New York

11March 192325 March 1923[1]



My kindred soul Urusvati,[3] you remind Me of the spirit’s struggle when Salim was decrying My longevity; when the ministers of all religions were silent—then the eyes seemed hopeless, but the spirit sensed. Your spirit is also torn apart, but these sufferings only lead to the shortest path.

Wisely save your strength; We see which date must be wisely circumvented. There are periods of the body when the tension is threatened by the pulse. These periods must be usefully waited through.

Now the Circle has been given so much nourishment, for years to learn. Let them accumulate practice of art in the house, thus they will strengthen the Bridge.

Do not consider everything previously known; remember the dates known only to Me. We wish you the shortest way;Lumou[4] will return—now save your health.

I consider it dangerous to disturb you; it is more useful to complete the change of the organism. Ask a doctor, even he can indicate a dangerous period.

Understand, the spirit is worried before the flight. We await you.

The first case, when eight months are difficult to wait for!

I suggest the third plan—to visit Aurobindo Ghosh and move to Darjeeling—you can live there.


12 March 1923


I will add about Adyar—no need to criticize old walls.

Urusvati, sleep peacefully—We are with you. Calmness is needed—everything will be fine.

I was telling you to trust your spirit. I am not arguing about the spirit, but about the habit of self-doubting.


13 March 1923


I sent Shafran[5] to work.

Urusvati, affirm the appearance of a new house.

Muromtsev[6] encroaches on you.

I feel the Russians need to be petted.

“I wish to name your sickness—it is called occult fever, a manifestation with

which We are well acquainted.

It is increased by fatigue and by changes in the organism.

One must carefully go through this period.”[7]

I advise Horch to visit London first.

I sense that her book should be explained to them.Given by My disciple, Dushan.


Should I cross out ‘ye’ in the book? Should I try simplifying it?—Yes, yes.

Can I see M.M. clearer?—When it is possible without disturbance, but now you have sipped a lot of Our Aura.

“During the battle I surrounded you with a dense aura.

This is similar to chloroform; afterwards you must rest.”[8]

I am doing the best for you.


15 March 1923


I can say one thing, just like yours, great things began.

I touched you.

“Now proceed like elephants,

Knowing that Rays of care and love are over you.

Remember all that is good, and scorn obstacles.


“Indeed, you are right in cognizing the avalanche of signs which I am sending for the

first time and in haste.

And if in the battle you receive wounds, heal them carefully and be not

disheartened, you warriors of Light!”[9]

The bridge leads to Us.

Urusvati can count the victory in all ways.

Now, Shoraka[10]has woken up—a strong spirit wants to come back smilingly; had enough of sleep. With Sister Oriola. I said how much I could.


I protect.

16 March 1923


The ornament of your life is rich, but these are only the shoots of the future.

You can write a better book.

There is a good wave towards Us now. You can accomplish a lot.

One Nikolai left, another is leaving; the third one is coming. One from superstition, the other from the crowd. The third one comes with Beauty.

Urusvati, allow your hands to give; I see a lot of beseeching. We shall fill up the hands of dear Urusvati, but do not overfeed them like cranes.

Reading the book, remember—it is a weak copy of yours.

Shoraka’s spirit wishes to be a boy.

We shall see. Enough.

17 March 1923


Automatic writing of N.R.:[11]

“Already you begin to fly about the world in thought.

Already you begin to vanquish the oceans’ span.

Already you know the joy of creating.

Already you sing the ecstasy of making life beautiful.

Already much has been accomplished.

My friends! Why not resolve to pass your entire lives as heroes?

And if I say, “You may rest awhile,”

This means that I know, for I guard you.

I said it.”[12]

18 March 1923


Urusvati, you already knew each other in the monastery in Rothenberg, Germany (relates to Mrs. Ch. Crane).

A worshiper of Christ died while uttering a Canon. Pure thoughts of happiness carried the spirit of Christopher. Both had seen the miracle, the appearance of the Teacher of Light. After, they informed the Abbess. The phenomenon was like a miracle. I appeared to you in the form of a boy. But the nuns put you in the hospital.

My Ray has been always touching Urusvati. Between the lives, I watched those chosen ones.

In the beginning of the fourteenth and the end of the thirteenth centuries.

And was the most powerful.

Then you met again at the court of Akbar. The wife of the ambassador, Nizam. I knew her for a long time, but she could not grasp wherefrom she hears the call. I saw her at the court.

I think she can bring the light of Morya to the youth. Later you can tell her My Will—to teach My Covenant to the youth.

