16 August 19236 October 1923[1]

16 August 1923, Chamonix


I deem you need to depart for India.

My mind is riddled. Wicked hands cannot reachyou in My land.Avoid quarrels.

When a big miracle is being prepared in October, will not the long arms release all black dogs?

A miracle affects the whole atmosphere around you,and the aching head is spinning with anticipation of opportunities.

Manifestation of rays is important for the voyagersnow. It is necessary not only to speak, but better to dictate. I can confirm about the silver, treasures of beauty, and poor disciples.

It will knock by itself.

I will manifest mountains of silver in Altai.

Consider these days important for Our spiritual decisions.


I am going to the Assembly.

17 August 1923, Chamonix


The sly enemy has conceived to sully you in Paris. The whole debt is not given; direct the ray to Rumanov, who довучдом[3]better to hide, if you desire your peace.

“It is a difficult task not to add enemies.”[4]

We need to figure out how not to pay dearly. We will help;you have already started to prepare a trip to London.Enough to send Udraya[5]before the thief. Udraya can get two useful people for India.

The main thing is to board the ship. Let us spreadthe minds, and raise the sail.

“One should be aware of the stones at the threshold but one should not be distressed by them.”[6]

I will cover your feet, and sweep away your tracks.

When you know the hidden secret of Altai, all the stones of Paris are small.


The waves of the future.

18 August 1923, Chamonix


A letter was received from writer Grebenschikov;[7] he informed us that composer Zavadsky[8] wrote three suites on “Flowers of Morya,” and dreamsof seeing N.R.[9]playing themfor him.  

“Not one, not two, but a multitude of hearts have been directed to you, and the net of possibilities is being woven by skillful hands. But do not tear the net. Pay attention to the manifestation of each day.

“Luxury must leave you. You will assume a distinct appearance, and you will find it in conformity with the nature of My country.”[10]

I requestUdraya not to call My gifts a commodity.Also,do not speak of his mistakes.Let him lay it on Me; let him get used to calling Me seven times every night. “It does not befit anyone to become wearied.”[11]

“(Lumou,)[12]to the utmost limits of brain must you be immersed in the realization of My possibilities.”[13]Lumou, ponder about India.

Urusvati,[14] one more nest before the flight.


To E.R.’s[15] remark, whether she will feel the Master closer?You will, you will, you will.

21 August 1923, Paris


I am almost happy with the purchase in London. I thought to give everything to America. I sense how dense the atmosphere is here.

You mustreach the pier.Before your departure,I will give a diet. Meanwhile, donot touch the wife with troubled gusts.Do not add to the gravity of the atmosphere with thoughts about the future.

Simply complete the days before September 8.


22 August 1923


“The gnats are displeased with the breeze; they cannot reach you nor sting you.”[16]

The words spoken seem rather domestic to them.

Fuyama[17] should not see Gurdjieff.[18]“Do not make new enemies. They who are ordained for you will themselves come.”[19] You have enough work until the appointed term.

You can apply your hands forselecting the best things, in order not to suffer in India over belongings. Do not waste time for the meetings, only for preparations.

Time is short after September 8. Until then, you can give time to the Horches. Then you will be arranging packing, but avoiding the Russians. I will help you to leave silently.


But do not mention Gurdjieff.

23 August1923


Tomorrow we will start recording the Legend of the Stone; let Udraya write it down.

I also have an instruction for Odomar.[20]I praise Urusvati’s decision to wait out the rain under a secluded roof. I will point outthe decision of Morya in the legend.


24 August 1923


Vision of M.M.’s eyes, then there appeared the figure of Svetik with an ugly open mouth, with a blackswirlingmass coming out of his mouth.

“Through the desert I come—I bring the Chalice covered with the Shield.”[21]

“Within it is a treasure—the Gift of Orion.

“O Thou Flame-bearer, remember Lob-Nor and spread Thy tents. Kuku-Nor—the steed hastens.

“And in the temple of Judaea, the ‘Flame-bearer’ tarried not. And saved, barely Nom left the ruins of China behind.[22]

“Reach not for the Stone, Lun; It will come of Itself if thou knowest to await It.

“But by treason the servants of the temple usurped the Stone from Akbar[23] to glorify a foreign land.

Let the Mountain of Pride conceal for a while the Stone.(Let the New conqueror keep the treasure.)Let the city of the Stone be glorified. But the path of the treasure is ordained. It is time for the Stone to return homewards.”[24]

The trustee of Akbar and you, the Dalai Lama, have alreadybeen prepared to carry the Stone. And Luncan alsowait for his share.

“When above the chalice the flame shall coil in a ring then My time approaches.”[25]

I take from you, the city of peace, the victory of the Stone; I return the fire to My land, for the time has come.


The Jesuits had stolenIt.

In Paris.

25 August 1923


Vision of M.M.’s eyes, and then the Hand holding the black stonean elongated shape of the stone. At the two ends of the stone, flames ignited. This stone was brought to my chest, and it seemed I felt its heat.

