New York—Paris

26 March 192316 June 1923[1]

26 March 1923


Urusvati,[3] I will specify the best collar for Poruma.[4]

But taking a risk, she can hinder the line of happiness. With very sensitive souls. Advise her not to get exhausted while summoning the people.

Daughter of Morya, it is needed, needed, very much needed to provide the proof of Morya to thosewishing consolation. You will learn. They are childish; you will not find better here.

Will I find sister Nivedita?—Yes.

Where is she?—She is in Moscow.

Does M.M. talk to her?—She is meant for you.

Summoning people, there are no races. Urusvati, pay attention to the voices at night.

Do I need to follow a schedule?—No need here.

Questions concerning Besant—Now the path to her is only through politics. I shall explain in detail in India—you will understand. She will smile at you on orders. But do not look for the morning with her. Forgive an old lady.


In the evening, the Teacher’s voice: Do not makehasty decisions.

27 March 1923


The Teacher manifested the shield.

The Teacher manifested the wonder.

The Teacher manifested a pure elaborate plan.

The Teacher manifested the teaching of a Decree.

Read what they will write tomorrow. Follow My Decree.

Dear Urusvati, no need to strengthen your new pupil—she has enough.

Urusvati, the pupil will ask you. The pupil will come by herself.

Urusvati, it is time; you got tired today.



Wait, she will ask herself.

28 March 1923


The Teacher’s voice: Do not accept an assignment as an obligation.

“(Urusvati,)the testing of people is unending.

(Urusvati knows,)tests must be repeated until a design is fixed in the brain.

It is easier but futile to write on the forehead with the hand.”[6]

Urusvati can instruct Poruma to understand better the Hand leading the World. But the bone is above the brain. Poruma will understand.


My desire is to strengthen the world understanding of Morya.

“Truth is better than illusion.

Lofty is the Truth of the Coming World.”[7]

I feel sorry for her, and I help her. Yesterday it was correct.


The symbol can expand. The shadow of the past. The symbol of the past years when Urusvati had already been immersed in God.

29 March 1923


“In order that My new disciples be able to assimilate My Teaching,

what has been given before must be sternly repeated.”[8]

The new cannot be given entirelyyou in Americayou are overflowing. In one winter, it was given for ten years. As a doctor, I want to preserve the brain. Urusvati displayed an excessive strength; she also needs to rest. I want the best success for you, so take care of your health.

Urusvati, Udraya[9] is not merciful. “(But) each stone cast at you raises your tower.”[10]Urusvati, the Teacher rejoices at you. Swift spirit, your comprehension is great, justly compare. You have noproper self-evaluation, but soon you will understand.

They will understand.


30 March 1923


I advise to read instructions; reading will enlighten fatigue. Follow the advice; do not start the new. The spirit must assimilate the teaching before leaving. “Only time strengthens knowledge.”[11]

Urusvati, you know how to affirm My assignment in time. I know better.

Urusvati, your honesty is a shield for the future; that is why I love you. You know yourself; honesty is not your only merit, but a shield of honesty is a rare decoration.I know better.


Let her grow with each obstacle (Radna).[12]

31 March 1923


Automatic writing of N.R.:[13]

“In the sacred evening of the Greatest Holy Day,

In the Name of the Universal Symbol, I say to you:

You have been admitted to the task of building the New World.

I say to you: Strengthen your eyes, that you be not blinded when I

raise the hem of the veil of the Future.

“Should confusion arise in you, raise the shield of devotion;

For by it you will be saved.

And repeat My InstructionsI say to yourepeat.”[14]

Why . . .

It is difficult . . .

Wherefrom . . .

Too much . . .

Is it so. . .

Shortly . . .

But at the end . . .

Thundering . . .

“I have said it.

I feel that you can understand.

I am speaking about serious matters.”[15]

Tell Poruma, let her carry the Banner high.

Urusvati, explain to her Fuyama’s talisman.[16]

“I can raise My Hand for the chosen ones.

I will hold high a shield.”[17]

I have placed My daughter amidst you. My daughterUrusvati.

Be more careful with the translation.

“Denarius, accursed offspring, obstruct not the path of Light!

Denarius, belittle not a pure manifestation.”[18]

Count the hours, but the decision is immutable.

I sense, you must be guarded from the muzzle.

I sense, you must be guarded from silent enemies.

I sense, you must be guarded from the servants of strangers.

I sense, you must be guarded from the hands of the court.

I sense, you must be guarded from the wonder of lies.

“Do not fail to see the clouds

Life is joyful for him who has wings.

My Smile shields you.”[19]


1 April 1923


Urusvati is right—victory after the battle.

“The victory of loyalty is assured.”[20]

Perceive the manifestation of that man as a symbol of victory.

I sense Poruma’s dream affirmed thehidden truth. Two of you are the white ones. Urusvati should be aware of her real strength. You are able to decide better than others.

To E.R.’s[21] remark, that it is still very littleVery much. My daughter and Our sister, We see who keeps the dates, and moves toward the predestined time, which is near. Your fiery spirit rushes to the post of destination.

Call Poruma“looking afar, you will see the near at hand.”[22]

Not little is assigned to them.


2 April 1923


“I teach you to display Our Triumph to strangers and to petty hearts.”[23]

Urusvati, send a sign of a pure regret to little Poruma.

“(Urusvati,)I hold above you, in purity, a wondrous cross.”[24]

“The Teacher sees in a mirror a picture of all your movements.

The signs of your fatigue surround you, like smoke.

Yet above your shoulders rays of decisiveness pierce the cloud of weariness.

“Your heads are adorned with rays of silver.

Auras of strangers crowd at your feet like abutments of a bridge.

The power of courage forces these auras downward with purple arrows.

“The blue flame of the heart pierces the smoke of weariness.

Labor continues, and the rays reach ever higher.”[25]


3 April 1923


“I, I, I, I read your thoughts each day.

The Teacher examines the creativeness of beloved disciples.

And if fatigue closes not the lips, discourse flows as a Himalayan stream.”[26]

Three wonders shall occur in your manifested life.

Affirmation of Beauty.

Spiritual comprehension.

Mastering the power.

Morya affirms the wonder—a manifestation of the New World.

You are entrusted to start the wonder with the Banner of My work. Urusvati, the ray is above you.

Let it be for the best.


Tishchenko is not important.

4 April 1923


The letter is received with explanation of the word Kurugusan.

Assignment to you: it is better not to write to the Hand grumbler about the journey; the path will go differently. I shall point out the route to you. You will receive instruction for a year ahead. It is necessary to protect the way; hands are stretched to obstruct it. If We tell in detail, Udraya will convey it to her.

Point to КумполмочкуйивидовридвигввзаилрдовокуйЛисокуйгиду live for glory—ДунвандунЛомамилизличлумполудокайкжилуловаделпохасгоретмопуделилподуейвокмуon Uryanhay to give a new horde донувакзак.[27]

Understand Udraya, I shall add later. Do not tell this to the Russians.

Urusvati, how can I give the plan if he is trying to listen? He draws your strengthit is better to leave Europe first. It is better to prepare for the future there. Dirt is big here. Grasp My instructions.


It will be better soon.

I request you to leave America.

5 April 1923


“The whirlpool does not engulf pure thoughts.

Far-reaching compassion stands guard,(protecting Fuyama).

But love must be sent.

Fortitude will carry you through.

And the self-sacrificing achievements of the spirit will be transformed into the fragrance of freesias.

“The Wonders of the Teacher will grow.

Within the garden of love grow illuminations of the spirit.