To E. Rerikh’s remark that it will be rather difficult to explain Mrs. Crane a lot of things, in view of her exceptional dedication to Christ—She is not a more ardent worshipper of Christ than am I. My Covenant is revealed with the Will of Christ.


About the mystery of Christ—We shall talk in India.

19 March 1923


Urusvati is needlessly worried; her castle is solid.

Now to Poruma.[13]

“Do we trouble a long-awaited visitor with personal wishes?

No, we hasten to open the gates so that the awaited one may come in.

Let those who do not know fill space with cries and supplications for help.

Those who have reached understanding will assist events.

“Often the hand is outstretched, but the blind try to reject it.

Therefore, to suppress the conception of children is worse than murder.

It is not right to pile up an accumulation of personal desires.

Before the coming of the guest it is better to ventilate the house, and in quiet,

repeating a prayer, to direct one’s eyes to beauty.

“Not necessary are countless fantasies and plans;

The spirit proceeds freely.

Earth’s burden must be lifted.

Layers of effluvia enwrap every cradle.

Blessed is the mother who draws open the curtain to let in the light, and who

offers the first blossom.”[14]

To E. Rerikh’s remark of whether Poruma will be able to understand—The thought is simple.

“In quiet, in beauty, and with a smile,

Await those new ones seeking entry into the world.”[15]

Enough for today.

20 March 1923


Wondrous things will happen. Urusvati, I rejoice at your pure thoughts manifested to Poruma.

Teach people My Cause. Your hand is needed to fill the manger. I shall endow you with perception of the World Secrets. The Teacher is happy—My Shield to you.


21 March 1923


Urusvati can help to bring spiritual apples.

“Help in spirit is the most powerful.”[16]

Fuyama[17] is right; not a friend, but the Teacher had sent. The fog descended—I have sent.

Urusvati, display later the Shield of Fuyama at the Institution. Urusvati, display understanding of the shield with the clever ones.

Urusvati, I beg you, help. Urusvati, help. Urusvati, help My Shield at the appointed day.

I request Urusvati—do not expect mercy from her. Urusvati, do not expect mercy, you can sense it from her barking. Barking at Fuyama.

Urusvati, it is much needed to use My strength to oppose it to that creature. Urusvati, do not expect the mercy of My Shield. Urusvati, too strongly she defames Fuyama.

“Morya teaches you to show silence amidst the tempest.”[18]

Urusvati, Fuyama’s vilification is My defeat. The suffering of Fuyama is a necessity to manifest My Shield. Urusvati, help Fuyama to be affirmed in Morya’s power.

Showing a pit to anyone who defiles a miracle.

You may raise the shield.

A new destruction is ready in their house.

Urusvati, Urusvati, Urusvati, feel.

Time to finish.


22 March 1923


Poruma shall cross the levels.

Urusvati, I warn, your way is strong to the pure place.

“Cognitions, and solutions to questions of Being, grow, like blossoming plants.

(My kindred soul,)before each new understanding, the heart especially aches;

When the heart is pure, the pain signals the coming of new knowledge.”[19]

Urusvati, your tears are shining, and each one raises a New achievement.

You have brilliantly solved the difficult problem of gender;just as easily, you will find out that nothing disturbs you.

“Fatigue flies away, and the spirit’s findings rise from the seed like ears of grain.”[20]

I testify that none shall repeat your findings (indication of the individualization of each spirit).

And only while proceeding to the New Life, you will give away the scrolls of knowledge, which you need not anymore.

“Beyond the astral there are worlds in which communication with the many levels of

evolution is easier.The legend about ascension into heaven has a scientific basis.”[21]

Now I have a request, do not overload: one is two years old, another four months. They have been given too much; the spirit must wait for the body.

E. Rerikh’s question: Can I tell about the visit of the Teachers in London?—Tell: I will say when the Teacher permits.

I love your spirit, Urusvati!


23 March 1923


I sense, Urusvati should support My Shield.

It is better to delay the learning. Give Us the problem—We shall arrange.

The Teacher shall display better. The Teacher knows your need.

Udraya must be subordinated to Urusvati.

Fuyama, in a new way, manifest My Hand in the year of happiness.

You can send Urusvati a miracle of your devotion. Urusvati is worthy.

Urusvati shall learn My Will about Morya’s decision.

Urusvati shall learn My Decree in life. (The phrase is repeated four times.)

Urusvati can wisely wait until My land.

Decree should be given to Urusvati.

