New York

March 21, 1922May 22, 1922[1]

21 March 1922, daytime, New York


– Koshetz and Suvorina hope for a quick success over you.

– Rerikh, employ your shield soon.You are wise enough to resist her.

– I deem Uchshekaya may die.

– I will be able to clear the situation.

– Your name grows widely.

– Urusvati,[3] count your days until departure.

– I shall indicate the time—around May 15.

– Urusvati, do not be surprised if the timing approaches.

– It is necessary.

– It is necessary, Urusvati, to feel the Teacher.

– Do not let it fade.

– I promise joy, but remember about your way to Us.

– Do not eliminate your thoughts next time.

– It is necessary to feel your departure as if decided.

– I will find a steamer.

– Rejoice that you go tirelessly towards Us.

– The painting reminds of you—you are also coming.

Why has she a crown of thorns?—Martyress.

Whose image did I see on the ring?—My Image was on the ring.

– Enough.

22 March 1922, night


From March 21–22, I saw a vision of the rays from different instruments of M.M.’s laboratory. I saw a vision of the Wreath. The words repeated thrice: By Beauty purified. . .The last word I did not remember.

– Joy will come from those alien to the Teacher. Suvorina and Koshetz.

– Urusvati, I sense a new attack, but I will send you comprehension.

– I deem vigilance is needed.

– The Shield of Morya is ready.

During the presence of Mara Stepanovna Manziarly, I saw a blue light above the table.

– Be able to affirm My Shield.

– Manifest My Shield in heart.

– Affirm yourself in Me, in departure and consciousness of aspiration to Us.

– No need to suffer—the joy of immutable consciousness is required.

– Joy of continuous communication with Me.

– Every day you receive knowledge.

– Information about Krishna is also knowledge; gathering blades of grass, you will clear the rest.

– “Unfathomable is the Calm of the Creator amidst the manifold turmoil of events.

– After a first period of calm there is a second one.”[4]

– I know whom to choose.

– Do not torment yourself with the question of the universe in the midst of battle; let Me first protect you (“Mongolia”).

– You will help in due time.

– Your sending was beautiful.

– External performance is not important—an unspeakable consciousness of the spirit is needed.

– Consciousness of the spirit is sent; the Image is chosen at will.

– Enough.

23 March 1922, evening


– (Urusvati,) “Be not disturbed when fatigue overcomes the body.

– The spirit is ever free.”[5]

– My Hand manifests the objects for treatment of fatigue.

– You should go to bed earlier.

– You must sleep at least seven hours.

– Calm down, and try not to fall asleep in the bath.

– When Kundalini is tired—wait carefully.

– “Between battles you are permitted respite.”[6]

– He is asleep, but will wake up (Kr.).

– The destiny relentlessly leads to Us.

– I protect you.

– Enough.

24 March 1922, evening


From March 23–24, a vision of the rays—the wreath and M.M.’s image. The words: He needs to work.

– What do you give to Krishna, you will receive in Adyar.

– I lead people to you.

– Tell, you are leaving.

– Find the room nearby.

– There will be no friction from you.

– I sense strength approaches you.

– For your matter, he is very helpful.

– I know your useful path.

– As towards the son—no need to be hard.

– It is necessary to collect people around you for the future.

– “Compare the attitudes of the new ones with those of the old.

– Then you will know why I say, leave the old ones.

– Act with the new.”[7]

– Concerns everything.

– “Know to open the Gates of the Path to them, with a welcoming smile.”[8]

– Rerikh, hurry to work, I repeat.

– I praise Urusvati—you give aspiration to hearts.

– Your words help people.

– Know, I am constantly strengthening your position.

– I am giving you strength, instead of that powertaken by the children.

– It is easier to help through you—go to bed earlier.

– Enough.

24 March 1922, evening

M. S., I. and M. Lichtmann

Vision of the wreath. The words: Rejected race.

– Be able to find a replacement for Koshetz and Saminsky.

– “The darkness of ignorance must be dispelled.

– Let pure thoughts accompany My Task.”[9]

– I vouch for success, but beforehand purify aura (of the school).

– Koshetz, Saminsky, and Tolstoy.

– I teach you through hints.

– His spirit is gloomy (Tolstoy).

– “Be vigilant lest the unknowing ones desecrate My Name.”[10]

– Hasten to move her away (Koshetz).

– “Know how to find those successors who will value the meaning of My Task.”[11]

– Let some depart—it will open the door to others.

– Tell Lichtmann about Krishna, but nobody else.

– I lead you, covering with the Shield.

– Our consciousness is united; learn to unite yours as well, but beware of betraying Urusvati.

– Urusvati, see Sina’s reincarnations.

– Enough.

26 March 1922


– Urusvati’s feeling comes from Saminsky.

– He knows that you are aware.

– His thoughts came from the beginning.

– Your Name will be broadly affirmed.

– You will convey to IsaakLichtmann—she will be useful for the school.

– Read TheSecret DoctrineII, 257 [246—Ed.]. Line2: “Hence, tradition shows the celestial Yogis offering themselves as voluntary victims in order to redeem Humanity, which was related god-like and perfect at first, and [to] endow him with human affections and aspirations.”[12]

– “Learn to judge in accordance with My Teachings.”[13] Of course, buy it.

– I can indicate a pure book, Urusvati.

– No need for the Lichtmanns to read TheSecret Doctrine[14] now. The third volume is not for them.

– She was not a virgin (Blavatsky).

– “My Hand initiates the worthy ones.”[15]

– Do not be upset by the matter.

Will there be enough money to send Yuri to Paris?—I vouch you can; there will be enough.

– Let Rerikh not pay attention to it.

– Rerikh should be protected.

– Send the arrows to your husband—adorn him with feathers.

– The throne lady at the court of Syria in the eleventh century—SohrayaNomaras.

– I did not upset you—it is necessary.

– Enough.

27 March 1922


Vision of the wreath and appearance of the ring.

– “We know the tides of the ocean,

–And no drop shall overflow the shores.”[16]

– Udraya is on the right path; when necessary, you shall evaluate what happened.

– His path goes another way. He will reveal his purpose.

– The judgments of professors will, better than anything else, tear him off from old prejudices.

– But you have sent to him—you got it right.

– The destroyer of cities and the creator of a new science, needs to assert his path.

– Dependence on America is not necessary.

– No need to display an occasion for forced gratitude.

– The future personality needs to be free.

– Russia will not have to talk to France.

– Udraya will confirm the entrusted.

– Write what was said today.

– I think you will successfully pass severe obstacles.

– Enough.

28 March 1922, night


The words:“If you fat courage on and . . . you will attain.”*

– Urusvati, send your respect to the Masters.

– An important correlation of events with Us is taking place. Through the instruction of some individuals, a connection of important events is being established.

– A dream manifested through Muromtsev, indication of Tibet and political work are sent as links of the chain of events.

– There will be a book of the visions and the work in Russia.

– There will be a means to strengthen the organs.

– I sense your night torments; apply Baume Bengué.

– I direct the exhibition sale.

– Teach Selivanova to hurry.

– Rerikh is right by saying to address the Hebrews.

– Urusvati, just call Us.

– Replace Us with God, but do call.

– Urusvati, summon the God.

– We shall bring you to the goal.

– Enough.

29 March 1922, evening


– I sense Urusvati had again put on My Shield.

– My Ray shall bring a new strength.

– You can begin a new painting—Twilight.

– You should ask Fleishman about the decision.He holds the rudder wrongly.

– You can address Rockefeller.

– Talk wiser.

– Lurie can help.

– Better not to inquire.

– The timings: twenty-four—twenty-eight. You should remember them.

– You may tell Koiransky—he remembers from London.

– “Complex are the times and dark are the forces,

– But Our Ray is ever alight.

– The Hand of the Creator adorns the shields of the chosen ones with manifestations of the spirit.

– The enemy’s will shall not endure before the Will of the Creator.”[17]

– Enough.

30 March 1922


– I reveal My Image from beyond Shigatse.

– And we shall see.

– Be able to complete the work.

– I think Urusvati is able to hear the timings, but keep a pencil ready.

– Instruments from the visions apply to the atomic laboratory.

– I promise people will know them.

