7 October 1923—30 November 1923[1]

7 October 1923, Paris


From October 6–7, I heard: Bulatovaknows the only one.

I deem, preserve the secret until My appearance. “The judgment of the lightminded revolves like a wheel.”[3]

The legend.

“When the Stone was lost from the Ruler of India, his wife said, “We shall find It again.”[4]

“A daring one asks for a bow; he will fetch the bird himself.”[5]

The legend.

“When the Emperor of China possessed the treasure of the Sun, he erected for It a turquoise temple of the color of the azure sky. When the little princes with the bride peered behind the door for a long time, the Emperor said, ‘The fox is leading you. You feel the joy of the world.”[6]


It rested in New Mexico. Did not accompany him.

8 October 1923


The Teacher likes to see the dreams of Siberia.

The Teacher likes to feel the readiness to ascend the silver mountains.

The Teacher indicated to see the ark on AltaiMountain.

The Teacher strongly requests to keep the secret until the date.

The Teacher loves the different spirit of the Stone.

The Teacher requests not to open the ark often.

The Teacher smiles when Tamerlane rides.

The Teacher is pleased with worthy packing.

The Teacher allows you to order a phonograph for His Voice.

The Teacher instructs to givethree thousand francs on His behalf to both Grebenschikov[7]and Zavadsky.[8]

The Teacher thinks of your joy, marked by the day of Sergius.

The Teacher has found the worthy path.

The Teacher knows Urusvati’s[9]joy of M.M.

The Teacher is ready to warm with His breath.

The Teacher protects Urusvati.

The Teacher entrusts Urusvati with guarding the ark.

The Teacher forges friends for you.

The Teacher allotted a good mountain for you.

The Teacher can find a friend for His land.


Which country does M.M. call His land?—Mongolia.

Should we remove mention of our names from the legend?—Leave the letters F. and U.

Is the introduction to the legend written well?—Yes.

Sit together.

Twenty-five, twenty-five, twenty-five, twenty-five.


9 October 1923


Keep the house from wandering Russians.

Keep the house from the long arms.

My daughter, the stranger’s tail wriggles around. Better guard My Shield.

I am leading you already.

Think how to live out here.

I thinkof how to welcome you.

Think how to sail off better.

Think how to carry the Sign.

Think also about the cloud, if the red hands reach.

Think it is not long to wait for leaving Europe.

Sit together.


10 October 1923


Vision of the scroll: initial letter M, remaining letters of an eastern language.

с 155.jpgVision of the unknown language writing.

Urusvati, teach Tamerlane to judge broadly. Not to make enemies. A lot of turbidity is in the middle; do not splash. “Success should be nursed as a flower.”[10]

I am telling, learn to live until departure.

Urusvati is right—it is better not to touch.


I said yesterday.

M.M.’s hands showed me the ring from different angles. I noticed the same wisp as on our rings of a light metal and colored stone. The ring was put on my finger, and there were two identical ones. Clearly and closely, I saw the hands of the Master.

11 October 1923


From October 10–11, I saw a powerful light and coming rays. M.M.’s hands opened the box, and I saw the Stone lying on the cloth, emitting strong rays.

I think manifestation of Grigoriev is harmful. Point out—he betrayed you. And his aura is horrible. Your thing is to leave. Urusvati thinks correctly.


18 October 1923


Illness of N.K.[11] from October 12–17.

From October 17–18 I heard: Something unusual happened: I saw a necklace worn on the neck; strands of large pearls connected to the chest by a star, the second one all from rubies.

I sense Urusvati’s joy.

“My Eye—your light!

My Hand—your defense!

My Heart—your anchor!”[12]

My daughter, hold the rudder towards Me. Good—I see and expect you.

Urusvati, studding your thoughts with stars, you can easily walk through all the wonders of the predestined way under the Star of My Day.

Incomprehensible by brain, but possible to feel the run of the steppe ships, carrying a miracle towards the tent revealed by the Star.

Urusvati is heading on a white ship.

Hazy, wild, dim is Its phenomenon, but the star shines!

Clouds of the ‘wise’ people cannot close the way to the Teacher’s country—the “Spirit Abode.”

