New York

24 January 192310 March 1923[1]

24 January 1923


Arrival of Manziarly.

My Hand is with you.

Remember you act only according to My Order.

Urusvati, I sense it was a good catch.

I helped well with Horch. I shall help again.

I shall send the new signs.

Udraya feels your manifested, wonderful love for Me. The teacher spares the child’s hand. Let him read it.

Feel when My stern style differs.

My Hand is with you. Your happiness is in Me.

I was appearing.

I was sending the messengers.

I was granting the miracles.

I attested the deeds with the witnesses.


He—My Ray dissolved him, and Fuyama was on vigil.

25 January 1923


Notify, I need My disciples. Tell everyone: Our tormentor tries to direct his force to the end of January. He looks for an opportunity to damage.

Be careful. Let Horch cover himself with a shield. New letters should be left unanswered.

Regarding the bites from Manziarly—Urusvati is right.

Urusvati, direct your shield on Muromtsev.

Start defending yourself. First by thought, then by action.

I think you chose a good ship. Speed is a symbol of aspiration. You can take rest today.


26 January 1923


Our beginning has a good luck.

Congratulate Horch—he should not grieve. My Hand pointed to the villain. Let him be removed.

My thoughts about you, My friends, are constant.

Poruma understands Urusvati.

My Hand shows your path; simply follow the instruction. Almost made it out of the trap.

Do not show to the Russians. Russians feel an incomprehensible help.

Urusvati, the shield is upon you.


27 January 1923


Automatic writing of N.R.:

“And so in labor will you meet Me.

But what are the signs of labor?

Speed, decisiveness, and self-sacrifice.

But with speed and decisiveness one may also rush toward the abyss.

But your path is to the summits.

Therefore, add also wisdom.

“Ask yourselves in the morning, beginning your day,

What you can add to the entrusted work,

That My Name should permeate all your deeds,

And should enter not as obstacle but as affirmation;

Not averting, nor complicating, but as a part of your decisive thoughts.

“So labor wisely and, accepting the Shield of My Name,

You will conquer all that obstructs the ascent.

This is the advice for immediate application to the work.

And so, precisely and simply I say:

Read and understand simply My Teaching, without losing the given dates.

My Hand be with you!”[3]


Later I shall give you the images.

28 January 1923


I will show the power of the shield for Udraya.

Wait—My idea is better.

Let your decisions not make Me hurry—you will understand later. Now preserve the previous instruction. Then I shall give the New one.

Tomorrow tell My instruction to be in India and in Paris in May. Tell, we are given the opportunity to work together in Russia.

Timur galloped, but only complicated the situation. A raging spirit that laid the mountains of skulls, must humbly approach.

To E. Rerikh’s remark that Akbar had also been accused—Only the goal matters. Wait to draw conclusions; Timur is also given an opportunity for the best ascent.

I carry you like in a cradle, and require only obedience. My path is the shortest, and do you really not notice the help every day?

If he cannot sit alone, let him stop writing. Misunderstanding simple words is harmful. I will correct the errors, but demand precise execution.

Should I tell it to Yuri?—To him and to everyone.

To your Circle.

What does it mean—to everyone, Manziarly as well?—In that case, I would say, to Manziarly or to Yaruya. If instruction is unclear, ask again.

For Manziarly, books are enough for now because the currents were damaged by Timur.

In spiritual unity.

Otherwise, the whole Brotherhood will be engaged in marriages.

But otherwise—how to combine equality?


To E. Rerikh’s remark that she is terribly sad at heart—On Timur’s affairs, I see complete childishness; it would be better to get a degree at Harvard.

Reincarnation of Ir. Vl. Manziarly seen by E. RerikhFrau Hoht, a seller of food items and vegetables in the nineteenth century.

29 January 1923


From January 28–29, I saw the apartment, the wife and children of my cousin S. S. Mitusov.

Udraya considers Urusvati to be a real tormentor. Thus we shift our mistakes to others.

“Remember how necessary it is to keep the Teaching;

Especially at this time of world-wide commotion.

Count the days until you will pass safely through the conflagration.

I offer you My Hand, and I will conduct you unscathed.

But be sensible and reject not the Hand. (The Teacher can tell you how much is allowed.)

After My Indications you yourselves will apprehend the vastness of the fire.

It is shameful not to perceive the boundary of the New World.

It is shameful to proceed, still tied with a gallows-rope.

Let the new sun shine through your window!”[4]


I teach My pupils to hold the rudder. My Hands are on the table, My daughter.

Shri Onaucharya (M.M.’s disciple).

Other hands have torn a lot of tissue from the shield given to Poruma.

Chunda—the warrior during Akbar’s reign—Chunda, My warrior, rushed to defend Me.

Fuyama, My son, vigilantly reject the evil ones, but save your forehead.

Shri Onaucharya is My disciple.


30 January 1923


You may accept money from Horch, for through you, he is safe in My care. You may accept money from Horch, for you have given a talisman to him. You may accept money from Horch, for you have given a treasure to him.

My children, go as an adamant.

Let your mind be united with Me.

Let your eye watch Our Battle.

Twilight shall not cover the sparkling of the miraculous spirit.

You must live through and cross the abyss.

But you are guarded with indications.

Yes, Urusvati—she is very nice. I think you got along well.

You cannot grumble at your fate.


What will M.M. tell about my discussion with Manziarly?

“The tail of disobedience drags a long way behind.”[5] From your side everything is fine.

Even the Name was hidden from the article.

To E. Rerikh’s remark that many people had seen an image of Christ according to collected information in the sent book—Many images are attributed to Christ.

31 January 1923


At night from January 30–31, I was woken up by a strong pain in the middle of stomach. I saw a silvery light and moving lines from down to up. The handwriting was very clear, but because of a strong pain, I could not concentrate my attention for reading. I read only separate words, very short ones: how . . . still . . . I . . . but . . .

Postpone writing to Shklyaver; she should be given less information about My action with Tamerlane.

You may write Shklyaver, telling to delay showing the letter to Tamerlane.