– Read TheSecret Doctrine I, 317.[297—Ed.]. Line 4: “To be finally appropriated by its ex-traducers without the least acknowledgment or thanks.”

– “Our Shields rust not,

– And your path leads always to Us.

– Measure all events forty times, in forty ways.”[18]

– Lumou goes, sparkling. Lumou will decide correctly.

– You should pay respect to Manziarly. Better phone Manziarly.

– One of the prophets.

– The time has not yet come to say.

– You may understand the power of the spirit.

– Urusvati is My sister.

– Urusvati knows—the sister was of high spirit.


– Enough.

31 March 1922


From March 30–31. The words of M.M.: “In the innermost of my heart I place Thee, Thou shalt be my Revealer.” *

In the middle of night I was woken up, and after the usual rays, I saw Svetik, standing back, undressed and stretching.Then he turned to face me, but silver threads went down his face and everything was gone. After that, a letter appeared in the form of a postcard. I managed to read a few words: “I demand. . .”

– My Shield is upon the thought of journey to Tibet.

– I have written the letter.

– Your entity does not require abundant food.

– Timing—twenty-four—twenty-eight—thirty-one.

– I reveal the terms of the Russian matters.

– Urusvati should sternly affirm theMuromtsevs in My Instructions.

– Volunteering in the aura transfer is not necessary.

– Pertaining to one circle, he passes Koshetz’s aura to you.

– Be able to find.

– Teach Muromtsev to follow My Words.

– Instructions are not accidental; do not deviate.

– Timing four (to Muromtsev).

– The fog will not disperseunless the auras are protected.

– He is still infected. Muromtsev’s way of life darkens.The fog filled him up—no need to touch the infected.

– Now you have a plan.

– Recollect, Rerikh, how I led you to the excavations—how I led you to the hunt—now it will be useful.

– Do not be scared.

– You need to think about the plan.

– My Ray is with you.

– He should be told.

– You can go to bed.

1 April 1922, evening


The Muromtsevs came—there was a harsh explanation, which revealed not only their misunderstanding, but also their unwillingness to understand. In the evening, there was a pressure from Arbelov.

– “It is better to have stern knowledge than to be moved by sentiment.

– I teach the truth of life.

– You must know before you are able.

– You must be able before you can manifest anything.

– And you can manifest only what is justified in spirit.”[20]

– United in the spirit, but matter absorbs.

– The needed Teaching is generously given to you.

– “If your boat is sound, you will reach the shore.

– Your sail is spread and the rudder is tested.”[21]

– The conversation is good, but we must calmly accept the reality.

– Urusvati thinks correctly.

– I sense he will not understand.

– Convey to him—the parable is correct—Samaritan helped the wounded—the wounded is the one who is bandaged.

– Enough about Koshetz.

– I shall continue at the Lichtmanns.

1 April 1922, evening, later

M. S., I. and M. Lichtmann

– Sit in the Circle—put your hands on the table. Switch off the light.

– “My Shield will protect you on the field of battle.”[22]

– I have united the auras—it is needed for the fight.

– “Be ready to fight.”[23]

– By intensity: Muromtseva, Zak, Muromtsev, Koshetz, and Schubert.

– “By pure thoughts will you conquer.”[24]

– Enough.

2 April 1922, evening


– Tsar of Uluses, correct the icon of Saint Sergius—you will carry it for the Dalai-Lama.

– I sense your path.

– Tibet is in front of you—you will go in oriental robes.

– You need to know the customs of the Eastern embassies.

– You yourselves are the embassy.

– I promise an unprecedented way.

– “Life’s fairy tale will be affirmed.

– But hearken to the calling waves.

– Amid encounters and letters, seek the sent diamonds of possibilities.”[25]

– Pluck the mature fruit on your own.

– You need to spread the nets.

– Udraya should be conscious about the path of four.

– He should not give to the outsiders’ hands.

– “You must look beyond, into the far distance.”[26]

– Do not let Udraya tread an ordinary way.

– You have got a special decree.

– “Understand this, My warriors.”[27]

3 April 1922, night


At night from April 2–3, E.R.was woken up by a push, and after the usual flowing silver light, she saw a thin figure, dressed all in white. The face was of the iconographic type,black, fluttering, but not very long hair; ablack, very big beard, and big, matte without gloss, black eyes with an intent look.

At the same time, a voice was heard as if from afar,protrudingly speaking, “Fabius.” After that there appeared a castle—two towers (one tower protruded more than the other, forming a kind of corner), and the wall was dark brown-red; there were stairs with dark purple shadows,windows in a single row and high off the ground—the ground was light, and then it all disappeared. Then four figures appeared on a very bright earth,digging up something.

Clearly visible were shovels and figures carrying some boxes.The figures were very small; four or maybe six of themworked on two holes. After that, a very complex structure appeared ofrather yellow tones, with small extensions on the wall, while only the top of structure was visible; and then began to appear some stretching beams (I thought it was a suspension bridge),but as they were passing, heels and bones of the skeleton, lying there, loomed on. Behind the head began to appear precious objects—a big emerald (must have been a ring) with strong glimmer and after that, as if a net covered with emeralds, or pearls, or diamonds. The hand was also full of pearls, emeralds,a gold buckle with stones, and other things which I could not see. Everything swept through as if in the cinema.

– I want to freeze the hearts of enemies by new manifestations of happiness.

– I will grant you success with the new paintings.

– Muromtsev judges harshly—he is tortured by a fog.

– I sense a new attack.

– Nutsya should be protected from Koshetz.

– There is no need; it is toolate.

What is that strange feeling in her right temple, as if something is continuously flowing from it?

—It is necessary to release nervous energy.

Did she say something unnecessary?—You should not speak about the table.

– Enough.

4 April 1922, evening


In the night from April 3–4, I heard the fairy tale “about two sails” and saw them.

– I will give the plan of the journey to Tibet.

– Not the conqueror, but the builder of the Temple will carry, and taking from his chest, he will hand over My Image.

– But he will bring you.

– Even those who made their way to Tibet, had never set foot there, and your eyes shall behold what they have never seen before.

– I will indicate and instruct you in travels and findings.

– You carry the new and will receive the new.

– Spiritual creativity has never come from Europe, yet.

– She (Blavatsky) came secretly, but you are given an open call.

– “Each one fulfills his step of ascent and carries the task assigned to him.”[28]

– There was not such a mission yet.

– Lumou will also contribute.

– The purpose of the journey is to discover some cities.

– Urusvati’s fairy tale will come true—Our boat is on its way.

– So often Our steps remain unrecognized.

Natalya Rokotova—She did not dare to fight for the liberation of peasants.

Did N. Rokotova see M.M.?—In a vision.

– Your spirit proceeds to Us.

– It does not matter, but now your mission is high.

– Enough.

5 April 1922

M.The Lichtmanns were present.

– Nutsya’s number promises Success—his temper will not defer from finding a solution (Seven).

– It is better to sit together again.

– The alliance is successful: when I knock three times, switch on the light.

– “I am spinning new threads, I am looking for the points of contact.

– I place upon your heads the fitting crowns.

– And in silence I prepare you for battle.

– Rejoice, the courageous one chooses the right path.”[29]

– Sohraya, proceed, proceed, proceed, and when the messengers leave—accept, accept, accept.

– [illegible]

“I can protect the faithful ones.”[30]

– Enough.

S. G. Lichtmann’s question, whose eye has she seen in her vision—The Guardian’s eye.

– The prophet Uselah—the Guardian of Nutsya’s mother.

To Lichtmann’s question about their mother’s reincarnations—The ray should be manifested.

– Sina proceeds; she will not be left alone after My pupils depart.

– Enough.

6 April 1922, evening


From April 5–6: “Remember child, whenever thou speakest, I am the Listener.”*

– Muromtsev received the warning. His unkind thoughts turned back on him.

– Urusvati repelled the onslaught of the unkind ones.

– Urusvati, a lot is revealed to you; you just need to observe.

– Compare events and consequences, and you shall grasp the way of the current.

– You are destined to live to great degrees.

– It is a family fault—the first to say ‘no.’

– I promise great happiness; with it there is no age, no human judgments.

– It is possible, even being in the world, to know only My Ashrams.

– I carry the new.

– Remember the timing—nine.

– You should know Koshetz’s nature.