I vouch for My joy, Urusvati, I vouch for My joy.

“One love holds the thread of the spirit’s achievement. The gulf will not swallow the fire.”[13]

Sit together.

The wings are above you, Urusvati. The camel is ready, Urusvati. I love the feat.


Which is the Teacher’s star?—Orion.

Was thefalling of the ring a warning to Logvan?[14]—Yes.

The necklaces seen?—Memory.

19 October 1923


At night from October 18–19. A vision of M.M.’s eyes; His face and hands holding a ring emitting rays. The ring was turned by M.M. in all directions, so that I see it better.

I sense, I sense, I sense Urusvati can receive the new guarantees.

My Order to Urusvati: do not listen to others’ instructions; better read The Secret Doctrine.[15]

Urusvati, learn the stars.

I can reveal Udraya’s[16] new stage; let him remember Urusvati’s and Fuyama’s[17] Hierarchy. After that—Me, then Buddha, then Christ. Through this Hierarchy you can enter My Kingdom. Udraya, every evening ponder about all five summits of your Hierarchy.

I send Benevolence unto you!!!

In the morning, I request you to display remembrance of diligence towards the given. I shall carry your thought to Khuchaya at the court of records. The Keeper of the future decrees. Udraya, I am telling you—Urusvati judges correctly.

The Teacher has thought about all of you today.

Urusvati, study the manifestations of the stars.

Instruction to Udraya: learn better the given Tibetan grammar.

I think Fuyama is tired.

Yes, I will impart the Ray.


20 October 1923


At night from October 1920. M.M.’s hands held a long object, which I initially could not see, but then M.M. turned it perpendicular to me, and it unfolded in a fan of arrows, and a quadrangular golden-toned surface appeared in the middle of it. A compass or a watch. Later, M.M. gave the answer to my thoughtscorrectly. Can you hear—volcano murmurs.

“Je suis le Maitre, l’Apotre, Je suisvenu—assez.”

(French: I am the Teacher, the Apostle; I have come. Enough.)

с 159.jpgVision of M.M.’s hands with a big ring, of a white towel, and objects in the form of a bracelet, hoops etc. One, as if an iron hoop with a ruby in the middle.

At night, I am convincing My Urusvati to leave before the appearance of volcanoes. You will leave before the day of the fire’s dawn. Keep the guarantee in silence.

Tell the miraculously manifested Khan to restrain from a slow trip—it is better for him to travel in April.

I Myself pushed him.

Now the legend.

“Remember the iron crown of the Longbards; that, too, is a trace of the Stone. Not long did the Stone rest near the mountain of pride. Many are the envoys from the East. The camels bring the Stone to Tibet. Across the desert they carry It and with It a new power.

“And Its last flight to the West lighted up an unheard-of kingdom of an unsuccessful union of western nations. In each ray of the East they already seek the Stone. The time will come; the dates will be fulfilled. Designated is the ordained way when of Itself the Stone will come from the West. We affirm to await and understand the way of the Stone. We affirm to understand the predestined carriers of the Stone who go homewards. The ship is ready!”[18]


21 October 1923


From October 2021. I was thinking about what I read in the book “The Occult Evolution of Humanity” by Jinarajadasa, and heard the answers to given questions:

1. In a manifested way

2. Butchers

After reading the chapter about the White Lodge, Hierarchy, and their functions, I was slightly offended by an impudence with which the author approaches this topic. And to this mental protest, I have heard the definition of M.M.:“Butchers.”

I rejoice—Morya’s name is well-beautified. Urusvati silvered My Holiday with a tear.

“(Urusvati,)forward flies the shot—there is no turning back.”[19]“Success manifests wings.”[20]

The turns of the path are manifested.

Sit together.

The world above you—a star has appeared. Just take care of your health—all is well.

I am happy with you as well, Udraya.


Both of you.

22 October 1923


I sense it is time to move. A new spirit will descend in My land.

Great is the plan of achievement; show understanding.

Pay attention to people you meet. Look around you. The Teacher will send those from a fakir to a Magician. Spiritual threads, distinguish their meaning.

