17 June 192315 August 1923[1]

17 June 1923, Vichy


Urusvati[3], it is not the staff that awaits you; you will benefit the world as it should be in time. I deem today, you are beginning a special chapter.

Kharochay and Uvuchaya lead them back. I sense Kharochay plans to help with the military rumor. Kharochay believes to attract him with the military banner.

Watch, do not contradict. His teaching will be taking place until My guidance ends. Let him dream of a military formation of the Horde. Udraya[4] will be delighted.

Urusvati, I consider Uriankhaian important place.

Lumou[5] will find the way to spread the fashion in the East.

Beloved bird, you can fly without caring about the enemy’s hands.

“In giving we receive. Disdaining objects, we receive the heavenly raiment.”[6]

I will bestow strength upon you to endure until the ship.

Urusvati, spend time with Poruma,[7] and tell her how an idea of the Greatest union is laid in Vichy.

Tell her: the nations will remember June 17.

The festival of flowers before the lifting of the banner, under which will gather My Russian cities Chita and Urga.

I wish you good night.

18 June1923, Vichy


Wait to write to Paris.

Your way to Me is ready.

Do not muddy the wheels on the way. Mix the traces of hounds.

Udraya is satisfied.

Better permit Horch to travel alone. The ray will attract to Me.

Dust, dust, sweep away the dust. Appearance of the enemy will not confuse you through the glorified Russian refugees.


First, We temper, so that later you do not get scared of the battle.

I extend her strength; let her not be afraid of growling. Crowds do not suit her—children are her friends.

19 June 1923, Vichy


I feel Lumou should be more sternly explained the road; let him imagine more successfully how to reach the ship.

Children, how beautiful is your path; only to blindfolded eyes it may seem dark.

Urusvati, the hearts of children gleam until the better days of spirit. I will give them the new toys until the last day.

Lumou, persuade Horch to send Kashmiri costumes to America.

Urusvati, I smiled;how you turned the key in Poruma’s knowledge of the understanding of art. Today a new world has opened for them.

Disciples see.

Urusvati noticed the similarity of Rocco—Good for you! (E.R. saw resemblance of Saint Rocco’s statue with M.M.)

“The form is animated by its contents and is not forgotten.”[8]


20 June1923, Vichy


A pure gift of Morya you will receive in Paris. Urusvati and Fuyama[9]will get one of the talismans.

You will see at home—the thing will have a note. Yesyesyes. Be able to carry My gift homeward.

“Daringly raise your shield. I ask one thing: not to weaken your strength with gold. My Teaching does not like gold(take silver).”[10]

Send Udraya’s ring as a sample. It can be done lighter.

Before My ascent, learn for a year through proper people how to meet Uriankhai’ssign with dignity. You will understand in October. That House of runes will send the Stone, then you can travel to Me.


Do not take Lumou seriously.

21 June 1923, Vichy


The New Teacher does not show guilt for the dishonor of love.[11]

We were planning to visit the clairvoyant which arrived at the hotel—Dear Urusvati, it is better not to risk Poruma experiencing lower manifestations. Hold, assure Poruma—not because of distrust, but with trust and firm spirit, she must avoid such experiences. Show anger when the dark ones want to influence her.

Think, you fight for My Cause. Restrain an important hyena. It is better not to touch his ugliness.

Your way to Me is pure; I believe the mountain will show.

Fuyama, wear the silver chain with Madonna of Lourdes and the Papal Cross in Italy. Take the silver chain, and wear the bone medallion.

Let them wear a cross (Lumou and Udraya). Let her wear the bead (Poruma).

My Sign will protect him (Logvan).[12]


Give Rapicavoli My Sign and the Book.

22 June 1923, Vichy


Having received an article of M. Moiseevich about the Messiah, we became slightly apprehensive about whether it was published too early—Do not condemn Avirach;[13]the benefit of the article exceeded the harm. I saw people reading it with tears of emotion. Better to tolerate it for the sake of tears.

Urusvati understands the feat.

No need to show the Name to the rogues, but to the waiting ones; I think you can.

Fuyama, enough of drinking water.

Poruma should not walk barefoot. Let her carefully proceed toward Me.


Complete the book.

23 June 1923, Vichy


Urusvati, I give it the power to be a shield to you—to the Stone, which I will send you.

Urusvati, pure is your prayer, while reading Catherine’s Sacrament.

“There cannot be mercy when the law of Karma must be fulfilled up to the sign. Karma will overtake(him), but its quality may be altered by a voluntary sacrifice to unknown people.”[14]

Who was Catherine of Siena?—The Roman Martyr Valentine, during Diocletian times.

The fate of My House is entrusted to you. Urusvati, I have brought to you the chalice of happy labor—drink and rejoice in spirit.

