New York

24 November 192224 December 1922[1]

24 November 1922

M. [2]

“Read, and consider how many times even Christ withdrew into solitude.

Even His Spirit had need of prana.”[3]

So how frugal you have to be in an infected city. Now, New York’s atmosphere is most infested. For the dark ones moved their center here.

He hopes to win, but the end is Ours. His nose penetrates the matters. But I am on guard—Our affairs will not be destroyed.

“Observe—the manifestations of each day are full of deep meaning.”[4]

N. Rerikh went to “Robin Hood.” The whistle of arrows is not accidental. I wanted to remind you.

You can consider the sensitivity of sleep a significant phenomenon.

Urusvati[5] teaches Grant, being in spirit. Conscious activity of the astral is always painful. Very often people call it nightmares.


24 November 1922, later


After the meeting with the lawyer in the school.

For the sake of Russia, be the first. Let the consciousness of happiness and glory of the Motherland set the stages of justice.

Urusvati, the morning shall bring the news. Rerikh, write tomorrow. It must be said to save the writings.

I know it is not easy for you. But before the coming of the New World, it is troublesome. Danger is huge.

E. Rerikh’s remark that under M.M.’s shield there is no danger—Yes, but sensation of density touches the spirit.


How could have Wadia been with Besant for so long?—He was possessed recently.

25 November 1922


At night from November 24–25, I first saw one eye, then the whole face of the Master. I saw Svetoslav and myself in white robes. On November 25, I have received the news from Paris from Yuri.

Automatic writing of N.R.[6]:


For I wish you to approach Me joyous and radiant in the time of the Great Darkness.

It is true—

I have confided much to you,

I have given you dates and warnings,

I have granted you the possibility of victory,

And I have revealed to you the secrets of Our Decisions.

“You can conquer and attain enlightenment,

But give to Me your offering.

“If you are afraid,

Give Me your fear.

“If you are in doubt,

Give Me your doubt.

“If you are angry,

Give Me your anger.

“And if you give Me a handful of trivial objects,

I will also accept these dusty playthings and recast them in My Tower.

“True, if you wish again to make use of your gift in your life,

Do not forget how unworthy is he who takes back what he has once given.

“Thus, I have accepted your fear and your doubt and your anger—this is for Me.

And for you I give the path to the Light.

For I wish you to approach Me joyous and radiant in the time of the Great Darkness—before the New Dawn.”[7]

Given on a day of the seven—November 25, 1922


26 November 1922


Your decision is correct.

But on arrival in Paris, I will give My Decree. Urusvati makes the correct decision. I Myself will indicate the consequences.

She will soften his cruelty.

He likes war as an activity. But we can allow war for the sake of the consequences, with My knowledge.

Let him not forget the mission, for it is your shield.

Udraya and Lumou[8] can harm, but only themselves.

You can boldly face the life. I am behind you. I will not hide the complexity of the current days.

Concerning the book? —You need to wait.

Beware of the Russians.

Instruct Poruma[9] to protect the Chalice of the world.


Concerns the exercises during pranayama—Flying man or a bird. If it is a flame, then definitely highlight a flame tongue. Five times.

27 November 1922


I instruct to tell the Circle—I Myself will appoint successors.

I praise decision of Horch about money.

Urusvati, I rejoice at you, and with all My power I command you; go the chosen way.

Udraya needs to be guarded against quick decisions. Udraya needs to be guarded against quick decisions.

Udraya is not aware of My power and of My manifestation for the chosen ones.

One should not forget about the shield.

It is difficult to hang the shield in his tent.

Reveal pure power of the Shield to him.


28 November 1922


I feel Udraya should be asked to display respect to My Decree.

Udraya, honor My Shield. Udraya, carry your years wisely. Udraya, you can look above the roof.

After, it is necessary to show the miracle of appearance.

I sense the Russians are chasing you.

Urusvati, tear the letters—hands reach for you; something seems suspicious to them.

Urusvati, read The Secret Doctrine III, page 328, line 1.[10]


29 November 1922


I say and instruct: let Udraya await your arrival.

I advise you to stay at the old apartment for now and disclose nothing—everything will be fine.

On the fifteenth you will rejoice in Paris.

Six months shall pass quickly.

I want to give you knowledge from the oriental hands. You can go through cosmogony, the essence of energy, and the practice of prana’s phenomena.