– I sense the pressure intensifies, but We are not surprised at the dark force being.

– We need to prepare for the best defense.

– It is My Order.

– I carry the new.

– You should know My Order.

– Rerikh, I sense it is dangerous for you to go amidst the Russians.

– Amidst the manifested ones, harsh ones, alien to Us.

– Outsiders are not dangerous.

– Convey My request to Muromtsev to execute My Order.

– Enough.

7 April 1922, evening


At night from April 6–7, I had a vision of an open book; I could not read, for I was too tired. The title started with “A True Love.”

– Urusvati prepares her successors.

– “The clamoring of the ignorant ones does not hinder construction by the new people.”[31]

– The shield should be turned against the Muromtsevs.

– We can wait.

– Wait to talk about the Russian matters.

– I will say when you can.

– It is wiser to be quiet.

– I am exhausted with Koshetz.

– Supporters were found of the same color.

– The flour in the middle is not clean, but there is no money to buy a new one.

– Strangers н. у. р. у. м. н. е. п. о. н. е. м. ч. у.Rerikh н. у. life will reveal predestined timing.*

– I shall give timing—three.

– Uchshekaya prepares a trap.

– You can share today’s whole séance with the Lichtmanns.

– Urusvati expects special messages, but first get through the stones; there are a lot of them.

– There are many foes around you; they need to be moved away so that they do not harm your journey.

– You can read Our Letters, page 13, line 3.

– It is sometimes easier to learn the secrets of the Universe, rather than take the envoys to the ship.

– But apply all your brains, and we shall find the way.

– But still the boats will enter the pier.

– Wahmeister lost her means, and it was then that she began to move.

– But affirm your desire—surely, I will take you.

– “They who know, conquer.”[32]

E.R.’s remark that the believer also wins.—It is true, but in danger, it is necessary to warn.

– I will cover you; I will find the way, but do not talk about Koshetz.There is no need to increase the complexity of time.

– Can it be that the mood is more important than the journey.

– I vouch, you will go; remember how many times you did not recognize the companion on theboat.

– Until the end of this year, but then I see the light.

– Enough.

8 April 1922, evening


From April 7–8, I was woken up by a push—I saw the hands holding a big, very dark object. I could not distinguish its form because the hands raised and lowered it over me; I noticed only the handles on its sides. In the middle of this object appeared a blue light.

– I forbid Urusvati to go to the “Bat” tomorrow.

– Rerikh can go.

– To LichtmannMaurice.

– Urusvati requires rest.

– Twilight will be replaced by dawn.

– The duration of twilight—until the thirty-first year.

– My Hand forwarded Lichtmann.

– It is necessary to know, Nutsya vouched for friendship with K.

– I shall add in Lichtmann’s presence.

– Yes.

What was the object that I saw at night?—Iron for the nerves—the right medicine to calm down.

8 April 1922, evening, later

M.S., I. and M. Lichtmann

– “Yes, yes, yes, each word of unity is as the seed of some fair flower.

– To cultivate a garden of beauty is permitted to all.

– But where are the gardeners who can judge which seed is best?

– We shall teach them to gather the fertile stalks.

– We shall pluck out the blighting weeds.

– And the ground where God has manifested Himself We shall adorn with flowers.

– But where the flowers of unity are—guard their petals.

– Yes, yes, yes!

– Night obscures the purest images.

– But behold, the Light approaches!

– Why test you, if the Temple were not to be erected?

– But the plan is in Our Hands and the foundation is laid.

– Let the Name of God be praised. (Adonoi, Eiloeinu, AdonoiEhod)

– Not to trifles shall you be witnesses.

– Life will be transformed.

– I say it!”[33]

– Enough.

Going to bed,E.R. heard as an answer to her thoughts loudly pronounced words of M.M.: New bushes. Then, feeling the cold from the window, E.R. approached to close it, and at that moment she again heard the voice of M.M.: Prana—Gold dust.

9 April 1922, evening


– Urusvati, pure work will you perform in Russia—preparation for it you can find with Us.

– The veil of the future is open to you.

– You may know how to distribute your forces until September of the thirty-first year.

– Do not be afraid of money issues—they will be resolved by karma.

– “Apply all your efforts,(knowing an indicated year.)

– By your own hands will the power of the future be built.

– I will help, I will help, but add your own efforts.”[34]

– Even the persecution of Besant must take place.

– A wreath is for her, but wreath is a sign of God’s power.

– “Shield and lance! God has blessed the warriors.”[35]

– You know the value of your spirit.

– When the path of happiness is laid, and My Hand marked the hour.

– “All will come. Twilight will end.

– Do you not see that the Cosmic Consciousness is in convulsion?

– We know the course of the battle—the Plan of the Creator cannot be altered.

– From the Beginning the dark ones struggled.

– From the Beginning We conquered.”[36]

– Well, I sense a new page; Our Power is near.

– Chita and Khabarovsk are again meaningful.

– Address Rockefeller again, I repeat.

– For the journey and for the school—pay your debt to the school.

– You should know—Our decision has a deep base and value, and We know your spirit.

– We know—you are chosen.

– Enough.

10 April 1922


– Morya sympathizes with the ardent desire to leave.

– I forward a New strength.

– The pike cannot swallow the Teacher of Russia.

– Urusvati, encourage Rerikh to turn to Rockefeller.

– I sense, the night carries the shield—pure character, but harsh, can help enhance happiness.

– Timing—fourteen.

– All the time, I provide different explanations through books, and as if by chance meetings.

Was Princess Djarada mentioned in the book Indian or Egyptian?—Egyptian.

– He ruled with the title of Pharaoh, being the uncle of the Pharaoh.

What was the statue worshipped by Princess Djarada?—Goddess Isis.

How and to whom did Djarada give Solomon’s ring?—She gave it to Ma . . . unconsciously, fulfilling the will of karma. And Solomon lost his power, and had to seek protection from the weak Moabites.

How could Djarada commit such a betrayal?—The voice has been changed by him in the darkness.

– This is how karma is dispensed—watch the given.

– Urusvati, not everything is as bad as it seems.

– Urusvati, I think we shall cope with karma.

– Read the whole book, there is about some of the prophets. The prophet Amos.

– Not for him do I say, but for the benefit of the mission.

– “The path of virtue is not a singing of psalms, but labor and service.”[37]

– Seven years of training is sufficient.

– Both the beginning and the end are already provided.

– “If Karma is violated, it will react against you.

– (I shall explain)—The travail of the spirit is the one ladder on the shortest path.

– The suffering of a decade is crowded into one day in the lives of the chosen ones.

– Better a full cup of misery than a life of mild sadness.”[38]

– Leave it to the wisdom of the Creator.

– You are going the shortest way.

– The way of concentrating for the least sacrifices, proceeds happily.

– Later will you evaluate and come back.

– “Pay your accounts in the hostelries on the way, and with a bow they will carry your

trunks onto the ships.”[39]

– Enough.

11 April 1922, evening


Vision from April 10–11. The hands of M.M. were holding ametal cylinder in the form of a small telescope. From it went the wire (cord) with a small socket (cylinder).

– Affirm yourself in a thought: the happiness approaches.

– Strangers will perceive the meaning in the matter of exhibition.

– “A miracle occurs without warning.”[40]

– I feel that after hard work, the name of Amos will be established.

– They will be silent, and shame will fall upon the wicked ones.

– Phone Selivanova now—I am strengthening her.

– Let it stop—I shall talk in the evening—11:00 p.m.

– I shall grant new possibilities through a successful talk with Selivanova.

– Do not think harshly if the timings seem inappropriate.

– Timing—twenty-four—twenty-eight—thirty-one.

– I covered you with My Hand.

– “But naught happens by accident.”[41]

– Now the instruction: do not be afraid of darkness.

– Now I sense the timing is not long—three.

– “Again I repeat—be not afraid.

– A new attack, but do not fear.”[42]

– Muromtsev does not serve Us.

– Strictly forward your spirits towards the journey.

– Enough.

– Yes.

– You should keep your brain open. No need to strain the brain by expectation.

– Keep your brain open; I will advance the call whenever possible.

– Work joyfully and know—you will leave.

– Enough.

12 April 1922, evening

M. S., I. and M. Lichtmann

– Urusvati’s intuition is correct—Koshetz is harmful for the work.