It is better to write shortly, just about your imminent arrival, for their mind is short.

Send a note not to show it to Tamerlane.

Besides, tell nothing to the young warriors; keep silent so that they do not consider situation as complex.

My Hand strikes the enemies; now I vouch for the cause—My thought is broad.

The traitors scurry.

The abyss comes to the edges—you need to sail away soon. The way is through the fire.

Prussia has a special position.

New Ukraine is in fire.

Darkness is over Memelem.[6]

“Manifesting neither love of country nor deeds of valor,

They march, driven by malice.

Good ethics are swept away by gunfire.

The hand can hold only a gun.

But what of the Divine Image?

Befitting to It is the New Beauty.”[7]

I think you will quietly reach India.


1 February 1923


“He who is safe and sound remembers with gratitude what has happened.

The strong one looks into the future with sword upraised.

The wise one perceives the coming task.

The beautiful in spirit thrill at the harmony of the World.

Seek the explanation of the rises and plunges of the spirit in the shuddering of the planets.

The world is one in the consonance of spirit.

The wondrous gift of receptivity is natural to all rational beings.

But knowing these currents We do not call them oppressive—

We seek new work beyond their range.

The moon by night, the sun by day.

Even the stupid organize their life according to these luminaries.

Boundless is the World, countless the colors of the Light.

Immersed in its harmony, the spirit sings the song of all hearts.

Therefore, rejoice if you can sense it.

Devoid of effectiveness is the slumbering spirit.”[8]

I lead you to the light; the final light is one.

The truth is given with love; every opportunity is provided.

In a special way is the Teaching sent to you in life, among the highest clashes of crowds.

I safeguard the organism; the impulses of the spirit are irrepressible—you cannot understand proportionality of concerns in this situation. There is just one concern now—to sail to Marseille.

I do not want to disturb your strength—a lot is spent on events around you.

I have no lies—you have been given the answers. Reread the messages of My Hand after September.

There is an icon of heroism, sacrifice, and the feat of prayer; it will help.

My daughter, people are ready, places are assigned, everything is foreseen, and dangers are avoided. Believe Me, I will give you a sign of trust—be patient—I see everything.


In the evening on February 1, I have heard the words of M.M.: “There is nothing that you cannot do when you are willing. I am glad that all is going in such a hurried way.” *

The third sentence was forgotten by me.

* This message was given in English, therefore remains unchanged and unedited to maintain its original exactness. [From now on to (short version): Original English text]—Trans


2 February 1923


Poruma can start looking for a house.

She is given this assignment.

She will show Urusvati her ideas.

The house is given—find it.

My Hand had sealed it.

I rely on resourcefulness.

Think about a broad place.

Tomorrow we will begin instructing the remaining ones.

Hang My Shield in My chapel.

No need to pay dearly.

We will pray before departure in the chapel.

I rejoice, everything proceeds quickly, in hurry.

Every day should be celebrated with joy.

Hold on, Urusvati.

To E. Rerikh’s remark that yesterday she was addressing M.K.H.—My Friend cannot accelerate the process. The meaning of the Brotherhood is in its unity.

Your star is lit—it shines over the East.

Depends from where.


3 February 1923


The evening of the Circle: Yenta drew M.M.’s portrait. N. R. gave a painting from the past of Poruma and Shoraka. New Signs are given.


Automatic writing of N.R.:


                                                  To the remaining ones!

1.      If you hear the Name of the King of the World, bow your ear.

2.      If you hear abuse of the Messiah, be not horrified, but say, “Madness.”

3.      “Respect the principle of Hierarchy.

In Brotherhoods great and small, all actions are given through the Elders.

There may be teachings and inspirations, but actions originate from One Source.

4.      “Await not gifts but gather treasures.

I can give you all the pearls of the world,

But what will you do with this treasure?

You will find the most iron-bound, the most musty, the most tomb-like vault, and

the gift will die.

But it will be different if under My Hand you will, by yourself, string from human souls a necklace of pearls, and will judge their size and value.[9]

5.      Observe the miracles in life.

Poruma responds to Urusvati.

Logvan is filled with Fuyama’s origin.

Not in the book, but in life is outlined the page of karma.

6.      “Look for the new ones—they are appointed and directed.

Do not reject their knocks.”[10]

7.      Keep your sword sharp both day and night, for it is in My Name!

Then the image!

We will continue later!

4 February 1923


At night from February 3–4, E. Rerikh woke up at around 3 a.m. and noticing that the light was on in the hallway, meaning that Svetik had not come home yet, became very upset; but having felt the fragrance of roses and hearing the voice, “He will come,” she calmed down and fell asleep. She woke up exactly when Sv. was entering the apartment.

I think there is no need to take the order. There will be more troubles than any guarantee for benefit.

The abyss is too big. You should display your dignity.

I advise you to shorten the trip; it is better to finish My paintings.

“One should treasure every hour devoted to My Work.[11] My Hand carries happiness to you. Just follow the hand.


Fuyama does what he can.

My darling souls, I am protecting you.

Phone Poruma; it is time to find the house. You can get past. You need to hurry. Poruma must show intuition.

The night was long—now is the day.

His flowers will still be there, but the sowing is over.

Urusvati is My mainspring, only by your bridge is the path connected.

Remember how sorry you felt for little Poruma. Common path. The hands by an invisible chain lead each other harder than steel.

“One must grope and find the doorway to Light.”[12]

Shorten your trip.

When to return back?—Thursday. Stay on guard tomorrow.


5 February 1923


Fuyama can shorten the length of the trip. It is necessary to be here on Thursday. Urusvati can call Lichtmann and Shafran for Thursday.

They can sit without you. Shafran can write.

Urusvati can write to Udraya My Decree.