Chahembula, the warrior, hearken, you have reached the Source; hold out your hand to stretch the bow in My Name.Now accept My Sign, and walk away into the forest of expectations. Before the Call, find seven souls, and each of them will find another seven that know My Word; then saddle the horse and sharpen the sword, for I shall call Mywarriors to the foot of the Mountain. Serve My House; raise the seven-pointed Banner.Accept the Beginning of Allal-Ming, and save the shield of Mystery.Carry your old nameChahembula.

Order to Kordashevsky.[26]Let him walk, waiting for the hour of the Call.I entrust you with calling him, and Allal-Ming will give him a sign, but do not speak more about the Decree. From the Onethat had accepted Russia.

We shall wait for Udraya’s arrival. About the legendcorrect two words:Passedvan; then instead of Rome tellthe Mountain of Pride. 


26 August 1923


I feel you are worthily printing My Shield. Urusvati, behold the Stone’s flame, therefore, only two hands can touch ityours and Fuyama’s. “Only the harmony of the battery can control the power. The Ray can manifest its significance only when you act in accordance with Decree.”[27]

Do not change the fabric of the Stone, and it is better to touch Itin private.I want you to get used to the approach of a miracle, and receive It as a welcome guest.

I shall send.

Wait, wait, wait. I think the best manifestation can occur. The ray will deliverMy Power.



27 August 1923


Evening in the new apartment.

The front has passed; had the audacity to harm you.

The Jesuits are looking for the movement of the Stone, so secrecy is required.

I think, I think, I think.

No need to scold him; I feel he will leave with you.

Urusvati, the long arms have many friends.

I am happy to see you in the nest. Let us collect parts of the legend;later, I will give the sign for printing in America.I think about giving the first step to keep the legend in memory.The Stone leads the growth power of the predestined parts of the world, as the light illuminates the cave.

And It had abandoned them.

With a happy course of Orion, the Stone has been returned to Us again.

The Stone is part of Orion.


I trust you; I trust you.

28 August 1923


Instruction to Odomar“When you will speak in My Name, say: ‘The Hand of the Creator is always in motion; therefore, all is moving.’ You see upon your ring two spirals. As upon one one may ascend, so upon the other one may descend. Even an Arhat can descend, by misuse of miracle.

“Be steadfast not only during the time of Communion with Me, but also when you are left to your own devices, because only then is the resourcefulness of the spirit forged.

“When they will suspect you of love for Us, you will be vindicated by My Shield.

“I shall send you seven opportunities to manifest resourcefulness. Many window panes may be broken, and uncomfortable is the house with such apertures.

“By the Will of the Hierarchy you can preserve the entrusted treasure.

“Gird yourself with a determined desire and, looking at the ring, repeat, ‘I will not descend!’”[28]

Poruma,[29]you also display understanding;divide the spiral on the ring with two circles;put a circle on a spiral or a line above and belowshow understanding.

You will travel well.


The vessel of myrrhPoruma.

30 August 1923


I feel it is possible to manifest a ray above the breath of phenomenon from the seaside.

Udraya is arriving, composed; filled with consciousness of the matter. Udraya is again worthy of trust.

We devour the womb, and are still not feeling fed.

Old men have lost their will.

No restraint is possible, and the arc cannot be formed.

A bite of gold cannot be forgotten for a long time.

Urusvati, say directly: short are the hands to preserve the treasures. Urusvati, it is more convenient for you to protect the substance.

Point out, why should I incur harm while forging help.

The truth will hold; hold the lie. The light will hold; hold the rotten flour.

Let us go home. Let us leave the rotten world. Let us leave for the new life. Let us leave for love and communion. Let us leave; it cannot be deterred.


31 August 1923


I advise Horch to take Madonna Di-Rinoulis from the church of the Father (a place in Spain).

There, Modra again returned to the land of Morans.

Now the Legend.

“On the Island of Lanka lieth the Stone hidden through the treachery of Ravanna. It will depart beyond the sea. In its wake, like the tail of a comet, happiness is still ablaze; but not for long.

“Let the hundred steps of China greet the Flame-bearer. ButPassedvan bears away the Stone. And the sands transmit the Fire to the dauntless horseman, Timur. The great one approached the wall of Amber and covered the field with his banners. ‘Let the Stone rest in the Temple until my return.’But life brought the miracle to the grandson. The way of the Stone turned westward.”[30]


Let them carry to America for My House. The first sending of Hiram.

From August 31–September 1, M.M.’s voice: Worthy of joy. Di-Rinoulis—Mater donna (Matedonto).

1 September 1923


1. Occupation of Corfu by Italy. 2. Earthquake in Japan.  3. Riots in New York.

The order to the pure victim—“Consider exultation as a powerful manifestation on the way to Us.”[31]

Fuyama can represent those hordes of Mongols who will follow his hand, holding the Stone. Tamerlane rushes under the Banner of the New Spirit.

Urusvati, hold wondrous fire in My hand.

The Stone has been silent for a long time; it is time to be manifested. Carefully pronounce Morya’s Call for theTeaching’s manifestation.

