Monhegan, Maine, USA

July 20, 1922–September 13, 1922[1]

20 July 1922. Monhegan, Maine


In the book “Incidents in the Life of Mme Blavatsky,” M. M. Lichtmann found the name of the guide Chunda, mentioned to us in December 1921. At first, I saw him in my vision and then only his name was given. I heard the voice from July 19–20: You need to, and it is necessary to leave foreign America at the earliest—I am telling.

“They will ask why your book differs so from all others.

Tell them their books expound a doctrine of quiescence but We sound a call to battle.

In Our explaining, Our Teaching, Our encouragement, there is the summons to battle

and to action.

“Each season affords new ways.

The spirit leaps across the abyss.

“Help to you, who are rushing into the path.

Help to you, who have forgotten both time and body.

Help to you, who have responded.

A watchful Eye is over you.

Eagles soar aloft as messengers.

And turtles bring their gifts for shields.

Miracle, miracle, miracle is wrought.

And warriors will hear the Call.”[3]

You are good in personal matters. Hurry to write down.


Without fear and haste you will reach full understanding. It applies to you as well. Ollula.

Automatic writing of Y.R.:[4]

“Behold nature when you are in it.

Listen to the manifestation of the creative force in every sound of the desert.

The Master is behind every manifestation of your spirit.

In His Rays, you shall find the joy of creation.

Children, do not spare time in the search of truth.

The great sages have found it by intense search.

Believe in your forces, and know that you are chosen by Him who is your Father in Spirit.

If in the moment of weakness you shall totter on your path.

Stretch your arm, and help will come.

My Messenger Chunda will be on the way to meet you in due time.[5]

Follow my instructions, stay not too long at Adyar.

What is dead cannot be revived.

Direct your steps towards the Himalaya retreat where I shall meet you.[6]

Rejoice at the news.

Keep silence of your definite plans.

The time did not come yet to proclaim your final intentions.

And Tamerlane will again lead host of the Mongols towards the good conquest.

Leave it for yourselves.

Keep it in your heart; in your bosom cherish it.

Enough.” *


21 July 1922

M. S. and M. Lichtmann

At night from July 20–21. I saw M.M.’s Image, blue rays coming from his eyes; then the hands appeared sending the arrows, which separated one by one heading towards me; after that, silver threads flowed between the hands, like strings in divergent motion. There were two rings on the hand. I heard the word: Rejoice!

“I shall say to those who knock:

On your way you may perceive a heart—a vessel brimming with spirituality.

Know to discern it.

If you recognize it, try to approach as closely as possible.

Remember, spirituality, like flame, kindles new fires, and, like a miraculous magnet, attracts.

Therefore, turn not aside the predestined happiness.

We can send a call, but this call is not repeated.

“One should have an open way.

I speak to all who stifle in the confines of self-made cellars.

Approach, you who await joy,

The day of joy is at hand.

I said it!”[7]

Automatic writing of Y.R.:

“Think of the stars that always give their light to humanity.

Be like these stars, and give your love, wisdom, and knowledge to others.

Only when everything is given can you receive.

In My Name do you work; do not forget that.

Mind it particularly.

Wherever you go take My Light with you.

Of what use is a messenger who hides himself beyond impassable walls?

The Teacher is with you, and you must be in harmony with your followers.

Harmony, harmony, harmony.

Do not regret your path; forget worldly pride and be open towards the New [men].


You, travelers! Start boldly from the city of worldly God toward the retreat of your Master![9]

Know what happened.[10]

“I tell you, let the flame of your heart be alight with the fire of compassion.

In compassion is buried the great pearl of Secret Knowledge.

“All Bodhisattvas, all Holy Ones, all Martyrs, strove along this Path.

Remember the legend of the Seven Gates.

Not for all is the thorny way a hardship.

There are souls to whom a crown of thorns is sweeter than a kingly one,

And a coarse garment more precious than the royal purple.”[11]

“Look for My Indications in the forests.

Listen for My Call in the mountains.

Be aware of My Whisper in the rippling of the stream.

But can these be human whispers?

Nay, it is the roaring of the ocean, or the thunder amidst the heights.”[12]


(Sanskrit: Urusvati

Aum Tat Sat Aum.

Vam prchchami. This is what I ask.)

“I ask you, where is your sling to strike the enemy?

Be ready for battle.

I am with you.”[13]

22 July 1922


“(When you want to sleep) you must remember the spark of Our power.

It will awaken the dead.

But just as the firefly loses gradually its light,

So easy is it to extinguish Our spark.”[14]

Show understanding! Fatigue is not for Us.

When we call—a soldier on duty.

Wake up, Tamerlane—write!


Automatic writing of Y.R.:

“Remember the vigor of the dawning hour.

The coolness of the morning is a refreshing draught to your spirit.

Hasten to drink it!

“Thou Blossom of the Lotus Flower,

Dream of Dreams,

Seven-Pointed Pearl!

In Thee is hidden the knowledge of the universe.

In Thee is born the striving to behold the mysteries.

“Hidden Temple of the Unknown,

Giver of Living Waters,

Great Healer of the Universe,

Soul ever-watchful over worldly terrors!

In Thy Radiance bathes Thy faithful servant,

Who has chosen Thee to be his whole possession.”[15]

All joy, All Mercy, All Power!

Ye three, give me Strength to follow the path I chose.

In Your Name I invoke all Powers of Nature.

The storm and the wind, the torrents and thunder. *   

“O Lord of the Wisdom of Heavenly Gates,

Erect Thy Throne upon the highest summit.

Thence wilt Thou better see the fear and anguish of human hearts.

“O Lord named the Compassionate,

Behold Thy sons engulfed in human darkness.

Darkness, darkness, darkness.

Light, light, light.

Without the darkness there would be no light,

For only in darkness may we behold the light.

But where abidest Thou, O Lord,

There is nor light, nor darkness.

All is One.

Mystery of Mysteries.

Holy of Holies.

Not comprehended by men, It remains clear;

But grasped by human minds, Its clarity dulls.

Such is the law.

Follow the banner of battle.”[16]


23 July 1922

M. S. and M. Lichtmann

“Across the deserts, seas, and mountains,

You transport yourselves in one breath.

And there, face to face, we meet.

There is no space. Time exists not.

The power of knowledge is manifested.

“Is it easy to soar when you have wings?

I shall say, it is easy for those who sense their wings.

