New York

25 December 192224 January 1923[1]

25 December 1922


I sense the storm. I sense bad weather.

I deem the Lichtmanns should be warned in order to be ready for that slander. It is good to display laughter and joy. Display no sign of anger. I order to warn the Lichtmanns. I request to forewarn the Lichtmanns.

Please smile widely and show joy. Please read quietly.

A new creature climbs in a worse manner. Now we shall have the new enemies. Leprosy is hidden under the clean clothes. Read how the chosen ones were forced to endure.

Urusvati,[3] take it easily.

Phone the Lichtmanns; warn them. You will understand it later.

The main thing is to get to the ship.

Thus, be not upset, but attach importance to everything in Great deeds.


26 December 1922


The Teacher considers Saylor (undesirably harmful). You need to say: he left.

Therefore, be able to avoid (repeated three times). Therefore, understand you need to confuse them. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid honoring. Urusvati, be on guard.

You ought to understand. Therefore, try to avoid the Russian being.

Advise silence to Grant. Advise Horch to evade. Nutsya[4] correctly holds the rudder.

Concede the paintings; I feel the sales.


27 December 1922


Judge the mother by her daughter.

Urusvati firmly carries the shield.

Leprosy is revealed. Clean utensils will not fade.

Morya decided to give Lumou[5] to you. But lead him firmly. Lead firmly the young one.

I think Udraya[6] should be shown his youthful immaturity.

Therefore, I give you everything. I display the wonders of life in front of you.


Refers to the explanation of burning pain in the knee. Urusvati got it correctly.

How to understand “Horch must evade?” Urusvati will understand.

28 December 1922


The Lichtmanns were present.

Victory will help you to meet a new battle.

Sohraya, remember, drive him away with the word “Hallelujah!”

Count the minutes until February.

I sent Shafran for strengthening harmony.

You can affirm yourselves when Oyana[7] leaves. Her Guardian is Suthmaan, son of Israel, wayfarers’ friend.

He achieved the light of My Shield. He is appointed on My order. Make her happy.

I protect you by making a useful decision.

Observe the events manifested these days. There will be more. I shall strengthen you—sit together.

Yenta’s and S.Gr.’s visions: A helmet was placed on the head of N.R. All those present saw light formations. The Image of Sister Oriola appeared above E.R.

The roar of lies is heard.

The dates eleven, twelve–twenty, and twenty-one.

The appearance of Her Image transformed the feudal lady.

I am here—I request, sit together. Your eyes are not vigilant—I am here.

Sister Oriola.

30 December 1922


Promise him help (Lumou).

Show him My portrait.

Everything proceeds from the enemy. Hands are stretched towards the holes.

It is the worst time now.

One more month behave as if with a child.

Endure the mockery. We shall send the lightning in February. Until then, be in a burrow.

Let them consider themselves winners, for victory is yours.

“Curve in Master’s service.” *The same phrase E.R. heard at Monhegan.

My voice proceeds from Me.

Warn the Circle of danger for all. There was no worse time. Survive resourcefully.

Prepared you long ago. He hates Odomar (K).[8]

He likes to inculcate his evil through the four ones.

I am ready to answer as much as allowed.

It is the beginning of a difficult period.

He is powerful—Hierophant is powerful.

30 December 1922

Automatic writing of N.R.[9]:

“Like elephants crossing the forest, crushing the bushes and sweeping aside the trees,

So walk in the Great Service.

Therefore, know how to battle.

“Many are called to the Knowledge,

But to few are opened the secrets of Our Decisions.”[10]

But I entrusted you with a Secret.

“Therefore, know how to battle.”[11]

I will give you earthly honors and multiply your possibilities.

But accept this as a sign of dignity of My assignment.

Therefore, know how to battle.

“You will see how My Shield is defamed.

You will know how My Treasures are counterfeited.

Then shall you raise your sword.

Therefore, know how to battle.”[12]

Print the Sign of the Chalice on a lilac Chinese silk.

“Chiefly, beware of treason and light-mindedness—

Out of light-mindedness is treason born.

Therefore, know how to battle.”[13]

Greet and win the year 1923.

