New York

1 October 192223 November 1922[1]

1 October 1922


My dear sister, again I hasten to point to the dangerous work of the enemy.

I am telling you now—every minute his attack can be expected.


We send a person to help you, but the enemy tries to instill inappropriate thoughts to him.

We send you new opportunities, but the enemy attempts to destroy them on the way.

We send the friends, but behind them stretch emotional smiles of his friends.

We send you the thoughts of creation, but he sprinkles them with the pepper of hatred, jealousy, and ridicule.

Therefore, protect the given Circle with the best thoughts.

Grant should be warned about the source of her grief. Just let her say: I know you, sower of the staggering thoughts. And once you know him, his charm does not harm. I shall narrate his story.

In many incarnations, he rose to knowledge, and even became a Rosicrucian.

He collected many disciples, and tried to master the weedy way of sensing the power of money.

The best disciple, and his source of gold, was a feudal landlady.

But before the last experiment, she got enlightenment, and ran to the monastery.

The Hierophant of evil has lost his power.

Why had he lost his power?—Focusing on one woman is important for the experiment.

Could he not choose another disciple?—It is difficult to find a great and old spirit of a woman.

It is possible to win only with the firm consciousness of the Great Service.

Repeatedly he tried to damage the birth; he sent snakes, put out the fire, and pushed into the abyss.

Tomorrow I shall tell about his attitude towards others.

To E.R.’s remark that she feels no fear whatsoever—It is the first condition of the victory.

2 October 1922


I will show how the abyss of karma binds people.

Modra[3] did not escape nearness to him.

She disclosed the secret teachings of the Morans to him.

How terrified she became, but it was too late.

And he had not forgiven her repentance.

The power of consciousness of the Great Service is required—this path is protected.

Sohraya also could not escape his circle; overwhelmed by thoughts of reducing the number of steps to the throne of Syria.

Why is Syria’s throne so distant?

And the enemy’s strength pushed Jeroboam again to seek power.

And Odomar once laid a seal with a club on the enemy’s forehead.

And he, the guarding one, returned the blow.

But We have directed distress for the good.

Urusvati[4] walked under the blows, but as the steel, she was tempered by the blows of the enemies’ gusts.

The ascending one is not unhappy if he has reached his assignment.

We protect not only you, but even your loved ones.

Reveal the name of Solomon to the prophetess saved by Me.

Through her salvation, let her testify to the salvation of the people and the country.

I am sending; I have told—a wonder will happen.


He is strong; save Lumou.[5]

Why do I want to call Sinaida Grigorievna—Rada?—Her name is Radna.[6]

3 October 1922

M. S., Y., and M. Lichtmann

Convey to Odomar that he understood correctly why Hebrews should follow My cause.

And My chosen ones are witnesses to the work for the Good.

“It is necessary to oppose the destroyers with the power of creation.

Learn how to summon new ones to the building.”[7]

Puruyana may call those co-religionists to testify, but after that, the Russians can be convened for understanding.

“Perform thus your labor for unification.”[8]

I think the Lichtmanns can usefully take the first papers.

To Yenta Lichtmann’s remark that the indication about the papers is interesting—It is not interesting, but wise.

Now you write more to the prophetess: I elect her to tell the people about My Will for the approval of dates.

“(Let her tell:) The Days of Darkness[9] have approached.

I charge you: Guard the shield and display trust,

For I have already shown to you My Sign.

Happiness has come to you; do not deal with it roughly.

And wings are bearing across the world the happiness of the unfolding of Our Plan.

Discern the manifestations; My Shield is strong.”[10]


Sit in the darkness.

Automatic writing of Yenta Lichtmann:

And creation will be stronger than destruction. For although strong, he is not equal in strength to Me.

Be not afraid of enemies and the clouds; though accumulating and thickening, they will be dispersed by My Shield.

Evil will not reach the top, but We shall attain.

Symbolic signs and Hebrew letters followed.


M.M.—it was a big man who gave          the mission for accomplishment. And you will find the Beauty and power of his and Urusvati’s soul.

They led and lead you towards the Truth.

4 October 1922


Udraya[11] should be sent an instruction—look for a new book concerning the Chinese messages.