– She gives an example of why it is dangerous for people to discover their power.

– Now you know why carefulness is needed. And once you have not reached the end of 54th Street, and thuscomplicated the matter;the next time be more executive.

– “In your life you may pass by the predestined places without heeding the calls.”[43]

– To wait until the messenger forcibly leads to the place is a small merit.

– “By one gesture can We remove obstacles, and help.

– But Our gestures will not erase Karma.

– Our Shield will protect you against the assaults of the dark forces.

– But the settlement of old accounts is unavoidable.”[44]

– Susakim was like a Pharaoh in Hebrew tradition.

– I remind about the time for accounts.

When was Susakim mentioned in the Bible?—Find it.

During the time of Solomon?—Yes.

Who was Ienta?—The wife of Harab-Meleh(Ruler of Samarya).

Who was Sina?—I shall tell in due time.

– Nutsya’s guarantee helped to hide the traces of Sinaida’s escape.

– Do not laugh at what you do not know.

– “The Hand of Fate leads towards the Good.”[45]

– Enough.

After the séance,N.R. took the Bible and found the mention of Susakim during the reign of Solomon.

13 April 1922, evening


A vision of an algebraic computation depicted in red ink on a white surface.

– “Whence dreams are begotten,

– Where sacrifices are extolled,

– Where the Invisible Light glorifies labor,

– Thence come My Blessings.

– (Write every verse.)

– In the whispering of leaves,

– In the splash of waves,

– In the murmur of the breeze,

– I am with you.

– Amidst the cruel and the dark ones,

– Amidst treason of the spirit,

– Amidst strife and sorrow,

– My Shield is over you.”[46]

– Convey to Roberts from Field!

– “Tell Roberts: she is right—I’m happy.” *

– It is too late—enough.

– Yes.

Is Besant’s description of Devachan correct?—Everything happens. Astral bodies come to visit Devachan.

Do I see M.M. at night? Every night?—Yes, yes.

Why do I remember it so rarely?—The city obstructs.

Have I always been a woman?—Yes.

So I will still have male incarnations?—What for?

Was I a man on the other planets? M.M. did not answer this question

Your care will disappear.

14 April 1922, evening


– Fox has been given by Me;you could desire better, but he will bring Sutro.

– Urusvati, display understanding of the comparison between Me and the Shield of Law, manifested to you during the time of Solomon.

– Hasten, and remind Sinaida about her debt.

– Express a stern attitude towards Fleishman.

– Ask directly how things are.

– Act with Kon.

– His rudder is strong.

– I can name the timing—twenty-four.

– Now I should tell to Udraya:“Carry the light, and do not look back.”[47]

– Your nature hampers you.But a discovery is ready for you.

– Now you should go.

15 April 1922, evening

M. E., N., Y., and Sv. Rerikh

– Hiram, your ship helped My Temple. I will help yours now.

– Lumou is Hiram. Read in the Book of Kings.

– (Udraya), “Love even the knot-grass. God created it.

(To Y.R.’s remark that he does not understand the previous sentence)—Understanding is concealed in the heart.”[48]

– You will go to lift up Passedvan.

– Enough for today.

17 April 1922, evening


From April 16–17, a vision of the wreath and in its middlea long stick, ending with a triangle, and on it hang waving flags. In the morning, according to description and drawing, Yurik recognized the Tibetan banner.

In the morning of April 17,a floating boat in the middle of the wreath.

– I sense success.

– My Shield protects Urusvati.

– My Hand leads you along the predestined way.

– Horch’s guarantee is useful.

– The Teacher sends arrows at your enemies.

– Their act is worse.

– “To sever the ties, to weigh Our Forces on the balance, to cut yourself off from access to Us, is dangerous.

– The approach to Light is a serious matter.

– Hostile powers surround each of your actions; as soon as morning consciousness succumbs to twilight, then can the wings of darkness touch you.

– Darkness may steal unawares upon those who stray.

– It is easy to miss one’s footing in the mountains.

– It is better not to reject the Guiding Hand than to wait anxiously for the rescuer’s lantern.

– Grateful even for a dog’s bark are the lost ones.

– Is it not better to walk with a guide in the glistening snow?

– You must understand, you must remember, you must know.”[49]

– Urusvati is brave, and safeguards Our Banner.

– I sense, Urusvati is powerful.

– Concentrate your sight on a Crystal.

– Enough.

– Yes.

– Koshetz’s suite—she still touches with her aura.

– Enough.

18 April 1922, evening


– Show respect, Lumou. I thinkenough talking.

– Your life should not aspire for conventional values.

– “The common highway does not lead to the Holy Mountain.”[50]

– Tell: the path is not through the crowd of restaurants, and the wings are not spread by a motor.

– Tell Muromtsev: If I say carry the letter, he will take it; if I warn him not to live in the house, he will fulfill. Why is he not considering My request wise?

– Where is the reason? Let him ponder!

– I am telling for the sake of the matter.

– He has many reasons to listen to Me immediately.

– “I regard an act of treason as the most heinous.”[51]

– The Pure Shield will reflect the blow.

– Urusvati, you have good patience.

– You will make it—the bright island shall calm your nerves.

– Enough.

20 April 1922, evening


E.R. forgot to call M.M., and immediately asked whether it is possible to spell with Azbuka.[52]

–Yes, you can.

– I think Yaruya purely treats your future instructions.

– Rerikh, I sense success.

– Show mercy to the manifestation of youth.

– The torturers will leave.

– They will gradually manifest their spirit.

– The path is still closed for them, but I hasten to unfold their essence.

– Everything will reach Our Decision.

– Urusvati will receive her joy.

– “Joy is the manifestation of the Creator’s Power, illumining a world in darkness.

– And Our Teaching enables all to share it, through labor.”[53]

E.R.’s remark that she does not understand why she needs so much time. . . [illegible]—This labor will be over soon.

– “A new day dawns over the earth.”[54]

– We shall point to the wonder of many winners.

– “The present hour is not a stream but a vortex.

– Each personal world reflects the flaming sky aglow with the Fire that devours old forms.

– The Wisdom of the Creator prophesies a New World.

– By fiery destruction He creates.

– And can we, the witnesses, realizing the Great Design, count ourselves afflicted?

– The deaf and the blind, and the many sedentary ones, are only bystanders. The Creator cometh!”[55]

– Enough.

21 April 1922, daytime

M. Y., N., and E. Rerikh

From April 20–21: A wreath and the Image of M.M. with strong rays from His eyes; then the vision shifted to the right side—M.M.’s hands were pointing some luminous objects towards me.

– Urusvati, place your hand.

– I sense that Nutsya promised something impossible—his desire is touching.

– Now about you.

– I build your life, understand; even the table lifts up more easily when you are together.

– Whatever you can strengthen, help by that.

– The strength, as in a device, is amplified by the elements and every mood of yours.

– We shall communicate on Sunday evening—all four.

– It is necessary to direct you without altering karma.

– I see the previous timing.

At night,E.R. saw in her dream M.K.H.—You were close to us already today.

Who was she with at M.K.H.?—With Me.

– It will pass.

– No.

– Yes.

– “Your life, is it not a fairy tale?

– The flying carpets are spread,

– And you will soar with intrepid spirit.

– Even the bears know why they must swim together.

– And how many are the useful examples scattered around us!

– You must endure together, knowing full well Whose Shield is over you.”[56]

– But you know that your riot cannot speed up the express train.

– Enough.

– Yes.

– Dust is sometimes useful, but harmful to the wheels in motion.

– I am trying to speed up your run.

– I propose you fill your time until the station by reading The Secret Doctrine.

– I know them.

– No need to solve the problem of love when dust changes the images.

– Concentrate your attention on the last volume.

– Understand it more widely—the legend about Krishna will help.

– Enough.

22 April 1922


“To give up Solomon—involves a real loss. Even an Arhat goes to hell in case he doubts anything.” *

– Read The Secret Doctrine III, page 173.Line 20.[57]

The Secret DoctrineIII, page 419. Line 16.

– No need to talk about London.

– These are trials for you.

– It is My expedition, not Pellio’s.

– Teach Udraya to trust Me.