31 December 1922


In a miraculous way, S. M. Shafran received two coins—a Russian penny and five silver kopecks.

The miracle is the beginning and the testimony of the future ones.

Hands will not stretch after a deep happiness. Therefore, carefully and thoughtfully, begin the year with My Name and enthusiasm of the spirit. Therefore, My Name and the ascents of the spirit are the best weapons. I come in time, and I send the signs; I facilitate happiness of your spirit’s growth. I promise success, and arm you with My arrows.


In the evening, the whole Circle and S. M. Shafran gathered at our place; we spent a wonderful evening together. Oyana, Svetik, and S.M. wrote automatically. Sv. drew a temple with raging flames under it, and the ray in the form of a sword.

On January 2, we read in the newspapers, that at night from December 31 to January 1, Steiner’s Temple in Switzerland burned to the ground.

1 January 1923


Poruma[14] can arrive; you can give strength to her.

I sense they are in need.

Around him is a cloud of the enemy’s shield.

You should advise Horch to evade the doubt.

“Doubt destroys one’s armament.”[15]

Until he is firm, nothing can touch him.

But “Each loose stone weakens the tower.”[16]

Point out to him the solidity of the towers.

He shall receive his penny. But the mail is one—through the trust.

Avirach[17] raised the shield of faith, and the parcel hastened.

She raises even easier (S.M.).

Show faith to Odomar, full of power. Show him the book.

Urusvati, let him understand that doubt is only the enemy’s temptation—I vouch, he will understand.

Let him perceive My indications as a medicine.

Let him follow Poruma—she walks straight. Poruma knocked over the obstacle.

Who simply sees an angel; he simply raises.

Urusvati, I praise peaceful determination.


2 January 1923


Poruma can love you.

A new life burns in her house.

Let her feel My Blessing.

Miracles hover around you like grape vines. Nothing is accidental.

We read in the “Times,” that at night from December 31 to January 1, Doctor Rudolf Steiner’s Temple in Dornach burned to the ground.—The temple was removed by a pure ray.

Be able to understand.

A wondrous ray was sent; through this ray you shall win. My Signs are around you.


3 January 1923


It is impossible to vouch for January, but apply all resourcefulness.

I deem manifestations of Russian traitors are dangerous because they open the doors.

I advise you to visit Sutro; dirt is oozing.

I am sending My Ray, but the enemy attempts to destroy the crop. It is very difficult to hold the onslaught. The Shield is full of arrows.

I advise you to visit Sutro. I advise you to visit Sutro not later than on Saturday. Praise America; list the successes.

The enemy takes help of the planets.


4 January 1923


The Lichtmanns were present.

Strength should be protected. The price of betrayal is clear. Again miraculous fire is needed—the soil is bad. You need to perceive, see, and hear.

In construction, every stone is counted. Accept the instruction without fear.

Date—three, date—ten.

Read The Secret Doctrine II, page 244, line 3.[18]

You may sit.

Your path is wide—pray to the World for Service.

Sister Oriola is here.

Why is Shklyaver not sitting with the Hand grumbler? I sense dirt from there.

I feel the date—three.

Read the Times. The mentioned Shklyaver is slandered. Display a new sign of bravery.


Poruma may find the best one. The girl can develop better.

5 January 1923


Urusvati’s letter is correct (to M. Manziarly).

The enemy plans destruction. But We shall bend his decisions until February.

And then there is a thunderstorm. He chose a blunt stick.

I consider your dream correct. New dreams and voices will disclose the complexity of time. Go through. The enemy’s strength is spread widely. Until February, everything wears the signs of the enemy.

Sternly write to Udraya.


6 January 1923


During the séance a bead was manifested.

Automatic writing of N.R.:

The dead ones plow the world with funeral processions.

The dead ones dig the graves and fill them with their remains.

But to you the Messiah has come.

Assassins gather troops, invent murder weapons, and rejoice in destruction.

But to you the Messiah has come.

Poisoners seek poisons and rejoice in any harm.

They sit in the darkness.

But to you the Messiah has come.

Traitors gather in mobs and invent disgrace of the world.

They are numberless.

But to you the Messiah has come.

Fools sit in swagger; they hope for murderers and traitors.