My order to Urusvati: rewrite the matter of the Stone, and pass it to Oyana.[32]

Urusvati, accurately divide the messages in timeseparately about the Stone.

Urusvati, your new time approaches. Urusvati, a wonderful day of the Stone’s awakening is predestined. Urusvati, bright is the image of your white cell.

I am heading to give an order to a place in Altai.

The sound of waterfallsis needed, the magnet of ore is needed, the Call of the bells is needed, and blueness of flowers is needed.

Letthe house of a pure spirit standlong before the hostess. The decided designation is beautiful.

I envision, Urusvati, akin to a miracle.


“The old is for the old ones(pertains to Riga’s lodge).[33]

Should Shibayev remain the Secretary of the lodge?Think, is it necessary?

“My Sign should be preserved in a new book, with a new spirit, through new action.”[34]

Will he be able to help the lodge without being an active worker?He can help silently.

3 September 1923


You wonder needlessly at the prices of art when Fuyama’s museum is assessedat ten milliondollars.

I am telling: do not waste your time; paint the new ones.

Now to Poruma.

“When the raindrop taps upon the window—it is My Sign!

When the bird flutters—it is My Sign!

When the leaves are borne aloft by the whirlwind—it is My Sign!

When the ice is melted by the sun—it is My Sign!

When the waves wash away the sorrow of the soul—it is My Sign!

When the wing of illumination touches the harried soul—it is My Sign!

“Count the steps when you approach the Temple, because each seventh step carries My Sign!

“When you will manifest a new understanding of My Sign, you will perceive the flash of the Worlds’ lightning.

I have opened the door to you, but only by yourself may you enter it.”[35]


4 September 1923


Fuyama, enlightenHorchon the activities of your Russian museum in the school of Mount Moriah.My Hand has already helped once to assemble the Museum; I will also help now.

Among savage people art flourishes; can it not be in America?

Now the legend.

“Under the ground are assembled the religious fathers to analyze the nature of the Stone. Why, when the Stone becomes dark, do the clouds gather? When the Stone feels heavy, blood is shed. When a star shines over the Stone, comes success. When the Stone creaks, the enemy approaches. When comes a dream of fire over the Stone, the world is convulsed. When the Stone is tranquil, walk courageously. But do not pour wine over the Stone! Burn over it only cedar-balsam. Carry the Stone in an ivory casket.”[36]

Let us place the record in the Vatican.

The miraculous nature will direct to the greatness of the order.

The myrrh will pour; the Mystery will increase.


Now clasp Christopher’s hand.

Proceed to the Lordin spirit in everydayaffairs.

But confirm the deeds by the work of spirit.

The friend of Wayfarers

6 September 1923


In the morning on September 6, we met MmeFenuin the Louvre.

In the afternoon there was a message: Appearance of Fenu is not useful; it is necessary to leavewallowing at the ground.

Tomorrow I will inform thedeparting ones.

“I say irrevocably: While with Me, while without irritation, while without doubt, the streams of possibilities are incalculable.

“Unutterable are the Forces which serve you. They who carry the Stone radiate the stars of benevolence. New possibilities are given each day. Weave baskets in which to gather these stars. Spread the linen of the tents to catch the gifts, for thus I lead you!”[37]

Even the approach of the Stone fills the days with action.Heavy is the load of the Stone, but beautiful is the gate opened by the Stone.

After seven years, I instruct you to open a museum, as uttered by Allal-Ming.

Let there be A.M. on the sign (Museum of America).

Accept those who knock. Fulfill My order. Multiply power with My Shield.


Kunga is not far.


7 September 1923


I have given you seven signs.

The seventh stage, now go towards the next one.The staircase is extensive, but bearing the sign of the Temple builder, and having a tower of shields,it is not difficult to walk.

The Shield of United Religion.

The Shield of My Name.

The Shield of the Teaching’s Manifestation.

The Shield of the Temple.

The Shield of the Service.

The Shield of the Victory.

The Shield of the Beauty’s Mystery.

Touching upon the Shields, you will reach My manifestation.

The Ark of the Stone will help you to concentrate.

The sign of United Religion will strengthen your eye.

The sign of My Name will remind you of joy.

The Sign of the Teaching will lead to reflection.

The sign of Victory and the Temple will remind of work.

The sign of Service will bring the youth to the threshold.

“Labor in the morning hours; in the evening rejoice in My Name. I bid you on a new way!”[38]

8 September 1923


Departure of the Horches to America.

See, it is saidabout the future reproach of My Name.

They may show patience andperseverance.

Now the legend.

“As one must be accustomed to heat and to cold, so must one become accustomed to the radiance of the Stone. Each of the bearers of the Stone must abide with it tranquilly awhile.(Therefore I say: Live the first year quietly.)The intoxication from Its rays is unseen but Its inner heat is mightier than radium. Unseen flows the Myrrh but the Stone rests visible upon the web of Its native land.