23 April 1922, evening

M. Y., Sv., E., and N. Rerikh

– “Have no doubt, no regret, no fear—the future is ahead of you!”[58]

– Tsar-Builder, who did not regret the best materials for the Temple—happiness unto you!

– The Leader—destroyer of the cities—power to you!

– The one who made the Great Sacrifice—knowledge to you!

– Joy—to the Light-Bearer!

– “Four guardians, protect the Chalice of the Archangel!

– With new wisdom is filled the Ark manifested unto you.

– To the mouth of time did I give the command to bring you onto My Path.

– Under an earthly veil did I conceal your true faces.

– I filled you with the joy of ascent,

–And I unveiled the memory of the forgotten scroll.

– I enhanced your perception and opened to you the books.

– Approach and receive.”[59]

– Shigatse will triple the banner for the one who voluntarily embraced the life.

– I sense it is necessary to expel part of alien auras.

– They do not have sensitive friends!

– Send your regards—let them remember you.

– (Pronounce) “A prayer: ‘Thou who gavest the voice and shield to me, send a Teacher upon my paths—my heart is open.’”[60]

– Labor.

– Enough.

24 April 1922, evening


– Let us affirm a strict judgment about the complexity of the book.

– “The new chosen ones will express their thoughts briefly and clearly.

– Each era has its own ways.

– At one period the gem is stripped of its setting,

– At another it is embellished beyond recognition.”[61]

– “The idiosyncrasies of the spirit imprisoned in an alien body force the allowance of conditions unneeded by Us but desirable to mankind.”[62]

– A simple book will not stun!

–“(People)which prefers garden paths to nature.”[63]

– “Aum and Jehovah are two Pillars of the same Portal.

– All are symbols of the one corridor of life.”[64]

To E.R.’s remark that whatever she reads, is not new to her“At night do We teach.

– Then, by day, people will claim it as their own.

– The essential part of human existence is during the night hours.

– The abyss is more perceptible to the eye and the whirlwind is closer to the ear.”[65]

Addressing E.R.: Guardian, remember the entrusted treasure.

– Behold, Our Calls bestow upon you knowledge greater than the traditions of old.”[66]

Yuri forgot Sanskrit grammar—Pay attention to the left book.

– When you feel sad, fix your eyes on the letters of My language.

– You can find a teacher on Friday.

– I can find you a teacher without money.

– You shall see—I will bring you to Russia with a new knowledge.

– It will happen.

– Enough.

25 April 1922

M. S. and M. Lichtmann, E. and N. Rerikh

At night, in a dream, I talked with M.K.H.

– That means, We may continue.

“Calamity approaches. I teach you to endure it.

The Hand of the Creator reveals the two realms.

– It is commanded to choose the way.

– A pack of hounds is snarling,

– And the owl flashes its eye in the dark.

– But those who know do not tremble in fear.

– I am sending a Shield. Behold, and do not reject happiness.”[67]

– “The morning is oft misty and the chill penetrates the heart.

– But you know that happiness is coming.

– Be warmed by the fire of consciousness of the future.

– Twilight does not last.

– Yes, yes, yes!

– The battle rages furiously.

– The ear clearly discerns stamping of hooves.

– Yes, yes, yes!

– Be imbued with strength!”[68]

– Enough, but you may ask.

Is it necessary to ask permission in Albany for C.M.?—Yes. Add it in the morning. I have to say that the chamber music is included in the class plan.

Howto charge?—Entrance fees for regular practical classes.

What does it mean “add it in the morning”?—During the talk tomorrow.

Should we print the Status?—You may print it.

Is it necessary to establish communication with the surroundings of N.Y.?—It does not matter.

M. Lichtmann’s question whether he should call his parents to America—Leave them alone, but send the food. No need to change the place.

Reincarnations of M. Lichtmann’s mother—Sara Tut from Khevron. Urhulita in Cyprus. Molionana in Utika.

– Enough.

26 April 1922, evening


“Let Us speak scientifically, but with kindness.

– Not for Ourselves, but for you, do I speak of trust.

– But Our messages shatter themselves against the heart that is barricaded.

– When needless words are uttered, the currents are mixed.

– Emanations of irritation deny entrance to the thoughts We send. Even a touch cannot be sensed by a hedgehog!

– In this, discern the difference between the quills of a hedgehog and Our feathered Shield.

– The benign arrows, like feathers, outline the circle of salvation;

– But if the needles of doubt do not permit the entrance of Our Message, special difficulties arise.

– The Higher Ones send Us Bliss.

– We transmit it to you.

– But if We and you reject the Bliss sent, We all shall be engulfed by the wave of evil.

– The best apparatus is concealed in the brain.

– Soon dormant centers will be returned to mankind’s use.

– Again will the tree of knowledge flourish.”[69]

– Enough.

– Speak.

– Urusvati, I speak not for the current minute, but wishing you happiness and advancement to Us. The time is hard, but I wish to send at least My Help.

– I am asking you not for faith—only trust; it will help.

– Tell Tamerlane about the needles; he needs it.

– Do not take it personally.

– I asked to speak quietly, and do not want to upset you, no need oftears; I ask only to open access.

– And to Hiram, later the conversation will be needed.

– I am not accusing, just requesting.

– Enough.

27 April 1922, evening


– I will tell Urusvati, no need to enhance happiness—it will knock itself.

– Your nerves are tired.

– Read peacefully—I will send the thoughts.

– Concentration will shorten the period of further movement.

– Let the brain remain open—let Us in.

E.R.’s remark that she hears a lot of confusing phrases and therefore, does not really listen—you should listen; later you will sort them out.

– When the currents work, nothing escapes. Afterwards, a device will be improved.

– You need to eat less. You should not drink strong coffee. You should not eat meat. Do not eat asparagus. Do not eat when you are tired.

Are these instructions for both of us?—No, for Urusvati.

– You can prohibit Udraya from smoking.

– The Hand grumbler may start horse riding.

– You must sternly point to the power of Tamerlane.It should be pacified.

– The city destroyer was not close to Us.

– Udraya should particularly aspire in spirit, and not to evoke Kamarupa through wine and smoking.

– Yes.

– Urusvati shall withhold him.

– Enough.

28 April 1922, evening


– I feel the Hand grumbler needs to change his environment.

– The haze should be dissipated—be able to direct the power of the spirit towards Morgan.

– Stern will appear.

– Selivanova should be affirmed in the thought about Zavoiko.

– I will later point out the course of things.

– Read Our Letters; guide Rerikh not to suffer with bad moods—“Twilight is not eternal.

– Storms pass, and must be endured with patience.”[70]

– Morgan shows interest towards Russia. The younger brother is not worthy.

– I sent Selivanova to Zavoiko.

– “But afterward, you must know how to hasten.”[71]You must know how to hasten; you must know how to hasten.

E.R.’s question, why did her seeing and hearing worsen?—The nerves should be fortified—wait.

Why does she hear different voices?—The device should be broadened.

Does M.M. like the new painting?—The figure of the messenger is not satisfactory.

E.R.’s remark that her taste matches M.M.’s taste—Yes.

What can I tell Zavoiko?—Tell him about the mineral riches of Tibet.

– There is no need—you will discover the route.

29 April 1922, evening


All that I heard, due to great fatigue, was forgotten; I just remember that M.M. spoke about Buddha, but what exactly—completely slipped away.

– Yaruya is destined to become a disciple of My children.

– He will be My disciple.

– But you do not diminish My love for you.

– I have chosen you.

– I provided My Shield to you, and summoned you for the service.

Aletter was received from Shibaev with the notice of establishing M.M.’s Lodge in Riga.

– Now about My Lodge.

– On September 27, 1931, I shall announce the Name of the Lodge.

– Benevolence to those who started the destined cause.

– Benevolence to you, the sowers!

– Neither rain nor thunderstorm will stop your sowing.

– But do not disclose the knowledge ahead of time.

– Do not turn to liars.

– Do not share My Name with the mad ones.

– I will bring it Myself; I Myself will disclose and place it.

– September 27 is the holiday day of the Lodge.

– I have chosen Russia.

– Praise The Name of the Lord!

– Only brothers and sisters should know the commandment of the Lodge.

– The new ones.

– My decree to you: My children, you should also be in My Lodge.

– Through you, I shall pass the necessary things.

– Urusvati, your tears are pure!

– Hasten, the time of action approaches.