But those for whom the cup of worldliness is sweet, fly not.

Chained to their idol, their delight, whither to fly?

By experience will you learn the fruitlessness of earthly desires.

It is simple, for all things are simple.

“Soar with your thoughts. Fly by affirmation.

Fly by love.

And you will realize the joy of flying.

And the gulf of life will remain far below you.

And a miracle of flaming colors will radiate near the splendor of the Southern Cross.

All is attainable.”[17]


Automatic writing of Y.R.:

“For your benefit, I shall give today instruction.

Do not think lightly about Our force.

Esteem your own forces in the right way.

And as Mysterious Stranger, the Teacher will come to you.

You will not expect Him, and your door may be even firmly closed.

But He will enter your house and shall sit beside you.

Do not pay worship to Him, for He is only your Elder Friend and Protector,

who is always glad to help you.” *

Let those who know, reveal not the Secrets.

Let those who have established themselves, express not their doubts.

Let there be an oath of silence above you.

Speak only that which I permit.

Nothing extra.[18] The superfluous is harmful.

Be simple. In the simplicity, people do not suspect secrets.

Let My Name be your shield, but not a party cry.

Keep the sacred in your hearts.

“Keep the hidden treasure in your heart.

Do not let anybody drink out of the hidden knowledge too soon.

It will harm them, just as a sharp sword is dangerous in the hands of a playing kid.

It is My Word for today.

Enough.” *


24 July 1922

M.  S. and M. Lichtmann, N. and L. Horch, and Fr. Grant

Automatic writing of Y.R:

“Why suffer mortification of the flesh?

Why destroy what has been bestowed upon you by the Creator?

Seek new paths!

Find your way amidst the difficulties of life.

But do not let them drown you.

I am here—your Teacher speaks. Be open to Us. (Do not bury yourself in life.)

“O Thou Creator of the Universe,

Thou Summit of Heaven, Glory of Glories!

Great Unmanifested in the Beginning,

Manifested at the End!

Yea, yea, yea!

Where is the Beginning, where the End?

“Cognize your striving.

Rejoice upon your path.

Be grateful to the Giver of all Treasures.

He will hearken to your prayer even amidst the great clamor of the street.

Fall not into despair! (Do not use the Yogi’s power!)

Knock upon the door. It is always unlocked.

And the Master awaits you within His House.

Do not eat from the table of the Lord,

But hearken to His Words.”[19]



Automatic writing of N.R.:[20]

“Children, be ready for great ingratitude.

You may give up the most precious and they will notice it not.

But have no regrets.

Traveler, you must give away all possessions that impede you.

And the more you give, the lighter your path.

Be grateful to those who have taken from you without gratitude.

They will help you; they have helped you.

For he who goes lightly, easily attains the heights.

And you will learn how to reach the summit.

Therefore, be grateful to the ungrateful.

I have spoken. I have sent you Bliss.”[21]


Seven of you. Do not forget the heirs. And manage to give away.


25 July 1922


Do not give out your names! No.

The time is important now.

Sit in the evening.


25 July 1922, later

M.  S. and M. Lichtmann, Fr. Grant, N. and L. Horch

Automatic writing of Y.R.:

“Work—the path is open for work.

Into your hands have been put the greatest possibilities.

My crown be with you, for I gave the crown”[22]

My Staff is over Russia.

Russia is the country of future greatness!

The Creator will decorate it with spiritual benefits.

You will make Our thought a reality!

May your bond be strong.

Seven of you in the spirit.

“Be vigilant. Expect Our Help at every moment.”[23]

Vivekananda saw Us in his strive for truth in the hills of the Himalaya.

But never one word fell from his lips.

“Know that no reward should be expected.

Earthly rewards are not for you.

You who strive must pursue the path boldly, without thought of danger or of joys to come.

Remember what I have said to you.                                                                       

Accept not the best fruit from the table of the Lord, even if He offers it.

Partake only of that which is given for the fulfillment of your mission.

(This pertains to all.)

Reward does come, but expectation never brings reward.

Did Christ, crucified, think of the salvation of His Soul?

Even in the smallest measure try to be as He.

“Compassion, compassion, compassion.

Many times before have I appealed to you to be like those who bear compassion.”[24]



Automatic writing of N.R.:

“Children, pupils, My children, be happy!

The greatest joy is near!

I Myself, I so attest, I affirm.”[25]

“When through the tatters of your temporary bodies shines the splendor of your spirit,

Are you not filled with strength and joy?

And are not all your beings united in the joy of that labor of your spirit?

And then am I near to you.

And then does your ear discern the soft sound of My step.”[26]

There is a lot of joy ahead.

I have said, I am building, I have sent you.

My ship is ahead.



26 July 1922

M.  S. and M. Lichtmann, Frances Grant, N. and L. Horch

Automatic writing of Y.R.:

“You with open ear,

You with open eye,

You who know Me,

Blessings unto you.

“Let My Name be a forged talisman to you.

May the depths of Heaven be bountiful to you.

Blessings unto you. (This is My Word to Horch!)

Direct your eye like a falcon into the distance.

This is My counsel (to Horch).

“You, My disciples, behold! (Be bold!)

Dream of the future and you will see the regeneration of the world.

Forget not compassion in your striving.

Understand Me.”[27]


Automatic writing of N.R.:

“Remember, Art is the one vital medium of the coming culture.

Through Beauty will you approach.

Understand and remember.

I have entrusted you to pronounce Beauty.

I bid you pronounce Beauty.

“You, my daughter, said—Love.

And you, my son, said—Action.

And you, both, said—Beauty.

“If you desire the gates to be opened to you, use My Sign.

I said Beauty, in combat and victory.

I said Beauty, and failure was covered by Beauty.

Mountains blossomed with Beauty.

And you must give entrance to the flowers of Beauty.

Let the children approach.

Bow before Him Who brought the Beauty of the great Universe.

“Understand, there are no possessions—nor decisions, nor pride, nor repentance.

There is one thing alone—Beauty.

And to you I say:

Guard, expound, and affirm this Beauty.

Therein lies your way.

“With Beauty shall I meet those who will come to Me.

And they are already on their way.”[28]



27 July 1922


In the morning on July 27, I woke up, repeating the phrase: I feel the way of four.

I Received a letter from Selivanova[29]with a notice about Horch’s desire to invest fifty thousand dollars for the exhibition of N.R.

Everything is provided.