“Amidst the breath of the steppe and the crystal resonance of the mountains the spirit of the Stone marks the way of the banner. The miracle of Orion’s rays is guiding the people. To the tall Yutzakis and Karakorum-Nor the Teacher will lead the steeds. At Uyub-Nor the manifestation is awaited.”[39]


9 September 1923


From September 8–9a vision of the temple and bronze statue of Buddha—consciousness of His direct patronage.Poruma’s voice: That is wonderful!

“My Ray—thy breath.

My Hand—thy banner.

My Shield—thy pride.

My House—thy refuge.

My Mountains—thy marvel.

My Wish—thy law.

My Manifestation—thy happiness.

May the spirit of Our Brotherhood abide with you”[40]for the faithful hands will carry the Stone.

Fuyama, make ready your hands! Urusvati, cover the Ark with a white scarf.

I give you by the trust of Buddha. Hold firmly; tellGod: Lord, I am ready to accept Your mountain. Enough.


10 September 1923


Possible, possible, possible.


“Penetrating, through the Teaching, into the essence of the happiness bestowed, one must walk with firm tread, confident of resurrection of the greatest hope of humanity, based upon the Stone.”[42]

“Priestly knowledge of all time prepared men for the worthy reception of the Treasure. Long since have wisdom’s laws revealed the day when a dual eclipse and the submersion of the sanctities would mark the new advent of the Stone.[43]Let us in prayer await our destiny!”[44]

I am telling.

11 September 1923


It can reach you only in the silence of agreement with My House.

“Vicious voices are trying to spread dust. But remember that irritations are no better than dust, and avoid them. I teach through the manifestations of life.”[45]

If you affirm the great dream of the World, your feat will shine over My land.

“I give daily signs. As rose petals are strewn the signs, for the time is near. Think of the New World; think of the procession[46] of peoples.”[47]

Urusvati, you will arrive atthe homeland of the people. The ray of Orion is above you.

Urusvati, count when the pledge of the Stone[48] will markOur victory.

Write a letter to Radna—a great day approaches; let them wait in prayer.

12 September 1923


Why be upset when everything is going perfectly.Clean, suitable attire should be stocked up.When the mountains are close, the city’s fumes will flicker away like dust.

You will have to travel. I do not lie, and I direct your way through the mountains and deserts.Take a fur coat. And a coat.

Now the legend.

“Oh, Stone, start hence over the sea. Let the bird bring to the ear(of Udraya)the tiding: The Stone cometh.”[49]

Fuyama’s ray and Urusvati’s shield are on guard. A cloud of dust is rushing. The shots will not destroy the fabric. My Ray protects the bridge. Crafty hand shackles are shattered by the spirit.

Tomorrow you can talk with Oyana. Every day.

13 September 1923


Oyana arrived.

I will bestow the Kingdom upon you.

I will bestow the Power upon you.

I will bestow the Light upon you.

My Shield is the Myrrh.

I will bestow the Sword upon you.

Accept the radiance of the treasure with a bold spirit.

Sit in the darkness. I vouch theability to act can be pure. When you leave, you shall start a new stage; sacredly carry the happiness of the Stone.[50] Near the Stone[51]opportunitiesare transformedwatch better. Success will be a companion.We like explanation through usefulness.So it will be, but grasp the real benefit.

The Shield will coverOyana, for the giving one receives.

Request for successis not needed, for you yourself draw success through achievements.

I request your consent; without it the Stone burns.

A fur coat is needed, a shirt is needed, bootsagainst sharp stones are needed.

Standing, accept the banner of the Horde.

The Decree hasarrived—accept the Decree by spirit.

14 September 1923, Paris


I will help to settle the pit.[52]

Instruct Oyana to talk with Heller.

Poruma should not tire herself.

Urusvati, count the minutes until the ship.

Urusvati, show Oyana happiness, happiness, happiness.

Urusvati, Odomar may lose the ray, but repeating My Name, he will grow.

Urusvati, you should teach. Urusvati,Urusvati,Urusvati. The abyss will not overpower the Shield.

Now the legend.

“In the darkness of the night darkly attired, the messenger noiselessly approaches to perceive how they await. Around the bend of the corner lies in wait the tamed beast, sniffing, groping with his paw; he is sent by the enemy. Who stirs behind the casement? What flies are swarming the place? Whence blows this whirlwind? But I walk firmly and securely: I am holding the Stone.[53] I am learning the prayer: ‘Forsake me not, my Lord. I have gathered all strength. Forsake me not for I come unto Thee!’”[54]

15 September 1923, Paris


Order to Oyana: carry the legend of the Stone. You can print it in March 1925.

Know how to avert the blow with My Name.

“I repay a hundredfold, but what is lost retards one a hundredfold.

“O ball of destiny! Where wilt thou fall and whither rebound? The Light has been revealed to thee. Succeed, thou ball, in reaching it in time!  Restrain thy evil cunning whirl.”[55]

Sit together tomorrow evening.

16 September 1923, Paris


Oyana, write to Kamenets: “When you will stand at the wailing wall remember that joy is coming!