Tsin-dao can be found.

Urusvati, your strength grows; you will carry a bright assignment to My people.

I surround you by invisible light.

Understand the wonder that permeates your life.

“We carry affirmation of the teachings of the prophets.

With pure steps do We lead, and no one feels regret at drawing near to the new race.

The first requirement of the race is to carry the spirit into life.

And the fragments, accumulated through the ages, will fall into place.

The ray of understanding of the wondrous life will flash out in its simplicity.

In new flight will the spirit encircle the world.

The time, though difficult, is unprecedented.”[12]

You can walk, sister, by sowing joy.

Urusvati loved rose petals.

I want to show the zeal of the heart.

Urusvati accepted My Chalice.

One must know the haste of the aspiring spirit.

“Dark clouds surround you, but My Ray is with you.”[13]

Let Horch be not afraid.

Let us look to the future and read Origen.


6 October 1922


I warned you already about the health.

Today I saved you from pneumonia.

Take measures of calmness.


11 October 1922


Do not teach. I did not tell you to have more than six students.

I shall provide a step suitable for departure.

Urusvati, happiness approaches.

Tell Lichtmann today.

M. M. Lichtmann called by phone—I pointed to him. Safeguard.


12 October 1922


The front must not be broken.

The warriors must be put in their places.

Urusvati knows how to forgive mistakes in the Name of Morya.

There can be no offense during the battle.

Your son and daughter will exalt My Cause in America.

They should acquire a royal outlook and the calmness of the creators of age-old affairs.

N.R.’s illness, moving to the apartment.

In this, I will send them My Blessing.

Only in this, I will send them Power.

Not insignificant do you witness!

And you, My dear ones, impart My messages for the good of the people.

Urusvati, be strong—light will come.


13 October 1922


I think of Chicago—it is necessary to go.

I deem outsiders’ hands spoil the matter.

I promise success after a personal meeting.

Tomorrow you should get ready.

Let Roerich dictate to them what he sees tomorrow.

I shall write in front of him—there will be less energy expenditure.

He should look intently with closed eyes.

Urusvati knows how it happens.

Concerning Horch, she should insist on health and calmness for him.

It is necessary to understand about the calmness.

Everything will come.


14 October 1922


Dictated by N.R., seen through spiritual sight.


“Warrior, is it possible to enter the Holy of Holies of the Temple with spear and sword?

Friend, I am on the way to achievement—how can I leave my armor?

Warrior, I shall keep for you your armor upon the steps of the portal.

Friend, I have come to consecrate all my possessions—how can I leave them here?

“Father, wither my hand if it be raised for an unjust deed!

Father, turn my brain to ashes if it recoil in treacherous thought!

Father, demolish my being if it be turned to evil!

“My child, I shall not strike thy hand.

My child, I shall not harm thy brain if thou art on the way to podvig.

But amidst attainment devote time to silence of the spirit.

Then shall I approach thy inner being.

The seed of the Great Silence leads to knowledge of the Great Service.

“Father, henceforth I will shorten my psalms,

And I will limit the length of my hymns.

And podvig will be my prayer,

And I will start it with silence.

“Brothers, in all thy beginnings, remember the time of silence.

It is then that you are approached by the Messenger of the Teaching.

And thus, understanding prayer and podvig,

Glorified by beauty, strongly embracing power as sacrifice,

You will reach the Temple.

“End of the trilogy.”[14]

Seven, seven, seven, begin the first book.

Soon I will give the Edification to the builders.


15 October 1922


That is why I say—hold on until spring.

I shall increase your strength then.

Now you live with the thought of departure.

Carefully pass through December–January. It will be easier then.

I sense attack.

Urusvati, I am sending a smile. The fog will pass, you have already crossed many deadly dangers.

You should know, I will send the new people.


On request to explain the phrase heard from 12th to 13th—Wait until the new event.

All sent is not by chance.

Remember, observe—the spirit shall know.