I will give.

You speak wisely; believe!

If you had heard Saint Catherine, you would have considered her a child, but from the mountains one can hear better.

About Swami Vivekananda—You might have been saddened sometimes, considering him arrogant, but desire for victory made him outwardly true to himself.

We like the qualities of your spirit. Self-dedication abides in you, and for the future feat, opportunities will multiply. You possess creative consciousness.

To E.R.’s remark that she likes to destroy as well—The Creator destroys, and you will be given many hands to plant a garden. When you see the shoots, remember My Word. Your spirit sees the fruit, while the body is surprised at the thin leaves, but not for long. Your spirit needs a big crop.

Tell to Oyana[15]—My Sign is over the museum.


24 June 1923, Vichy


With the New house your consciousness will grow immensely. The road to your best ascent is prepared for you. I teach you to pass the days quietly, remembering My Name.

I shall think of a servant for you. I shall think of the fortuity paths. I shall think of a power very desirable for the prophetic house; you will recognize it  вищелгу[16] in Pearson’s face.

Know how to rejoice at My Ray, like at the fragrance of flowers.

You will learn double in My Place.[17]

Now the last convulsion of the things. Later it would be better, forsaking any personal property, to find the life of freedom. You will have suitable money; display possibilities befitting your dignity. But personally, do not possess things.


I am afraid to send you to Berlin.

25 June 1923, Vichy


Success will lead you through the sleeping deserts toward the rays, to the eye of My land. The path of the seven nations will be settled. I shall think, think, I can already see the banner leading the Udurkhans;Lulyankhayuprises, and those Imurazy rise, and the meadows are full of horses. The Big one reached Volga, and approaches Kazan. The road to Moscow is empty. A breath of wonder drives the crowds.

“Sow better, sowers! Earth will soon be ready!”[18] The teacher placed the signs on the ground.


It is a peaceful procession.

The knowing ones will not incur any harm.

“If the world is not helped by a special manifestation—Earth will not endure.”[19]

26 June, 1923, Vichy


Urusvati, beloved, be patient; already so close. More than a dream is work with predestined knowledge. Think about strengthening your breathing through prana. Let the lungs suggest to you the way.

It is so easy to become stronger in a peaceful house.

No, you can see the Himalayas from your house. Blue summits—and when you inhale the air there, you will not remember the disastrous pit of Europe.

I do not insist, but Horch’s spirit will be needed in America by September 20.

Urusvati, hold on; everything is bright on the way. Safeguard your ‘I’; your conscious work of the spirit is required. Therefore, you will soon get to see My Country.

“I shall call into My House those whom I see approaching.(First reaching, then after deciding on everything.)The pending sword fills the spirit with pain.”[20]

The place is oppressive, but Poruma is saved. You feel how to turn her towards the home.


How long should Horch remain in business?—Three years. Let him honestly serve the silver.

On June 27, we left Vichy for Lyon.

28 June 1923, Lyon


“Fulfill successfully the work that is pleasing to Me and advantageous to you, a friendly work which makes My House ready.

“Gather the images of love(towards God). In love you will find the understanding of how better to adorn My House. Question your spirit(Goodness) as to what contents are befitting for My House.

“Reverence will prompt one how to manifest the beauty of the clean House. The manifestation of your labor is like flowers. I shall take not an obol, but I will requite a hundredfold.”[21]

Let them better treat My Sign. (The Horches should treat the sign of M.M.).

The teaching is not measurable (about the Museum).

You must leave in time. I am friendly advising you to get ready for “Mauretania”.

30 June 1923, Lyon


Urusvati, dear, be patient a little; the blood will pass. Urusvati, no need to burn, to suffer; soon we shall move. Urusvati, Urusvati, Urusvati, wait—the wave of light approaches. Even forgive Poruma for exhausting your strength, but joy is ready in Kashmir. The occult quality of your heart is especially valuable.


2 July 1923, Rome


Urusvati, it is wiser not to give My Ray to the sly hands when they are conceited. It is better to bestow My Sign upon the proper person.

3 July 1923, Rome


I will send the best decorations to you—I see success.

I foresee how the new souls will come to you.

I will settle the end of routine.

Urusvati, the ray has not abandoned you, a new wave comes; stretch the hands toward the mountain.

Near the likeness of beautiful objects, the wonders of nature will quietly fill up the time before leaving the dead countries.

Urusvati, the moment blood stops, the body will get stronger, and the paths will get stronger. The body needs to be boosted, so the means of nature are required.

Now I request Horch, after arriving to New York, to convey to R.P. cordially: Lumou may get big proposals in India, therefore, it is harmful to rush him; I teach usefulness.

Lumou can get better before the manifestation of the hand. Therefore, I keep you invisibly, and where the doctor can help, there is no need for miracle hands.