To you I say it! Turn to the East, behold My Dawn! Beauteous is the chrism stored up in time! Precious is the flower planted in My Hour! Do not spill the chalice of My Hour! The Miracle comes!”[56]

To you, prophetess, I send My Sign. A miracle is coming!

“Accept your heritage, waiting ones! The vessel of ancient times has returned!”[57]

Give the sign to manifested Zavadsky and Grebenschikov. Chistyakov[58] knows whom to give.

And strongly expect the Stone.

ReadThe Secret Doctrine II,[59]page 242, line 3 from the top; page228, line 4 from the top;page 113, line 7; page19, line 17; page 33,line 2; page242–43.

“All theological dogmas.”[60]

“Have advocated tales, time honoured as fictions, as actual facts; and those of the nursery as being, in many instances, legends, more or less distorted, descriptive of real beings or events.”[61]“Son of the Deity.”[62]“Second Race produced.”[63]“Through Shukra (Venus), who receives a triple supply, and gives one-third of it to the Earth.”[64]


17 September 1923, Paris


“Why do you marvel at the given dates?  We do not guess—We see.

“You will ask how you should gather. I will tell you to gather in prayer. Better be silent, without the clatter of objects, without the raising of voices, because the wings of spirit grow in quiet.”[65]

Stand while talking, sit when writing and watching.

“Dedicate in prayer the time of Our Communions,(better a single room and even a single altar and a single location)because for the Communion We shall bring the very best.The current of Communion creates a wondrous ladder to the very loftiest manifestations of the Creator—the ladder of Spirit. You can struggle in life, you can discern when is the hour to invoke My Hand.”[66]


18 September 1923, Paris


Read The Secret DoctrineI,[67]page143, line 2; also The Secret Doctrine II,[68]page321, line 1; also The Secret Doctrine III,[69]page127, line 8;alsovolume I, page134, line 12; also volume I,page 192, line 19.

“The theory of Elemental Vortices was known to Anaxagoras, and maintained by him 500 years B.C., or nearly 2,000 before it was taken up by Galileo, Descartes, Swedenborg, and finally, with slight modifications, by Sir W. Thomson.”[70]

“This is identical with saying that therecord (the true interpretation) was at that time no longer intelligible.”[71]“Of the divine Essence.”[72]

(“Of the divine Essence.”[73]“The help of AtmaVidya.”[74])

Sit tomorrow evening. I will tell how to send the book; I will point out how to wait for the development of the matter. I will tell how to read the deeds of the wise ones.My Hand hurries to the rudder.


19 September 1923, Paris


Understand, I sense the enemy hands around you. It is necessary to protect the Teaching. Count the minutes when you abandon foreign land. Display patiencethe Shield will manifestthe cloud. Urusvati senses a roar above you. It is not easy to get the Stoneirritation is the worst.

Think, how petty are the tricks of the enemy.A damaged dress or lack of a cabin. I vouch you will laugh over children’s misery.

He will not be able to disturb the happiness.

Bring forth the prayerful expectation.

I think send one hundred books to America;five books to Grebenschikov, five to manifested Zavadsky, five to Rumanov, five to Chistyakov, ten to Kamenets-Podolsk, fifty to Chakhem-Bula. Fuyama will give five to Getner’s shop. 

One dollar.

Take twenty with you. The rest to Russia, send to Yaruya.[75]

Myriads. Think, the best ones will get it for free.

“How to await the development of works? As waves have their rhythm, so do the works grow: in measured rising and expectant flowing progression. Understand the hour of the clarion; heed the pace of life.

“In moments of silence store up the teaching on the shelf of experience.

“How should one read the writings of the Wise Ones? One must isolate oneself and apply what is read to one’s different moods.

“Here am I, newborn.

Here am I, an old man.

Here am I, an exile.

Here am I, a sovereign.

Here am I, blind.

Here am I, one who has cognized worlds.

To all sources apply all the conceivable greatness of the Lotus.”[76]

New love knows the price.

Read TheSecret DoctrineI, page233, line 3; volume I, page333, line 1; volume II,page 228, line 3.

“The ‘breath of Heaven,’ or rather the breath of Life, . . .is in every animal, in every animate speck and in every mineral atom.”[77] (“And practical application . . . ”[78]).

“Claiming for them the consideration due to genuine realities, . . . ”[79]


20 September 1923


I sense you are paying dearly for the Stone.

“One should not hesitate. Walk like lions! Righteousness adorns your armor.”[80]

You need to start around September 17. Count the minutes, you need to count the seconds.

“I will reveal Myself to you as an angler, and I will thrust My Hand into the wheel of threats. I say that one should learn by the examples of attack.(I saved Mukden from Udoltuns.)

The fire of Earth wants to break through.

“My command to disciples, and lawful is My request, is to walk sternly but without irritation. Irritation makes one’s vessel crystalline and fragile. A silver chalice better befits the Stone. I check the shower of small arrows. Now the time is so near when the ancient pledge will be fulfilled.”[81]

Oyana can write now.