Apply action, and complete Our Instructions.[30]

Let Horch and Grant walk boldly.

How many times a week should we practice writing?—Once a week, all together.

I am happy for Udraya,[31]and My Urusvati[32] can be fully peaceful.

But I request you to act.

You are coming out of the big fight.

Send her greetings (N. Horch).

Will M.M. convey a message for N. Horch?—Today.


27 July 1922, later

M. S. and M. Lichtmann, N. and L. Horch, Frances Grant

Automatic writing of Y.R.:

I convey the wish of the Great Mother, the Mother of all Worlds.

Let the Daughter be raised in My knowledge.

Remember the importance of the mother in the creation of the coming age.

Strive along this path.

Sing your song, and enjoy every day.

In the song you will grasp the joy of your Spirit.

O My Daughter!

Strive and you shall reach a distant shore.

The Lord will cover your path with the flowers of My Garden.

Be kind in your heart.

And the Heart of the World will manifest Its desire to you.

This is My word expressed for N. Horch.





Automatic writing of N.R.:

“Your joy is Our joy.

When the enchanted flower of tenderness unfolds on earth, a new star is born in the Infinite.

Numberless are the stars.

The Milky Way of happiness bridges all the worlds.

“Lord, the bird of happiness would sing at my window.

I shall not understand its words but I will dare.

In the morning hour one word will come to me,

And my heart will sing:

Forgiven, forgiven, forgiven.

Is it possible that for one word, for one act of tenderness,

I could be freed of guilt by Thee?

By Thee, Who hast spun the web of eternal Universe and Glory?

“My son, tenderness is part of Truth.

с25-.jpgAnd Truth is in Beauty and Love.

“Comprehend this, My son, in the midnight hour.

I shall knock upon thy door at dawn.

“Each new day, your flower grows.

And simply do you pronounce the words of the building of the Temple.

I see a smile; I hear even laughter.

Blessed are you if, laying the stones, you can cement them with laughter.

Joy to the worlds! I said it.”[33]




28 July 1922

M.  S. and M. Lichtmann, Fr. Grant, N. and L. Horch

At night from July 27–28 I heard: No danger—they will not be weak (Horch).

Horch asked to concede the exhibition (Corona Mundi).

Automatic writing of Y.R.:

“Travelers, why do you hasten on your way?

Where lies your destiny?

Where is your goal? Have you a goal?

“Our goal is where the water merges into the clouds, where the forest fades into the horizon.

“Travelers, will you not rest upon your path?

Will you not taste the waters from the pure spring?

“Nay, we must reach our goal.

Twilight already has enveloped the farthest mountain

And the nightingale has sung its song in the nearest forest.

We must press on.

“Travelers, proceed. The evening’s freshness will revive you on your way.

“The travelers advance. Nearer is the goal.

The clouds transform themselves into temples.

But the way is long and twilight deepens.

Solitary pilgrims—look forward!

“Along the way a Stranger walked.

“May the Lord be merciful to you.

I said it.”[34]

Automatic writing of N.R.:

“Waterfalls and green grass, birds and winds—all sing to me.

And on my way is born a song.

I proceed with ease.

But when the wind is still and the birds are flown and the green grass bends, what shall I do, My Lord?

Regard then Me.

“As the mountains give rise to new heights,

And abysses crossed but confront me with new mountains,

When I have traversed all deserts and have scaled all summits—

What shall I see, O Lord?

“Thou shalt see Me.

“Chains of happiness and chains of bondage.

The slave drags heavily his fetters;

The chains of joy resound with mirth.

How shall I know the chains, O Lord?

“Attune thine ear.”[35]

Remember about the keen ear.

Remember My decree.

I let go.

I have told you.



29 July 1922


I helped to finish the matter of exhibition.

I have a plan, but act and remember who you serve.

The flower bloomed today.

Udraya should write once a week—alone.

He can speak a little—once every ten days.

You will not find friends, for I am a friend.

And do not exchange for a horse!

I gave, I shall give.

I create a miracle from your life.


Can we ask about the reincarnations of N. Horch?—Yes—Syurma Jagatay, wife of Tsurumus, leader of the clan, fourteenth century A.D.

Who did she meet with?—With Tamerlane.

Putyala of the sixteenth century AD. (with E.R.).

What was her name?—Later.

30 July 1922

M.M. S. and M. Lichtmann

“He who is with Us will have his hour of battle.

But he knows that he is ever victorious.

“Regard those who call.

What beauty! Not only do they behold beauty but they would share it with you.

To share is the pledge of victory.

And the words that open the gates are simple.

But few know how to apply them to the locked portals.

“We perceive the festival of labor.

Into the flames of purification cast all prejudices, and all obstacles of the material life.

What a great pyre upon the mountain lights the way!

Striving opens new ways.”[36]

The affirmation of the miracle will raise your heads.

I cover you with My Hand; let the truth of the accomplished event predict the coming path.

Urusvati, walk on the water.


31 July 1922


In the morning from July 30–31: No one can ever take your place.

Automatic writing of N.R.:

“Whose knocking do I hear?

It is you, fugitive!

Now I shall tell you, (Jeroboam).

You have been fleeing from Me with the same persistence you manifested before,

when building My Abodes.

You fled, attempting to hide yourself within the sanctuaries of the world’s temples.

Behind the steps of thrones did you conceal yourself.

Changing your appearance, you did secrete yourself beneath the folds of tents.

You tried to lose yourself in earthly sounds of flute and strings.

To where did you flee?

Now you stand before Me,

And I say: you have returned to Me,

You have found My door.

You saw how your mind had lost its light, how dispersed was your joy.

And you now understand that the knocking one will be admitted.

And the admitted one will be forgiven.

And you have now found the better door, and have come, seeing the futility of your flight.

And I will admit you who knock and say to you:

I have preserved for you your joy. Take up your chalice, and work.

“You, Avirach,[37]

You know now that flight is in vain.

You stand there now, approaching the door,

And your chalice awaits you.”[38]

To all![39]

“Joy! There is no present hour of happiness.

There is the past hour of happiness, and there is the future hour of happiness.

The past hour holds you,

And the future hour draws nearer.

I have ordained for you a time of future bliss.


Naught that holds you is worthy.

Live in the hour of future happiness.


Call Lumou to come![41]

Do not be afraid.

For the hour to come is in your hands.

Take a rest.

Act seven times.

And . . . do not admit.

I have said.


