reine Wesen Heil und Kraft dem Geiste geben, so werden deine Kunstwerke durch wunder bahre Austrahlungen genesen, die mit Inbrunst Höheres durch Euch suchen werden. Kein Opfer soll zu groß sein für den Tempel, für den leuchtenden Geist, der in R. und Ur. ist. Nimmt Licht und gießt Licht 1929–1931. dein Haupt wird sie tragen, und nicht aus Edelsteinen die entwendet und verloren gehen können. Dein Haupt wird die Krone aus allen menschlichen Segen tragen und an deiner Seite wird Ur. die größten Idealen des reinen höheren Wesen und Weisheit voll füllen. Ihr die den Segen habt, für Grosses und Heiliges zu arbeiten versteht, versteht, versteht und dient, dient, dient. ”

с101.jpg(Germ: As your pure souls give goodness and power to the spirit, so your creations will heal, through the wondrous emanations, those who will ardently seek the highest. No sacrifice would be too great for the Temple, for the luminous spirit abiding in Roerich and Urusvati.[7] Take the Light, and pour the Light from 1929–1931. Your head will carry it, made not from the precious stones that can be taken away or lost. Your head will be crowned with the wreath of all human values; and near you, Urusvati shall entirely implement the greatest ideals of the supreme being and purest wisdom. You, who have the blessing, understand the labor in the name of the Highest and Holy—understand, understand, understand and serve, serve, serve.)

30 September 1922, evening



“Can the tree stand firm?

Yes, yes, yes—

If the roots are deeply buried and unseen beneath the ground.

“I told you of beauty, I told you of love, I told you of action.

I told you of devotion, I told you of readiness and compassion.

I have opened the window for you, and shown you the battle.

I explained the meaning of courage,

And finally I summoned you to the Great Service.

“And where is the garment in which to ascend the steps of the Temple?

Where is the worthy vestment to cover the nakedness and impurity of our bodies?

“Throughout the Universe pulsates the fabric of Life’s Beginning.

Throughout the Universe is found the worthy Garment.

Joy quivers, and vibrates, and resounds.

In this Garment of Joy you will ascend the steps.

This garment will enfold your body.

“They are rending the Raiment of the Lord.

They scoff at its tatters.

But the daughter of the world and the Mother of the Universe will mend the pieces of this Raiment.

And you will come ready to receive your vestment.

For, wherefore the power and wherefore the sacrifice, if there be no joy?

And where is compassion,

And where is devotion,

And where is the love of creation,

If your shoulders are not bedecked with the Raiment of the Mother of the World?

“And when you erect the Temple of Beauty,

And on its approaches you lay out My Garden of Joy,

Then name this Garden in My Name,

For I told you: Children, rejoice!

“And while crossing the border between power and sacrifice,

Attired in the radiance of joy,

We shall tell you tomorrow about the prayer.

“The Book of Prayer and Podvig will conclude the first trilogy.

Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice!”[8]

30 September 1922

“And you will say to them:

We know the battle,

And therefore joy is within us;

And we know the Service—

Therefore, radiant with joy are our faces.

“I am sending Joy and Benevolence and Truth.

For in this is everything.”[9]


“Wonder of wonders! Earth fragrant with the flowers of creation, radiant with palpitating life, filled with the throbbing of hearts attuned to her music. What is message of thy song? – Glory, glory, glory. I serve a cause of splendor. Rich in fulfillment I serve the cause of my Creator. I sing aloud – listen to my laughter, the laughter of a Youth facing a picture of fulfillment. Hail to the spring time of Creator, Hail the summer of fulfillment, Hail an autumn rich in memory, Hail a winter of rest on thy God. Oh, that the days were endless, oh that the hours were numberless. For the Glory of true service cannot be contained in time. They extend onto the Infinity, then influence is eternal.

Modra, Modra, Modra.