4 July 1923, Rome


How could I allow departure without showing Urusvati three things: 1. The climate of Rome is similar to the climate of Small Tibet; 2. There will be objects of beauty near My House; 3. How the spirit with miraculous power poured out from the depths of the earth upon the whole world.

It is necessary to repeat it when you will have to speak to My new ones about the One Spirit.

I think you can safely continue the path without fearing his wicked torments.

Lumou can order a big device. He will be busy. Udraya can look in the library for Kabbala in the German language.

Urusvati, beloved, the soil will not burden you to express your thoughts when you are not tired of the day. I wish to talk when you are not so exhausted. I think on Thursday, yes.


5 July 1923, Rome


I advise you to reduce the trip before fatigue. Urusvati shows correct concern. Urusvati, I cannot wait to get you on the ship.

It gives life, but there are dangers too (thebead).

Food is the enemy. In the morning, tea, and bread and butter. Improved vegetables with pure butter, small pasta, beans, and light cream cheese, and after that tea.

Dinner: chicken soup and light chicken. Urusvati finds a wonderful food using bread products with milk. Remember Lumou’s childhood.

Urusvati, I want to warn: it is better to risk the journey than to tremble every day. My Hand puts out the fire, but do not throw the logs of food—I tell everyone.


6 July 1923, Rome


“Even a simple housewife will say, ‘Do not soil the steps, or else you will have to clean them of your traces.’

“Similarly, those who pierce the aura of the Teacher and auras of those bound to Him harm themselves. There is not punishment, nor revenge, but there is the counter-spark.

“Therefore, let them beware of touching Our Works, especially at present, when the electric force is tense.

“Let it be said to those and to others who do not believe,‘Better not touch(yes, to the mothers);there may be thunder during sunshine’(mothers of Grant and Horch).

“But blessed are those who strengthen the armor of the aura.”[22]

And to you, Urusvati, greetings for your cares, and the brazen ones will not come close.

Fuyama, as things grow,the new ones honor you.


Buy more. Yes. A small icon. Four chests. Stroganov. Collect.

7 July 1923, Rome


“Response can be given only to the pure in heart.”[23]

I will give the new weapon to Fuyama when you get the Stone.

Focus on the enemy of My works, and, holding the Stone in your right hand, say thrice the enemy’s name; if you find the courage to say it sternly, but without personal malice, a whirlwind will sweep away the enemy, and no oceans, no mountains, no deserts will be obstacles.

Do not burn your hand on the Stone, for personal malice burns. Urusvati, help Fuyama to discuss every instance before using it. I feel it when you raise your hand in defense of My Cause.


Fuyama, I see your new cycle of paintings; let us call it: His Country.

Do not get too tired, My Urusvati; Europe’s decay is hard for you.

Lumou is very small;hewill grow.


The enemy’s image. The places of meetings—14. She studied with a good goal, but in Germany—We shall postpone it until India.

8 July 1923, Rome


You are tired, we will talk tomorrow; today, I will only suggest the shield against Lumou.

Urusvati can tell him the thoughts of My disciples, preparing him the way among significant persons of India. The theater director has left, so the new field is open. Do not forget the Sign of Morya, Lumou! With Us, you can get the gift of wonderful orders.

Urusvati, read about the manifestations of Francis. Look for a book in Florence about Assisi, how he talked with the birds;it is easier than with people.

Pure teaching for the wonder of life. I am so close to him (to Saint Francis).

Fuyama should understand the teaching.

Urusvati, the birds will start flying to you. Urusvati went to accept the Teaching—the teaching is even closer to the joy of simple hearts.

“Know how to combine the power of love with severity.”[24]

Where a white dog runs, there is a good sign, like a milepost.


He is Oriy.

Concerning her—in Siena.

9 July 1923, Rome


On July 9, at the entrance to the antiquarian, a completely white dog ran out of the door of the roomwe were lucky,and bought sixteen paintings.

I feel it is time to move further. Good luck will follow you, but safeguard My Sign.

I will send that flock of white dogs to the front rooms to alert you. I will show you new finds in beauty, but remember, remember.

Urusvati correctly feels concession to the stupid ones.

You have to guess how to protect the beef with ice.

Their ardor must be protected by the snows of the Himalayas.

To the Horches: News from the Himalayas will prevent decay.

Urusvati’s torment will soon be over. But now, the main thing is the ship. September is not quiet, and October is dark. I take measures.


10 July 1923, Rome


Do sense a leak on the ship. You need to move—the leak is from the side of Paris.

You will learn soon;you will learn after four days.

Urusvati sensed du garde[25] of Logvan.

Surprise through Suyi. With a ray I shall illumine surprise of the sly hands.

