27 January 1924–26 July1924[1]

27 January 1924, Darjeeling


“Monetary alms should be abolished, as help can be provided through labor or objects. (It is true, Urusvati,[3] that) there will be none without work when people will turn to the path of spirit. We intend to demonstrate this advantage of perfectionment not for the invisible world but for you yourselves. We summon to Our Path.”[4]

Urusvati received the flowers of the Annunciation.

Whose hand gave me the flowers?Of course, OursMine.

Only the chosen ones can comprehend the ways of the world. Urusvati maygo without fear of time because everything is provided. In America, things are more difficult—they are young spirits andmuch oil burns in their lamps. This year is important for them. You know the value of earthly work; but they are waiting only for sendings, not accepting the assigned date, and forget about the concentration of dark forces in New York. Just let a year passit will be much better.“Nothing should be exposed under a shower, but afterwards the sun is especially radiant.”[5]

I deem you can walk the path of knowledge to Our Main House.

Urusvati, do not forget tosip hot milk and stay warm. The gland is strongly pressing on thebrain channelit will clear soon.

Blowing from the mountains, Our Wind carries a new stage.

Collect fragments of the popular worship of Buddhistsit will be very useful.

On January 27, I had a vision of the inscription on purple;I could only discern “June 27, 1927.” Explanation of the vision:the composite language with the future dateJune 27, 1927.

In the evening, there was a vision of flowers of lilies or freesias, white and blue ones, handed to me by a man’s hand.The vision of the inscription was preceded by a strong scent of pine.

28 January 1924


The trunk can be temporarily insured, but it is better to take the Stone along with you (during the trip to the monasteries).

Urusvati knows everything; she just needs to courageously extend a hand.Rarely the spirit knows as Urusvati’s does. Your understanding flows like watereasily. Tell yourself: “I know; for in me on purple are inscribedthe dates. I know Him Who hasintensified the line threadof my childhood, Who safeguarded the fire of my world, Who led through the zigzags of lightning, Who showed the earthly flowers, Who called through the salt and ice for the feast of the Spirit, Who gathered the forces of the world, Who wove the robes of a miracle.”

The veiled Spirit, ascending the staircase, Urusvati carries the flowers of the offering. Urusvati, I will light a lamp in your predestined room. It is Our custom to light a lamp in the betrothed room. We placea water vessel and light a candle to illuminate the room.

It is better to approach in body.

Urusvati, Urusvati, Urusvati, the thread is being wound invisibly. Even consideringthe phenomena of convulsions of the world, flower pollen descends upon an open heart. The seeds are placed at the threshold of the house, and the thorns of roses keep travelers on the trail. Urusvati walks; Urusvati is expected.

At night on January 28, I heard: “Jerusalem in twenty years.”

29 January 1924


As I live near the mountains, so shall be fulfilled that which is predestined foryou.

And I will manifest the offerings for the feast of the Spirit. The Teaching has been manifestedbeforethe Christ. It was indicated when the hands of the new, manifested Teacher will bring the ray to awaken the sleeping ones.

“The Teaching will be established on the mountain where no temples were before. Fruit cannot ripen on the mountain of the covenant. At the foot of the mountain, water is manifested but without the ships. Deposits of white metal are there in the middle. On the topwhite light.”

I sense you will understand the ancient prophecy.

I will point to the Circlein н.[6]of 1927, is being established the joint-stock company,“B[elukha?],”[7] for the development of silver ores and for radioactivity experiments to be applied in agriculture. Specific sources of funds will be manifested. The last sending from America will be a certificate addressed to the Director of the companyN.B., for traveling to the place of work. I will give you details in due time. The certificate will be marked: 24 March 1927. Udraya[8] may know the date.

30 January 1924


My daughter will order thebuilding of a number of houses dedicated to knowledge. “(Urusvati,)assemble the most unfortunate ones, the most obscure young students, and reveal to them the gift of power to endow humanity. Advise them to write the statutes in the Temple.”[9]

Show them the path of Russia’s growth.

“It is long since the world has witnessed assemblages in the Temple. Christ will bestow His Grace upon the attaining ones. We wish to see the Temple beautiful and alive. And no one shall expel those walking to Light, for ruin awaits him. Miracles will be received upon the tablets of knowledge.

“Let each one who is illumined by spirit walk boldly into the Temple.”[10]

I will choose the worthy ones by the laying of hands on the touchstone. Urusvati will manifest the union of Earth and Heaven. Urusvati will manifest a symphony of the spheres as a measure of beauty. Urusvati will manifest a Ray of Light penetrating the walls. Urusvati will manifest the Shield that shows the course of the luminaries. Urusvati will manifest the flight of the arrows of the spirit. Urusvati will manifest a comprehension of the density of matterat the request of herspirit. Urusvati will manifest the emptiness of thought not kindled by the spirit, for “Our Path leads to the transformation of Earth into a palace. There are no poor. Who is unwilling to accept riches?”[11]

31 January 1924


The miracle with the vessel of spirit has a scientific basis. At the moment of the spirit’s departure, the emanation of the nerves is especially strong and can be assembled in a closed vessel. By the power of selfless will, a flash of dream-state emanation can be produced, and the explosion of this substance is equal to a strong gas. It is a symbol of the spirit, for at this moment the spirit is drawn close. The spirit stays close until the emanation of nerves evaporates. But it takes time for the emanation of nervesto evaporate.

“I rejoice to see how you understand the details of My Decrees. I prepare an event,foreseeing all details. Act likewise, as thus it will be easier for us to meet each other.

“One should not scatter to the winds a part of what has been predestined. Being resourceful, one need not deviate from the path.(When you will lookcarefully like today, you will make no mistake.)Intense attention is important. A vigilant spirit walks ahead of understanding. My Ray is ready to kindle the lightning flash of thought.

“And thus shall we pass between all dangers; and failure will turn into success.”[12]

Urusvati, teach Lichtmann to live until the Holiday, to apply better forces in America. There can be no resentment or impatience over Morya’s matters. No need to touch the Jesuits.

Some things cannot be allowedin the air. (To my question, where was the Stone kept before It came to us?)

1 February 1924


Maitreya is grateful for the offerings.[13]“Maitreya sends courage. Maitreya will accept the gift. Maitreya feels its love. Maitreya sends(daughter)blessings upon the joyous labor. Maitreya bestows labor upon Earth in the name of miracle.”[14]

For the first day of the fire of Maitreya, invest four hundred dollars. Al[atas].[15] Let Tar[uhan]’s[16] and Rem[izov]’s[17]seeds flourish. But let Rem[izov] add Zv[enigorod]Okl[. . .][18]to Nik[ola’s Parables]and parables about Our paintings.[19]The dollars will not be lost but multiplied.

Urusvati, your bright heart rejoices in others’ joy. I will fill the empty one with the new.

L[umou],[20] walk the beautiful path of My Joy.

My wallet is inexhaustible, but “Walk joyfully. It is a joy to Me to lead the smiling ones. Discern the Teaching of Light in each manifestation.”[21]

Udr[aya?], remember, you can walk past the diamonds, relying on yourself. “Resourcefulness is a quality of My pupils.”[22]

The Light is upon you.

2 February 1924


Teach Udraya to smile.

You need to write to Sp-r[Spooner?]—a Russian origin is challenged by sufficient knowledge.[23]A good letter of praise from America and sending a catalog will give a boost. It is better to send it soon. I teach you how to melt the heart of a proud people. A Russian hand can guarantee . . .

At the beginning of the year, you can live peacefully. Learn to comprehend the books sent to you. Help is prepared for everyone. But do not trouble Urusvati, Our spring. Urusvati is a spring in a large factory for the required time. I imprint what is needed on the aura, so do not distort the surface by touching.

Urusvati is needed—remember, very much needed. A new understanding of the earthly path to Heaven is growing now. The Temple can be affirmed only by the earthly path. When the load of the Temple’s stones will be laid from the spirit down to Earth, We will all sigh.

Urusvati senses, Urusvati knows, Urusvati will manifest. Urusvati is manifested to kindle a miracle on Earth.

Urusvati needs to weave a pure cover of Our Shield. Therefore, I saydo not disturb Our Urusvati.

What is next? (N.R.’s question). My Museum!

3 February 1924


“I enjoin you to behold a miracle needed to peoples. You will know how to reach the hearts of men.

“As the arm can move only from the shoulder, so does the consciousness move from the brain. One must detonate the brain; then the consciousness is projected forward as from a cannon.

“The Teaching flies upon the wings of events.”[24]

The steps of destiny can be specified better. New Russia is manifested and also its border. It is destined to erase many borders of Asia. Urusvati knows. Mixing of the old is the best catch of the new. The new will unexpectedly come through T[ibet?]. Our success grows—grinding it like a stone.

Today was a good sign. I think the smile of T. is very significant. As an underground mine proceeds your structure. I sense you can live purelyuntilthe given date.

“Say: ‘I may wait today, because, though tomorrow shall follow even without me, meanwhile I can strengthen myself.’ How can one advise and what rubbish should be sold on the market? We shall not display ourselves when we put on new garments. Let them believe there is nothing to put on. Even the keys of the trunks must not rattle. We shall draw the curtains of the windows.”[25]

4 February 1924

“The law of the transition into the spirit world is not complex. The one condition may not be likened to the other. As the dust of a volcano, so countless are the spirits who return to the spiritual world. Of course, matter is a condition of spirit. But blood differs so greatly from its equivalent in the spirit, which is nurtured by prana, that the boundaries are broken throughout all Worlds. It is with difficulty that the spirit realizes its release from matter. The spirit attached to Earth clothes itself in the astral body, which creates for him the illusion of Earth here in the hearth of cravings and remorse. But the spirit which speeds out, in upward striving only, can avoid the astral plane, because the astral body is but superfluous rubbish. The less litter the purer the consciousness. On Earth it is difficult to conceive of forsaking matter without despising it, abandoning it for a new formation. But you have the best example in the giving away of any objects. The best donor will devise the best gift. Therefore, the matter which has garbed a lofty spirit affords the greater usefulness because nothing is wasted. Of course, a conscious communion is accessible to lofty spirits if the appeal is sufficiently freed from questions of matter and blood. The spirit, nurtured by prana, does not assimilate blood. Therefore, one may divide the world on the basis of blood; no other demarcation exists.

“The seed of the spirit continuously carries life on, and the balloon of nerve emanations carries the spirit into the heights the spirit has determined.Therefore, to speak of immortality as of a purely scientific fact is profoundly correct. Upon the casting away of matter, the final thought is like an arrow. This moment determines the direction of the flight; the rest is added according to the aspiration. Let us know how to aspire. Let us construct a rainbow conjoining the steps of the spirit’s ascent.”[26]

I am ready to answer questions about the so-called death tomorrow.

At night from February 45, I heard:

Then I saw a lot of falling comets and a voice saying: “Turkish sword.” The next morning English speech, I remembered only: “With a comparatively small group of strong men.”

5 February 1924

I sense a bad sign—the Stone moves differently. The Stone is not yet awake, but its need is great. The evil hand is stretched toward My house. My house is humiliated.

Urusvati may hear My Call today.

We shall disperse early today. I want to avoid the nonsense of disputes.

Urusvati, take rest—even the rustle must be heard. Better we will solve the questions about the non-existent death tomorrow.

Direct your thoughts to America.

The Teacher thinks to wake up the Stone soon.

Make a clean table between the beds.

Sit silently, the four of youit is necessary to calm down.

The boys came.

I sense, I sense, I sense; concentrate on America, on Log[van?].[27] A great loss. Direct your thoughts.

The blow, the blow will bypass My daughter.

During the day on February 5, I saw the hands of M.M. as if holding a small fire. I saw almost all the pearls on the brooch given to me by Poruma[28]some were erased, some fell out.

6 February 1924

“Let us speak of death.

“Death is no more than the shearing of the hair, for in the same way is matter cast off. The question of Guides is answered by the familiar law of attraction and repulsion. The principle of requitement and assistance is a powerful one in the spiritual world. Therefore, every appeal of an embodied spirit evokes a response. It depends upon who asks. One can attract and keep near oneself lofty forces. Also, the lowest spirits may be fastened about oneself. One receives what one wishes. When men understand the usefulness of pure giving, they will receive riches.”[29]

What is the causal body in the Theosophic definition? The shadow of the aura.         

Does the spirit have a form? No, “the spirit is a light of the beauty of the stars.But few spirits blend with light; more of them are in astral bodies. Better to glow as a star, retaining knowledge and the possibility of returning to the planets to help. One may choose a better destiny—are the possibilities of the giving one not evident?”[30]

I expect your question.

Is the departed spirit aware of parting with the loved ones?“One may strive upwards toward light, seeking to render assistance; then there is no parting. If those who remain would consider the departed as having been sent to light and for enlightenment, then the communion would be more sound.”[31]

I expect your question.

Do the departed ones see more than us?“The loftier the spirit, the more he beholds—it depends upon the development of the spirit.”[32]

How could the astral bodies, devoid of spirit, appear at the séances and even give answers?

The body, left behind, retains a superficial consciousness for some time.

Why, then,does the physical body not retain this consciousness? The nails and hair grow.

But this growth is devoid of consciousness while the astral can provide answers. A simple reflex of the astral, very soon evaporating. Answers, like withparrots,gradually settle to the ground. Take the example of the mechanical processing of any substance—there are many similarities everywhere.“A lofty spirit feels whither to strive—it flies as an arrow. But a dark one hovers behind the stove. Therefore, precious is the bold desire to seek, because he who seeks finds.”[33]

Your question.

Is it true that in Devachan spirits can create images of everything they loved? Yes, “if the desires of the spirit are lofty it can discover lofty forms, and in creating them it can contribute to perfectionment.”[34]On the astral plane, communication with the Earth is more usual.

Should humanity strive for immortality in the physical body? The harmony of spirit and matter. To promote the creativity of the world. Having improved, people will fly away from the Earth, but earlierthey should learn that the spirit exists. Here, We Ourselves, after the sky-high worlds are again at the trough, must turn it into a font of spirit throughall-enduring patience. Thus, shall We proceed.

7 February 1924

Urusvati nourishes pure thoughts forBuddha’sTeaching. It is a necessary task to manifest a grain of light. The Teaching is simple and equal with other Teachings of Light.We shall give a simple understanding of God to the Russian people. On the signs of My Inscription can be shown the mercy of Christ. He maybe presented as a genuine Teacher entering the homes of everywaitingone. The task is to give the appearance of Christ, pronouncingthe prayer of Knowledge and Decree. Austere joy should resound at the service in the Temple. There are no frequent services; memorable days should be observed. The Statutes in the Temple should be kept in a large book.

We will think before you leave about how to inform Taruhan and Lichtmann.

To the desert.

Parts of the Ministry and other Decrees.

Urusvati and Fuyama, I wish to see your path through the carpet of world events.[35]

It becomes rather tight from the course of the crowds. Our Ray foresees better days, but it is overcrowded right now.

The prophecies for this year are correct.

8 February 1924

We can praise you; for this month, an important consciousness has become stronger—the awareness of building the Temple by earthly hands and religious affirmation. I have never seen the prophecy of the predestined Temple so clearly. An invisiblehearth grows amidst the crowds. The unheard Decree leads travelers. Do not be surprised that I repeat so much about the Temple. My Voice,like a trumpet, daily approves the Decree of time.

I do not persuade you; but together with you, I lay the foundation stones.

“The law of the saturation of space is similar to that of cementation. Legends, prophecies and manifold signs have major significance not for the separate individuals but for the cementing of space.”[36]

My dear ones, I place all Our faith inyou.

“Our communions reveal the book of the growth of the spirit’s understanding. Not by the way of miracle but by that of daily routine do We work. I vouch that even from spawn one can learn. Each ovum of the spawn bears a complete organism. Thus, a many-hued sac of thought imbues space.”[37]

We send an arrow and happiness to those who help the Temple. Write this to America.

In the morning I heard: “Happiness to those who will help him.”

9 February 1924

“A cloud is no miracle; meanness is not achievement; ruination is not cleverness. But the awakened spirit grasps understanding immediately. Therefore the Brotherhood has abnegated the manifestation of miracles. Signs can accompany events only as banners. One should discard miracles as a means of persuasion, because miracles have never convinced. Some speak of a personal communion; but the air is for all, although many do not wish to understand its use—precisely its use.”[38]

Again, I rejoice at the absence of irritation, and this is a great achievement.

“New strivings may be born over the graves of old prejudices—one more conquest.I have already told you of the spirit understanding. When the Ray unites the Teacher with the disciple, then the main understanding is transmitted by the spirit’s perception. Not letter, not sign, but infallible spirit knowledge guides the conduct of the disciple. This infallible knowledge is the speediest conduit.”[39]

In you, it is formed successfully. “Actually it is not a matter of mental decision, it is spirit-knowledge.

“I am sending you arrows of simple attainments. Not to all is the simplest path accessible, but if you can understand—good for you.”[40]

10 February 1924

“And the call of the Mother is heard! Not by magic but in spirit shall you attain. Can magic affirm the Stone? Nor can people become affirmed through magic. But when each one understands that the spirit’s way is simple, and brings the call of the Mother of the World, then each one will find the Gates open.

“Without lamentations and invocations each one may approach the apparatus of life—not through mind but in spirit. The hands will be stretched out not to entreat but to gather. The call of the Mother will show the Gates whereby it is already time to enter. Just the Call of the Mother. When the whims of childhood are forgotten, only Mother can call.

“The repast is ready. The hour is come when a new feast is spread. Approach, while the dishes are still hot! Many will not be able to swallow the hot food; but the boldest one, like the fairy tale prince, will swallow the fire of the world. And the path of fire will illumine the nearest road.”[41]

Urusvati hears the thoughts emanating from Our Tower.

Do not think it can be all by chance. If the dates are sometimes delayed, sometimes they also approach.

Write to America—the legend can be printed. Let them prepare and add My Decree on Tibet.

Tibet and “the New Country shall go forth to meet the seven stars under the sign of three stars which sent the Stone to the world. Prepared is the treasure and the enemy shall not take the Shield covered with gold.

Await the Stone!”[42]

Print it in the magazines as an interesting prophecy in five languages—English, Russian, Jewish, Italian, and Czechoslovakian. Do not waste any time.

11 February 1924

Urusvati, let the letter go—I will findthe best solution. Look, I will teach you how to finish the letter in a better way. The Teacher’s guarantee allows us to go the steepest way.

“Our thoughts are about you. We are sending you the Teaching—how to walk upon the steep rock, transforming it into a wondrous valley. Humanity feels that the solution is not to be found by the sword, and the last possibility sent is the indication of the Gates.

“Success is only a sign of the correct direction. Success is but the understanding of the moment. The Teaching is but the lifting of the curtain of the theater. How wonderful it is to be an actor in the world’s mystery! Walk in joy!”[43]

So, write from Me.

“The unbroken chain has great value. My Hand sends rays from the mountains. We shall begin the New Era without delay. I teach not to dream but to harken to the flow of events.”[44]

Urusvati is right to send the legend to R. Urusvati is right to have it translated here. Start translating tomorrow night.

12 February 1924

I sense the phenomenon of a miracle. I sense the Shield is still shining.

Urusvati senses America is beyond the reach of the enemy’s hand.

I sense it is necessary to feel the specified path, the specified Russian path. Urusvati, Fuyama, go, as the vision says—We will wait in the snow. The appearance should be explained. Ch. will lead you to the point of Our snow line and indicate the direction;for further you will have to walk it yourselfsuch is the custom. We Ourselves will come forward to meet you. Ch.will return to the world, for he accepted the mission. The custom is not to return to the line of snow until the assignment is executed. It can be finished quickly. The Temple can be finished in two years,and its completion can be carried on in the astral body.

Smile; I wish good for Urusvati, and We will not leave Fuyama either. I teach how easy it is to cross the desert.Especially now I need to be invisible. Waiting people can cause embarrassment byseeing Me before the due time. Earlier, We used to come bodily. But now when the date is nearing, there is a need to be invisible; for it was necessary to put on the supreme, strengthened power that requires special treatment—like a charged dynamo.

I shall lead you harmlessly. Our Mountains have such a high vibration rate that even at a distance you are out of balanceregain your breath. Vibrations proceed only along the ray. I advise vegetable food only. Fish is better, not frieda little. The disposition of the nerves is cruel. Blood is fighting with nerves. It is better not to burden your stomach. The amount of blood must be reduced. You can carefully go through the monasteries. Every woman experiences it, but just calmly sense the portionof food. Food should be lighter.

13 February 1924

“Contemplate memory and consciousness.

“Since memory is for the past, consciousness is for the future. Therefore We replace memory by consciousness. By means of memory I cannot penetrate within the boundaries of the sun, but consciousness opens the gates. For Us, the museum and library replace the memory; therefore, disciples should not grieve over the loss of the old memory. It is simply that a small thing is replaced by a great one.Consciousness is akin to the spirit understanding; it grows until one's whole being is engulfed as in a flame. During this process the chips of memory, like dross, impede the burning. To know does not mean to remember. He who attains hastens on without looking back. Humanity must remember the transmutation of consciousness.

“Wherein lies the strength of Our experiments? In the solar consciousness, being poured out as prana. Above the stratum of earthly thoughts stream the currents of the sun’s wisdom, and in these regions begins the great preordained Teaching. We summon to the encompassment of the Universe. But only the instrument of consciousness will permit the new experiments of the blending of spirit and matter.

“Karma cannot complicate a harmonious body.

“Therefore, the path of ascent is of practical benefit.”[45]

At night on February 13, there was a conversation with M.M. about solar consciousness. There was a vision of M.M. entering into the very heartthe center of the Sun. On my request to manifest stronger, I heard: “I am afraid to burn those who are destined to come to Us.”

A dark medicine was shown named “Hypessil.”

14 February 1924

I teach you to pay attention to the lamas. The miracle of Tashiding will be useful in Mongolia. To guess how things will go is hard; each sign will come in handy. I advise you to get a note from Pemayangtse about providing support to you from the Buddhists. The same that you will get in the fall from Ghum. I sense how dates can approach. My dear ones, you are not the only ones who want to bring them closer. But it is necessary not to burn your wings. Not dirty but the shots of the crowds left as if eczema. I restrain Myself but the good is first of all.

Wherever it is possible alongthe way, do not walk. It is necessary to grow new skin. One suffers from the battle of nerves with the blood; another has wheezing in the aorta—let it pass first. You can walk carefully.Consider yourselvesas being a year in a sanatorium. You brought a lot of joy, and this metal does not rust. The Teacher rejoices at you. Take the phenomenon of the path carefully. I teach you to admire without being tormented!

OnFebruary 15,earlymorningwestartedourjourneytoSikkim.

24 February 1924

The day of our return from our trip across the monasteries.

I consider the trip successful—you strengthened in spirit and learned the condition of the Teaching. “Beyond the roots of eternal Truth there is much dust. The time has come to remove excrescences.”[46]

Remember the sign of the fires on the mountains. I sense the sign was revealedto you. Write down the letter that the Lama will translate to you in Tibetan:

“The glory of Tibet and Mongolia approaches. “The Treasure is returning from the West. On the mountains the fires of jubilation are kindled. Behold the road! There walk those who carry the Stone. Upon the Shrine are the signs of Maitreya.

“Out of the Sacred Kingdom is given the date when the carpet of expectation may be spread. By the sign of the seven stars shall the Gates be opened.

“‘By fire shall I manifest My messengers. Gather the prophecies of your happiness.’”[47]

Send the letter toCh[istyakov?];[48]let him find a way to pass it to Ur[ga?], Hut[ukhtu?] St.[49]

Let the Lama give you a letter about the vision of fire.

Urusvati, Tara of the New Religion brings the foundation stone.[50]

Why did I feel such a mortallonging while visiting temples?

It was the burden of the world’s dust. Manifesting the Ray, We bring to light the growths of dust. Even an old man dreams of a new temple.

Urusvati, the Teaching is manifested to your spirit. The foundation of the Temple grows invisibly in the spirit, and like husks, growths are showered. What is specified in the scriptures about the Temple will manifest on the White Mountain—I testify by the vision on the Lama’s white stone in Tashiding.

25 February 1924

He needs to be helped to approach the mystery—he believes childishly.

“My Book must be understood better(by him). The Teaching of how to walk upon Earth is revealed to those who consider heaven to be alive. A teacher is one who can walk firmly upon Earth. I repeat that there should not be renunciation of earthly life without full understanding of its manifestation. One should understand with sensitiveness the events of each day. When the date strikes, even an ant may come as a messenger.”[51]

The knee should be treated with a hot water compress. The displacement of the tendon can be softened by heat. Take a rest.

In the morning I heard: “Let him come rather slowly.”

26 February 1924

I rejoice in you, I rejoice in you, I rejoice in you.

Urusvati, the Guardian of Justice, and Fuyama, the manifested warrior, write down the prayer of the future Temple:

“In the Name of Christ, in the Name of Buddha, in the Name of Maitreya, in the Name of Mohammed, in the Name of Solomon,[52] in the Name of the Great Teachers and Prophets, in the Name of the Brotherhood of Earth and Heaven, accept what is desirable by you, not to harm or kill but for the comprehension of Light.I bathe My spirit with a miracle of achievement and in silence, receive the Radiance of Truth.”

After that, a description of the Masters’ lives is read. Then comes the offering of gifts. Everyone brings the bestof what has been accomplished by deed or in thought. Then everyone who does not have a task is assigned one. We end with music and a brief parting word about how to derive courage in spirit. After that, the chosen brothers will make a selection of the offerings. Some of them will remain in storage; the rest are to be distributed to people.

Regarding inventionsthe rights remain with the inventors.The sphere of the artist is accepted by the consent of the spiritual voice.

Also, the final decision is approved by the sign of the spirit.Any disagreement is removed by a sign from Above. In case of My Presence, I decide.

Urusvati understands the importance of publishing the Legends. You already have your publisher. You can start with Remizov’sbook Nikola’s Parables.The Legends of Buddha can also be printed. Dear Urusvati, followyour spirit’s inspirationyou will not be mistaken.

Will there be a service to the Mother of the World?Therewill be a special service for Her,a beautiful service on every twenty-fourthit is Our number.

27 February 1924

I sense how careful you should bethey are strongly watching you. Now sit silently. They feel a difficult situation. There is even a legend about the Russian Tsar who disappeared with his family through Persia. It is better to remember this. Your path is so strongly connected with Me that it is necessary to wait out the dates together.As well as you, I, too, have to resist phenomena because the network of currents isspread widely. It is a common occult phenomenonwhen the paths of the Master and disciple are so connected that they accept the similarity of conditions, the same way of traveling carefully. The desire of the dark ones is to trace one party in order to guess the intention of another; therefore, they try to influence those who are less protected.

Pay attention to L.aren’t there two faces in him? He is calmed by My Ray, but the arrows of the enemytickle him. As a result, he is harmless, but he watches over My actions reflected in you. Therefore, if you doubt the action, it is better to ask. You need to remember the phenomenon of the manifested ray. The Teacher will be able to find a way to keep you safe.

Urusvati, convey to Poruma My desire to behold Met Myself in her bedroom.[53] Point outthe occult meaning of S[aint Sergius]’sImage.[54] They can have others as well.

Let us go as wanderers along the path, helping each other. You are shielding an important path of Our movement. Tell Udraya to work calmly, everything is provided; let him not push. You cannot speed up the flight of the ball.

Improve your healththis is Our request to Urusvati. Read The Secret Doctrine[55] and Isis Unveiled—the facts may not be understood.[56] The past will help to build the psychology of mankind. But read peacefully.

28 February 1924

I sense all is well ahead. Urusvati will sense the Ray, and the stream of blood will come to an end. It is necessary to achieve a normal balance. It is rather a manifestation of the Ray rather than a pyramidion. I will speed up the processas much as the organism allows.

Sit quietly by the road. I will awakenyou as soon as it is possible.

We will manifest a successfulprogram for the next year, but for now, you have enough work.

Urusvati, it is better for Udraya not to jump over a pit, not to sit on a white horse.

Urusvati, write down aservice to the Mother of the World:

“The Mystery of the Universe is concealed under Your Veil. Seraphs sing Your Ray. Your Ray illumines the World. Children sing Your Name! You concealfrom Us the phenomenon of yourName. People countlessly beseech You and bring the best Name. Heavenly harmonies call upon You! White Sisters on the White Mountain, let us raise an Image of the InvisibleMother! Who can behold You? But Your Light penetrates into Our Hearts, and a rainbow clothes the eyes seeking You. Joy follows You, Mother of the World!”

After that, amidst flowers and music,follows a reading of the biographies of the prophetesses and ascetics. At the entrance, there are the Images of the martyrs of the New and Old Testament. Russian women bring woven works and especially the works of the emerged new life with the participation of women. Participation of women along the government line.

The women’s intuition will know how to decorate the Temple with flowers. The music and the female choir. At the beginning of eachyeara Service to the Great Spirit.

29 February 1924

Urusvati, your flower is dear to Me.

Each vision partially deprives the nerves of their work. It is especially necessary to protect the nerves during their fightwith the blood. Contactingtoday, I showed an ocean of blood. It is necessary to know in order not to be tormented by visions. You cannot distract the nerves from the fight with the blood. It is useful to reduce the amount of food. Afterthe blood, you can give a taskto the nerves. But it is better not to accelerate the treatment since all force is harmful. One thing you can believe—I will not miss a minute. Growth and ascent are normal, but I should protect your health; otherwise,I would be a bad doctor.

There were also quite long periods when I felt sorry for her (Blavatsky).[57]When it is possible to touch without burdening the nerves, M. comes immediately.

You felt the blue light, but it was necessary to stop when the nerves awoke.It can be helped by easing the food and, at least temporarily, abstaining from irritation.

Lumouoften causes torments;so the plan is to let the children go, then they will better understand the usefulness of Our ways.

When you see the beginning of the visions, donot say, “Too little.”But say, “Again.”

However, you have already caught your breath.