16 October 1922


October 16—letter from Advey arrived with the message from Master Rakoczy concerning Corona Mundi:

“It is of vital import to the Art life of many countries. It can be made to work, but all the discrimination possible to command will be needed. The out working may be a bit slow in some phases, but it is Blessed indeed by the White Hierarchy. Brother N. has been inspired to undertake one of the most unique benefactions ever put forth on earth. He is a valiant Soul and will need all his valor and all the help of his loyal wife and friends to carry to completion the wonderful work.” *

I sense We need to send you strength.

Invisible tension, your being is as if under pressure.

Later the body will bypass the resistance of the lower spheres. And will come out onto the appointed way. Meanwhile beware of bouts of fatigue.

The matter of reptiles will pass over you.

I know how hard it is for you, but We protect.


17 October 1922


I am forwarding the awareness of Our Help.

Stand firmly; direct the temper towards the precept for the remaining ones.

They should master the shields.

Their feelings should be sharpened.

The dust of generations must be weathered away in half a year.

I will let you go calmly and multiply your strength.

Horch can wisely understand My instruction.

The heat of the spirit is ahead of your bodies.

Still, call Li-huang—also Lumou.

The second son of Fuyama[15]—died at the age of thirty.

You are My hand’s proof of the road, decided toward Russia.

I will lead you by the new, deliberate ways.

Remember the promised signs and years.


18 October 1922

M. S., M., and Y. Lichtmann

I shall place Oyana[16] to witness My deeds.

I will multiply her visions, and write My Commands.

“I will teach you to apply your sensitivity to life;

Therefore, observe all happenings around you.

One must know how to distinguish between accidental signs and Our Indications.

(The atmosphere of phenomena is crowded around you.)

New possibilities will increase the understanding of what has been sent to you.

Thus is the building erected—without losing the given stones.

Not hope but work directs the builders.

The purity of the tuning fork will overcome the disharmonious coarseness produced by human weakness.”[17]

Do sound through all the waves of monsters.

The Path is designated.

I will say no more about these matters.

Show your growth in labor and resourcefulness.


Do not hope, but be a winner (answer to M. M. Lichtmann).

19 October 1922


N.R.’s departure to Chicago.

Manifest the Teacher in Chicago.

My Shield is above you.

Urusvati, the messengers manifest the dignity of the Sender.

You are the messengers—it is necessary to send the Hand to your daughter.

Manifest the Teacher.

I am pleased with the course of things.

He shall complete himself.


24 October 1922


N.R. returned from Chicago.

I will manifest the ray of Trismegistus on the mountain of achievement.

The horoscope should be protected.

Urusvati knows the cause of ailment.

The timing is correct.

I request you to speed up the publication of the books—both of them.

The manifestation of the Russian cities is in Chicago.

The manifestation of wondrous details will continue.

The trilogy should be sent to Udraya and Yaruya.

That book should be sensitively translated.

Jointly—seven should publish it.

I sense, the longing of Urusvati will pass soon.

I think within two months from now.

You can remember the date for visa (after January 5).

Why should we stay so long in Europe?—There is a lot of work there.

I sense the work is good—it continues to grow.

What signifies that blue light with symbolic images, which I saw from Sunday to Monday?—The light of Roerich’s thought.

I knew it is not from M.M.—His consciousness was near.


25 October 1922


Read the phenomena revealed by the Russian Light.

“At dawn We shall unfurl Our Banners.

The Shields of the East We illumine with the Light of the Sacred Union.”

We shall display the Banners[18] protected by Our Shield.

And the Voice will speak louder than the clamor of the everyday.”[19]

Hearken, grasp, and affirm yourself in your salvation; I testify with Radna.

S. Gr. Lichtmann rang and entered in.

Understand, ye chosen daughters!

“We wish to speak of matters of great import.

Do not lose yourselves in clouds of everyday dust.”[20]


26 October 1922


Urusvati, consider Grant’s love to be a symbol of My Shield.

“Your pure spirit begins its hour of worship,

And brings together its scattered spiritual particles.

The eye senses Our Help; the ear hears It, and the mind comprehends It.

Not quickly does the fallen spirit raise itself from the dust.

Extend your hand to all who are sinking;

The flame of the smile cannot be extinguished, because it is fed by the Divine Flame.”[21]

Consider the level of the spirit (concerns Fr. Grant).