“Let thy eyes behold the sun upon the mountains. What iridescent splendors they reflect. High above the earth sentinels of a power incomprehensible, they have weathered the centuries, they have withstood the ages, they tower heavenwards—Great stalwart pillars of the world. Look upwards, regard them as thy inspiration rocks of strength weathering the storms, struck by the lightning, blast but ever stalwart. Firm pillars—embodiment of strength. The scene of tomorrow’s joy ye all shall earn it with strife—Nirvana, Nirvana, Nirvana is before thee. Nirvana earned by that holiest of joys Service for humanity. Gates of tomorrow! Behold them! Look into the blessed garden. Thou hast the Key wherewith to open them. Behind thee are joys innumerable, joys so tender that the earth quivers at the tale of them. But before thee are joys still greater indescribable. The Gates open and what is beyond words cannot utter the beauties therein.

“The eye above is blinded by them, the ear is deafened by their thunder but the spirit understands. These are the joys which await the faithful labor and you shalt paid them. Serve and you shall earn their meaning. The way is straight ahead, the secret is Service. Therein is the essence of all joy. I say to thee—this joy is a flower of this garden. Its buds are now growing, it shall blossom soon.

“Immortal flower whose fragrance thou wilt partake (picture) flower of joy: breathe its fragrance, its blossoms for thee.

“My blessings to my children of gladness and laughter.

“I smile, I smile, I smile when the echo of thy mirth reaches me!

“Happy children, thy father partakes of thy laughter. The room is filled with sun light, joy buys up the labor sweetness and light. My message to thee will bring sweetness and light from thy Father.”*


“M. is pleased with thy work.

M. beholds thy labors.

M. will show you soon how to improve thy health.”*


“M. tells thee of joy. Understand its meaning. There are kinds of joy, but the greatest joy is in sacrifice, compassion, love for humanity. Thy spirit will reveal to thee the joy of the Universe. Search for it, My children. Thy heart palpitates at the joy of tomorrow. Work and serve and you shall also find joy therein. Serve, My child. Your spirit is growing—be patient.”*


“Ce rayon fut une menace portee par une main ennemie et grace a toi, o, Ourousvati!, le mal a ete inoffensif. Protégé, protégé, protégé.”

(Fr: This ray was a threat, generated by one enemy hand, and thanks to you, O Urusvati, evil brought no harm. I protect, protect, protect.)

“Die Wurzeln sind stark aber noch tiefer werden und sollen sie wachsen damit kein Sturm den Baum umwerfen kann. Ourouswati, Foujama leitet, leitet, leitet.”

(Germ: The roots are strong; they will be even deeper. They should grow so that no storm can overturn the tree. Urusvati, Fuyama[10] guides, guides, guides.)

Descended upon earth, and I shall give you the light.

You carry the good and the truth.

Be blessed your path to Us.

“Der Leitende Geist,

Die Reine Quelle,

Die Schönheits gebenden,

Die Weisheit streuende,

Das Böse tötende,

Das Hohe Schaffende

Wird ihr sein—Mein Gebot.”

(Germ: Leading spirit,

Pure source,

Giving beauty,

Sowing wisdom,

Striking evil,

Creating the highest—So will you become—My Decree.)


14 October 1922, evening

N. R.

“Warrior, is it possible to enter the Holy of Holies of the Temple with spear and sword?

Friend, I am on the way to achievement—how can I leave my armor?

Warrior, I shall keep for you your armor upon the steps of the portal.

Friend, I have come to consecrate all my possessions—how can I leave them here?

“Father, wither my hand if it be raised for an unjust deed!

Father, turn my brain to ashes if it recoil in treacherous thought!

Father, demolish my being if it be turned to evil!

“My child, I shall not strike thy hand.

My child, I shall not harm thy brain if thou art on the way to podvig.

But amidst attainment devote time to silence of the spirit.

Then shall I approach thy inner being.

The seed of the Great Silence leads to knowledge of the Great Service.