“By your actions should you show reverence for the Guiding Hand.”[13]

Udraya, clearly perceive My Decrees. Udraya, honor every single Word. Udraya, honor My desire for spiritual comprehension. Udraya, do not display puma’s appearance to Fuyama and Urusvati. Puma can overshadow the human face. He is trying to shoot arrows at you. But get rid of your self-will; Urusvati is your refuge. Urusvati leads your spirit. Urusvati knows and feels My instructions. Udraya, protect Urusvati. Let My Thought help you.


What’s wrong with the Horches’ girl?—A new form of flu.

Let him gather information from the agents. He should go after that.

The page mentioning the name of Urusvati—Remove it.

7 February 1923


Urusvati, do not be angry, it is necessary to endure—the vine is harvested.

The enemy rejoices when My fabric is torn. Everything is so dangerous, only full aspiration can withstand.

Direct all forces to delay the Decree of the Luminaries. Think only about her, even if all the wolves have entered, and repeat: she will survive.

We work and unite our consciousnesses. I go even against the Luminaries.

You know the girl’s fate.

Convey to the Circle, let them repeat: she will survive. If thoughts are not strong, let them loudly repeat.

Tell Poruma—I am with her. Tomorrow you will go yourself. January tore a lot of tissue.


8 February 1923


Urusvati, gifting the shield, no need to fear.

The time is hard; if you raise, you shall fly. We will raise those who can hold on.

But the main thing is to suppress anger.

Both messed up a lot (concerns the boys).

Carry My Image to Poruma.

I fight evil generously.


Fuyama, do not leave the city until May.

8 February 1923, later

M. S. M. Shafran, M., Y., and S. Lichtmann, were present

A vision of S. M. Shafran: In the room, on the couch, facing its back, lays a young lady and she sobs bitterly. Y. R. nervously walks around the room and reads the letter.

Oyana’s vision:

1.      Small Jean and big one hundred.

2.      Jean and a dog fox terrier near her.

3.      A vision of the prayer written on the table: “Merciful Father, be generous!”

After the end, Oyana gave an image of Sister Oriola in radiance, holding a bowl in her hands.


The Teacher’s Shield won—the enemy is equal in strength, but will not be victorious. His power can be shattered.

Let Urusvati and Fuyama sit with you.


I came to tell you the power of the shield of trust. You can ascend by My way.

“You can increase your strength by embracing Our Shield.

Arriving at the crossroads, take only the new path.

“My judgment is ready, but muster all resourcefulness and avoid wasting energy.”[14]

I will show Tamerlane special energy consumption.

“The river must be nurtured by streams, not littered with trash.

Clouds have become thickened;

One must not condense them further.

You should understand that truth is simple.

Learn to hearken to the Teacher.”[15]

Sit in the darkness, after that you can write. Sit silently, focus on the girl.

S. M. Shafran three times cried: “She will survive, survive, survive!” Then she said the Jewish prayer, and again: “She will survive, survive, survive.”

Let us pray.


Automatic drawing and writing of Oyana

Sister Oriola

“Und neues Leben ins Gefäss habe Ich gespriesset. Oriola ist die Wächterin. Glaubt, betet und gebene [. . .] seid!”     

(Germ: And I breathed a new life into the vessel. Oriola is the guard. Trust, pray and [. . .] be!)

9 February 1923


My Hand is fighting a Biblical battle. If I avert all the Luminaries, there will be an unheard victory. Direct all the tension; every blow is valuable in the battle. I direct almost all the power—the shield is full of blows.

My Blessings to Poruma. Let us turn the energy on them.


9 February 1923


Our Shield is pure.

I walk triumphantly.

Urusvati can peacefully send the power.

But do not stop unification. The battle is still raging.

Show the scene to Poruma—how her hand leads Shoraka, now manifested by Jean.

Poruma has already been her mother.

Show honor to Urusvati.

Sit in the silence.

Watch the vision. Describe the vision.

Visions of S. M. Shafran:

1.      A man with rolled up sleeves and a white mask performs the operation. S.M. holds a bowl, serves cotton wool and gauze. The operation is very fast and successful. The surgeon removes the mask—it is N. Rerikh, who, backing away, enters his portrait and stands in the frame. Exclamations during the vision: wool, gauze, successfully—Look again. Describe the vision.

2.      E. R. complains that she is very tired, and she immediately divides into eight E.R. Each of the seven members of the Circle receives one E.R. exclusively for themselves, while the eighth E.R. sits and rests. Exclamations during the vision: very tired, wonderful (laughter), each one will have one—Watch the last vision.

3.      M.M. entered the room, and all the light and strength with Him. He left and everything left with Him—And, therefore, remember—through Me alone you live.


Automatic writing of N.R.:


8.      “Chiefly, act not through anger but through indignation of the spirit.

The fire of anger leaves only holes in the web of the Universe.

But if you act in indignation of spirit,

Defending the Name of the Lord and the power of your Teacher,

Then even blows will be justified.

Therefore, choose in all things between the fire of anger and the purifying flame of the spirit’s indignation.”[16]

9.      If you do not know the solution, wait for another day. And the meaning of the Luminaries will purify the message with truth.

10.     If you do not want to start—do not start.

11.     If you do not want to see—avoid.

12.     I will speak if your soul is filled with lack of knowledge.

13.     Do not entrust the matter to the old ones.

14.     But be able to recognize the friends—they are coming.


Oyana drew Saint Theresa and Sister Oriola holding the chalice.

Automatic writing of F. Grant:

   When ye shall hear the Voice of the Lord calling to thee out of Darkness, be not afraid, though the sound makes the mountains tremble, though heights are shattered by the power of His Voice. Do thou remain calm in prayer, for though the sword of the Creator rends the earth, thou who carry the talisman shall be spared. The Heavens shall rain down fires of fury, yet shalt thou be untouched, for the blessed shield is over thee like an inviolable guard. Through the Teacher art thou saved, through Him art thou resurrected, through Him shall thou serve. Without Him all shall be chaos, but the King of all the World shall bear in His arms the Sun and stars to light the way. Remember then that through Me thou livest, through Me alone. Remember and repose in this eternal peace. It comes only through Service.”  *

10 February 1923


I am cutting the energy to manifest it where needed.