– You can start; bad weather is coming.

– Not for you.

– The genuine ones will not be lost.

– Urusvati, safeguard the heirs.

– The name of the Guardian—MutsiusSikst of the eighth century, the Nuncio of the prince of Piedmont.

– Prayer will help Nettie Horch.

– The Italian from Monte Leone of the sixteenth century, the wife of procurator, Cecilia RamboniTericosta.

– Enough.

30 April 1922, evening

M. S. and M. Lichtmann

– Be able to convey the essence of My Teaching to the pure hearts.

– Mark the number twenty-seven as a Beginning.

– We rejoice at Rivkin’s deed.

– We need to remember the day of the magazine’s release.

– You must be able to judge Rivkin by his spirit.

– Purposely, the shape does not resemble the spirit.

– We should count the date (twenty). It is necessary to be aware of the timings when they happen, but some have already taken place.

– Enough.

Can we ask now?—Yes.

Whose image got imprinted on the photo of MauriceMoiseevitchLichtmann—Anappearance of the statutory assistant in music. A pure spirit, [illegible], a composer.

– A wonderful musical structure corresponds to Us; a wonderful combination of tones brings joy.

Can we know the name of this spirit?—It is not necessary to know the name.

– Enough.

Can S. Gr. ask?—Yes.

Who did she see in a dream?—The Guardian.

What is the relation between her and the Guardian?—Spiritual understanding.

What is the relation between Maurice M. and his Guardian?—Nutsya owes his mother. The prophetess knew Him.

Is there a connection between M.M. and Sinaida Gr.?—Yes.

– “Be aflame!”[72](about the school).

– Enough.

1 May 1922, evening


All night I suffered; in glimpses, I saw several times a white sail.

– Urusvati, My Shield is over you; protect it.

– “Streams of joy fill the ocean of the Creator’s Thought.

– And you, pouring drops of joy into the human soul, bring offerings to the Creator of the Worlds.”[73]

– No one is reinforced more than you; is not the daily happiness of communion with Me enough?!

– There are many charms, but not for them we pass the school of achievement.

– “Enlightenment will never end.

– Learn by teaching others.

– You were not mistaken in expounding joy.

– Each tree blooms in joy;

– But when shedding its leaves, it grieves not, remembering the coming spring.”[74]

– “Even during battle you can appreciate the flowers.

– But humanity is far from flowers.

– Repeat Beauty again and again, even amidst tears, until you reach the predestined.”[75]

– The path of Vivekananda was hard, and he, too, was tormented by doubts.

– He did not achieve full samadhi.

– Enough.

Can I ask the name of M.S.B.?—The White Brother.

His real name?—The names should be strongly protected.

Is He connected with M.M.?—Maybe.

– Enough.

2 May 1922


From May 1–2, visions of the wreath formed with M.M.’s hands and number eight. Then the vision of a very high narrow door covered with signs and hieroglyphs.

I have heard different voices, separate phrases, but because of great tiredness, I did not make efforts to remember them.

– Today we shall speak softly.

– You are tormented by tiredness; the body and the attitude of the organism are directed against the lower earthly spheres.

“The earthly emanations are sometimes trying(for those who are getting ready for the purified earth of India.)”[76]

– Some places have already been cleared.

– I will give you names useful for the school.

– Add to the list: Washington, Lincoln, Whitman, Longfellow, Michelangelo, and Da Vinci.

– If you do not like it, leave it, but let us give an opportunity to Lichtmann to fan the spark, which he found.

– Find those who cleared the exam.

– It is possible, but not for too long.

– Tell Lichtmann to be careful with Levinson.

To E.R.’s remark that Levinson is an unsuitable American smoker—Yes, yes.

To E.R.’s remark that she did not like the work in the school, and the school remained alien to her—But in many ways, you helped Me with the Lichtmanns; they are still indiscriminate.

– Without you,Sinaida would leave.

– Do not belittle yourself, the lighter of fire.

– “People will come to you. Display fire, they need it.

– We must not hesitate when we see that we can bring them light.

– Close not the path to the new who knock.

– (You know),the old forms are of no use.”[77]

– Your attitude towards the old forms is a New one.

– “The one who understands Beauty will keep the travelers on their path.”[78]

– Enough.

3 May 1922


– Selivanova will be very useful.But wait patiently. Send Selivanova arrows and courage.

– “Our essential being needs the currents of prana.

– The tired organism is more affected by outside forces.”[79]

– The tired spirit must be kept warm.

– The book is full of spiritual warmth.

– Of course, much has been erased by time; for the judgments were not recorded by the disciples, but, still, thoughts about the truth will be needed.

– A new thought direction should be given.

– It is not difficult to open old books, but the letters will shine only through the light of the spirit.

– “Direct your thoughts to the one source of the world’s creeds.”[80]

– I advise this mentioned book to Nettie Horch.

– I want to specify the path to Us for Grant.

– Her thoughts are too quick, and it is better to expect vibrations in the fresh air.

– She will understand that it is impossible to expect phenomena immediately.

– She can rise—“but great disturbances may occur if she act at once.”*

– You can give Grant the book of Blavatsky Masters of Wisdom.

– Let her gradually get used to the difficulties.

– You can be peaceful—you have already passed high.

– Soon we shall complete the portrait.

– I hope to forward it through My Dalai-Lama.

– I teach his hands to execute Our Instruction, not only through the portrait, but other paintings as well.

– Compare the amount of the given.

– But you need to uplift the nerves—try to hear the voice.

– That vision would not have satisfied you.

– Today We went to the service.

– Enough.

4 May 1922, night

M. S. and M. Lichtmann

From May 3–4, I saw the passing crowds of children, heard phrases told by different voices, and the intonations, but forgot everything.

I saw the two-story house, in the middle a large long window, and a silver-violet light kindled in the window; the shutter opened, and from there poured a sheaf of lilac-silver rays—and everything went out.

– I affirm the Society of Chamber Music.

– I deem you should display kind relation to Kreiner.

– He can be considered a co-worker.

– I shall send you other people, too, but be able to understand them.

After reading A. Besant’s circular letter to the heads of the Theosophical Societies, Maurice M. had the idea to write a sympathetic letter to A. Besant—Nutsya’s proposal is correct.

– I instruct you to write Besant.

– Judgment about her is false.

– Point it out; I have said.

– The conscience feels the truth.

– I Myself would stop the chosen one who has crossed the law.

– I would guard what was created by Us.

– Translate it today, and read it to Me.

– Enough.

The letter was read, M.M. made corrections.

– Print it out on the letterhead paper of the Master School.

– It is late, but I will say—“Dim is the light of the world.

– Thus each desire to serve is especially precious to Us.”[81]

– Enough.

5 May 1922, night


From May 4–5, a vision of the wreath of M.M.’s hands, holding a letter; then I noticed the ring on the second finger of the right hand. The beams flared up, directed toward my side, and everything disappeared. Thevoice: I call Madras. All other words were forgotten—I was very tired.

– The disciple is tired—the haze will dissipate.

– Urusvati, I am happy with you.

– A guidance for you from My Heart is ready with Me.

– Enough.

6 May 1922, evening


From May 5–6, I heard a lot, but remembered nothing. I saw the hands of M.M. giving and putting on me a wreath, similar to Laurel.

– I am giving happiness through Selivanova.

– Be able to recognize, be able to recognize, be able to recognize, be able to recognize, be able to recognize, be able to recognize, be able to recognize, be able to recognize.

– I sense he is coming; the right catch—do not miss.

– I sense he should also be initiated; My Shield is useful.

– Through Nettie Horch’s husband, it is possible to find the path to the essential.

– Through Nettie Horch’s husband, it is possible to find the path to the essential.

– I shall give My Ordinance.

– My Ordinance: Be attentive so that those who cannot grasp the timings, do not count and do not demean Us. Do not allow such a being to deal with Our decision.

– You need to manifest the story.

– Be able to strictly implement My Ordinance.

– Be able to direct your spirit to the essence of the sent people.

– Be brave, Urusvati; help your husband. I rejoice at you.

– Enough.

– You start sensing disintegration of the bodies.

– My Hand sends good luck.

7 May 1922, evening

M. S., Ienta, and M. Lichtmann

– I shall remove many from the school.