From September 20–21,a vision of a long narrow table and four hands, while there were two rings on one of them; they were unfolding a longish paper in the form of a map, and as if by pencil, drew a map of the route from Marseille to India;then they moved two steamers, one big, the otherhalf of the size.The big steamer kept coming back, but every time it was expelledaway and moved forward.I could not see the whole vision because Yurik knocked at the room.

On M.M.’shands I again saw the rosarybeads.

21 September 1923, Paris


The last day of Oyana in Paris.

“By spirit retain the spiritual Teaching; only spirit can bring the Kingdom of God onto the Earth. As simply as My Words will the Kingdom of Spirit approach. As simply as last winter’s dry leaves will be swept away.

“There is no past, there is the light of the future—by it walk!I summoned you from the gulf of life. I sharpened your teeth. I set before you the color of the banner. Understand the Teaching with a full sweep of wings. To Me leads only the upper path; by the lowest path one cannot come. Hold My Commandments under sagacious locks. Ascend by the most valiant thoughts, for I have lifted the flap of your tent with lightning. In spirit forget about insignificance. The predestined Light is great. So walk!”[82]


The fragile mind of the enemy.

I donot think so.

22 September 1923, Paris


Show understanding to the completion of the present period of your life. Days of expiration before the days of commencement. Therefore, your spirit does not cry. The breadth predestined has been assimilated; I do not see cruel eyes, I do not see growls, I do not see puma jumping.The vast expanse is in front of youno need to disturb the ray.

Tell to Rumanov: every attention to My book is like the best win. Instead of slamming others’ doors, it is better to immerse eyes into the depth of theTeaching.Quieter and happier.His spirit is knocking for understanding.

Urusvati, a miracle is near; the househas to be prepared. Mail is coming. Miracle is near in the city.

Prepareyourhands, Fuyama;recollectknowingtheStone “Доличуявуочулинхануилулифаиучучлудучовантуяун.”[83]

Enough. Understand.

23 September 1923, Paris


From September22-23, a vision of M.M.’s Image, rays, and the hand holding a scroll of paper;a repeated vision of the eyes. I heard the words:Uroil-Zena.

Vision of Horch running somewhere, and my words to him: “Don’t hurry, don’t hurry.”

I sense worthy Rumanov will answer him. Yaruya should confirm theGuru’s teaching. Yaruya deems there are many rays behind him. He must learn from life.

“Pure thoughts are obstructed by gratuitous judgments of local people.”[84]

To E.R.’s remark that it is necessary to write YaruyaI advise.“It is difficult to hear behind the forest.(Let him not skip the young ones.)In the works you love, My laws must be defended.”[85]

Tomorrow go firmly.Uvuchaya holds Lumou.


To E.R.’s question what do the words “Uroil-Zena,” which she heard, mean?Name of the spirit ofMy helper.

24 September 1923


The date of the twenty-fifth year is great—the notification of the legend.The first ray will reach the ear of the people.You can collect the grains of the legend before departure.

It also reminds the Russian Fiery Stone.

“On Mount Ararat lies the fiery Stone. A knight of Novgorod killed himself over the Stone because of unbelief. The great freedom of Novgorod proved the possession of the treasure but heresy diverted the fulfilment of the miracle.

“The best relic of the power of the Stone is symbolized by the serpent’s Stone—symbol of a wise possession. The follower of night sought to regain possession of the Stone. But the Treasure was ever the token of Light. Not for long did sly rulers possess the Stone, being unaware that striving for right alone can rule the fire of the Stone.”[86]

Urusvati feels good health, for the new stage began.

You can write to children with love because the division of the Circle and shield has started.

Point out My desire for unity in the letters. Hands are up for that reasonto hold the common cause.

Greetings to all the workers of the Temple.


Necessary for the Circle.

Telephone, but it is more useful to observe.

25 September 1923


From September 24–25: Chosen from the chosen ones.

“I want to tell you to proceed more boldly, with all the power of spirit. The fetters of Earth will not impede you. Success will accompany the courageous ones.”[87]

Udraya can carry the great bannerBanner of the seven nations.

Go ahead like lions.

Urusvati, you will receive My Gardenthe flowers of knowledge.

“As mountain flowers find it hard to pass even one night in a swamp, so for you it is not easy. The enemy’s stroke sounds upon the strings, but claws cannot compose a symphony.”[88]

Yes. Urusvati laughs, sensing the victory of My Mountain. Urusvati can get around the puddles.Think of the future glowMountains amidst the turmoil of the world.

Sit in the darkness. “Many darts has My Shield diverted from you.”[89]

Sit. Four of you are hereMy Hand.

I am telling, we shall deliver Urusvati’s crown. I sense a battle today; let us summon Tamerlane.

Part of the Stone lies with Uswhen the Stone unites, the fragment brought will complete the victory. You will get the part wandering in the world.Do not remove the Stone from the ark.Open the fabric.Befuddled people need a world sign. Rememberthe treasure has fallen on the table.