Remember about Americait is an important time. Poruma stumbled at the wrong time and forgot that the power comes from Us. There is no big danger, but it was at the wrong time.

At night on February 29, I woke up to the sound of ocean surf and saw within myself blueandsilver light.Irealized that the sound of the surf happens in my organism, although the body felt nothing. In the afternoon on the same day, I heard: “She fell where she should not have fallen.”

1 March 1924

“Merging into the summits of Cosmos, one must find coordination with Earth. Each moment We are ready to forsake everything of Earth and at the same time We love every blossom on it. Therein lies the wisdom as to what remembrance to cherish: whether about the crown or the fragrance of freesias, the shouts of victory or the songs of shepherds. That which is the most dear but least of all belonging to us is the best load to carry on the way.Song brings us health, and blossoms will heal wounds. Therefore, I say, happy are those who understand sound and color.

“From the very beginning the prophets have noted sound and color. The ancient instruction about the ringing of bells is full of meaning. Wreaths and garlands recall the understanding of healing power. According to the color of his radiation, each one is attracted by flowers. White and lilac have affinity with the purple, blue with the blue; therefore, I advise to keep more of these colors in the room. (You will find out)one can follow this in living flowers. Plants wisely selected according to color are more healing. I advise to have more freesias—(I love them too. Let these flowersserve as My Sign.) Our Ray, with its silveriness, is more reminiscent of white flowers.”[58]

Mur[omtsev?] had barely escaped danger; the thought about you helped him.[59] You help many people.

Live peacefully. Do not get tired.

2 March 1924

I think that the time required can be waited out here—it is the period of great misfortunes. “A whirlwind evoked by crimes stifles the hoary Earth. Fumes float about, obscuring the mind. The iron shower is beyond endurance. One should be cautious. (It is necessary to protect America.)Beware—success lies not in haste but in the understanding of the times.”[60]Even amidst Us, voices are raised to hasten the flood of the old world. The hammer is raised, but I am deciding not to rush.A Decree to all who are with Me to refrain from extraneous affairs. To continue the given matters and to secretly raise the treasure of spirit. To be able to wait out the shower and hold tightly a friend’s hand.

Thus, write to America. “The hand of fate leads toward the inevitable dates. Desire the manifestation of the New World. It is not We who shake the empires; We only sweep away the decay. It is important to understand the rhythm of the tide: now the lofty joy of understanding, now destruction.”[61]

Urusvati brought Me the gift of flowers.“Color and sound are Our best repast.”[62]

Urusvati, continue reading Isisin quietude. Do not worry; I decided not to hasten the flood.

Will our journey be delayed?No, I am talking about the world.

Why did I see M.M. in a chaotic situation?Another prism. Just as it was necessary to rearrange the device, it was necessary to catch the breath. The attitude of the world is different; a lot ofcrowds, therefore I saycare for nothing extraneous; aspire only to Me!

3 March 1924

I am pleased, the worst cup is over. You will find out—the appearance of the letter. No need to leave this place—endure through the cruel times. The Teacher sees the clouds gathering—here, you are like under My Wing. Urusvati displays a correct understanding of the expansion of consciousness. “Not treatises, not logic, but the channel of spirit brings the perception of Cosmos. The tenor of contemporary life has severed from humanity all understanding of the universal power. The perspicacity to penetrate the superterranean spheres is manifested only at the boundary line of sleep. He who can appreciate this sacred moment has already begun to lift the veil. (From her early age, Urusvati distinguished the transition to the World of Light.)Not visions but consciousness is important. Not what is compelled by training but what results from voluntary revelation is valuable.

“The approaching time must put at the disposal of every sensitive spirit the tripod of Pythia. A kind of democratization of the features of aristocracy. But everyone inescapably bears in his bosom scales impossible to cheat. Each one will allot himself immediately what he deserves. This conforms with the New Era and easily reaches people’s psychology.Understanding the flow of people’s thought, it is easy to foresee the consequences.”[63]

Enough for now. You can feel the complexity of the time. There is no danger—a sign of sensitivity.

From March 34, I heard: “It should change; thehours of knowledge must be approved.” At night, I saw the bushes of freesias.

4 March 1924

The manifestation shown yesterday takes away many good accumulations. My Decree says to direct the efforts to America, especially for two months.

Urusvati correctly addressed Poruma. It is impossible to tear her away from home; her spirit must still bestronger. There is already a whirlwind around the house, but let it also work for the benefit. You can guess now when those matters die. Just“know how to turn the thrusts to advantage. Desire many enemies, but do not make them.

“Let us conclude that begun yesterday: the recompensing for bad and good actions must be accelerated. The primary concern of religion should be to provide a practical solution to life. The heavenly reward is too remote; the return should be brought within the earthly span. People can now understand as universally accessible the miracle of the renewal of possibilities. Hence, either the hand of the Invisible Friend or a sharp sword. And, remembering the advantage of immediate remuneration, people will find a new path to the Temple. There is no need to implore Divinity. One should bring to oneself the best deed.”[64]

5 March 1924

The flowers and instruments ofOur Laboratory.

The fragments of Our lives, like the threads of fabric, envelop the nerves accustoming to the vibrations of Our Abode.

My visionsaren’t they imprints?You have not seen Our Instruments, but their image conveys part of the aura of Our experiments.

Реилмаер[65]blowing from the mountains carries the knowledge of the black Stone. Узновчк.[66]

I am going to help the young warriors. Help is needed today. I will ponder how to sensitively whisper inthe ear. Evil, manifested spirits should leave.

The four of you should sit togetherdirect the thoughtstowardthe house. I like it when you are together.

During the day, I saw a Tibetan cup as if on a tray, and inside the cup a dark spherical object.The tray was lifted, then reappeared, and there were two objects on it which I could not see well.

The hands were folding luminous fabric.

A large cylinder was in an inclined position; on it,a lid was placedfrom below in which there were two rods glowing with sparks. Two beams flashed from the cylinder.

In the night, I was awakened by a noise and above me, I saw flowers on long stems with narrow leaves;the flowers were shaped like bells,white with thick stamens painted in purple.There were two flowers on each stem.

6 March 1924

Decree to Lumou: “The Spirit of Hiram, do you think slaves will always load ships for you? Do you think they will always bring gifts for you? For the last time, I summoned you for building the Temple. You have the key;turn it,and question your experience. I talk to you, the quirky spirit! Bringing in a good time, you filled your barns. Do not evoke the lightning! Remember, remember, remember!”

My dear ones, accept My reminder of Salim—only My death was able to satisfy him.[67]

I think he can be strengthened; give Me time. Old spirits dipped in old habits display contemplation of the luminaries. We can find countless paths.

A golden sign is not a good one, but a silver star will fix it. Take care of your health; everything else can be fixed. One spiritual organ cannot be treated spiritually. It can be treated with the rest amidst prana. Compared to potions, is the sun worse?! Many are harmful; only a direct bridge to the Sun heals a heart that contained much.

Come to the feast. Slander will not reduce the size of the shownaura. It is rarely possible to revealit.

(On the film my portrait came out in a circle of light.)

Hold it for a week. (On the question of whether to convey the given Decree to Lumou.)

7 March 1924

My Ray has penetrated your spirit, henceFuyama senses his heart,and Urusvati senses the tremor of the body. Urusvati is like a clock. So much is being accumulated during this time. Everything is amazing;therefore, please take care of your health. If you are tired, take a rest. Let your thoughts wander without tension. Think only about directing the current in the atmosphere of the house. Success, success, success—thussend. Unnoticed by you, your thought acquires a special power.

It is the center of the nerves of the solar plexus. When Salim touches as if the current is flowing. Lie down soon; you mayput your hands in hot water.

I heard M.M.’s words about the Stone:It contains a particle of the Great Breatha particle of Orion’s Soul.” During the day, I saw the rainbow aura and M.M.’s hands bringing me a dark object.

8 March 1924, evening

I have indicated the meaning of the Stone; I pointed to the Treasure of the Great Spirit. Urusvati should bring the Stone closer to your essence.Being placed between both of you during the night,the Stone assimilates with your rhythm, and through the constellation of Orion, will establish a connection with Its predestined path.

Know that the Stone was sent to Napoleon.[68] The Stone was taken away when he deviated from the path of union with his wife.

Urusvati, verily I say unto you, if you express your feelings directly, you will pronounce the best prophecies. Without reasoning but by the knowledge of spirit. The prophets could never tell why they were speaking. Without a mirror and without a voice, they just knew.

As a guiding star, a particle of Orion comes with you. So write it down todayyou can prophesizemuch more than it seems to you. Never belittle a gift.It grows on its own laws, but one needs to remember it. Remember earnestly, as equally as you knew the events of life.

Beyond the worlds, one can saythat’s it? “The greatness of Cosmos precludes scrutiny; it overwhelms and exalts. Spirit-knowledge is cognized by the spirit’s knowledge. Pay attention to the silvery thread that connects one in spirit with the spirit of the Guide and extends its silvery manifestation up to the Ruler of the Planet. There results a network of conduits from the Supreme Spirit. The highest individualization does not fear union, and the gifts of revelation are sent along the silvery thread up to the highest spheres. Similarly, at the birth of a spirit a lofty Spirit sends him his conduit.

“Remember, every kind of occurrence is possible in the world of spirit. New possibilities are molded not by an invented formula but by an indescribable power of spirit. It is both difficult and wonderful.”[69]

(A verbal conversation about the Neophytes and Hierophantsrecording is not allowed.)

9 March 1924

“I rejoice at your prophetic possibilities for only through them can the best evolution in the future be secured. Knowledge of the past without foresight does not lead onward.”[70]

Only the path of a great Teacher remains for Urusvati. Speakers and singers are not suitable for Our evolution,for they appeal to crowds. But now it is decided to conduct all the actions apart from the crowds. And even My Friend, Master K[oot]H[oomi], cast His Voice to act in a relatively small group. Urusvati heard His Voice indicating the success of an experiment with the few. Note the date, for this decision is important. I share with you all the important decisions. Even a lover of cathedral performances has joined the beginning of the few. Even My Friend acknowledged the worthlessness of the crowd. A change in psychology in the world must follow.The recognition of democracy must lead a few trusted ones scattered around the world.

Youwere right to not record the end of the conversation. Add a noteverbally about the Neophytes and Hierophants.

I expect your question.

(Verbally about the combinations of the spirit).

10 March 1924

Now about America. Write howto collect for the American museum. It is enough to collect one hundred paintings in seven years. Thirty old ones and seventy new ones. Notice thiswill be thebeginning of the museum. Now it is better not to miss the Ryder.[71]It will be difficult to buy later. “Copley”[72] should be silently searched. Ask Pepper[73] to get a Sargent[74] cheap for the Museum. Get a Pepper as well as aPrendergast.[75]Satisfy Chicago through Scholle.[76]I think you can entrust him with the cheapest price of two hundred dollars per paintingbythe young artists. Besides him, Hoeckner[77]has a Weisenborn[78]and Potter drawing.Ask Moodyfor the price of Sraja.

It is a lot of work, but do not rush. Let us now turn to a verbal discussion.

I expect your questions.

(Talk about the God-man).

11 March 1924

I will narrate a legend about a Brave Spirit. An Old Spirit decided to bring three gifts to the people. The first oneunity and purification of religions. The second one—the greatness of the Feminine Principle. The third one—the arming of people with the power of air.

“How will you proceed?”asked Buddha. “Bravely”answered the Spirit.

Upon the waves walks the spirit. We observe the struggle for finding power. The door will open soon, but the poison seversthe thread.

One more life is given for knowledge, but the accumulated signs are stolen by an evil priest and are not understood. But these signs are preserved in your essence and will shine forth in the hour of the date.

Where is the unity of religions? One, two, three, I see brave attempts. The last priestess guards the tomb of religion until its resurrection.

Where is the exaltation of the Mother of the World? One, two, I see a wise sacrifice. The bold Spirit had provided the three gifts.

Christ says, “Let the lights of the three offerings be kindledin one hour.”

Not torture but the joy ofthe completion of an important journey. Not in a royal way but with a traveler’s sum will royal gifts be brought. Silence will be a guard, and lightning, a messenger. Thus, the dawn of the eyes will open the veil only to a few, and the magnet of the spirit attracts a human heart. As an old spirit, you will reach soon!

I tell you, Urusvati, before leaving Darjeeling, you will receive My letter. I am talking about the affirmation of the path.

I expect the question.

What signs were stolen by an evil priest?The formula of the universal energy contained within an ancient image from the time of Solomon.

(A comment on the insignificance of the previous incarnation.)

Rokotova’s contribution was not small.[79] Instead of male freedom,she gave a place tothe woman. She brought the peasants’question to the Mother of the Worldshe was preparing a destiny for women.

Still, I cannot understand how I can do something with such an insignificant means?Let Us judge how you willachieve the goal.

Prepare the questions. I am ready to answer in detail.As manyas you can.

12 March 1924

“The purification of religions predicates a new direct relation with the spiritual world. Christ, Buddha and their closest coworkers did not use magic formulae but acted and created in full blending with the spirit. Therefore, in the new evolution the former artificial methods must be abandoned. Remember cause and effect. The mechanics of yogism are no longer suitable for the regeneration of the world. A teacher who sits under a tree and forbids does not conform to the need.

“Whence does one derive strength and wisdom? In union with the Great Spirit, recognizing cause and motive, we build an immediate consequence. We evoke Those who earlier did set out on the great path of personal realization and responsibility. And our appeals, through thousands of raised hands, reach Them. There is no need to implore, no need of terror, but unity moves masses. Desiring the good, we accept the heritage of the Great Carriers of good. We leave our spiritual vessel open for reception of beneficences. Nothing of evil will touch us, for we desire only that good which has been affirmed by the spirit. And carefully shall we deliver the web of writings into the treasury, because we are going to the Sources.

“To be prepared, to be self-denying, to be abused, to be calumniated, to be joyful, to be silent, to be jubilant, to be the bringing and the bestowing one, and to be in this life taught by the light of the sun, is to be as We wish to see you; and as such We are dispatching you. Thus has your spirit accepted the mission.

“Not with a royal domain, not out of the alchemist’s cellar, not with conjurations of magic, but in the midst of life, do we go and come to You, our Elder Brothers and Sisters, to receive the treasures preserved by You, accumulated by us, because we go into the simple Temple of the Supreme Spirit. Thus we shall return to You, because thus do You wish to see us; and the load imposed by You we shall safeguard as the Chalice of Immortality.”[80]

13 March 1924

I foresee the pure thoughts of Urusvati.

The Spirit of the Stone will not sleep long. M[orya] knows the habits of the Stone. The Spirit of the Stone, like a wave, rushes in and again returns to its source. It cannot be turned,except for the successful courseof luminaries. This is the case of the world magnet workinghere. When the Stone becomes dormant, It can awakenonly at a predestined time. My Star’s Ray will approach in time. The union of the luminaries isrequired for the Ray to bring forth the desired combination of earthly eventsa closed circle is formed, and the Stone becomes the center of the vortex.

As long as the star does not leaveits orbit, the ratio remains legitimate.“Not by accident do bits of the luminaries reach neighboring spheres. They are like a means of communication. These signs are neglected by modern science. The importance does not lie in that an aerolite may contain carats of diamonds, but in its significance as a psychomagnet. By this means men can enlarge the sphere of communication. In the future coordination of matter, this quality of psychomagnetism is important; because matter must finally blend with spirit, must become fusible, like glass. Towards the beginning of the new step of evolution a new means of healing may be applied by grouping people according to the rays of the luminaries. To go beyond the confines of the planet is the immediate objective. Not a spectator of the worlds is man, but a conscious coworker; and his way lies not through puddles, but through the radiance of the spheres.

“Why search for Light when one should sense it? The spirit knows it is accessible to him and predestined for him. Otherwise, wherefore the ladder of Our Brotherhood? It rests on the earth and has merged with the heavenly spheres.”[81]

Where was Solomon’s ring kept?In Asia, with the wise Brothers.

How could I know the formula for air energy?Because Solomon knew it.

Have I been close to Solomon?Mysteries were common. Much was known, but the time to reveal it had not yet come. It was all for the good; by burning strip, we prepare a new bread. Winter knows summer.

14 March 1924

“Courageously withstand the dreadful attacks. Your spirit must rejoice at each action. While the hens cackle, the rain comes and the harvest is good.”[82]

Unthinkable, how little hensworry about the museum. Russian cabbage soup is thick, so today we think only about America. It is better not to write about anxiety; a gesture of calmness is better. Just say: “A good exercise in human knowledge.” But prepare two articles: one on“The Freedom of the Transfer of Art Objects,” and the second on the “Praise to the enemies.” It is necessary to indicate how blocking jumps are comical in front of the eternal snows. Comicality must be shown vividly. Show a grin without irritation. Better write now.

(The first article is given by automatic writing).

It shouldnot betoo long. Better send it now, then the original. Similarly, the second one. I vouch tomorrow it may be given to Zim.

What can be said to Zim.?The sameface of the King of the World is being manifested in different parts of the world. From the description of the visions—it is one and the same face.

15 March 1924

I feel how they creep in; your spirit should be tempered. My Decreetake care of friends; surround them with iron. Guess through the eyes who is with Us. Keep your hands closed, and do not repeat the secret even to yourselves. See, even I am talking about caution instead of teaching, which I would not like to interrupt; but repeating it with you, we weave as if armor.

“There is power in repetition. Although incorrectly applied in religion, in life this armor is indispensable. One must repeatedly enwrap oneself.”[83]

Concerning My House, the consequences are so important that the cannonsare aimed at this fortress. Do not think about anything else but only withstand. The hands will not reach if we gather attention. For you are already good helpers to Me. Your thought clearly cuts through space. Think simply knowing that I think too. I advise you to send light to the house, repeating:“Success.”

Let us sit. No need to close the eyes during the sendings. Imagine the light as a blue arrow flying inside the house.

16 March 1924

Bravely accept the attacks. Thick rubbishis boiling. They will have to leave. [Uroil] Zena knows his task of cleaning the air.[84]“In the barn is much dust, but from the barn comes bread.”[85]They will have to leave. (Repeated seven times).

This phenomenon reminds me of when We were building the Temple of the Sun in Atlantis. Enemy ships tried to prevent the completion of construction. Then We stood by the sea and repeated: “Sun, do not allow!” And the sea current turned the ships. Also, while laying a Temple in the desert, the fainthearted tried to flee because of the heat. We turned to the stars: “Stars, quench our thirst!” And the next day,streams of rain flowed. So it was when the treasure of Israel was created,and the traitors tried to cause people to uprise. We repeated: “Stone, hide us!” And the stone vault covered the rebels. Also, when the novices rushed at the strongest enemy, We kept repeating: “Do not allow it, Spirit!” And theInvisible Shield covered the warriors. In the same way, you repeat now: “Success,” for we are affirming the steps.

Write to America tomorrow.

Let us sit together. Desire to send a blue ray.

What is the meaning of the words that I heard: “But you cannot eventhink about.”About the seriousness of the moment.

At night on March 16, “Monday is the day” (inauguration of the museum).

“Not good, not good!” (Refers to the hanging of paintings in the museum.)

M. is calling.

17 March 1924

‘“Whoever succeeds in hearing the voice of his spirit will rise above the precipice.’ Thus spoke Saint Sergius. ‘He who has retired into the woods cannot hear the talk of people, and he who then falls asleep will not hear the birds—heralds of the Sun. And he who is reticent at an evident miracle will relinquish his sight. And he who is hesitant about helping his brother will not draw the splinter from his own foot.’ Thus spoke Saint Sergius.”[86]

With a number of important days, I recall the difficulties of the struggle of My time.“What for?”—will you ask—it is wiser to be together and reminded of what is relevant to the struggle, and which might be useful in the future.

“Of Sergius one will have to speak; people will want to know about Him. Thus, We shall throw color upon the Image of St. Sergius, illumining in narration His life and sayings.”[87]

While receiving the narration here, send it to America.

18 March 1924

“Let us speak of the auras.

“The egg-shaped aura is natural to the astral body. The most usual, the narrow aura, which emanates from the entire body, extends outward about two inches. In accordance with the degree of spirituality, it begins to expand from the upper nerve centers. Starting from the solar plexus, it afterwards rises toward the brain centers, forming the so-called solar aura. Influxes of blood are characteristic of the transposition of the aura, when the current of tension shifts its pressure. Even fainting spells are possible. Finally, the radiation leaves the lower extremities and forms a surrounding ring. The organism while yet in the midst of life becomes acutely sensitive, especially to sounds and colors. The utmost tranquility is needed during this transitory period. The solar aura may be of ten or fifteen inches, and of course its dimensions may increase.

“In spite of the discomfort of transposition of the aura, one may congratulate him who has acquired the upper radiation. The opportunity for repose should be cautiously created. Later on a seeming new armor grows, as the nerves of the skin become strengthened. One cannot exactly divide the physical and the spiritual. The balance fluctuates and the waves travel over the organism. This must not be called a malady, but the organism must be assisted every moment to fortify itself in its new condition.”[88]

Now about something else. It is not good;it is not good where the paintings hung. It is possible to fix it, but it is better to call new people.

Blavatsky tried, but the portrait came out badly;the same happened in America.

Send a telegram: “Please verify hanging—some discord. Bridge of Gloryneeds to be hung in a dark place. Greetings from the Himalayas.”[89]

At night from March 1819, I woke up, feeling a slight tremor in the whole bodyIheard the words “Be attentive.” Turning to the other side, I began to seea lot of freesias and lilac flowers on long stems; then, as if a corner of the garden and a strong smell of pine. Then, again, rows of freesias but already potted and not blooming yet. During the vision, I heard: “From a new point of view”—“Term of Atlantis”—“Possible.”And in the morning, another phrase uttered very lingeringly: “Very, very nice manTar[uhan].”

During all the phenomena, I felt a deep but not painful heartbeat;the nose and even palate were deathly cold,while there were intermittent waves of cold and heat throughout the body. In the midst of the visions of flowers, as if another one was comingSvet[oslav], showing me his paintings and asking about them. As always, I could not remember all the phrases heard.

19 March 1924

I sense new ones are coming. My Hands lead them. I sense they obey the raythey will reach. Spare time for them; better write to them. Youare able to applythe heart impulse to the sending to America. Just pass the arrow of the thunder of courage through them. Even a short message already helps.

Now about the visions. You have already seen My Garden. Following the wise flowers, you received the best medicinecedar resin. Learn to accept the issue of work more simply. Now the main thing is rest. Only peace can be missed. If you want to sit silentlydo not drive it away. Evengreater work is to accept the sending from Us.

Lumou seems to improve.

Remember, nothing is meaningless. You were repeating My Words. If only My date would pass. Why send so fewarrows? Do as you wish, for the spirit knows. I said a lot about the sword. You will feel great relief if you do as the spirit suggests. I instruct you to learn the manifestation of spirit-knowledgeagain.

Let us sit.

I have heard: “You should be very careful!”

20 March 1924

“As you felt loneliness before, so now you must feel the spirit-knowledge. There is bidding to each new step. Permit volition to the spirit. Exercise caution, in conformity with the spiritual consciousness. Ask yourself, ‘What does the spirit wish?’”[90]

One, forging My Sign, did not understand the meaning—let him forge in his own way; there will be no harm(Rem[izov?]).

The Siberian cedar grows withgood reason. Remembernot the nuts but the resin is important. Let L[umou]carrynot only musk to N. but convey about cedar resin.Also, from My pharmacyboth purify vitality. Hir[am] knew both. They may be called by H[iram]’s name. A lot can be passed on to him, but let his hand stretch solemnly. Musk can be combined with resin.

H. will find a solution. If not, I will help.

It is useful for Poruma. Now she needs to think only about the houseto keep her arms around itwithout letting the enemy in. It will not be so soon now.

It is the correct decision to rest in bed. I will wake you up when needed. The most important thing is to convey it to the spirit and then manifest in life. “The step of the spirit-knowledge is important. Approaching it, it seems that the spirit is most remote. But this is only apparently so; on the contrary, the spirit knocks powerfully. It is important to act directly, to grasp the spirit-knowledge. As one wishes, so should one act. One had better apply it on details than risk using it in massive measure.”[91]

Let us sit.

L[umou] may have a wonderful home in My House.

You can expect the enemy’s action—they prepare for a plan of stings. You can help by sending arrows jointly with Us. We will break a lot.

A vision of a flower with thin, narrow leaves and something glowing in the middle of the flower.

21 March 1924

“Let us compare now the spirit-knowledge and the command of the will. The knowledge blossoms, manifesting protection and illumining the fundamentals. The command of the will is directed into alien spheres, and conquers and annexes. The command is denoted by the symbol of a sword and arrow. The symbol of the spirit-knowledge is a flower. The command can be communicated to the disciple from outside by a swift sending. Whereas, the spirit-knowledge blossoms from within, and cannot be evoked by any wand. Like a flower, the knowledge blooms in its destined hour.

“How, then, may one assist the flower? Place it in a quiet spot, give it sunlight, and forbid anyone to touch and pluck the leaves.”[92]The symbol of white and blue flowers is a reminder of an approaching date.

Why is it important for Urusvati to increase the spirit-knowledge? Several times she deviated toward earthly knowledge, but without the spirit-knowledge, she involuntarily passed the results of knowledge to the enemy. “Without the spirit-knowledge one cannot raise to its height the knowledge predestined for humanity.”[93]

Incarnating at this time, the spirit wanted not to forget the spirit-knowledge.And this gift was manifested from an early age.Every spirit entitled to aquality can invoke it before incarnation.Therefore, in order to bring experienced knowledge to the people, devote at least a short time for the blossomingof the spirit.It will be much easier to accept the predestined knowledge if you spare time for the blossoming of the spirit.

You have shownan understanding of the stars today. It is necessary to be careful. I did not make it clear about Udraya. But he needs to know what assignment is being prepared for him. He can easily know his way by the end of the year. But let him not burden the hands that shield him. We will prepare the bonds; let him swim. If he manages to lend a handhe can be given.

R.they harmed both of them. But We will arrange everything; now I ask for at least physical rest. The pressure is high when the body changes. Believe at least for a minute, We are doing the best.


A vision of blue flowers and potted plants.

22 March 1924

Pure, healing flowers are brought from Our Garden. Theystand in the pots in Our working room. Remember the shape of these flowers. You may describe them for America. You can have similar in My Abode. You will see more. Today you began to see significantlyan Ark, where we deposit all Our unfinishedmanuscripts. Gradually, a whole inventory of Our everyday life will accumulate. Before leaving to Us, you will send descriptions to America. All objects, even remotely seen, will help to approach the aura of Our Abode. Itcan be gradually filled up, but many details should be written for memory. Step by step We will manifest many details that are necessary for you and instructive for many others.

Assumethere may not be an end. Why again lie in diaperswhen you can continue life in the two worlds. Each one of the White Brotherhood can change an outer appearance at will according to what is more convenient for the commenced work. It is easier to continue the path rather than to postpone it until a new battle. The manifestation during My Coming requires not infants but friends with an experienced spirit.

I look from each flower and want to help. A strong desire to return to Us quickly after brief but intense laboris quite feasible. I think that life with Us can fulfill all aspirations of spirit and knowledge. Therefore, begin to put into a chest everything that seems to be a trifle. We do not send unreasonable little things.

The cover of the ark, saturated with the aura, willkeep the flow of started thoughts.

You mayask anything that is unclear.


At night, I saw on the right side of the bed, two pots with tall plants with bifurcated trunks and rare patterned leaves;I could not see the flowers. On the left side of the bed stood several small pots with bushes of small blue flowersthe leaves very narrow and long. In the afternoon, I saw a rich colorful coverlet, it was thrown off, and I saw a rather large ark with carvings or ornaments on the sides. The hands were folding some papers into it. Around the ark on a silver background, it was as if a rainbow glowed.

23 March 1924

The sisters of Al[tai] will bring salutationsand help from the throne of the Mother of the World. We rejoiceatthe decision to gather the Sisters. When a dream comes true, then a new layer grows. Let this layer begin to grow with the first rays of the Stone. Tomorrow we shall spend the day in quietude. You can go tomorrow to get the flowers, remembering the Instructions about the color.

Let the dog bark when great works are being accomplished. Urusvati can calmly look forward toa beautiful future. Three deeds were built during the year, and at the last hour, the beautiful layerwas ignited. Beloved, do not forget that the word, like a torch, provides a new body to the dream. This thought was expressed fully, exactly as it will be in life.

One of your works that you can direct from afar. I think O[yana?] will be very useful.[94] I think strangers will come, becoming Our own. But O[yana?] will accept the hill and save your chalice. We will also not forget Por[uma] for America.

You have twice gathered successfully on the twenty-fourth, revealing the shield of one workand the birth of the layer of another. “The growth of the works is similar to that of lilies. Near a garden wall one white sister has hidden herself. She has no companions, but the stalks already carry the evidence of new ones.”[95]

Urusvati, your name is ancient, and the beginning of your spirit manifested twice through the flowers.

“The incarnation as a flower is not often repeated. Some strive to the more massive forms of trees, but the charm of flowers is not always accessible, and one may not easily turn twice to them. There is no forbiddance against circumventing one of the animal incarnations by way of the plants. I would not say that the consciousness of many insects is superior to the consciousness of beautiful flowers. It is wise to outlive certain incarnations by sojourn as a flower. ‘Hasten, hasten! I will wait under a beautiful dome, and I will still be ahead of you.’”[96]

What flower have I been in the second incarnation?A lily. “Thus, the path of beauty shortens the road.”[97]

As usual, we will sit together before the holiday.

The boys came in.

Let us peacefully meet the new day. The Hand, bringing you the tablets of the future, leads by a firm road.


At night, I heard a phrase that began with the word “Pegasus,” the second one I forgot: “The year of scandals.” Then I saw a Mongolian figure with bloodied chin and cheekat the same time I exclaimed involuntarily: “Oh, Yurik!” Twice M.M. showed me the Stone surrounded by rays. The vision was not very clearthere were lilac rays.