“Tire Me today; burden Me more, laying on the weight of the world.

Yet will I increase My strength.

Yet will I increase the strength of My daughter, for she goes into My garden.

“Urusvati, dost thou hear?(Urusvati,)the burden will blossom with roses,

And the dewy grass will be arrayed with the morning rainbow.

Therefore, tire Me.

When I go into the garden of beauty, I fear no burden.


“I ponder, I ponder, I ponder.”[28]

6 April 1923


I sense, the good news can be affirmed. I can tell you: a sly, Rudder hungry monad shall perish.

“From the fir tree you can learn;

It is the same both in winter and summer.”[29]

She will not be invited to judge the miracle. Hands are too short to grab the bow.

Behold My daughter; I will not allow to knock at her, for intuition should prompt themUrusvati is under My Shield.

The Teacher thinks to settle the wise task.

The wicked poisonous dream will not be effective.

Just move peacefully.


6 April 1923, later


The Lichtmannsand S.M.Shafran were present.

The miracle is scheduled for the specified date.

To reveal My Will to the envoys before coming.

I instruct you, watch.

Visions of S.M.Shafran:[30]

1. Four boys are fighting.

2. A middle-aged man, without a coat, sits, and writes something very significant. 

Enough for today.

7 April 1923, evening of the Seven


Automatic writing of N.R.:

“Some will come and say, ‘We know.’

You should reply, ‘Good! Since you know, you can go back home.’

Some will come more aggressively and say,

‘We know who stands behind you.’

Say to them, ‘Good! If you know, you will not speak thus.’

Some will come to play dice on the steps of the Temple, and will cast lots about you.

“Say to them, ‘Pass on, people, lest lightning strike you here.’

But here comes one who says to you, ‘I do not know,

And here I have brought all my possessions with me. What shall I do with them?’

Say to him, ‘Come, cross the threshold. We will find a place for you at our long table; if you do not now know, then you will know.’

“Therefore, again I say:

Weary Me, lade Me with all the burdens of the world.

I will not tire. I will not succumb to fatigue;

For I do not know what fatigue isI scorn it.

And I ask you to burden Me, for in no other way is the garden of beauty reached.

I have spoken.”[31]

Let us see the visions.

Watch one more.

Observe Me.

Urusvati, thrice called!

Thus I say.


8 April 1923

M.Séance of the Lichtmanns

I will give you to scoop for helping the Temple, for the mission of the Teachers, if it would be necessary. I will point out the source to Oyana[32] in October.

Do notreveal the story to anyoneexcept Urusvati and Fuyama. My Shield protects you.

Learn to discriminate between the personal subconsciousness and pure intuition.


Who was telling all this?—I did.

For whom is the first phrase?—For Oyana.

For whom is the last phrase?—She should be taught (S.M.Shafran).

Which source?—Financial.

Reveal it only to Urusvati and Fuyama. It is a secret. I will give to those to whom My Temple and Its Teachers are Sacred.

I shall protect you.


8 April 1923


Be brave; Udraya will catch up with you. Udraya’s thought is mighty, but the fog is great. Udraya will reach a new monad.

I sense your pure learning. I sense the envoy needs a shield. I sense Mokul must be protected with a ray. My beloved kin, Mokul—a pure spirit manifested in India.

“Smile at each belittlement; it is the true sign of a miracle.”[33]

I shall point out when to start the museum. I shall point out when to start the museum. I shall point out when the New Sign must be boldly inscribed. During the journey, I will give the Decree.

You will get the treasure before My New Decree. I am glad that you understood the Museum to be a treasure.

I smile at the young ones, but regret every daymissed by them. What is missed will not return. Urusvati can read this to Radna. Let her know (Poruma).

Urusvati, your spirit feels everything.

Urusvati has shown the way, let them walk; everyone will be slapped.

Do not show them weariness.

Teach the Lichtmanns to make every sacrifice; for themI will giveMyself.

My coin is more valuable. They can setan example.

I will tell you when to get rid of America’s money.


Almost convicted of a young arrogance. The Hand grumbler has shown his nature.

Urusvati can understand differently her pretty thieves’ appearance—better not to think.

Why do I wake up at night with such fear and longing, feeling that I must go and save Svetik, but do not know what to do?Vulgar people hang on him.

9 April 1923


“Seek light for a manifestation of darkness.(Manifested, miraculous shield safeguards Fuyama.)

The pure will display understanding of the Shield, for God is with Us!

Through His eternal manifestations drops of the Sacred World penetrate.

“Consider that the treasure of the drops and the sparks of consciousness

will connect Heaven and Earth as a new bridge.

“Being affirmed by the light of the sparks,

Let us find a smile.

But mastery is confirmed by realization of victory over self.

Conquering self, the victor will rise.

Therefore, sound the trumpet of victory far and wide;

For God is with Us!”[34]

“A miracle rests better on an empty stomach.

Love of the world fits better in a clear brain.

Disdain (excessive eating), just as you do quarrels.”[35]


10 April 1923


Madam Crane arrived. During the talk she heard the voice telling her: “Awaken, slumberer.” She sang several lovely choral melodies given to her in the mornings.

Several years ago, one musician listened to these tunes, and attributed them to the thirteenth or fourteenth century. According to information given by M.M. concerning her reincarnations during these centuries, she was a nun in Germany, in Rotenberg.

Udraya vilifies the laws. He cannot be called the ‘Hand’ grumbler anymore. The hands are stretched, but the sword is with Us. Dukelsky considers Fuyama a foolcalls him a fool. Blowing on the sail, an evil nickname will catch up. Your own one has contributed to this. You should only know (both of them).

They call you the stupid sages.

Roar rushesdo smilethe fatal one.

Call the sly, sly monad. Monad lives in whiskey, ice, and soda.

You can phone himto National (twice).

Moscow unveiled her. Urusvati understood.

Crane should be warned: she must broaden her consciousness; only then can she improve her path.

Urusvati, only while you are here, can I warn those whom I name. Crane, I will not urge Kellogg; he can find time to reach you, My Ray had touched him.

Holmes will write her, to whom it is possible.


11 April 1923


Rejoiceagain a breeze of a fair wind. RejoiceInstructions are read. Rejoiceagain the Lamps are lit! Urusvati can ask.

Truly, I am tellingthe instrument is much better now. Urusvati will play the predestined symphony of the souls. Perhaps thirty years are needed for ascent, if things go as fast as they do.

“By a single word have evil empires been created.

Will the Lord’s Creation delay

When all the Heavenly Forces have risen?

By decree of the Highest, rays penetrate the sphere of the sun.

Waves of the ocean of planets obscure the currents of the luminaries.

Ominous and beautiful is the time!”[36]

The spirit worries, but the ship is ready.


My soil.

12 April 1923


And that monad was removed. Let the place be pure. The danger was great.

“A New Banner requires new people.”[37]

Even if there are mistakes, I Myself shall fix it. I shall purify the path with a lightning. I shall create the path of the new ones.

Again, look toward tomorrow. Urusvati, I call you for My celebration. Urusvati, I call to My Day, manifested through deeds!



Beware of that old lady (Mrs. Roberts).

13 April 1923


I saw the street riots. People walked in large crowds. People in caps on motorcycles fired from revolvers.

Then I saw an image of Greek letters on bluish paper.

Urusvati, do not expose Poruma to Grant. Urusvati, My Hand destroyed a lot of obstacles. In the same way, I shall return Lumou.[38] He will return better than he was with the curls. The enemy’s bow is tensed towards him.

Uncle Volodya was showing hope. But the one, embittering him nine times, rushed to take away the necessary, kind, vital worker from the source of goodness.