I approve the plan for offering one word to the pupils. Set one word “Seekers.” The construction of the phrase will be:

“Seekers of achievement, I will safeguard you upon the wave’s crest and set you above a precipice as on an inaccessible tower.”[21]

Urusvati, take the boots; it is very necessary for Our Mountains. Most importantly, the boots; the hat is not necessary, I think not.

Better concentrate on the boots—the way is wet, rocky, and cold. The path of the spirit must be walked by foot.

Healing of the feet does not take long—it is worse to catch a cold. They can be wrapped with wool. On a foot covered with wool—a boot.

Send a letter to Fuchay; let him transfer a hundred dollars to Mitusov. With an order to grow according to the book. To gain a deeper understanding, and to be worthy of the name Kai. Kai is his name.

To E.R.’s[22] remark that she knows he was her brother—Rome, first century, a Christian merchant.

Foster one, for games—he can lift the spirits.

Of the new ones.


Soon—better—yes—(permanent waving[23]).

23 October 1923


Vision of the ring and iron hoop.

Now only the health. You need to get used to the tension of the Stone.

Do not tire; the mountains have been shifted now.

No need to worry even if one package disappears.

Smile at a joy that flows through you.

Forget about the anger; I am asking for health reason. In anger, it is easy to pierce an arrow into your heart. I admit several reasons for a little anger, but please smile.

The pressure of the world is upon you;the myth about Atlantis, hold that land until My Appearance.


24 October 1923


You perform the task well—the task of the future Kingdom. Happiness will follow you.

Urusvati, I write a book about you, My trusted one, manifested, wondrous leader of My Outlines.

For you were the first one to whom I showed My Image and ring.

And you will be the first one to enter My Temple.

Being the first one, lay the foundation of the Temple at the White Mountain.

I speak of the Highest Order, when the wife lays the foundation of the Temple of the United Religion.

Accept My Covenant in prayer; for I call you to build the hope of the world.

Carrying the Ark, follow the rushing Forces of the Lord.

Walk the ocean through the stars.

By My Decree, open the hearts of the desert people.

Crown My Temple with manifested Light of the Mission.

Give, says the manifestation of the revealed Christ to you.

Let Me tell you in a great Word, where nothing small will touch.

The time of Our Guarantee approaches; I testify. Therefore,follow My Path.

The house is prepared with a long table sufficient for all the books.

I wait; let Me judge. Everything predestined is beautiful.

The lot of Our Brotherhood is clear; never a greater mystery has been entrusted than to you. None but you understood it entirely. The sign of the times is not easily accessible. Besides the two of you, Taruhancan understand the scale of events predestined in My New House in Altai. Your spirit has correctly transcended India.

Now protect your heart—tension is great.

25 October 1923


“(Yard, uphold the withered country—) desiring evil for others, they are themselves extinguished.”[24]

Long suffered warlords “виги веч у вбег деруоги вои гру,”[25] reading his good comment rudely, rascals proudly, densely filled halls for nothing.

“Dark are the times. Hold firmly the Shield. As water sprayed, so will be scattered they who retreat.”[26]

Now the history of the Ark.

When the opportunity to get the treasure in Germany was forged, the Ark was prepared; a parchment was found for It with an ancient image of the signs of magic; by the order of the Voice and spells, four letters were written, conveying the meaning understood only now. But it is fair to return the Ark to the mistress, when the path goes to the salvation of mankind. Part of the skin belonged to Solomon, and could contain a spell of evil.

Now make darkness, and sit around the Ark. You need to describe the Ark to them.

“в г з о  л е ж  г ж в.”[27]


26 October 1923


From October 25–26. The Image of the Master; the hands holding a ringNo need to wince.

I learned a wonderful, happy way through Chi-chuan—“жевая в Кам”[28] catch up in Orkedra ready road.

I will strike in the North.

Road, I sense the road, I sense the road, I sense the road. I will figure it out;the years are ahead.The Teacher works on each line of the plan of the path.

“Show a firm pace. Guard the heart, because a vessel which contains the whole world must be cautiously borne. Simply walk forward without wincing.”[29]

Affirm the thoughts of a simple life for two years—otherwise the Plan will be harmed. Of course, simplicity is relative, but it takes time to create a better aura without damaging the vessel.