24 March 1924

“To the deceiving one say, ‘How useful is thy deceit to me.’

“To the usurping one say, ‘Evidently the time has arrived for me to receive new things. But verily it is better for thee not to touch my things. Blasphemy and usurpation will attract lightning upon thee. Thy knife will be blunted by the invisible armor, and thou wilt destroy thy strongest weapons. And whither wilt thou go, consumed from within and reduced to ashes?’

“I have told you of the smile and of strength (five years ago). And to those sailing with Me a sword can be bestowed on the annual day of reminiscences.(And in the midst of a pile of misfortunes the windows of the palaceshine peacefully.)The law of requital triumphs, and those who gave shall receive.”[98]

“Why do you follow Them? It is easy and useful to proceed with Them. (Five years ago, this could not be said. But now this pillar has already been affirmed.)Swift as the flight of the falcon; unexpected as the transformation of Jonah; inexhaustible as the flame! Only by renunciation, in spirit and upon Earth, do you attain the manifestation of light and truth. Inexhaustible is this Source!

“On Earth, amidst threats, deprived of help and seemingly abased, they give, offer, endow, and follow the star. And, therefore, We rejoice on the anniversary night. And not only do they proceed to illumine the aura, but they go decisively, unrestrainedly. Therefore We rejoice!”[99]

How shall We call the Altai sisters for the people? A dear one came to Our village. Let them be dear to the people. We will find outas today is the twenty-fourth.

We shall sit together. Think stronger.


At night, March 24,a strong light in the left eye awakened me, but this time the light had two red stripes on the sides. I heard: “How many misfortunes happened!” The second sentence was forgotten in the morning. I woke up in the morning with the phrase: “Cedar resin is essential for perfumes.” In the afternoon, I saw a silver light around me and a blue-silver star on the photo of Hor[ch].

25 March 1924

My Hands held a chalice with an image of the future affairs. “Let us end the holiday and begin labor. Let us determine what to do. To act. In this eternal action is Our holiday.”[100]The circle of your spirit’s children glows. Spiritual children will present the chalice of Amrita given by Us to your spirit. Verily, soon there will be no free pearls; like a wreath, they will enclose to a circle. “But you, following Our example, should act without distress.”[101]

We also do not like cut flowers. Let them grow, and, if they can blossomreflecting God, the gardener will carry them for admiration. “Resolve to act in calmness, bearing in mind that Our spring flows through you incessantly. And when you ask yourself—where are They Who made promises?—We are standing behind you; and We rejoice, measuring the growth of the flower of your aura. We rejoice because this is Our Garden.”[102]And from here We can see how blue and lilac petals unfold.

“Beyond bounded vistas the Light unites the hearts.”[103]

Many seek toapproach you but sit as if under an umbrella. And act as the spirit tells you, from a speck of dust to a mountain.

C[atherine] of S[iena] pleads to preserve the calmness. There is no more wonderful fairy tale on Earth now than the one around you. Our Sisters admire the growth of the spiritual tree. C[atherine] is with Us in the spirit. Urs[ula], Or[iola], T[eresa], and M[ary] Mag[dalene].[104] Mary chose the life of an unknown nun in the thirteenth century. She rewrote and rescuedmany useful teachings. All workers of unity and peace adhere to Us. Sail in peace—one wavehas passed.


Christ has shown to C[atherine] how the Great Spirit descends to M[ary] for the salvation of the important Teachings. Met her later in the body.

A vision from March 2425 of a man bringing a very large potted plant. Then a number of lilac flowers of all kinds of shades and a number of blue ones. M.M.’s hands held an object which I could not see;beside it laid a light sheet of paper. In the afternoon I heard: “To Act,” and I saw the brooch gifted to me by Poruma, shining like a small sun.

The vision was very unclear—awhite wall, and at the bottom of the corner was an image of a Greek cross and maybe a swastika; there were tents, horses, and other animals nearby.

26 March 1924

At night March 2526, the vision of plants. “Donot take them into account. Everything is going well. Babylon.”

“Visions are as real as the phototelephone. One may consider them more real than the physical world. One may question only from which source they come; but the spirit controls this. To a good inquiry there will come a good answer.

“I will say something of great importance: People study visions too little. It is precisely by following the character of the visions that the best history of the intellect may be written. (This subject is good for Yar[uya]—in the future.)[105]

“Even studying but the crude visions of the past, we discern definitely certain periods. Of course, visions of sensitive spirits have characteristic forms.

“When men began to visualize Christ as an inaccessible idol, there began a period of visions of Christ in most realistic forms. He appeared as very close to men, entering into their daily life. Briefly speaking, every popular error is corrected. In the day of woman’s humiliation one may trace the appearance of the Divine Mother.

“Now, when the continuity of the chain between the earth and the heavens must be made evident, there is unity of manifestation upon various planes.”[106]

I am ready to postpone the narration; ask questions. (Aquestion.)

A period of the strongest idolatry, when only a few admitted the vitality of Christ.

“After St. Augustine the church began its plunge into the darkness of the Middle Ages, and Christ was locked behind a barrier of gold. In order to break it, Christ Himself descended even in lesser Images in order to manifest again the grandeur of communion in unity.”[107]I am ready to answer; meanwhile, it is simple, and I want to clarify everything because this question is important for the future. “The wisdom of antiquity understood well the waves of the needs of the world.”[108]

“Of course, one is the path from the One Source. As do the loftiest spirits, thus also the sensitive earthly apparati know this unity. The vortical gulf of rotation of the planets attracts particles of the spirit, and the World of Higher Reality flashes into the windows.

“In the future equilibrium of spirit and matter a clear vision may be obtained. But not only fragments are to be seen. That is why the ancients guarded this natural telescope so cautiously. The most powerful telescopes were women, and the first requisite for their protection was quietude.”[109]So, I say: do not take into account what is happening.

As with the best priestesses, your apparatus is good, so you need to establish quietudenow—I am speaking as a doctor;and when you read it again tomorrow, see how simple is the presentation of the historical truth. Do not forget that Christianity has not lived even three centuries. I develop your thought; and re-reading often, you could see how the circle of thought coincides.

There is no need to call the movement of the centers a disease. Now I will send quietude; you need to keep an open ear without fatigue. The truth is always first. Accumulations cannot be cast away. When the doctor says: rest, do not say: no need fora doctor. A doctor values a patient, does not want to cause damage, and is ready to arrive at the very first instant.

Prepare your questions—tomorrow B. ∆[110]will answer. Soon the wheel will get into the rut. At the first world opportunity, I am ready to come Myself. I have to come Myself; otherwise, you will not believe. Simplicity is similar to the world task. We shall approach gradually.


At night on March 27, I heard the voice of Sister O[riola] ∆: “A blind doctor.” The rest I forgot. A vision of flowers and plantsblue, violet, and lilac.

27 March 1924

“Here the Blessed One transmits: “All is for all and forever. Note the four laws: The Law of Containment; The Law of Fearlessness; The Law of Nearness; the Law of Righteousness.”[111]

Later We shall return to their essence. Now let us read from Our book, where the events are not distorted.

“When the time came for departing, the Blessed One said to His Wife, ‘Let us go.’

“And thrice he said, ‘Through the darkness of night, in the midday heat and in the ray of dawn.’

“But at night the tigers roared and in the heat the snakes crawled forth and towards morning the monkeys came in hordes.

“‘I am still afraid now,’ said the wife.

“‘This is also for the good,’ said the Blessed One. ‘Without a call, by your own steps will you be bearer of the Teaching.’

“And the elephant trumpeted seven times, proclaiming the date of the next meeting.”[112]

Now another one.

“Well, I praise thee, Ananda. Because without call,(embracing four laws,)walks She who affirms.(Do not avoid what is predestined no matter how much they interfere.)

“And the Blessed One perceived in the Heaven upon a veil the destiny of the Light of the Mother of the World.”[113]

Now you can see how the meaning of the Teachingwasdistorted.

How could He leave the child?The fleece in a manger was prepared for the child. However, that is what destiny did.

If you paint the Blessed One, it is better to show Him under the tree, beholding the white veil of the Mother of the World.Now the time has come to liftthis white veil, for a woman is supposed to bring the power of the world. Armed with four laws, carrying a white veilon herarm, and guardinga sword, she will enter the Temple indicated by the miraculousdate.

“It is not necessary to explain the Laws of Fearlessness and Righteousness, and it is easy to understand the Law of Containment, but the Law of Nearness must be elucidated. At the approach of certain Signs and Images ordained by dates, a specially saturated atmosphere gathers, as if clouds of smoke were overcasting Heaven and Earth. That which had been clear begins to crumble, and, as if in a whirlwind, falls to pieces. Even physically this period is difficult, but during this period certain dates are being pronounced which stand as milestones on the road.

“However, knowing that the predestined people belong indefeasibly to the ordained dates, we must calmly pass through this period, like one becoming acclimated to new gases. Remember that during this period not only the Teacher but the whole Brotherhood is watching, and if individual voices are heard you need not be astonished. It is good to have flowers near during this period.”[114]The color is most important.

We shall conclude with a smile. If Urusvati wants to change her look, then let Berendey be seen in a gray appearance.

It is correct that youremembered valerian. It can be taken in the evening and morning.


What does the phrase heard by me “It is unpleasant for Me” mean?The eventsare interfering now;greatdisturbances of currents reflect on many things.

At nighton March 28, I had a vision of a Buddhist monk in white and heard one word: “Tripitaka.” A vision of blue and violet flowers.

28 March 1924

I think it is possiblefor certain dates to come sooner. You can get ready for departure. My breath is near your place.

Nowhow to get ready. Prepare a peaceful summer. Strengthen your health through sleep. Receive the Teaching without getting tired. Take walks and surround yourself with flowers.

I urgeyou to endure attacks courageouslyhe will be belittled. R.love to humiliate their own. Worthless comments about his work are handed over tomorrow. You will learn how Logvan broke the dishes. The cloud is broken, but the dust is in the air. We shall proceed further. The first condition of Our Brotherhood is not to regret the past and to master the future.

It is better to place the Stone on the table.

One morning you will awakenthe Teacher, the Teacher, the Teacher has arrived!The Plan of Benevolence.

We know your spirit.

When they depart. By that time, We will strengthen the ear.

Beloved, enjoy the rest, I say.Do not be afraid to take an hour from the game of time. It seems this knowledge will have to be left at the door. One comes to Us with a stock of all previous accumulations, which are ignited at the threshold. Every priestess contributed a lot. Do not forget Isk[ander] Kh[anum].[115]Nothing has been writtenabout the landowner of Ryazan,[116] but her achievements were significant. Do not forget that Russia had the best relations with the East and the accumulation of both forms of magic. The best people were associated with the paths of the East and prepared the predestined path. Decembrists did not come to Siberiaby chance either.[117]I regret thatyou have not taken Vorontsov’s dagger—it had been in the East.[118] Try to get it.


29 March 1924

“In the ancient magic books can be found the term, ‘Illuminacio Regale,’ which means the Royal Illumination. It is such an important principle that Hermes ends his treatise with the words, ‘Blessed are those who have chosen the path of Illumination.’

“The symbol of the anointing of kings has the same basis. Absolutely all initiates into the power of the Mysteries agree in the assertion that the highest harmony is in the manifestations of the power of Illumination. Therefore, the king is symbolically the anointed one, because without estranging himself from the earthly he expresses the will of Heaven. Above the conventional formulae that are congealed in the crust of prejudices there is knowledge, diffused, as it were, in the air.

“Erect a lightning-rod and attract the heavenly arrow. For one it is dangerous, for another it is the best armor. And the whole future is based on attainment of Illumination. A most difficult telephone will be in the hands of man.”[119]

And its conduit is already in your hands, Urusvati. Just think, the currentwith OurAbode!

The number seven is the numberof years. Let the currents interfere first, for the voltage is greatevery fragment should be used. But the experiment is so important that one must apply all patience because this is the very “Illuminacio Regale” of the ancients. And it is achievedto perfection only by experience and after sufficient time. It is easy to reach a low voltage current, but the higher one mustbe mastered gradually. You understand yourselfhow prudently one can be admitted to Our Current.

Should I practice during the day?Yes, but let us agreewithout fatigue. Orion is close to all mankind.

Does M.M. have time to rest?No, the rest is divided into brief moments.

30 March 1924

Let us beautify the name of Bl[avatsky] with a Museum, donating TheMessengerto it.[120]

Tell: “The last thought of the great woman was about art; it is appropriate to recall it withthe dedication of the Museum named after Blavatsky.”

The publication of the manifestedbulletin with articles will go to the Museum Fund. Keep this in mind. I Myself will indicate a set of articles. I instruct you to write now about the gift being subject to the naming of the museum. You can read how before her death, Bl[avatsky] wrote about art.

Consider how to print it cheaply; it must penetrate into the circles of the poor youth in India. Uch[ . . .],[121]not more than sixty pages.

You have ready articles. I will tune a harp in India. Seven articles from a folding table. Fing[er], Kaun, Rem[izov], Andr[eyev],[122] Ad[ney], Manz[iarly],[123]and Whit[man].[124] My Ray sees the benefit. The main thing is it should be available so that it can be received by the smallest hands. It can be published on behalf of America. The net income goes to the Museum Fund.

First, write about the gift, and indicate that America can publish a book for the Museum Fund. They are prepared to receive you.

Now your questions.

T[ashi?] L[ama?] does not understand the indications about you.

The miracle of a horse in the Middle ages when K.was unable to catch her, who was fleeing to the monastery.

The manifestation of Our Disciple who reminded[you] to translate everything about Maitreya. You see him for the second time; he has greeted you.

Remember him as a shield for America.

Just a habit of saying family matters in French (Father’s brother).

Of course, it is wonderful.

31 March 1924

It is wise to send Udraya forfresh air; he can also be told about the suspicions. There is agreat whirlwind around you.

Urusvati, as well as the entire White Brotherhood, will later have to deal with the new planets. The completed circle does not return. Members of the White Brotherhood, as such, will come to help the races. One who agrees to take part in eternal hourly labor does not need to be reborn. Urusvati will have the opportunity of the most gigantic storms.

Now assemble the mosaic of all Our everyday details.Keep in mind that the voices of other rays arrivealtered. A ray is a kind of resonator. The voice of your own color (S[ister] Or[iola])[125] sounds clearly. But to apply someone else’s resonator is impossible without some dissonance (Rak[oczy]). The snippets of Our conversation embrace various areas.

I will correct it if it is not right. He does not want anyone to carry the storm in the heart; he wants to proceed along the path conquered long ago. The aura is like the brim of a hat. But S[ister] Or[iola] will never get used to human turmoil. It is possible to translate into different languagesas if amultiplication device. The spirit mayreflect the thought as it wants. We may not like some languages, but We can use them. You mayconvey many thoughts to America.

M[orey][126] can come out of his youth. He has a great dangerto beat the bell without judging. Point out to America to discriminate amidst the people as much as possible. Everything goes successfully on your way.

It is necessary to exercise at different times (in hearing).

Will the conduit records comprise the book “Inner Life,” which was mentioned in Chicago?Yes.

1 April 1924

I need to tell you the news—Urusvati works onan especially important experiment. Providing the conduit of the Brotherhood to a person in life is a new step. The leadership of one Master is one thing; it is another toentrust in the life of the Brotherhood. The conduit provides the door to the life of the Brotherhood. Unadorned, the working life can be entrusted to one who finds the power of true fearlessness. This experiment is bestowed by Us for the first time. It is difficult to encompass all that you have heard—it is as if you are in the editorial office of a large newspaper; so be careful and save your strength.

Do not read it to children; it is a state secret! The details are always simple, but they may be heard only under the Ray. Gathertogether the collection of the revealed passages. Know that the experience is important before you come to Us because after that it will become ordinary.

It is important for all of you. To hand over the conduit in life is a new conquest of humanity. You volunteered to participate in the most dangerous experiment; this experiment is very important for humanity, and it is responsible for the new disciple. In it, the Higher Forces are brought down to Earth, and a new channel of benevolence is established. Again, a comparison with the editorial office;one can get information from the editor, but it is even more important to be present at the formation of information. But the knowledge of reality is the highest knowledge. That knowledge (Cosmic Consciousness) will be at your disposalat Our place.

“You do not understand; you have begun the greatest conquest of the world.”[127]

It hurts Me; instead of joy at the message of the Brotherhood’s trust, there is a dispute.Had you heard about the eve of the great war, perhaps you would not have believed it. Should We return again to the first stage of the symbols? I Myself have opened the conduit; would I Myself obscure a new achievement? You know My voice and should know that the performed experiment is under My Ray. Even in the future, having returned from the area of the planets beyond Uranus, you will probably sayI just went outside of the gate.

But nowlet Me entrust you with the great experience of touching the central conduit of the Brotherhood. The main feature of the experiment isit should take place in life. But permit the rest, because the body may tire from the unusual currents. The foodonlylight ones. The main distinction of the experiment is an ordinary life. Do not allow minor irritations; do not take them into account.

Ask questions.

The name of the Stone for R., it will benefit everyone who has accepted it.

And you are right; it is the kind of cooperative shares.

Tell T[aruhan?] about the Stone.

Touching the conduit of the Brotherhood.

The thought can be useful.

His manifested mother honored S[ister] Ter[esa].[128]

When you read old conversations, they become clear.

Only experience, confirmed by life, becomes light.

Just do not get tired.

2 April 1924

We shall continue about the experiment. It contributes to the intensification of the new centers. It helps to approach the chaos of the primary sensations. “Not in jest are the planets beyond Uranus mentioned. Often the spirit struck by the cosmic whirl cannot acclimate itself and make observations, but this is only a question of time and technique. Our prolonged experiments will prepare for a great deal, as also for lengthy labor. Many of Our experiments require centuries.”[129]Not by chance did I show the cradle of growing achievements. This treasury contains the ideas of experiments; it is being filled all the time, and there is always anawareness that nothing has been done. “So if you feel the endlessness of labor, you know one more of Our feelings—all time is filled.

“Sound and flowers become a necessity for further flights. The sounds of life of the spheres and the vital emanations of flowers truly enter into the recipe of Amrita.”[130]Just bring the Chalice of experiences without overloading the nerves. Permit the precaution of rest. Indignation of the spirit againstthose who interfere is fair, for it is an expenditure of energy for humanity. Many approached this experiment, but the conditions were not suitable. The closest one was now Aurobindo Ghosh,[131] but he did not have enough simplicity in life; he estranged himself from life. “It is of great value to approach the highest ways without being a medium and without renouncing the earthly life. Where there is argument, where there is fear, where there is the germ of prejudice, there it is difficult for the white flowers. Simply, simply, simply, applying love, courage and readiness. This is no time for inflated bubbles; out of place is conceit, especially when compared with Christ’s washing of the fishermen’s feet.

“In simplicity of life, in realization of the dignity of service to the New World, love for the worthy opens the Gates.”[132]

Another detail of the experimentif you hear nothing, do not worry but write it down: I did not hear anything along the conduit. A silent meetingwhen the will of the Assembly is directed at counteractingevil.

It is going well so far.

But it is better to miss than to get tired.

First, about the number seven. In seven years, mankind will feel the result of the experiment.

Christ visited, and My voice was not there.

We know the essence.

Just guardyour healtheverything else is filled with light.

The spirit knows what was said about the beginning of the experiment. From Christ comes the decree of the experiment; Heknows the best solution. For he visited Christ.

The place is ready (for us in the White Brotherhood).

Shakuntalaa symbol of female influence.

3 April 1924

“The rainbow is the best sign; each allusion to a rainbow indicates the development of the third eye.”[133]

Let us recall the completed milestones: The Three Magi, The Miracle of the Sheep Spring, Tristan, Peer Gynt, Sadko, Polovtsian Camp, Kitezh, Sacred Spring, and three times,Berendey. One must see very little in order not to perceive this sequence. From the cradle, both of you carried the signs of communion, and achievement was not alien to you. But you are given a task, not them. Spiritual children are, verily, more convenient.

Now back to the experiment.

To my remark that I am afraid of incorrect records. I will correct you; so far it is successful.

Your intuition should be praised once you noticed the Ray of the Brotherhood. A touching of the Ray is like a living touch. Write all these details in the book The Inner Life of the Brotherhood. This is a condition of every experiment.

What if I make a mistake?Then I will correct you.

Remember to note the sensations in the brain and spine. Do not forget the effect of noise. Indicate which one is more painful. Noticethe accompaniment of sound and light waves. A rainbow is characteristic. No need to discriminate the voices. Everything will come gradually.

I see something like a rainbow circle.It is a field of the Brotherhood’s Ray.

Without the first, you cannot see the second.

Now it is necessary to give the name of a person you can trustguess. T[atiana] Gr[rebenschikov?]—she is also the Altai Sister.[134] Nom. Nar.[135] from the Sayan Mountainsa follower of Buddha. She started a local school. I praise her work; you can trust her, the sixteenth century.

You can trust N. Vaguely you can write a term of thetwenty-eighthyear. Afterthat time, three years with Us. We will not reduce your opportunities for a single hour. Count twenty-seven, twenty-eight, and twenty-nine. Consider the twenty-seventhwill be rather difficult, as it alwaysis fornewcomers.Physically, but the twenty-eighth, twenty-ninth, and half of the thirtieth are holy days. The experiment will make it much easier.

Entering the Brotherhood’s atmosphere, you can avoid suffocation.If the Brotherhood’s Ray seems dense, then one can imagine the gravity of the whole atmosphere.We will carefully prepare you for this.Therefore,peace of heart is needed. Do not become tired; there will be many wonderful things during this time.

4 April 1924

You should have paid attention to some phrases that sound routine or even childishit is a very characteristic detail. “Just as We watch over you, so do We watch the development of children throughout the world from the cradle on, weighing their best thoughts. Of course, spirit does not often reach its best development, and the number of deserting ones is great, but We rejoice at a pure thought as at a beautiful garden. Therefore, do not be astonished that the Great Teacher repeats simple sentences, because by fixing these thoughts We sometimes provide opportunity for an excellent flower of spirit to become stronger. Therefore, along with great cosmic discoveries and world events, We just as carefully cultivate the flowers of the spirit. (Sometimes Christ Himself repeats simple words. After all, their consequences can be powerful.)Thus diversified is the labor of Our Brotherhood.”[136]

Meanwhile, this was the phrase pronounced by the Teacher Christ. These were the words a little girl said to her sick father. But this desire was better than that of someadults, and Christ confirmed the will in space. Therefore, I say it in order to explain the various layers. A Ray that is destroyingthe cities is as colorful as the one carrying help to a small heart.

And how many of your thoughts are repeated with admiration among Us. In Our records of thoughts,yours can be found as well, strong and luminous.

There arewhen a thought grows inward. (The answer to the question of whether there are thoughts that cannot be read).

I will explain: “There is thought which leads inwardly, leaving the surface of the spirit unruffled, and there is also thought which flies into space as a projectile, carrying an explosive charge. A ray accompanies the flying bullet. Every spirit knows when thought flies like a boomerang. It is especially desirable that the thought be tinted by one’s own color,but only opened nerve centers, instead of bringing forth the color of the thought, enwrap it in the color of the person—this marks the birth of true individuality. Instead of the thought being colored by its contents, the whole sending is permeated by the color of the individuality. Thus is the ray physically formed.”[137]

I deem it is important to hear the bell and lock of the door because adjacent sounds are inaccessible. So far the recording is going very successfully. We are surprised by the penetration over extraneous sounds.

On the contrary, during these days, the body advanced a lot and learned. All the remedies may be given, but it will only constrainthe experiment, bringing biases and flooding all free perception. Give the spirit freedom to settle down and watch as a warrior on guard. Therein lays the scientific nature of the experiment. The experiment is not for Us, not for you but the world.

Notice if I name the voices, now unpleasant because of an odd resonance. When the tower is very high, the voice is very sharp. Brother Ch[eloma] is Our Brother from Mongolia. When the ceiling of the tower is high, the voice changes. Right now, the south of Mongolia is dangerous.

The D[alai] L[ama] is tortured by the British.

Give Udraya three hundredrupees[138]from Me for a trip. Let him go for the first time on My behalf and from C[orona?] M[undi?].[139] And let him do everything properly.

Why am I unable to hear M.M.’s voice among other voices?I remainmostlyin solitude, for the sword is near now, and again it is necessary to prevent the blood. Bad news from the North. Do not tire, for there is much to come.

5 April 1924

Just think, it was never before possible to start such a valuable experiment and immediately engage in communicationwithconfidence that you have no prejudices. There were no such truthful records about the Brotherhood. On the very fifth night to hear Sister O[riola]’s lute,endure the laboratory ray, distinguish a view in front of the door, and receivea reminder of the images of atoms without leaving the physical consciousness—it is remarkable. How precious will be the coming of futuresteps?To discriminate the crackling of the refraction of rays in places of the aura’s accumulation, and to understand an accompanying symbol without mediumship is a very subtle achievement.

Remember, before your final departure to Us, a young girl, Elena, will come to you to become a sister; you will ask her: “Were you the girl, Nellie, who loved her father so much?” And you will show the day when Christ consecrated her. You will also feel joy. Your garden is not belittled. And how many fragments will turn into a harmoniousnecklace?

Do not tireit is important. When you areawakened—there is no problem; but then do not be burdened with thoughts, for the centers are bare, and the new epidermis has not yet grown together. The degree of sensitivity is great. The task is not to burn a valuable substance, but to increase it. Not only thoughts but all the tiresome things should be taken outside of the experiment.

To my remark that walking makes me tired. True—there is no need to shake an open vessel.

Do as the spirit wills; for the state of mind and peace is valuable in the experiment. You feel the heaviness of the ray from the laboratory.

Why does even the raised voice of M.K.H. not cause me any painfultremors?Because the room is small. We are waiting for the application of the ray without distress, but only time will decide what is best. It is necessary not to burn and not to freeze the nerves.

I do not see any progress in the visions or thehearing; for even before I have seen the formula of atomic energy and heard the whole sentences, I also saw the work of the nerves of the cells of the solar plexusand in the stone, etc.You saw the cell in yourself. The greatest pressure comes from the combination of voices of different Teachers. You are used to Our two Rays (M.M. and M.K.H.)[140] since childhood, but now comes the pressure of all the Teachers. Therefore, caution is needed. Already progress. But notice the waves surrounding the current, just as you already started.

6 April 1924

It is necessary to get the painting of the Mother of the Worlddone.Better the turquoise sky and the trees are not needed. The Fire-Blossom seekers may be depicted. It is necessary to exert effort to complete the Mother of the World. We have this painting—Urusvati is bringing the ark.

There is no need to depict M.

It is wise to do it as generally as possible.

At the chest, you can show the radiance.

I am waiting, will Udraya not be ashamed of Me? He has received My assignment.

Now about the experiment. I already told you how rest is needed; avoid fatigue. If there are short periods of rest, it will better affect the future. Most importantly, do not hurry or abandoned centers will not fade, and the pain can be disturbing. Some centers of the earthly purpose protest against the rise of their spiritual rivals. We have to let them fade awaycarefully.

Sleep; when needed, you will wake up. Everything is going so fast that you need a reserve of strength. Insomnia must be avoided. The Brotherhood’s Ray constantly envelops and invigorates you. Bathing is better during the day, and take valerian in the morning and evening. It is better not to develop the photographs. The children can do it. You will not believe how We follow you so as not to overload you and to protect you.

M[orey]’s bell is again at the wrong time. He is fearful as well and will have to change many skins.

Under the wing of T. send a telegram: “From the Himalayas proceeds an order to go courageously. The Guiding Hand will not abandon.”

It is wiser to go to sleep.

7 April 1924

“Christ said: “Not in a temple, but in spirit shalt thou pray.” Verily, religious prejudice is the worst vulgarity. Often even religious ecstasies result in more harm than good. Out of them the crowd has made a vulgar spectacle. Therefore, it is important to show the vitality of Those Who stand upon all rungs of the Ladder.

“It is time to cast off the diamonds which desecrate the holy Images. It is time to burn the relics, following the covenant of Christ. It is time to enter into the Temple of Spirit-understanding, consecrating one’s forces which perfect the knowledge of the true power of spirit.

“Not in remote laboratories, not in monastic cells, but in life shall you gather the truthful records. Where Christ, not in the folds of a chiton but in the beauty of toil, gathers the seekers of the freedom of the spirit.

“Many times have saints returned to Earth because they had conveyed to the crowd too much of their exaltation instead of the structure of life.

“We are absolutely averse to monasteries, as they are the antithesis of life. Only the seminars of life, communities of the best manifestation of labor, shall find Our assistance.”[141]

We are so happy seeing your construction, and We know that the experiment is in the right hands. Your exaggerated reputation as a woman of society and as a clever person comes in handy.“Indeed, through life one must attain. It is precisely the generally-accepted religiousness that is unnecessary. The facts of conscious Communion with the Abode of Light are needed. Let us say we wish to bring help, so we proceed consciously without magic to the practical Source. In this simplicity is contained the entire current secret, as yet so inaccessible to men who walk up to their waists in prejudice. It is difficult for them to understand simplicity, beauty and fearlessness.”[142]

Dear ones, walk like lions with Us in inseparable work. Urusvati, remember the sky, a glimpse of the painting. The top of the sky is darker than the aura.

Udraya, grasp the assignment.

Do not get tired; everything pleases Us. At night, do not lag behind sleep, but you need to develop joyfulalertness. This special joycan be replaced by the term, opportunity.Just keep the inner windowsopen. The first stageis learning to listen and get comfortable with the overflow of waves of the ray that accompany sensations. In the second stage—you will communicate with Us. Do not tire the centers too much. Two nights have passed. First, you need to get acquainted with the voices. Purposely, I do not prevail in timbre in order to allow other’s voices.

8 April 1924

“Fearlessness is Our leader. Beauty is Our ray of understanding. Simplicity is Our key to the secret doors of happiness.