– I give enough time for finding the deputies.

– Koshetz, Saminsky, Tolstoy, and Yarmolinsky need to be replaced.

– Sternly close any access to them.

– The character of those who teach should be firm.

– Mason is eligible.

– Soon you shall learn the new people.

– Read The Secret DoctrineIII, 234. Line 9 [11—Ed.]: “them of ‘their-teraphim.’”

– Accept the given and hasten.

– The timing is short, hurry.

– You should not lose tomorrow.

– Indirectly everything is given, but watch My approximation.

– Do not search far;the destined is close.

– Be able to hasten; I address everybody.

– Before the next year, a lot will change.

– Stretch your hand; I cannot do your work without you.

– To all for the future.

– Enough.

– I request, speed it up (Concerning Kol.).

– Tell it after three months (The explanation of a dream).

To S. Gr.’s question, does the phrase “Be able to hasten” relate to the school?—Understand it wider.

Maybe, about Mason?—Think.

Ienta’s question abouther dreamwhose hands were blessing Elena and Nicholas R.?—Mine.

– Enough.

8 May 1922, evening


– The date approaches; understanding helps My Rays.

– You can title it The Call.

– You are destined to carry out a single direction.

– “But know one thing, that good will and active work help Us best.”[82]

– You can accept Lvov, but show your teacherhood.He knows little.

– Be able to direct Kolokolnikova.

– Tell her there is no time yet, but let her remember.

– The one thing to convey to her is that you lead the best departed souls to her.

– I shall indicate the new possibilities to help Our cause.

– “Not for miracles but for service did I summon you.

– Fire is no danger to your wings.”[83]

– A feat again; a victory again. I lead you by the glorious way.

– Enough.

9 May 1922, evening


– Selivanova should not address Rigs.

– Selivanova should not contact weak-minded Kolokolnikov.

– Selivanova should not address gloomy Stuart.

– Selivanova should not contact the Russians.

– Selivanova should not take the loan from the New York Bank.

– Selivanova should not appeal to the shield of the outsiders.

– Selivanova should not write the letters to the museums.

– Selivanova should not waste her time on correspondence with the museums.

– Selivanova should not commit new mistakes, and smear the name of My son.

– Selivanova should grasp the essence of Kolokolnikova’s heart.

– You should start to judge carefully—distinguish the insignificant in the matter of the exhibition.

– Do not consider the predestined to be lost.

– No need to tell Selivanova too much about Me. She considers My existence inappropriate.

– She should be told: continue negotiations with Kolokolnikova, then Joseph, and later with Dapce.

– I sternly direct in order to avoid harm.

– Rerikh should show himself in Chicago.

– Rerikh should show himself in Chicago.

– Rerikh should present himself as a Teacher.

– Rerikh should display understanding of small people’s aspiration.

– Urusvati, your spirit perceives My thoughts.

– Enough.

10 May 1922, evening


– Urusvati, I speak to you: no need to judge Grant harshly—her spirit is not ready yet.

– I vouch you are giving the needed books in time.

– Your being knows Our Teaching, and the spirit senses the essential.

– Whenever necessary, I shall send you the new books.

– “(Urusvati), You must be aflame in spirit, knowing that in spirit abides Truth.”[84]

– It must be understood broadly, like the breadth of your spirit.

– “Think not of falling when wings have been given to you.”[85]

– Urusvati, you will go, go, go.

– The new firm aspirations will lead you ahead.

Which new aspirations?—They grow in you.

– Read The Secret DoctrineIII, 235. Line 5 [7—Ed.]: “luminous—shining likeness.”

– Read The Secret DoctrineIII, 322.Line 7:“Michael and Christ.”

– Now the timing—fifteen.

– Enough.

11 May 1922, night


To a usual question, can we communicate?—It is too late.

12 May 1922, daytime


From May 11–12, a vision of the wreath of M.M.’s hands, and between them the cross and crucifixion.

– The time has not come yet.

– Do not go.

– No need to act—I will help, sensing your pain.

– Urusvati should take care of her health.

– Necessary, necessary, necessary.

– Call her to your place.

– Urusvati doubted whether to go.I am telling you,you do not need if it is difficult. If you are able, then go.

– “You must take care of yourselves and endure until the finishof the battle.

– A powerful wave must be directed to engulf the entrenchments of evil.

– The noumenon of power must be invoked,

– And with the created teraph must the fortifications of evil be broken.”[86]

– Lie down for another hour and take valerian. Lie down.

– Urusvati, sensing tiredness, I request you to lie down.

– Enough.

13 May 1922, evening


– You know My answer.

– And then as well.

– Lichtmann should be asked on Our behalf: why to examine each name?

– Again I have to be a builder.

– I can point to mistakes.

– You must walk by yourselves.

– Urusvati knows the thermometer of the spirit.

– Urusvati knows instructions of the spirit received at night.

– You must wait calmly; the work is underway, and the path is coming up.

– Send the arrows; fortify yourself and your husband with the feathers.

– You need to win.

– I shall continue.

13 May 1922, evening, later

M. S., M., and I. Lichtmann

– The white frame of life is given—pure as enamel (An explanation of M. M. Lichtmann’s dream). Be able to fill it up with My Shield.

– “I address you, I command you, and I fill you with a desire for great service to the Teaching.

– But strength is found not only in trust, but in construction.”[87]

– It is easy to grasp.

– “Your trust makes of Me the architect.

– But it is you who must build.”[88]

– Otherwise only the frame will remain white.

– “It is the reaper who gets the grain.

– To have figs one must first find a fig tree and cultivate it.”[89]

– Yes—yes—yes.

– The lessons of the initial stage open up the experience of further life phenomena.

– By free, conscious will shall you approach the timing.

– The Shield is over you.

– Enough.

SinaidaGrigorievna’s question, what she should read—The Secret Doctrine.

– Try to master it.

– Read the The Secret DoctrineIII, 334. Line 8 [7–Ed.]: “He who slew ‘the great Dragon’—Michael—Jehovah.”

Did the Lichtmanns correctly act in the school?—Saminsky was causing harm.

– Kon was missed. Make Kon useful in the future.

– Be careful in trusting Levi.

– Enough.

14 May 1922, evening


– I vouch for the journey.

– Concentrate your attention on stern Selivanova.

– Message from Me: Kolokolnikova should be sent to her.

– You can accompany Kolokolnikova; your presence is required.

– Selivanova should be sent to Kister.

– It is necessary to talk about the work—no need to discuss the essence.

– Do not talk about the structure of Our Plan.

– Promise him benefit.

– Read The Secret DoctrineIII, 237 [236—Ed.].Line 1: “and the Lord answering her (certainly through his teraphim) and delivering to her several prophecies.”

– Wait to lament; I see no harm.The Light shines above you.

– Note the order: Urusvati, a sacred, wondrous faith in the journey is needed.

– You will travel, as if flying on a scarf.

– Svati means light.

– Light on the way.

– Light inside Us.

E.R.’s remark that she does not know what way to choose—walk firmly, as upon a bridge to Our shores.

– The easiest, most cordial, most wonderful path is in asserting the ability to walk on water for the salvation of the beauty of the world.

– We will execute the decree of the Supreme.

– We shall flourish as long as it is destined.

– “Racial differences will fade away in the New World.

– Speak not of races. The drops of different seas are alike.”[90]

– Enough.

Can we learn about the reincarnation of M. N. Kolokolnikova?—Rashi-dwari, the Hindu in the sixteenth century. From Nizami, the wife of a commander.

– Should know this auntie of yours.

– Yes.

– Enough.

15 May 1922, evening


From May 14–15,the voice of M.M.: Show disdain for food. I shall do everything, just give Me an opportunity!

I was woken up by the light;I saw the hand of M.M. placed on something; then two hands appeared, leafing through some papers. On the left side hung a roundish object with some pattern, reminding me of an Egyptian scarab.

– Consider Kolokolnikova to be useful.

– Consider Selivanova to be useful.

– Consider Hoeckner to be useful.

– Consider Chistyakov to be useful.

– Consider the severe struggle with the Russians as inevitable.

– “Consider the manifestations of My Shield as predestined.

– Consider the manifestation of Wisdom in the new generation as happiness.

– Consider the manifestation of Enlightenment in humanity as a step toward the New World.