Be able to continue the sendings. Consider every day a victory.


10 February 1923, later

M.  S. Shafran, S., Y., and M. Lichtmann, F. Grant

Focus on the girl.

Unite your thoughts on the girl.

Watch the vision. Describe it.

Visions of S. M. Shafran:

1.      E. R. holds the girl of the Horches on her knees, feeds her soup, and spills it on her dress. Exclamations during the vision: “Careful, Elena Ivanovna, do not spill. You are spilling.”—Watch the vision. Describe it.

2.      The second vision was interrupted by a telephone call. S.M. forgot it. Exclamations were: “Stop it, horrible!”—Watch the vision.

3.      The vision of a long table. A little old man came in, and out of his bag put two large diamonds on the table. He said those present there must choose and distinguish the real stone from the fake one. Against the table hung a portrait of N. R. Sofia M. looked at the portrait and saw, how drooping eyelids lifted, and N. K.’s eyes as if told her, “Look, make no mistake!” She began to scrutinize the stones. One glowed with an even wonderful light, but the eyes of those present were attracted by the second one, which glittered. Suddenly, from this very stone emerged a small snake, which began to spin in the stone with incredible speed; the stone turned black and vanished. S.M. wanted to ask the old man what his name was, but the old man said, “Another time, my dear.” He waved his hand and ran away.

Exclamations during the vision: “To choose! I will hit the sky. What is your name, Grandpa?”


11 February 1923


E. R.’s vision from February 10–11. A wreath of hands; the hands held a bead on a string, and the bead has changed into a medallion and a cross, which I wear. Then a ring appeared; it increased and took the form of a hoop-crown with a large stone in the middle.

Focus on the ill girl.

Watch the vision. Describe the vision. (A drunken man beats his wife)

Watch the vision. Describe it. (Children play hide and seek. Jean was bitten by a snake.)

Watch the vision. Describe it. (The white dog licks the wound.)

Watch the last vision. Describe it. (S.M. could not say—she forgot it.)

There is still a ray of light—pray. Better direct My Shield towards the head—water is useful.

I am going to her.

Oyana, watch. (M.M. is standing at the head of a girl with an outstretched hand above her head.)


Oyana’s vision: A Hebrew prayer. Occult sacred name of God in the leather case, which is worn during the prayer. The vision of two oriental people in the room of the girl. One with very high forehead, another in a turban with a prominent top, in a lilac caftan with a yellow pattern. An old man with a high forehead, bending down, examined the girl’s phlegm. Sister Oriola stood and held her left hand on the girl’s chest.

N. R.’s vision of the same oriental people, and the image of a Hebrew with a prayer on his forehead. The vision of a girl lying, surrounded by a blue aura. Light arrows were laid in a hoop around the aura. From above and on the side, where some dark figure was sitting, flew black arrows, and when they fell into the places protected by light arrows, they broke and only plunged into places where bright arrows were rare.

12 February 1923


Urusvati feels the impact of the work completed. Urusvati, your words to Poruma were wise.

The manifestation of the puma and snake tears the tissue—the harm is great. There is just one solution—to obey the commands.

If only we could save the tissue until May.

Letter to Udraya—Wise, wise, wise. Disobedience is akin to a knife.

I am sad at the youthful light-mindedness of Udraya, Lumou, and Poruma.

Commands must be repeated.

Personal frivolity is not appropriate in world affairs.

I will not let Shoraka away, even if the body has to be changed.

I shall defend Shoraka’s nearness.

It will be My gift, the same as saving Horch. The same as when Khorochay vouched for Tamerlane.

I permitted the experiment.

Poruma should be told: I shall keep Shoraka with her for a longtime.

Near Me, even dangerous experiments lead to Benefit.

I will not delay sending Shoraka.

Surviving these months on earth is not easy, but flying, you will fly over.

“Wisdom grows not by centuries but by hours.”[17]

Urusvati, I admire you in the moments of heroism.

I showed you how easy unification is, when the decree line is solid.

When countries merge in an instant,

When prison walls crumble, (—dear ones,) remain steadfast.”[18]


I am with her; I send the best. I will not abandon, I will not leave Shoraka.

12 February 1923, later


To E. R.’s question, as when to remove the tube?—There is no need to worry the Teacher in vain. You have to be sensitive.

Oyana often sees images of the united consciousness.

To E. R.’s remark that now it does not matter when—Yes.

Remind Shafran not to sit. The heart cannot burn.


13 February 1923


The day of the death of the Horches’ girl—10:30 p.m.

I praise your decision to gather.

You can sit.

Let the joy of My decision exceed the other.

The Teacher understands the limitation of the body. But with Me there is an ultimate joy.

Urusvati can grasp, and her day will fill the chalice with new life.

Understand, only We are with you.

Remember the best day for Our future Shield.

Urusvati, arrows should be sent—they are useful in any decision.

I tell only you.

A small victory, would she remain alive. The spring of life does not respond to the spirit.

I wanted to tie Shoraka closely for a long time.

I shall consider everything.

Sit in the evening until eleven (exactly).

Manifest the arrows—they are useful.

Tell Poruma that I am doing the best possible.

Enough for now.

14 February 1923


“(My children), if you could remember the ecstasy of the spirit freed from evil,

You would rejoice, not mourn!

The spirit burdened with malice cannot rise.

But kindness set free soars into the radiance of the Light.”[19]

I shall keep Shoraka in the cradle for one hundred days.

After resting in Dokyood’s sapphires, Sister Oriola will guard the new chalice, predestined for Poruma.

Verily, Poruma is worthy of My Sign!

And let Shoraka’s peace be strengthened by the smile of faith, not the salt of tears.

The body will be built firmly, and the spirit in dreams will remember the lesson of Sister Oriola. The night, radiant by the luminaries of the planets of the Virgo, Jupiter, and Aquarius, shine to Our Decision.

She is needed for the girl. Therefore, it is necessary to weave reliable fabric for the heiress of Our Cause.