To do good where your spirit indicates.

Do not take the present into account.

I will grant your wish in My land.

Now, India.

Special work armed with knowledge.

The instrument is excellent, but let the atmosphere change—it is difficult for you here.

Understand the Hierophant himself tries to approach.

But he is harmless on My soil.

How many tissues he has torn cannot be counted. He harms everybody.

A difficult time will be there in April. But the end is Ours.

He values you, and now all power is transferred to America. He knows the value of the spirit. Then he touched the aura.

But We shall win.


1 December 1922


Two more months and his strength will begin to weaken. There will be flashes, but We shall win. I want to put you on a ship soon. There are many obstacles; I send the arrows, and smile at his inventions.

I felt sorry for you and helped you, but I smiled at him—more than you think. His idea was great, but the end is Ours. In January, he strained his bow again, but the shield is ready.

I will manifest a wondrous cloud. Do not send the cloud to My Shield.

Amidst Urusvati’s children, value the adopted daughter.

Do not tell Lichtmann about Udraya. Udraya shall remain.


I am sending him the strongest arrows.

I provide everything useful to the organism.

I cannot say clearer.

It is impossible to say entirely about his power. Remember the degree of Hierophant.

Believe the size of the battle; the enemy found the door.

Duk (D.) (He found the suitable door).

The grip is great.

2 December 1922


Automatic writing of N.R.:

“I know you who scratch at the door.

You hope upon the shoulders of a guest to enter My House.

I know you!

You have become subtle and resourceful,

Even more resourceful than many of Mine.

You have fastened your clasps and prepared your garments.

You have even studied all My expressions.

I hear you pronounce even Joy.

But here I will stop you.

You do not dare pronounce the joy of Love.

Your joy is the joy of hatred.

“But behind hatred hovers the loathsome shadow of doubt.

And doubt is not fit as a shield.

“I will receive your arrows in My Shield.

And if you persist,

I will, with a smile, send you one—but one—in return.”[11]

Given in December 1922.

3 December 1922


I appreciate leaving parts of Corona Mundi, but leave them personal.

It is useful to preserve them until the thirty-first.

Be able to display understanding.

The power of the shield revealed consent in the face of the enemy.

You need to feel his hand.

Within two months it is better to attribute a lot onto his account.

His hands reach through the holes punched by his messengers. But We are firm.

You may tell Marya more about Us—she is ready to grasp. Her thoughts will strengthen the house.


Not for long now. Just compare with Origen.

4 December 1922


During communion with M.M. I saw [. . .].

Write urgently to Udraya—relate consciously to My Decree—it is only for good.

I sense he did not accept My Order. He likes only chants, but does not understand the sacrifice. He almost tortured himself by his imagination. I talk in length about him, for it is necessary to show a sense of duty now.

I admire conversation of Urusvati with Poruma; this agreement grows the best fruit.

Urusvati feels My I.

You have found a sensitive soul.

It is time for her to read The Secret Doctrine.

I sense he sits with the strings.

I feel it is a lesson for him (Svyat.) [?]

No need to spare him.

But you shall win.

5 December 1922


I sense My son is being vilified.

I sense My son is credited with crimes.

I sense they hide behind My son.

I sense My son is being harmed.

Send the letter to Udraya. Send it now—tomorrow it shall depart.

Manage to do it.


6 December 1922


I sense he is offended by Rerikh. He—Udraya.

Let him not think that the mission will be possible without you.

Udraya thinks he is in charge, but you have been assigned.

My Hand only distributes the work.

Urusvati and Fuyama[12] approach for a long time.

How could a landlady N. Rokotova be close to carrying a mission?—But the spirit was high.

In which way was the spirit high; how did she decline?—There may be evasions, but knowing their cause, they will not affect achievements.

Why did N. Rokotova not implement her assignment?—It seemed early.

Urusvati, your spirit remembers, and your decision is correct.

“The sufferings of the body reveal truths to you.

The horseman may spur his steed,

But wings would carry him more speedily.”[13]

The path of Lama has been sent to you.

We are not on the top of Everest.

The fog shall disperse.

Do not be surprised, for I protect you from the outside now; the main thing is health. And the holes are big. Even yesterday he entered the house—the fortress is vilified; the connection is broken.