“Father, henceforth I will shorten my psalms,

And I will limit the length of my hymns.

And podvig will be my prayer,

And I will start it with silence.

“Brothers, in all thy beginnings, remember the time of silence.

It is then that you are approached by the Messenger of the Teaching.

And thus, understanding prayer and podvig,

Glorified by beauty, strongly embracing power as sacrifice,

You will reach the Temple.

“End of the trilogy.”[11]

Seven, seven, seven, begin the first book.

Soon I will give edification to the builders.



“Hand of Fate—Hand of Destiny, what dost thou write upon thy golden scroll?

I write the message of Eternity.

What is the message of Eternity, Beloved Father?

The message of the trilogy: Sacrifice—Joy—Prayer.

Therein is summed up the glory of the Universe.

The stars tremble and rejoice with the glory of this message.

And man is transfigured in the comprehension of its Beauty.

“Open thy hearts, oh thou seven!

Let the flood of knowledge pour in like a stream of light.

Understanding shall come.

The Golden Beauty of the Unseen World shall fill thy beings.

Soon thy eyes shall open.

Be ready for the new understanding!

Purge thy hearts of the old prejudices.

Clean and refresh thy spirits for the life immediately before thee.

“First thou wilt see the blessed spheres—

Symbols of the Brotherhood of Light.

Let thy eyes not waver in regarding them.

Nor must thy heart shrink.

Bathe thy being in their Beauty.

The Trilogy has a close relation to the meaning of these spheres.

Remember these messages, and thou shalt comprehend the meaning of the symbol.

“Shall reveal more of these symbols soon.

Your lives are beginning to be closely molded.

The spirits are being interwoven more strongly with each meeting.

The ages of karmic love, which binds thy spirits have strengthened the ties and soon the spirits will be as one.

M. is with the guardians[12] of the portals.

Open thy eyes and thou shalt see.

Open thy ears and thou shalt hear.

The light is near.

Pray, rejoice, sacrifice.

And the Gates of Heaven will be opened to you.

“The firmament will have no secrets that thou canst not penetrate.

The joy of Samadhi will be yours.

Such is My message to you, My children.

Study its meaning, and devote your lives to the attainment of this bliss.

Thou art ever aided by thy Father’s blessings.”*



Moriah, Moriah, Moriah.

Work . . .


“Let not trivialities enter or darken thy spirit, but let the seed of the Great Silence grow and develop. The buds shall blossom to flowers. And therein lies your happiness. Achievement is gained through consecrated efforts. Be patient! Let the Silence of your hearts govern your actions and thoughts, for the Teacher is nearer to you then. Open thy heart and let love always remain there. Remember, the trilogy: Sacrifice, Joy and Prayer—therein lies attainment. Soon”*


“Zu groß der Meister und zu winzig die Schöler, als dass Du denen Deine Kunst gibst. Du sollst und must nur die reine Weisheit Suchender und Deinen Geist erreichen können und [. . .]. Kein unnützes Ver"schwenden Deiner hohen Kraft und Namens für kleine außer Wert für Menschheit lebender Geister. Wissenschaft und Weisheit gib und gabst und wirst Du geben Denen, die ins Höhere hinaufsteigen Können.”

(Germ: Too high is the Teacher, and too small are the disciples, in order to give them your art. You should, and must, find only genuine seekers of wisdom and your spirit [. . .]. No useless waste of your higher force and name, for the small spirits live without any use for mankind. With knowledge and wisdom you have been giving, giving, and will give to those who are able to ascend.)

You shall paint the horseman returning from the battlefield to the New Dawn. His face will be thoughtful and victorious. The Messengers of the New Dawn—Urusvati and Fuyama. The world shall know it in due time, and will proclaim the New Dawn with the greatest gift—given by the Highest Force and Will.

I see the hand with a ring above Urusvati.