“You may write emphatically about simplicity, because nothing so much bars the way as the puffiness of self-conceit. One must exert utmost efforts to reject every germ of self-conceit, and withoutsinking into bigotry. It seems an old truth, but now it must be reiterated. Everyone must understand for himself where his simplicity is lacking.”[143]

Do not be surprised, for the Ray affects the ray of the centers, and a high voltage is obtained. The Ray was known for a long time, but there was no time nor opportunity to apply it. Except for the one in the vertebrae, all centers below the belt are hostile to the experiment.

It must be subjected to the solar plexus.

There was no damage, but do not overwork the strings. We should not look at today but toward the future. The diver should maintain his supply of oxygen. Look only toward the future, for by the number of noticedsensations, the experiment becomes of high importance. Recorded words capture the diversity of a very wide range of Our activities, and here My satisfaction is above expectation. I repeat, just do not overtire; do not forget how to sleep.

Equally, Fuyama must not tire the heart. Sometimes it is difficult to reveal the spirit-knowledge. He knows how important it is to send the Mother of the World to America. Like lightning, it will fly around all women’s organizations. Every heart will feel Her.

Is not the painting better?Slightly better. People envying R. are not asleep, but we will uplift the new crowds. It is better not to write to America about the painting.

Urusvati can take valerian medicine—it is very good.

Ask to send by telegram.

Who participates in the experiment?Many participate, for the whole Brotherhood is interested in the experiment.

It is hard for me to be the subject of so many faces. Are they all watching me?Where My Ray permits, where My Ray permits. My Ray guards.

Whose cough did I hear tonight?Vaughanwas burned by the Ray.

9 April 1924

Urusvati can calmlyaccept everything. “Inasmuch as self-confidence is blessed in action, so is self-conceit ruinous. Self-conceit is hostile to simplicity.(You have no self-conceit.)Even great minds are subject to this malady, and must return an additional time to labor until they eradicate this husk.”[144] An example of a centuries-old struggle—Bes[ant]. None of the Brotherhood suffers fromthis. Still a small tail remains (Besant).[145]“One of the impeding conditions is lack of simplicity. One may wear bast-shoes and still not be simple. In simplicity one can build the greatest temple.”[146]

On my remark that the three covenants—“Simplicity, beauty and fearlessness(are closest to me.) Christ and Buddha spoke of nothing more. And it is a blessing if the spirit vibrates to these covenants.”[147]

Do not suspect the Lama, for by the Decree of Chr[rist?], Sister O[riola] sent him tokindle the new fire for Buddha near Chr[ist?].The Lama is right, for Our Eastern Brothers call the Sisters—Taras. They carry the Motherhood Origin. In general, by examining the symbolism of the East, one can find the details of Shamo and Gobi.[148] Of course, rubbishis beyond measure. Some may spoil everything.

“Do you notice that We even try to speak in the simplest words, only to bring nearer the downfall of the Tower of Babel? Hence, say that We shall reduce the dictionaries to ashes if they have made of the incisive words of Christ a heap of savage concepts. Simply it was said: ‘Pray in no wise but in the spirit.’

“Buddha passed through life in peace and people forgot him. Christ suffered and was forgotten. Now let each one raise his own glaive over his head, each according to his striving.

“People, search amidst your rags! A white garment is ready for all. Let us relegate all monkey attire to the circus, together with the conceited fools. Yes, yes, yes! It is better with savages than in a pharmacy of false remedies. Thus speak.”[149]

Do not estrange yourself from sleep; it is more useful to skip than to burden the centers. The Ray became a bridge. Now it must be mastered in life. “An apparatus is a primary step. The true conquest will have been made when the spirit will have replaced all apparatus. (It will be ordinary for you and then through you, for hundreds of people.)For man to be fully equipped without a single machine—is it not a conquest!”[150]

It seemed to me as if the crack was not at the head, as always, but under me?The rays crossed—it was the struggle of the rays of the body and the spirit. It is a common occurrence, but a very good one if you have noticed it.

What was that strange sound in the middle of the talk?The gardener was moving the flowers.

Why did the voices seem muffled?Also, from the underground chamber,it is a wonderful result.

Why am I unable to hear long messages?Listening to the long content, you will be distracted from the variety of voices and sensations, and the experiment of cosmic novelty will turn into a personal lesson. Why write down the formulas of world formations if they cannot be applied to the earthly plan?

In what position is it better to listen?Just not on the back; now you need to avoid excessive burdening of the spine.

When will I clearly see M.M.?When I knock better, for I am always near. If My Rays had obscured the experiment, it would have been regrettable.

Is it not possible to send M.M.’s rays, and sometimes the Rays of the Brothers?Then We would shatterinto shards!

I do not understand—Again it is simple—a glass can only be filled to the brim.

I understand that it can be dangerous for me, but why for others?And much more. It is not difficult to interfere with a great datewhen all its parts were assembled for millennia. The thread of the plan is outlineda millennium ahead.The yarn is perfect with the ratio of its parts. Better until tomorrow.

(N.K. was very tired. The Lama brought me his Image of Buddha, for he saw in his dream a phenomenon in the light of Tara, which told him to give this Image to me.)

10 April 1924

You saw the Tara, who loves you very much; Her name is Bh[ong] P[o].[151]

Our planchette in China prepares your way, justas Ov. is doing in Japan;in due time,he is ready to declare the Will of the Brotherhood. Many follow you with devoted love. Ask yourself—was there a person who approached you in a friendly way and did not rise?“For the reason that Our pupils bear within themselves the microcosm of the Brotherhood, there is not an indifferent attitude towards them. In their mode of life the same details as of Our Life are gradually revealed. There is endless labor; absence of the sense of finiteness, even of knowledge; loneliness and the absence of a home on Earth; the understanding of joy, in the sense of realization of possibilities—for the best arrows so seldom reach their mark. And when We see the hearts of people who strive toward one and the same garden, how could We not manifest joy?But fearlessness in the face of endless labor is especially important. It is true that from the realization of the infinite possibilities of the human apparatus one feels relief.

“The serpent of the solar plexus helps to surmount the confusion of the nerve centers; that is why the serpent was a regal symbol. (I showed a specimen of the solar plexus nerve under the microscope.)When the coils of the serpent begin to curl, the organism becomes especially sensitive. Flowers transmit their vital emanation through the fibres of the tissues of the white blood corpuscles, which defend the citadel of the serpent. In nature, serpents love flowers; similarly, the serpent of the solar plexus is nourished by them.

“Pigs also trample upon flowers, but without any effect on themselves. Therefore, without conscious consumption of the vital emanation one may pass over the best remedies. Hence the desire to see the flowers unplucked.”[152]

Your desire to let plants breathe comes from a sensitive source. Your spirit is already manifesting a lot. But I wonder—what prevents Fuyama from manifesting the Mother of the World?

It is necessary to accommodate. (To my remark that Fuyama has too many things to do and worries as well.)

I am sayingthat it should be more general; of course, it improves with chicken steps, but why spoil the paints for a week when one can think for an hour. Urusvati saw the painting with Us. I am telling that the yellow should be removed. It is better now, but time was wasted.

If M.M. is dissatisfied with Fuyama, what should be said about me?Your experiment is difficult, and what you achieved is wonderful.

It is not true; the coordination of centers is much better. Your new friend is even amazed at the result. A vision maybe given, but to let the details of a complex life pass into the physical consciousness did not happen. The visions from there, when you bring Our life closer from here; in this way,a man brings the Higher Planescloser to himself. Understand the difference between thereand here. Instead of admiration for heaven and rejection of the Earth, it is better to call the Higher Forces down ontoEarth, and this opportunity will bring new life.

But why am I chosen when many are more sensitive than me?First, teach them to perceive beauty and to becomesimpler. You are entrusted to transfer this opportunity to the Altai Sisters. Let this Fire-Blossom bloom in Altai.[153]Thus,keep it asa complete secret.

11 April 1924

The result is striking, even if neither the indignation of spirit nor the room filled with negativity did not interfere. The Ray was knocking for especially after the irritation, it is necessary to let the prana in. You heard about the situation in Tibet—a siege. You saw Our underground chambers and can understand how difficult it is to catch a voice. Now, calmly accumulate the details of the experiment.

“The refraction of rays yields sounds that enter into the symphony of the music of the spheres (explanation of the crystal soundsI heard). One may picture their crystalline quality of subtleness together with the power of the whirlwind.

“There is a center in the brain which is called the bell. Like a resonator it gathers the symphony of the world, and it can transform the deepest silence into a thundering chord. It is said: ‘He who hath ears, let him hear.’

“The spinal cord is also called the spear, because if we wish to parry the blows we must tense this channel. The centers of the shoulders are also called wings, because during a self-sacrificing achievement rays extend from them. The legend concerning wings is highly symbolic. Likewise, it was a favorite custom of the ancients to wear a round metal plate upon their breasts.

“The crown of the head is termed the well, because the waves of alien influences penetrate by this way. Everywhere in antiquity we see the covering of the head connected with the symbol of the priest, whereas now this symbol is replaced by the name of a business firm. So men have become spiritually bald!”[154]

Point to America: except for one hundred copies, I advise you to replace the first page of L.M.G.[155]—it can be cut off. It is better to approach people in their own language. But for the few ones, it needs to be preserved.

It is better to shut the sly mouth. If the enemies are worried, it is better to remove the flag. Also pay attention to a wise, calm smile. Let it be learned in front of the mirror. Let it expresswe know what we are doing.

“Let us conclude with a message to the newcomers: There is so much for you to learn in order to acquire the wisdom of calmness and of actions. You must discern masked faces and know how to make My Name the armor of each action.

“I will come unto the appointed country, and at that dawn one should not fall asleep. Therefore, learn to be sensitive and to keep about you a radiant garment. And when you are fatigued remember that inaction is unknown to Us. Try to adopt the same customs, and love flowers and sound.

“Walk like lions, but guard the little ones, because they will help you to open My doors. Have understanding!”[156]

On the contrary, there are fewer troubles (pertains to the experiment).

12 April 1924

Learn My Commandments about cheerfulness. I am telling Fuyamaeverything is so complicated that only a sword of courage can cut the fog. Urusvati saw the enemy’s spells. The symbol of attraction, of course, is only on the earthly plane (explanation of the vision). Naturally, the enemy’s laboratory is heavy, but it is better to know. That is how the Jesuits exercise.

By a sword of courage (answer).

MayI write about this vision to America?Certainly. Also,let them improve the hanging, gaining distance. My Ray is building a defense, but we must help in action. We foresee forty terms ahead, thus forging the best destiny.

Urusvati heard the voices from the locked underground chamber, isolated from hands not assigned for urgent work.

I senta vision from Our mirror about L[hasa] because T[ibet] is a knot of difficulties now. And the fat larva has prepared to jump. This person, of course, has an assignment, and his people were snooping around the house for a reason. Every day carries suspicion.

The question of military music is not accidental, for even a disguised king or general is not indifferent to it. Did you notice how he was staring at Fuyama at the table? He thought how difficult it is to understand the Russians and wondered why the whole palace should be occupied.

The Museum can be your sole defense. You will see how useful it will be, therefore, I care, and, therefore, Konrad spends time in vain. He should not be driven away; let them even read the letters. They will not understand Our Plan. Walk like lions.

Who will go with Ch.?TheTara who loves you.

13 April 1924

Purm[ayan]he is also Ours, and he knew Isk[ander]Kh[anum]. He will decide the significance of the revolution in India. He knows the people, for he walked a long time as a Sannyasi.[157] After all, religion did not abandon the people.

Little by little, Urusvati will know all friends. Gradually, the entire Council of the Brotherhood will be revealed. Urusvati, there is no need to be angry atthe birds, for every sound arms your experiment. It could take seventy-seven nights to find out the Names of the Brotherhood. Each one will be explained, but without Their Rays,the acquaintance will not be useful for the future.

I think the experiment proceeds very well. It is better not to strain; it is possible to reach the best coordination of the centers without avoiding the manifestations of life. After becomingused to the sounds and minor intrusions, you can always hear. Just do not hurry, for each achievement must grow. You already saw the windows of the Tower and the resonance of the height. Now you are recognizing the soundless voices of the underground chambers. Someone on the heights of the towers, someone underground uses the best conditions for work. The most important thing is not recorded in the book—a variety of activities and the method of telegraphic work.

Let the experiencegrow.You can see yourself how even the birds seem to disturb.Understand two foundations: one is personal for coming to Us;you need to get acquainted with a lot that will accumulate over these years.The second is worldwide, for you will bring a permanently conscious communicationto the world.It is necessary to be able to communicate in different areas.

“When many earthly apparati will have to be destroyed because of their harmfulness, it will then be time to bring humanity nearer by means of a natural apparatus.

“The literate in letters can act only upon the surface of the Earth. The literate in spirit can operate beyond all boundaries.”[158]

If the Brotherhood’s knowledge is not important . . .

But many names were given to B[esant?] and L[eadbeater?]?[159]Less than half were given, but now it is important to know the carriers of the current tasks’ solution. The Brotherhood works in groups, and the growing problemsharmoniously unitethe Council for new combinations.[160]

One must not succumb to the heavy rays of Earth. Leave a piece of Earth to Konrad.[161] He strained the ray of his laboratory, knowing that the thirty-sixth year will bring him a personal struggle with Me. But in America, his ray is assembled. I say this because through the waves of air rush unpleasant, though harmless, rays.

“The construction of New World combinations does not flow easily. The discarded centers attempt to obstruct the efforts of the new ones. (A new memory is formed.)

“We shall withstand the storm and downpour. Our mirror is bright.”[162]

14 April 1924

Shar[ka]—he is also Ours;he has an assignment to Tibet.

Our work is divided into three sections.First, search to ameliorate the conditions of the earthly plane. Second,search for ways to convey to people the results obtained.Third, search for means to communicate with the distant worlds. The first requires diligence and patience; the third demands resourcefulness and fearlessness, butthe second requires such self-sacrifice that the most difficult flight would appear as a rest.[163]

“Sensitive was your feeling that one should gather all courage to attain. There are tiresome and dangerous crossings, which may be endured only by trust in the Guide. He must lead you to the goal and not overstrain your strength. If He should overtax your forces, with what would He replace them?”[164]

I understand this is a boring stage of the experiment; I understand how difficult it is to show enthusiasm for a scattered necklace, but you just need to get through this passage.

Let F[uyama] understand, that “the lofty mission of women must be performed by the woman. And in the Temple of the Mother of the World should abide the woman.”[165]

Where will this temple be?Connected by a passage to the Temple of the Spirit—an easy task for the architects.

“The manifestation of the Mother of the World will create the unity of women. The task now is to create a spiritually sovereign position for the woman. And the transmission to woman of direct communication with the Highest Forces is necessary as a psychological impetus. (It is necessary to give a practical boost.)Of course, through the new religion will come the necessary respect.”[166]

“I feel how strained the current is, how strained the atmosphere,”[167] but do not forget that rose oil was considered the best sedativein ancient times. Roses are in bloom now, and their presence is useful. Flowers are the best medicine. I pray the nodes of the world may fall apart, for chalice is overfilled. The ‘Chalice’thus is called the center in the middle of the chest. “But soon the pressure of the stars will be altered. Even the approach of the friendly planet brings difficulty, because its new rays are piercing the new strata of the atmosphere. Certainly, they are better than those of the moon, but the new pressure is not yet evenly distributed.”[168]

The last vision should be explained:how a tissue that conceals the unfinished experiments is woven. You saw how vital cells were added to the tissue in order to impart toit true impenetrability. In ancient times, you can find an indication of living tissue. This tissue exists and is an important part of Our Laboratory. A simple coating completely isolates the objects of research. Live cells, extracted from plants, produce fibers that continue to live and form a living fatty substance, being an indispensable protector. People of future Russia will appreciate this resource.

15 April 1924

L[ao Tze?], Kium[be?], and Shor[uman?] are Our Brothers and members of the V.S.[169]

Urusvati maypeacefully accept the experiment. If there are gaps in the records, mark them in the morningI heard a lot, but could not record.

Then markI did not hear.

So, the main thing now is to maintain physical condition.

The wild ones are celebrating; it is better not to strain this week. It is better these days to grasp only what is easily achievable.

In Am[erica] and Par[is], they have an opportunity to send a pinch to Our Matters. Not for long will you feel them, for other clouds are going to cover the sky. But it is painful to see when smelly smoke disturbs peaceful achievements. Our discharges do not sleep, but it is not possible to live by oxygen alone. Not food in the morning, but the bursting of shells increases your heart palpitation. On one hand sulfur andnitrogen, on the otheroxygen. You both feel it; therefore, do not regret the missed nights. The main channel of the experiment is successfully established. For it is unearthly difficult to receive in the ear all the voices and distinguish them according to their tasks. Only in childhood can one have easy access to this choir. By returning this holistic consciousness, one can gain access again.

“With profound symbolism, Christ pointed to the children. Just as simply let us approach the Gates of the Great Knowledge. True, We compose complicated and exact formulae, but the method of discovery lies in the spiritual consciousness. Precisely in this consciousness We find the means to add new spheres of the worlds accessible to thinking, extending the boundary of thinking. The consciousness thus merges into a bottomless ocean, as it were, embracing new spheres. Thus great and powerful is the creation of Cosmos.”[170]

And you will yourself discover the new worlds! It is so radiantly beautiful!

It depends on the spirit.

16 April 1924

Let Me convey a very important message. An exclamation was heard today: “Urusvati. It is time to say that this is the name We have given to the star which is irresistibly approaching the Earth. Since long ago it has been the symbol of the Mother of the World, and the Epoch of the Mother of the World must begin at the time of Her star’s unprecedented approach to the Earth.”[171]Even Nephriteread this prophecy and, leaving, wanted to be on Earth to receive Her coming, and glanced at the ring. “The Great Epoch is beginning, because the spirit understanding is linked with the Mother of the World. Even to those who know the date it is marvelous to behold the physical approach of the predestined. The approach of this very great Epoch is important; it will substantially change the life of the Earth. A Great Epoch! I rejoice so much(in the tower), seeing how the new rays are piercing the thickness of the Earth. Even though in the beginning they are hard to bear, yet their emanation induces new elements, so needed for the impetus.”[172]

We want the icon of the Mother of the World to be finished at this time. Why the new one? You can remove the dust from the image. Someone really does not want to see her.

I am also glad how calmly the experiment passed at night. It is easier to enter the atmosphere in this way.

I will help them to leave. Also, a small house will be found. Near other mountains. I will tell tomorrow.

(Udraya). Better to offer him a job right now. Let him act on the condition of the spirit. I do not force, but suggest that it is better to give both of them an opportunity to stay separately. The main thing is your health.

Their capture is very extensive.

Do not take into account minor dust. I do not talk about them. I think I gave them enough.

No need to be upset when the“new rays are reaching the Earth for the first time since its formation.”[173]

But write down that “Today is the beginning of the feminine awakening. A new wave has reached Earth today, and new hearths have become alight; for the substance of the rays penetrates deeply.

“It is (simply) joyous to feel the approach of the New Epoch.”[174]

17 April 1924

Gal[ileo] still calls Astronomy, geography.[175] Now He is busy with a new body which appeared behind the Morning Star.[176] At first, he thought it was a comet and announced it to Us. But yesterdayHe realized that a whole planetary body was rushing behind the planet. It is not yet clear whether it pushes the Star of Morning or whether the Star pullsit along. But so far it is clear that we have double rays. The region of the heart receives them, and along the spinal cord they produce contractions of the lesser occipital centers.

The greatest sensitivity is when the centers move.A falling rose petal maybe a thunderclap. That is why We are so concerned about the rest. Therefore, overcoming the cry of birds and the barking of dogs is a victory.

Remains the Name of Galileo. He will perfectly acquaint Urusvati with geography. You have already heard His voice. He has already expressed a desire to show practical results. Especially, to show the application of the planetary rays on a body. He works in a densified astral body. Therein is the combination of the Brotherhood. Some come from the Earth, getting an opportunity to manifest the astral body; others come from the astral plane, having the opportunity of densification almost up to a physical body—thus, a practical border of Earth and Heavenis being achieved.

By revealing the places of Christ’s path, We fill in the gaps of His mystery; for beautiful is His labor, His wanderings, and quests.

Lahore acted as a place of movement to Little Tibet.

In My tent in Korya-Morya.

Now, the same path.

Udraya should be told: Instead of Sp-r[Spooner?], I want to offer him to join My service. He can translate books, and if he wants, he can live in Darjeeling. You cannot support him, but from My sums, you can give enough for a young man. I will say exactly400 rupees if he is willing to give a report and accept the Assignment as the service requires. I gift him the horses. Let him manage, knowing the amount in his wallet—not a single rupee more. He cannot name My Service; therefore, he may be considered on a business trip from “C[orona]M[undi].” Let him consider the offer. He should decide himself.

During his first business trip, he forgot to ask Me what the assignment was. Advice for the future: let him think about asking how to do a serious service. Discipline will be good for him. In every service, he must know it. I will give the program if he decides. There is time to think.

18 April 1924

Ure[ito]s—Hierophant of Egypt, the last who knew the Mysteries, works with Us. He fully agrees with Urusvati regarding the issuance of secrets to the worthy ones. Although for this very reason He was poisoned.

“The necessity of deceit compels the priests of the old religions to push the people into the abyss of darkness. Yes, one may leave them at the foot of the mountain, as did Moses, but the tablets of the Commandments must be manifested.

“How perishable everything once seemed!—(it was said for both of you). Our disciples, appearing for the last time on Earth, experience the feeling of loneliness and of estrangement. Only in consciousness do we understand the value of Earth, but nothing compels us to look back if the spirit has already filled its treasure chest.”[177]

I cease to be a Teacher; we will soon be coworkers. I am talking about Our feelings because soon you will have to get used to them. “The chief requisite is the modification of the human feeling of joy. And what joy may there be, when one realizes the imperfection of life? But when the spirit faces the dimensions of Cosmos, then this joy is replaced by the realization of possibilities.

“And when I whispered, ‘Thy joy will depart,’ I had in mind the transformation of human joy into the cosmically manifested conception as if by entering into a vacuum. The rays of the new life enwrap one better than mosquito netting, and one need not strain oneself toward the Earth. In this, when we are working for the Earth, there is harmony. For outsiders, this seems sheer nonsense, but you understand how one can grasp and develop each pure earthly thought beyond its contemporary import.”[178]Not for an abstract good, but the knowledge of the laws compels Us to pronounce those simple words that burden you so much but which need to be recorded.“And when one has traced the thread from Christ to the blade of grass, then only has the scope of work been covered.”[179]

Lahore is still important because Christ had the first vision of the end of His sermon there and went to prepare Himself.

Sacrifice for the movement of knowledge.“Great is the knowledge of the absence of death. All has been forgotten—otherwise men would live differently.”[180]

19 April 1924,Saturday. Easter.

Uru and Mar are old roots, as well as Atl, of the manifested old tribe of Central Asia. The tribe of Atlu that occupied a place north of Kuku-Nor, disappeared about one thousand years before Christ. Now its name was taken by one Sister of the Brotherhood, which studies the departed tribes of Shamo and Gobi.

When it was decided to return the center of the world to Asia, it was necessary to illuminatethe foundationof the missing states. It is not wise to build the future without being able to know the past.

“One should remember the day of the most joyless offering—Christ who only gave, accepting nothing. This determination from an early age brought Him across a scorching desert. And His Feet burned as those of a simple driver.
We awaited Him. But as usual, the moment of His coming was unexpected. A horse had been brought to Me and I was bidding farewell to My family when a servant noticed a ragged traveler.

“His slender face was pale, and His hair hung in wavy locks below His shoulders. And only a gray sack-cloth covered His body. I did not even see a gourd for drinking.

“But My wife went first to meet Him, and when afterwards I asked her why she had hastened, she said, “It seemed as though a star glowed in my bosom, and the heat, even to pain, burst into rays.” [181]

Before the conversation at around 7:30 p.m.,I felt a burning pain in the center of my chest, and the star of pain ran along the nerve branchesThe finger touched.

“For the Traveler was already exalted as He approached the tent. Then I understood Who had come.

“After crossing the desert He partook only of corn bread and a cup of water and soon asked, ‘When shall We depart?’

“I replied, ‘When the Star permits.’ And We awaited the sign of the Star. He was silent repeating only, ‘When?’ And marking the Star, I said, ‘There is blood in Pisces.’ He only nodded.

“Thus for three years daily We awaited. And the light of the Star shone over Us.

“I recall He spoke somewhat of a vision of Light in which a small boy brought Him a sword. And when Light, as a Rainbow, was poured before Him, a soundless Voice bade Him go.

“I was told to accompany Him, where I Myself was not yet to enter.

“On a white camel We set out by night. And by night-crossing We reached Lahore where We found a follower of Buddha, apparently expecting Us. (I will talk later about the futurepath.)

“Never have I seen such decision because We were on Our way for three years. (And for three years He stayed there, where I could not enter.)

“We awaited Him and brought Him to Jordan. Again a white sack-cloth covered Him. And again He set forth alone under the morning Sun.(It seems that)a Rainbow shone over Him, (but I am afraid to assert it).[182] Now I see, but I am not sure I saw it at that time.

Let us think about the determination to sacrifice without waiting for understanding right now when the darkhand reaches out.

Their meaning is the same as that of other visions, but less energy is spent. We will discuss it afterward.

Today we will stop the thought on Christ.

20 April 1924

Bogyul—the name of a country near Kuku-Nor.

Mary Magdalene wishes to convey the story of Christ.

“You know my way of life, how by night people knew us and by day shunned us. So with Christ. By night they came and by day they averted their faces. I thought: ‘Here am I, the lowest, and by sunlight people are ashamed of me. But He also, the most Exalted Prophet, is avoided by day. Thus, the lowest and the loftiest are equally avoided.’

“And so I decided to find Him by day, and to stretch out my hand to Him. I donned my best attire and my necklace from Smyrna, and perfumed my hair. And so I went, to say to people: ‘Here by daylight are met the lowest and the highest—equally avoided by you.’

“And when I saw Him, seated among the fishermen and covered with a sackcloth, I remained on the opposite side and could not approach. Between us people passed, equally avoiding us. Thus my life was determined. Because He said to His most beloved disciple: ‘Take this pinch of dust and bring it to this woman, that she may exchange it for her necklace. Verily in these ashes is more life than in her stones; because from ashes I may create stones but from stones only dust.’

“The rest you already know. He did not condemn me. He but weighed my chains and the chains of shame crumbled as dust. He decided simply. Never did He hesitate to send the simplest object which determined one’s entire life. He touched these sendings as though bathing them in spirit. His path was empty; because people, after receiving His gifts, hastily departed. And wishing to lay on His Hands, He found all empty. When He was already condemned, the furies of shame rushed behind Him and mockingly brandished their branches. The price of the robber was worthy of the crowd.

“Verily He cleft asunder the chains because He bestowed knowledge without accepting reward.”[183]

Thus go the called ones! The sword is destined for those who bring miracles to the world. When a wonderful boy knocks, then it is timethe path of heroism is revealed. Frailty is clothed with a ray of blue fire.By the law of the Father, we bring Our Fire into the house.

KalfOur Brother, an Italian monk, helps to stop the dark sorcery.

21 April 1924

If there is a desire to talk, the window is open.

I will help Udraya again—let him make three work plans, the best, the most useful to Me, and We will discuss them.

Yes, yes, yes. I wish to give each of you one’s own essential task.

If L[umou], like H[iram], wants to experience wealth, let him. Until he is with Us, it will not burn him.

I foresee success; let him hide rudeness and lies.

“With what diversity do the plans of constructions proceed!

“Time was when We said: ‘Give up everything.’ Now We go further and say: ‘Take everything but do not consider it your own.’

“Simple reasoning will show how impossible it is to take earthly things along with one. But they have been created with the participation of the spirit; hence, one should not despise them. How can one pass by the flowers of nature? But the creations of labor are also the flowers of humanity. If their scent and color are imperfect, one can but regret it.”[184]

Now about the book. Before leaving, you need to collect a second book. You can start right now, and then you can let them translate it. Again, in Russian, English, and Jewish.

Sard. sends her greetings, She is with Us. During the nights, She collects the rays from all countries, as if being in charge of the telegraph. She was recently in the world—Sof[ia] Kov[alevskaya].[185]

She is in the astral body, of course?But the difference is small. No, the border is erased.

What is the difference between the Sisters and Brothers, and those who just cooperate with the Brotherhood?The difference is small.

I would like to know the Sisters who work in the physical body. They will name Themselves.

Urusvati,as indicated by her name,is closest to the work on finding the new worlds—truly, there is an infinity of possibilities. And there is no need to burst intotears when everything is going well.

Do not forget the caterwauling.

Why is it that everything I hear these days is devoid of brightness, and the timbres of the voices arealmost elusive?Stinking threads stretch toward you; many arrows are temporarily directed at you. They discolor the space, as it were. Your personal condition is already in contact; they interfere no more than cold drops on the back. But this is also for the better because the experiment must overcome different conditions. Soon the birds, dogs, and cats will have no effect. Believe thatan unreasonable acceleration maycause a brain stroke. I rejoice, and We wish you woulduse the air and rest.

Do it lightly(the pranayama).

It is better to miss a day (not to listen when tired).

I advise you to go to bed earlier; do not record the conversations in the evening and hurry to lie down. Better get to bed early. It is also better not to boost the experience.

Should I try listening during the day?Only for a little while.

Everything goes by an express train.

Read the Will to the boys.

22 April 1924

When will it be possible to drive the cats out of your house? When such affairs are put together, when the experiment begins to acquire sonority, then every speck of dustis regretted. You, the sower of a wobbling thought, will not win, and all your cats live in the basements. And when We touch upon Christ, who cares for you?