I instruct you to read the displayed instructions with a smile.

Urusvati, be able to accept the manifestation of a karmic message. But your spirit takes the measures.

I will specify small details. Improve your food, all of you. Let the food be simpler. I eat porridge, so am healthy.

Urusvati, I want to solve the best task for you.

Urusvati, do not drink raw water.


13 July 1923, Florence


I think Our strength of the shield will manifest a miracle to the shield.

I think that manifestation of a miracle to disciples will help to attract success.

Speed up departure from here. Read My abbreviated numbers in Italy.

My Hand can give a purchase in Paris.

You need to get through the pleasure of loving profit.

Translate carefully. It was hard for us to hear too frequent mention of profit.

Let Horch think about the profit, but I will give if he guards My Cause.


14 July 1923, Florence


I sense it is better to depart on Wednesday. Inform Rumanov to send you the papers.

I deem Horch’s instruction is correct.

A Hurricane blew toward Tyrol. But let him avoid meetings. My instruction is—not to be with the relatives for long. He may even bow down and not be rude.

The Museum can be opened on March 24th.

Urusvati, I vouch and command with love: fly through the hot stones into the garden.

On the opening day of the museum, you will meet in a fair garden. Plunge in now.


E.R.’s incarnation: Yes, a friend of Diocletian—third century. She did not finish the case of his conversion—taken by friends to Palermo and Cyrene.

Miriam, the daughter of Centurion Sozont from the island of Kila. Could even be an empress, but wanted to convert him earlier.

I will also say other incarnations.

15 July 1923, Florence


The Friend has a different destiny; I shall give Fuyamaшаститедаму.[26]

Success will multiply the number of paintings.

Urusvati, point out, I do not change the way, but only allow it because of the bodily weakness.

I thought of putting up a shield just to help your ship.

20 July 1923, St.Moritz


I sense a pure sign can indicate a similarity with Darjeeling.

Urusvati knows.

Do not look for a shield from these residents. Count the minutes until the ship.

After ten days, the path to Savoy will open. You can stay near Mont Blanc until Paris. There will be neither harsh nor cold. I think of an empty place that will prove a happiness of bringingPoruma there.

Later I will say why the situation is complex. Now take rest.

21 July 1923, St.Moritz


Reflections of the manifestations in the minds, wondering at the plays of the earth, will provide health through the rays.

Guess, Urusvati. Your request is being fulfilled. Guessthat one. You have asked to spare Poruma. Urusvati understood well. Teach her to lock the armor of trust.

“(Her)welfare and health are found in trust. The necessary is always prepared by My Ray.(Teach her, how)errors rend the tissue of the body.”[27]

I am fixing the screws of the future house. So far everything is going well. I do not count small stones. Europe is far; therefore I say: count the minutes.

The last coming here; yours as well. (In 1920–21, the last visit of the Masters to Europe.)

Now, the gates of the East. As long as things are fine.

They will not forget; their treasure is in My Chalice. The sign will remind (About the Horches).


Did M.M. come to London because of us?—Yes.

What was the impact?—Preparations of the auras. I filled the nerve centers with the substance “purusha attack,” or “a pure bridge.” The main thing is to direct the rays so that they do not break, but better enter each other.


22 July 1923, St.Moritz


I feel it is possible to believe Poruma, if only she knew how to protect My Cause fervently.

I shall forward pure, young people. I shall add money, but let the hearth glimmer. I see a new opportunity for Horch through India. Let him trust the silver.

Friends will better show support from the new cities.

“One should not consider as a loss a concession to cunningly scheming hands.

The follower of wisdom likes to look far ahead.”[28]

In New York—I tell you.

I will give a portrait through a complex sketch.

Beware of two composers. So far, they are not dangerous, but the trickery is knocking at them.

Time will tell from the beginning of the year. Let them better consider the highly expensive price. Keep the prices of the year. “Stay the vile slanders by a smile bereft of irritation.”[29]

I will improve the predestined miracle; I say—it is necessary to send Lichtmann.

Spare My seal—there is much less resemblance (warning of the unsuccessful image of the seal on the ring).

You will see when they send it, but there is enough time until November (which was confirmed).


The path must be overpowered before departure, but we shall leave.


24 July 1923, St.Moritz


Read better My instructions—the mountains have not yet distanced Me from you.

Pronouncing instructions, I stay close, though invisibly, but many things flow well.

Now Poruma needs to teach Odomar[30] one consciousness—not to enjoy the power in the news about himself. Success will come through another way.

“The success of lightminded[31] people is like the trickle of a small fountain, but a wise householder will labor to bring the water from the ocean and will then enjoy the eternal coolness of his fountain.”[32]

My Shield supports the departing ones, but help not to leave unnecessary enemies. Do not take readers—better not to touch the priest; do not talk about a single religion, the time will come. Do not print Russian articles.

