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To Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation,

 Vladimir Medinski

Moscow, Maly Gnezdnikovsky per., 7/6, building 1, 2

Dear Vladimir Rostislavovich,

We, the representatives of the Western societies of Agni Yoga, hope that the Roerich heritage, which is of universal significance, will be preserved by Russia for the future of mankind. We also believe that Russia, with the same legal system as all civilized Western countries, will provide equal and open access to the study of the Roerich heritage, stored in the archives of the newly formed State Museum of the Roerichs.

Through the Internet, Russian citizens can freely visit many virtual libraries and museum archives of the West. The illustrative example is the New York Museum of Nicholas Roerich, founded by the Roerichs themselves. On the website of this museum people can see the original archives of the Roerichs' family. We very much hope that the State Roerich Museum in Moscow will also publish its archives on the Internet so that the followers of the Roerichs' family and the teachings of Agni Yoga (Living Ethics) around the world could make their contribution to the study, popularization and development of Roerich's ideas. In such a wide way, the Roerich heritage will only strengthen its position as a world cultural phenomenon.

Especially we are worried about the fate of the heritage of Helena Roerich. We know that the Moscow State Roerich Museum stores 200 notebooks written by Helena Roerich. These notebooks record  her conversations with the Teacher who gave the teachings of Agni Yoga to the world.  These Teachings  were translated into many languages of the world - with  approval of the Roerichs.  The Teachings of Agni Yoga are the world phenomenon.  Also, the notebooks and manuscripts of Helena Roerich are of worldwide interest and should be translated into many languages of the world. But for this to happen, it is necessary to open access to them for the world community, as happened with similar manuscripts by Helena. Roerichs, stored in the USA, in the library of the Amherst College. To date, these records have been fully processed and published: the manuscript originals have been digitized, typed in printed form, published in printed publications and are in the public domain on the Internet. The translation of these notebooks into European languages has already begun work among Western followers of the teachings of Agni Yoga.

We hope that the records of  Helena Roerich, stored in Moscow, will also be open to the world community, so that this treasury of knowledge will enrich our civilization.  The Roerichs are citizens of the world, and carried the light of knowledge for the whole world. We do not doubt that the Russian followers of Agni Yoga will support the full publication of all original manuscripts by Helena Roerich on the Internet.  Thanks to this, access to the manuscripts will be open not only to the Western societies of Agni Yoga, but to the numerous Russian Roerich societies scattered across the vast expanses of Russia. We are sure that the full publication of Helena Roerich notebooks will benefit the mankind.


January-February 2018.


On behalf of the members of the Swedish society Agni Yoga


Maria Petersson (Stockholm, Sweden)



On behalf of the members of the Hamburg School of Living Ethics  

Wolfgang von Reinersdorff (Hamburg, Germany)



On behalf of the members of the International Organization "Peace through Culture",

Marina Koval (Washington, USA)



On behalf of the members of the Hamburg Roerich Society

Elena Brenner (Hamburg, Germany)



On behalf of the members of the International Mother of the World Foundation

Oksana Marchenko (Texas, USA)



On behalf of the members of the Robert Muller Center For Living Ethics

Vicki Johnston (Fairview, Texas, USA)



On behalf of the members of the Agni Yoga Study Group Netherlands

Cora Kok (Netherland)



On behalf of the members of the society Coscienza Etica

Iraga Dario Giuseppe (Milan, Italy) and G. Frisenda (Turin, Italy)



On behalf of the members of Agni Yoga of Greece

Teresa Giannouli (Greece)



On behalf of the members of School of Ageless Wisdom

Gloria Crook (Texas, USA)


On behalf of the members of American Society of Living Ethics

Dina Shulkina (Chicago, USA)


On behalf of the members of United Community Group

Sveta Goldman (New York, USA)


On behalf of the members of UK Agni Yoga Study group

Jean Archer (London, UK)


This action was also supported by


Ruth Drayer (New Mexico, USA), author of the book "Nicholas & Helena Roerich, The Spiritual Journey of Two Great Artists and Peacemakers" published by Quest Books (2004),



Eric Du Meunier (Antwerpen, Belgium) writer and the Agni Yoga lectures in Belgium,



Andre Luft (Lower Saxony, Germany), editor-in-chief of the site "Living Ethics in the World",



Tania Gerich (Maryland,  USA), 



Iris Craver (Lawrence, Kansas, USA), Fulbright Scholar in Moscow, Russia 1995-96, professor of Human Services.


Kathleen Frank (Buffalo, New York, USA)



Alex Goumilevski, Maryland, USA


Allenda and Marlow Dorrough, Mississippi, USA


Penny Haws, Colorado, USA


Keneth Archer and Millicent Hodson, Reconstractors of Roerich’s”Rite of Spring”