To E. Rerikh’s question that it seems to her that being N. Rokotova, she became a widow too early, in the first year of marriage—Yes, yes.

Was she married while being a feudal landlady Zolberndarmstadt?—No.

7 December 1922


The essence of My Shield requires full understanding. Understanding keenly displays the danger of the current days.

I sense a powerful enemy approaches necessary people. Necessary people face dirt on their way.

An abyss of hatred.

Smiles will not cover intentions.

No need to be too much horrified at My order.

Count the minutes until the end of January. Tie the ropes around the assignment, and keep quiet. Messengers, tie up the enemies.

Worse, if Fuyama will depart before the honoring. Be able to endure.

Urusvati will understand in spirit, when he should not act. Urusvati will understand in spirit, when the liars should be avoided. Let him walk bravely, but the bushes are full of treachery. I warned you how far the law permits.

You need to rub the side of the blow—it will be felt soon.

You can hide the damage in order not to frighten the warriors.

Fuyama, wait to print the k. i k. u[14] of an old lady. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

There was no time worse than this.

I sense you need to move as upon the string.


8 December 1922

M.  S., M., and Y. Lichtmann

The length of the scroll is great.

You shall carry the Teaching to the people.

The Name of Messiah will enlighten the hearts.

“Why has the earth been laid waste?

Why has the temple been overthrown?

The father’s wrath will pass.

The morning bird is ready to sing out the dates.

The prophecy of days is being fulfilled.

And filled to the brim are the chalices of the Archangels.”[15]

Carry the scroll to the people.

My messengers will come from the East.

They will bring the Belt, Chalice, and Ring.

By these you will recognize them, by the white horse accept them.

“Hallowed be the Name of the Lord!”[16]

Uloim, remember My Shield.

Convey to Kamenets—to the vigilant one.

But now beware (K.). He searches you—I sense he shows mobility, and his dirt is huge. But the fog shall pass.


Is it possible to translate the book into Hebrew and German language?—Yes, yes.

Sit in the darkness.

“People will rise up by the spirit.

The essence of the miracle is simple:

Love is the miracle, Beauty is the miracle.”[17]

9 December 1922


Automatic writing of N.R.:

“When clouds dim the sky and lightning flashes,

Is it not better to remain within the walls of the house?

“Though rain penetrate the shutter,

Still there will be no danger.

If you would know—you will learn it from the experience of action, and the experience of silence.

When I say act, exhaust all the resources of action.

When I say silence, seek all the means of silence.

But if the experience of action is lengthy, the experience of silence is brief.

Therefore act through silence.

But if you desire to display the force of action,

Gather the children—those of the future.

And in action with children you will not be ensnared in the prepared traps.

Short is the time and you know the dates.

I said it.”[18]

10 December 1922


That is why I say, you cannot pass without a miracle.

But shrouded in Our Signs and arrows of lightning, you will deliver.

The prophecy will go ahead. Urusvati shall carry the Belt. Fuyama will show the Ring. The Chalice will be in between.

Your dear hearts tremble with the possibility of achievement. And I shall give a beautiful achievement.

Urusvati, you are grasping the learning.

You learn well. Be able to hold Udraya to bring sacrifice. You should write—he will go, driven by fear. The cat is out of the bag. Do not write a long story—indicate the consequences.

You will carry propositions to him. He can be the heir if he delivers his chalice.

Rely on the found people.

Her love is similar to a flower.

You have given her a life now.

We must end with a warning.

Do not forget the hard times equally as I remember you. Remember, remember, remember.


11 December 1922


My dear one can address Me. Urusvati can. Everything alien will leave. My help is ready.

You can peacefully think about departure. You can happily wait for the future. His hands will not reach. His hands will be dulled. Fierce attack will crumble.

Urusvati, look at My portrait before going to bed.

Urusvati, Urusvati, Urusvati.

Poruma is needed—the abyss must not touch her. I teach not to lose the feeling to the right soul.

You can easily avert the abyss with your thought.

Keep the icon. Manifestation of Himself.


Can Yenta translate the book?—Yes.

12 December 1922


“The best remedy, the best weapon, is your understanding of Our Care.

Affirmed in union with Us, you will proceed invincibly.

Displaying the example of achievement, you will grow to the stature of giants.