Take the comparison with the upcoming events.

Shine in the darkness.

You need to understand the timings of the future.

You must swim through the darkness.


The consciousness is united.

Do I see the sent thoughts form, or the image of M.M. in the distance?—Me. Avoiding vibration, I find a useful position.

27 October 1922


You can move Selivanova aside.

Do not say anything extra—be discriminative with people.

Open the door to Horch—he moves ahead.

Write to Manziarly.

Joy to her mind, for I know her in future work.

You should know how events were arranged. Not many are called. You shall find not more than one hundred people.

For Russia?—For the World!

Who can grasp the Great Plan?! The Plan is not for the words, but for the deeds! The tension is huge, but a smile grows the wings.


On E.R.’s remark that she remembers well M.M.’s letters—Tell the letter from September 15.

28 October 1922


Dictated by N.R., seen through spiritual sight.

“Yes, yes, yes!

I summon you.

I proclaim you My own.

And on your girdle rattle the keys to the doors of trust.

How many have approached these doors,

And even tried to turn the key,

But did not know how to unlock the door.

And an opportunity lost will not return.

“When you approach the lock, do not invite the old passersby.

Do not invite those who have repeatedly shown their ignorance.

At every crossroad new ones await you,

And every stone for the building carries My Sign.

“And when you enter and start to build the tower,

Measure for the foundation by encircling the rock on which it will rest;

For from the tower shall you, builders, behold the distances!

“I address you briefly,

For you must learn and remember.

Remember, remember, remember, what I tell you.

I said it.”[22]

Fill up the aura of this house, and understand how to accept those sent to you (the Horches’ house).

I said it.

29 October 1922

M. S., Y., and M. Lichtmann

I have to tell you:

Read about yourself, Jeroboam, and take off your load until your name becomes Elijah.

Hebrew, know the sacred Word! Ask in the synagogue. Happiness is above you.

Will I allow the Son’s creations to light the basement?! Not for the basement shine Russian temples.

Walking the path of the Highest attainment—do not descend!

Remember the fate!

Urusvati, We shall help with health. Remember the arrows and stars.

Avirach,[23] be able to write My Will to the mother! Do not set it aside as it was done with the book.


It is necessary to collect Oyana’s phenomena together.

I am revealing a Great Strength to you—understand Indications!

Display understanding and comprehension of My Letters.

Sit in darkness.


31 October 1922


Urusvati, you should show your eye to the doctor.

It is possible tomorrow—coal does not decompose well.

Read about the timing in today’s newspapers.

Russian-Turkish conference in Angora. The representative office of Russia pointed out that Russia was the first foreign power to recognize Turkey’s rights.

Disregard dirt in the school—it will become better soon.

In order to learn, I provide the steps to the Newcomers.

Fuyama, no need to complain about Chicago—it will do.

I deem the cities should be completed before May.

Urusvati, the book can be printed in April. My Hand shall write the sign of the book.

Do not be sad—everything is fine.

Send the first written book to Yaruya.

Your friends grow stronger.


1 November 1922


The time approaches when you can spread your wings.

I will not hide the difficulties of the last months, but endure. The hour of joy is won by patience.

Urusvati is right by assigning each member his own place.

Before leaving, it is necessary to determine the work for seven years ahead. It is necessary to strain the reins. Your spirit knows.

You must guard them, and give them an opportunity to strengthen the work.

“The Secret must be revealed in safety.

Do not destroy people by entrusting them with too much.

Often a burdensome load allows thought of only one’s back.”[24]

Load them wisely.

When leaving, give Poruma the ring from the fifth finger. I shall give the meaning.


2 November 1922


Take pyramidon.

It should be shown to the doctor (E.R.’s eye).

Urusvati, you need to take the drops that were drawn from the nerves and blood circulation.

Fuyama can find out (horoscope).

De Bey’s manifested new information can help; the medicine, her treatment is useful.

You can trust My advice.

You need to indicate manifestations of the way leading to Us.

All dentists are alike. I do not advise you to use them without special need.

The nerves obscure your needed essence.

The path is specified; you cannot delay.[25]

The light goes through all the machinations of a Rosicrucian.