Today the experiment was very successful. One more beautiful encounter. One of the most active SistersRad[egunda].[186] In life, her activities were running labor houses and schools.[187] The nuns of her convent had to know some kind of craft.“Thus, each useful thought finds approval. A stroke upon the string calls forth a consonance. A clear and courageous formulation of thought is very useful.”[188]

If you have kept a gramophone, We also have the records. “We can appreciate a mediaeval lute as well as Wagner’s ‘Walküre.’ Also fine is the ancient Chinese crystal instrument. The purity of its tone corresponds to the purity of flowers. It is called a rainbow harp. The rays produce excellent trumpet sounds, and the vortex rings are irreplaceable, as in a string ensemble. Verily, it is worth-while living with such perspectives!”[189]

It is so sad when you are being poured a drop of bitterness! It is risky to have it as the only solutionyou need to look wider. We shall wait. The formation is on youthe rest is mobile. Urusvati can walk peacefully.

Now you can see why Poruma could not accommodate Shor[aka],[190] although there were no physical obstacles. Her spirit gave boils, which should be expelled. Shor[aka] is worthy of you. Sister Oriola knows how to nurture.

Very old spirits (Yu[ri] and Sv[etoslav]).

Even the air is old. (To my joking remark: what junk has gathered.)

It is useful to note the weather conditions during the experiment. In the end, they will be indifferent. Everything will come; just do not overwork yourself. Do not even think about it. Please, just acceptcalmly. You brought all your spirit and accepted the most difficult cooperation. You have your own laboratory. Without your training and self-control, the world experiment would be impossible.

To hear Our voices in different rays, and to pay attention to the sensations and even record it is an iron-cladphenomenon. The main danger and difficulty consistof changing voices. Thebody must be strongly adapted to the change of the rays that accompany the voices. You are happy with the hardest part.

Time to sleep.

23 April 1924

I sense the news flew to the green hills. The messenger is leaving; we are standing at the blue tent. Urukai approached; she still does not believe how a whole nation can riseup for a journey. The Blue Mountains are not for Us; the walls of the cities are not for Us. Schagiy,[191] is it possible to turn the horde? My Spirit knows which overnight stay will protect Us from the sea of sand. Gloom, do not grumble—across the river can a camp be placed, overlooking the green hills. The green color should be remembered;the sands will hide it for a long time. The feather grass will not grow; the sea of dunes will flow in waves.

Closing my eyes, what do I see? For thousands of years, it lies. A new people will come when the signs of the stars gather, and a shard of the Stone passes over its foundation. That hour will be a sign of a decline of the sands.

Praise be to those who comprehend, for there will be enough grass for many herds, and the reaper’s sickle will not grasp all the ears. The iron horses and iron hands will not be able to harvest the whole crop. The Sacred House will nourish the dried-up Earthan empty place will become fertile. The Uluses will become crowded, and the iron birds will carry a grain of joy. The wiseman willwait for the walls to beput up; it is better to set up the milestones on the sand. The walls of the cities are like a dry bone, but the sand dune will become the mother’s breast. The place of profit should change, so we will not stay in the place of the past. We will turn back when the sands bloom again through the swift stream of fate when the star makes its flight from the designated placesuch was the vision of Schagiy.

Once again, the residents of the old places will converge.It is good to return the former image to the middle of the world. It is not difficult to turn the salt marshes into the best fertilizer. The Earth’s oil and coal lay covered, but it does not matter, for the mountains of Sa[yan] and Alt[ai] will giveenough m.[192]en[ergy] for the concentration of so-called At[omic] en[ergy]. We test At[omic?] at[oms?] not for disintegration but for creation. And the M[ongolian?] st[eppe?] lands are the best points for collecting en[ergy]. Keep it a secret for now.

I praise paying attention to your pulse. It is typical for the adaptation of centers to expand their functions. You must not overworkthis is the key to rapidsuccess.

Also, I request that you not argue in this room.

24 April 1924

Urusvati has known My Ray for a long time, but even It causes contraction of the nerves. Now only the voices similar to My Ray have peaceful access. You can imagine how different are the effects ofthe yellow, ruby,or apple-green rays. Evenin the painting,if these colors are given, they would irritate the eyes. Kum[akami] is typical for a yellow ray. He takes care of the library. But the Eastern groups are closer to you. (To my remark that we are given different names than the Th[eosophical] Soc[iety].)

From now on, K[onrad]’s hands should not stretch toward you, for his insolence is beyond measure.His practices with teraphim are unacceptable. The strange thing is, he never dared for Urusvati’s life. At one time his ray was not bad.

Maybe at the last hour, some miracle will happen. Indeed, by this time, Urusvati will already have returned to Us. The importanceof protecting the greatest enemy is worthy of the W[hite] B[rotherhood]’s Sister. The essence is one. Otherwise, the world would be involved in a catastrophe. K[onrad] would have misused the formulas. The last experiment did not take place. But in this case, there occurred a combination of Ur[usvati]’s goodness with K[onrad]’s evil. She strove for the highest benefit, and only her external beauty obscured his attempt. The atmosphere of an experimentconceived by K[onrad]—was an experiment for receiving the formula of A[tomic] en[ergy] from the Brotherhood. But the one sent by Us knocked before the end of the experiment. And the end is predestined only now.

One evening a nun asked permission to spend a night in one house, and when the hostess came for dinner, the nun approached to bless her and said, “Run today;the monastery is waiting!”

How could thenun know?She had a dream. The same night a miracle happened with the horse. When in front of the bridge, the horse turned to stone, and the bridge was raised.

Wouldnot it be easier to destroy the bridge?But then people would have died, and K[onrad] would not have given up the pursuit. But when a horse reared upon its hind legs and turned to stone, the rider was shocked. The horse lasted as a stone for three days. If K[onrad] had burstonto the bridge, a lot of blood would have been spilled. Our Ray prevented the killing. Nothing happens wiser than in life.

Your ray is unpleasant to him, for it is saturated with the closeness tothe White Brotherhood. After he experiences his strength in a personal battle, then you can bandage your wounds. Thus far he is gloating. We will continue the experiment.

Why did M.M. write to me: “Be strong”?You will understand it in spirit.

Are there any inaccuracies in my notes?I am not noticing any. Take care. Verily, the sum of different rays is not an easy thing.

Should I record what I hear during the day?Yes.

What does the word “Peku” mean?A technical abbreviation for one of Our underground chambers—“Pe–ra—”

What do the words “The Star of Allahabad” mean?The Star of Chr[ist]—His Path.

25 April 1924

My Abode can wait until that time. One can courageously climb for the Fire-Blossom. Your spirit must assimilate a General Ray. The perception of the whole orchestra is still new. But once younotice a rotation around the solar plexus, it is the beginning of assimilation. Of course, but then “in conformity with the rhythm of World Motion, repetitive accrual of power is needed. The display of haste is adverse to the World’s creation. The way of formation of crystals and flowers indicates how perfection develops.”[193]

How to express the life of Christ? In multi-colored crystals and the radiance of colors. His thoughts will remain as blank pages. Amidst them would flash the lightning of His unexpected appearances and the thunder of His rare words. It is necessary to say more about His thirty years than about the three years of Service.

“For thirty years He walked repeating the word so as to impart it to those who would not receive it. The Teachings of Buddha, of Zoroaster, and the old sayings of the Vedas, He learned upon the crossroads.

“Perceiving pure eyes, He asked, ‘Know you aught of God?’

“By river barges He awaited the travelers and asked, ‘Do you bear aught for me?’ For it was need that He cross with human feet and ask with human words.

“When He was told of the starry signs He asked to know their verdicts; but the alphabet had no attraction for Him; people did not exist for this. ‘How can I calm the devastating storm? How can I disclose the heaven to men?

“‘Why are they rent from the eternal existence to which they belong?’

“Such teaching of the essence of life effaced methods of magic (Our magical laws, and, from Him, I learned to discard the magical laws)because instead of winning the subservience of the minor spirits of nature He razed all obstacles with the sword of His spirit. His teaching guided the people to the possibilities of the spirit. Therefore there were no prophets near Him but only by the stars one knew of Him.

“We knew much and He was all-able. Then we resolved to serve His Teaching.”[194]

“Thus shall we begin the story of His life, that the unmutilated word shall be inscribed upon earth.”[195]

My best works were destroyed. Now, your records of Christ also cannot be given yet.

It can be noted that in the experiment when the pulse is very frequent or very noisy.

Thus, shall we continue.

Time to go to bed.

26 April 1924

Truly, you have been given Alpha and Omega. Let us see the composition of the Brotherhood. We see four categories of residents. The first—the Members of the Brotherhood descending to Earth. The secondthe Members of the Brotherhood accepting the earthly assignment. The third[196]those, working with the Brotherhood in densified bodies, called up as specialists from the Astral. Fourth—the workers at different levels. The last category has no rays; sometimes these are missing shepherds and villagers. Urusvati is allowed to communicate with the first three categories.

Of course, sometimes the phrase of a specialist would sound richer than the words of Christ Himself. But you will realize that the great industry grows simply. The king, the judge, and the priest in one look and one breath of the spirit.

It is not clear how the prophecy of Zechariah was preserved, for rarely will something elude the enemy of Truth. Of course, everything exists in Our Archives. I often speak about Christ, for I have accepted the honor of being on Earth the spokesman of His Will. I admire how simply you perceive the Personality and the great Essence of Christ.

Now, Brother Conf[ucius] writes a poem about Buddha. “The link between Christ and Buddha glows dimly in people’s understanding.”[197]In the form of a shepherd’s dream, the poem tells about the wanderings of Christ and Buddha. Conf[ucius] wants to give this poem at your disposal. But that is later.

Wrongly were the lights on Falut taken for the stars.[198] One of the coworkerswith Us was there. What stars can be in the snow there?—and soon you left. In Astral appearance, one cannot descend below Falut. Those who work with Us in densified bodies do not approach the people. The consistency of their bodies is very similar to the physical, but they are supported by the emptiness of an airless space. Ifthey come into contact with people or are under the air pressure of the valleys, their sheaths could not stand it, and they would have to return to the Astral and again undergo the operation of densification.

It is different when we come from theEarththen we move freely into the astral body and back. Besides that, the dead ones can come until their etheric body has decomposed.

The legend of the life of higher beings in the heights has its foundation.

Research of musk. Understand what can be given without killing.

Our Hand is always above you.

27 April 1924

“Regarding the application of My medicines, all the powers of the vegetable kingdom must be directed toward the one aim for which they exist—the increase of vitality. It is possible to cure all ailments by the counterpoising of vitality.

“Certain plants exist as reservoirs of prana. The pine trees collect it as if in electric needles. And as a bond between heaven and the depths of earth, the earth is covered with living antennae which gather and preserve the true renewing element of the spiritual tissue.

“Ignorance may conceal a malady, but it is better to consume it with the fire of life. Not by an artificial, depleting stimulant, but by using the life force to restore the balance.

“One should not search among the minerals, because they have long ago become devoid of the effect of prana. Their destination is different. But the solar manifestation bestows life.

“Truly, the mineral soil provides a seeming foothold on life; but this is only a pedal, which is useless without strings. And so, My pharmacy will be directed toward the essence which is common to mankind. It will affirm vitality without any slaughter, because the plants pass easily into the next state.

“Inoculations are good if the vitality is equal to them, otherwise they are like a destructive plaster. A being who possesses full vitality is in no need of inoculations; he has the so-called solar immunity.(And knowledge of the specified goal will help the laboratory to develop the indicated remedy.)

“There is little vitality in the villages, because prana helps only when absorbed consciously. Nourishment of the spirit can proceed only consciously.

“To the indications about medicines one should add that the skins of the musk animals were valued in Lemuria(let us go to the very source now.)Also, a chalice of cedar resin figured in the rituals of the consecration of the kings of the ancient Khorassan. Druids also called the chalice of cedar resin the chalice of life. And only later, with the loss of the realization of the spirit, was it replaced by blood.

“The fire of Zoroaster was the result of burning of the cedar resin in the chalice.”[199]

It is good that you remembered the name of For[. . .].[200]Todayit is on My list of useful concepts for R[ussia]. We shall return to it in the twenty-seventh year.

Let Us conclude with the experiment. Not only the difference in the rays affects but also their tension. Thus, changing the rays of different intensities is like connecting alight bulb to various currents.

After the crystal Ray of Christ. (An explanation of those sparks-drops, which I felt on my shoulders.)

When the ray of the newly invited specialist coincides with the ray of greater tension, it is absorbed and turns soundless, resulting in difficulty of being grasped.

The main thing is not to get tired; give your body time to absorb new fires.

Old Durky,[201]an old servant of T.V.,was summoned to help in the experiment in a densified body. Sometimes the experts should have their usual conditions. They worked together for forty years. Unity is a great thing!

28 April 1924

“Half of the sky is occupied with an unusual manifestation. Around an invisible luminary an immeasurable circle has begun to radiate, rays rushing along its brim. The furies of terror have concealed themselves within caves, suffocated by the radiance of this sign. (The path lies before the people going Westward.)

“The best abilities have been borne by the people. The giving hand lives wisely. And let the old lands rest. To whom to give the new soil? To those who will bring a pinch of the old Knowledge. The knot of peoples is fastened upon an empty place. Let the departed ones return.

“Since seas can cover the mountains, and deserts can replace the sea-bottoms, then is it impossible to visualize the miracle of populating the desert? A ploughman, a simple husbandman, gives rest to his field, permitting it to become covered with weeds. Likewise, in the (plan of creation)Great Plan the places of harvest must be alternated.”[202]

Asia was covered with ice, then ice was replaced by flowers, then these were covered with a softcarpet of barchans.[203]It is time to lift the carpet! Therefore, thinking about the New Country, we will seize all the dead places and say,“Resurrection!”“It is befitting for the new to be upon a new place.”[204]

Treasure of Poseidon, come into the light![205] We serve not a small cause! And, breaking the solitude of Our City, We must rely on the chosen ones for trust; only in agreement with them can the predestined estate be preserved.

Departing to Us, Ur[usvati] will say,“I am going to the patrimony,”since, verily, Ur[ukai] owned these lands. Having set up the center of the world, We will move to the New places with you, but, still,this will not happen soon. Until this time Ur[usvati] will reveal many useful and beautiful rays coming from the new worlds.Evennow, there is one task until the new worlds, until the miracle of the desert; herald in Zv[enigorod?]. Do not overindulgewith the experiment. Doherald it yourself. Proclaim: “Such is the vow, otherwise, the desert will not flourish.”

Much has been done, but incomparably [more] is to be done. “I feel the human spirit will rise; but welcome the most unfortunate ones: ‘Come, ye naked, we will clothe thee; come, ye little ones, we will rear thee; come, ye dumb ones, we will give thee speech; come, ye blind ones, and see the predestined domain.’

“Whose hand is stretching forth to the bolt of My House? Travelers, thou art without belongings; therefore thou shalt enter.

“Thus will we attain.”[206]

29 April 1924

Three instructions. First, it is necessary to explain why Urusvati should be tormented by the experiment, while Fuyama is not. Urusvati needs to get used to the laboratory’s rays. If you want to bring people accurate knowledge, you should not stay in the halls of the general Teachings, but you will have to go down and up into the premises of special investigations, where physical and spiritual rays are sometimes even unbearable. Thus, by bringing mankind a great experience, you secure your passport for entrance.

The second was shown today how We push ideas through to L[umou] about the motives of the future buildings in Zv[enigorod]. Remembering nothing, suspecting nothing, he already admired what was shown to him. So gradually he absorbs the ideas of modern construction with the application of R[ussian] architecture. It is necessary to preserve the R[ussian] character of the cityI do not like unassigned cities, for a true world offering is based on the best personal expression. Of course, we will not say this to L.; so far only his spirit knows the towers.

“It is time to do away with the imperfection of matter. For this the people must become conscious of the spirit; otherwise the general condition tends to reduce the individual possibilities to its own level, as the waves of the ocean preserve a common rhythm.

“Therefore, it is time to arouse the nations by sword or lightning, only to evoke the cry of the spirit.”[207]

Exactly one year later, tell Log[van] that the Am[erican] Museum should be named after them, and Av[irach] will remain the vice president even after departure.[208]

B[elukha?], Al[atyr?], and A[ltai?]—three Siberian institutions.[209]

The first twoare inAmerica; the third is only in Sib[eria]. That very cooperative Urusvati is thinking about. Yes, yes, yes. Sow more broadly than the broad.

Now about the cutting of the beard. N.R.[210] and N.L. did not wear a long beard. Do not forget that for the people,т. б[211]; where is L., where is R., and your face resembles both—it is good to know the flow of folk fantasy. Of course, the legend will remain, and the current will flow along the third channel.

It will be good to convey to America that they should not becometoo tired. I like when they work, but rest also reinforces the thought.

The experiment proceeds well. Without recording, it is difficult to notice the dates of the awakening of the centers. It is boring to record the temperature, but without it, one cannot know the course of the disease.

30 April 1924

Today we will talk about creativity and experiments. But first, I will explain the vision-dream. In the area of the Brotherhood, the worker carried grains collected for experiments. A gelatinous tissue in which grainsdo not lose vitality. A special kind of prismatic dream-vision, as if refracted and amplified byOur Ray,whichevoked the violet color. It is possible to note the important tissue preserving the vitality.“Could you but see the cliches of the first creations, you would be horrified. The chief obstacle is that matter can be acted upon only by matter. To construct a bridge from the spirit to the Brotherhood was not so difficult, but to establish a normal link between the Brotherhood and the people is unspeakably difficult. Men, like parrots, repeat the remarkable formula, ‘Death conquers death’—but they do not consider its meaning.”[212]

Different methods of influence have been used. Chr[ist] believed it was the best way to elevate people to an ecstasy. But this beautiful measure gave rise only to relics and idols. The appearance of harm caused Chr[ist] to stop His influence. And Our own small experiment with the Theos[ophical] Soc[iety] has also shown how little matter lends itself. Therefore, “It has been decided to safeguard the future destiny by placing it into vital practical conditions of the cooperation of the spirit.”[213]

Of course, Urusvati observed correctly that release from oneself increases the phenomena, but this artificial state only interferes with the experiment. Half a word heard in a normal state is better. The result is truly remarkable, for it is very difficult to get into the underground chamber, even in an elevated state. We Ourselves searchfor the best conditions of the life principle. The Highest Directive is to manifest communication without violating the conditions of life. A Decree is to establish direct communication in all specialties. “The difficulty lies in the new differentiations of humanity. The former primitive divisions into castes, classes and professions have been replaced by a complicated distinction according to light and shade. This manifestation, as a purified communism, will select the best groups of humanity. (The color of folly is dim. Intelligence is a special phenomenon. Their color is slightly milky.)Without details, one must trace a general demarcation line of light and shade, as if recruiting a new army.

“How difficult it is to select without having recourse to special measures!”[214]And now Our Laboratory is especially busy because a destructive ray penetrates the Earth.

How could such a ray be (. . .) to people?The cunning resourcefulness of Our friend. So, it will be now. It is better to find counteraction. But the same ray, slightly improved, gives creation. By adding one element, We createthe means to change the surface of the Earth. Deserts will bloom with this Ray. Imprudent are people whochose that path. Measures are being taken. None other than V[aughan] will curb his Englishmen. The Earth approachesthe new era.

Time to rest.

1 May 1924

Of course, it was V[aughan]. The combination of the phone with vision is not easy. Indeed, We share both good and bad. Indeed, We keep an eye on everyone involved in the movement. Is it not deplorable to get clichés like a talk with M.? Is it possible to count on success whensuch thoughts swarm in? Not only an external action, but even an internal conversation can causedeep harm. I deem it is necessary to warn Zav[adsky?].[215] It is impossible to allowsuch thoughts in the Circle, resembling a tavern. No one is sent to idleness. You yourself had a dangerous battle, and a Shield of Light had covered you. Everybody should be warned through O[yana?]to be aware of Zav[adsky?]she is very dangerous if with a first step she acts like a tavern drunk. Write: The Teacher showed the clichés of her thought. There is danger in it, and it is quite difficult to move such heaviness. Everything should help, not hinder the common cause. Nor did I send them on the journey. Unclear, good impulses of M[orey?] are filled with the wine of vulgarity. Tar[uhan] can be given (the sign), and M[orey?] himself is worthy. But he must put Service above everything, then it will bring him success and opportunities, for there areno secrets, and while light illuminates, the darkness burns the holes.

Help to open the tea house. I wish to fill My House.

The experiment is going great. It is necessary to become acquainted with all Our sendings. Our words during the most diverse works. Do you remember the exclamation, “Their amazing death!”? It refers to a heat ray.

No. This way you will knowthe various rays and obtain the idea of the reports from Earth. But what remains is the color of what is said.

Yesterday I heard incomplete peace. It is a good sign.

Of course, I dropped the pen. It will be easy to see and hear at any time at willso it will be possible. Your health also needs to be protected.“The waves of the currents proceed spirally. The principle of the spiral whirl is found in everything.”[216]

It is time for bed.

2 May 1924

Today we will walk around Our cemetery. We also have a cemetery—a repository of records of spoiled plans. It is a very sad room for all of Us. Make the choice. Here is a plan based on Bonaparte. The one called St. Germain led the revolution, so that with its help the minds could berenewed, and also created the unity of Europe.[217]You know what direction the revolution has taken. Then a plan was created to symbolize unity in one person. Napoleon was entirely found by St. Germain. The star he loved to talk about brought him unexpected opportunities. It is true thatmany members of the Brotherhood did not believe that a war could bring unity, but We all had to admit that the very personality of Napoleon, reinforced by the Stone, symbolized the absorption of all details.

You alreadyknowthat the phenomenon of the Stone is always associated with the Feminine Principle. Napoleon himself, on the advice of the evil forces, extinguished his star. The Stone again stayed with the Jesuits, for the common task had beenobscured. The Stone was brought to Napoleon in Marseille by an unknown person, and he gifted it to Josephine.[218]The plan was then broken when Napoleon madly rushed towardRussia because he was not supposed to attackAsia.

Let me remind you of another plan—the unification of Asia with Europe. When Alexander the Great began his great work, he, in the same way, violated the crust of destiny by sending away his beloved Melissa. Napoleon and Alexander the Great were both foretold about the Stone, buthuman nature obscured the clarity of the task. True, they gifted It with the best feelings to their beloved ones, but then they lostthe connection when they were darkened by animal outbursts. It should be worn by a woman who has been given the best feeling.

Yabuchtuu guardedit, and Kurnovoo[219] wore it for the Feast of the Sun. We talked about the true feeling, not about the customs of time.

I beg to show understanding, for even K[onrad], having learned about the connection of Ur[usvati] with the Stone, undertook every opportunity to attract the Stone through her.

There is a way of mystical connection with a certain object.When Napoleon gave the Stone to Josephine, it was given withthe best feeling, but it is more correct when the path of the Stone goes along the age-old belonging.

“The Mother of the World appears as a symbol of the feminine Origin in the new epoch, and the masculine Origin voluntarily returns the treasure of the World to the feminine Origin. Amazons were the embodiment of the strength of the feminine Principle, and now it is necessary to show the aspect of spiritual perfection of woman.”[220]

How to protest against Christ? He has already told you how much He mourns the harm of that ecstasy. In addition, the church tried to emphasize that side. I repeat about the harm, especially of the RomanChurch. “In the name of Christ great crimes have been committed. Therefore, Christ nowadays clothes Himself in other garments. One must discard all the exaggerations. We are not speaking of slightly embellished works only (of Teresa and Catherine), as even through the volumes of Origen[221] corrections were slipped in. Therefore, it is time to change conditions in the world.”[222]

We shall continue the experiment. Tomorrow,write downthe questions; I guarantee to give an exact answer.

What to do with Fuyama’s cheeks swelling?I do not care about teeth, but do not letthe current flutter. Fuyama, do not worry; go cheerfully as you did in America. “The springs cannot act before the appointed date, and to hasten means to cut the wires.”[223]

See you tomorrow.

3 May 1924

I want to add somemore about the unfinished experiment. Sister Iz[ar],[224] a native of the Orkney Islands, undertook explorations of the distant worlds and did not return after one flight. Even now there exist several theories about this inexplicable fact. I think that passing beyond gravity, she was involved in a vortex of an unknown group of bodies. Unknown are the distant worlds. I think she still exists. That is whyWe call the unknown areas“Orkland.”

How long has Sister Iz[ar]been missing?Thirty years.

Now about the Stone. The Stone that fell from Orion is kept in the Brotherhood. Its fragment is sent to the World to accompany world events and with its inner magnetic power, It holds the union with the Brotherhood, where lies the main body of the Stone. It is the principle of a simple magnet. Not only a symbol but, also, a bodily affinity holds a tense current. Through this current,it is easy to protect the called ones, and you were shown the labyrinth into which one plunges if It is lost. And the labyrinth can be considerable.

Did Napoleon know the meaning of the Stone?He knew but humanly attributed It to himself.

You have also heard of the Feminine and Masculine Principles—when they are connected by the spiritual feeling, the circuit isenclosed, and the implementation of Higher Forces is possible on the earthly plane.

It will become clear later,how to build Zven[igorod]. You already have the dimensions of the heights and how to position the steps.Here is an example: you live at approximatelyseven thousand feet—this height is convenient for the Temple.Above it, at an altitude of twelve thousand feet, is a convenient place for the Meetings.Thus, you have three stages of life.Below is the city of theNew Era, and above it is the Temple of human achievements and the meetingplace of the Earth with the Spirit.We will put the Stone in the Temple. Ud[raya] will know this place, for when you leave, he can be guarded along the same current.

Jas[on], the Hierophant, accepted Orion’s gift in Asia. Jas[on] is with the Brothers.

Accumulations of several incarnations make it easier to approach the main body. Breaking the circuit, he, of course, moved away from the straightness of thought (Napoleon). The Stone is sent by the decision of the Brothers, that is why some Teachers owned it. Christknew about the Stone, but His task was to open the eyes toward the spiritual plane.

We wrote together, for it is precisely now necessary to bring the power of the spirit to the Earth.

Being inside the house, we do not notice it. We like your simple attitude toward Us. The main thing is that there is no betrayal in your house. We seethe light and size of the auras do not allow for it.

“We cannot know the limits of possibilities of conquests of the spirit. The seed of the spirit is self-containing, but according to the aura its striving can be judged.”[225]

Are there unconditionally hidden thoughts?There are.“There are thoughts directed inwardly and absorbed by the potentiality of the spirit. There are thoughts which are not manifested upon the earthly plane.”[226]There is no need to manifest them, for they have no application to the Earth. It is better to devote a separate conversation to this. Crystallize your questions, but do not wait for an answer now, it may come unexpectedly.

During the day I have no time to think, and at night when I want to think, I must listen. This is bad. It is better during the day. You are not exercising your apparatus. We like crystallized questions.

But M.M. did not like it when we asked questions. They should not interfere with urgent messages.But, writing down the questions, remember that there is a country called “Orkland” which no one knows about.

4 May 1924

Take advice on how to distribute the material of the new book. There are three parts on separate sheets. The first onea general Teaching, subject to being printed soon. The second—a description of the life of the Brotherhood and Its Members. This also includes the prophecies and the history of the Stone. The third partall is about you, past lives, and the mission. Thus, all the material will be contained in three directions. The matter of the correspondence will be reduced because you do not need a second copy. The first part bears the same title. The second part—“Illumination.” The third part—“Life.”Of course, the last two parts will be printed later, on My Direction. Writing on separate sheets will allow you to transfer the sheets from one part to another, for the boundaries between the second and third parts are very complex. Of course, it is necessary for the third part to include what has been said before. For the first book in English, you should take from the Russian one what was not included. The first condition of the Brotherhood is not to repeat itself.

Now—another. However, Udraya heeded the nightly request and brought in the Image of the Mother of the World. It is the most ancient Image based on an immemorial legend revealed by tradition, existingsince the flowering of the desert. For this, We will send benefits to his future book.

Urusvati rightly wants to add material regarding Buddha. Describing the images of the Taras, one maypoint out to the Feminine Principle of the Mother of the World. I really see the significance of this book. Half of the net profit should belong to Udr[aya], the other one—to My Abode.

His book is different (Mingyur).[227]The importance of Asia in the history of humanity can be added. Indicate that not China nor Persia, but precisely an empty place was where the spring source manifested.

Thus, new books have been started by the anniversary of your departure.The Image of the Mother of the World is started. Udraya’s book is started. L[umou] started his approach to My pharmacy—a musk. We cannot say this year was not full. The beginning of the experiment of the future life and the beginning of the Museum, as a consolidation of the past, will indicate the size of the beginning.

Now it is time for your hearts to rest. Every day something important reaches, but only later will it fall into place. No need to hamper a brilliant start.

5 May 1924

“One may build a city, one may give the best knowledge, (one may dress a guardian),but most difficult of all is to reveal the true Image of Christ.”[228]

Truly, you hear wonderfully, for when We pronounce the Sacraments, special intuition is required. You heard about a wonderful date. These secrets are transmitted with special protectors because they are shielded from other currents. I will explain it in detail. When We communicate something that must not penetrate into space, We form a kind of air channel; of course, it takes much energy, but then it reaches as a monolith, and even the Hierophant cannot penetrate inside this channel. It is difficult to know, but it fills the space and creates the records of the future. Of course, it is not always possible to use insulation because it requires a very largeamount of electricity. But sometimes the very atmospheric conditions help. We wanted to show the possibility of absolute insulation. Obviously, nobody penetrates Our Conversations. Insulation is not a megaphone, but there is an internal quality that attracts attention. You also need to know why it should not be used often: it forms, as it were, an airy, invisible pipe, and the strong tension can crush it, possibly resulting in a brain stroke. It can be used cautiously after a thunderstorm.

In addition to the mystical term about Chr[ist], I conveyed about the preservation of the treasure. Remember that on the specified date, Christ will visit the house, for it is the date of His initiation. Thus, let us return to the purification of the Teaching. Let the small ones think about Zv[enigorod] as they can, as long as they think. But you yourselves“think, how to cleanse the Image of Christ.”[229]

It is not befitting for Me to herald in Zv[enigorod]; you are toldproclaimin Zv[enigorod].