The spirit of a Disciple worries. Udraya’s spirit, but We shall deliver him as well.

Fuyama, a ray must be forwarded to the spiritual matters of the school.

The Hand senses a whiff in one of your visions, and through the young worker,it can be achieved.


14 April 1923


Automatic writing of N.R.:

Nevertheless, they will approach and say: You worship the ghost.

But you will answer: We do not know ghosts, but our Corporation has seventy-seven members, and we know all the instructions.

“He who arrives ignorant will be seated at the table and will be filled with knowledge.

All is saturated with signs and approaches.

If you wish to commission a passer-by to carry a message to a neighbor’s house,

“You say to him, ‘Friend, give our friends this message.’

And often afterward you do not even recognize this messenger.

So, in life too, look at what has been brought to you without being troubled by the

appearance of the bearer,

“Especially when everything around is filled with signs.

Truly fortunate are you who know the Indications about what is coming, and the

ordained dates.

“Therefore, wait and rejoice.”[39]

с 31.jpg

15 April 1923

M. Lichtmanns are present

I, I, I bestow the Shield to the seekers. I manifest a miracle of the Shield. Through Fuyama, I shall reveal Our Bridge to the aspiring spirits. I shall safeguard them, but strike those who obstruct. To the beholding eyes, I shall spread the carpet of miracles.

Sit together.

And the Greatest Good News will be ringing in the reborn country, for meeting My Beloved Ambassadors.

And with the greatest signwith love and comprehension of the spirit will be baptized this day.

And a dawn of the New enlightenment will shine over the weeping earth.

And the thunder of gunswill calm down, and evil will be erased from your spiritual purity.

And your footsteps are easy for the stones, and the sand does not creak beneath your feet, for you only touch the ground.

And you will resurrect the truth over the Universe, for you are in Me and I am in you—I guide and guard you.


Can we sit together?Sit twice a week with the Lichtmanns. On May 1, gather all together at the Horches in a dim light.

M.M.Lichtmann’s question, how should he proceedFollow the path of righteousness, and you will reach.

Yenta’s[40] question, whether she will find the sourceIf I have chosen you, it means I trust you, for you are walking straight; I will bless you and I will give, for you know where to aspire. You know your way, and will not make any turns. You are as solid as a hill in serving Me.

Sinaida Grigorievna’s question, what should she do for self-perfectionLet your intuition lead you moreyou walk right.

Why it felt oppressive at the Horches?Because of K.’s visit.

N.R.’s question, whether M.M. sees us in His mirrorYes.

N.R.’s question about aurasLight in the darkness.

How to protect ourselves and the Horches from K.’s visits?To believe firmly in a bright future.

16 April 1923


Teach Udraya to see My Cause—to grasp the goodness wisely, “to be a fugitive for a long time is not pleasant. Dearly do we pay for our self-love.”[41] He is granted much greaterjoy—it is painted in front of him.

Our Teaching has covered My son with a shield.

Teach to follow the pure Testimony;Its value rises with acceptance of the Hierarchy.

Urusvati, I did not tell youyesterday how fiery your aura wasits rays glowing high, and flowing in a beautiful fan toward the main Light.

Instruct all to avoid quarrels this time. Instruct all to forward the best wishes, for this time will not repeat.

Peace unto you.

17 April 1923


My desire: you should pay attention to your health. I deem it is good to visit a doctor.

Similarly, I sense Urusvati, similarly Udraya, similarly Lumou, similarly, similarly, similarly.

Catch up with the rumor. Urusvati, the soul’s promise to the spirit corresponds to love.

Urusvati, give Poruma to read your favorite book of Ramakrishna andVivekananda. For two weeks, she can finish it until India. There are seventeen days left before sending the things. Yes.

You can send the last letter to Udraya.


Ponder about everything.

Dorema, My Disciple.

18 April 1923


Fuyama, here again you began to worry, while even the enemies recognized the ray. Such recognition can be turned to good.

Akbar, too, was praised as a cold crusher. Smile, but hold the shield on.

“Why consider Us as a volcano of passions,

When the freesia is Our favorite flower?

Leave tothe enemy(Konrad)the crimson ardor;

More close to Us are the diamonds of the peaks.

Already you see his stratagems.

Ah, how he toils! How can he be convinced that his building is no more than a prison?

“And prisoners are constantly dreaming of escape.

What joy is there in dragging prisoners after oneself?

However, in this argument(Konrad)is of a different opinion.

The obvious Alberichs have accepted his teaching.”[42]

We will go to the mountains—rifts are still there, but the path is decided.

Tomorrow sit from the very beginning.


Dorema, initiated in Greece. She spoke on behalf of her Teacher Hillarion.

19 April 1923


On April 18–19, I saw a scroll with the image of two seals, then on bluish paper an image of a Hebrew letter, an occult inscription of the Name of God.

с 38.jpg

I am here, and My Shield will touch you. And it will become clear, yet unknown, to all about the power that you possess, pure, and invincible. Let the servants of evil temporarily block the way—they shall be swept away.

Fuyama is the world ruler in art. Let your treasures be sacredly preserved by disciples. I commanded.

Urusvati, daughter of the World, let thy voice with crystal purity sound incessantly in the hearts of disciples. And if a muddy stream is allowed into the Temple, there is only one thing everyone should know and remember: there is no place where My ambassadors would not herald the truth of Beauty. I have said.

I sense it is enough.

Question concerning the paintingsThey will be safe.

Question about the bookIt should be published, but kept with you.

Question about the flat in Kamenets-PodolskThe spiritual school will be there.

20 April 1923


Seek one enemy among your followers. Do not trust him with your hand. He may cause damage after your departure. Follow My pure Testimony. He will throw the cedar cones.

Do not forget Zak. Do not give it to Zak. Give the drawing to Dymov. Better give to any American. Give to the wife of the violin Teacher, better to the wife. Give to your Dorfman. Give диденto National, диден, диден, адиен.[43]

Thus, write to him. My Ray can help him. You can give him a hand.

You will not see America for years now. Yes. Nowa New path. Tomorrow, after the writing, sit silently; it is necessary to give the currents of unity.

I think so.

“Sacrifice is necessary;(your sacrifice fed the atmosphere of deeds)and the flame of the offering purifies, like ozone.

“Even savages burn their sacrifice, as a crude symbol of the act of offering.”[44]


Question about Dorema.

Now she is My disciple; remember the Hierarchy. You forgot, I am called the Elder Brother.

I am entrusted with action, and with bringing closer the chosen ones.

I have no abyss for those who go with Me.

You shall swim through everything.

21 April 1923


Automatic writing of N.R.:

“In the Name of Eternal Motion,

In the Name of the One Force,

I repeat!

Just as the roots of the trees gain strength in the earth,

So does your knowledge gain strength in time.

Therefore, know the dates,

So as not to seize before the appointed time.

That which is seized prematurely and that grasped belatedly are alike in

their results and meaning.”[45]

Now I request: keep away from irritation, for I see the occasions for petty irritations.

After the writing, let us sit silently and observe .

In silence, the One Hand spins the dome of your achievements.

с 41.jpg

Three houses, for three are visibilities, and the fourthInvisibility,

May it be.



I have said.

22 April 1923


“Verily, I say: Even crumbs are useful in the Great Service;

One can collect a bowlful of the common work from yesterday’s loaves—

The gift of My Spiritual Instruction.

“Your sole defense is in My Name;

Other defenses are of no avail.

It is better to understand this in time.”[46]

Five years is not a long time.