“Some are terrified by destruction, some rejoice in it.

But for you each fallen wall provides a new pathway to Light.”[19]

I sense I can entrust My Shield to you.

And the chalice will glitter in trust.

You are manifesting the experience of firmness.

You are manifesting the experience of a miracle in life.

We shall carry you away—the miracle will continue.

I trust you.

13 December 1922


You need to write to Udraya—

“I will show My Shield to those who are on the way.

I will show it to those who strike down each manifestation of selfishness.

I will show it to those who keep appointed dates.

I will show it to those who sense the path of Service.

I will show it to those who cover their tents with My Name.

I will show it to those who bear high their shields.

I have revealed to you My Will—do not transgress it.

I lead you; turn not away nor rend the web of podvig.”[20]

Why laugh if one can go prayerfully without it.

Grasp about the enemy.

The shield has to be cleansed by consciousness.

Here the ring glittered. Just thoughts directed to Me are needed. In spite of December, we move. Later you shall understand; everything you shall understand.

Do not send My rings.


She needs.

14 December 1922

M. S., M., and Y. Lichtmann

I will say as to adults: We do not understand those steps.

“You should gaze only into the future.

And so it is necessary to turn to the children.

Only in them is the lawful beginning of the work.

Revealing the new path, only in children will you find the power of trust.”[21]

I sense you can start looking for a house in February.

Find an understanding of silence until the end of January.

No need to act (to all).


Obedience leads to good.

I detain letters; I withdraw people, but he must not triumph.

You can fly in February—now to the burrow.

You need to take care of health.

He has set the snare for everyone.

Avirach,[22] tell about the music of David in the temple. Write it down.

Poruma can be allowed to distribute the house.

Purify My Cause from the shield of his ray.

See that his favorites do not penetrate until the best stars are active.

Sit in the darkness.

It is needed to collect phenomena of goodwill.

It is needed to collect phenomena of goodwill.

Needed, needed, needed.

15 December 1922


Urusvati wanted to know Blavatsky’s enemy. He is different.

The black Brotherhood repeats Us in everything—in number, degrees, in teaching, but the result is devoid of a wonder.

Urusvati should write to Udraya. The Hand grumbler is notorious, but you will win.

Can I consider that Sv. understood?—Wait.

To Poruma, let My hand receive your sacrifice, then miracles cannot be counted, for they will be uncountable.

I see Urusvati is a wonderful teacher.

Poruma honors Mother’s hand.

Wonder of conversion of S. Gr.’s mother—I request to view a wonder, shattering minds, as genuine. I sense My Shield will give her wisdom.


16 December 1922


Automatic writing of N.R.:

Drawing of the seal—sign was given.


I speak not for a year or two, but for the whole period.

When you find a young,

When you find a trustworthy,

When you find devoid of betrayal heart,

And bring it to Me for the service, bestow this sign to it.

By this sign will hearts find each other.

And will believe.

In all My chosen countries.

Safeguard. And comply with the Ordinance.

My Ordinance.[23]

17 December 1922


I entrust you with My Sign.

By this sign I shall gather My people.

Make prints, and you will send them as indicated. Send six to Udraya, seven to Yaruya.[24] He will give to the assigned people. Send five to Chistyakov, four to Mitusov. I strongly request to send to Kamenets-Podolsk. Later you will give to Remizov in Berlin. Tumarkina as well, then to Rumanov.

Later I shall indicate others. De Bey shall receive the first one in Chicago.

You will send the help in these signs.

I sense you may call Shafran. You will give her yourselves.

Fuyama suspects correctly; you just have time to get out from under the roof.

The dream is correct.

I entrust Poruma to keep the imprints and distribute them with your instructions. The rings only to the Circle—order them in Paris.

Now make a cliché, and print in the size of Corona Mundi and the number 117.


Will M.M. say something to F. Grant?—I am sending her a test stone.

When should the book be published?—In April—English. Russian—in summer in Germany.

Should the preface be translated?—Everything. You will print the Russian book. Horch—the English one. Lichtmanns—Hebrew. Later in German.

18 December 1922

M.  S., Y., and M. Lichtmann

Duk and others sat with Svyatoslav.

At the end of communion, M. M. Lichtmann felt very bad, and had to come out of the circle. He felt terrible heaviness in his chest and back, as if two opposing forces were crushing him almost to fainting.