“Gathering the crumbs of the people’s concept of the Savior and replacing the chiton by overalls, one can find illumination.

“By human hands must the Temple be built.”[230] The Old Believers, Molokans, Pashkovists,and Shtundists will help.[231]

Let Udraya also think about Christon the way. Let him remember the miraculous cross. Let him think of schools where the name of Christ will be spoken in connection with the true history of mankind.

The name of M[orya]. The name of M[orya].The name of M[orya].The name of M[orya].The name of M[orya].The name of M[orya].

The name of M[orya]. Courageously carry a sanctified Shield. If leopard’s skin in the mysteries could guard against the enemy, then My Name will always cover you. A seven-sounds consonance is laid at the foundation of the World; therefore, fortification is seven-sounding. The simple rhythm of nature. Take Us and, knowing the way, sow broadly.

The centers are not easy to move, and the Chalice is particularly affected. I am waiting for valerian; you can lie down during the day, and taking a short trip is also useful. It is a very difficult task to solder the links of the Teaching.

Yu[sna][232] knows how difficult it is to touch Heaven when on Earth. She works with Us and knows how to protect the heart. Urusvati can be confidentin one thing: it will be easier with the household spirits. Also, address Christ in the Image that is close to you and in which He wants to be depicted. One may revile attempts to simplify the Image of Christ for the people.

Soon everything will fall in its place, but strength must be preserved. Soon it will be possible to raise questions on specialties, and the answer of the expert will be reached sooner. Be fairmany have already beenanswered.

6 May 1924

“The Star of Allahabad pointed out the way. And so We visited Sarnath and Gaya. Everywhere We found the desecration of religion. On the way back, under the full moon, occurred the memorable saying of Christ.

“During the night march the guide lost his way. After some seeking I found Christ seated upon a sand mound looking at the sands flooded by moonlight. I said to Him, ‘We have lost the way. We must await the indication of the stars.’

“‘Rossul Moria, what is a way to Us, when the whole world is awaiting Us?’

“Then, taking His bamboo staff, He traced a square around the impression of His foot, saying ‘Verily, by human feet.’

“And making the impression of His palm, He surrounded it also with a square. ‘Verily, by human hands.’

“Between the squares He drew the semblance of a pillar surmounted by an arc. He said: ‘O how Aum shall penetrate into the human consciousness! Here I have drawn a pistil and above it an arc, and have set the foundation in four directions. When by human feet and human hands the Temple will be built wherein will blossom the pistil laid by Me, then let the Builders pass by My Way. Why should We await the way, when it is before Us?!’

“Then, rising, He effaced with His cane all that He had drawn.

“‘When the Name of the Temple will be pronounced, then shall the inscription emerge. In remembrance of My constellation, the square and nine stars shall glow over the Temple. The sign of the foot and the handshall be inscribed above the Cornerstone.’

“Thus He Himself spoke on the eve of the new moon.

“And the heat of the desert was great.”[233]

When I livedin the body of Akbar,[234] in bodily unconsciousness I began to build a Temple with a pistil in the middle of a square. I read the stars, but the time went on.

“Pisces” is His physical sign, but the “Orion” is a symbol of His feat.[235]“The Star of the Morning is the sign of the Great Epoch which will flash as the first ray from the Teaching of Christ. For who is to extol the Mother of the World if not Christ, the One so demeaned by the world.

“Give Us the Arch of the Dome, wherein to enter.”[236]

Christ will show Urusvati the sign of the feet and hands, nailed by the world

Our Yus[na] examined your heart and found out that the experimentmay develop brilliantly in a few months, but it is necessary to spare health. It will change soon. (Refers to my agonizing state of mind.) We greatly know this state, for the gates are already open, and the spirit knows its predestined lot. While We were in touch with Him, a premonition filled Us. Of course, bodily unconsciousness prevailed.

Send this conversation to Americait will make an overwhelming impression.

It may be added that I was named M[orya] according to the place of My Lands.

Urusvati saw Yus[na] in lilac, with a white shroud.

Recollect that this happened two days before the call—her face is not very beautiful.

7 May 1924

We request you to undergo a much-needed experiment tomorrow. My Ray is so much assimilated with yours that the conversation can go on easily. Now We have decided to test the Brotherhood’s conduit for the evening conversation. Therefore, tomorrow at nine o’clock it is necessary to begin the experiment. We ask to notice all the detailsand finish byten o’clock; only do this for three days. The first day—for a common conduit; the second—for a laboratory ray, the third—for the station of world clichés. I will be absent in order not to prevail. Please do not be confused by the unusual phenomena. Sometimes one ray is completely different from another one, and even fatigue is possible; therefore,finish by ten o’clock. I will not be surprised if F[uyama] gets more tired than Urusvati, for Urusvati is already accustomed to many voices, and the first turmoil for her has already passed. How strongly We want, without harming you, to bring you closer quickly and make you Our full coworkers.

I feel how Urusvati’s spirit rushes forth—not feet, but wings are not enough, such is the swiftness. What an unlimited application! Believe Our experience. Christ knew when He summoned S[aul]. Everything is successful if only you do not strain your health. It is correct if you miss a recording at night. From the lightshade, I see the reasons; Our eyes know where and when the rays are emitted.

I want to tell Fuyama—paint even more simply. Try to depict Christ, drawing a pistil over a sandy hill.

We are tormented in seeing how hard it is for you. You can see, even for three conversations, I have to leave,if only to expand your capabilities. When the throne begins to rise tomorrow, start with the alphabet, but do not get confused by interruptions. It might be better to start in the darkness. Along the way, you will find different details. After all, the pharmacy of the spirit is so different from that of the Earth. As soon as the ossification of the spirit occurs, all conditions change. It is time to relax. See, I have to even leave. For you shall see the deedssoon. Everything goes well.

8 May 1924

(The Brotherhood connection. Risingof the throne began quite early).

Лобо иля уч у а л у ц . . .*The best essay about life. The spirit burns brightly, tied with a bark. How you cansee through the phenomena of prediction. Pure spirit, but the game can undermine. I guess. Soon we can wisely enclose the circle. Мурочнокжсил.* A long rope should be given. The hand and a miracle are quicker. Менопинаонноттуделе.*Apinkrayisoverthesheet. If you cannot write, send a message. Can be outrun. Туясадика,* enough. But people remain rude—even years do not teach their spirit. A green, wet umbrella. I call лдыдоже.*For what does he need a hand? OurAbode. When We were called, it took the breath away. His horrible love ургум.* Dalai went to bow to the new one. Why lose it like that; it is better to move the mummy. Let him find himself. I think. Hier zwei Tochter.[237]There is no need to stuff here. Trust is needed. He rides on the other side of the riverI see him in a yellow caftan—and cannot be caught. What a grey mirror! Give a ray, ray, horrible! A pin popped up at the beep!

(N.R. was tired; there was a burning sensation in the crown, the back of his head, and a pulling pain in his elbows and under his knees. I felt normal).

9 May 1924

(Laboratory connection)

Elikhut, why did you move Hidrdont? Select the streams through rays. I understood how the twenty-fifth ray penetrated the surface of nutri and carabunt. A powerful fountain can cool it down. You will see that artificial cooling is not good. With frost over one hundred degrees, one cannot achieve the element’s circuit. The ray torments the iron oxide the same way as udorod. He forgot to pour лимурную дижестивную . . . в у м у л р у . . . [238]Quickly, quickly, preparethe cotton; wet the blue one. Move the sofa. (Trembling of the throne.) No, I am telling, дорвателевсева . . .желеи*—time to remove it. Nutriy, Urodil corresponds to the green. How can it be applied through the green plane of the ray?!—even the healthy one cannot stand it. Ugel, Siligir should be preserved. Be silent, I will start, count to eighty. Again,it burst! Convey V.—his man is not fit. The Antediluvian savages understand better. We can get better than him. I know a good man from the glass alloy. The poisonous muck must be repelled so swiftly! Five lemon ones and one carmine. Yellow, it is no good. Closer, closer. It can be treated quite accurately. The trembling of the left-center will fall; apply the blue one.

10 May 1924

(World clichés station).

I hold your banner high. What is knowledge, when you can devote yourself? His hand can touch me to the will (not clear). Ludkov does not understand how he was given the Russian flag. Where will Maurice go, being sick? Whydoyouтомуподву, дваоффермидастине.[239]Zweck ist unglaublich gross!The mountains are not terrible; they can be crossed. Ich kenne nichts grosseres. He should go to (. . .); only there will he be helped. Find out what he can be given quietly. I would have given My Soul. Zweißeln mur kein Umstand bringen wird.[240]Dad, can I go to school? It is like a beautifullywoven wreath. Leave it to us women. How can it be unnoticed—his spirit glows. Comrades, communists, I take it upon myself to enter Rumcherod. There is no place for bribes! Christ is dragged. Let them not soil the red coat. Do not touch the cross. Bast cannot be bought for the bast shoes. The cassock is not equal to dignity. Children, dear, but we will still learn. Close the door, do notsay a word; the heart is overflowing. It is better not to think. Duglu, give koumiss; Irbit is still far.

11 May 1924

Urusvati can relax; the experiment was organically strengthened. Simultaneously,“the touch of the ray of the Brotherhood increases the sagacity of perceptions. Therefore, one must take into consideration every sensation.

“Small (phenomena)as well as important events strike upon the aura, as upon musical strings. The growing aura has its advantages, and these Aeolian wings multifariously resound. The burden of the world plays its symphonies upon them. One cannot say that a man illumined by the aura is motionless. The outer shell of the aura is like a surging sea. What a task for the scientist—to trace the nourishment of the aura from within and the reflection from without! Verily a world battle!

“The symbol of the burden of the world is a man carrying a sphere. (That is why)all complex sensations are increased to the point of pain.”[241]

Judge for yourself if everything from the fall of the rider and through the world transformations tothe Ray of the Brotherhood, must be noted and accommodated. “An impression can be received as of being between the hammer and anvil. Therefore, the attainment of a rainbow aura is so practical, because it carries within itself the means of assimilation of all that exists. Even the best monochromatic auras must quench the conflagrations by themselves, drawing from their own ocean. Whereas a rainbow aura easily repels and takes in the rays. Therefore, achievement is a most practical action.”[242]

But sometimes there is aninstruction to perform a complex action.

Dear ones, understand correctly—the ocean of achievement is great, and there was never atime when the world was an arena. Thoughts of the reorganization have encircled the whole globe. That which once filled a village, or a country, now floods the world!The awareness of this scale fills the reservoir of your ocean. And what was depleted yesterday is easily filled tomorrow.

Just do not torment yourself, for you will not be late to the open Gate. And when you say with a smile: I will postpone it today to save it for tomorrow, then you act like a strategist, distributing the army. When the conduit is open, it does not slip away, and the difference is small if it remains in the spirit. Let Me explain. The very experiment so strongly penetrated some centers that the work of the year was completed in two months. The most important thing is not in the messages, but the fact that the body endured a change of rays. Now let the spiral of nerves settle down. Of course, the burden is considerable, but an extra obstacle only exacerbates the essence of value. Feelings are diverse, and the apparatus is filled with input,but everything will fall into place on the shelves, and you will be able to receive without overloading the receiver.

Who called you dear and near ones? If My Ray fills up your ocean . . .

Canpart of the conversation be transferred to the inner ear?It is possible but let us strengthen the organism first. You already accept the color of the group of rays, but there are those which can still stun you, and here protection is strongly needed. We shall continue tomorrow.

12 May 1924

Let us pray in front of the Hillsidethus wasdecided the approach to Our sacred Services. Truly saying, I rejoice that Urusvati knows of the sacred rhythm. The nightly serviceis very important. During these services, the heads are alwaysuncovered. Just think about how the centers havemoved quietly so that it is possible to cross the threshold of the Sanctuary without any contractions of the centers. Music can be heard, and the Temple can be entered, but the place of the nightly Service is much lessaccessible. Even the impressedhint ofthe nightly Service around the Stone is the highest achievement, for no one but Us can be admitted. Yes, the Stone rests on a pillow, which lies on a marble foundationand is separated by a circle of lithium metal. There, after establishing the rhythm, We silently saturate the space. This treasury is located deep underground, and many do not suspect how during their sleep, the White Brotherhood descends through the galleries for a nightly vigil. Good V[aughan] helped Urusvati by manifesting the participants. When we touch upon the question of the combination of the rays, We always ask His advice. Sometimes as flowers and sometimes as swords (influence of the rays). We were fortifying the space to extinguish the war.

“(Also, write to Am[erica], that)when in perplexity, (let them) sit together in silence and think one thought. Soon you will understand to what an extent such silent counsel is practical. We precipitate the force of the spirit along one channel. An unusual discharge results, reinforced by magnetism and harmonized by rhythm. The law is that two concordant thoughts increase the power seven times. (“Teach them also that the light should be soft, even for everyone. The Sign can serve as an attraction for the eyes. I repeat,)this is not magic but a practical consideration.”[243]

If you have questions, give them tomorrow. Now it is time to go to bed; you must gather strength.

13 May 1924


        Should H[orch] collect the signatures?Yes, but let him not hurry.

        Will Sv[etik] be successful?Let him boldly think about My Pharmacy.

        What is the essence of the service of the White Brotherhood?We make a bridge toward the top to receive the flow of Benevolence.

        Can you namethe Supreme Spirit for our planet?Christ.

        Are there any communications with other planets in our Solar system?With some of them according tothe rays.

        Which planet is the lowest?The manifestation of Saturn.

        Can we know the names of the other planets?Mars, Earth, Jupiter, Kalliopa, Iguryon, Yegoryos, Dumeryon, the manifestation of Uranus, radiant Venus, Moniser, Igdur, Yerumya, and Mercury.

        Most of them are unknown to astronomers, where are they located?The so-called nebulae.

        Are these planets named in ascending order?They differ in their qualities.

        Is the spirit supposed to pass through all these planets?No.

        How can we determine the Logos of our Solar system?Consciousness.

        Can the Brotherhood penetrate beyond our Solar system?Very unevenly.

        Is it possible to extract Sister Iz[ar] from the cosmic vortex?It is possible by magnetic attraction, but for this, it is necessary to know her location.

        Is it possible to find out?The universe is wide.

        Will my visions intensify?Of course, but allow time to adjust the centers.

        What does the phrase “Armed with the power of air” mean; is it not a gift of atomic energy?Yes, you will bring the formula. I vouch that is all.

        Can it be that Solomon knew this formula?He used it, hence the legend of the Genie’s flying carpet, but it was impossible to pass it on.

When you write to America tomorrow, add from Me:

“Know how to meet the waves of life in beauty. It is not the receiving of sweet pastry but the forging of a sword; not sugared fingers but the strong hand of a warrior of spirit. To encounter the enemy without acknowledging him as such, and to reach the Gates without looking back—is Our way! We know the gait of the destined conquerors. Chiefly, do not jump along the way. The main thing is that We should rejoice at the steadiness of your pace. It is more fitting for the ray to illumine the walking ones than to leap after the jumping ones. People have been able to do much, but seldom did they know how to end in beauty. At dawn, at eventide, in advance and retreat, flying or diving, think about Us, the Watching Ones. The beautiful will be also the worthy. Must one open the pages of history to show giants at a loss how to step over a stream? Easiness was then obscured by unsightliness, and the mind faltered, losing appreciation of beauty. But the manifestation of complicated problems means to the mathematician only joy. And there remains the power of silence, which has already been spoken about.”[244]

We highly praise Urusvati’s decision to rest yesterday. After the rays of service, rest is needed. It is surprising that these rays, reflected by lithium, did not cause shock because they are associated with breaking rays.

Why is it so hard to bear children’s voices? Which of the rays causes the greatest shock in my body?Most of all—the yellow one, but now it will be easier. Back to the children. The period when thevoice breakscoincides with the formation of the ray. In young children, a ray of their previous incarnations is struggling with a new one; that is why disharmony strikes perfect hearing. The main danger of the experiment in life is to be pierced by a false sound. Therefore, in the daytime, you can receive rays very carefully. The conduit works mechanically, but it can be muted. Just as you can press the pedal, but a musician who overusesthe pedal destroys the instrument. Of course, one can know how the conduit works. You yourself will verify your entriesinOur records. Until tomorrow.

14 May 1924

“Fire singes imperfect thoughts. How else to fill the cradle of authentic achievements? The experiment of filtering the thought through the ray is very important. Everyone expresses the essence of his aura, but single thoughts can be of different value according to their spiritual consistency. Then the substance of the thought can be tested by a special ray. The presence of inner spirituality illumines the thought by the color of the aura, but if the thought is a base one it burns under the ray. Thus, there results not only a testing of thought but also a disinfection of space.

“One may imagine how a ray penetrates the space and finds wonderful treasures as well as little red and orange fires, which are like criminal poisoners. Why then not purify the layers above Earth, when even to the eye they are of a smoky orange color?”[245]

The invention of a ray transmitted through a lithium preparation honors its inventor. It is possible to significantly improve the atmosphere and thereby contribute to the salvation of many. By the same ray, it is possible to increase the search for glimmers of spirituality. “The best thing is to destroy the germs of base thoughts, which are more infectious than all diseases. One should be careful not so much about uttered words as about thoughts. During one word ten thoughts are born.”[246]

Discussion of this invention marked the end of Our manifested Service when the best discoveries are brought to the Assembly. Similarly, as it will be in A[ltai]. Three worked: М.М., Th[omas] V[aughan],[247]and Par[acelsus]. You saw Him observing the action of the ray and heard in the laboratory a conversation about the latestexperiment. Indeed, We share Alpha and Omega. I do not envy people who emit low thoughts, for the flame will touch their hearth.

Add this conversation to the letter, for after reading it, they will say tosomeone, “It is impractical to have dark thoughts,” and besides, it is necessary to please them. Those who will not understand would fear.

Let Christ be clothed in the laboratory Rays. Do not be confused if along with the lofty come everyday life clichés. Our work contains everything. The Ray of the Mother of the Worldiswhat We call the new Ray. Let us not speak in base terms about this New Era. Enough.

15 May 1924

A visit to the Museum has such significance that this era is placed in the lowest galleries. I vouch, the visit was not through the physical sight. In My eyes, this is a great achievement. Not phantom astral accumulations, but a whole link of a Great Culture.

The feeling of the Stone is very symbolic in the earthly form because the Stone is attracted toits main body.

One cannot stay in the lower galleries for a long time because the air is saturated with protective gases. The difference istwenty-five floors. (To my remark that I could stay so clearly for a long time in the galleries dedicated to the epoch of Christ.) Let us not forget that the astral body is quite vulnerable to gases. Even primitive sorcerers burn heather and verbena; the first one helps to repeland the second one attracts. We Ourselves descend below thetwentieth floor with protectors.

Of course, I pointed to the tension of the apparatus needed for the great task. It is not shameful to appear in tension before the dignity of Christ. The experiment progressesquite unusually. It is joyful to see how the past and the future pass in front of the consciousness, just like We observe flickering clichés.

Certainly, in addition to the mirrors where the images are concentrated, We have constant messages as fast as sound and thought. Their clarity and duration are conditioned by various reasons. Of course, their volume and terrain matter. I will not hide the fact that the unevenness of the conditions often equalizes events of different values, and then it is necessary to resort to correction through the mirrors. Experience in discerning the rays helps to categorize the messages. However, often the device rings equally, both to an accidental collision and to the fall of an entire country. And when you hear the word “Paris” or “hand-to-hand combat,” it is hard to decide which is more important;therefore, We have established a position that the unimportant does not exist. Sometimes a cliché of a world event flashesso quickly that only by inner feelings do We hurry to check it in the mirror.

I am glad to know how diverse your accumulations are. Not only hearing Us but graspingthe surrounding clichés is not easy; We see how complexity falls into place.

We are avoidingthe astral world. We need life; and therefore you, being on the way to Us, acquire Our first features. Of course, you hear the same as We do. Now, of course, you will ask, “What does the fall of a rider have to do with the Brotherhood?” When something is under special observation, then any incident in this field of vision is like a fly on the glass of a magic lantern. The belted mules of the caravan are swinging on the road toward you.


        How Many Brothers are there?Seventy-seven.

        And Sisters?Twenty-five.

        Are there any Russians amidst them?We will devote a separate discussion to this.

        The demonstration of my experiment made a heavy impression on me.Of course, you saw the symbol; I did not pointa finger at you but only talked about you.

        Why are the symbols so often ugly and rude?The symbol deserves a whole discussion. The formula of Christ is always important, and the manifestations of the ornament of Our lives are connected with Him. We shall continue tomorrow.

        Regarding the printing of the book?Wait.

        The title of the book?The Messenger.

        Did I correctly see the buildings of Shamo and Gobi?Yes, yes, yes.

16 May 1924

“(Before talking about the museum,)it is necessary to speak truthfully about the fundamentals. You noticed that We call the astral world a heaped-up pile. We emphasize how We avoid it. You know already that astral bodies have volume and weight and carry away with them many peculiarities of earthly life. The relativity of earthly knowledge is well-known. Of course, the astral bodies carry away with them not a small share of relativeness, but, being freed from the carnate shell, they acquire creativeness of the spirit. But you can picture to yourselves how the relativity of knowledge is reflected in these structures. Alongside an imagined Olympus, one may encounter a monstrous factory, unrealized during the earthly life. There exist harmonious oases, but in general there prevails a fantastic cemetery of human survivals. It is inadvisable to delve far into the astral cliches, because only an erroneous presentation will follow. In this the usual mediums are harmful.

“Let us not enumerate the consequences of the fumes of the earthly kitchen, but it is quite important to understand how one may mitigate the consequences of relativity. They may be mitigated by the actual truth; but the truth may be realized only through spirituality, and therefore the awakening of spirituality becomes a cosmic condition.”[248]

We collect the seeds of truthfulness, and the treasury receives the meaning of the foundation. Thus, it is possible to correct a fantastic cloud of misunderstood facts. The Ray of the Mother of the World mayhelp remove unworthy images, but for positive research, Our Collections in life providethe best aids. That is why the best spirits from the Astral dream of using Our working cells. Thus, We maintain the true characteristics of all phenomena. The growth of the Museum’s galleries is based on the principle of the practicality of conservation.

The Museum was founded in a very ancient era. The underground of the Temple is deepened in a granite massif. The name of the first Builder is known. (The name was pronounced, but I was forbidden to write it in the notebook.) He laid the foundation similar to that of the Egyptian pyramids. The channel of the ancient stream among the basalt layers made it possible to significantly lower the bottom of the galleries. The first forms transferred from the Himalayas are concentrated there. The forms of the first creations, which were stored in caves.

Now We should be interested in the people of Shamo and Gobi. The continentalbelt connected the submergedAtlantis with the blooming plateau country, named “Gotl.”A wise order brought to the country the law of religion, headed by the Feminine Principle. The thread, the string, and the serpent formed a sacred bond. The thread represented a hearth; the string—appeal to God, and the serpent—knowledge. The Ray could penetrate to the foundationof the Temple through an opening in the semi-conical roof. The circle was laid at the foundation of the structures. The Temple of the Sun, Temple of the Moon, and Temple of the Serpent. Women wore the likeness of the serpent, intertwining braids with plates of sacred metals. Of course, the size of the temples was huge. Ancient Babylon could give an idea of the scale. You can imagine how diverse the metals were! Inscriptions were made on metal, having the form of cuneiform writing.

Enough for now.

17 May 1924

I sense a new slanderlike weeds under the fence. Think about the r. as trash. If they could be avoided, the guarantee of good would be infinitely closer. How can one compare their poisonous saliva with Our Horizon?!

Let us turn to the Museum.

The agreement of Schagiy with Kohan: “When there are wars, it befits them to pass quietly. It is not proper for him to turn against the villages. It is not appropriate for him to seize the horses. It is not proper for him to drink the herd’s milk. It is not for him to vouch for the wrong one. It is not fitting for him to burn the fields. It is not appropriate for him to experience the bows in the wild catches. It is not appropriate for him to tame horses in the Maidans. It is not for him to fill the load on other people’s farms. It is not proper for him to worship his “Nunas” on our Yar. And when the horde passes, then the messengers will report when the last banner is curled up. So, say I, Kohan of the Middle Kingdom of the Ulusesto King Lobkay, who follows the command of My great brother Chumurdar Schagiy. And I will castlots of luck on the affairs of My brother.”

The agreement is recorded in Lob-Nor on leather, and it is stored in the galleries of the peoples’ movements.[249] So let us see how the sedentary tribes became nomadic, driven by the sands, ending an era of the stars’deification. When the power of the Gotls could move toward the new lands, leaving their home, then a new achievement should be noted. The people became wanderers and forgot about the ownership of a piece of land. Especially now it should be remembered when the boundaries are erased and when travelers begin to step easily. And the circles of life are enclosed; like a flying fluff, they are joined again by a whirlwind into a white cloud.

Writeten questions; then we will sit and think about the Circle, sending them firmness.

        Who is the eldest Brother in the physical body?But We do not count the years, only the growth of the spirit.

        Did any of the Brothers move to other planets?Yes.

        Are there any famous historical figures among the resettled?Plato.

        What planet is chosen by him?Jupiter.

        Is there a big difference in the structure of the body?No, the Rays are well known; the evidence of the aura changes a lot.

        Will Plato be among the Hierophants?He will also seek but will remember the experience of earthly life.

        Is not the knowledge of the Brothers relative if it is limited to our planet?But Jupiter is reachable.

        Of course, I know that M.M.’s consciousness is imbued with the solar consciousness, for it was revealed to me. Do they have hours to teach their pupils?We work together.

        How will we gain the knowledge?Take part in the work.

        Where did Schagiy stop on his way?Near Khorasan, near the Black sea.

The experiment goes quickly; you are entering a new stage. You hear clearly, many voices that caused the tremordo not cause pain.

18 May 1924

“Joy is a special wisdom, as Christ said.

“(Our Garden is similar to people. Urusvati grows a garden near the urgent room. Your morning walk to collectthe flowers is not by chance. We meet the morning among the plants because)nothing gathers the essence of prana as well as do plants. Even pranayama may be replaced by association with plants. And it should be understood how assiduously the eye must fathom the structure of the plants. The pores of the plants are enlarged not only by the advent of new leaves and flowers, but also by the removal of dead parts. The law of Earth’s nurture affords, through the antennae of the plants, the possibility of drawing out of this reservoir by means of smell and sight the precious quality of vitality, the so-called Naturovaloris, which is acquired through conscious striving.

“Valuable as are the living plants which have not lost their vitality, preparations from them dried in the sun may also be useful. But the stage of decomposition should be avoided, because decomposition is the same in everything and always attracts the most imperfect spirits. Therefore, one should watch the condition of cut flowers. The smell of decomposition must be sensed, as it is not the external appearance but the smell which manifests the symptom.

“When it is not the season for flowers, it is useful to have small pine trees. Like a dynamo they accumulate vitality, and they are more effectual than right breathing. Instead of by ritual breathings one can thus receive a most condensed supply of prana. Of course, a state of rest also increases the action.

“Vital understanding of the power of nature will provide without magic a renovation of possibilities.”[250]

Besides short flowers, My gardenis full of long and stretching plants. When the weather is doubtful, many plants are brought inside. There are also flowers on the ledges of the stairs, and the old gardener takes away withered plants.

Indeed, Urusvati grasps many details. The reddish-yellow Tower is connected by passages with the rest of the structure. From a distance, the structure can be taken for weathered rocks, slightly sloping. The windows of the outer walls can be mistaken for bird nests. The surrounding desert is untouched. Often, the traveler passes unaware but surprised by the behavior of his horse or camel. The animals turn their heads to the lifeless stones and even try to turn toward seeminglypiled heaps of stones there. Some even saw inscriptions on the walls but, of course, took them for wormholes. Obviously, the unexpected traveler will always be taken aside. Everyone senses something. But a desert dweller is accustomed to the voices and lights of the desert.

But if M.M. allows this to be published, then will not many rush and disturb the peace?It will not be revealed;if they cannot recognize even you here, how will they find Us?The talks go on for a long time. While in Lhasa, did they find anything?

Here, time is of great importance; otherwise, there is nowhere to approach the experiment, nowhere to compile the book, and nowhere to finish the paintings.

Will we live here for the second year?I do not think so, for the main thing is mobility. Let us sit, at least for a while. Your harmony is very useful.

19 May 1924

Let us finish the questions from the list; I am waiting and ready to answer.

What exactly is the mirror of the Brotherhood?A polished, seven-metal alloy: silver, gold, lithium, uranium, magard, lead, and antimony. The beam of a compressed carbon set behind the observer helps to speed up the fog cloud, attaching firmly events to the surface. As on the shortest wire, there are two main kinds of observations. First, when the initiative comes from the observer. The second one when an urgent event is attracted by a wave of the aura. When the ray needs to be connected, an effect can be enhanced by passing a beam of compressed carbon through a special prismatic glass, and thenthe fog coloring promotes concentration.

I am waiting for the next one.

Are there members among the Brothers who are not working directly on the improvement of earthly conditions?“It is impossible to separate the conditions of Earth from surrounding conditions, because the mental world has no narrow boundaries.”[251]For example, Plato departed to Jupiter to work for the Earth. He decided to study the manifestation of auras for their relative application on Earth. Plato had a custom of experimenting himselfwith how the difference of the atmosphere affects the mental manifestation.

But since Jupiter is reachable for research, why should he be born again and go through a period of childhood, when he can use the mature body for his experiment?But only the assimilation of the spirit with normal growth can give a convincing result. Obviously, it is impossible to apply all the conditions of Jupiteron Earth, but by testing, it is possible to move the manifestation of the mental body. “Again one must speak against the astral world, because it is desirable in the future to shorten considerably this stage. Now it is unavoidable, but upon development of the spirit the manifestation of the mental body becomes more attainable.