1 August 1922


Automatic writing:

Take a rest before you start a given task.

He is already leaving, let his departure be the key to your journey.

Today I shall remain with Udraya.


2 August 1922


“You must [. . .][42]in the wisdom service.”*

I promise you approval of Our decision.

Your leap is strong; therefore, you also expedite much strength.

Urusvati, pay attention to the fruit.

Reorganization of the body causes symptoms of the disease.

I know your devotion.

I will tell you secretly—it is decided to put you at the head of Russia.

Accepting Russia, I have chosen you. Simple and fatal is your way.

And the wing of a fairy tale will cover your every day.

My children, the chosen ones, you carry happiness to Russia.

You carry happiness—My sending to My people.

Let the pure desire to conquer carry you across the ocean.

Urusvati, you give away a lot; demand to fill the spilled vessel from your sleeping forces.

New centers will create power—We awaken. But invoke them in quiet consciousness—Hearing.

The body has already turned away from meat.

Then it is good to lie down in the afternoon.

Try to stop noticing noise. Try this for three days, then it will be easier.

I was asked to help; could I leave the chosen ones.

My Urusvati, remember the people sent to you.

There is no strength to give away to witnesses.

Simple is My word.

3 August 1922

M. S. Gr. and M. Lichtmann

Safeguard that name—Master Institute.

It is necessary to fight—concede not.

I talk to you, I—who accepted Russia.

“Learn to guard the Shield.”[43]

Do not yield My weapon.

It is necessary to prosecute every insult until the way.

“Be resourceful in your attainments.

The new is difficult, and the old unsuitable.

The clouds must not conceal the mountains.

No excuses or evasions will help.

Only creative labor leads to victory.

Understand labor broadly.

The blizzard blinds the eye, but not the spirit.”[44]

“Guard the spirit.”[45]


Wait for one year—preserve the name.

Wait, I shall arrange departure of Koshetz.

4 August 1922


Urusvati will be fine tomorrow.

I deem you should write to Grant.

Improve the name of the school: United Arts Master Institute.

You should send the letter (repeated three times).

Where will they go with the corporation if they break the shield.

“Devotion is proved by action.”[46]

Call Lichtmann.

Understand—it is necessary to fight.

To surrender the treasure on the first word of the enemy is unworthy. Let all apply their best.

It is their first battle for Me. I strongly advise you to fight—to all.

The trial is very important. Safeguard Our Path.


Feel, it is your matter.

5 August 1922

M. S. and M. Lichtmann

“Where is the prayer?

Where is the mantram?

Where is the conjuration?

Where is the invocation?

I will say my prayer and I will say it facing the sun.

If my eyes cannot endure the Light of the Universe, I will close them.

And, filled with the sparks of Its radiance, I will nevertheless say:

Here I behold my path, and along it I strive with all my inmost being.

And, repelling the enemies and renouncing all possessions, I am coming to Thee.

My word to Thee is my prayer.

By day and by night do I repeat it, at work and during the night vigil,

When the eyes no longer discern the bounds of earth and heaven.

How much preparation, and how much thought and vigilance,

To say to Thee this one prayer, ‘I love Thee, My Lord.’

It is my only prayer.

“So long a time did I prepare.

So long did I wait for my mantram.

Still, it too is short:

‘Turn not from me, O Lord!’

Naught can I add to this.

“And now my invocation:

‘O Lord, Thou shalt not elude me.

I will find Thee. I know all Thy Abodes.

Thou art in all!’

“Be merciful, My Lord. My prayer is simple.

Short is my mantram and importunate is my invocation.

But just as I cannot escape Thee, Thou canst not hide from me.

My ear hears Thy Step. My mouth is sweet with Thy Divine Savor,

For Thou art my nurture.

Can I successfully invoke Thee, O Lord?

“I fear lest my prayer displease Thee,

And my mantram be not acceptable.

But I will retain in my hands Thy Garment.

O My Lord, I will be daring,

And by audacity will win the ocean of happiness.

Because I wish it.

“Thus I said: Create, understand, and clear the way to the doors.

Others may crowd you, but you can pass through, and enter smilingly.

You who know, go and attain.”[47]


6 August 1922


Consider that mother to be your own, which will lay a wreath to Morya. I deem Urusvati to be the mother of My disciples.

Happiness is destined to the one who will help Urusvati weave My wreath.

Urusvati, accept My blessing for the path of Morya. Urusvati, be able to dispel the clouds over the matter of the school.

Let them believe . . .

Urusvati, Corona Mundi is already growing.

Yaruya writes, asserts a new book.

Hurry up and send the manuscript.

Urusvati needs to be helped to lend.

Improve the text with proofreading.

Let the lines be shorter.

I think the book should be published sensitively.

It is unnecessary to talk about doubts.

You shall see—My requests are against doubts.

I request affirmation, but not allowing doubts in the new hearts. This worm is the most harmful in the World!


7 August 1922


The Lichtmanns are ready to travel; they can wait for two days.

“They boast that they receive messages from Us,

Yet have not renounced a single habit.

Their steps are slowed by doubt,

And their words are bitter and treasonous.

They bathe in a puddle and mistake it for an ocean.

Beware especially of treason.”[48]

Read it?—I hear the steps of irritation.

But leaving the Temple, one cannot fly on the wings of evil.

It is necessary to note it in the book.

You have a clean rudder.

I manifest purification from the gray rotten staff.

Udraya arrived to (Paris)—Plymouth.

You should write to Horch.

Read Tertium Organum, page 233, line 37.

“Esthetics—the sense of beauty—is the sensation of the relation of parts to a whole, and the perception of necessity for a certain harmonious relation.”

And also page 154, line 3.

“But it is really only our inaptitude to feel and understand this ‘newness’.” *


8 August 1922


Wisely, with dignity, consciously carry your mission.

I feel My Shield needs to be carried.

The phenomenon in Russia will not take place soon.

Show wise understanding of faces. You need to know and gather new and young people.

Do not send Udraya’s letters (A.D.), but warn concerning attention to Manziarly.

I will destroy the obstacles.

Do not pay attention to the distant now. The timing is there with the school matter. You can also summon Shibayev and Grant.

I saved you from a great disappointment in Adyar.

There are changes from the tension of the nerves (K).

Over the years, a new distribution of prana is required. Yogis spend a lot of time in the mountains and woods.

Do not expect anything from Leadbeater, and keep your aspiration towards Raja.