And grandmother Urusvati should be proud of her granddaughter. Thus, the ghost of grief will turn into a shield of joy. If only all people knew the possibility of joy!

I entrust My Urusvati with lighting the star of Poruma and Logvan. He is clothed with the edge of My attire, and My trust is not in vain.

The miracle of rare unity has come true!


Protect Shafran, she will be the telephone.

Now work.

You may travel together (abroad).

15 February 1923


After discussion, show the aspiration of love toward Poruma. Her heroism allows her to see the realized sacrifice.

She can even see herself in India, when Urusvati becomes grandmother.

I vouch, the shield is solid.

My soil is ready to welcome Urusvati.

I feel My Shield shall eternally flourish in Russia.

The Puma does not obey Urusvati.

The passage of time will fill the damage.

Now hurry to labor. Urgency befits a shield.


Logvan’s wife: S-ni-li-chu.

The wife of Chunda Khan.

16 February 1923


“Only those of stony heart will violate the joy of the spirit.

The wings of happiness are granted only to those uplifted in thought.

Unneeded are masses or armies—

One can attain by one single flight of the spirit.”[20]

Can a wave of the World Shield harm My pupils?

When I indicate a matter in Chita and Urga,

My Will is there.

The road signs.

With pure hands you can boldly accept Our decision.

“The manifestation of unity vanquishes even armies.”[21]

Tomorrow you sit as in the day of the Great miracle, yes, yes, yes. A great miracle for her.

The wings of Light are growing.

I will be a good painter of Poruma and Shoraka’s auras. Poruma is My gift to Urusvati.


17 February 1923


At night from February 16–17, E. R. felt a weak shock, heard ringing, and saw M.M.’s hands holding some object; these hands moved, taking different objects, but which objects, she could not distinguish because of a weak vision.

February 17, theosophist Lvov announced the opening of two lodges in Chita and Urga.

Save Shoraka’s name occultly. In the life, I shall give another one—Oriola.

Watch silently.

Describe the vision. (Five)

Oyana, look. The lesson of visions. You may write.


Visions of S. M. Shafran. Evening, February 17:

1.           Those present rode in a car. An old man of previous visions came out and asked S.M., “Where are they going?” S.M.’s answer, “For a drive, Grandpa.” An old man’s words: “When you go, do not forget to stop at 183rd Street at the corner of Third Avenue, and bring with you oranges, apples, and etc.” S.M.’s question, “For whom, Grandpa?”—“You shall see there.” S.M., “Fine.” The vision disappeared.

2.           A tall and very thin Jew was walking down the street, very smart face, thin beard, dressed in long underwear, a coat over it, on his head a kippot, and a hat with a wide brim, and an umbrella held in his right hand. He went and recited a prayer.

Exclamations during a vision: “Oh, what a smart face! He must be a great scientist!”

3.           Crowds of Russian peasants and workers were walking along the road in blue canvas pants, in half-coats (kaftans), in caps, and each one carried a bundle with breakfast under their arms. They went to work.

Exclamations: “How many of them!”

4.           A man sitting in the armchair, dark hair, a small bald spot, a very significant face, spreading his hands.

Exclamations: “How significant a face! Resembles Mendelson!”

5.           A young girl wants to shoot herself, holds her hand with a revolver at the temple, but something disturbs her.

Oyana’s visions, she was very tired, a lot of light formations and number thirteen.

Automatic drawings of N. R.:

– Portrait of Sister Theresa.

– Portrait of S-ni-li-chu.

– Portrait of the Messenger.


   Regard the images given onto you. Faces of yesterday known to thee. Familiar to thee, if thou but remember her, whom the fathers claimed as martyr, her who in sweet compassion resigned her all to serve the Church of Christ — Theresa, you behold.

Then she whom young Logvan too soon departed chose to wife. Third I have pointed out the messenger of…

   All is unveiled to those who can perceive. The workings of the firmament is not concealed from seekers for the truth. Search into the hidden sciences known to philosophers of yesteryear. The secrets of the great magnetic influences under which men struggle to light shall be therein revealed. Treasures are hidden only from those who will not search, but for the few who seek to know the plan of the Creator the way is open for the asking. Cosmos, Infinity, Eternity – not unfathomable are ye to those who know the laws! Epics may be written upon the grandeur, phantasies may tell thy mysteries, in parables may truth be hidden, and those who know thy language may decipher. Give utterances to the wonders thou hast seen, let others hear the wonders of the story. Marvel and miracle shall bring men to thy doors obedient and inspired disciples. One word shall be enough for willing hearts, then tell the tale.” *

18 February 1923


The shield of the darkness’ strength has been manifested against you. Urusvati feels strongly.

The Teacher sends a school to dull hearts.

Therefore be strong.

The Teacher shall send manifestation of the Shield.

Firmly follow My command. It is good not to show the loss. Lesson is learned.

Remember the instruction—the assignment depends on you. I am sending you trust and love. I vouch, My Hand leads you.

Fuyama, protect your heart, Urusvati as well.

But you proceed along the path because you are aflame with Service.

I send you a manifestation of strength because your path is long,

And will be strewn with stones as you approach new gates.

Yet you have already seen the color of My Ray,

And, going with Me, you have already mastered the Luminaries.

Unity is a great power.”[22]

But having finished, we will find a vine of an attachment.


19 February 1923


We received a letter from Volodya mentioning the Name of M.M., and about his activity in Urga.

Urga is full of significance. My Shield has been there.

The name of Morya is pronounced with honor.

I suggest remaining in Harbin.

Let them start the Society, and prepare the way of the New World.

Send My Blessing. Sergius calls for Russia!

Let My young guards grow.

It is necessary to show the unity of religions, nations, and eternal life. And become ready for My Message.

Those who have wings will fly. I am telling so.

Send the book to Volodya, Chistyakov, and to all whom the spirit indicates.

My son, endure the stuffiness of air.

Urusvati, caress the mother of Oriola.

I shall please My children. Who can say better than Oriola.

Destiny of the future golden bird is wonderful.