Now, travel good-heartedly; a lot of tissue is burnt.

“Withholding irritation, you create a new sheath for the spirit. Even a steed gallops better when not frothing.”[30]

Your front here[31] is over. Forgetting the past, only forward.

Today, complete the packing.


I shall give the plan, for the spirit is one for the whole group. Its common body. Yes.

27 October 1923


I sense you should visit Countess Tenisheva.[32]

It is close to the end.

It is close to the end.

It is necessary to go; the mountain of idols is quite offended. You do not need reproach. Praises are better before the road.

Let us think to what kind of space we proceed.

I praise caution regarding England. Sense their ignorance; it will take a long time to get through them. But studying fakirs is not prosecuted. Call them conjurers. Walk upon the string. Display the wisdom worthy of the East.

Do not hurry with Agvan; let the current pass the rapids.

Urusvati, you fight well with irritation.

Until tomorrow, but do not touch the Stone with hands. Through fabric you can, but no need to take It out.


Yes (Grebenschikov’s lecture). Let him present the Siberian legend about the Stone.

28 October 1923


From October 27–28 I heard: They crowded, seeing—have not seen enough, looking—have not looked enough—a spectacle. I saw M.M.’s Image and hands holding the Stone, emitting a strong light. The Stone seemed to be surrounded by radiance.

I will help you to go through the mountains as easily as the treasure was easily sheltered in your house. May the broadest thoughts flow over My beloved home.

The Stone awaits you—Altai is chosen by Us.

Urusvati, carry the Stone of My House.

Altai is the tree of life, and the expected is coming.

Having left a foreign grave, establish yourself for life.

Urusvati rides a camel—what an expanse enters the spirit.

Urusvati, do not go on Tuesday—My Instruction. Do not go, for your flowers will be trampled there.

Fly an upper way. Your miracle is great; do not dilute it.

I shall support Taruhan. I shall support Logvan and Zavadsky.


29 October 1923


M.M. was holding a necklace or belt in his hands; the ends hung at the sides of hands.Then M.M.,placed it on . . . I saw the corner of the table laid with a white tablecloth, appliances, and some dishes on it.

Yuri[33]—the first Russian warlord in My land from sea to sea. Carry the shield with mature hands. Protect the path of My envoy with the shield. Urusvati comes; Fuyama goes to My land. Preserve My Command, Yuri, the first Russian warlord. Let the trumpets proclaim the path of Benevolence. Let My Banner leads towards the mountain. Timur, remember YasakTokhtamysh. Thus, walk the greatest path. Receive Uluses with a smile. Urusvati is giving you the first banner. Listen sensitively in the best regiment of the Uryanhay’s Horde. I will end later; sit together in the darkness.

Small spirits of the air will work near the warlord. It is necessary to weave the reins of anger around the warlord. Today was a successful day.

“As sparks create ozone, so the work of the spirit weaves assistance. Just open a clean window and help flies in.”[34]

Soon nowyes. My Home awaits.


Yuri’s questionWill I find the house in Darjeeling?You will understand.

30 October 1923


Guard the Shield vigilantlyI hear the voices of strangers. Therefore, I entrust Taruhan with taking care of it. His maturing will take timetell him the transfer to unspecified hands is dangerous.

It is time to leave. Let Taruhan remain in charge here. He will grow later. Teach him to read the Book. Let him avoid Konrad’s order. Wicked hands are happy to harm the small, if the big ones have avoided. He is still unreasonable, but will be taken away.

Tell Chahembula[35] his former lives.

Ulovun-Nagen, Chinese, the ancient messenger of Cobtot province, the third century BC. Chahembula—emir of Tamerlane’s Horde of the Great Horse Banner.

It is enough for him now.

Teach the Circle to walk bravely. I sense it is necessary to send the Stone’s portrait to Poruma.[36] She will find out, and get a portrait in America. You can give the portrait to Poruma. Send the Stone to Poruma.

Wait for a week. I shall see.

From October 30–31, I have heardAzul. What a mirror!and saw my portrait in a light caricature.The Horde should be summoned beautifully.