3 November 1922


Let Horch be the president.

You will be the honorable head.

Let Urusvati receive the wreath of honor from the Mother of the World.

I am not talking about the past, but about the decision of the Plan.

Reinforcing the strength, you will rejoice in your destined task.

Her mission is implemented; now she has another task (A. Besant).

Tomorrow after the writing, sit in the darkness at the middle table in the dining hall—contemplate about Me.


4 November 1922


In the night from November 3–4, I had a vision of a Rosicrucian, accompanied by a terrible bodily fear, while the mind was perfectly calm—He is already inside the house.

Dictated by N. R.

“Approaching the mountain, one beholds a chaos of stones and jagged peaks.

Beyond are the rocky chasms.

Then begin the mountain meadows, watered by snow.

But behind the snowy summits you will see into the great, glimmering distances.

“You are passing through a corridor of life,

And are raising dust with your every step.

How great is the burden, how many the renunciations, how vast the fear!

Where was left the Treasure of the World?

“But if you carry with you a precious stone or rarest pearl—would you forget it?

No, you would guard it carefully.

You would search your pockets and fasten the clasps, because you carry a true

treasure of earth.

What care!

“You will ask, ‘How amidst the stress of life can one remember the Treasure of the


I shall smile and say that it is simple—

Select at the seashore a pebble smoothed by the waves and carry it with you,

remembering the Treasure of the World.

“And when they press around you and cover your garments with dust,

Then take in your hand the chosen stone,

And remind yourself of the Treasure of the World which I commanded you to take to

its destination.

Remember, remember, remember.

I said it.”[26]

Now the sign for the book.


5 November 1922


Of course you have a war at home. But We turn attack to the good. The internal struggle will purify Lumou.

Seriously. Note those sent by him: Danilov, Muromtsev, Saminsky, Burlyuk, Deryuzhinsky, and Avinov. New envoys will knock. But you watch the eyes carefully.

Even those indicated by Me can be seduced. But We shall prevail.

Write Udraya to wait for you.

I shall turn the harm into benefit, but manifest the Teacher. Let the writings begin from your source.

I shall help her during the time in America (Manziarly).

She will help your assignment. I gave you the book intentionally (The book on India—Mme Manziarly.)

You should know your workers.

But she is useful for the assignment (Manziarly).

Shall we find another Sister Nivedita?—You will.

It is necessary to protect the eyes from dust; they throw the handfuls.

My beloved ones—go daringly.


There is a lot that is not important, and dust is dust.

6 November 1922


“Shepherds have received the revelations,

While emperors have searched for them.

Dogmatic scholars have resisted them.

Leaders have been fearful of them.

The Voice of God overshadows all when there is spiritual readiness.”[27]

Everything is foreseen; the path is clear, though difficult. I do not feel in America any instructions; I only ask to save the given.

Only later will you estimate how much is done here.

Now create the book and strengthen the work.

Getting a heap of knowledge, you will lock it in the chest on the way to light.

To E.R.’s question, when will she receive this knowledge?—I shall give immediately, people are already prepared, and better take care of the visas.

Who will give this knowledge?—How many times to repeat—I Myself!!!

But beware of dust—they throw it again today.

What is the meaning of the wreath made of hands, seen by me?—The Covenant imprinted on your mirror. You were shown the disks of mirrors of the initiated ones (explanation of the vision).

What did the wreath closure mean?—When it closes—protection is needed. The chains of the earth are cut by the spiritual sword (explanation of the vision).


7 November 1922


“The pulse reveals the synthesis of vibrations.

Each organism, up to and including the Universe, has its own pulse.

The human pulse is strong enough to bring a sensitive apparatus into action.

The pulse of atoms creates (a complex of) an energy whose formula can easily be told (by Urusvati.)

But, it is still forbidden to state it because it will lead only to destruction.”[28]

The spirit of Urusvati will recollect it in due time.

The beats and rhythms in the sessions show the pulse of the group vibration.

Vibrations directed upwards are better.

A knock is like a leap; therefore more energy is taken for it.

Then follows the rise of the table.