“Auserwählte! Höhere Aufgaben erwarten Euch wie Reinigung des menschlichen Herzens. Einsam warden Eure Schüler nicht bleiben. Der einst den Fuß an den rechten Weg gestellt hat unter Eurer Leitung, der mit Inbrunst ans Schöne, Heilige, Reine glaubt, den warden wir stets schützen und nimmer sollen die Auserwählten von den rechten und weisen Pfad entweichen. Gesegnet an herrlichen Taten soll Eure [. . .] Mein Schild schützt Euch.

Versteht, versteht, versteht.”

Germ: The chosen ones! High task of human hearts’ purification awaits you. Your disciples will not remain lonely. The one, who once stepped onto a genuine path under your guidance, sincerely believing in beauty, holiness, and purity—that one will be relentlessly protected by Us; and the chosen ones should never leave the path of truth and goodness. You are blessed with glorious tasks [. . .]. My Shield is above you. Understand, understand, understand.)

28 October 1922, evening

N. R.

“Yes, yes, yes!

I summon you.

I proclaim you My own.

And on your girdle rattle the keys to the doors of trust.

How many have approached these doors,

And even tried to turn the key,

But did not know how to unlock the door.

And an opportunity lost will not return.

“When you approach the lock, do not invite the old passersby.

Do not invite those who have repeatedly shown their ignorance.

At every crossroad new ones await you,

And every stone for the building carries My Sign.

“And when you enter and start to build the tower,

Measure for the foundation by encircling the rock on which it will rest;

For from the tower shall you, builders, behold the distances!

“I address you briefly,

For you must learn and remember.

Remember, remember, remember, what I tell you.

I said it.”[13]

Fill up the aura of this house, and understand how to accept those sent to you.

I said it.


“The fruits of the present labour will soon be apparent and will—

See only part of the building—but the second tower is growing already. The foundation is being build even now, the days of thy travail are not yet finished, but do not loose thy courage, for though thou seest not the growth, it is there in the spirit. It begins to grow. The Soul within leaps to newed life. The making physical [. . .] sees not the budding spirit. Suffering is the food upon which the Soul is nurtured. Ye who have suffered, ye only understand, for he who has resign his all to this suffering born of this search for growth, achieves a joy immeasurable. Suffering glorifies the Soul and gives to the growing Spirit a transcendent beauty. Henceforth the School is in the hands of the seven. My seal of protection is upon it, but thou must gain the Karmic benefit to be derived from the Construction of the temple. A force of tremendous Cosmic consequence controls all the work, which you are now undertaking, and its effect will be apparent to you within your lifetime. This is no child’s work, that you are attempting, its influence is universal. Nor will it suffer and disintegrate like that other now dying efforts.

“The world thirsts for Beauty. The tremendous holocaust, which has engulfed its [. . .] mankind-arouse these lethargic souls [. . .] their thirst. Beauty alone is the Salvation. Religions have lost forever their power to sooth the terrors of humanity. Ye, who fight to bring Beauty to the hearts of men, are the veritable missionaries, the true Apostles. And it is thy Master who ordained thee, then take thy garments of Priesthood.

“The Apostles of a Gospel comprehensible to all humanity. Do justice to the order of Beauty and of love, and the blessings of Our holy Brotherhood shall forever be upon thee. Accept the Blessings of my brothers who also sent their Benediction.”*


“The School will be a success and the entire universe will wonder at its phenomenal growth. It will be the centre of beauty and action. It will be the joy of nations. Corona Mundi will embody a different kind of beauty. Treasures from all the worlds will arrive to be shown to everyone. Give your heart and soul to this work, which shall never be forgotten by the White Brotherhood. Great spiritual Glory will await all ye seven workers.”*


“Be happy in the trust. Your opportunities await you. Be ready. Let the great [. . .] soul and follow its path carefully and wisely. Use discretion. Study well the messages to learn the depth of the hidden knowledge. Develop your spirits, and understanding will come. Bring Beauty to the pupils, let the rich ideals of their art purify their Beings. Permit Beauty to spread its power and influence the hearts of many. Look into the distance. Keep your eyes there.