Why is the name Shoraka so close to me?—You yourself named her.

What does it mean?—Comfort.


20 February 1923


Read the wondrous book of happiness, manifested to Urusvati.


Affirm Grant’s translation.

It is time to print it now.

In the Russian book, add the teachings until May. As the second chapter.

I consider My experiment on your Circle is brilliant.

Yes. You can go ahead towards the happiness.

I said to all.

Urusvati, Urusvati, My Shield to you.

When all can be approved—it is a good day.

Sit on Thursday all together.

What about Grant? She is busy—She can make it.

No need to write.

Now you can be either alone or all together. There should not be division of the Circle—no secrets in the Circle.

Let her see.


21 February 1923


I really approve your Circle. With unity, great things can be erected.

The Teacher is glad to see your burning. Urusvati can consider the road is blooming. Urusvati should feel My Shield.

I pointed the good one. Tell Poruma, I am appointing pure preceptress to Shoraka at Our place.

Tomorrow, sit in the darkness, silently. Reveal unification in the victory of My works.

Be able to complete the bridge of Sergius.

My dear ones, become the wanderers of the Light in the creation of the New World.


What is the meaning of the eyes in a triangle from the vision?—The sign of a complete solution.

Is N. R.’s vision correct—white light over the head of Shoraka?—My Light—I am protecting her.

Will M.M. tell about S. M. Shafran’s reincarnations?—Let her see.

22 February 1923

M. All Circle’s members are present, S. M. Shafran also.

From February 21-22 the vision of M.M., working on some objects—it was an unclear vision.

The meeting takes place at M. and S. Lichtmanns’ apartment.

Logvan, I wish to say, the White Brotherhood is proud of you.

Poruma can rejoice at victory. Urusvati, intuition should decide the matter of house. Unite with Poruma.

By the end of month, Oyana will be strengthened.

I think the house will be found by the end of the month.

Я к-сыр-яг р у в п о л н о я [23]

Lob-nor shall reveal a miracle—Uryankhay, Yaitskul Yashman—My Path.

I am leaving. Enough.

23 February 1923


The Teacher believes the shield is successful.

Show understanding.

It seems you do not consider miasma an obstacle.

She has a weak concept of infection.

The possibility of a house can be lost.

Poruma should not touch the hospitals doors with her hands.

Poruma and Urusvati, consider Our Shield is manifested uselessly.

Urusvati, you have the shield. Continue your search.

The Teacher entrusts you with manifesting the meaning of My Shield.

I sense puma’s jumps.

Fuyama is tired; he should be protected.

Affirm the symbols on paper.

Let them establish their understanding of simple materials.

I do not need the silk, and do not like the gold.

I suggest the canvas, properties of flax are beneficial.

But you need to store the power inside; silk is a conductor of electricity.

It is not always possible to limit to linen, but silk is not from Us. Thin wool is also good. Silk is better on the spot.


On February 23, the vision of M.M., standing and holding a flower, like a lotus or a water lily, with a flower stalk hanging from his hand. M.M.’s hand several times wrapped the stem of the flower around the index finger.

24 February 1923


Why does Urusvati want Lumou to manifest the Teacher?

Not here.Yes.

Let Poruma search for the shield. Let her take responsibility.

Now it is important to put you on the ship.

“When a great path lies ahead,

One must carefully avoid deviations.”[24]

You need to sail. You are not experienced yet. Take everything lightly. Take care of health. The rudder should be held firmly.

I vouch, you will complete your assignment here.

Tell Lichtmann, the main thing is health.

Do not be afraid of a phenomenon, phenomenon, phenomenon.

You can tell Poruma—Shoraka is peaceful. She is getting filled with hyr-ozone—substance, manifested by Us for restoration of the astral body—it may be called electricity.

Spare your hands, they are so much needed. The time is full of difficulties.

Be Adamant. Morya is behind you.


I manifested Wadia.

25 February 1923


Lumou is in need of My Shield. He must be considered sick.

He feels heavy from the enemy’s arrows, received in December. His hands got tired of carrying bad money. He is unfit for evil; prefers affection. He cannot lose his hands.

Wait—you shall see. Therefore I am telling—you must leave.

I do not frighten you, but the dangers are many. The main thing is the health of each member of the Circle.

If you are attentive, nothing can happen.

You can, if you take reasonable measures.

To hurt Our chosen ones is an unheard occasion for the enemy.

Count the minutes, I said long ago.

There remain only seventy days until departure, and then the infected soil will be behind us.

Concerning the Horches’ nurse—At the first opportunity, I advise to arrange her outside the house.

We will arrange the best, but your cooperation is useful. A wheel can be turned, but much better is it to wait out the path of the wheels.

I shall save you Myself.

A worthless miracle to give life to an unfit body (about the girl of the Horches).

Convey regards to Lumou.


26 February 1923


On the individuality of the spirit:

“Each one by himself, each in his own way;

Yet all of one spirit in the endeavor not to spill the chalice.”[25]

Origen, as it was said, was losing his heart.

I have told you.

“Remember, friends, that everyone may alter place and time in life.

If one would labor for humanity, one must change one’s location,

Because oppressive is the breathing of the old places.”[26]

Joy is in the finished work before the beginning of the New.

“Your book will give joy to many,

Yet even the printer will bring some pain;

For annoyances are countless.”[27]

But still, we shall reach.

Now I advise to avoid alcohol—it is very harmful.

“Visions are only a detail.

The world is not built by telephone.

To see the fire of harmonious hearts, carrying out the task of the Creator, is a wonderful realization.”[28]

I told, the temper must be taken into account (Lumou). There is no danger (concerning Lumou’s illness).

To a question, how was H. Blavatsky treated—treated internal diseases, there was no surgery. You were healed many times.


In the evening on February 26, again I saw the luminous interior of the structure of some organism. This time the structure was even more like a flower cup; the core glowed more than any other detail.

27 February 1923


From February 26–27, the hands of M.M. held a ring with one stone.

“Precious is the flame of the heart.