Morya thinks the teaching of the Shield needs to be carried to Russia later. When the envoys come with My message about the Great sign forthe Worldawait them. And there will be Light behind them, and the dawnahead of them; therefore I command My young disciples to safeguard the Greatest Sanctuary of the World, and do not encroach upon the primacy in My Temple.

“I have summoned you to the construction, and I stretch out My Hand to you,

beloved shield-bearers.

“I have revealed the pathway.

Let the Guiding and Safeguarding Hand be always remembered.”[47]

You, Urusvati! You, Fuyama! You should be the image of My Shield.

With the creative spirit, and with the joy of freeing the spirit from the shackles, you have come this time to the Universe.

I sense; enough.

E.R.’s question, what kind of build-up did she feel above the table?The Rays of the Shield.

Oyana’s question, whether she was E.R.’s disciple before?And understood Urusvati’s mighty spirit, silently as well.

23 April 1923


Manifestation of learning. Udraya should be sent a telegram: “Master is giving the decided plan. First of Juneexpect.”*

“Go forward courageously.”[48]

You can carry My Will to him. Tamerlane’s spirit, where’s the reins?


Send the telegram.

24 April 1923


I wish to write to Udraya.

I vouch as long as he is with youhe will be intact. I feel Udraya’s destiny. Revelation is destined to Udraya, but only My Hand can show it. His thoughts are not mature; such a warrior can confuse the whole regiment. Ponder, Udraya, and grow.

Do not apply Рюднее.[49]

For the time being to the notebook.

I shall complete Morya’s lesson with Lumou.

Urusvati, believe, yes.

“Wisely We will turn everything for the good.”[50] Enough.

All of you on Saturday.

25 April 1923


The rightful lord of My regions, you can raise the Banner of Sergius.

“(Urusvati,)I will gather(your)daughters.

Let them help lay out the garden of beauty.

Let them fill the garden to overflowing with new blossoms.

(Urusvati,)I perceive that one can expect a rapid sprouting of life in the New World.”[51]

Faster than the house across the street is the world created. Suyi has also appeared. Saint Louis is the center of America, and Suyia symbol of the body’s nourishment.

Now the body is saturated; we shall commence the spiritual journey. Three years are enough.

Without funds you have strengthened the great things in America. Revelations come instantly.

Urusvati, rest now. I will decorate the hour of rest with the flowers of the encountered findings.

You need to see different faces along the way. Nod to different faces. Not a single meeting is  accidental.

I am afraid of Tamerlane’s ragehe tears the fabric of the spirit. Of course, he can be tied as well, if needed, but only a voluntary feat is valuable.

We will reach, but observe the teaching.

I will teach Tamerlane.


According to wisdom. Everyone gets what he deserves.

26 April 1923


“The New World is manifested in the miracle of a renewal of life.

My Hand is amidst each day’s events.

Happiness it is to view the miracles standing guard like shields.

Sternly do I confirm My Words.”[52]
I manifested the shield; call Shafran, let her see.

Visions of S.M.Shafran:

1.      The tall, bearded man in black shouted something very angrilya very unpleasant impression.

2.      A young girl, brunette, small stature, sitting, leaning her chin on the right hand, and thinks, thinks.

3.      Four people, heads covered with black, sneaking somewhere.

4.      Two knocks were heard in the room and terrible laughter over S.M.’s ear.

Questions concerning those four people—the enemies of the school, and in general, of our cause in connection with all of us: the Harrises, Grant’s mother, Mrs.Sada Cowen, and the fourth—from Grant’s sidea man, who was invited by her to the first reception of the school.

L. . . .—she is undesirable in the school.

The clouds of Paris.

Tell Tamerlane: there is only one light. Let him not wade an earthly path, for darkness shall envelop him. When the all-embracing flame of love and truth in the Universe is kindled, and My envoys bring My Shield, then, let Tamerlanenot block his own path.

An important matter for you.

Do not grieve (addressing E.R.).

I know. Your presence will help disperse the fog.

An important matter.

Call Shafran, and wait by the phone.


27 April 1923


I think you will go nicely. Do not make the natives jealous. The Russians watch;theRussian spirit senses a secret in you. It would be harmful to aggravate it.

Do not display the manifestation of My strength. Everything will come in time. If you are not sure about the people, better ask Me.

“He finds the sooner who knows how to conceal.”[53]

You are entrusted with big secrets. Combination is important.

“One can quiet a wave only by a timely pouring out of oil.”[54]


Does Gurdjieff  know about the White Brotherhood?He has heard.

Uspensky?Also heard.

English friends?Slightly closer.

28 April 1923


Automatic writing of N.R.:

“(Poruma,)when a maiden strives evenings and nights to bring good to the world

When she dreams about the ineffably beautiful and lofty—is this remote from life?

If these dreams are beautiful, will not the response to them also be beautiful?

“(Radna,)why seek changes in life?

Why break up the old if a single breath reveals to us a new wondrous land?”[55] Go there.

Modra, thou hast been terrified in front of the prison door;

“It seemed to thee impossible that the iron door would ever be opened.

Yet here I give thee the key.

Learn to turn it just as many times as indicated;

No more and no less than is necessary.

“(Oyana,)is the achievement in the distant future?

Wild beasts are not necessary;

Nor are tribunals or warriors—

Podvig is close at hand!

“(Odomar,)thou hast brandished thy staff, calling the world to battle.

Here comes the world to thee—sharpen thy weapon.

“Useless are false oaths and wrestling of the spirit;

Sacredly canst thou utter the vow of Truth(thou, called Avirach).”[56]

“My daughter, thou who canst see, to thee I give—

Add a drop of My Task in the draught,

And dip into the wine of knowledge the bread of achievement,

Giving nourishment to those who approach.

“Joyously ascend the new step of time.”[57]

Then we shall see in the darkness. 

I have said.

29 April 1923

M. Lichtmanns were present

Forward My Shield, I sense the skeleton will appear. But the way is clear. Consider the appearance of a skeleton a victory.

I sense it is needed to see phenomena now. I advise to call Shafran.

In the midst of discussion, M.M. called S.M. Shafran.

Visions of S.M. Shafran:

1.      Glass cabinet, dark yellow curtains. One key was stuck in the lock, and the other one hung on the same string.

2.      A woman in a dark room walks up and down, and screams: “How should I manage it.”

3.      Again, the same tall man with dark skin, a humped nose, and forked black beard. He wants to enter the school, and looks for a second key toit. The same man who wanted to call N.R. or E.R by phone.

4.      A shadow wanted to enter the room, but the door slammed shut.

After this vision, the Teacher’s words: “I lead eternal wide-spread victory.”

5.      An unknown cityand a huge crowd expects N.K. and E.R. People are dressed in white robes and wear turbans. Confirmed by the Teacher, that it is now in India. To E.R.’s remark that Indians recognize reincarnations, comes confirmation from Shafran: “Yes, yes, yes, they do recognize.”

6.      An old man came with freesias in his hands, gave them to E.R., and told Shafran to come for the celebration.

During the discussion, before the visions, E.R. felt an aroma of freesias.

Coming to Me, do not touch those things; an enemy imparted his strength on them.

For the world you carry My Shield. For the world you are the rising sun. And is it not the rising sun coming out of the fog?

The Russian celebration, the manifestation of Saint Sergius.

My Ray will touch Russia on September 28, 1931. I shall hand over My Shield to the One Ruler.

I am the Shield of Urusvati. I, I, Urusvati. I will manifest to her.

I sense, enough.

30 April 1923


For the whole night from April 29–30, E.R. was hearing an amazing Gospel.