“. . .The foundation of the structure with the pure hearts of the workers. Remember.” *


Among the newcomers are some dark grey auras. Be vigilant. Do not allow them to approach My Temple; alienate them. Discriminate through your inner sight. You should remove those who are unfaithful to My Cause.

“Das innere Auge wird sich auch in Dir entwickeln. Warte, glaube, lerne und verzage nicht darauf, den das ist das Hochste. Erfullen versteht die heilige, reine und große Aufgabe, die das Hail der Seele ist. Urusvati und Fujama, die Euch zum Gipfel leiten warden sind selbst schon nah. Ihr must Euch noch leiten lassen. Ehrt und schätzt die Gabe, die Wir Euch gesandt haben.”

(Germ: The inner eye will be developed in you as well. Wait, trust, study, and be out of sorrow, because it is the highest. Understand how to implement the holy, pure, and great assignment containing benevolence of the soul. Urusvati and Fuyama, those who will lead you to the top of the mountain are themselves close to it. Meanwhile, you should follow the guidance. Honor and value the gifts sent to you by Us.)

Urusvati, luminous soul, the enemy was harmless, could not strike.

There will not be bad weather, will not be, will not be.

You should not see Muromtsevs too often. Bad arrows proceed from them. You may feel pity for them, but do not spend your spiritual beauty on them. They will not appreciate it. They will tear off a beautiful petal and crush it.

“Heil Euch. Heil dem Tempel. Heil den Leitern. Kein Wort soll aus deren Geiste verloren gehen. Lernt, lernt, lernt in Inbrunst und in Liebe. Unser Schild ist über Euch.”

141.jpg(Germ: Blessing to you. Blessing to the Temple. Blessing to the guardians. Not a single word of their spirit can be lost. Learn, learn, learn with enthusiasm and love. Our Shield is above you.)

4 November 1922, evening

Dictated by N. Roerich

“Approaching the mountain, one beholds a chaos of stones and jagged peaks.

Beyond are the rocky chasms.

Then begin the mountain meadows, watered by snow.

But behind the snowy summits you will see into the great, glimmering distances.

“You are passing through a corridor of life,

And are raising dust with your every step.

How great is the burden, how many the renunciations, how vast the fear!

Where was left the Treasure of the World?

“But if you carry with you a precious stone or rarest pearl—would you forget it?

No, you would guard it carefully.

You would search your pockets and fasten the clasps, because you carry a true

treasure of earth.

What care!

“You will ask, ‘How amidst the stress of life can one remember the Treasure of the


I shall smile and say that it is simple—

Select at the seashore a pebble smoothed by the waves and carry it with you,

remembering the Treasure of the World.

“And when they press around you and cover your garments with dust,

Then take in your hand the chosen stone,

And remind yourself of the Treasure of the World which I commanded you to take to

its destination.

Remember, remember, remember.

I said it.”[14]


Now the sign for the book.


“What does the symbol of the Holy Brotherhood reveal, oh Master?

The portals of the Home of Purity.

Unlock the portals, and the treasure of the Universe is thine. Within the Temple glow the works of wisdom crystallized into forms so luminous and radiant that the eye of the unillumined is blinded. Thinkest thou that the precious gems of the earth are [. . .]?  [. . .] yet to see the radiance of [. . .] of the world above. And these gems are the glowing words of saints and prophets, which become the Treasures of the world of Spirit.

“The flowers of that benign Kingdom are the thoughts of men’s souls which bloom in that eternal garden never to wither but to [. . .] their fragrance throughout the centuries. Who shall trace the influence of an unselfish thought? Its life continues long after its physical [. . .] is forgotten. And renewing the sweet inspiration which created it brings happiness to multitudes. Remember thy thoughts are powerful weapons. Arrows to comfound or rays of light to soothe and comfort. Choose wisely their use, for Karma will repay the good. M.M. [. . .] the seven growing together in spirit. The waves of love which you bear for each other surround thee as an impenetrable wall.