Ebb and flow guide the orbit of Earth (teaching about the spirit).

The same drop functions in both phenomena.

Worst of all is stagnant water,

Because it fosters decomposition and hinders the manifestation of energy.”[29]

The new wave will turn everything to good.

Swift spirit, you will get enough space, and My flying ship will come in handy.

When you are tired, no need to overdo. Enough for today.

The question about M. M. Lichtmann’s dream—Pay no attention.

Explanation of E. R.’s vision—It reminded you of the given strength.

28 February 1923


Urusvati, affirm a pure place.

Do not waste strength; it is better to be able to reduce the price. I guess Logvan is resourceful. Poruma proceeds. Tomorrow sit together with Shafran. Poruma’s hand may be laid.

With full measure of happiness, I am giving you the triumph of My Shield. Poruma understands the triumph.

I foresee success and happy initiative to My pupils. Poruma will preserve My Ordinance.

It is not difficult to perceive the Teaching in spirit.

Call Grant.

The background of paintings is always good for the Teacher.

Tomorrow, you sit; on Saturday, write all of you.


We need to stop assigning that task.

1 March 1923


Present were: L. and N. Horch, Fr. Grant, S. M. Shafran, and the Lichtmanns.

It is better for Urusvati and Poruma to speak about the house.

See new visions (visions follow).

Your triumph, for the Pure Brotherhood sends you the Blessings.

Sit peacefully.

Now focus on Me (vision).

My trust to you is big.


S. M. Shafran’s visions from March 1:

1.      A long, iron bridge. On it, runs E. R. with uncovered head and an expression of horror on her face. At the bridge stood a young man in a wide-brimmed hat, who was constantly watching E. R.

2.      Excavations. Seven people with crowbars in their hands are digging on a rocky place. An old man from her visions stands nearby. S.M. addresses him with a greeting, “Hello, grandpa,” and asks him, “What are these people searching for?”—“That, which others laid.” On her question, whether she can also search—“You have found already and will find a lot more, but look better at them.” S.M. begins to peer into their faces, and sees that these people are more watching and guarding each other than searching, for they are afraid that one would find before the other and more than the other.

3.      A huge star appeared in the sky, around her lit many other stars of different colors, but of a smaller size. In a glimmer of a huge star, S.M. recognized M.M., and all other stars proved to be people in white, long robes, in sandals, very tall, and strongly built. M.M. instructed S.M. to look at these people; and she understood that all these people had a particular mission and knew what to do, and we all have to learn and aspire for the same.

4.      Exclamations during the vision: “Oh, what a huge star!!! There are so many of them! What does it mean?! My greetings, I am happy to see You. Who? I understand.”

5.      An ocean with a lighthouse in the middle. In the lighted lantern stands M.M. His eyes are fixed on those seated ones. Below the lighthouse are a boat and a white horse of extraordinary beauty. And S.M. felt that this horse seems to be, as if, proud of Whom it can serve. According to M.M.’s sight, S. M. understood that the Circle must exert every effort to carry out the assigned task.

Exclamations of S.M., “What an expanse! Greetings to You!”

2 March 1923


Urusvati is right, it was better to go together. The exact instruction should be taken precisely. Try to correct the mistake.

“One need not expend energy twice if the blow has been properly prepared.”[30]

I remind to everyone.

Puma is not right; the mistake is his—not yours. Let him understand where he exceeded the decree.

Now let us talk about the book of Bailly.

“It is not possible to describe the Brotherhood. (They violate the last precepts of Blavatsky.)

How can the blind describe an apple blossom or the height of a tower?”[31]

(Truly, am I telling, Shafran can see easier than Bailly.)

“Where the heart has been reduced to ashes,

There the harp strings are broken.”[32]

Where the hand could be placed, I am ready to affirm.

My decree should be understood.

More trust will generate more assistance. The main thing in My affairs is—do not complicate. The plan is broad.


On the evening of March 2. A vision of the page, written in completely unfamiliar letters or signs for E. R. Often there were circles, crosses, commas in different directions, triangles, and other shapes. Inscriptions were arranged in a very beautiful manner. Then she saw M.M.’s hands taking what must be this very page, and writing on it something with a pencil. M.M.’s hands took a small, almost square book—and all disappeared.

The next day, on March 3, N. R. proposed that these inscriptions could be a magic language. He advised to look at the book “Book of Moses,” brought to us long ago by M. M. Lichtmann. Looking through this book, we found in it similar inscriptions and signs.

3 March 1923


Automatic writing of N.R.:


15.     “How to affirm the measure of your deeds?

If your deeds are useful to the world, then is their measure great.

16.     How to affirm the quality of your deeds?

If your deeds benefit humanity, then is their essence good.”[33]

17.     “Know how to understand repose between actions.

In this respite lies the accumulation of strength.”[34]

18.     “Fear not, for what has been well planned will endure.”[35]

19.     Be able to maintain consciousness of the entire size of the assignment plan.

20.     “Speak not evil and do not curse.

For the hail of curses falls painfully upon the head of the one who spouts it.

21.     Learn to defend My Name and My Works against traitors. For you will meet with many opportunities to put an end to slander.”[36]

If, in work and in joy, you bring to life and keep in your mind these thrice seven rules, then My House will prosper. There will be walls where the signs of My deeds can be strengthened.

“This is a time for action, and Our Trust is with you.”[37]

S. M. Shafran’s visions from March 3:

1.      A dove of an extraordinary beauty holding in its beak a scribbled scroll with a seal attached to it. Exclamations during the vision: “What a beauty!”

2.      A vision of curious servants in the Horches’ house. Exclamations during the vision: “Oh, what people!”

3.      A vision of a huge abyss filled with skeletons of people in different positions. “Grandpa” stood at the brink of an abyss, S.M. near him. Looking horrified at this sight, S.M. addressed him, “Grandpa, if you are so powerful, and can do everything, show your strength.” An old man stretched his hands over the abyss, and all skeletons turned into living people.