1 November 1923


I vouch I am ready to listen to My daughter at any hour. The possibility to commune easily should be searched in Karma. The Teacher easily transmits along the strings, harmonized long ago. My Urusvati has carried the power of communication for a long time. Now, of course, there is no need to strain your ear to My land.

Fuyama’s house is in ChinaAzul. You hear much of past clichés. It is useful for inner memory.

“Invisible teaching proceeds unceasingly. The distinction of the spirit is cognized only on the boundaries of the steps.”[37]

You have become much closer to encompassing the feat.

“The growth of the spirit is marked by an invisible thermometer.”[38]

Now, do not waste your health on climate change; proceed carefully. As the tourists and magic lovers.

Sit in the darkness.

Today I am simply sending you peace.

2 November 1923


I am forging a suitable path for reaching. I will figure out how to tame Puma.

Urusvati, Tamerlane was ferocious. He arranged the base of the Moguls. The memory of power will revive the Mongols. They are needed on the way. I see Mongolian guards at My house. Urusvati spoke Mongolian. Urusvati spoke the language of Schagiy. Urusvati senses the language which will sealthe circle of events. Manifested bonds are weaving salvation to the world. Urusvati senses the knowledge rightful for her. Urusvati, the decree of the stars burns with pure fire. Urusvati, the best cuneiform is captured by the pattern of luminaries. I vouch it is wonderful to understand the movement of the luminaries!

Think in the broadest possible way.


Five portraits.

3 November 1923


From November 2–3, Crystal-like recollections:

1)      Vision of the eyes and the Image of M.M.

2)      M.M.’s hands held the Stone resting among the rays on cloth.

3)      M.M.’s hands held the bowl and placed the Stone into it.

It is good to repeat My Name; those sent by him will not have time to approach. But you crossed quickly.

The crafty ones have the ability to create an image of a thing, and hurt the body through it.As if attaching the thing to some spot of the body.

I have shown you how magicians forge protection during their sleep.

He planned to place the horn to the heart. But My Ray woke you up timely. He is trying.

The blood would have attracted him.

In another way.

At night, the spirit does not own the body, so protection is needed.

He feels when it is possible to touch, but the Ray is on vigil.

It is better to repeat My Name.

And when the Dawn of Nations lights up, how carefully should you walkthose covered by the dome of the Temple.

The Breath of the Brotherhood gathers help on the way to the places of Sacred Decisions.

“Courage must be gathered to pass like lions—thus grows an achievement. Do not bewail the past but be ready to raise the shield at any hour.”[39]

Urusvati, remember your Mongolian nationthe Circle of Inscriptions is directed toward there.

Sit in peace in the darkness. I am waiting for you.


4 November 1923


I am sending My Ray on the letter to Poruma. “(Let her safeguard It with all her strength of spirit, because)for all I enjoin courage. Even a dove should become a lion. Not We but you are in need of your courage. With a smile arrest the destruction of the temple. Only by courage can you master a flight. All will happen in due time.”[40]

Urusvati, tell to give the sign to De Bey. You can do it later; send My Order.

“Understand that one must repeat(to Poruma):‘Courage and patience.’Let (her) people look at the task of polishing a stone: how firmly and cautiously moves the workman’s hand—and only for his daily pay. Incomparable is the work of a creator.”[41]


Replace by the greater one.


5 November 1923


At night from November 4–5, a vision of M.M.

Thus, shall I come.

Waxen river is influx, moving to the East.

I feel when it is possible to show the angles of the constellation.

Read to Taruhan about the envoy.

Urusvati, call; strain the strings. Call, call, call.

Urusvati, I am ready to help. Better not to do.


6 November 1923


“Knowledge comes only with the readiness of the spirit. Commanding and terrorizing are only for the enemies (slaves).”[42]

I sense a new blow; it reached My ears. Rumanov prepares a fate for himself, his guilt; I cannot spare him.

It is easy to leave, but one must have courage to look into the future.

Urusvati, teach your consciousness to others. My daughter, your intuition is a reflection of a Great Knowledge.

Urusvati, I manifest the waves of pure feelings to you; pour them like rain on earth.