“Let the attack of the enemy have it unshaken, scarred wearily, but the scars of battles are tributes of valor. In love thou shalt be together. A bond beyond earthly comprehension ties thee to each other. Thou shalt be together henceforth through eternity. Together thou shalt reach the heights. Each has a place assigned in the building of the coming culture. Already is thy work in the next root race known to Us, but be together always in soul. Inseparable warriors in the army of Light.”*



“Remember always the knowledge given to you in the different messages. They contain knowledge of what is ahead. Few mortals know of it. M. is watching while the foundation of Corona Mundi is being laid. Be careful and be sure you understand well its meaning. Begin slowly and surely and it will reach great heights during your lifetime. It shall go on forever.”*



“Send the gem of which I speak. Polish it, beautify it with thy spirits capacity. Cherish it – lay its imprint on thy heart, treasure it with thy soul’s might. Amidst life’s turmoil treasure the gift I have sent you.

Keep it always in your spirit. It shall be thy happiness and assist you on the path of attainment. Ye seven workers be as one in spirit and I shall send you help.

My blessing to you in unity.” *



“Das unendlich Große wächst nicht über Nacht. Stark müssen und sollen zuerst die Wurzeln sein, und dann erst hoch und kräftig der Stamm. Das Übertrieben schnelle fällt sehr leicht um, und Ihr Schüler wächst mit dem Stamm und lasst die Wurzeln aus der Tiefe Eures Herzen sprossen. 88 bald 120 werden in der Tempel kommen nach Licht. Lasst Sie von Wenigem oder nichts unter Eurer den höheren und reinen Geist in Euren Wändenspüren.

Versteht, versteht, verstehet und wirkt nach Meinen Gebot.”

(Germ: The immensely large cannot grow within one night. First, the roots should grow stronger; only then the trunk becomes mighty and high. What is too fast is easy to break, but your disciples grow together with the trunk, and take roots to the depths of your hearts. First eighty-eight, and then one hundred and twenty shall come for the light of your temple. Let from the small or insignificant, develop under your supervision. Let them, within your walls, feel the spirit—the highest and pure spirit.

Understand, understand, understand, and act according to My indication.)

D.G. should be exposed; find out all his plans concerning the staging of the play to avoid disgrace.

“Leichtfertigkeit darf ausrotten.” (Germ: Frivolity needs to be eradicated.)

Urusvati is surrounded by the light visible to pure souls.

25 November 1922, evening

Automatic writing of N.R.:


For I wish you to approach Me joyous and radiant in the time of the Great Darkness.

It is true—

I have confided much to you,

I have given you dates and warnings,

I have granted you the possibility of victory,

And I have revealed to you the secrets of Our Decisions.

“You can conquer and attain enlightenment,

But give to Me your offering.

“If you are afraid,

Give Me your fear.

“If you are in doubt,

Give Me your doubt.

“If you are angry,

Give Me your anger.

“And if you give Me a handful of trivial objects,

I will also accept these dusty playthings and recast them in My Tower.

“True, if you wish again to make use of your gift in your life,

Do not forget how unworthy is he who takes back what he has once given.

“Thus, I have accepted your fear and your doubt and your anger—this is for Me.

And for you I give the path to the Light.

For I wish you to approach Me joyous and radiant in the time of the Great Darkness—before the New Dawn.”[15]

Given on a day of the seven—November 25, 1922



“Prepare the altar of the Lord, oh ye Priestess! Light the fire before the altar, burn incense. Purge the Dwelling of the Father, they let the worshippers enter. Let them place therein the offerings. They must come joyfully singing aloud His praises, giving the gifts with song upon their lips. For the gifts given into His blessed Name are the greatest expression of a man’s inner spirit. So approach the altar in song. Let the Hymn of Praise resound. Extol the Blessed One.