26 September 1923


“Uroil Zena, spirit of the air, bore to King Solomon the Stone. Proclaimed the Spirit into the receptive ear: ‘By the will of the Lord of Powers I entrust unto thee [the treasure of the Lord of Powers. I entrust unto thee][90]the treasure of the world.

“‘So be it,’ said the King and carried the Stone into the Temple. But the thought possessed him to carry part of the treasure on his person. Then the King summoned Ephraim, the goldsmith of the tribe of Judah; he bade him sever a part of the Stone and take pure silver and weld a ring and engrave upon the Stone the chalice of wisdom illumined with a flame. The King thought never to part with the Treasure.But the spirit said, ‘Not wisely didst thou violate the supreme A-Substance. It shall be sorely difficult for the sons of men to possess the Stone. And only those who are with thee can direct the Stone to righteousness.’By a constellation shall I designate the way of the Stone.”[91]


I advise rubbing the gums with a solution of tannin—the doctor will give.

27 September 1923


“It is easy to dig a ditch, but difficult to erect a house. Hostile scoffing fills the corners with dust. But with a feather of the wing you will wipe away the dust. Therefore, guard the wing.”[92]

The legend.

“Departed is the envoy to Khan Tamerlane. Uneasily lies the Stone at Otakuye. A guard of three banners must be dispatched. Upon camels men are journeying. A pillar of sand obscures the sun. The elements conceal the travelers. Endlessly they wander. And the Kayuks turn their steeds homewards. At night, who will safeguard the Stone? The desert hid the strangers and with them the Stone went to the south. Reflect, Khan, how to overtake the Stone righteously. Came sorrow and disease; the steed even loses its footing. To the worthy horsemen came the manifested Spirit: ‘Search not. Time alone will reveal the way.’ Each Ulus sings its own song about the Stone.”[93]

Sit. Enough.

By argument and reason, establish your mind, Hiram.I sense an incomparable power offered to you.The artist’s destinyis meant for you.Until your path is one with Me. An Eye of the World, I will call you. Urusvati, walk high; there is no descent here!For one year, you can breathe deeply.


28 September 1923, Paris


“My Sign can lead you. Keep My House in mind. Only thus will you attain. Your destiny is to avoid crowds, sending them the highest Good.

Pure is the mountain’s silver, but one must find the way to it. But the dirt of these days is as naught in the light of the future.”[94]

Therefore, it is necessary to movethe mountain air is needed.

Sit three of you.

“One can understand people’s wearisome thought when one peers into human breath; like smoke it clouds the air.”[95]

Again, the days of great decisions for the people of Europe.

“The suffering is transmitted on the waves of the ether.

Not sooner than the predestined date must the Earth break[96] the chain forged by men.”[97]

Sit, repeating My Name.Pronounce it seven times with inhalation, and seven times with exhalation.

It drives away bad emanations.


29 September 1923


Write down how to act with the Stone.Urusvati’s spirit feels correctly. You cannot show the Stone for three years. I will say later to whom you can. You can talk about the legend, but without showing knowledge of where the Stone is.You can tellthe Circle and Yaruya My instruction about Secrecy.

I advise not to show the Stone to Lumou. I trust Udraya.

Udraya, try to grasp the level of Assignment.

“Great is the light given by Our Teaching. Only the new to the new ones.”[98]

Urusvati knew Orion when she was in Mongolia. Yes, from the times of Schagiy, she loved this Constellation. The best rays were poured over the desertthen.

Around sixth century BC (Schagiy’s times). The desert was in bloom.


(Six thousand)


Flour food, vegetables, fruits.

Beware of Europe.

30 September 1923


I sense your grief;let Me hold the stream of Hiram.The king of Tyre accused Me, but then he sank deeper.And he approached again, and again threatened Me. He is heavy.

It is necessary to leave. Morya’sHouse is decided in Altai. It is important. I gather useful people. New ones are called;knowing them, calm down; there is need to leave from here.

Grebenschikov must be taughtto make his way to America. I will helphis thoughts are pure.

Urusvati, we shall reach. Just to break away from the old.


I deem you can think so.

1October 1923


“To create a wave of power, it suffices to have faith in the signs. Thus, mutually we help the(pure)manifestation of(the Temple.)[99]The view of the Temple is already visible to Us.Oh, I can see the brightdomesAkbar’s dreams are already set on the shield. One white place is manifested, marked by a clear river.

“Carry within your inmost self the marvelous, enlightened thought—to see Our House.”[100]

If there is a place to come to you.

Urusvati will move hand toys away.The pure ship is guarded. Show understanding for a new thought.

Sit in Peace.


“When you feel the manifestation of an achievement, then remember that a wondrous thread is incandescing. My Soul rejoices to realize that none will stop you.”[101]

It would be better to know that you are already in front of My Mountains.But time will pass quicklyafter all, We are waiting for you.

The Stone is entrusted onto your hands. The signs of the luminaries and Earth had marked the time. Before a number of events, a guest of Europe will find a ship to go home.

The best beautiful place befits a guest.

It is too early for you to rejoice, enemy!Many timesyou began to rejoice over the summerbut in vain.