You need to leave.

The Teacher already moves His Hand beyond the sea.

I restrain the move of darkness.

Complete everything here until Wednesday. It is too heavy here.


7 November 1923


The vision of constructing colorful rays.Yakut Kholyi.

“I will bestow on each according to his merit. The greater contributor will receive the more. I will reward every self-sacrifice. I will tame all forgetfulness. I will give joy!

“Let him to whom the fiery way is dangerous freeze with cockroaches.[43]

Fuyama, convey the ray to Taruhan. Urusvati, add the news given today to the letter for Modra.[44]

“Be satisfied with the flow of wondrous Benevolence, for hail strikes painfully. It is better to receive My Ray.”[45]

Urusvati, I praise you for the fur coat.

I shall teach Myself.


8 November 1923


Over the past two days, many of His works have been upset.


The highest consciousness of the strings . . .

It is better to postpone the conversation until tomorrowa big battle is raging.

9 November 1923


Be able to show concern for Remizov.[46] I will tell what you can dogive himone thousand francs. Urusvati feels a pure heart. I recognize the wonder of understanding the people.

Understand how to hold the shield.

Indicate where the money came from.

Teach to sense Our real Intervention.

Point out“Who follows the New World will receive a silver staff.”[47]

Show him a wondrous reality.

Urusvati is called IskanderHanum.[48]

Let them not touch the sacred Name of Urusvati in the letters.

I call Urusvati.

Urusvati can understand; it is time to leave irritation, otherwise it will be impossible to reach.

Urusvati should leave.


Prepare a letter with the sign and send to Yaruya;[49] he should hand it over after twenty months.

10 November 1923


It is necessary to accelerate Remizov’s casesend a message.

I sense he is in troubleteach him to understand the sign.

He is tormented by adversity.


11 November 1923


He is pure in mind; Urusvati is right.

His mind is almost overworked.

He is tormented; he expects a miracle.

Sit together in the darkness.

Now you need to finish packing things.

I helped you in the trunk.

To Yuri’s question, who is this hermit whom he often sees—St. Sergius’s hand.

Let them gather together in My Name.

(Pertains to Grebenschikov, Zavadsky, and Remizov.)


12 November 1923


I sense the strangers put an obstacle to the Russian ray.[50]

Already they manifest a book to the worthy new ones.

My Hand was restraining from the crafty youth.

I teach Yaruya not to associate with servants of frivolity.

I will send the new ones to the mind.[the “mind” is referring to RemizovTrans.]

I will help the mind to understand.

But if he wants, let him write rather than speak. He has correspondence with Holland and England.

Let us finish the Old-World stage.

Blessings to you, Urusvati, for ignoring the irritation. Given the stage of your development, it is high time.[51]

Put down the stick, Fuyama, I Myself shall send an arrow.

Drive off with peaceno need to litter the last few days.


Give it to Grebenschikov, showing in print. . .”[52]

Think about it.

13 November 1923


A wonderful country is waiting for you.

The Teacher is waiting.

Approach Our House.

Urusvati, it is necessary to leave; it is bad here for the body.

I think it is better to give the portrait to Taruhan herefor the meetings.

Urusvati, We managed to board the shipit is a holiday.

Three years later, the tree bloomed after London.

This is how dates are fulfilled.

Manifestation of the Masters led to the ship.

“I avow that everyone and everything is tested. Who will be unafraid to rise to Us?”[53]

Thus tell today.


Achkhvan. Protest against the grub. Disaster is coming.

17 November 1923, “Macedonia”[54]


Finally you may begin accumulation of prana.

I suggest you to be more on the air.

It is better not to approach Indians.

Forward My Instructions to America.

Point out that it is necessary to learn to affirm long terms for the growth of great affairs.

When I Come, it will be necessary to present the completed Temple, but now is the time[55]to lay the stones.

You need to take care of your health now.

All goes well.


18 November 1923,“Macedonia”


I have chosen you to sanctify the Temple of One God.

Because you will not betray the Sacred phenomenon entrusted to you.

Through all the snares, you will carry the gift of Orion.

I teach you to overcome the way to Me, for the hands and the voice of the people must magnify the Name of the Lord.