“Modra, Modra, Modra.

“Listen to the voice within thy heart. It is calling to thee. Listen and understand, My daughter, a day approaches, a day of light and night must follow. In the hours of night thy heart must light thy path, and I shall watch the silent but vigilant tomb of darkness. Dense night of darkness, I fear thee not. I bear the lamp within my spirit. The darkness daunts me not, oh Father, my Heart shall know its path.

“My message shall come, ye warriors. Fear not the Temple has its Guardians. None shall assault it without the Guardians knowledge. I keep My Vigil. My warriors shall have their warning. The [. . .] them to arms. Then shall they gird themselves and come out ready for the battle in My Name.

Be blessed!” *



“When you approach Me, remember Calmness is of great importance.” *


“Years of enlightenment are before you. Be patient. Your spirit must grow. Let My leaders be as examples to you. Live and act Beauty. I accept thy gifts be even small. Try to purify your beings. Keep thy eyes on the distant goal. Permit not trivialities to darken your spirits. Think of the lofty. Remember the Path on which you are striving. Keep Beauty in thy Hearts. Remember.”*


“Zwar dicht wird der Nebel und dunkel die Wolken jedoch nicht auf sumpfigem Gebiet, sondern auf felsenfesten Pfade steht und befindet Ihr Euch. Denkt stets daran und keine Weile soll der Ritter des Bösen der einen dunklen Schleier über Eure Augen ziehen will. Versagt aus Eurer Seele die winzigste Finsternis, dem denn Lichte strebt. Ihr zum Lichte seit ihr geleitet und das Licht werdet Ihr sehen. Die Nebel werden entschweifen. Nichts dauert und ist vernichtet, was zur Vernichtung auf Gut [. . .] gelassen wird. Erinnert Euch stets daran. Eine feste Hand leitet Euch, seit stark und fest Ihr selber auch.”

(Germ: Though the fog will become dense and the clouds turn black, you stand not at the swamps, but on the rock stronghold. Remember that, and no evil warrior could, even for a moment, be able to throw a dark veil over your eyes. Give up the slightest urge of evil, and strive for good. Go towards the light, and you shall behold the light. The fog will be dispersed. Nothing is eternal; the destroyed will be that which is sentenced to destruction for good [. . .]. Always remember that. The firm hand guides you, but strengthen yourselves as well.)

The sword of truth will smite the enemy’s head. Do not fear, do not fear, do not fear.

I said, I conveyed, I sense, I know.

Light and Peace!

Neither Urusvati nor Fuyama will be hit.

Will not be hit; will not be hit; will not be hit.

2 December 1922, evening


Automatic writing of N.R.:

“I know you who scratch at the door.

You hope upon the shoulders of a guest to enter My House.

I know you!

You have become subtle and resourceful,

Even more resourceful than many of Mine.

You have fastened your clasps and prepared your garments.

You have even studied all My expressions.

I hear you pronounce even Joy.

But here I will stop you.

You do not dare pronounce the joy of Love.

Your joy is the joy of hatred.

“But behind hatred hovers the loathsome shadow of doubt.

And doubt is not fit as a shield.

“I will receive your arrows in My Shield.

And if you persist,

I will, with a smile, send you one—but one—in return.”[16]

December 1922


“He knocks upon the portals of My temple, also he knocks loud and enters smiling, thinking to win My warriors with his benignity. But my guardian shall be on the alert and shall with a smile as weapon strike a dart into his cunning heart. He shall try thee with song, he shall try thee with poetry, he shall try thee by flattery. Then thou shall arm thyselves with song and poetry and flattery, and confound him. And into the pit which he has dug shall he fall and be entered forever. Thou guard the portals, thou guard the portals, thou guard the portals.