I wish to cover you with an umbrella and bring you closer.

Urusvati is correct, approving Darjeeling. The good fortune of work will heal you. Winter will help to collect your spirits, after summer inhalations.There is only a half-stop here.


25 July1923, St.Moritz


I sense how the lost Stone is directed towards you! Fuyama, Urusvati, tell: I will not retreat from the feat—and soon the gift will knock at your house.

The lost Stone will go across Tibet. It will resurrect the Teaching of cherished destiny; the nations will manifest the sign in those Ulalas. Dagachay—waves of the peoples are enough to flood the fire of crafty hearts.

“Cease speaking of enemies when an achievement can kindle a great light. Solitude will transmit the message better than the murmurs of crowds.”[33]

Give Yaruya and Poruma My testimony when you receive the Stone.


26 July 1923, St.Moritz


Call Udraya. Do not speak repeatedly of your winter folly, but entrust Me with the consequences; for I am a friend, for in My Name will you pass (Udraya’s memory about his adventure).

But repeating the incident, you are just winding up the tail.

Mentally entrust it to Me and be silent (about the winter folly).

Now, do not be surprised if I advise you to live separately from Poruma. It is time, without harm, to separate her aura from yours, equally as it is useful to descend from the mountains gradually; so sensitive devices need to be disconnected gradually.The sense of desire to see off their loved ones is based on this knowledge. People wish to accompanytheir loved ones for a long time. After cutting auras there is need of healing them, so it is useful to create a transitional period and live together, but not sharing the roof during sleep.

Poruma needed your aura very much, therefore, follow My advice—it is good for forty reasons, in Paris too.


27 July 1923, St.Moritz


At midnight,Shibayev arrived.

I sense a new desire of his spirit and his body to complete before the enemy, before the disastrous movement in Russia, also in Germany; to bring the Chalice of a new need—the knowledge of a united religion.

I point to a new movement of spirit in Russia; Germany serves it destructively, for the teaching of false communism is stronger there—it is very important to remember not to have relations with Germany.

Do not say clearer how the map of Europe is changing, but new changes are close.

Urusvati can sit calmly in confinement on the mountains; a new life is approaching.

In Santa Fe, you made a mistake with money; for I say: there will be no need while we move towards the feat.

The case with Naumburg will be very useful.

You can talk with her as with a daughter.

I shall conclude by telling: only through you will they receive earthly and spiritual wealth (pertains to the Horches).

To the forgetting one, I will write on the forehead (translate carefully).


28 July 1923, St.Moritz


To Shibayev’s remark that he is amazed by the permission of M.M. to give His name for the book.

My Mountain should not hide the Name.

The Mount Moriah can be putin a visible place.

Morya can be given in a seal. To be used in the book.

Call Shibayev tomorrow—sit in a silence. I want to unite Shibayev’s cell with you.

Shibayev’s parents believed that his passion for Theosophy would prevent him from fulfilling his duty toward them—My Teaching should not interfere with bringing his parents’ home. He may take a job; on the way home, do not miss Berlin.

I think Tumarkin can help. He will respond: I can; I am able to correspond with America.

Works only concerning Russia; everything relating to Germany should be postponed, only with Russia can he—Germany is aside.

Let us help Yaruya[34] in his prayer for the future. The pungent smoke should not interfere with cutting a window to Russia.

I wish in the Himalayas heights for Fuyama to find strength to put the paints on the Image of Sergius.


29 July 1923, St.Moritz


E., N., and Y. Rerikh, and Shibayev were present.

Averyan! Do you remember how you were brought to Cyrene in the trunk, and founded a new church there? (Averyanthereincarnation of Shibayev.)

Say thanks to the savior from the hands of Diocletian (E.Rerikh).

Who was Averyan?—A deacon.

Fuchay! Do you remember, how you have crossed the Pochunora stream? Who receivedyou? (ShibayevFuchay).

Fuyama’s command led to a new home. And Sni-li-chu—she accepted the new Master.

My Ray brings friends closer. I am glad to see you together. Now, you will part forEkaterinburg. You can sit every day.


30 July 1923, St.Moritz


Svetik and Shibayev noticed a strange phenomenon over our hotel: a small cloud appeared, and began to rotate with terrible speed, and its edges became completely flat, forming an ellipse.

You have noticed a rare cloud, but when Our currents are tense, they can manifest even physically. Many arrows are flying.

Yaruya can write down the sign. Send the sign to Holland (to Virinin). A very useful person.

I sense the ray may be sent to pensive Gordon Botomley (the book).

Sit in silence; tomorrow call Poruma and Logvan.

Tell what you felt (addressing Shibayev).

