New York

September 15, 1922–September 30, 1922[1]

15 September 1922


Everything is foreseen by Me.

Our decision is covered by shields.

You can see the Hand, both in the World events and your own—they are inseparable.

The course of the Cosmos carries the chosen ones.

Write to Udraya[3] to get imbued with the final times of Europe.

As from the fire are carried the books, so let him take out his knowledge, silently and hastily.

The same about you—to the pier. The shoving will be over soon.

I vouch, you will not meet these people in India.

Each one has his own way.

And the star of the morning rises before the dawn.

You need to leave New York; the climate does not suit the body.

The Blue Mountains and the Himalayas are good.

Moreover, you may remain in the Blue Mountains until he finishes his painting in Adyar.

I will indicate in time; you can sense how I speed up the timings.

When are we going to petition for visas?—You should start after January 5.

When shall we leave?—I think in the beginning of June.

16 September 1922

M. S., Y., and M. Lichtmann

At night from September 15–16, there was a vision of a snowy plain surrounded as if by hills. The snow was lit by the moon, footprints were visible, and there were long shadows of four people walking back and forth. With an effort of will I managed to move the point of focus to the foreground—I saw four very tall people, but could not see their faces. The third from the left wore a high, very dark cap, and bending down, he was doing some movements with his hands. The vision was extremely real.

I gave the first peace prize, as indicated to Zak last year. The Nobel prize can be spent on a trip to Me.

Forty—I consider as an advance for the paintings.

See how an advance will turn into a Peace prize.

It is proper for the son to bring My package, and let the daughter tie up the mother’s road shoe.

I speak and testify to the execution of the law.

You will know the dawn by My breath.

On the occasion of the banner of happiness, guard the entrances, and fill the darkness with a smile.

Let that fugitive feel the growth of his spirit—I praise.

Avirach[4] can be again entrusted with the entrance—to be trusted. Let Oyana[5] write now.


Automatic writing of Yenta Lichtmann:

And your voice, Urusvati,[6] will guide many on the right path.

For I have given you that Power.

And blessed will be those healed by you from the mud of the commonplace.

You shall teach.

“Lumineux sera votre chemin et les innombrables blessures provoques dans notre pauvre esprit par ignorance, seront queries. Vous avez le pouvoir et beni soit votre route. Shelly est mort dans les, vagues, avant avoir decouvert la Verite Eternelle.” *

(Fr: Your road will be bright, and the countless wounds caused to your spirit will be healed. You are in power, and may your path be blessed. Shelly died in the waves before discovering Eternal Truth.)

Belongs to you, what you aspire for, and what you are chosen for.

You will give knowledge to the World, for you are great in spirit and pure in soul.

17 September 1922


Japanese suspect My Shield.

I do not see friends in them.

Put India first.

I deem he needs to be given a hand (Mukerji).

Yaruya needs a letter. Give him your hand.

“(He needs to be told)—Have faith in the new ones!

The Teacher has the strength to hold the shield until the point of happiness is reached.

The Teacher understands when a helping hand is needed.

The Teacher is ready to assist.”[7]

The Teacher can approve the fluctuation of the soil.

“The Teacher can send new ones.

The Teacher can send forth the Teaching.

The Teacher considers an act of courage an achievement.

The Teacher gives strength to the faithful.”[8]

Russians, when will you finish slander?

Rewrite it and send tomorrow.

Horch is surprised at the width of Corona Mundi’s prospects.

I feel you can rely on Horch.

Urusvati, I vouch, you will come to Us.

Rerikh, giving away, take care of yourself.

Count your strength until the spring.

The snake can throw on health.

Consider the Russians are in Berlin.

Teach My new ones; hurry to teach.


Two more days and you will find.

There is enough.

On the request to explain the vision—Not now, I will tell you later.

Write it down.

E.R.[9] forgot, which day she had a vision—On Friday.


19 September 1922


Fuyama,[10] remember, how you hoped to escape from power, but brought the sacrifice to the end.

The sacrifice is worthy when valuable; therefore, do not be afraid to accept the foretold.

Add one more wonderful legend to the history of mankind.

“People have been taught about the heroes of antiquity.

At this change of races, should not achievement shine forth anew?

The Shield of Our Brotherhood is ready to protect the search for light.

Your best endeavors are nurtured by Us like seeds.

Blessed are the paths of beauty;

The thirst of the world must be quenched.