“Two moons shall find him alert, to the limits shall he contest the coming victory of My soldiers. He shall molest as he sail assault, but let him find a wall impregnable. Match subtlety with subtlety. He fights not with cudgels but with his wits, then sharpen too thy weapons. But the battle is over. The field shall be covered with vanquished warriors and the banner of the St. Michael shall be up raised above the battleground. Soldiers of the white army thou are victors already marked, but the fight shall rage furious. Then watch, then guard, then be vigilant. In My Name you battle, and there is only victory ahead.*


“Guard well both institutions. Fight off attacks by helping My Name as a talisman within your heart. You shall be conquerors. Guard the temple with good thoughts and keep calm during the raging battle. My leaders shall counsel you all and hearten you for future battle to come.” *


“Be calm, battle shall not be difficult if you prepare yourselves with My gifts. Strengthen your Spirit. Be bold, place all your trust in Me and all will be well. Be true to your good thoughts. Let your intuition guide you. Be brave and firm. Have no fear. I said it.” *


“Obacht und Schutz habt Ihr, stets und nie versagt oder versänkt die Quelle, die aus edlem und gutem Grund sprosst. Die Quelle ist Eure Glaube und der Schütz bin Ich.

Keine Angst vor seinem Angesicht. Halt fest in tiefem Sinn die Gewissheit, dass Bösehaft zerschmettert wird, und Güte stets lebt. Und wenn der Feind auch kommt, steht fast auf euren Füßen und last nicht den Boden unter Euren Füssen entschleichen. Eur Band soll unzerreissbar sein. Ehrt und wehrt Eure Leiter.” [17]

(Germ: We shall not leave you without care or protection, and a source coming from generous, good soil will never run dry. This source is your faith, and I am your protection.

Do not be afraid of its image. Keep a strong conviction in your heart, that evil will perish and good will triumph. And if the enemy strikes, stand firm, and do not let the soil slip out from under your feet. Your connection should be strong. Honor and protect your guardians.)

* This message was given in English, therefore remains unchanged and unedited to maintain its original exactness. [From now on to (short version): Original English text]—Trans

[1] Readers’ Note: In the original text, the initials of Helena Roerich, Nicholas Roerich, and their sons, George and Svetoslav, usually appear in their Russian form, therefore in the translation we chose to transliterate them: N.R. (Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh for Nicholas Roerich; E.R. (Elena Ivanovna Rerikh) for Helena Roerich; Y.R. (Yuri Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Yurik) for George Roerich; Sv.R. (Sviatoslav Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Svetoslav, Svetik) for Svetoslav Roerich.—Ed.

[2] “Poruma” or “Porooma” is the spiritual name for Nettie Horch.Ed.

[3] “Modra” is the spiritual name for Frances Grant.Ed.

[4] Esther Lichtmann (household nickname: Yenta) (esoteric name: Oyana): journalist, member of the esoteric circle of Roerich disciples in New York, trusted aide, and associate and courier of Helena Roerich. She was the author (under the pseudonym “Jean Duvernoix”) of one of the best literary essays on the life and art of Nicholas


This message was given in German, therefore remains unchanged and unedited to maintain its original exactness. [From now on to (short version): Original German text]—Trans.

[5] Leaves of Morya’s Garden Book One: The Call, (New York, Agni Yoga Society, Inc., Online edition 2019), 353. [From now on to (short title) LOMG I—Ed.]

* Original English textTrans.

[6] In the handwritten original Notebooks, there were underlines to emphasize certain words. We have indicated these throughout the published version with Calibri font from here on.—Ed.

Original German text—Trans.

[7] “Urusvati” is the spiritual name for Helena Roerich.Ed.

* Original English textTrans.

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* Original English text—Trans.

This message was given in French, therefore remains unchanged and unedited to maintain its original exactness. [From now on to (short version): Original French text]—Trans.

Original German text—Trans.

[10] “Fuyama” is the spiritual name for Nicholas Roerich.Ed.

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[12] In the handwritten original Notebooks, there were underlines to emphasize certain words. We have indicated these throughout the published version with Calibri font from here on.—Ed.

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