The answer to his question—Yes. I am giving a great work to you. I am giving a great work—anew one. Spread widely My Law. Be braver. I am telling, be brave! Carry the sacrifice.

I am protecting you.


31 July 1923, St.Moritz


Logvan, Poruma, Yaruya, and Udraya are present.

“The world’s basin is overflowing with bacilli. The web which covers it quivers. But the magic flower must be plucked on Earth by human hands.

I am with you, but when I become silent it means that I am receiving in My Shield arrows which are intended for you.”[35]

Your intentions are solid; follow the new plan.

Connect the chain, for you are parting for a long time—through thought.

Connect your hands.

The people will receive God. “In unity, look toward the day of manifestation when knowledge will enter My House; for the carriers of knowledge are already born(gather them, Urusvati).”[36]

Sit all together these last days.

When I send the Stone, keep a picture of it in America and in Riga.

Poruma, recollect Fuchay; he already knew about the Stone.

Peace, peace, sit silently.


1 August 1923


“I speak of alien bridges and gates. On the way, alien bridges are encountered. One must cross them hurriedly, not looking downward, having but one wish—to reach quickly the other side. Also, do not pause beforeforeign[37] gates, but demand the right of way without disturbing your calmness, because your way is determined.One must with pure thoughts close one’s pores to bad air. But when times are difficult, repeat:‘Nevertheless, I am going into a Garden of Beauty. I fear not the predestined gates. Why is the shield above me? To safeguard me. If new dams arise I shall cross them, because I do not fear!’”[38]

Yaruya, your head receives new strength; no need to write, but in the evenings contemplate My Sign, and watch your thoughts—Logvan as well.

Sensing the Hand grumbler’s diligence, My Hand will manifest a sign, placing his ring on the Stone.

My daughter, place My Sign on the ring of your hand; give another ring to Poruma, it will remind her of your quadrangle, for you think correctly.

My daughter, everything will soon come into order.

I suggest Poruma study Astrology.


I will bring her tomorrow.

2 August 1923


Poruma saw her mother; it is good to see her.

Relatives gathered—so ask them.

Urusvati’s mother.

Lyalya, hold the Stone tightly; it is not Our Hand that gives it to you.

For Kolenka.[39]The Lohaon river near Kamen.

Yurik, a non-Russian speech around you can hold the veil over you; I cannot say more.

Lyalya,[40] do not follow an evil peony;he often looks into your eyes, he is afraid.

When you receive the Stone, I beg you, count carefully at the long hands; I cannot tell more.

Poruma is waiting; let her wait, I will wait, farewell, wait, not . . . ,we let others.

Sina is already at home around Yaro in Russia for one year. A place of gathering of those going to Russia from the domain of rest. We are waiting for you to teach the Russians the happiness of comprehending God. Many victims are going to Russia.

To Yuri’s question, how many of them are going?—A cloud.


My uncle?—Yes.

It is time to give the clause we heard about the beautiful Russian legend; pray to help the Motherland—the Stone is coming.

Apparently, someone was interrupting him—Wait, I shall finish first—to godson: the appearance of the equestrian in the homeland is prepared for you, My hussar! (Yuri is his godson.)


I shall tell the place near Moscow—Mohishi. Many areadmitted.

Yakov talks to you: I want to serve you; I hope to come closer from Zhulava (Our coachman).

On the mountain, a miracle is destined for Kolya;[41] remember Himona.

(Himonaan artist; a friend of my husband.)

Ushina, a dressmaker, wants to remind the madam: I also dream of returning to Russia.

To E.R.’s remark that she does not remember Ushina—Katya, a dressmaker of the countess.

When she named herselfCatherine, E.R. recollected a dressmaker, who lived for many years with her aunt, and died of consumption long before the war.

To whom you smiled at in life, they fly to you. Poruma’s mother will also return to Russia.

Yes—all who love Russia are allowed to return.

It is hard to describe the harvest of Morya in future Russia. It is necessary to take measures concerning the appearance of new indicated souls. Mother considers Poruma to be Russian. Horch can purely consider himself Russian. I am not talking about the nation, but about My country.


3 August 1923


Why merge into the astral world? Rejoice, those who have suffered, who were aflame in spirit, and who labored. But here are the sowers, and there are the reapers. A rich harvest manifests from all earthly seeds. The kernel sprouts; and likewise, understanding masters the new dimensions of future seeds. Therefore, why question the astral world?

Yaruya, load a new shipment. Be more understanding. Strain your ray; survey the tops of the mountains. Enough.

No. Yes.

Sit tomorrow for the last time. My Ray is above you. Logvan, the mountain grows.


4 August 1923


Logvan will decorate Morya’s house up to the roof. Logvan, Logvan, simply cross the streams.