How to define Devachan?“Devachan is the place of pleasant realizations. But at the same time it is dangerous, because a weak spirit is reluctant to leave so pleasant a station. This station yields the greatest unwillingness to return for more labor. And when the time comes to leave this Valhalla, while the mental body impels one to achievement, the astral body finds the place most comfortable.”[252]


Are there advantages for the densified astral bodies in the study of the distant worlds?Concerning the subtle body’s separation, thecondition is the same. Of course, an especially leading and penetrating mental bodyis characteristic of old spirits.

Well, in general, there aremechanics and chemistry!But mechanicsare based on the individual grain of the spirit. “It is precisely the spirit which does not permit stopping, for the spirit in its innermost self remembers beautiful worlds. Beyond all the recollections abides an inexpressible, firm consciousness of the possibility of return to the Light whence the spark emanated.

“(Our Beloved,)how can a sensitive spirit avoid the onset of world anguish? (Soon you maywrite to the members of the Circle that they gradually should begin to get used to the bouts of world anguish.) There has never been a case of a man being able to detach himself in spirit from the earthly plane without contraction of his nerve centers, exactly like that of the daring aviator who feels a singular tremor in his heart upon detaching himself from the Earth.

“The goal and the meaning of existence is to strive upward beyond the limits of the known, and to help one another.

“(Over time, it will be easier for them to understand the cosmic anguish.) If, without any mechanics, we recall the sensation of standing on a rock before a phenomenon of nature, does not the heart contract from rapture? After this stage, the sensation of embracing boundlessness will be realized.

“Some people are easily reconciled to the sham and luxury of the astral plane, but you will not be attracted by it. Only the abodes of knowledge will outline the path.”[253]

If My Presence would be unpleasant, you may choose, according to the ray,those who are closer in cooperation. For now, once the ray is adjusted, let us continue. When such a short time remains, the tension of the spirit is so clear that an example can be given. She also went to Us. One thing I can say—when you are tested by the Ray of the Mother of the World, you will forget the shadows. The threshold of an individual’s unique task of discovering new worlds for the Earth and on the Earth. Not due to other people’s achievements, but by your ownlaboratory labor.

But the sum of knowledge emergesvery quickly. (To my remark whether it is possible to grasp the age-old wisdom in three years?)

20 May 1924

We have talked so much about the dark ones that one should say the main difference between Christ and the Antichrist is called good and evil, or perfection and imperfection, or even closer: materialism and idealism.

“Wherein lay the revolt of Lucifer?[254] He wished to remain within the boundaries of the planet. And the legend of the Prince of the World is fairly true.

“He began to surround himself with spirits content with the earthly aura. In order to hold his followers he began to unfold before them the possibilities of earth, imitating—at times with skill—the counterposition of the opposing side.

“One may speak of the miracle of the Antichrist.‘Wherefore is needed the realization of the future, when I can show you the forces of earth!’

“But among his followers, none will say on departing from earth: ‘I ascend, Lord!’ Instead they tremble, rending themselves from the earthly effulgence.

“Truly beautiful was Lucifer, and he imparted to people in his way the understanding of the earthly radiance.(And even the existence of Our Brotherhood owes it to him.)But without him there would not be a definite boundary between the earth and the nearest spheres(astral). Without him the difference between life on earth and (astral) would be gradually effaced, permitting to incarnate spirits the movability of matter.

“But the ancient Prince of the World, in opposition, chains matter to the crust (of the planet)occupied by him. As the planetary spirit, he knew the depths of the earth. But his error lies in the unwillingness of cooperation with other planets. Precisely this is what brought Christ to the World.

“While Lucifer glorifies the life of earth, Christ points to the beauty of the entire Creation of the worlds.

“We say, ‘Let the light of Lucifer glow, but the greatness of other fires cannot be hidden behind it.’ We do not fear to pronounce his name. We are aware of his existence.

“We say, ‘Your way cannot fulfil the destiny of earth because only through communion with other worlds will the life of your stronghold be regenerated. Your rocks will wear away and whereon then will you set your throne? And the eternal life and the eternal flux give us an eternal home. Christ in no way differed from your servants but He showed the privilege of motion beyond the boundaries of earth.’Christ said, ‘I may spend the night upon the beautiful earth in order to continue the journey; but thou, host of the earth, bid thy servants back, lest they prevent me from going my way at dawn.’

“And thus, one became ensnared by matter, the other passed on to the worlds of possibilities of Light.”[255]

Christ builds perpetual motion.

By telling: “Why limit yourself to one Earth when all Worlds are destined!”Christ creates a correct path for humanity when through the broad cooperative, a real exchange will be laid.

“Lucifer, come is the time to re-kindle your lamp!”[256]

We shall continue tomorrow.

21 May 1924

“You have noticed that each Great Teacher has spoken about the continuity of life. One may also notice that it is just this indication which is expurgated from each teaching, because materialism must defend itself. On Earth this condition is of special importance.

“It must be known that the earthly matter is very dense. On the planets of lower level than Earth the matter is very coarse; upon those higher than Earth, matter harmonizes with the spirit. Hence, the Earth appears as a turning point.

“There are imperfections upon higher planets, but there is not the resistance of matter. It is easier to search there without losing one’s strength in needless struggle. There matter becomes inseparable from spirit, without any opposition between them.

“No one denies the value of matter, but it is inconceivable that on a locomotive the wheels and the boiler must quarrel. It seems that the better the boiler works the better it is for the wheels. But the one in charge of the wheels might think that they are the most important part of the organism and invite everyone to take a ride on the wheels, ignoring the fact that without the steam power the wheels can only roll downhill.”[257]

“Lucifer, who might have become the expounder of Unity, preferred to sever himself from his neighbors.”[258]

Of course, the flow can only be impededbut not interrupted. The very pressure of earthly matter brings forth a corrective fromthe body of Our Brotherhoodan institution unknownto other planets because of its obligatorybattle-readiness.[259] Verily, why these kings of the world; why the white and black processions when we can be coworkers? Fundamentally, the structure of matter and spirit contains no conflict. Why arrest the motion into the beautiful Infinite? And why pile up illusory dams near the Earth?

“One may pity the retarded travelers, because these earthly stations will not serve them beyond a certain period.

“Why are a hundred incarnations necessary, when with ten one may cross the threshold?”[260]

“(But) the battle of desperation transformed the Bearer of Light; and the ruby aura became infused with the blood-red glow. His followers truly began to apply depraved means”[261]which only delay the dates, but do not exhaust the destiny. Therefore, Our armor and the swords could have been gladly reforged into the parts of the laboratory apparatuses much sooner, and Our Ladder—the link between Heaven and Earthcould have been set much closer.[262]

“How vivid the recollection that the last Great Teacher suffered an outrageous death for what would seem to have been already long since known to humanity!”[263]

“Miserable Carrier of Light! In the death of Christ you admitted an irrevocable error. The cedar of Lebanon which bore the body of Christ shall but shorten the way to the Highest World.

Hence you shall have to depart to Saturn; for this, have you long been called Satan. But there also shall the gardener of matter find fields to labor as on earth. And accept Our last counsel. Look over the rows of your servants!

“Upon the ladder of life you sought to outdistance the Teacher. (It is ten years since you were) warned: Here stands She,(Our) witness of your destiny. The Star of the Mother of the World rose as a signal against your madness, when you determined to demean Her, the Bearer of Spirit.

“You will behold woman return to her destined place.”[264]

We shall continue tomorrow.

What is the role of the planetary spirit?Acting asa Priest whoconcentratesthe spiritual principle.

It is difficult to postpone the following conversation for today.

22 May 1924

How is the Priest of Unity being formed?The spirit which appears later, as ifit were the master over matter. Under normal circumstances, he uplifts the matter filling its parts with the consciousness of unity. The Spirit of the planet goes through the human form as the first teacher of the mastery over matter, and therefore he becomes an expert in the properties of this matter.With a worthy attitude, he would be a valuable friend of all new formations; there would be no antagonistic actions, only a search for mutually beneficial ones. But Our Prince does not think so; he does not care for the friendship of spirit.

Sometimes you rightly ask, why do We not terminate the action of the dark ones immediately? You can well imagine how the Host of Earth knows all Earth’s labyrinths! And too great of enlightenment interferes with his plans! His servants are not averse to learning something useful for themselves; they even have their own gatherings where they discuss how to use the new discoveries to harm the growth of spirituality.[265]

In order to protect Our loved onesbetter, We give the symbol of the Host of Earthas a warning. Keep in mind that all the attributes of the breed of a catare his sign; all gray and black figuresare his sign. And when you notice anything from this collection, know that a dig has been discovered and measures are being taken. His difficulty is that the movements of spirit are very fast, and the reservoir of Our Source is great. Still, one cannot deny his inventiveness, and especiallynow when the dates have approached.[266]

How was this psychology of isolationcreated?But in each big feudal lord, you can see a microcosm of what had happened.

“(Then,)one should have in mind that refined matter has an absorptive quality. When someone approaches matter for the sake of its immediate condition, he does not receive immunity of the spirit and sinks into the so-called maya, because without the perfecting of the substance of things their shell becomes poisonous.”[267]

If necessary, prepare additional questions, forI want to clarify as much as you want.

Now we should talk about the experiment, and, then, how would I act in Udraya’s place; of course, this is only for you. The experiment may gradually be transferred to the morning so that,subsequently, it can be moved later in the day. To do this We shall find a very quiet house for the next year. Most importantly, do not take servants with families—it is shady there.You can send them to the village—as the gardener had sent. Inthe future, refrain from having people so closely crowded around you.

Now you maylet the centers strengthen in a new state. It is necessary to give rest to the nerves, otherwise, tension makes them oversensitive. The fact of transfer is established. Thatisthe most important thing at this moment. Equally important is to note how in the rays ofthe rainbow, lilac and blue auras were received better than all the yellow ones. I will gladly tell you but now about Udraya. Knowing that the Treasure of Poseidon cannot be given to the strangers’ hands; knowing the fate of R[ussia] and the East, I would consider the path to America insignificant. Having studied the Tibetan language and the beginning of the Mongolian language, I would go to Moscow where a visitor from the East will be accepted with honor. From there would come the trip to Mong[olia]. Learning is easier there, where the sources are better. After all, not for the b [. . .], but for R[ussia] you need to carry the achievements. I feel how you can get to Mon[golia]full of knowledge and instructions. Both the horse and the caftan—everything will come in handy. And then one can move toward Al[tai]. I would have gone at the end of the twenty-sixth year. In the middle of the twenty- [. . .] year,it is possible to be in M[oscow] in the Eastern center because the headquarters is there now. Of course, it is possible to be in Leningrad and periodically visit M[oscow], but I like greatdecisions. Of course, we can think about all the details of the arrival in M[oscow] and the joyful opportunities that will give knowledge of the Motherland. For now, just say that it is better for a scholar to work with the sources.

Until tomorrow.

23 May 1924

About the ore industry. Ore will be R[ussia]’s main product. New metals will rise, called by the rays of an air energy. A magnet of various uses can lead the researcher like an arrow of a compass.Pure, silver veins can lead to finding the homeland of silverradium.

U[ranium?] will be a harbinger of a formidable power. Inside the L[isya]Hill, the ore of M. is manifested with a special composition that gives light. Its formidable significance can illuminate entire cities. Its appearance completely changes the structure of mines. A light auger can dissect the hardest rocks like butter. Steel and diamond are nothing compared to the light-blade. But its application is even wider. In addition to cutting the Earth’s depths, it can serve as impenetrable insulation; if necessary, separating the whole area for the phenomenon of cheating, infection, and momulons—individuals who avoid cooperation. Why destroy when you can turn it to good? A devastating ray of heat. The myth of the fiery wall receives a new life. A conservation ray—let Us call it that. While cutting the Earth’s depths, it can be called a penetration ray.

Afterward,after our return,you will provide an invention to Ivan in hundreds and thousands, a foundling unaware of his kinship. The rays will bring reward to the new ones. It is easy to recognize them by their eyes. The little inhabitants of air will help to search for the ores. “The growth of spiritual understanding attracts also the cooperation of the small entities which populate the air. This is why the hostility of matter is to be regretted. Conscious cooperation with matter could be reached far sooner.(But he sometimes prefers even illiteracy.)

“(For,) it is tempting to receive immediate material advantages. Even intelligent men have no objection to receiving a title, not weighing its consequences. The cemetery is full of high titles; this is the memorial to that fence which is the insulation of matter.

“Indeed matter is very important, but only with spirit does it attain its sacred significance. As the great(est) admirer of matter without spirit is illiterate(inharmonious), so lacking would be an adept without intellect. Yet one can fly in spirit, while matter has no wings. Spirituality on Earth can open towering Gates.(And those Ivans, who can beentrusted with the findings, will certainly possess spirituality.)

“When man is free from fear, he can know the origin of reality.”[268]

But then their path is not right because there is no need for formulas.

I praise the letter very much, for the need is great. It is easy to break the dishes.

We will continue about the rays tomorrow.

24 May 1924

On the day the lilies blossom, let Us say about the rays. “The quality of rays is infinitely varied, but two categories of rays are easy to distinguish. One category can be revealed to contemporary humanity, while the other comprises rays demanding from people a spiritual understanding without which the rays may be very destructive.”[269]

The Ray of the Mother of the World may be given to mankind in the near future. The light auger can be handed carefully to a few ones, but the fiery wall is dangerous for those who deny the spirit;forall orange and red auras maybe drawn into the orbit of fire and will not be able to resist.

“Each ray can manifest a defense only within the limits of its generic colors. If even a very deep yellow is discordant for a violet ray, then how will all the crimson-toned ones strike the outer shell of such aura? Through perfection a new defense is attained, whereupon we cognize various rays, absorbing them with our own ray. We shield ourselves, as it were, against fatigue from various flashes by our own gamut of colors.

“For instance, someone possessing a violet aura begins to see everything in waves of violet and blue tints. This means that his shield is becoming stronger.

“It means that instead of receiving stings and wounds, he is immersed in his own ocean, and alien colors are seemingly absorbed by the accumulations of his aura. But the difficulty of these accumulations is that they cannot be superimposed from without and can be only evoked from within. Therefore, it is a good sign when the flame of the spirit radiates its own color.”[270]

The most unstable is the green family;from the proximity of yellow, the green waves turn yellow, just as a pink mayeasily turn red. There is a color of yellow that,like the well-known tone of topaz, is not prone to impurities. Violet, blue, and the noted yellow have durability. I am showing an example on Our Brother R[akoczy], who has a special yellow Ray.Although beinga very highRay, nevertheless, is not always convenient when working together with Ours. We must understand that this applies to joint experiments. This is why in the current experiment the tension intensifies when different rays enter alternately and even simultaneously. This is a good sign because it shows that the main color begins to absorb the other. Of course, the aura is always a combination of three shades. “Each monochromatic aura contains within itself three waves, corresponding to the three chief substances: physical, astral and mental.”[271]

Therefore, in your case, an artist should paint the aura like this: a blue-lilac circle around the head, then a pure lilac circle encompassing the space from the top of the first circle to the knees, and then a largeviolet oval. Thus, violet is a fighting tone against external influences, while the head circle corresponds to the spirit and should be protected while in the lower layers of Earth. The outer oval is dotted with purple sparks that give it durability in case of accidental meetings. But to convey the impression, a silver-lilac circle around the head needs to be stressed,a large lilac circledarker and a slightly more noticeable atmosphere tothe oval. Therefore, it is very important to strengthen the main color of the aura before leaving the Earth.

The phenomenon of the lilac ray. We call apurple—a violet. Lilac is better; it contains more blue.

Now We have an interesting question about the features of the last incarnation in connection with the development of the aura. But for now,askyour questions, for this conversation is long.

If it is impossible to divide equally the physical and the spiritual, then where does the Prince of the World find this boundary?His boundary is limited to the earthly sphere.

But we who are on Earth have centers,the development of which makes it possible to penetrate into spiritual achievements.Therefore, He delays the development of these centers.

But these centers can be developed mechanically or chemically.These centers cannot be developed without the participation of the spirit-consciousness.

25 May 1924

Your dream showed the meaning of the last missions.

“We see the march of predestined events and note the appearance of quiet figures who are seemingly detached from life, although We value them by their achievements. But their lives flow on amidst now a kind of detachment and now an achievement, which appears like a spark in the darkness.

“The subsequent as well as the early events pass utterly unnoticed. The throne, or the cell of a monastery, or the cobbler’s nook have no importance; the previously accumulated aura accompanies this last path. Of course the aura expands, and, as it were, shields an unusual sensitiveness; but its quality no longer changes, and from early age one may distinguish these singular children, who carry their own world of manifestations of the spirit.

“Very rarely, almost never, do they limit themselves to a single specialty. Actually, the absence of specialty is characteristic; hands seem to be stretched out to the chalice.

“Looking into past lives, one may see representatives of religion, kingdoms, science, art and mechanics, waiting and prepared for the journey and ready to depart at any hour without regrets.

“The combination of a correct appreciation of the beauty of matter with a readiness to fathom the attainments of the spirit, brings the achievement to maturity. The turmoil of life no longer attracts, and of course there comes the realization that it can proceed no further in the same way.

“The achievement may be either comparatively transient or instantaneous. The realization of the necessity to express a definite action is brought from afar, and it is accomplished as simply as any daily deed.

“And so, the most difficult thing is to encompass both the rapture of matter and the manifestations of spirit. And how many wondrous quests have been delayed by a regret concerning matter, or by spiritual insulation. Sometimes the affinity of the spirit with matter is easily achieved; then one should look for the cause in the past chosen lives.

“The most extreme ascetic, who curses the beauty of the world, closes the Gates before himself. Likewise, the scientist who forgets about the Source deprives himself of flights into the domain of higher conquests. Children will grasp this simple condition, but many adults reject it as nonsense.

“Only by special ways of communication can those in the train of achievement move on. And to await the timeliness of that which the spirit considers and knows becomes so painful that it is as if the time had stopped, and some sort of conflagration had destroyed the accumulated wealth.”[272]

Someone was telling: “Why was it necessary to be a king and a priestin order to lose time in the form of a landowner? What was the use of an extremely complex task of successive experimentsin order to know the limits of the estate?” Such wassomeone’s thoughts at the age offorty-eight, two years before the end of the entire earthly circle.

“Truly did Christ say: ‘You know neither the day nor the hour.’ He also revealed another truth in saying, ‘Why hast Thou forsaken me, O Lord?’ This refers to the knowledge of the spirit. At the last moment, before the consummation of the earthly cycle, we sink into a seeming vacuum, in order that all the accumulated fires may flash out at once. By restraining the consciousness of the past the leap over the abyss is achieved.”[273]

Tomorrow we shall record some more examples of feelings before the change of one’s existence.

26 May 1924

“I am a simple nun, what do you see in me? Do not kiss my hands; I cannot perform the miracles. Father, why do they come to my cell? I have nothing but the books. They want me to lay my hands on their heads, telling me they are better, but I myself feel nothing. Sometimes a page of a book is illuminatedby a faint blue luster, but this light is not from my fingers, is it? All my life, since I was brought to the monastery school, I do not remember anything wonderful, except that the necessary books were already pulled for me when I went to the library, and sometimes I noticed a blue spark near them. Often it seems to me that I have to go somewhere, and maybe they come to say goodbye to me? I am ashamed to say, but I am burdened by their veneration; they take something irreplaceable away from me, and only touching these ancient manuscripts brings me strength. On the eve of my coming here, my mother had a dream,as if I waswalking in a white robe and the flame is behind me.”This was the confession of a nun a year before the fire when she saved the only copies of the books, herself dying from burns.

Now the last conversation in the laboratory of the seventeenth century.

“Why is it so stuffy today? I do not know how to put this last reaction together. My mind is not working, I remember how in Nottingham the hand itself was reaching for the necessary retorts.[274] We must quickly hand over the records to Oxford. Durky, I will soon go by sea, and I cannot carry the books with me. Tell mine: it is time to start a new experiment. An extraordinary power will help in the movement of the most massive items. By surrounding them with the essence of Jupiter’s gas, one can achieve almost zero gravity of the heaviest objects. Imagine the absurdity of an innkeeper when a boy carries a whole column in front of him!the horses will thank us. You just needclean air; iron waste and the dust from metals are dangerous for the gas.It is necessary to clean the entire room; do not leave rust on the nails. Remember—it is like gunpowder to fire. After the experiment, we will go overseasit is stuffy here.”Thus said an alchemist four months before the explosion.

Let us manifest the last record.

“Why is it possible to treat an elected sacred person as a sacrificial animal? I have to read the same thing to them every day. The new thoughts can be found, but they require only repetition. Every day they want to stab with the same knife. These steps are so familiar to me as well as every shadow on the wall. And I have no one to say: ‘You are gone, I cannot communicate alone, you promised to go together; why this loneliness?’I have forgotten something very necessary, and I wait as if knowing nothing.”Thus, a very lofty personstruggled,oneyear before the unexpected momentof the hoofs of a horse pounding.

The Way of the Teaching is diverse, but the time before departure manifests the sameness of signs.

Why am I so tired of this conversation?It is clear because we talk aboutthe moment of transition. The currents of the old records preserve the same stuffiness.The last of them wasnot even three centuries old when My Friend hurried to his path.

Let us talk tomorrow about the impact of the records’ rays.

Chundais the messenger’s name.

27 May 1924

“Even earthly things may have a special atmosphere preserved around them(just as the events of Our Treasuries retain their fluids). Just before reading a document one may become impressed by a sense of the nature of it. The Teaching penetrates considerably further when first of all it is possible to transmit the essence of a manifestation. I vouch that very soon sensitive apparati will be able to assimilate it. The intuition unfolds normally if spirit is acknowledged.

“Especially often do people say, ‘We are no longer astonished at anything,’ and forthwith they are astonished at the first inexplicable creak.

“Now you will ask why the solitude of the last incarnation is necessary. This is a circumstance very difficult to explain from the earthly point of view, but simple and immutable as soon as one crosses beyond the line of earthly existence. Even in the ordinary approach of a ship to a harbor one observes a similar manifestation. The life of the ship ceases; the journey is ending and the passengers are busy with the matter of disembarking, and the recent united activities seem non-existent.

“How much more so is the feeling of an organism approaching a condition of complete change. The flow of striving toward the means of expression of the last action is guided by intuition.”[275]

Obviously, you noticed two ways: either leaving in the body or leaving to work in the densified astral. Each state has its own advantages, and only the spirit can decide which phenomenon is closer to it. Of course, there may be very littledifference between the two conditions for working on Earth. Naturally, a body is more suitable for working on Earth, but external communication is easier in a densified astral state. Both conditions can intercommunicate. The body can easily project its astral, but the densified astral cannot assume all the characteristics of the body.

Of course, the tissue that retains vitality can preserve the body. Even some of the densified astral bodies remain under the protectionof this tissue for the time of distant flights. Sister Iz[ar]’s house is still waiting for her.

Everyone can change their state, but for further relocations, We go through a lighter state. It is a necessity thatmakes Me, and the group that has accepted work on Earth, remain in the physical body, and I will tell you in a whisper that the final battle requires Our condition, for it makes it possible to accelerate its attainment. Therefore, I say, if you feel the necessity, take care of the body for now. He would like very much to destroy several bodies.

Do not fatigue yourself with the experiment—it is better to let messages go like scales. Recording can be resumed after. The best position of the spine is desirable. The center of Kundalini can burn with a warm fire, but without affecting the adjacent organs. Burden, aches, and fatigue are undesirable; therefore, a more comfortable bed is needed. Although there is some benefit in a bodily fullness, which temporarily should not be feared. You should also avoid lying on your back, forthis increases the pressure on the Kundalini.

But lying on my back, I can hear M.M.’s voice better.No doubt, but for your sake, I have hidden Myself away. New conquests are needed for success; after all, I am always close. It is necessary to introduce many other rays. The words are accompanied by a ray that repeats them. But nearby you hear about the events of Tib[et] and Tur[key]. The lecture will be after, but now the sparks of the words are more useful. You cannot go at the pace of the first days. The bed needs to be straightened.

28 May 1924

Teach Udraya to understand how beneficial it isfor him to travel as the representative of the Am[erican] organizations, andthus gain access to the hidden treasures. Of course, Am[erica] is only a shield, but it will help to create a special position in M[oscow]. As if jokingly, send this thought also about the expedition to Mon[golia]—the route from the north is much better. Our guarantee will manifest the circumstances and the people.I will tie the horses with a bast.I will decorate acaftan with the best animals so that there is someone there to watch for your arrival. Urusvati feels how necessary it is to raise the people through their own understanding. Verily, We shall rejoice when the human heel crushes the serpent’s head.

Yes, the great decision indicated by Christ grows. All the Heavenly Forces will not gather as much flame for the last battle as human achievement can contribute. It is impossible to launch an offensive only from above. A new strongholdon the mountain provides support. My firmness rests on following that very Stone. It will be possible to take a small part from it for the ring that you will give to your heir before leaving. Let the tradition not be broken. And in the snow, Urusvati will continue to review the work. Help Us, help Us, help Us in all ways. We create a new connection between Earth and Heaven. Christ the Builder wore the mason’s wimple.Near the Stone will gather the stones. The appearance of Christ will build the roof of the Temple. The rays of the message will penetrate the Earth, like multi-colored threads.

A vision during the construction of the Temple: The Luminous entered and began to test the stones with a silver hammer, and upon finishing, He ascended to the vault and the vault shone like silver.The new truth will cover the structure in the field of (. . .). It is M.’s joy to tell how it will be. You are interested in Our establishment, but I would prefer totell you about the miracle of the Earth.When I can I wouldlike to comeback to the comingtimes. You can imagine how intently We will follow the beginning of the foundation.

“At B. they started to build the ts.; they do not offend people. It was told: zh. had come, but they praise S. stronger than us. They have better milk yield, bulk grain, and even apples have ripened earlier. That brother is not zh.—that brotheris a blessing. When they go for poz., only the benefit to the people comes out of it. And nothing can be stolen from them—your right-hand goes numb. Theybroughtuseful miracles; the glory went around.”[276]

29 May 1924

I stretched out My Hand to fulfill the law. The yarn is as thin as a Kashmir shawl. With understanding, carefully monitor the accumulation of actions. We sow new grains around.

The experiment enters a quiet phase, but it embraces the growth of the centers. We see how the tension of visions, sensations, and definitions arenaturallybalanced. The phenomenon associated with life should pass into daily use naturally. The bridge of sleep is inevitable for some time, especially if it is difficult to achieve the condition of physical silence.

Do not miss Mayavati.[277]Pay attention to everything that comes to you.

A new explicit statement—a packof dogs needs to be put in place—with a lot of teeth to sharpenabout you. Losing a day for a governor and a scientist is good security from gossip. I feel the needto repair the walls all around. It is better to be friendly. They will understandit as ignorance of the language. Especially befriend Christina.

I will prepare new ones for R[ussia], entrusting you with a knot of this thread. I know how to improve. Depreciation seeps in, and broken crockery rattles. Both [. . .] Just survive and act.

Now the experiment enters a new phase; it is necessary to understand bothdirections: one when the rays can turninto the waves of fire burning out the shells of the centers.There are cases of so-called ecstasy when good organisms were uselessly incinerated. Physical unpreparedness caused the ignition of the centers simply because of the imperfection of the apparatus. This could also be a fault of the Guide, so the path of accumulation is better. Transmission without ignition is similar to anopenchannel.

The difference between Bl[avatsky] and B[esant]: as much as Blavatsky was often close to harmony, and only her unfortunaterage tore her body apart, soBesant conducts political conjuncture through a single channel. It has been twelve years since politics broke the harmony. We should not forget that politics should not detach from life. After seven days in A[dyar], you will understand everything.

The centers may not be ignited when the body is not opento the ecstasy of harmonies, but then access to beauty is unattainable. Otherwise, it is necessary to protect the shell of the centers. Itis impossible to advancewithout beauty now. Everything can be endured to protect the foundation of beauty. I understand this. The phenomenon of fire must be protected, otherwise, the fireof the spirit can burnawaywithout meaning.

How can Cosmic conditionsbe brought earlier if no one has joined Our work before the age of fifty? There maybe tools, but the constructive work of Our level begins later. The difference is that she (Blavatsky) recognizeda sharp difference from personal actions from those of the leadership, but then she combined both minds into one.

This sensitivity prompted about O[yana?] is necessary to warn her of using caution in the autumn. Within fifteen or twenty years she may receiveuseful fortress.

Ramakrishna[278] committed an irreparable mistake that shortened Vivekananda’s life by allowing his Samadhi.[279] He might otherwise haveliveduntil this day and been the messenger of India.

The new comes in the whole atmosphere, but the initial stage of L[ondon] and N[ew] Y[ork] represents the so-called miracles, but there is no feat.

Understanding the sorrow of this era hastens sensitive organisms. If We consciencelessly allowed the pace of the first days, then in a month, you could vouch for theconflagration. If it were possible for a long time to refrain from sorrow with measures of silence and a comfortable bed, then the shell of the centers would have acquired immunity. We also want to find the best conditions. After all, we see clichés of consequences, but the conditions of the path must be discovered. Of course, work and anticipation of the dates are especially painful.

Besides My book, start thinking about R[ussia]. Only to you canWe entrust the women’s cause in R[ussia]. The luminaries mark the approach of the era if the path is protected. We will search for the most quiethouse; We will move the date. Until tomorrow.

30 May 1924

Horror rushes over the World. Only a quiet cell can gather power. My Front may be renewed with silence. I teach how to find silence. My House is now in ‘п[280] where We gathered to build theNew Era. We need to collect everything inone place. The phenomenon, phenomenon, threefold phenomenon can pacify the Dragon. Christ pacified the Dragon with the courage of dedication. The Teacher repeated the words whichHe put at the beginning of His Commandments. The Furies could not understand that He was already laying the foundation of the New Era.

Knowing the purity of snow, do not feel sad about the flowers inthe valley. But only there is drawn the line of the World.