The miracle of New Life is obscured by tatters, yet it lives.”[11]

My beloved ones, I trust you.

Your spirit is so luminous, Urusvati.

“Fear not, (My star) the scum of life;

When the pot is boiling, the scum swirls to the top.

On the path of podvig there can be no fear,

Yet the fire of the heart illumines the way of truth.

The truth of Eternity is in beauty of the spirit.

The spirit knows where beauty is.”[12]

The answer to you is ready, and the messenger knows where to find you.

Not to you, but to the world.

Do not humiliate the Mother; the Image of the Highest is lofty.

Your book is written already.

I can speed up Lumou’s[13] and your departure.

You can apply for visa—My envoy will catch up.

I do not want you to be needy, for the accounts are almost finished; there is little left.

It is hard to get to Boris before.


I shall give an assignment to Paris.

20 September 1922

M. S., Yenta, and M. Lichtmann

Rerikh, carry My Shield for the union of the eastern nations.

“Sorrow will not afflict the new round of humanity.

With a smile the child will unsheathe the sword of battle.

The people will uplift the icon.

I go forward through the desert.

I carry the chalice covered with a shield.”[14]

Fuyama, proceed, affirm a pure place for the banner.

On Saturday, I shall tell the “Book of Sacrifice.”

“Why is there dust in the place of sacrifice?

Neither sport nor play can there be where the Temple is being built.

No commitment, no seeking one is there where the power of beauty is betrayed.

Remove the dirt!

I ask that nothing harmful be left concealed in the crevices. (Hear the laughter.)

Cover the chalice!”[15]


Automatic writing of Yenta Lichtmann:

“Qu’on fasse des recherches dans les regions d’Euphrate en Syrie ou l’illustre Neapolis fut change en obscur Membidj, ou Nabouhadonosor vainquit le pharaon Naceo.” *

(Fr: Studies should be conducted in the Euphrates valley in Syria, where famous Neapolis was replaced by a mysterious Membidj—where Nebuchadnezzar defeated Pharaoh Necho.)


21 September 1922


“You can remove the dust easily, if you hasten.

Nothing must be left neglected.”[16]

E.R.’s remark that she does not like the stenographer—I agree—later tell Me about her.

Urusvati senses cracks in the building.

They are easy to repair; I think until spring they will heal.

Pay attention to health. If you feel particularly tired, do not act.

Let Me finish the reorganization of the body—you must take care during this special fatigue.

There is a lot of strain on you; therefore, I want to protect you better.

You affirm the foundation; it is necessary to take care of divers.

Refuse Shklyaver in the translation of the book.

Let us pray to strengthen the plan of peace; think about the future.

How do They pray?—With the congregation.


23 September 1922, In the school


Automatic writing of N.R.:[17]


“By what power wilt thou gain strength?

How wilt thou attain the fulfillment of Our Work?

By the Power given to Us.

Shall I speak of power when all folly, all ignorance, all vanity, strive for power?

But I say, and affirm, Our Power is different.

Our Power is sacrifice.

I will explain briefly.

“When Kurnovoo, the ruler, erected the Golden Gates,

He was striving to enter the Temple.

Nevertheless He bore to the end His sacrifice.

When Solomon sought the power of Beauty,

When, through Sulamith was revealed to him the symbol of superhuman Truth,

Yet He remained king and carried to the end His sacrifice.

“When Tibet’s spiritual teacher, Allal Ming, was striving towards the mountains where

first the Lord appeared to Him,

He still remained in the valley and accepted the chalice of sacrifice.

“When Sheik Rossul Ibn Rahim was striving to hand His power unto His son,

He nevertheless heard the Voice and sacrificed all to serve to the end.

When the Teacher, Origen, committed body and spirit,

Gave all to spread the last teachings of Christ,

He still bore the burden of teaching.

“When Sergius of Radonezh declined the throne of the Metropolitan,

And strove to commune with animals,

He stayed to build monasteries,

And kept around Him His pupils.

“When Akbar, called The Great, laid the foundation stones of a unified religion,

His soul longed to be under the Tree of Wisdom,

Where He received enlightenment.

Nevertheless, He remained upon the steps of His throne.

“Knowing wherein is podvig,

Knowing that power is sacrifice,

Whilst affirming the victory you will say,

‘Lord, let this triumphal cup pass from me.’

Then will you attain the right to create,

And your spirit will be unassailable.

“Remember this Book of Sacrifice.