Whoever says “Beauty,” will be saved.

Compare it in relation towards Blavatsky. But her (Blavatsky’s) fire was aflame.

I have not indicated it (the book of A.B. “Talks with a Class”).

But the subject is multilateral. No need to blame dim visions.

You know already, the Theosophical Society is about to close. Her (Blavatsky’s) fire will not go out!


9 August 1922

M. S. and M. Lichtmann

Let us conclude the first book.

“New ones will manifest themselves in action.

They will reveal the shield of Beauty,

And, full of love, will open the doors to those who knock.

The earth will sink beneath the feet of the blind,

And the deaf will be destroyed.

“I am sending a living spring to bathe your eyes and ears.

And the Miracle will be manifested,

And a Bridge of Beauty will lead you on your new path.

I said it.”[49]

To E.R.’s question, whether she can ask about the school—Go ahead.

Be prepared for wise expansion.

The matter will grow widely.

Not by chance, but I crowned it.

I showed you My order in life.

But above all, your action.

Urusvati sends regards to her children.

I shall multiply them.

Sohraya, remember the dream.

Convey the name to Nettie Horch—Poruma.[50] You saved her life, after the conquest of Putyala you accepted her as your own (E.R.).

Grant can use the name—Modra.

Let them walk straight.


Read Tertium Organum, page 243, line 3; and page 135, line 4.

11 August 1922, Woods-Hole


Urusvati, be able to master a small, but complex task. Urusvati, lay your hand on the happiness of the future. Urusvati, tell Mrs. Crane about the mission in Russia.

15 August 1922


I reveal new images; be able to read human souls, and there will be new ones.

I sense you will find the new ones.

Note it, in front of the school, you will find new faces.

Let Lumou come.

Lumou should be shown a picture; let him perceive the purity of bold lines.

It is necessary to manifest the assignment in the best way.

Write a fairy tale about a girl who swallowed a frog; afterwards she could eat only mud, and clear water was causing her pain.

A doctor was called, and he rendered a simple remedy—he showed her a fish and the frog jumped after it.

So in the life of Lumou, if you notice a frog, quickly show it a fish. Lumou will understand.

The frog is not for you; it does not live on the mountains.

You can devote several minutes to Me.

Lumou should try to write.


16 August 1922


I sent Urusvati fruit.

It is necessary to eat fruit, bread, and eggs.

Not much.

We safeguard the chosen ones; you shall rejoice in the autumn.

Lumou, display an effort to be with Me.

You should understand your mission.

You can selectively accept Russian spectacles and decorations in life.

You can accept the experience, but wisely.

Lumou, make Me happy.

Urusvati, take rest for three more days.


17 August 1922


Urusvati, rest is good for you; your strength is renewed. You can start pranayama (inhale seven for seven centers).

Urusvati, you can write My message to your children. It should be attached to you.

I foresee a lot of events concerning My works.

Each action bears its fruit.

I shield you; I let you go. Do not sleep, and if I admit you to battle, tell—be blessed the day of combat.

Summoning My children, I show trust to you, the heirs.

Preserve the chalice; save the shield.

Mine are moving already.

Mine have built your way in My Will.

I fill you with action.

Whoever is not afraid will be with Us.

Do not hesitate to rest.

Prana shall fill the centers.

You will not retreat!


18 August 1922


It is always possible.

Let her not be proud, judging Me (Kolokolnikova).

Let her remember approaching the sun can burn.

But do not waste time on her.

Let her feed on My lightnings.

Let her remember only My children.

E. R.’s question, what task has been given to her?—To speak about Me in the house of Crane.

Did she say anything extra?—I will eliminate unnecessary thoughts; do not worry about them.

Urusvati’s uncle will help to ward off the excess.

You shall find help here.

Tomorrow you can talk no later than eight.

Until tomorrow.

19 August 1922


I shall reveal new manifestations of My Will.

I shall bring new signs in the sky.

I shall lift-up new strength; for what was started is wonderfully, incredibly justified in time.

Urusvati, do not hesitate to rest.

But do not waste your energy on that woman.

It was properly interpreted about Lumou. Remind them about the great mission.

You are doing a lot. Write in the morning tomorrow; I shall help.

You can help Hull to disperse the dream of his soul.

You may give him Our Letters to read.

Urusvati’s spirit knows.

Hull’s aura is green. M. N. Kolokolnikova’s—yellow.

Mohamedi, Morya is on guard.

20 August 1922


The dropped symbol of the wisdom becomes the golden chain of earth.

Tell Kolokolnikova: it is not late yet, but the trail is quickly overgrown.

I sense, the spirit of My son worries, but it is necessary to know the new happiness approaches.

The spirit must be wisely directed over the will of the body.

Auntie needs to be put in her place.

Tomorrow begin to translate.

Hull will help with the translation.

She will edit (Grant).

Tomorrow, help him to start writing.

Now I shall tell My Urusvati:

We vouch for the way to Us.

We vouch for the purity of the road to Our Tower.

You will stay for the required time.

Urusvati, sensing the necessary calm, wrote well to Udraya.

Again the spirit started to limp; it needs a shoe.

Teach him to understand your significance (seven times).

Those thoughts should be changed.

Let him remember that he will not reach alone.

My Power is on him through you.

The new spirit could not assess My Shield.

He approaches Me for the first time.

Let Lumou pass through hum, smoke, racing, and jumping.

The house of Morya needs a wise temper.


21 August 1922

M. M. N. Kolokolnikova, Hull

Automatic writing of N.R.:

“Lord, how poor is my present garment!

See where my fear has led me!

But in these stormy times, with the sun obscured, when people shutter their homes,

I will venture out alone and, gathering courage, will reach the Gates of your Dwelling.

“(And taking the bolt ring,) I will knock at your Gates until the Luminous Guardian approaches.

And I shall say to Him, ‘Here I am! I will not depart, for I have nowhere to go.’

“And if the Guardian, with His Radiance, will bar Your Gates, I will not leave, O Lord,

but will await the Just One, and, following Him, will pass through the Gates, for

the Just Ones are given entrance.

Thus, following behind the One chosen by You, I will reach the Light of Your Dwelling.

“Let us, O Lord, together sound the call to battle!

My trumpet sound is weak, but together with all others, our battle call will thunder.”[51]

Write Lichtmann to warn Grant not to pay attention to the Bourgeois . . .