N. Rerikh experienced pressure on his shoulders, others felt uneasy, perceiving tense atmosphere.

Let him be around, but there are many more of you. Lumou likes his servants.

I command to remain silent about the manifested miracle. I shall send the shield, protecting a wonder.

Let there be more wits in the thoughts of implicit charters.

Reflect, reason, approved by My revealed facet of the New World.

“The heart of the dawn proceeds, amid stings.

Reflect, reason, and spread the web of thought.

Hearken to the unceasing Command.

No miracle can be undone,

Nor can the summoned ones be expelled from their new home.

“And thou who knowest the course of the Luminaries, give way!

For I know thee, sower of confusion of thought.

I say to thee—away with thy arrogance!”[25]

Your buffoons are not strong.


The accord corresponding to the auras of N.R.’s family turned out to be a scale invented by M. Lichtmann.

During the circle, N.R. saw a multitude of stars; E.R.[26] also saw the stars, and felt as if she had been somehow separated from others; at the same time, Y. Lichtmann saw that E.R. was covered by the shield, and a glowing arc formed above her head. Rays glowed behind N.R.

Dukelsky recognized the best of the past when he used to serve Kon. I shall protect the house from him.

Love feels the danger. You should ardently listen to the Teacher. New attack is ready.


19 December 1922


When Urusvati suffered—I helped.

I sense, attack approaches. I tell everyone to go carefully.

I sense the shield should be on vigil.

I sense he shows haste.

I sense some people may be against you.

They do not understand mercy. They do not understand reverse blow. We shall again display the sword to them.

Excessive courage against the chosen ones. Excessive conceit of the dwarfs—no need to spare them. Excessive nasty mockery. Excessively the hands are raised.

I warned as much as I could.


20 December 1922


I shall indicate the phenomena of a wonder.

Set the signs of the phenomena: the envoy consists of the Russians, Tibetans, Turkish, Hindus, Persians, Chinese, and Japanese. On the right cheek of the ambassador is the constellation of the Bear.

When the envoys reveal My Will, My Hand will descend on the forehead of the chosen ones. Light of the shield shall glow.

The Teacher will strengthen His Will, and the difficult will become easy.

The manifestation of the spiritual envoy shall affirm the path.

I Myself shall appear; therefore, keep yourself safe for the best execution of My order.

Then I will give the prophecy and indicate the signs.

It is time to start explaining your way.

It is time to turn the tale into life.


Symbolical. Concerns the dream seen by E.R. from December19–20, (the enemy).

21 December 1922


Possible in Lichtmann’s presence.

Morya—is the spirit, Urusvati—the soul.

First one to the sensitive soul. Grasp by spirit.

Poruma understands easily. Poruma must prepare herself for a lofty destiny. She will strengthen the new teaching in America. Poruma should not remain on a low level. She perceives the teaching.


21 December 1922, later

M. S., Y., and M. Lichtmann

With the Torah will Avirach come out to meet the envoys. On behalf of the Jewish people, he will say a greeting to the Light of the East.

Greetings of Tatars, Buryats, Karaites, Kirghiz, and Sarts will follow. The Russians will integrate the way with the people. Youth will beautify the occasion.

My Shield will glimmer in the hands of America’s envoy. Therefore, prepare the new elected. The holiday is decided!

Father, help Our decision!

Pour the Chalice of mercy.

Miraculously affirm salvation of the World!

Send the Grace of knowledge, and light up the shield of Beauty! Thus pray!

Make use of the severe time.


The phenomenon of strongly materialized knocks. Over the head of E.R. got outlined a very large Image of an Elder.

Sit together.

Count the numbers eleven, twelve to twenty, and twenty-one.

Shri Chunda у.р.у.ч.щ.г.[27]

22 December 1922


Urusvati understands in spirit.

Show your drawing. A quadrangle in the Circle. Let the smile accompany learning.

“It is often better to defer a decision until morning. (I work in the morning.)

The morning is permeated with prana.

After sundown it is harmful to remain tense.

Evening is the time to give.

Morning is the time to receive knowledge.”[28]

One should understand closer to the hour of astral walking. Therefore, Urusvati, it is better to devote an evening hour to Poruma.

The hour of common work with Me should be honored.

Urusvati’s spirit knows this.