But to you the Messiah has come.

The dead ones, murderers, poisoners, traitors and fools, what shall you do when My lightning strikes your door?

Not chants, but the teaching of every day.

Thus accept. I wish you read more often My Teaching.

I have said it.

7 January 1923


Why is Poruma in a hurry? She can wear My gift after one year. She needs to preserve her aura longer. Now your aura acts. Just in case of illness should it be worn. Keep it in an ivory box. Poruma can place My Shield to the box on a lilac silk.

Urusvati correctly thinks about Shafran. But let her repeat My Name. Let her pronounce Alleluia.

You should convey My Will to Udraya. Tamerlane must display the strength of the spirit, otherwise initiation will be delayed.

My Hand is above only the steadfast ones.

Weakness and light-mindedness foster treachery.

Treason is judged not by its causes but by its effects.

Each one is free, but is judged by his deeds.”[19]

Tamerlane was cruel, but that is not an excuse.

“Initiation is not found through heartless action.

Happiness is gained through labor.”[20]

8 January 1923


Warn the Lichtmanns about the slandering Russians.

I sense Urusvati’s spirit is aflame. The development of the experiment proceeds successfully.

He cannot touch a pure soul (the enemy). The specified period may pass.

The Lichtmanns are present.

I will cross the Bridge—build a Bridge!

I carry the light—consider a miracle to be your feat!

“The time draws near when the Teaching is to be fulfilled.

The hour is decided; in it will be manifested to the world the shield of the Law.

The night of confirmation and the day of reasoning will bring joy.

Sent is the hour of understanding of the Scroll.

Sent is the hour of Testimony.

Manifested is the wing of the Archangel.

On it is the inscription of Peace.

The Heavenly Forces bear witness with Us.”[21]

Sit down. All present sat down in a circle.

Why are there tears in your eyes?

Where are you heading, children?

Horch can loyally cross the bridge.

It is necessary, necessary.

“It has been decreed to acquaint the nations with the New Word of Love.”[22]


9 January 1923


“It is time to ponder about the New World.

My Teaching opens the doorway to action.

Madly do people rush about, not knowing the future.

Doomed crowds are hastening to destruction.

Their course is bearing them to the abyss.

Observe where the madmen are headed.

Revealed is an abyss of new transgressions.

Obvious manifestations fail to alarm the brains of the half-witted.

To the fools the time is an empty one,

But grave it is for those who discern the Light.”[23]

Live through it, My children.


10 January 1923


As long as My Shield is above you, nothing will touch you.

I think Horch may travel to Europe, in June.

Tell Poruma now—joy to her. Tell Poruma to sternly prepare the sent ones for a miracle. They need to know the miracles of every day.

What does it mean ‘sternly’?—Sternly—without trembling.

Miracles are coming. A miracle is always useful.

Your support is in Me. Urusvati can peacefully look into the distance.


11 January 1923


Occupation of Ruhr by the French.

Be able to reach. The main thing is to reach.

Poruma should help. It is necessary to send the strength. I have placed Poruma on guard of the departure.

Perceive the hard time ahead. Let the assigned date not be violated.

The year started sternly; let it not disturb your path. The efforts must be applied to complete the path.

Is it possible to speed up the departure to India?—In such a case, death to everyone and everything.

I feel the Laws of the World are shaken.


12 January 1923


Urusvati, the timing approaches, and the dam of obstacles is broken by will.

When the future is given, and only the bridge of will leads to one place on the shore; then there is just one Light.

Urusvati feels with her spirit.

“(Now) I urge you to sharpen your will—it aids the flight of arrows.

The will is the bow-string of the consciousness.”[24]

Call Lumou. Hiram, Our ship is overgrown with shells, but the way is far, and fighting the waves is difficult.

My command is—clean it. A wonderful touch gives the power to fix the bottom.

I speak for the future—other fruits shall we take to the predestined shore.

We will weave baskets out of My branches—hold on to My Shield.

Now I sense Sohraya should be warned—let her widely embrace the World.


N.R. left for Detroit—Do not aim to sell; look towards the future.