“Now, about the messenger: Even as in life one hastens to meet the postman, in the same way must one stretch out one’s hand towards Our sending. A front of barbed obstacles impedes Our messengers, but you have miraculous shears for cutting the obstructions. By keeping the aura clear help the messengers to reach you.

“It is difficult for a dove to fly in the fog.”[42] But by the blue fire of the mountains, I testify of beautyappointed by the measure of the Highest Hand, when I vouched for you.

Urusvati saw Our Assembly of Guarantee. Now on the last day, I vouch, “I lead you by the speediest path and at the moment of obscuration I am ready to send a messenger. But open the doors to him; it is difficult to stand knocking in the rain.”[43]

Cornelia De Bey, Woodlawn Av. 5515 Chicago.

“Love the solitude of thought, when the sparks of understanding weave a wreath of knowledge. And as I have vouched for you, so entrust yourselves to Me. With the Hand of Power I affirm the path to the Heights. Apprehend the Good when My Envoys will bring the tidings: ‘He has come!’ The hour of happiness is ordained, and on the way there are flowers.

“What do the far–reaching hands, dogs and tigers matter to you? ‘Perform the great task of the Living God.’”[44]


The spirit, I sense, will carry the ship by Hand.

6 August 1923


I sent Yaruya to cut the first window to Russia. Until Directions, do not touch Harbin much.

Urusvati, you do not hear accidentally; for you will leave with the last voyage before the start of the new crashes. “The meaning will be clear when you will look from the mountain tops.

(He sees a wave of the future in the middle of his dream.)

One must observe the sparks; soon they will begin to merge into the flame of a new understanding of the foundations.

“To build an arch between the ways of the full decline and the ascent is not easy. The carriers of spirit do not recognize each other.”[45]

Do not be surprised when I show you the Magis of the East, after the delight of Saint Catherine of Siena.

“Harken to and record the voices of strange figures on your way. Afterwards you will weld together these informations, thus revealing the ladder of practical possibilities.

“The knife of attention is sharpened, the bond gets stronger, and skillful sparks alert your power without infringing upon karma.”[46]


To E.R.’s question, whether M.M. pronounced the phrase she had heard?—Yes, a phrase was sent from the Coptic collection. Later, you can compare the prayer of John with the legends of Tibet.

7 August 1923, St.Moritz


From August 6–7, a vision of a two-story brown-red house with a high entrance door . . .and the words: you shall see how everyone comes to light. A number of visions and words are forgotten.

The name—Mondji.

In the morning of August 7, a vision of mountains, and a flying dove hovering over the valley.

“I shall explain why it is important to heed the words and the given images. Our pupils have an exercise of thought in which out of a whole message a part or a single word is given and, perceiving the direction of the thought, each one adds to it according to his understanding, sensing that which is closest to himself. But in time the personal is superseded by a united consciousness, and upon a single word there is built a complex structure. Thus is attained the code of spirit.”[47]

The front of the offensive is launched; Udraya should approach more often, for I bring him closer to understanding the Task.

Urusvati, I will prepare a happy house for you; now put Porumaon the ship.

I insist, Vichy was necessary (for the Horches). Remember, water nourishes not only the body tissue, but also the center of stomach nerves; there is no need to pay attention to indigestion, it is possible to shield the stomach walls by temperance. But, seeing fear, let doctors of all cities say that there is no organic disease. You can temporarily saturate it with arsenic, but I do not know anything better than butter and porridge.

Urusvati saved Poruma from death. Had you not shared your aura, London’s clogging would have been dangerous.


At night from August 7–8, I have heard the following words: The thing is, your karma is heavy—I understood that it is not my personal karma, but general karma carried for the good of the Cause.

11 August 1923, Chamonix


At night August 11.

1.      A vision of Oyana in a lilac dress, but in a dark cover and black hat; sitting as if bent under the weight of grief or from a great fatigue.

2.      The widely smiling face of Horch.

3.      A blonde girl and a man’s leg in a yellow boot hitting her in the face.

Count the days untilyou can fly out of a burning house. It is hard to withstand the power of the air. I will take the best means, but do not be confused by the burden of these days. I already said—September is restless and thus, who can be calm, breathing a distant smoke of explosion?

You will come out before the show is over (concerns the dream seen by E.R. still in New York).

A sensitive ear heard an explosion (E.R.’s vision); also, without confusion, you will have time to get out—I vouch.

Urusvati, everything will come into order, and the choice of manifested opportunities will be great.

I advise Poruma to slowly accumulate stones at the entrance to the house suitable against small dogs.

I praise the decision to return to Paris soon. You will not see Europe for a long time. Finish the accounts with the ruins—every day is needed. The Teacher walks nearby, and the long hands will get only pennies.

Soon the sail will be visible.