For it reveals the Gates of Fulfillment and Readiness.

And, being prepared, you will know all.

Because all will be opened and given and told unto you.

But only listen and remember.

And chiefly read, and read again.

Because oft the physical form obscures the knowledge of the spirit.

“And when you behold the prophesied conflagration you will say,

‘This is why yesterday I removed my possessions.’

And, beholding the lightning, you will bow your head in reverence to the Will of the Lord.

“I said it, I instructed you—cherish it.”[18]



25 September 1922


My chosen ones, happiness approaches—open the door.

“Kindle with love the light of beauty,

And with action manifest to the world the salvation of the spirit.”[19]

Urusvati senses Our appearance in the knocks.

There are no knocks now.

You know the reason—the accumulation of energy.

Lichtmann sensed the attitude of the enemies.

The Japanese feel strength, equally as Anisfeld and Zak; and the offender of the shield, Deryuzhinsky; also the truth concealer, Shubert; and the clown, Prokofiev; and the one who saw the need, Muromtsev[20]; and Auntie Kolokolnikova; and a new, fat pupil, whom you should know—Burlyuk.

But Our sword is with you.

Which of the listed enemies is the strongest now?—You can deem Shubert.

Keeping your smile, count the enemies.

You have pure friends.

I will send the “Book of Joy.”


Was I supposed to tell Nettie what I said to her?—Yes.

E.R.’s remark that it is difficult to figure out where the truth is—Nevertheless, you feel the truth.

Why is E.R. losing so much weight?—The spirit is ahead of the body.

26 September 1922


The hand of happiness touches you.

The miracle of life is happening to you.

“Thus it is, when the spirit comes to realize service:

New wings grow, and the surrounding air sings at night.

The pathway of light is revealed to the amazed sight.

And the mind’s resolution builds the steps of the temple of the One Truth.”[21]

My Shield is above you.

Now sit in the darkness.

Will it be possible to talk afterwards?—Then let Oyana write.


Automatic writing of Oyana:

You shall raise the temple of One Truth. First Great Temple will be in Russia—purified and blessed. You will need neither rod nor scepter—your wise word will be your Power. People shall not fall to their knees, but will get revived in spirit; and you shall forever cleanse Russia from dark power, for the gloom will dissipate.

In Paris beware of Russian ill-wishers, for their thoughts are impure. Kustodiev would like to overshadow the path, but he will be harmless and powerless.

Excavations in Membidj are necessary; let Yuri discuss it—maybe no need for him to go there personally. It was once a country of prosperity.


27 September 1922


Urusvati knows Poruma’s[22] soul.

She may be useful in serving an example of pure life.

Poruma is a true daughter of Urusvati.

Amidst the Tibetan mountains, Tsangzan.

Manage to give your daughter a housewarming gift.

E. R.’s question, is M.M.’s portrait this gift?—Yes.

Should I give one to Modra as well?—Give also to her, but later; I promised daughter a gift from you.

The tree of pure friendship grows. Morya rejoices at Urusvati’s decision not to part with My portrait.

Wait to look for an apartment until Sunday. It is not long to wait now.

Olumo is unhappy with his disciple. He looks sternly at pleasure.

Udraya cannot understand the approval of the Turks’ victory.



Yes, you will grasp later.

28 September 1922


Write to Volkova to sell all animals from the house—she will feel better.

Convey to Udraya My advice not to discuss the Turkish matter with Shklyaver and professors.

Write: let him wait to doubt the sent message—I promise help. The date—four.

Listen to what Our enemies speak, “What a crazy school—they found fools to waste money.”

“Improve the brain, cleanse the ears, bathe the lips.

Else you will be the witnesses of your own madness.”[23]

I sense many—call the Lichtmanns.

The Teacher holds the rudder.

Reincarnations of Modra:

In Tibet, during the King of Uluses, Umrchechnuku, she received the power of magic. Puruyana—she approached for the first time.

Rochester can be useful again.

Let them write to Sibelius. Let them mention his name. Let them request to mention his connection with music. A friend is needed.

Our Ray is on guard. We need to reach the pier together. I see the clouds—the enemy is close.

Bribery can help in the future (Brinton).


Saturday will show.

He is not closer—but he will sleep through (N.).


29 September 1922


“(Urusvati,) teach (your children) My Path.

(Let them) help people to develop an understanding of man’s nature.

They will understand the nature of Service.

They will understand the joy of the Beautiful.