Let them know I am with them. And . . . I will say tomorrow.


22 August 1922


I sense you should send a letter to Udraya. Ask him not to forget your significance at Manziarly’s.

Urusvati needs to show her temper; her temper should be shown to Kolokolnikova.

Remind her of the missed calls.

Reading the word of love, only laughter comes to her mind. However, she is only a witness.

Give her mind just a hint of a meeting in Siberia.

You shall travel via Tyumen.

You will read an appeal to the people. The envoy will arrive first. My son—Roerich.

When will I go?—With Me.

Think now about the travel from America.

The coachman thinks about the stables.

The new ones are valuable.

A justified, new Union will flourish among the Peoples of the East.

Urusvati should do easier pranayama—four counts for two centers, morning and evening.


23 August 1922


Urusvati should do pranayama—I vouch for success.

New, happy, sent people need to be understood.

Watch Lumou. He should be warned. You should know, he concealed a new Russian acquaintance.

I do not like him—I sense he may betray.

Urusvati needs to look into his eyes.

Urusvati knows hidden thoughts.

I feel Urusvati will understand.

Old wreckage does not suit your ship.

My temper directs you to new ones.

Everything has already been sent from My side; just pick it up.

You need to foresee purely.

The last help from Crane will come in September—do not miss it.

The Russian cities in Chicago will help the order. Remember about the order this winter; you need a sufficient hall.

I understand your bewilderment—but remember to work this winter.

Let the new solution be ready with you.

Watch it like an eagle.

I send it for the benefit of the mission.

A hotel is needed until October, but after that you need an apartment. Urusvati understands My concern.

Hurry, stronger with desire to fly towards the sun.

No need for leaves; think about beauty.


24 August 1922


Happiness is coming.

Urusvati knows in spirit, your destiny is special.

Do not let Lumou with him.

Write to Grant and Horch about the Russian significance for the world. The task of an alliance with Russia will become closer to their mind.

Reply to Taffinder. Write: Be filled with the consciousness of your assignment.

Nevertheless, I have accepted Russia, and you are chosen.

You should come to Me.

The smile of the heart and the praise of the work are deserved.

Praise also determination to further My cause.

The circle of work is limitless.

You can only see three daughters.

Let your aunt go first.


25 August 1922


Do not worry about the letters.

I shall wisely scatter the storm.

You can write to Advey from New York.

Urusvati, I sense your impatience.

Take a rest now.

Before the jump, one sits on the ground; consider it is the last August in America.

Miracles will be in the fall; fire will flare up again.


The Hindu, friend of Nuyavoda from Putyala, servant, sixteenth and seventeenth centuries; Sheik’s shield-bearer in Egypt, eighteenth century; Englishman of the tenth century.

26 August 1922


Write: today there is something to say.

Automatic writing of N.R.:

“In ancient cults there always remained vestiges of ageless spiritual teachings.

Even the old choral ring dance retained fundamental spirituality.

In the center of the ring was placed the chosen one—most often a woman.

Around her, in the ritual, circled the figures of the chorus.

The chosen one in the center remained as if inert.

And all the movements and invocations were directed toward her.

And she took unto herself the true meaning of the circle’s striving.

Just so is it in the teaching of the Spirit.

The disciple acquires the illumination of joy.

And takes on the endless spiritual quests.

He resigns himself to the ice of solitude.

And then he must undergo the burden of being the center of the circle.

As if alone, as if mute,

As if without any help,

He bears upon himself the burden of all.

And thus in quietude, in the icy solitude,

He awaits and readily accepts the onslaught of all appeals.

Like the foundation of a building, he silently submits to being burdened.

He multiplies his hands by ten;

He magnifies his heart;

His spiritual growth must be such that he can respond to all those turning to him;

Yet he is not afraid.

He knows that his time draws near.

The knocking ones, the menacing and the oppressive ones,

They must come; and he must meet them.

And for a time he is surrounded by them, his exit barred.

But the ordeal is not without end.

For nearby is the possibility of the closest path.

Such is the burden of being at the center.

And good it is if friendly hands stretch out to one,

If the chorus is imbued with good will.”[52]

Oh, these women in dark coats.

Their outstretched hands and their pointed spells!

They are troublesome. And it is hard to endure them.

But just like in a dream, they are drawn to a distant image;

and the person is free, and the burden of the center will pass.

But what should the chosen one do during the dances? She can contemplate—even plunge into the books.

And use this time of the body reorganization, so, that during the waiting time, you can embark on the new path.

Do not worry, Urusvati, I watch. And the dance will pass.

Now we shall talk.


You remember the dream—there may be evil spells.

But now the evil has passed—now there is only the circle of friends.

The manifestations produce the infinity necessary for the circulation of the world (worlds).

Wait, for the better event approaches.

By reading Origen, one must know the writing of the last writer of Christ.

Caress Lumou—he is confused in his plans. Consciousness is dull at work—it is hard for him.

I am near, but on the way of hardship, you will see My Signs aside.

I will say for sure: the path is not Mine, but common to all: enlightenment is followed by striving and seeking; then one has to pass some time alone.

We lead you a short way.

God, You know, I lead Russia on Your path.

Pay the bills at the earliest.


27 August 1922


We can expect the appearance of miraculous powers around My institutions.

The swift spirit of Urusvati, not for long will you wait for the movement.

Knock over the obstacles; they are few.

I shall remove that need—your torments will be covered with happiness.

With a cover of pure snow, with a shield of the moon, I will block from the people.

Having accepted the mission, you cannot dispose of life.


Who was Horch before?—The first son of the Chinese emperor is needed now. He died at the age of ten.

Who was M.D. before?—Hindu—Thakur of Punjab. He betrayed Akbar.

28 August 1922


Danilov will become quiet.

Lumou likes the plunge, but My Shield is over him.

Manziarly is needed for Udraya, but I sense that it is necessary to disperse the fog around My assignments.

Engrossed in his work, Udraya will treat My Words forgetfully. Manziarly will help him maintain an atmosphere of influence.

I will render help in his work.

Let him not forget the course of Bako.

Let him still ask the appeal of the envoys to the Dalai Lama.

A pleased Kolokolnikova will take away the memory of Us; I think the result is good.

Urusvati, you need to feel the happiness of departure.

He may stay with Me.

Lumou, you were My son; are you not trying to become him again?

In the winter, you will be repeating My Name, so keep your heart warm now.