My Ray watches over you. The air is especially heavy now. You have paid for others, only Oyana resisted;she wants to pay herself. I can explain tomorrow.


12 August 1923, Chamonix


“Occultly, the (C)ircle appears as an impersonation of the human organism broadened by possibilities. The central figures carry the honorary functions of the heart. The growth of the organism and its injuries are reflected upon the heart. The waving of the arms calls forth fatigue and, furthermore, the non-realization of strivings. You already know the parable about the ring-dance and about the shields. You already know that the best number for the (C)ircle is seven. Five represents the extremities of the body. Supplements can carry only special functions or else the acquittal of a karmic condition.

“It is difficult to form a (C)ircle, but it is still more difficult to make substitutions; because one cannot replace the heart by an extremity and it is impossible to introduce an undisciplined spirit. For such cases there are witnesses near at hand who will not burden the artery of a heart far away.”[48]

Turning to your case—in the moments of reorganization of the Circle, it is necessary to create a new organism, which willnot burden the departed ones; so Oyana will perform the functions of the heart, for in spirit, she promised not to burden My people.

I tell only to you. She participated physically, but spiritually was not included in the construction of the Circle. It was necessary to prepare a brave person with little dependence on the essence of the matter. If Oyana had no determination to go the way of achievement, it would be impossible to place her as a wall between you and the former Circle. It is already wrong that the Horches remain under the same roof, and Urusvati is right about speeding the time of departure. Tomorrow I will tell about the payment of karma.


Recently, she wanted to take the place of Radna, but one day realized her mother’s mission and came to the current decision. The Horches may become the heirs, but from an occult point, the Circle should not hang on you, not blocking the path, but helping. I can explain, but first, read what was said.

13 August 1923, Chamonix


On the day trip to the mountains, we have seen “Mer de Glace.”

I think it is necessary to not dispute with the wild spirit. Let Me judge.

“Now, about karma.

“If to the realized burden be added the bonds of karma, then how hard it becomes to carry the whole unorganized thinking. One can alleviate this by cautiously avoiding contact with the nerve perceptions. But human thinking so easily unbalances the scales, only to throw off its weight, which drags one earthward.

“But for each such gesture of the hand the poor heart aches.”[49]

True, this way you can finish the accounts earlier, but an unrelated person can cut your karmic channel. You have paid them a lot now.

Oyanawas less connected with you in the past, but her spirit burns toward you. And she will easily block an alloy of imperfect acts being sent to the ocean of heart.

It is time to bring eight Urusvatis into one consciousness.

In short, I am saying—now you are finishing the period of admission under Our Roof.

And on the day of the great mountains, I will say in a whisper: Urusvati, why stay in the plains of Russia when it is better to have a dwelling on Altai—closer to Us. Urusvati, love the expanse of Siberia. Daughter, descendant of the Great Kingdom, stand in the place of the former tents.


Do you remember the Guardian? Painted in London as a clairvoyant.

Crossing the pass, you see the new peaks.

14 August 1923, Chamonix


A daughter manifested, I think it is better to build the cells on the mountains—mountain birds should not sit in a valley for a long time. I will figure out how to take you along the upper paths. Enough for today. Not now.

15 August 1923, Chamonix


I present one thousand francs to Udraya for books, and wish to see him grown up. While with Me, he will be intact. But remember Hierarchy; I am telling, to the grown up. Udraya, remember, and warm the hands with your breath,which carried you to My House. Lovingly, cross the threshold at home; for to you can come My Stone.Remember, when you are worthy.

Respect the Beginning,respect the Beginning,respect the Beginning.

Respect My Decree and Him, Who stands behind Me.

Wait to name.

Go forward with the Great Spirit.

But do not forget to buy the books aboutSiberia.


[1] Readers’ Note: In the original text, the initials of Helena Roerich, Nicholas Roerich, and their sons, George and Svetoslav, usually appear in their Russian form, therefore in the translation we chose to transliterate them: N.R. (Nikolai KonstantinovichRerikh) for Nicholas Roerich; E.R. (Elena Ivanovna Rerikh) for Helena Roerich; Y.R. (Yuri Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Yurik) for George Roerich; Sv.R. (Sviatoslav Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Svetoslav, Svetik) for Svetoslav Roerich.—Ed.

[2] The names of the Authors of the messages are presented by their initials (in bold).—Ed.

[3]“Urusvati” is the spiritual name for Helena Roerich.Ed.

[4]“Udraya” is the spiritual name for George Roerich.Ed.

[5]“Lumou” is the spiritual name for Svetoslav Roerich.Ed.

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[9] “Fuyuma” is the spiritual name for Nicholas Roerich.Ed.

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[15]“Oyana” is the spiritual name for Esther (Enta) Lichtmann.Ed.

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