In the morning, they were given the book, tickets, and other possibilities.

On the holiday, the book and the tickets were broughtas a pledge of the future. I promise a victory; just do your work. Urusvati can be calm; she need not worry. My Cause grows through you because you see the great.

Shafran will find the rudder in the portrait. Lumou painted it under the ray.

Verily I say, I lift softly to the summits. I think how to protect those who see the wonder of the World Ordersafeguard My Shield.

Even the mountains can be moved.

Fuyama, stand as a Teacher.

Urusvati, go to the garden; it is the time of freesias now, and carry the Good news.


1 May 1923

M. Lichtmanns, the Horches, Shafran, and Grant were present

Automatic writing of N.R.:

“Time was when even a hundred warriors were counted a host. Then a thousand

were already an army.

“In time a hundred thousand conquered the world. Afterwards millions rose but

they also did not alter the orbit of the spirit. And so I shall summon under the

Banner of Spirit one billion. This will be the sign of My army.

“Consider when this manifestation will be fulfilled and seven banners will be


с 56.jpg

Affirming the sign of the vault, remember and carry in your heart the Banner of My World.

And as a pledge I give you these numbers and signs on the last day, where you gathered for the first time in the circle of My Knowledgewithout retreat, and in the joy of the coming Great Day.

Write, rejoice, and behold, for even in the darkness we can see.

I am telling.


Display silence. I will show an important.

Visions of S.M. Shafran:

1.      Two young ladies sit on a long, soft bench, and are present in our Circle.

2.      Basement. E.R. in a night attire, runs to the basement and looks for her elder son. There is a large glass door there, and from it spreads a marvelous sunshine.

3.      A tall woman holds a rough, long towel in her hands. She unfolds it, and finds a small coin.

4.      A tall Indian, naked up to waist, holds a big staff. He turned toward N.K. with a broad smile. The whites of his eyes were also yellowish.

Words of M.M.: “I will show you what is important.”

5.      The toll. In all churches, bells are ringing, crowds are gathering. An old man appeared, and S.M. asked him: “Why are the bells ringing?” Answer:“Calling people for the celebration.” An old man took S.M. along, and they went. They came to the huge church. At the entrance, girls in white robes held wreaths of different flowers. Inside, the temple walls were made of mosaics, and there were extraordinary beautiful images of the Holy Faces. In the middle of the temple was a canopy, and under it were N.R. and E.R. on their knees, in white clothes.A wreath of white freesias was on E.R.’s head. Near them stood tall people, also clad in white, and in the middle, in an unusual light, stood M.M. and as if crowned N.R. and E.R. He laid His Hands on their heads and blessed them. An old man also stood there, but somehow, he straightened up and became so big. He read something from the big book (seen by S.M. in former visions), and wrote inside it. It looked to S.M., that he was entering the names of N.R. and E.R. into this book. Wonderful singing and music were heard in the church. Around the temple there stood a countless crowd.

Exclamations: “Grandpa, why are all the bells ringing?” Do they summon for the celebration? “I am coming, also coming.”

I showed the image of the future. Enough.

2 May 1923


Search for the manifestation shown by Shafran. Tell her to watch on Saturday. Fuyama should not write. You are just present there. Fuyama, sit outside the Circle against Urusvati. Poruma will write to you. Sit amidst the pure, invisible ones, behind Poruma. And in the darkness outside the Circle, on the sides of Shafran. You both sit calmly, as if you are not there. Oyana says the alphabet. Let Shafran rest. Let Oyana and Grant keep their hands [on the table].

You will already depart in spirit, but the aura will give the last link.

My intention is to seal the Circle in a New composition. The degree of Shafran’s vision is already great. With caution in life, she can be a good transmission. She should not get tired.

Tell Udraya your plans. Vouch for Udraya’s success if he follows you.

Go to pack the things.


To E.R.’s question, will M.M. reveal the last reincarnations of the Circle?In its proper time.

3 May 1923


My Ordinance is straight even in crooked lines. Success is not in the typewriter. Urusvati wants perfection.

“The spirit is perfect only when it is conscious of the Cosmos. And it often

happens, but we cannot always affirm ourselves in the realization of communion

with the Truth.

“The sky seems alive and we say, ‘Flies are swarming.’Thus interpreted are

finest touches of unseen wings.

“The Void is the treasury of the Beginning, yet you feel the path of the


Fuyama, give the book to Merrit; call him. It is possible to give to Sutro. Urusvati, give the book to the Russians tomorrow.


6 May 1923


After the roar, you can relax. I think it is better to wait to judge the details of the future Russia.

Urusvati is right. Why remember if you have just to wait. Better count each day until the New journey.

“Ponder each day how to fulfill My Work.(Finish your assignment for America.)Teach the inheritors—teach them beauty. Affirm their eye.”[60]

You can finish the foundation of the work for the future.

“Wherefore years, when one may accomplish in weeks?

It is easier to withstand a single roar than to permit thoughts to grow mouldy.

Therefore, I say, let us proceed. Therefore I shall multiply your strength.”[61]


Will M.M. say for Udraya?—Remember Udraya, wait for My Instruction. Fill the time with work, and following My envoys; go uphill.

On the question of where to go in the summer, a karmic message followed—Tyrol, Dubendorf. Conjures at Savoy.

7 May 1923

M. Lichtmanns and Shafran were present

“I shall send—fulfill My Will.”[62]

You will see better (after the first vision).

Through the waves, carry the Will to the nationsshow them My Sign.

“Cautiously contact the earthly. When one is on the way, delicacies are not needed(after the fourth vision).”[63]

Guidance to you: bring My regards to the souls of strangers who await Me, not knowing Me.

Fuyama, do well at the New Stage. Safeguard the sons for My work (to the seventh vision).

Urusvati, walk bravely; the garden is ready.


I think, yes. (Answer to Lichtmann’s question, whether M.M. will be coming to them.)

Visions of S.M. Shafran:

1.      One policeman calls another one. The first one stands on one side, the second on the opposite. As if it is in America.

2.      The same man, brunette, wants to get some paper about N.K. from Grant.

3.      The woman threw herself from the roof and died.

4.      A large round table, filled with dishes. Nutsya[64] sits alone at the table, and in front of him is a deep plate of dumplings. He cannot eat anymore, but still tries to swallow one. A tall Jew enters with a yarmulke on his head, in a brown robe, and belted with a leather sash. He placed his hand on Nutsya’s hand, who was sitting with a dumpling on his fork and said: “Not everything is good that is tasty.”

5.      A tall man in a tailcoat has a medal. S.M. admired the medal. But an old man, standing near, said: “Every medal has its reverse side.”

6.      E.R. sat with the sons and a brunette girl, and so gently, so lovingly talked. An old man, standing near, said:“It is not the music that makes the tone, but the tonemakes music.

7.      M.M. was sitting in his room, writing on paper: “Safeguard the sons for My Work.”

10 May 1923, steamer “Mauretania”


Smile to you; how I love your spirit.

Udraya will better serve his motherland. Udraya, think better about the East. Udraya, spread your spirit broadly. Udraya, proceed in loneliness toward My Path, where My Hand will instruct you. Udraya, separation is terrible. Udraya, admit a mistake, strong for your age—think only about My Cause. Udraya, My Image can give you joy. Destroy the evil thoughts that demean the spirit.

Urusvati, make Poruma your heiress. I think about you every day.



Wild thoughts about you (the reason for the blackness of the ring).

10 May 1923

Travel recordings

France: Parisfrom May 15 to June 7.

Vichy: from June 7 to June 26.