Лю в у щ у я Urusvati, Fuyama.[22]

Urusvati, give Me your hand. Urusvati, esteem My Bridge. Urusvati, it cannot be better, what is usually arranged without intuition through a direct line.

Dul must be shown the yellow amount. His brain will not show.

To E. Rerikh’s question: Does the previous phrase apply to Brinton?—Yes.

A horrible blow followed in apartment, as if a door slammed with force—They helped themselves. His brain is depressed.

Hurry to give.

Urusvati, help, Urusvati, help.


Whom should I talk with?—Brinton, Avinov.

It is better not to ask him (Crane).

ЯкыЯми I carry joy to Urusvati.[23]

24 March 1923


Automatic writing of N.R.:

On the memorable day of March 24,[24] the book was started, and today put the same date at the end of the first book.

And every year you shall gather on this day in My Name.[25]

March 24 will be My Day and a Day of Events.

“At present you encounter four types of people:

The first is fighting under Our Shield;

The second fights without Our protection, but already is completing the payment of

its karmic debts;

The third wanders and gropes, blinded by the dark veil of its fate;

The fourth comprises the enemies of Light.

“The first ones will understand your call.

The second will quiver with expectancy.

The third will indifferently turn their heads away.

And the fourth will answer you, arrow for arrow.

“Thus, do not impose the Teaching.

Each word falls on appropriate ground.

The destined word will be received.

Likewise, do not reject nor deny.

Each opinion is already a manifest action.

What is the sense of denying a fire that is already ablaze?

Yet cover the fire and its force will disappear.

Likewise, nothing is gained by contradicting others’ opinions;

But cover the negative judgment with Our Teaching,

And the entire city of the enemy will be covered by the vault of Our Brotherhood,

for this dome accommodates All.”[26]

Let this Day be dedicated to Me!

For one day, you will gather in rest and in silence. And for a long time, unite your thoughts about Me and about Mine ones.

“I give you shelter, I give you strength.

I give you a path of beauty.

I have spoken.”[27]March 24, 1923.

25 March 1923


The evil one thinks to cause destruction of Fuyama’s spirit.

Morya’s daughter, perceive.

I will instruct Odomar[28] to send a smile.

Morya should be better known at night—spirit is at home—rise later. Time to wash the hands, I am the ear, but I sense the spirit cannot be invoked.

Urusvati, tell Poruma (this phrase is repeated four times).

Daughter of Morya, you can let rumor spread in the wind. The Teacher’s voice is loud—the bell will carry on.

Urusvati, Urusvati, Urusvati, come to Me.

I have improved, improved a command of the pit that had appeared. It could drop happiness to the bottom.

My Hand—disciples got conceited; let My Hand carry the smile, but the Hand can also prove the knowledge to apply a blow.

If the path is thought out—good luck is with you. Urusvati knows Morya. Urusvati will improve wasted commands.


[1] Readers’ Note: In the original text, the initials of Helena Roerich, Nicholas Roerich, and their sons, George and Svetoslav, usually appear in their Russian form, therefore in the translation we chose to transliterate them: N.R. (Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh for Nicholas Roerich; E.R. (Elena Ivanovna Rerikh) for Helena Roerich; Y.R. (Yuri Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Yurik) for George Roerich; Sv.R. (Sviatoslav Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Svetoslav, Svetik) for Svetoslav Roerich.—Ed.

[2] The names of the Authors of the messages are presented by their initials (in bold).—Ed.

[3]“Urusvati” is the spiritual name for Helena Roerich.—Ed.

[4]“Lumou” is the spiritual name for Svetoslav Roerich.Ed.

[5]Sina Fosdick’s mother, Sofia Mikhailovna Shafran, had a manifest talent for clairvoyance.Ed.

[6]The Muromtsevs were Helena Roerich’s relatives.—Ed.

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[10]Jean Horch (esoteric name: Shoraka) (died 1923): daughter of Louis and Nettie Horch.Ed.

[11]The initials “N.R.” refer to Nicholas Roerich, the transliterated name of Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh.—Ed.

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[13]“Poruma” is the spiritual name for Nettie Horch.—Ed.

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[17]“Fuyama” is the spiritual name for Nicholas Roerich.—Ed.

[18]In the handwritten original Notebooks, there were underlines to emphasize certain words. We have indicated these throughout the published version with Calibri font from here on.—Ed.

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[28]“Odomar” is the spiritual name for Louis Horch (also referred to as “Logvan,” “warrior,” and “Fuyama’s hand”).Ed.