They will understand the simple truths that transform life into a miracle.

Our Shield is invisible,

Yet by night you can perceive affirmation of the day’s hints and whispers.”[24]

I protect your strength; there is a lot of tension around you.

Now you need to stretch your strength until the pier.

Believe, We lead wisely; do not forget the exact execution of the path.

“For Us there has not been a more complex time than this, at the changing of races.

It is necessary to thriftily use your forces;

He is a poor chemist who instead of using a drop empties the bucket.”[25]

Now you live quietly until the pier.

I will not detain you in Adyar, but be able to endure December and January—a difficult time—much strength will be required—I am warning you.

We will help by all means; but be not confused—remember, not long now.

“Yes, the invisible battle was never before so great.

Now the whole earthly orbit has become involved in it.

Regard not lightly the disturbance of the world.

Forces are so tense that a torrent of omens is pouring onto the planet.”[26]

Do not tell it to the young ones—they are not used to the battle.

“When tomorrow I shall narrate the book about Joy, do not forget about the battle cries!”[27]



I will answer at a more appropriate time.

Blue (Yenta’s aura).

30 September 1922


Automatic writing in the school:


“Can the tree stand firm?

Yes, yes, yes—

If the roots are deeply buried and unseen beneath the ground.

“I told you of beauty, I told you of love, I told you of action.

I told you of devotion, I told you of readiness and compassion.

I have opened the window for you, and shown you the battle.

I explained the meaning of courage,

And finally I summoned you to the Great Service.

“And where is the garment in which to ascend the steps of the Temple?

Where is the worthy vestment to cover the nakedness and impurity of our bodies?

“Throughout the Universe pulsates the fabric of Life’s Beginning.

Throughout the Universe is found the worthy Garment.

Joy quivers, and vibrates, and resounds.

In this Garment of Joy you will ascend the steps.

This garment will enfold your body.

“They are rending the Raiment of the Lord.

They scoff at its tatters.

But the daughter of the world and the Mother of the Universe will mend the pieces of this Raiment.

And you will come ready to receive your vestment.

For, wherefore the power and wherefore the sacrifice, if there be no joy?

And where is compassion,

And where is devotion,

And where is the love of creation,

If your shoulders are not bedecked with the Raiment of the Mother of the World?

“And when you erect the Temple of Beauty,

And on its approaches you lay out My Garden of Joy,

Then name this Garden in My Name,

For I told you: Children, rejoice!

“And while crossing the border between power and sacrifice,

Attired in the radiance of joy,

We shall tell you tomorrow about the prayer.

“The Book of Prayer and Podvig will conclude the first trilogy.

Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice!”[28]

30 September 1922

“And you will say to them:

We know the battle,

And therefore joy is within us;

And we know the Service—

Therefore, radiant with joy are our faces.

“I am sending Joy and Benevolence and Truth.

For in this is everything.”[29]

[1] Readers’ Note: In the original text, the initials of Helena Roerich, Nicholas Roerich, and their sons, George and Svetoslav, usually appear in their Russian form, therefore in the translation we chose to transliterate them: N.R. (Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh for Nicholas Roerich; E.R. (Elena Ivanovna Rerikh) for Helena Roerich; Y.R. (Yuri Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Yurik) for George Roerich; Sv.R. (Sviatoslav Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Svetoslav, Svetik) for Svetoslav Roerich.—Ed.

[2] The names of the Authors of the messages are presented by their initials (in bold).—Ed.

[3] “Udraya” is the spiritual name for George Roerich.Ed.

* Original French text—Trans. 

[4] “Avirach” is the spiritual name of Maurice (Nutsya) Moiseevich Lichtmann.—Ed.

[5] Esther Lichtmann (household nickname: Yenta) (esoteric name: Oyana): journalist, member of the esoteric circle of Roerich disciples in New York, trusted aide, and associate and courier of Helena Roerich. She was the author (under the pseudonym “Jean Duvernoix”) of one of the best literary essays on the life and art of Nicholas


[6] “Urusvati” and “Svati” are the spiritual names for Helena Roerich.—Ed.

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[9] The initials “E.R.” refer to Helena Roerich, the transliterated name of Elena Ivanovna Rerikh.—Ed.

[10] “Fuyama” is the spiritual name for Nicholas Roerich.Ed.

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* Original French text—Trans. 

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[20] The Muromtsevs were Helena Roerich’s relatives.Ed.

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