– Consider Our Manifestations as the appointed time of the World Guardians.

– But observe Our Instructions.

– Fulfill Our Message.

– Know to carry the Light.

– And understand how to manifest the grandeur of Beauty.”[91]

– There is no way for the idols.

– There is no construction with the junk.

– You cannot compare it with a siskin’s whistle,

– You cannot partake with rotten breads,

– You cannot breathe freely in smoke

– Future Russia’s wonderful story.

– “To the wings that have touched the sun,

– To the courser before sunrise,

– To the song that fills the midnight,

– The way is not a terrible or cruel one.

(E.R. saw a silver star on the right side of N.R.’s head)and the star is close to those who have found the Teraph.”[92]

What should be done to manifest opportunity?—“Send a smile to the stars!”[93]

– I rejoice at your consciousness.

– I rejoice at your firmness.

Why is the nearness of M.M. not felt so strongly as before?“When we are in a house we see it not, being within.”[94]

– Read The Secret DoctrineIII, 432. Line 13: “An infant cannot understand the seven enigmas!”

E.R.’s question, what was the object she saw hanging from the side of the papers that were revised by M.M.—The seal of Our decision about you.

– Enough.

16 May 1922, evening


– Be able to withhold Udraya from Russian professors.

– His is a new path. Compendium of the teachings is predestined for him.

– I sense your twilight will be over.

– The joy will come.

– Through the new people, I shall manifest the Shield.

– “Purity of character must be displayed, and taut must be the strings of the heart.

– The Teaching continues; not for long need you wait.

– You must smile.

– Steel is tested by fire, and the strength of the spirit grows through the breath of life.

– Much may be learned, even from the flight of the crane.

– But much must be endured if you would fly to the Land of Marvels.”[95]

– I am aware of your difficulties, but payment is inevitable.

– You have your seamstress—let her make the dress. Compose it yourself; find the cloth yourself.

– You need to know about the clouds over Europe.

– It is better for Udraya to depart in the fall.

– The harsh air of the island is healing for you.

– Urusvati, be strong; I sense the joy.

– Enough.

17 May 1922, evening


– “Among strangers, amidst dangerous destroyers, it is difficult, and you are ready to flee.

– To show compassion, to conciliate, to welcome them, is a hardship.

– Sowing with travail, and reaping with happiness,

– Our messenger performs miracles.”[96]

– Now we shall talk simply.

– I know your hardships; there is no danger, but the account has its end.

– Think over your further existence.

– Finding the theater should not take too long.

– I expect from the theater.

– It is a severe time—the unprecedented harsh-gray existence of the earth.

– Wait for the light.

– Tiredness will go.

– Enough.

18 May 1922, daytime


– The gloom prevents Rerikh from expressing Our Will.

– You need to be able to compare yourself with a wondrous diamond.

– Compare with a stinking cellar.

– You have to leave, to hide yourselves for a long time.

– To adopt a sense of journey, it is necessary, I say, to gather a feeling on the tip of the aspiration, forgetting all questions.

– Concentrate at least on the journey to survive the battle.

– Enough.

19 May 1922, daytime


– I sense My Shield will help you.

– Do not pull the tooth; rinse with clean warm water—it will pass.

– You need to sleep on a pillow on the other cheek.

– May 7, I think, will be decided as the end of the gloom.

– Your apparatus is strained.

– It is hard here.

– I protect you; I know, and I am sending the help.

– Enough.

What does my dream mean? Seven women in blue covers stood in a semicircle.Through their body gestures they seemed to do spells—I stood in front of them, and wondered what do they want. At the same time,I was conscious that through me they seek that which is behind me. Turning around, I saw a canopybehind me, and under it a large ancient sculptural image. I did not feel any fear—They were sending curses to My Shield.

– The case is not new;but the warriors are not afraid.

– Thrust against Us.

20 May 1922


From May 19–20. A wreath with hands wrapped around the light; then a big hand took an object, which I could not see properly, and directed it towards me—I have heard the words: Fully adherent.

– The Teacher considers the light is close.

– My Shield is over you.

– I Myself will send the Shield.

– I assist in the events of your life.

– I carry the news about Our decision.

– I relieve you of your burden.

– I remove the slumber of the spirit.

– I relieve you of the gloom.

– I remove the clouds.

– My Shield is over you.

– A number of passers-by approach the events.They come to you with hand touch.

On May 20 at 3:00 p.m., N.R. had an amazing meeting in The Metropolitan Museum.

Was the man who approached N.R.at the Museum from M.M.?—Who will approach without Me?

What had to be told to the man in The Metropolitan Museum?—It was necessary to say: I understand.

– Urusvati, do not worry—everything will end well.

– You need to leave.

– Enough.

21 May 1922, morning


– Rerikh, the timing is–three days, date six.

– I am unfolding the future to you. Count, count, count.

– Urusvati, your teaching will provide the light to many.

– You evoke clean pages from the souls.

– Again you direct people for heroic deeds.

– I request you to visit the school.To put things in their right place. I want your presence.

– Rerikh, paint now.

– Enough.

22 May 1922, evening

M. S., I., and M. Lichtmann

Before the communication with M.M., we talked about the activity of Conan Doyle, his lectures, etc.

– I sense betrayal.

– Count the date six, date eleven, date forty-one. On the part of Uchshekaya.

– Uchshekaya is dangerous—she does not remember the good.

– I again sense the happiness.

– I promise repose to the tired ones.

– I promise admiration to devoted ones.

– I promise a boon to the real ones.

– The glory of the Spirit—to those who know betrayal!

– Give the key to the new knocking ones.

– I consider the Horches are pure.

– Read The Secret Doctrine I, 344 [323—Ed.]. Line 14: “They have never stumbled upon any statement which will not abide the light of Advancing Science!”

– And more, The Secret Doctrine I, 449[417—Ed.]. Line 9: “This is the natural sequence of mental evolution, the spiritual becoming transmuted into the material or physical.”

– And more, The Secret DoctrineIII, 348. Line 7: “But they have not thus done so far.”

– Sit together; again it is needed to unite the auras.

– Then, Rerikh, paint.

– Enough.

1) The view of Kamenets-Podolsk was painted.

2) An image of a Hebrew, holding the Torah and menorah, signed “GabeyEv.”

3) A number of eagle heads and eyes (visible).


Hiram(999935 BC)—the king of the island of Tyre, off the Western coast of the Middle East.Contemporary of David and Solomon.Hiram ruled for thirty-four years out of sixty-four years of his life. Under him, Tyre reached its most flourishing state.He erected the largest buildings and fortifications on the island, to have here a guard Bastion for the whole of Phoenicia.He restored the ancient sanctuaries, covering them with cedar wood, and built a new temple in honor of Melkart and Astarte.Soon after his accession, Hiram sent envoys and carpenters to David, and provided him with cedar trees to build his Palace in Jerusalem. When Solomon came to the throne, Hiram sent an envoy to him. Taking advantage of this, Solomon, who began to fulfill David’s will to build a temple, wrote to Hiram and asked for his assistance.Hiram and Solomon made an alliance.Hiram sent Solomon cedar trees and cypresses, as well as laborers, masons, carpenters, and gold for the building of the temple and palacesand Solomon sent him wheat and olive oil.

Selivanova, NinaThe author of the bookThe World of Roerich (1924)

ShigatseA city in Tibet, lies at the confluence of the Nyanchu River in the Brahmaputra.The city is home to the Zhong Longbu monastery, which was the residence of all Panchen lamas before the Chinese occupation of Tibet.

Susakim—The king of Egypt in the last years of Solomon’s reign and the first of Rehoboam.

[1]Readers’ Note: In the original text, the initials of Helena Roerich, Nicholas Roerich, and their sons, George and Svetoslav, usually appear in their Russian form, therefore in the translation we chose to transliterate them: N.R. (Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh for Nicholas Roerich; E.R. (Elena Ivanovna Rerikh) for Helena Roerich; Y.R. (Yuri Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Yurik) for George Roerich; Sv.R. (Sviatoslav Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Svetoslav, Svetik) for Svetoslav Roerich.—Ed.

[2]The names of the Authors of the messages are presented by their initials (in bold).—Ed.

[3]“Urusvati” is the spiritual name for Helena Roerich.Ed.

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