So walk like lions until My Hour.


Do not touch the old ones. I will give the New.

19 November 1923, “Macedonia”


I vouch you will carry My Teaching.

You can easily create a miracle; just move as in America.

Now it is important for you to show the image of the travelers.

Remember not to show your strength until My Order.

I will send My Sign before every beginning.

Warn the Circle not to expect too candid of letters from India.

Send an Order from Port Said.

Advise not to write about the Stone and about the legend.

It is an important time now—you need to reach Me purely.

I vouched for you.

Nice travelling.


20 November 1923


Rest peacefully before the new life.

With the power of spirit, chase away old irritations.

Beauty glows above you.

As I said, I will send the people, and everything else required.

But walk like lions—sternly and joyfully.

It is better to devote a year to work at home.

Remember, Fuyama, you are a painter.

How many books are waiting for Urusvati in a new understanding?

Udraya, approach closer to Lama.

Lumou,[56] only I can lead you.


21 November 1923, Port Said


We cherish your every perception of beauty and the size of the task.

We manifest one joint strength; it is easy to grow it while spinning the disc together.

The Temple must be raised by you. We can forward the thoughts and material. But you have to put it together—such is the Law.

Take rest now.


Do not pay much attention to various instructions.

22 November 1923, Red Sea


“We can give a thread, but you must sharpen the needle. Material is given, but you must pierce it yourself.”[57]

Manifested power can help you to pronounce three words: Holy Union of the East!

I testify by the places where Great feats have taken place, where you pass.

Remember, My dear ones, your every tremor hurts Me.

Fear and anger.

“Walk the loftiest path.

“The sail should be snow-white.”[58]

Accept the Signs with a smile.

I will send My best Signs.


23 November 1923, Sinai


I instruct you to display a sense of peace; through it, you will enter the gates of the East.

The Teacher rejoices, seeing the beginning of the way to the mountains.

There are no obstacles for those who see My Star.

Walk peacefully through My cities.

Let the Signs knock at your door.



Thirteen Apostles.

24 November 1923


The horse should be prepared for Udraya in Darjeeling.

I can send the best one along My way.

I am telling you, without Me you cannot move anywhere.

Think about Me as I think about you.

I teach you how to get great results.

I teach you how to get the true wealth at the earliest.

I teach you to see the Russian New Glory in reality.

I teach you how to fly happily, understandonly through Us.

I want to approach youallow it.

Lumou is ill; first of all he should recover.

Sail peacefully.


I am thinking (about Lumou).

25 November 1923, Aden


Urusvati, your every breath about the East is a real jewel in the treasury of the future.

The East will not deceive, so sail.


If with Me (the Plan of the Light).

26 November 1923, Indian Ocean


In due time, will the Teacher show the testimony of the Teaching brought to Tibet.

I will send My person to instruct you on how to pass through the strangers’ guard.

I teach you to wait until My hour.

I will tell the time of the shield.

I sense you must sensitively spend time in My Country.

The revealed dates coincide exactly.

I feel the manifestation, which wondrously prepares a clear way of the dreaded steps for the historical transition of India’s consciousness.

It is useful for you.


27 November 1923


“Through fire, through smoke, through miracles, through faith—walk!

Sparkle with youth of spirit; be most young and mobile. The sail of achievement is most lasting.”[59]

Teach others to keep up with you towards the goal, which is reflected by the constellation.

Those who do not see.

Urusvati judges correctly.

Urusvati fairly pointed out the shame of the guns.

Urusvati reasonably considered the unworthy way of the gray slaves.

Urusvati showed understanding to the stench of the old dungeons.

Urusvati feels the wings of the New World.

Urusvati, the Teachers vouch to affirm the manifestation of the spirit in the new energy miracle on the soil of Siberia.

Urusvati, let the phenomenon happen near the cedar tree.

Urusvati, Christ learned at these waters; I Myself testify.

At KhoryaMorya.


On the early morning ofNovember 27, I had a dream-visionI visited a Museum, which collected everything related to the life of Christ. In the showcases, I saw the books with engravings and images of Christ and episodes from His life; it seemed I even saw myself in these images flickering in front of me.[60]

E.R.’s question, have I seen Christ?—You have seen.