Lyon: from June 27 to June 30.

Italy: Romefrom July 3 to July 10.

SienaFlorence, MilanEngadin.

12 May 1923


One more advice to you: when crafty hands will accept, there is no need to show friendship according to the generosity of the given amount provided by Me. Do not show money to the Russians. 

Urusvati, spare Poruma’s soul;she is in need of affection. She is small, like a child. One’s own growth is invisible.

A wonder is given to youthe trust has its foundation. Fuyama, tell Horch not to trust Londonan enemy is there.

Urusvati is a victim; manifested to the torturer, Tamerlane. Urusvati, cover yourself with My shield.

I will help to fight the crafty hands.

My Plan is being followed. Urusvati, show My Shield to the enemy’s hands. Urusvati, I shall send you the strength. Bark fetters shall not bind My Path. The main thingdo not show money; it is better if they consider you poor.

Better to say: Tagore has invited us.

How to explain our journey around Europe?—Better to say: you are printing a book in Germany—in connection with the book publishing.

Urusvati, Urusvati, show Tamerlane the wonder of Shafran, the dreams of Oyana.

Urusvati, Urusvati, I think of you.


(Concerns Poruma)—Should not grieve her daughter’s death, knowing the return and nearness of the spirit. She wishes the feat; I will help her.

Joy rusts with sorrow. I told already, the spirit requires a joy.

How are our sentiments transmitted to the loved departed ones?—As a radio.

If there is a purpose.

15 May 1923, Paris


Cover yourselves better with a shield. You have the tail of the noise of spirits, as the Russians consider.

The Teacher requires your discretion. Direct the ray at the specified people.

Rumanova is trying to vilify you for nothing. Yes. Better not to see Grigoryev.

I think you better eliminate the curious ones from Udraya’s way; scientists EliseyevandMinorsky, overflowing with gossip, they can be harmful.

Better sit at home.

Better specify Paris.

I vouch you will get on the ship, but I avoid the dirt. Crafty hands are stretched, but your way is different. Wickedness blooms in Paris. Yes, yes, yes.

Urusvati knows in spirit. Urusvati correctly feels the curiosity of hungry souls, but the grief will exhort towards the work.

“For the inner work, let them sell the shield of lie.”[65]

It is better to forget the payment of a stranger’s karma. There will be a time when your word will help them.

Better the moment than to think forever. Better a moment than a hand falling on her.

The work should be of no concern to you.

Manziarly’s karma is not easy, but the Teaching will help her.

Udraya will grow up; I know it is not easy with the riders and kings.

Lumou was Lee Huang, but now displays the Tyrian habits.In his youth, he already drank over the edge. Udraya’s hands also crave for wine.

Morya will better help (repeated three times).

He will go, pity him, and demand.


I think there is no need to develop a horse in Udraya.


20 May 1923


Consider the obstacles insignificant when the path of miracles is in front of you.

One new miracle is possible. Success accompanies the way. Konrad’s attempts are as dust.

I do not think so. Udraya is unableto understand the plan now; let him write to Spooner, but Stein is not for him. I offer Udraya to choose one of the given options of the path, but without service;dusty spirit has to be renewed.

I feel you need to move; sensing Russian hands, you need to.

Urusvati, I feel your pain. Take into account the magnitude of the growing spirits and performed disgraces. Though obscured, even now they grow, and I Myself will let them feel shame for their deeds. And I Myself will show how much Udraya loses disrupting the way. But do not pity them when they receive lessons for good.

Urusvati is right, Manziarly should be told only about the friendship.

21 May 1923


We do not see the marriage, only exceptional orders.

Udraya broke the Decree, attracted waves of former karmathe consequences can be alleviated, but selfishness opens new gaps, and then the best messages are read in reverse.

A powerful lesson for Tamerlane.

There are many victims of Tamerlane, and they will be drawn to himonly understanding of spiritual work and honoring Urusvati can help.

Let the knocking one come in (Yuri entered the room).

Udraya, I am telling you: grasp the destiny of Tamerlane;honoring the Leader of your happinessUrusvati, turn the sword to the power,which you can inherit.

Do not write without Instruction, and honor the Beginning.

You may again approach the table of the Beginning.

Do rise up, Tamerlane.


22 May 1923


Urusvati feels Udraya is not hardened. I will allow a transparent talk in his presence. I wish to tell them.

“I wish to speak of the pure and carefully passed karma.

Cautiously touch the tarred knots of destiny. It is much more dangerous to

touch the already hardened past events, which are dragging after you. Therefore, I

warn that the non-fulfillment of the decrees, disrespect of the (Beginning) Hierarchy, is more harmful that it seems.”[66]

Remove the hands.

“The flow of karma can be covered by the ice of understanding. But beware of

destroying this covering by foolishness or by cruelty, which is forbidden under Our


“I repeat—guard the given path!”[67]

Show yourselves to the indicated doctor. Spirit will better support the body; Lumou’s health glistens. Udraya needs to be strengthened.

For the last time I am telling the childish onesimprove your habits. I can unexpectedly ask how you protect the Beginning of Urusvati. I talk to you.


Fuyama said correctlylet him learn.

24 May 1923


Instruction to Chistyakov. Gather your strength, narrate about the torments of Russia; wisely follow My Instruction. Look, there is nothing behind you, but you can decorate the best future time of the Spirit with the rays. Call Him in the night and darkness. My new ones will involuntarily approach your house, and receive My Decrees from Elders.

Remember, Mongolia has a value, and you, living on the border, have to safeguard the Teaching before My Ring and Stone are brought in the ivory vault.

Wait and laborLight approaches.

When three out of four gather in harmony of My Name,their force will multiply, and karma will be again flooded with a wave of a quiet knowledge.

“To whom shall we speak?  A mule can draw a cart. Is it possible that the human

spirit will not compel the body to rejoice in labor? The mule carries the rider to

shelter in stormy weather. Is it possible that the human spirit is disturbed by the flow of karma?”[68]


Wait with further decisions; when the enemy is near, be careful.

Should we go to Ravenna?No. After Perugia, Assisi, Rome, Orvieto, Siena, and Milan. The phenomenon of Pisa is not necessary. The path is towards Avimruls country (the Gauls tribe).

In Engadin they speak a special dialect; the locals consider themselves a special Latin tribe (this became clear during our stay there).

25 May 1923


“The manifestation of the Teacher must be remembered; the Shield must be held

in purity.

“I will send all defense, I will send all possibilities, but hold the conduit firmly.”[69]

It is impossible to listen here; the needed wonder must be preserved in a crowd.

“Amidst the maddened crowd veil the fire of the spirit.”[70]

You will move amidst volcanoes of disaster, but My Image will lead to the brinkwhere you can refresh your breath. I understand, you cannot deepen your consciousness here, but I request you to keep the necessary talisman hidden, consider the crowd non-existent. Perform the journey in My Name, and his hand will not touch.

“Read My book and be not terrified by the voices of calamities, for the blind do not perceive what is revealed to you. (The morning will bring fresh news, but I have already taken care.)

“But I say, for your benefit, evoke My Name more often.”[71]

Urusvati, do not grieve over the things; do not judge them severely. In autumn, I will tell you what to add. The long journey requires new things.

“Do you deem it a pleasure to behold dead countries?  But observe the downfall of the world of falsehood. Lie, lie, lie—perish!”[72]

I advise you to help, really, help the patients. Udraya, ask Witmar to render the work in the Red Cross.

Desire of youth will pass with the help to the unfortunate ones (refers to Mrs. Markova).