It is necessary to sow the grain of labor. It is necessary to remove the needless. You must remember the departure.

You must listen to Urusvati.

You can replace the ‘zero’ with benefit.

It is a loss of time. I am telling Lumou.


29 August 1922


Happiness is coming.

The choral ring dance shall see and hear, but everything is for you.

Let me build your way to Me.

An important time has come—the circle of friends is found.

In four months, you need to finish the things.

The spirit of Urusvati will pass the reorganization of part of an organism.

A circle was done; in the middle of turning, dizziness may happen, but overcome it.


30 August 1922


I sense the happiness.

Endure hard times.

The new warriors must be tempered.

You must leave true friends.

The clouds should be the source of a life-giving spark to them, not a ghost of horror.

Judge the rapture of the spirit by deeds.

Let the twilight of the spirit not flood the heart.

Urusvati, a swift hand leads the dance.

Teach the children to feel the voice of your spirit.

You will tell.

I shall give a new hand.

On the armor of the shield, I will write and affirm the destiny of My children.


Marshal of Hedviga Zolberngdarmstadt—Stephen

Nomentsi—Edom—the honored Temple

My people are in the middle of Asia.

31 August 1922


I sense the happiness approaches.

You should move to New York—the mail will show.

Dust should not clog the car.

It is necessary to teach the young.

Morya is constantly mentioned. The secret should be safeguarded for the cause. Urusvati knows the value of the name.

Be able to point it out wisely.

Urusvati understands the value of happiness to finish things at the earliest.


1 September 1922


I deem Urusvati should make Lumou wiser.

Pay attention to his spiritual side.

Direct his gust towards the beauty.

Thoughts of the Black one cannot be beautiful.

You see how the dark ones penetrate under the guise of friendship.

Friends would accept My Hand.

The fire can be suffocated by the hand of the Black one.

Lumou and Udraya, remember, people are given to you; they will not spill your chalice.

They will not cross your path.

And they cannot offend the shrine.

The silent one will not be ignited.

The battle is great; close the entrance to the traitors.

Accept the order. I sense the happiness comes; do not spill it. Read the order to him.

Urusvati, Modra can be strong. Let her not repeat the name of Morya.


You do not remember (Grant—servant at the temple), the temple in Mexico.

2 September 1922


You need to ask Lichtmann to help Horch spread new thoughts about Corona Mundi.

I vouch that he will give an incomparable position.

Pounds and francs will not give him strength, but My Cause is more precious than gold.[53]

Urusvati, do not bother to look for fruit in the leaves. We are waiting with flowers on the threshold of Our House. The fruit is Our meal. He who brings flowers, receives fruits—the bud in the flowers.


Theresa—Ursula—the devoted followers of Christ.



3 September 1922


“Search not for evening at noon.

When behind the plow, husbandman, pray not for repose.”[54]

Remember how snow filled up the windows of the exhibition in Helsingfors. Remember how the lights went off in New York. How many attempts were made?

Be prepared for the tricks of the dark ones. They whisper in the ears and look into the eyes. I feel the sowers’ swaying thoughts. Gusts of wind try to damage the roof.

But the snow melted, and the light flashed. Therefore, go bravely, and firmly carry the casket of the feat. My Word is with you.

Urusvati, the time for feats is coming—you will move soon.

Advancement in the name of the spirit can be called a feat.


4 September 1922


“About love I can say that in pure souls it rushes ever upward.

But compassion flows downward.

One may love God,

One may picture Him as a wondrous Martyr for creative thoughts for the Good of the World.

One may trustingly and even daringly knock at the door of His Temple.

And if the knock is consciously delivered,

Then in response one receives new strength, though it may not at once be recognized.”[55]

Thoughts about the monastery are premature; the monastery of One Religion should be established first.

You will reach everything; there is a small karmic account left. You can go as soon as possible. Your karma is easy compared to the accepted pre-birth mission.

Do not mix the physical state with the spirit.

Karma is not yours or your husband’s, but your heir’s—Tamerlane.

Before you come to Me, you will see two more people.

One I shall not name yet, another is Ghosh.

The spirit is suppressed by the reorganization of the organism.

We need to speed up this time.

The blood flow must be directed to other centers.

It is necessary to wait out this time.

It is the time of physical coordination of the new state of mind.

Roerich, you also do not lose the substance; it is necessary to prepare the body to face the powers of knowledge.

Open the way to new incarnations.

A time will come when the body will turn away from meat, and the power of the life substance must focus on Kundalini.

Up to thirty years, other centers are not manifested.

The substance of life can flood the blood. Sometimes it is dangerous.

Therefore, I pointed out to Tamerlane—the horse.

It is tiring, that is why he likes a strong ride.


Start learning Sanskrit before meeting Me.

Second—get ready for departure.

The time is short, only four months, then there is departure.

For what do I need Sanskrit?—It is more useful to know.

5 September 1922

Sister O.

Sister Oriola—Theresa on Earth.

Our elder Brother, M., accepted[56] Russia.

Abbess of the monastery of Monte Falcone (Italy).

After working in Russia, you can come back to Us.

I advise you to read the writings of Fabius. Thus mother called Origen. The family called Origen, Fabius.

E.R. noted that her knowledge and means are so insignificant—Your Spirit is filled with knowledge.

Now it is too early to manifest. We are all ready to help and love you. Ascend.

Our Brother had foreseen your path.

The work on religion and educating people will not leave room for unnecessary thoughts.

I am going to help My dying homeland.

Goodbye, My sweet souls.


The swift spirit, dear to Our Heart—I send My caress.

Let the heart tremble for the True Good, and help heal My people’s ignorance.

To E.R.’s remark that she is filled with a thirst for heroism, and not being able to manifest it, suffers—The filled Chalice is a decoration of the feast in the Name of Lord.

Time will pass imperceptibly.

It is necessary to move.

My hand is with you.


6 September 1922



Dark ones try to overpower Lumou, and pierce the shield of the four.

He must be removed from the group.

You can show forfeits to the dark ones; Urusvati should raise a hand on them.

Urusvati knows the events; execute only the desirable ones.

Urusvati closely feels at night, and sometimes recalls during the day.

Urusvati, float under My sail.

I wish to endow Roerich’s paintings with the gift of healing diseases.

Except for the drawings of costumes and decorations.

Carefully pack the paintings drawn today.

Do not reveal the miracle, except in My Circle.

Urusvati, you can peacefully move to New York.