4 March 1923


I sense My Shield might be helpful. I manifested strength yesterday, it cannot be too often. Such tension cannot be repeated often.

Urusvati may be peaceful; proof of her strength is in front of Us. When the decisive hour comes, the strength manifests. I honored you with special trust, which means I know your strength. Each one is valuable.

The greatest work is assigned upon two of you.

The flower looks good on the journal—no need to change it.

But pay attention, you can send the article. Write an article “Strings of the Earth.”

Regarding reading the book, hurry up. Read the proofs.

Instruct Grant to write an article based on diaries during the summer. About the events until May, and about the events during the séances—without the Name.

I think, in the “Occult Review,” in Europe.

In September, you will have time to check it.

Concerning the book of Bailey, Urusvati is correct. Urusvati, trust your intuition. Your intuition is purified.


5 March 1923


E. R. heard, “We shall try on thee, these sublime experiments.”*

“One must forgive people their failure to understand.

Good people are often guilty of faulty judgment.

It is essential to be lenient with beginners’ (Poruma’s first) mistakes.”[38]

Her intuition will grow.

The hands, hands, hands of Urusvati are filled with currents—others are involuntarily drawn to them. Morya recognized the strength of the hands while pulling the thread of the current.

I think obstacles are coming to end. You can begin to pack.

My son, complete the painting. Dark mountains would be better. Remove what is extra.


6 March 1923


I advise Oyana not to live in the Lichtmanns’ apartment.

“Avoid places where anger and disunity are displayed.”[39]

Let them start a new life.

It is possible to show the paintings.

Concerning a New Teacher in Germany, who names himself the Master of the White Lodge—Urusvati is correct, the Teacher does not call himself the Master.

Portrait of M.M., sent by Yaruya—I think you can give a great image to Poruma. You will replace in Europe.

Preserve Me in your heart. After mechanical prints it is better to keep the portrait in the spirit.

How could people distort the image of M.M. so much?—It is easy to imagine, remembering human limitations.

“Beclouded is the people’s imagination.

Learn to rise above the hands that drag one downward.”[40]

Urusvati, no need to have a handmade image.

Now there is time of chests, all in good time.

“Seated in the boat, one thinks not about one’s house-key.”[41]

Instructions to Yaruya: I do not see him in Wien. It is necessary to follow the path of Russia. Let him search the new ones. Yaruya must pierce the thickness of everyday life. He shall understand.

The “Wonder” should be completed.


7 March 1923


Chunda will manifest ability to create an event.

Urusvati, know, happiness will manifest the mail. No big harm.

Those, who do not respect the decree, are not intelligent.

The Hand grumbler will not pollute the assignment.

Therefore, come sooner, I vouch, there can be sale.

“What is let slip will not return.”[42]

I request to sense instructions precisely. Until it is late.

Let Urusvati hold Poruma from changing decree.

“The night thinks in the night’s own way.”[43]

Urusvati, do not worry.

Poruma paid her toll to the Hierophant.

The agent is sent by the Hierophant to complicate the house matter.

If you notice distortion of the decree, immediately stop.

It is karmic message, but decree is always clear.

Warn, there can be hasty decrees, then do not miss a moment.

To E. R.’s remark that the instruction to go to Third Avenue and 183rd Street, remained without enforcement.

And I am surprised.

Important time.

Visit Kron.


8 March 1923


Answers to E. R.’s pronounced desire that, like Damodar, she would wish to come to the Teachers at a young age and stay in learning for a long time.

I—I—I manifest the happiness.

I send the happiness of learning. The best timing is determined. Each one gets his best path.

Write to Udraya about the plan of the first year.

After Bombay and ancient cities you will reach Adyar; spend summer in the mountains—a total rest. After that you will come to Pondicherry—for the whole year.

Or, if you desire another one, after Benares—summer in Kashmir; after that the cities of Shantiniketan and Adyar. Then, the second summer —in the Blue Mountains.

Send both plans to Udraya; later in summer it will be decided.

I demand rest in India in summer. I am sending you to Kashmir mountains or to the Blue Mountains. Urusvati will be pleased.

Urusvati and Fuyama, save your strength. One house you have already secured for Us. Now, one more state.


9 March 1923


Only for you—take care of health. We vouched for you and for the successful completion.

You have already finished a lot.

Fuyama, walk more, do not get tired. Urusvati, do not read late at night. You both must not worry. You were too anxious and took a deep breath of Our Aura.

Under the condition of the city, you have done a Gigantic job. Now you can think about rest.

After the happiness of departure.

Urusvati, watch the book.


A vision of passing people in the Eastern Hindu costumes, and I was pronouncing the words in an unknown language. A little later I heard one word said by M.M., “Kurugusan.”

10 March 1923


Automatic writing of N.R:

Add to the covenants:

“I give to you the Teaching, karmic messages, Instructions.

The Teaching is intended for the whole world, for all beings.

The more broadly you comprehend, the more truly it is yours.

Karmic communications are sent because of care and love for you.

We issue warnings, and We enable you to meet the wave of karma with knowledge.

Be not surprised if signs about karma are not always clear to you.

The indications are always understandable,

And they must be carried out without delay.”[44]

Also in the visions, you have all three kinds of instructions, but besides these, they include the signs of personal consciousness—united consciousness. This kind of vision should also be attentively studied.

I point to you these signs, for I have to tell you, and rejoice indeed—your assignment started quickly, and none of Our assignments yet have grown so quickly.

Thus I wish to say—by keeping the covenants, you might equally hurry in the future.

The work grows.

I have said.

[1] Readers’ Note: In the original text, the initials of Helena Roerich, Nicholas Roerich, and their sons, George and Svetoslav, usually appear in their Russian form, therefore in the translation we chose to transliterate them: N.R. (Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh for Nicholas Roerich; E.R. (Elena Ivanovna Rerikh) for Helena Roerich; Y.R. (Yuri Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Yurik) for George Roerich; Sv.R. (Sviatoslav Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Svetoslav, Svetik) for Svetoslav Roerich.—Ed.

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