Then the writing, and to a lesser extent the phenomena of diction, if a degree of harmony with Us is sufficient.

Already you often speak harmoniously. But the message should not be disrupted.

Each question and exclamation destroys the band of spiritual apparatus and brings fatigue.

“I speak about dust because it penetrates deeply and serves as a glove for the hand of the enemy.”[29]

He walks on a dusty path. While Our victory is in Great matters, his deeds are in dusty corners.

“Thus do people leave behind their grey gloves, still warm, for use by the dark visitor.”[30]


Does the enemy have an access?—The body access.

8 November 1922


A new creature is on your horizon, a very bad creature.

You could expect an attack.

Horch can postpone (a gift to the museum).

E.R. continuously felt indignation against the gift of paintings—Urusvati is right.

I feel it should wait (gift to the museum).

After five months (exhibition in universities).

Metropolitan should be postponed.

Should we give the paintings to Boston?—You should.

I caused delay (with the director of the Metropolitan museum).

Urusvati, Urusvati, Urusvati, he walks in circles.

How to behave with Lumou?—I think like with a kid.


9 November 1922


Convince Lumou to paint more. You shall bring him to India; there We will heal his aura.

Sit with the Horches in a dark room. I harmonize them.

It is necessary to exert forces for December and January.

Urusvati, teach them to remember My word.

Nutsya is limping again, but the path is solid.

Chicago does not sense My Will.

Concerns N.R., being upset with Chicago Opera’s attitude, who did not even inform him about the rehearsal—Do not take it personally.


10 November 1922


Your boat dives in the wide waves, but My sails are strong. I send unseen manifested friends.

I strike all tenacious and creeping, for you were entrusted the banner.

Urusvati, be steadfast, for your spirit knows.

Urusvati knows, everything comes out in due time.

Fly ahead. Remember the covenant.

The White Brotherhood is behind you.


To a question, whether it will be fine in Chicago—Not only in Chicago.

Concerning M. Collins’s reasoning—Everyone judges at his own discretion.

Why is the “Temple” magazine so weakly spread, and nothing is heard about Master Hillarion’s disciples?—You are also unknown.

From Monday 13–14, there was a vision of a male figure, sitting on the right side, wearing a strange yellow shirt with mother-of-pearl buttons that were very clearly visible. On the right side of his chest was a dark spot surrounded by a glowing blue rim, with an arrow thrust into the middle of this spot. The head went into the fog, only a black beard was visible.

18 November 1922


Teach the small ones to cross the source of dirt.

Direct their steps to the stones, for the dirt is indecent even on shoes. I feel they are going wrongly.

You should convey to Horch—be able to accept the sign of trust.

Be able to ascend by flight—there is enough useful time ahead.

I sense light.

Urusvati should remember De Bey’s date—the number of departure.

Sit in the darkness; the strings must be tuned.

It is difficult to vouch, but Avirach must be saved. There is a whirl of attempts around him.

We must wisely insist. We must; I am telling.


To E.R.’s question: Can I ask about the phenomena in the night from Sunday to Monday?—You may ask anything. But another prana is required.

To E.R.’s question concerning the book “Impersonal Life.”[31]Not all souls can be shown the source. There exist wiped off souls; first their meaning has to be identified.

19 November 1922


We have attended the lecture of Wadia “Masters and their Messages.” In the face and attire of Wadia, E.R. recognized the figure of her vision. During the introduction, Wadia sat in a chair on the right side of the stage. He was dressed in a yellowish shirt—a suit with mother-of-pearl buttons. His black beard was very distinguished with his light clothes; the hair was drowned against the blue drapery hanging behind the stage. Part of the lecture derived from N.R.’s lecture “Joy of Art.” The first question posed to Wadia from the audience was about the Rosicrucians.

This is a tale of life. Urusvati knows the wonders of My Shield.

But the creature is like a reptile. My hand cannot touch his trails.

You can inform Lumou about My instruction.

The force must be directed to hit those dark ones.

Urusvati, consider Rosicrucian’s manifestations dangerous. Invoke Me. I advise, seven times in the evening.

The book should be printed.

There is defense now, and I must bring you to the ship. The whole life around you is filled with My arrows.