“I am sending you joy; show attention. Manifest calmness; the convulsion will end.”[102]

I will advise you on how to live in India.It is necessary to prepare the body for the new radiation,so live quietly among your favorite activities as if recovering ones.A month and ten days is enough. I will indicate.

I think Udraya can be sent to Darjeeling earlier.


2October 1923


OnOctober1–2, I saw red and black hands on both sides of the bed.

I sense it is necessary to live through the dark month. Before the new world, the claws of the former enemies are especially scratching.

It is difficult to change the part of the World, but there are victories every day. I withhold when the enemy knocks.

You can trust your future. Your tiredness will retreat.

Pure are My nights; the ray can penetrate uncontaminated air.Help comes hourly among the battles;just think, of what kind!! Let us strive only toward the future. This dream is only for five weeksyou will be able to complete packing. For a long time you can take more freely.Better to keep them with Me.

I strongly advise you not to be shy about things. Pack more comfortably.In India, you can think less about things. Light clothes. Warm are very useful for the snow.

You will soon recover wonderfully.


3October 1923


“Father Sulpicius beheld a vision: A white pillar of clouds appeared to him. From it issued a Voice: ‘Keep the Stone in the shrine brought from Rothenburg. Upon it are four squares and in each the sign ‘M’. The manifestation will be revealed when I shall pronounce:‘The march of the four eastward.’ Naught shall lessen the commandment. Yield to the destined hour.

I shall assemble the warriors of My star. Whosoever are ordained to recognize the appointed time, they shall gather. This I attest by this hour, that the Stone is shaped like a human heart and within it is enshrined a resplendent crystal.’ At these words the pillar dispersed into blue sparks, casting Father Sulpicius into incomparable tremor. Herein is the greater wonder, that the Stone which came from the East has the shape of a flat fruit or heart, oblong in form. Upon the shrine were found the foretold letters. Unknown is their meaning.”[103]

Again the legend.

“The Ruler Kurnovoo, laden with gold, received from Tazlavoo the dark Stone containing the crystal of life. And over the gold the Ruler wore the Stone.”[104]

Now sit in the darkness, but open the fireplace.

I share with you the Legend of different times. Remember, Nephritis also heard the Word of the Stone, therefore she died; thenagain, she rushed to Rothenburg, but dark were the helper’shands, who tried to defile the pure heart.But now his hands are shorter. Dearest, you are proceeding to the Great Light.

I attest by the memory ofNephritis.

Pick up the gift (The Egyptian ring is brought).

We shall end the talk. Think how I protect you every day.

When you receive the Stone, be careful, hands are everywhere; I advise after taking a photograph, do not tell anybody about it, except for the time of communing with Me. The legend can spread, but you should not talk about the guest.

Sit silently. Tomorrow, you do not need to sit. Tell greetings to Taruhan, thirteenth century AD.


The priest could not tolerate her knowledge. He was the first at the court.

From October 3–4, I heard: The most grievous error.

5October 1923, Paris


“Out of the book of Tristan, called Lun: ‘When the Son of the Sun descended upon earth to teach mankind, there fell from heaven a Shield which bore the power of the world. In the center of the Shield between the three distinct marks were signs of silver predicting events under the rays of the Sun. The sudden darkening of the sun threw into despair the Son of the Sun and he dropped and shattered the Shield. For ominous was the Constellation. But the power remained in the central fragment—there the ray of the Sun touched. It is said that King Solomon severed the central portion of the Stone for his ring. The legend of our priests also tells of the shattered shield of the sun. It is a most grievous error to deny the Stone.

“Verily, I myself have seen this fragment of(the Shield of)the world—I recall Its shape—the length of my little finger—of grayish luster like a dried fruit. Even the signs I remember but did not understand them.

“Truly I myself have seen the Stone and I shall find It. It is said that the Stone comes of Itself; It cannot be taken. If so, I shall await It. For Its sake I shall take myself to the desert, until the end of my days.’

“Remember, Lun, you decided to await It!”[105]

I advise you, when the Stone comes, remove the ark, but do not open it until October 28.Then open it and do not touch, but take a photo, and again close it until Indiathere you will get an ivory box, and place theStone in it.Andplace the box into the ark. Protect the ark;My letters are on it.

Zavadsky’s name is Ak-Romakh-Morey. In My land, at the time of Solomon, the choir’s head. Urusvati recognized him. Write his name in three words.

Take care of healthburden is great. We shall reach. Possible on Friday. Sit together.


6October 1923


On Saturday, October 6 at eleven o’clock in the morning, Udraya received the parcel.

To a question, who brought the parcelBirds are bringing it; no need to say much, for a lot of hounds are on the trail. Let the guest adjust to the house.

Urusvati’sspirit guessed a joy;you will cross with it.

As you are whispering now, so are you entrusted with the secret.Butknowing the secret, walk like lions.

My dear ones, beloved ones, red and dark hands are on the sides, but your path is permeated with light (pertains to E.R.’s vision).

Carry My Shield.


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