To my question, was M.M. at the head of the Rosicrucian Order?I was at the Old Order.

The Rosicrucians are waiting for M.M.’s coming to AmericaMy work in America is My coming to America.


26 May 1923


It is impossible to drop the country worse than the monstrous crime of France. The lesson of revolution is lost. Let the jealousy be madnessnow, but it will help the flow of the plan.

It is better not to go to Berlin; the way should be directed to the East. Konrad will remain on the sidelines, but Vienna is significant.

Print in Prague. I shall give, but from Vienna. Better not to be at risk (repeated seven times).

I vouch, you will successfully complete your journey.

Therefore, strive; you have five extra days near Vienna. You can leave on June 7. Better  not to risk.

You may visit Czechoslovakia. Paris (express d’Orient)—Vienna—Prague. Prague— Innsbruck—Venice.

I think, better add Verona. I rejoice at your success. And add Gallia.

Udraya can benefit in Vienna by seeing Pelliotask for the required collections; I can see ritual figures of Lamaism.

Urusvati is correctbetter to sense and show resourcefulness. Better ask Me every daythe sky is dark. Enough.

Even before, in the spirit. The Teacher left the Rosicrucian Order after the appearance of Konrad.

I will give later.

27 May 1923


I sense My instruction is needed. I will impart the shield, shield, shield to you; through any means affirm the given instructions of a Decree:

Urusvati, Udraya needs to think more purely. Udraya can easily find a glorious path, but he needs to think purer. Udraya can easily return to you, but he needs to think purer.

Lumou is out of understanding, and although he is rebelling against you, I put up with his infancy.

Your mission can be affirmed easier than you think. You will see.

Relax; it is useful for Urusvati to lie down.

28 May 1923


I have sent the miracle of Udraya’s affirmation. The Beginning is laid. Udraya will understand the miracle. Udraya, Udraya, Udraya, consider My envoys to be the Leaders of the wondrous paths.

On June 1, I shall give the Instruction. Udraya, be able to accept it. Take care of Urusvati, Udraya.


29 May 1923


Follow the Decrees; I vouch, the power of Morya will cover the way.

Preserve the Decrees; consider the ability to hide the path as necessary.

Keep secrecy, give only conditional address; do not mention exact places in letters.

No need mentioning where are you writing from. Teach the Circle not to reveal the place; while leaving, provide Cook’s address.

To Udraya’s question, whether he can make a collection for himselfA pure affair must be shared with My House. You can only incur the criticism, collecting personally, for I will send money only from My House. Keep a high integrity, and I will repay a hundredfold.

Manifest My assignment.


His hand is not harmful, but he talks in vain (Rumanov).

30 May 1923


“The Teaching should be better understood. The Teaching should be applied resourcefully.”[73]

Think betterafter the phenomenon of Switzerland, go to Vichy dust?

Successful treatment is useful for Poruma. Urusvati, respect the pills.

“Smile at small stones!”[74]

Teach the souls of Poruma and Logvanto sense the desolation of humanity up to appearance of savagery. Keep them in understanding of Europe’s destruction.

1 June 1923


“The Teacher points out that you should learn to feel the bonds which have

united you by the manifestation of miracles.

“By a wondrous bast are your sandals tied for the long journey.

(Keep trust in Our Brotherhood. Believe:)As was the past, so also will be laid the future.

One cannot have respite from predestined meetings.

And numberless are the sendings upon the pages of life.

Thus, all is prepared; but do not tear My web.

“The whirlwind of folly blows away the best designs sent by Me. One should not

strew about treasures which are bestowed for manifestation to the world.

“Being a minor is not an excuse.

“It is better to celebrate the victory after the first battle than to wander


“Therefore, I say, walk together and cover yourselves by one Shield. Let each

one purify his breath (next summer) without sprouting the dust of anger. And, gathering the flowers of devotion, you will understand the usefulness of My path.

“Do I lead you by force?  Compulsion is not Our ally.

“But if we are walking together, why not give counsel! Therefore, I say to you,

think better and do not stumble.”[75]

Observe Mongolia. Uryanhay and Uksun understand the Ray of the Black Stone,[76] which I will send to you.


Urusvati knows better.

Calomel[77] produces swelling, I prefer Vichy.[78]

The shield of Uryanhay.

2 June 1923


Instruction to Horch: “On Our scales the striving of the spirit is weightier than aught else.

The success in life is strengthened only by the electricity of the prayer of achievement.

“The teaching of spirit creates the armor of the body. Sensing the lightnings of

the world, begin a new book for the coming winter.

“I teach you to understand wisely the future.Success must follow My people.

You must wisely follow My milestones.”[79]

Urusvati will understand (to them). Urusvati smiled at their souls, and the fire of joy flickers. Urusvati, you are pouring warm healing water on lonely hearts.

Udraya is not holding his hands clean. Lumou clogged his spirit. The Decree is beyond their minds, but the mystery of the Black Stone is great. My House will be joined by the fragments of the Stone.[80]When I send the Stone, save it.

And I shall give the Stone in body.

And you will find the Stone amidst the things.

I am giving.

It will help him.

Poruma purifies her spirit.

It may be hard; time is required.

3 June 1923


Instruction to Poruma: “Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice! Afterwards the receiving, and after that the triumph of the spirit.”[81]

I sense I can entrust to your spirit the Legacy of UrusvatiMorya’s wife. Be a complete mother in America on the field of My Works.

Presiding in the house, carry the Teaching. At My feet gather the small, innocent ones, knowing not where Good is. United is My Teaching. You can show a sign of My Name to the small ones. Be able to order it.

A new shield is on the silvery field. Ponder and grasp.

Let the Daughter of Morya remember My House.

You can uplift My House; I shall add what is needed, but understand. Search for success in a good luck. No need to break My locked gatesthe moves will be open to you.


5 June 1923


I advise you to hide the date of departure and time of stay in India. It is better to say: maybe we will return to Paris. Otherwise I see difficulties; better let them wait for you here. I think to save you from the burden of debt for Russians.

Urusvati, cover your daughter bettergo to Vichy. I understand, how much she requires a pure place in Morya’s House.

Better not to be at the assigned place in Switzerland; complete nearby, you will arrange on the way.

The body cannot catch up with the spirit for a long time. Urusvati needs a minute of repose. I shall provide in Vichy; thorns of evil will not be there.

Rinikashero, the Gaul, lived in Engadin; his spirit is there. The best of the Gaul leaders. He will carefully receive you.


6 June 1923


Urusvati, the environment will change the character of the young ones. Urusvati, allow them to try their wings; the lesson was not sufficient. Their indebtedness to you will wake up after a new lesson. Now we need to arrange for education of the new children. Sometimes My arrow too, I give pushes, but his spirit needs trials. I want to save him without destroying karma.


7 June 1923 Vichy


Instruction to Lumou: “Each one has his goal. I provide the gateway fitting for the spirit. Through it one may enter into a transformed world, where the mind dwells at home in all


“The spirit learns to fly when sorrow sharpens the eyesight. The ray of

realization of the Infinite illumines the bestowed good.”[82]

Your kamarupa feels the destined measures of means, but physical thinks only by habits.

“There is the path of Earth and the path of wings. Discern and choose.”[83] The same applies to Udraya.

Now the words of greeting to you“Clouds are gathering, but the Star of the Morning ascends.”[84]

My dear ones, do your next work, and proceed towards My garden.


8 June 1923


I feel your thoughts of service to the united Affirmation of the World.

“Each moment of the spirit’s understanding adds a gem to the treasury of possibilities.”[85]

How happy I am when your mirror swirls with a blue cloud. How little it takes to clean the dusty surface.