16 January 1923


“I see dark clouds over Europe—

The Abyss has revealed its depths.”[25]

You must hurry to finish the money matters. Call Poruma; it is necessary to stop service transactions. Urusvati, I vouch for the path, but action must be taken.

Urusvati, I want to give advice: display the shield against your sister Muromtsev. She did not understand her lesson.

Urusvati, Poruma needs your call. Poruma calls Urusvati.

I will point out the course; simplify it with indications—no need to encroach. I will point out the time when you can start again. It is better not to act without asking Me.

Urusvati, I can vouch for the journey—it is decided. Now you only need to get on the ship. Live with My wonder.


17 January 1923


Strangers will show you a better understanding.

Udraya grows wiser; he will affirm himself in the summer.

I consider it dangerous to allow a miracle of the shield. It is wiser to wait—I feel the Russian threat.

I deem Urusvati should be present at the exhibition. After that, it is good to call everyone to your place.

I gave you a great wonder. I give you more than to others.

Purchase rupees; later they will be costlier.

You will begin a new learning on My land.


18 January 1923

M. The Lichtmanns were present

“One must needs understand the time.

One cannot live as always when the very mountains are atremble.”[26]

Only by clinging to the signs of the traces of miracles, will you not get lost.

My desire is to lead you by the assigned path.

But vigilantly alert your ear.

With a shield, cover the force given to you.

Display firmness of the spirit.

The arrival of Manziarly—our first discussion.

I sense a date—twenty-four—a day.

With a shield, separate yourself from penetrating traitors.

By number, without trampling, and by appearance without the bags.

The mind is like a coke—sharpened by evil.

Beware of the tenets; go firmly, I will help.


Lichtmann’s question about the parents—Protect them; do not destroy them.

Do not trust Ginter.

He must be saved—death is abroad. I am telling you for the last time.

Sit together.

Until the Temple is realized, strongly wait with your conclusions.

I will assign a residence to everyone!

Twenty-four—I gave a valid date.

Write to the father; Russia will soon be the best place.

The prophetess piously understands your message.

Ginter is from the enemy—I would rather let you come back than let her go.

My enemy is trying to whisper.

Remember, in January—nothing.


19 January 1923


The time draws near; you need to take action.

The abyss will absorb the manifestations of rage.

Fuyama,[27] have mercy for the silly ones.

Urusvati, learn patience.

The timing shall display the abyss.

Be able to smile.

Merciless temper is the death of the spirit.

The path has to be cleaned; Udraya complicated a lot.

I shall bestow a shield upon you.

I hurry you to leave because here you are hated. Therefore it is good to leave under My Power.

The building of the future is focused on you; to keep you successful, you need to be safe.

Wondrous spirit, be firm; do not allow the sorrow.

Safeguard your strength.


20 January 1923


Automatic writing of N.R.:

“Examine even the stones resounding under your feet.

For on them may be found traces of My Coming.

“Waiting ones, waiting ones,

Even you may not recognize the hour of My Coming.

As the waiting is not easy,

I will give signs, and help.

“I shall not come in the night.

And in the hours when the rays of the sun do not reach Earth, let your spirit calmly

rise to the Abode of the Creator.

I shall tell you how to wait in the hours of day.

Not with hymns nor with exaltation await Me,

But by strengthening your labor in My Name.

Not in sleep nor during the repast,

But during labor shall I fulfil your hopes, My beloved ones.

In the morning, repeating the seven words, say:

Help us lest we neglect Your Labor.

And repeating My Name, and asserting yourself in My Labor, you will attain My Day.

“Cherish and read My Words.

In these days of hardship you will be vindicated by labor.

And through action will you be exalted.

And by My Name will you attain.

I said it.”[28]

21 January 1923


Date twenty-one—an idea appeared about a permanent Museum.

I have sent the Rerikh Museum to New York. A few things should be sent.

Urusvati, describe in detail the internal apparatus you have seen.

You saw how nerves weave the aura—this vision is important in the application of colors of the main waves of prana. You saw many times multiplied work of the organs, inaccessible to conventional research; tissue of the solar plexus. It is important in understanding of the structure of the manifested world. The fabric of its bark is woven with colors and clings to the planet’s body. Physically—in the developed substance— it is a single bridge to the spheres of spirit.