Let it be for the last time. Wait.

Poruma should keep one hour in the morning for her work at home. Convey to her My desire tomorrow.

Radna[29] has fog on the shield. Tell her to bring her mother closer.

She is doing that!—Not enough.

It is necessary to teach Radna to aspire towards the space of manifested thoughts. Urusvati, why is she afraid of My desires? She hardly sits in contemplation. Point out the benefits of silence.

Ten days remain.

Will it be easier in January?—No. February shall be easier.


Whose head was outlined during the séance over E.R.’s head?—Mohamedi’s.

23 December 1922


Automatic writing of N.R.:

The Sword (repeated eight times).

“Who has said that one must give away foolishly?

Foolishness remains foolishness.

“One thinks—already have I given.

Another thinks—I gave, and thus have come nearer.

A third thinks—I gave, and thus merit much.

“But all their gifts are in the stormy depths.

We cannot offer the possessions of another.

We cannot give away what we have been given for safe-keeping.

“If one entrust unto a friend to safeguard one’s property,

And returning, one ask for it again, what will the friend feel?

Only joy that he could return what he has guarded.

Therefore, rejoice and pray:

“O Lord, Thou gavest me Thy Bliss to safeguard.

Thou hast taught me how to guard It.

And now teach me how to return that which I have guarded at Thy Call, O Lord!

“Rejoice—I am guarding!”[30]

December is almost over.

Eleven, twelve; twenty, twenty-one.


The break with Dukelsky after a dirty trick.

24 December 1922


I sense Udraya does not respect My Shield.

The shield is almost covered by fog.

Show contempt to the Russians.

I teach you to pass through.

The Teacher may prepare a new arrow.

I sense Urusvati should help Fuyama.

The news will come soon.

Warn Lichtmann.

Urusvati feels the events, sensing My help.

Teach Lichtmann understanding of the moment.

Urusvati, Russians hate the Teacher.

Let My book be printed in January 1924.

It can be sent to Pushkina. Let her know not the sender.

Do not count the sale.

One thousand. Russian one—two thousand.

Pinch them; shameful accusations will follow from Russians.

Therefore, it is better to inform the Circle now.

Poruma will understand. I polish her from dust.

Your dust is from him.


[1] Readers’ Note: In the original text, the initials of Helena Roerich, Nicholas Roerich, and their sons, George and Svetoslav, usually appear in their Russian form, therefore in the translation we chose to transliterate them: N.R. (Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh for Nicholas Roerich; E.R. (Elena Ivanovna Rerikh) for Helena Roerich; Y.R. (Yuri Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Yurik) for George Roerich; Sv.R. (Sviatoslav Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Svetoslav, Svetik) for Svetoslav Roerich.—Ed.

[2] The names of the Authors of the messages are presented by their initials (in bold).—Ed.

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[5] “Urusvati” is the spiritual name for Helena Roerich.—Ed.

[6] The initials “N.R.” refer to Nicholas Roerich, the transliterated name of Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh.—Ed.

[7] LOMG I, 371.

[8] “Lumou” is the spiritual name for Svetoslav Roerich. “Udraya” is the spiritual name for George Roeich.Ed.

[9] “Poruma” or “Porooma” is the spiritual name for Nettie Horch.—Ed.

[10] H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine: The Synthesis of Science, Religion and Philosophy. Vol. III. (London, Theosophical Publishing House, 1897, reprinted 1921.) [This is the edition E.R. used for all references to Volume III of The Secret Doctrine.—Ed.]

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[22] “Avirach” is the spiritual name of Maurice (Nutsya) Moiseevich Lichtmann.—Ed.

[23] For the date December 16, 1922, the last words in each sentence were underlined to emphasize certain words in the handwritten original Notebooks. They will appear in a different font—Calibri. These words are: Heart, each other, believe, countries, Safeguard. And comply with the Ordinance, and My Ordinance.—Ed.

[24] “Yaruya” is the spiritual name of Vladimir Anatolievich Shibayev: close disciple and secretary to Nicholas Roerich for many years.Ed.

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[26] The initials “E.R.” refer to Helena Roerich, the transliterated name of Elena Ivanovna Rerikh.—Ed.

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[29] “Radna” is the spiritual name for Sinaida Grigorievna Lichtmann.Ed.

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