We are taking[61] all measures just to protect the place.

28 November 1923


I am searching manifestation for you.

I affirm the law of your union with Us.

The blow of My Sword—for you; cleverly will your enemies aspire for it in Europe—you will come to know in Calcutta.

I sense how Russians revile the Guru.

Urusvati, wisely reveal a mountain of the spirit. Urusvati, the Teacher sends wisdom through thoughts to the dear one. Urusvati, My Ray will protect you better than a pile of shields.

The Teacher wants to send the right person as soon as possible.


The phenomenon of the hidden life of Christ.

29 November 1923


Thus, I will tell to Zephyrots: “Verily you labored hard, for the wind is on the bow of the ship.

You have shown strength in Paris, surrounded the ship by the blow of wind; God is with Us!”


30 November 1923, Bombay, India


I, I, I am the Teacher who covered you with the Shield.

I, I, I am the Teacher who brought you to My land.

I am the Teacher who kindled light for you; I instruct you to display the pure path, corresponding to your happiness.

Accept the order with dignity appropriate to Our Name; for the way to the Temple is akin to a prayer.

See the whole bridge with Our Tower, woven by a rainbow.

“Only exultation of spirit enables one to cross the radiant bridge.

I sow tokens—gather them resourcefully.”[62]


For the future I see, Lumoulet him not break your smile.Get him smilingly.

Bright is your path; he is powerless to break the Triumph of Our Decision.

Ascend, for many gates are opened before you.

The signs of earth and the breath of heaven sow the Brotherhood’s Decision.


[1] Readers’ Note: In the original text, the initials of Helena Roerich, Nicholas Roerich, and their sons, George and Svetoslav, usually appear in their Russian form; therefore in the translation, we chose to transliterate them: N.R. (Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh) for Nicholas Roerich; E.R. (Elena Ivanovna Rerikh) for Helena Roerich; Y.R. (Yuri Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Yurik) for George Roerich; Sv.R. (Sviatoslav Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Svetoslav, Svetik) for Svetoslav Roerich.—Ed.

[2] The names of the Authors of the messages are presented by their initials (in bold).—Ed.

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[7]GeorgiyDmitrievich Grebenschikov [also, George Grebenstchikoff]: Famous Siberian novelist. Author ofChuraevy: a multivolume epic novel. Along with Leo Tolstoy, created the village “Churaevka,” now known as the “Russian Village,” established in 1925 as an artistic community for Russians who fled to America after the revolution of 1917.—Ed.

[8]Vasilii Vasilievh Zavadsky (1893–1954):Composer and pianist. He immigrated to America in 1924, where he taught at the Master Institute of the Arts.Ed.

[9]“Urusvati” is the spiritual name for Helena Roerich.Ed.

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[31]In the handwritten original Notebooks, there were underlines to emphasize certain words. We have indicated these throughout the published version with Calibri font from here on.Ed.

[32]Maria KlavdievnaTenisheva (18671928): Artist, patron of the arts, and organizer of the Smolensk Drawing School and the art studios at Talashkino. From 1915, she resided in Paris. She maintained friendly relations with N. Roerich.Ed.

[33]Yuri Nikolayevich Rerikh, transliterated as George Roerich.Ed.

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[35]N.V. Kardashevsky (spiritual name: Chahembula): Lithuanian landowner, colonel in Tsarist army, and participant in N.K. Roerich's Central Asian expedition. He was one of the first spiritual disciples of N.K. Roerich.—Ed.

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[48]Helena Roerich’s pen name in which she wrote Chalice of the Eastin 1923. Chalice of the East contains selected letters fromTheMahatma Letterstranslated by Helena Roerich, and published under the pseudonym IskanderKhanum.Ed.

[49]“Yaruya” is the spiritual name for Vladimir AnatolievichShibayev: close disciple and secretary to Nicholas Roerich for many years.Ed.

[50]Possible MeaningTrans.

[51]Refer to footnote 31.Ed.

[52]Unclear meaningTrans.

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[54]Steamship named “Macedonia.”Trans.

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