Here I sit in front of your image. I presume—they can lift up the Burden. Therefore, rest before the journey. I deem theAffirmation of the World to be the law.

Friends require the letter. Lengthy is the path of a lettersend a radio. The Teacher is with you; let us move to Italy and Engadin.


9 June 1923


I manifested a wondrous ray to support dear Urusvati, for, as said, We just need to put you on the ship. My Ray gives you the patience to wait for the rude fools of the teaching. Spirits, swept by the power of the enemy, accept the teaching!

I will think how to clean the aura of dirt, for they throw it at you as well. Horch should be also protected in a dangerous place. 

Move patiently and carefully towards the ship. It is necessary to renew the organism on these waters.


10 June 1923


Urusvati can always ask Me. I shall withhold those forces, and I will shoot an arrow in time. Now look through the book, and keep quiet until the fools come to their senses.

Think where it is better.

Closer to Russia. From the Ducatsthe Ducats in Vienna. You can better print My spiritual Teaching.

I shall add, when it is better.

Poruma will improve. A dark hand held the house. Her mother’s karma; the mother suffered from father. The spirit is good, but the body has suffered damage. Urusvati knows how she was also attacked.

“The best zurnas often lacked some strings.”[86](Zurnas—an ancient instrument or spiritual Teachers.)

“St. Francis and St. Theresa were often ill. Pythagoras had heart disease.

“Often through illness the achievements become intensified.”[87]

Without bodily disease,Poruma could not have sounded immediately.


When Akbar’s courtyard was too crowded, she wasnot near for long. Up to seven years.

To E.R.’s question, where is Jehangir now?—Inside the house of achievement. I will tell in India.

11 June 1923


“Mothers, in their wisdom, foresee the occult conditions at the birth of a child.

The mother’s spirit knows how the enemy tries to harm the new wayfarer. During

the transitory time of gestation it is easier to send the poison. It is easy to stir the

mother’s anger and to fill the home with the dust of discontent.

“Mothers try wisely to direct their eyes toward the images of saints or to be

comforted through the beauty of nature.”[88]

Therefore, do not forget, Urusvati, among the Russian institutions to create the pleasant houses of Morya’s mountain, where the expecting ones can find the solace of nature. Instruction is useful for Poruma as well. Kozma and Damian lived in Russia; their memory must be honored in My Homes. Kozma and Damian—the patrons of childbirth.

To E.R.’s remark that in her childhood, someone hung a small image of Kozma and Damian on her bedA friendly hand had sent you many memos.


12 June 1923


I can barely feel your food; you need to eat less. A wonderful pleasure is ahead.

I think, enoughyou are tired.

13 June 1923


I sense My Shield will be affirmed in your family, but time is required.

Why do you think Grant is special? I have given you more.

I gave a ribbon with My Name on it against her Rosicrucian. Let Horch keep these things as a memento of the battle. Just think, how a Rosicrucian thing was there on the opposite wall.

Urusvati, do not worry about the packs; you will throw a lot of them on the way. They may come in handy, but the burden is great. I will tell in September.

The main thing is the book, do not postpone; it is better to complete it first of all. You need to finish it before Italy.

Do not exchange dollars for other money.

Write to the Lichtmanns: the hands must be kept on guardthey are crawling around. I am teaching them to end the year quietly.

I am pleased with the way ship boarding proceedsthis is the main thing.

Do your best (concerning the paintings).

Pure thoughts will help the paintings (the image and things in the apartment).

It remained intactunnecessary things were taken. Urusvati knows the value of things. In My country, I shall provide the material and hands.

You have to go through the graveyard of the world.

It is necessary to help the health; in Paris you skipped a great dangerpneumonia (of Poruma).

I am doing it. I wish to help; please obey the doctor’s orders (Lumou).


14 June 1923


The sun caught the Teacher at the window of the Tower. Then He walked through the garden, greeting the flowers, went up to the armory, where shields were hangingso called mirrors, which reflected the images of distant brethren. For a long time, He examined the course of events, and then called Mohamedi, Chunda, and wayfarer’s Friend.

Urusvati’s shield is clouded; take others under your sight, facilitate the roundelay around the edges of the shield.

Chunda, take care of Poruma. Friend of wayfarers, alleviatethe pressure of telephone.

I think one Shield cannot hold so many persons.Soon it will be necessary to prepare four new shields. Uvuchaya, Kharochay cannot be left on the same Shield (Guardians of Lumou and Udraya).

Direct both to rest; do not stand in the way of those going to the ship.

I showed the morning of Our laboratory.

When many persons collect at one shield, it is always difficult for the middle figure.

To E.R.’s remark that she does not have enough time, and will not be able to explain much to the HorchesDo not worry, they cannot be given more.

A furrow passes in your life right now, a new part of life, it is better to forget a lot of things, and, having recovered your breath, begin anew. Later you will understand this physical condition. I have shown youhow all of Our group manifests greetings of help to the Dear soul.

Now, there is not long to wait.

15 June 1923


Urusvati, I have found a fortunate practice for Lumou in Calcutta and Simla. Let him stick to a portrait, although I see the theater as well. Write to Pearson; inform him about Lumou’s success. Also Udraya can give a lecture on the study of India and Central Asia in America and Russia.

I think over your Shieldthe light comes. I know everything, and I collect a necklace of opportunities.

To E.R.’s remark that she does not understand for what she was chosenLet Me think for you, and believeWe do not think badly.

E.R.’s remark that she does not value a gift, only what is deservedNot a gift, the work will flow freely; let us only complete physical conditions.

I want to continue your journey equally effectively as it started. And I will bring you to the destined knowledge.

One should know the past as well, but today I am satisfied with the shield.

I know Urusvati’s heart. But everyone envies you. When the spirit gallops forward, you remind of Blavatsky: the same convulsive haste.

The shield will be lighter.

We shall find a special activity for children. Everyone will be given their work to a common understanding. Carry on until the ship.


16 June 1923 Vichy


To My disciple, Hiramdo not forget to start treatment before a long journey. Treatment by air.

I teach to use opportunities.

Udraya smileshe feels betterimprovement of Udraya.

From the air you receive minor benefits, but many stones were already thrown away from the threshold. I like the books’ purchase; it is useful on the border of the New World.

Read the sacrament of Catherine of Siena.

You will not return here anymore—to Europe. Russia is My country. After the second year in India, you will gradually conceal the place of life.

My beloved ones, the enemy walks around you. But everything will change in My land. Now, until the ship, you remember a dream about the boats. But his power concerns only trifles of the last fictions. I will later tell about his fictions. We are watching and hastening time.


I observe everything; I cover you with the shield. I avert from his desires;you do not see the whole trick of histo involve you in desiring the possibility of knowledge in a harmful atmosphere.

I hurry to say, I will give an explanation of the date, even on the ship, why I must be silent now. You do not see the greatness of the battle. But now it is even more dangerous;I warned you long agojust to hold on until the ship.


[1]Readers’ Note: In the original text, the initials of Helena Roerich, Nicholas Roerich, and their sons, George and Svetoslav, usually appear in their Russian form, therefore in the translation we chose to transliterate them: N.R. (Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh) for Nicholas Roerich; E.R. (Elena Ivanovna Rerikh) for Helena Roerich; Y.R. (Yuri Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Yurik) for George Roerich; Sv.R. (Sviatoslav Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Svetoslav, Svetik) for Svetoslav Roerich.—Ed.

[2]The names of the Authors of the messages are presented by their initials (in bold).—Ed.

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