The presence of the painting is like disinfection.

In case of a dangerous disease, immerse your eyes in the painting intently and for a long time.

Ask about each one.

The series of Sancta: Himself Came, Messenger, Sons of Heaven, Ecstasy, White Monastery, Fairy tale, Cor Ardens, Rostov the Great.

The series: Ocean.

7 September 1922


I sense the torment of My children.

No need for Lumou to look for new friends.

Let Lumou go My way. He can expect help if he goes closely with you.

Udraya does not remember My instruction.

You must remember: not I, but We.

I—does not lead far; the more he listens, the more he gets.

Urusvati should move; I send help, I send help, I send help.

Thoughts from one source.

Messengers are misunderstood, and you are not appreciated.

“(Urusvati), there is little understanding in the ocean of humanity.

The spirit knows, but it is necessary to manifest these signs above the fire.

The fire of life-action causes the wings of the spirit to grow.

Throughout the sea is salt,

But only the work of the currents makes it known.

The egg of the nightingale bears the embryo of the singer;

But the song begins to ring out only after the fulfilment of the life-giving process.

Singers of happiness, sing out for the Glory of the Creator’s Smile!”[57]

I sense the jealousy of Grant,

To you,

To everyone;

It is pride.

Her pride is before her own self.

A sense of feeling is important to oneself.

“There are neither small ones nor great ones;

A feeling cast into space returns like a boomerang to its starting point.”[58]

All feelings are valuable only to our own selves.

It is inattention to people.

I am afraid that even Bohme, the shoemaker, can be outflanked.

Sometimes the decision is ahead of the spirit’s judgment. Bogdanova is deaf.[59]

Simply the decision of the spirit was externally obstructed.

Give her a list of the books.

Do not take Pullman; there is no need to eat on the train.

Take the second train.

You can wisely feel how anxious We are for you.


8 September 1922


“They will ask you how to traverse life.

Answer: Like crossing an abyss upon a taut string—

Beautifully, carefully, and fleetly.”[60]

Write these words on the last page of the book.

The battle is great.

It is more than you think and harder than you think.

Direct all your forces on departure to Me.

I instruct and call, otherwise all begun columns will disintegrate.

Having accepted the world task, you keep the guard.

Should I tell Grant and Horch about our assignment?—Yes, let them know the degree of caution.

Let them keep the Chalice of trust in secret.

The banner of danger is raised.

You can go as directed.

Exhort Lumou and Udraya toward an understanding of time.


To both of them.

9 September 1922


Go with God, My beloved!


11 September 1922, New York


I praise Horch for understanding My Plan.

I advise you to find a house—in the spring, I will point out the place.

Now use the aura given to the first place. Accumulate new people over the winter.

The spirit will grow on the right foundation.

Preserve the power of secrecy. Safeguard the power of secrecy.

Nothing bad happened.

My smile does not leave My lips; praise to you, for you are aflame.

What should Horch do?—Let him start taking breast powder—one and a half teaspoons every day.

Now I shall tell you, tsarina, Urusvati is not jealous when they sense the nearness of the Spirit’s throne.

E.R.’s remark that she also feels joy when other people approach M.M.—That is the next level.

Those who are with Us, are beyond the lower human manifestations.

You shall know how love burns without smoke and fumes.

Urusvati, the path is ready.

E.R.’s question, why has she become so weak physically?—The body is afraid of light—it is a common struggle.

Protect Cor Ardens.

Go to the work.

What do the dates eleven and forty, given to Lichtmann, mean?—My Sign.


12 September 1922

M. S. Gr. and M. M. Lichtmann

The first date was fulfilled (eleven); pupils came to the school.

I shall reveal the timings of the future life—fourteen, six, three, one.

The new may surprise, but remember My Shield.

The pike lives, but carps feel the shield of the Creator.

They cannot be swallowed all at once.


Horch should take valerian, ten drops, two times a day.

13 September 1922


How cunning are the dark ones! Urusvati, do not let children mix the aura—during the prayer in the temple, they dream of the spectacle.

I taught Oyana[61] to light people, but she got herself lit by them.

Carrying My secret, you cannot give it to the night voices.

Why in 1921 were we allowed to attend the séance with the medium?—You could, until the secret was communicated to Our chosen Circle.

The main thing is, allow none without Me in the Circle, otherwise all the parrots at the séances will proclaim Our decisions.

Read My order.

Remember, when I am not in the Circle, they read your thoughts.

Every outsider is a window into darkness.

The secret has been imparted; find the casket of the heart to safeguard it.

The situation of Oyana, Udraya, and Lumou is dangerous; dark ones are trying to penetrate through them.

Now you understand what My Shield means.

Why did M. allow us, in the spring, to attend a session with a paid medium?—That time it was possible.

A séance is a bazaar.

The Temple is not for a bazaar.

There is no time for spectacle.

The spirit ascends to the heights.

Read My letters.

Clouds are around—the Teacher will manifest the shield to you.

I safeguard, I said it!


What for was Arbelov coming?—Sent by the dark ones.

How to accept the proposal?—Smile.

[1] Readers’ Note: In the original text, the initials of Helena Roerich, Nicholas Roerich, and their sons, George and Svetoslav, usually appear in their Russian form, therefore in the translation we chose to transliterate them: N.R. (Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh for Nicholas Roerich; E.R. (Elena Ivanovna Rerikh) for Helena Roerich; Y.R. (Yuri Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Yurik) for George Roerich; Sv.R. (Sviatoslav Nikolayevich Rerikh, also Svetoslav, Svetik) for Svetoslav Roerich.—Ed.

[2] The names of the Authors of the messages are presented by their initials (in bold).—Ed.

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* This text was given in English therefore remains unchanged and unedited to maintain its original exactness. [From now on to (short version): Original English text.]—Trans.

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[41] “Lumou” is the spiritual name of Svetoslav Roerich, transliterated as Sviatoslav Nikolayevich Rerikh.Ed.

* Original English text.—Trans.

[42] Possible reading ‘work.’

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[50] “Poruma” is the spiritual name for Nettie Horch.Ed.

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[61] Esther Lichtmann (household nickname: Yenta) (esoteric name: Oyana): journalist, member of the esoteric circle of Roerich disciples in New York, trusted aide, and associate and courier of Helena Roerich. she was the author (under the pseudonym "Jean Duvernoix") of one of the best literary essays on the life and art of Nicholas