“It also happens that before departure all voices become silent, and, even being aware of this law, one becomes awed.

“In the Egyptian Mysteries there was a fixed moment when the neophyte, having been placed before a threshold in absolute darkness, had to enter into the Unknown without slackening his steps.

“Especially nowadays, since Christ has renounced the miracles, this moment into the Unknown must be passed by special means. Because the future epoch must erase the boundaries between the worlds. And the Egyptian Mysteries have been transformed into the formula, by human feet.’”[281]

The affirmation of human power can illuminate the underground chamberswhere it will be so incomprehensibly easy to walk, and where instead of darkness, treasures can be found. Before the beginning of complex work, before separation, the work of each one requires isolation; it is necessary to find silence.

I do not see Udraya going with you to Kash[mir]. The growth of thoughts will increase toward Russia.

So apparent is the pain of unbidden cries; it is easier to drive a nail into the hand than to pierce the nerves;therefore, We will seek a quiet house. Now, if possible, go to bed earlier. Everything missing will be madeup for quickly, for the vessel is open. Youare carryingablessedmiracle; only it is necessary to protect your condition. The waiting will not be long;there is no need to suffer. Christ, waiting on the hot sand, repeated: “I am a beggar;” but the Sunin its transitwas changing the shadow of the tents, and the emergingcoolness was refreshing. There were no flowers, but waves of hope and trust. Until tomorrow.

31 May 1924

“A protective net must surround the body. It is very important that the aura terminate in a net of vital sparks; therefore, even purple and blue auras must have ruby-colored sparks at their periphery. The display of those tones which are foreign toEarth makes the possessor too sensitive to earthly manifestations. The width of the aura often grows, the insignia of Earth being thrust out. Teros and Tamas must work like brothers, because the representatives of Tamas and Teros must be inseparable.

“The spirit imbues the aura with radiation, but the network makes it compact. By the realization of the defensive net one can protect the radiations; but it is impossible to stretch the network without Teros, the ray of which, like a lantern, must find the break. Hence, there can follow the non-coordination of contact with the outer world. This simple condition must be especially assimilated(by the sisters of A[ltai]), because the network is regulated by the usual consciousness and the command of the will.

“At first glance the leaping sparks seem to be only the motion of an apparatus; but they are guardians, ready to repel the enemy.”[282]

My Friend, K[oot]H[oomi],cares especially about this network. Medicine can also repair it because musk and valerian are among the most beneficial effects. Of course, the musk must be processed; otherwise, it will only be a stimulant. Equally mint and resin. Fruit can better cause the bonding of glands. Different fruits contain the same quality asthe essence of natural fiber. It is better if the fruit is raw, except for places of infection.

For example, it is very useful to sleep on the roots of trees, but by the conditions of life, it is almost impossible. Feather pillows and hair mattresses are very useful, for electricity is concentrated on feathers and horsehair.

Metals are dangerous; let us not forget that V[aughan] died from a rusted stick’s tip when his friend entered during the experiment. Of course, it is better without rust, but you can hardly always keep track of it. It is possible but requires a special condition because silver and gold do not give such decomposition. Better to try the plant world. Wisely, like bees, collect the accumulation of the essence of prana—the Sun’spharmacy. Until tomorrow.

1 June 1924

My karma leads like a ray. “It may now be told why it was decided to renounce the miracles. The way of miracles is most remote from harmony. Either the miracle is lost, and then it is simply harmful; or it jerks a man up to a degree which cannot be maintained under surrounding conditions; or it happens to be seen by envious ones, whereupon it begets evil.

“Courageously to know the possibility of penetrating the full light, and consciously to conceal the unusual manifestations, means to bring harmony nearer. Proceeding by way of the broadening of consciousness is the approach to true action.

“The ray of understanding of the predestined immensity of the manifestations of power can unite ready souls, and without this readiness any miracle is turned into a curiosity.

“One may have at one’s disposal powers not for demonstration but for progressive actions. When the essence is invisible to the crowd and arouses no attention, being veiled by the result, such essence will penetrate into the consciousness of the people, accustoming them to the fact of achievement through human hands. Thus, actions will be achieved by human hands as a result of the highest spirit-creativeness. It behooves the spirit to dwell in spirit. Let the hand manifest the earthly direction; creation by human hands does not arouse hatred.

“In antiquity, when communicating the commandments of God it was customary to cover the face. Later, people tried to overcome matter by proclamation of powers they had not yet mastered. Of course, this gave birth to the Inquisition. The essence of the Inquisition was persecution of the unusual.

“To make of the unusual the predestined, as a result of cooperation, will be to compel its acceptance by even the most dull ones. Therefore, let the miracles remain only in the consciousness of a few who are able to look into the Infinite!

“Thus, there is obtained a reversal of the procedure of antiquity. Formerly the priests guarded the miracles for the crowds; now the miracles are for the priests.

“The striving towards a true cooperation lies at the foundation of evolution. Only by the awakening of creativeness may the march of ignorance be destroyed. Though its forms be even monstrous, though the sun be made in a back yard out of chips, still the foaming torrent will break through the walls of matter. New discoveries will stimulate the collecting. Instead of stock market speculation let there be striving for discoveries, supported by cooperative societies.”[283]

The spirit of the Russian self-taught mechanic will flow widely. The limits that bound the West are unfamiliar to Russians. Truly, they can be given the depths of the earth and the air.

Let the Fords save millions for the Russian cooperative. If only to bring as much as is predestined.

Again, the Stone will pass near the tigers; such is the way when a representative of one principlemust lead the carriers of the symbol of the opposite powercrawling behind. Until tomorrow.

2 June 1924

To be shed there, precisely there, in R[ussia], not earlier. The spirit feels how the new understanding and new heads will come. “The chaos of the chips can be understood through beauty. What other measure can be applied to the medley of thought dross? And when you find a heap of goodness, readiness and movability, you can set to work only with the shovel of beauty. (And your attraction to the Russian language only intensifies your direction.)A wonderful fire is contained in the communion with people.”[284]

Urusvati affirms the only possible way. Urusvati, do not worry about the experiment;the morning will come, and the new stage will be fortified. You see how even the weak voices can pierce with disharmony. There was never a human apparatus that wasnot in need of the greatest caution at certain times.

I want to give precisely theexample of Ramakrishna and Vivekananda. If you knew the absolute silence that they needed for a long time,you could imagine what mortal pain could have pierced them. But later,a luminous membrane forms around the solar plexus,and although the pain remains, the mortal danger disappears. Just to be able to deliver. One must pity and cherish the accumulation destined over thecenturies.

Then,theconstruction of the Temple would have to be postponed for a century. (In case ofmy death.)

“Discontent is only the knowledge of possibilities. (And there is no contentment in Our Brotherhood, for)contentment is the death of the spirit.”[285]

It is the sorrow of the Earth. It has already been said that none of Us escaped it. But when the landowner Ch[arnoya] felt this particular readiness to break the vessel at any moment, and vague memories tormented him—that was the last step.

You asked about Bl[avatsky], but the whole medicine of the Brotherhood could not stop the destruction, and theconsequence wasan unnecessary incarnation. It was necessary to get rid of the rest of Tamas which complicated her astral body. A new incarnation can easily be avoided. The source of quality is important.

You are asking about F[uyama], but earthly labors await him while you will work in the densified body in the distant spheres. It is easy to cross from the physical body to the densified body. Therefore, in the future, the place of meeting with the Sisters will be at the top of B[elukha].[286]

You can do it all. Just admire nature, and keep in mind that legends about the communion of the hermits, with the spirits of nature, indicate the periods of accumulating the shells.

The right amount of food—to replenish the loss of strength. The right amountof warmth—to replenish the loss of strength. As long as physical forces do not decline, you can gradually reduce the food. The same as from the screams (pain from excessive eating). You only need flour items, low-fat, and rarely eatmeat. I guarantee you that the body will soongain immunity.These are the necessary provisions to describe the stage of the experiment. (To my remark that the conversation is devoted to my comfort, and I am ashamed).

3 June 1924

My Ray was slidingwhen a new fire was kindled. Great decisions are spread correctly. The Hand grumbler turnsto N. on E. day. Precisely, the achievements through human hands and bringing the Higher plans to the Earth. Not a small cause do you serve. A pile of gold lies beneath the waves of sand. Udraya’s ray can inherit Amrita which has been prepared by you on the mountain.

I am a stern spirit but sometimes feel like crying when seeing how the good of the new nations is wisely and simply clothed into earthly shells.Urusvati, your day ends with a new achievement, a gestureas broad as a chain of the Himalayas and as pure as the color of lilies.

“Where the people are expectant, We send thither Our chosen ones.

“Above the earthly rays blaze the rays of spirit. Burn the garments of the past day. The mole is not a fit companion. I affirm that at the destined hour all the moles in the world will not be able to dig a ditch. Hands off, hands off, hands off!

“Our Shield is forged by human hands.”[287]

Urusvati, Urusvati, Urusvati, can you heara hammer forges the armor. Not reveling in one’s own honey, but the steps of the people. Urusvati’s holiday is Our Holiday. It will be possible to leave calmly, knowing that the R[ussian] matter is built.

“The manifested power will come through people. There is no need for angels to deafen the ears with trumpets when human hands are found able to accept the chalice.”[288]

Chr[ist] knew when He touched. Chr[ist] kindleda blue fire. Chr[ist] sent the cross.

Puranas contain many reports of the lands conquered by the king from the Northern region.

There was never this scent of lilies, and Buddha put on a lilac robe.

Talk to Udraya again.

4 June 1924

“The standardized life must be skillfully avoided. The best (Russians) people are in advance of the world, which is burdened by clouds.

“He who wishes to reach (Russia) the New Country must not only cast aside all prejudices but also enter by a new way.

“The affirmation of life must be built upon the application to local conditions. Where there are a hundred languages spoken, one must understand a hundred psychologies. One expression for all is like a stereotyped column of a state building.

“Unity in variety gives the best harvest result.

(When you write about Russia, call it a New Country.)

“The fruit must be grown by the grafting of new, necessary currents. Therefore, We shall often speak about (Russia) the New Country—this is most urgent.[289] It is necessary to give an exact messageto everyone who will enter the soil of R[ussia] before you.

Besides Udr[aya], we have Av[irach]’s sendings to the Jews, the approach of T[aruhan] to A[merica], the cooperation of Yar[uya], the renewal of Har[bin]’sresidents,and the ties with R[ussia]. Many current works. It is necessary to indicate how to bring calmness to Am[erica]; these works must become the accompaniment to the world cause. Any unnecessary squeal or crackling is not suitable for harmonization. One should not miss the old covenants as well—just one year remains for Rock[efeller?]’s quest. T[aruhan?] must get used to the name of Ford.

Remember the names B. and D. The Russian sendings are coming. Let the “Pan Cosmos” not forget to assimilate relationsthe property is not small. The priest must often remember whether the temple is clean; therefore, it is necessary to protect order in all matters. Many crawlers are there.

You can write everything to Am[erica] so that they see the direction of current affairs. It is good to show sympathy for the new ones. It is good to have a special list of all the new ones. The result of the school is good. R[adna?][290] will help sister N[aru?].[291]The manifestation of My Teaching can warm her aspiration. It is necessary to direct the eyes toward the small ones, the children. It must be remembered that new hands will be needed in three years. I sense how the new leaves are growing;they must be examined. The phenomenon of humble people must be applied. Poruma can prepare the pure new ones that come silently. I do not insist on a name, for it is boring to find the substituted mushrooms. I can only say there is a catch. And very inconspicuous. The hands should be held widely because fish can swim away. We will talk about fish separately. I see the creeping one. It is better to apply long measures. The blackness of the ring must be removed gradually. I see him gathering papers, but he will not need them afterward. Records and observations.

5 June 1924

“From small to great, from a daily matter up to worlds, do we wander; but no one will call this insignificant, and never will the result prove to be incorrect.

“One will ask why the Teaching is strewn like seeds.Answer that only out of a variety of threads can one create a complex pattern.

“One will ask why the Teaching has no completed tenets. Answer that because in completeness there is death.

“One will ask why the parts of the Teaching cannot be connected logically. Answer that it would be ugly to grow only a head or only a hand.

“One will ask why there is not pronounced first the formula of Heaven and later the conjuration of the Earth. Answer that each thread of the garment of the Mother runs throughout, from the top to the bottom, and vice versa.

“One will ask why the predestined cannot be manifested at once. Answer that the pillars of a house are erected in successive order. And if the workmen say, ‘Let us set them all at once,’ the builder answers, ‘Do you wish to destroy them!’ Thus, a drop contains the whole world.”[292]

Let him (B.) pay attention to the coniferous needles. Precisely, just a hint. Find out how I send the silver grains. Ask, what is the significance of the subsurface metals? If the tested plant is surrounded by different metals. And do not name radium. Better hint about the ancient meaning of silver. Each one has their own preference, and resin is another. Give only a glimpse but shed it in the New Country. For the New Country, you have pledged your soul, for an unprecedented beautyyou laid your spirit. The chestof the Mother of the World is being carried to Ch[rist]; hence, it is not proper to give others what is destined for you.

“The manifestation of unlimited possibilities will give you calmness for perception.

“How then does an earthquake reverberate upon all that exists? Also various winds and storms? How are the diverse auras of people reflected upon plants? An entirely new institute for research could be established(with the same devices).

“Truly, the thread of cosmic coordination can be found by comparing the pulse of different elements.There is nothing new in this; but the importance of world-wide cooperation can be demonstrated graphically, even to some readers whose spirits are like cockroaches sticking in corners.

“Sow more broadly than the broad. Announce in schools a prize for the greatest quantity of submitted questions. Heretofore one has been rewarded for answers, now it should be for questions.”[293]

I guarantee Nat. is growing. I only request beautiful thinking.

6 June 1924

It is indeed right to guard against the screams. There exists a transitional time when the vessel is open but is not yet protected. It is not the words but discordant tones. The consciousness is right to defend itself. You should lock the windows, only for this time, because it is true that the sound increases a hundredfold. It is necessary to protect ourselves. Even ordinary concentration requires complete silence; but when the flaps are uncovered, it is like the trepanation of the skull, and a light feather then feels like a pood[294] of weight. It is dangerous to allow the center to be punctured.

Give some rupees and it will change easily. It is better to purify the air. Give five rupees per family if they will move to the village.

Now it is necessary to begin with a parting message. The first is for Tamerlane;[295] a lot of effort was spent during the nights making a decision. Next, We revealed the example of Napoleon; We requested to open the inner consciousness and not conceal that which has already been found. Third, a great thing happened when thinking had expanded. Urusvati spent a lot of strength because the constellation is associated with her. It is necessary to accomplish the indicated path. Soon you will have to grasp your self-reliance. I do not insist but only give. In the middle of the twenty-sixth year, you will need to stock up on the papers from A[merica]. By that time, there will already be letters to the R[ussian] scientists. Correspondence through Yar[uya] can now begin on a purely scientific subject. The current sharp difference between the parties will disappear amongst the scientific opportunities. When you go from here to B[elukha?], you will have to obtain the necessary passes. On the way you will stop in R[ussia?]; a fellow traveler, Yaruya, will be on business for the company. I can see the caftan, the speech, and the joy of arrival. Then, there is a whole web of possibilities. But the path to M[oscow] is more direct. Also, in June of the twenty-seventh year is the arrival into M[oscow]. No, the end of the twenty-sixth year is also the departure. Then three months in B[erlin?], followed by two months in R[ussia?], which means June in Moscow. Meanwhile, the work in S[iberia] is growing, and the connection of Yaruya with N[orthern] Mon[golia] begins from the twenty-ninth year. At the borders. It is better not to touch the R[ussians], but the new ones are from S[iberia]. Previous acquaintances need to be avoided; the path of Buddha-Maitreya should be revealed.

That is it for now. Let Tamerlane grasp it and find the questions, for there are many details, and his mind must become accustomed to them. Let him think now about the subject of the correspondence. He can ask the Academy of Sciences if there are translations of the books that have been received. An important time begins for Tamerlane. Let everything unnecessary be removed.

7 June 1924

Send strength to Am[erica].The movement of Urusvati’s centers occurred because of the need in Am[erica]. Afterward, we will sit for a while sending not the strength but affirmations. Udraya was almost right about the movement of the astral body. It is like the phone ringing.

(There were repeated sensations of goosebumps and the contraction of the nerves in the back of the head near the crown;a little later, there was a strong rotation in the head that caused a loss of balance but not of consciousness). It is the exit point of the astral body.

“Before the astral body sets out there is an outflow from the vertebrae.”[296]

You are correct to wait for a quiet house, for the time is coming to establish the achievements.

“The various nerve centers unfold differently, and the time comes when this difference must be normalized by rest, (One can spend some time without exertion,) just as a tuned piano should not be touched for awhile nor pounded with any metallic object.

“An entire rock can be split when knocked upon by metal in a discordant tone. Although this manifestation is well known, it is difficult to imagine it in connection with the human organism. Only by experience can one sense how much more shocking than an explosion some whispers are. It must also be remembered that the combinations of nerves are so diverse that it is difficult to determine the effects by any laws.

“The physical condition and the spirit are so closely interrelated that only by personal experience can one determine how to safeguard the correct approach of the fires. Fires are the wells of the rays.”[297]

Tamerlane has taken too much strength. Soon, putting them in My cradle, both of you can gather strength in silence. Sit together; you can call the boys. Feel an affirmation, the consciousness of the power associated with Us. When others aspire toward you, you feel yourself leaning against Us.

8 June 1924

Christ says, “You may use My Name if the motivation is sufficient.” Buddha says, “You may use My Name if the motivation is sufficient.” And I, Who temporarily keeps watch on the Tower, say, “You may use My Name if the motivation is sufficient.” I will curtail the will of growls through the desert expanse.

Urusvati noticed correctly, how the “world thought transmits world decision, and the construction of the New Country can only be in world-wide understanding.

“Do We need eloquence? The way of the contact of the spirit is much more powerful. When you see how with one gesture great decisions are executed, it becomes clear how valuable words are; not in quantity nor in their outer form but in their inner essence.

“One must speak still more concisely. The blacksmith must not use the hammer jarringly. The Teaching of Christ can be inscribed upon the palm of the hand.”[298]

I Myself know how many unnecessary words Origen wrote. I am only giving the way to the future.

You are right to avoid repetitions in the book. The emergence of the new ones forced the strengthening of the Call. Such signs, as well as the phenomenon of the first stage, should not be repeated. There is time to finish the book; We will fill it up next year.I vouch, in the beginning, the first book should be at least partially distributed.I think it is too early to overwhelm people with decrees; the initial ones need to be assimilated first. It is dangerous when expectation arises without applying the former decrees in life.

I do not think about sellingthe first book—it is better to distribute it. Convey to him (Yaruya) to be more mobile with the distribution. It is good to send the books to Revel for distribution—let it spread. I am thinking of removing the gloom from many faces.

L[umou] wants to leave. He is writing to Horch; do not argue. Time will take care of it.

I believe the R[ussian] cause needs to be protected. When the unprecedented affairs are growing, even a speck of dust should be removed. And I think the hands will stretch toward the Stone. My Sign can be given to Udraya with the ring; there are spare ones in the Circle. Meanwhile, it must be kept hidden, for the hand may draw attention. Let us sit together.

9 June 1924

Three years ago, My Hand heralded the beginning of the experiment. There is a blue light on a little table between the beds, and the Hand wrote on the black bench in the same way as you are writing now. The result is good because the Signs may be given now not only at night.It is not a matter of duration but of a life contact. It is necessary to achieve a simple connection in all life situations. I repeat, We like the result—several Voices have already been activated without causing a tremor.

It may be said now what Tara Urusvati will be called in the future. Each Sister and Brother has a specific name depending on their kind of activities—yours will be: an Inspirer of the New Paths and Liberator from prejudices. Not only in the Brotherhood but also in Al[tai] will you be thus called, while meeting the chosen sisters on the Summit of B[elukha]. That is why your work will be in the distant worlds, for the new ways will come only from there, calling the Earth into the circle of spiritual ascent; and prejudices will fall in front of the greatness of opportunities.

Obviously, the work in the White Brotherhood, for “the flight of the spirit is not reckoned in hours. The manifestation of the spirit rushing between the planets is beyond time; a moment, because it cannot be extended. Otherwise there results a rupture between the densified body and the mental. But one should remember that the spirit, which acts beyond time, also cognizes beyond the limitation of numbers, and is able to cognize up to the fourteenth gradation of hearing, whereas on the earthly sphere one can attain only up to the ninth.”[299]Right now there are no more than three, but with the A[ltai] sisters it can be developed until the ninth. But the sisters of Al[tai] will not only walk the earth; they will also possess many threads of the earthly sphere. “The gradations of hearing permit one to make various elements the coworkers of man.”[300]

Urusvati saw clichés of the future when the violin strings and a small chain wove a part of the symphony. “The sound of the rain is also not without significance. Many ways will enrich the earthly creativeness.”[301]

You will give according to your choice.The crowning of Tara Urusvati will endow the earthly sisters with the new ways. When the Ring of the Brotherhood touches, it always causes rotation of the centers. (I felt dizziness and rotation of the centers in the head). Urusvati, Our ring with the Stone is above you. Your Spirit accepts many Rays and Conduits, not only Mine and K[oot]-H[oomi]’s, but also from Or[iola], the Chinese Tara, Hil[arion],[302] Moh[amedi], Lao [Tze], Vaug[han], and Conf[ucius]. And, of course, from Bud[dha] and Ch[rist].

So, is it still difficult for me to accept other Rays? Not difficult but unintelligible.

How does the Ray of M[aster] Rak[oczy] affect me? It hits your knees.

I am very upset that I still cannot distinguish by the timbre who speaks to me. It does not matter.

Write down: Tar[uhan] and Mor[ey?]; learn from the seven ones how to guard My Gates. N[aru?] can sense the enemies. Sergius says, “Not for a small cause do you serve.”

The three of you should sit together.

10 June 1924

I approve of M.’s idea about B. when I wanted to make it clear about the silver. I sense he can remember about metals. He is already filled with reverence for you. You can keep him in mind for Russia. He is poor and unknown, as befits you, so give him a hint about future R[ussia].

It is a warning about Hed[. . .]. One can feel bad without showing it. (It relates to my vision—a hunchback with an old face of Hed. was peering out from behind B.)

Find out what was mentioned last night regarding the relentless movement of the affairsthey are so broad that the arms are too short to wrap around them.

Sitting between Christ and Buddha, you are affirming the power as an anchor.

She has an old fat ускул,[303] We urge you to listen to those who have already been on guard.

M. can listen to genuine well-wishers. No one can advise him better. I request to be cautious the powers of the spirit must be reckoned with. I am talking about M[orey?]he needs to understand the scope of the work. It is better for him to add a pound of intelligence rather than considering himself as being My Shield. But the “gloom can be dispersed by changing the direction of thoughts.”[304]There is so much important work ahead, and We may demand that individual members not interfere. The main thing is, if you give him success, the damage will be even greaterhe can begin humiliating others. The task is not to belittle the given friends, but how to tell them to understand that “not words, but the runners of thought weave the aura. (Do not belittle Av[irach]he deserves respect. Write to the Am[erican] Circle; remind them about My Words.) We are desirous of making Our works profitable in both the spiritual and material sense. I affirm that for this the quality of thoughts has great importance.”[305]Just thinkinstead of the bidding words, We spend the whole evening with mending. Do not trouble yourself, but “one must stress benevolent and useful unity (of the Circle), and that We appraise foolishness at its worth. Of course, in a great work foolishness may also find a lodging, but not on the top floor.

“Everyone can exist, but the future world requires the enlightenment of consciousness and not the muttering of lofty expressions.

“(It is necessary to add that) We appreciate a business-like financial account more than a string of pompous phrases. (It is inconvenient to force money into one’s pocketcooperation is needed. Not only the Cause but also the members of the Circle are hindered by pushing.) One must think about the world and manifest practical thoughts.

“On the eve of advent of the New Temple one must manifest resourcefulness and show the people an extraordinary alertness of mind. To walk in swaddles is not comfortable.”[306]

All of you should sit together for a while.

11 June 1924

The phenomenon in Al[tai] should be divided into four parts. The first one, the arrival of T[aruhan?], then of Av[irach] and Av[irach] alone. The second one, U[draya]. The third one, F[uyama]. Ur[usvati] is with Me; therefore, it is necessary to prepare the house and the New T[emple] for Our arrival. Consider that the fires on the mountains are Our Sign. I vouch that L[umou] will prepare the plan of the house and the Temple.

Can M.M. tell us when L. will arrive? Later—I want to continue with the plan first. I Myself will give the Decree of the Temple. Our Instructions will be exclusively in this regard. You will have time to send them to America. Unfamiliar strangers should not be taught.

The Russians will resist, although L[umou?] will be firm. Could F[uyama] possibly fail to scare the R[ussians]?

I see how the Lama beholds a sign: a radiant woman carries a Chalice down from the mountains. Her face is covered with a veil given by Me. The radiant violet is flickering like a flame. I open the gates to the Luminous Temple, and the fires in the Temple are kindled; a long white scarf is spread out on the steps. The Sisters-disciples approach revealing the lilies.

I, I, I thrice am calling the spirit of Urusvati. Before Our joint coming, I and Urusvati manifest, as it were, as two stars. Urusvati and Uranus, searching for an orbit of a new radius. This orbit may be outlined by the hand and the spirit, the giver of life.

The dark R[ussians] should yield to the mighty Ray of B[uddha]’s daughter. Горумешуелажолалела.[307]

Urusvati, the Ray of B[uddha] followed. She must have been kept in secret during His Path as G[autama], for she was born after His coming to Teaching. She was the flower of the Spirit, empowered by her mother with the responsibility of the first female community.

When completingthe earthly cycle, We should not speak about its insignificance. Look deep inside, and you will see the wonderful impulses. I do not see anyone ahead of you. The close approach to Buddha was initiated long ago. Many beautiful undertakings were laid that were not related to the name. Where does this opportunity to be the R[ussian] Tara with the mission of being an inspirer and liberator come from? There exists an awareness of the predestined, and when the end of the paths approaches, the spirit begins its continuous aspiration. We are waiting; I, Who was inspired by your best thoughts, your former spiritual Master, and your uncle Who reached Us through an unprecedented self-sacrificeyou will learn from Him Himself.

You must wait until the Day of the Mother of the World, when you say to the disciples: “Here we are, earthly sisters; here we are in simple garments. Here we understand the praise of the greatness of R[ussia], shown on a Cosmic scale; and now I may go, and the Mountain will become the place of trust. Now I may leave My white scarf with you. The R[ussians] may find a path leading up to the Mountain. R[ussians], do not reject the predestined Bethlehem!

Now the four of you sit together. The unprecedented is predestined for you.

12 June 1924

I think a very important time is coming. The importance of My desire is to endow you with the fullest possible awareness of your mission.

“I attest that it is easier to cross the mountains than to straighten out a human tail. Our Ray is directed in full search. One must understand Our Shield—verily, courage is needed.”[308] The time of guarantee depends on you. Assume that you have nothing outside of this decision.

Find the way to keep Udraya’s mind focused because I cannot always pour upon him. Make him understand how My Hand is beyond his age. Indicate also how dangerous it is in America to only demand manifestations. Sh[afran][309] is not very strong; meanwhile, if I speak of danger, they will consider it as an unwillingness to admit manifestations. Such a phenomenon is equal to poison if it is not prepared by a slow and preliminary process. They should not imitate your daily conversations and Urusvati’s conduit. At times, it is difficult even for you; you also must be persuaded not to overload yourself, in spite of a clear aspiration that already belongs to you; otherwise, you would not be able to withstand the present tension.

Fuyama must still toil on Earth for another half a century. Urusvati will report her experiences on the Mountain and will lead the Sisters along the path of the invisible worlds. How carefully you must roll your cart! You can be given so much, and at the same time, you must be protected from every tremor; and every day I rejoice to see the boat sailing. Truly, it is unusual to walk in life truthfully and sensitively. I rejoice to see how naturally Urusvati accumulates her experience.

Leave it to Us to judge; the body senses the limits of its possibilities. What if the fire flares up; how can it be put out then? And when you meet a tiger, say: “Do not eat us; there are so many works ahead!”

The four of you sit together.

13 June 1924

Urusvati heard the voice of Buddha.

Now I want to propose what I would do in Fuyama’s placeI would go to America in the autumn to fix things. A personal appearance for one month is equivalent to two years of writing letters. It is better to say the guiding words directly for personal things. I feel it is better to take Lumou straight to America. Let them send an invitation for an extraordinary meeting of the corporations, and the order can be continued upon return. An individual appearance is necessary. You can travel in the middle of October.

The house needs to be extended for a month. Then you may meet on the way to Almora.[310] I will indicate later.

It is better when it is colder; inquire about the steamers. The Governor’s wife can help with the visa [. . .].

I do not see how plans can be conveyed in letters. The appearance of L[umou] will be much better. You cannot summon anyone from the Circle here.

Urusvati may send the books to the bank. For now, I do not see any other solution. If there are changes, I will tell you, but take precautions. If you have to travel, another circumstance is beneficialUrusvati can bring U[draya?] closer to the conversations; it is useful before leaving. Besides the night conduit, an occasional conversation is also good. Of course, the time is seriousonly courage may lead you forward. B[uddha] Himself is summoning. I see Fuyama is worried, but it has been said long ago that he must go similarly as in America. It may be assumed that M.’s success was not violated because I walked carefully, was not wrong about the people, and kept the plan in courageous mobility. It can be conveyed to R. Gather the new, various details. I will teach you how to make it faster and more useful. You will represent My Country.

The four of you sit together.

Can I ask the name of the former Ch.? We do not give the names of those who left the Earth.

Udraya, reveal your new essence. Lumou, I am glad to see that[311] opportunity for you.

Maybe the journey can be postponed for a year—I will tell you in five days.

14 June 1924