The devil’s power did not increase after the revolt of consciousness. To know in life is wiser, and you are given a chalice.

Where did the dark forces come from?—They grew out of disharmony.


20 November 1922


The shield protects you. But beware the envoys.

Who are the envoys?—Envoys with the buttons.

Wadia—Ikram-Nezu did not forget the events in Egypt. In the temple of the priestess Nefrit, the pharaoh’s sacred Advisor. Administered the poison, for he feared clairvoyance.

To E.R.’s remark that she would like to hear his lectures—But beware.

Sit with the Horches.


21 November 1922


Be sensitive to the revealed date.

You can hurry—you need to get away from the turmoil, from the middle of November for six months.

I sense your Name will help disciples to withstand.

Urusvati, ask:

Should I buy the book of Bailly?—No.

Whom did Yenta see during the séance?—Plato and Theresa.

Why did my clairvoyance weaken?—He overclouds.

Is he attracted by my karma?—He is a common evil.

May I do pranayama?—Yes—not strongly—in the evening on three centers.

Live through.

22 November 1922


I allow to communicate in the Lichtmanns’ presence.

Better later.


I saw M.M. sitting in dark attire, its bottom richly embroidered—You shall see.

22 November 1922, later

M. M., S., and Y. Lichtmann

“The clamor of earthly life is harmful for the growth of the spirit.

But you must proceed through the Gates of Patience,

And you will enter through the Gates of Service.

And chiefly, remember the Lotus of Trust both day and night.”[32]

The rust is strong on the sword, and it is difficult to strike in battle with a chipped blade.

Every day the weapon should be cleansed. It is easy, when the enemy is visible. See the messengers—they spend the night at the door. Are they blind?

December and January. Understand—Light is near.

Honor My Shield, Ziloti. The last Call.


Should we send the letter to Zak?—The answer is sent.

[1] Readers’ Note: In the original text, the initials of Helena Roerich, Nicholas Roerich, and their sons, George and Svetoslav, usually appear in their Russian form, therefore in the translation we chose to transliterate them: N.R. (Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh for Nicholas Roerich; E.R. (Elena Ivanovna Rerikh) for Helena Roerich; Y.R. (Yuri Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Yurik) for George Roerich; Sv.R. (Sviatoslav Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Svetoslav, Svetik) for Svetoslav Roerich.—Ed.

[2] The names of the Authors of the messages are presented by their initials (in bold).—Ed.

[3] “Modra” is the spiritual name for Frances Grant.Ed.

[4] “Urusvati” is the spiritual name for Helena Roerich.Ed.

[5] “Lumou” is the spiritual name of Svetoslav Roerich.—Ed.

[6] “Radna” is the spiritual name of Sinaida Grigorievna Fosdick (Lichtmann).Ed.

[7] Leaves of Morya’s Garden Book One: The Call, (New York, Agni Yoga Society, Inc., Online edition 2019), 358. [From now on to (short title) LOMG I—Ed.]

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[9] In Russian text, the word ‘Darkness’ is replaced with the word ‘Peace.’Ed.

[10] LOMG I, 358.

[11] “Udraya” is the spiritual name for George Roerich.Ed.

[12] LOMG I, 359.

[13] LOMG I, 359.

[14] LOMG I, 360.

* This message was given in English, therefore remains unchanged and unedited to maintain its original exactness. [From now on to (short version): Original English text]—Ed.

[15] “Fuyama” is the spiritual name for Nicholas Roerich.—Ed.

[16] Esther Lichtmann (household nickname: Yenta) (esoteric name: Oyana): journalist, member of the esoteric circle of Roerich disciples in New York, trusted aide, and associate and courier of Helena Roerich. She was the author (under the pseudonym “Jean Duvernoix”) of one of the best literary essays on the life and art of Nicholas


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[18] The word ‘Banners’ replaced the original word ‘shoulders.’Trans.

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[23] “Avirach” is the spiritual name of Maurice (Nutsya) Moiseevich Lichtmann.—Ed.

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[25] In the handwritten original Notebooks, there were underlines to emphasize certain words. We have indicated these throughout the published version with Calibri font from here on.—Ed.

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