Seeing the workshop of the substance of the spirit is very difficult, and I rejoice if you succeeded to get an idea of the finest work of the body.

I speak of the substance of the spirit on a difficult day for the world.

“Not the factory, but the workshop of the spirit will renovate the world.

Like wallpaper pasted on by people, that which has closed up the pores of life will

be washed away by a torrent of stern Benevolence.”[29]

Now lay on Me Udraya’s mistakes.

Repeat: he is childish; refer to Me (that, what I have to tell M. Manziarly).

The joy of success and a terrible fire in Me.

You will do as I indicate. I shall not accept changes.

If I have tested you, then much more needs to be proven by others.


22 January 1923

M. The Lichtmanns were present

The idea of the Museum is not yet appreciated fully by you. Remember, while mastering the task of the nation, Jews and Hindus paid tribute to art.

I am Hindu, and I sense how the tree grows. You perceive My indication. It is better to remember for a long time.

Delay is harmful.

After ten days, start work hastily. Hasten to get rupees.

Know how to be the winners tomorrow. It is good to be able to smile knowing the future.

You need to gather with a crowd. The shield is upon you.

Be able to distinguish the evil envoys. Understand, no need to spare, if there is enemy.

But Sutro is a friend.

Sit together.

Answers to questions:

To depart on the eighth.

Horches—on the twenty eighth.

Aspiration is My Shield.

Manifestation is weakened—K.

23 January 1923


Urusvati is right—you should rejoice. Soon you shall leave the burrow. The soil is ready (India).

How will I see M.M.?—You will see in reality.

Now, Urusvati saw the work of the stone nerves. You can understand now how small the difference is between extreme organisms in the main work.

Urusvati can observe very secret manifestations of the Universe.

Can I prepare my body now?—When you step on My land.

I know when it is possible.

Now, prepare for your journey, and strengthen My works. There is enough work for this year.

Poruma needs life instructions.

Urusvati, peacefully prepare the vessel; there is so much of work.

First—the book. Second—the museum. Third—the school and children classes. Fourth—education of the heirs. There is more work than can be accommodated.

I feel mercy is required.

Urusvati, phone to Poruma—My regards.

I saw an Image with long, light brown hair, very big, but narrow blue eyes, and a small beard.

The Face was surrounded by a lilac glow.

You shall see the Wondrous Image again.


24 January 1923


Arrival of Mme Manziarly.

My Hand is with you.

Remember, you act only according to My Order.

Udraya feels your manifested, wonderful love for Me. The Teacher spares the child’s hand.

My Hand is with you. Your happiness is in Me.

I was appearing.

I was sending the messengers.

I was granting the miracles.

I attested the deeds with the witnesses.


[1] Readers’ Note: In the original text, the initials of Helena Roerich, Nicholas Roerich, and their sons, George and Svetoslav, usually appear in their Russian form, therefore in the translation we chose to transliterate them: N.R. (Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh for Nicholas Roerich; E.R. (Elena Ivanovna Rerikh) for Helena Roerich; Y.R. (Yuri Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Yurik) for George Roerich; Sv.R. (Sviatoslav Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Svetoslav, Svetik) for Svetoslav Roerich.—Ed.

[2] The names of the Authors of the messages are presented by their initials (in bold).—Ed.

[3] “Urusvati” is the spiritual name for Helena Roerich.—Ed.

[4] Maurice Moiseevich Lichtmann.—Ed.

[5] “Lumou” is the spiritual name for Svetoslav Roerich.

[6] “Udraya” is the spiritual name for George Roerich.

* This message was given in English, therefore remains unchanged and unedited to maintain its original exactness. [From now on to (short version): Original English text]—Trans.

[7] “Oyana” is the spiritual name for Esther Lichtmann.—Ed.

[8] “Odomar” is the spiritual name for Louis Horch (also referred to as “Logvan,” “warrior,” and “Fuyama’s hand.”)—Ed.

[9] The initials “N.R.” refer to Nicholas Roerich, the transliterated name of Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh.—Ed.

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[17] “Avirach” is the spiritual name for Maurice (Nutsya) Moiseevich Lichtmann.—Ed.

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