Dr. Alena Adamkova
2002-2012 IRMT Executive Director/Curator

FROM 01.01.2002 TILL 08.09.2012

Hall Estate
Naggar, 175 130 Kullu distt.,
Himachal Pradesh


* * *


25.03.2011 - 16th Meeting of the Board of Trustees, IRMT held in Shimla. Matter of the former project of setting up RICFA (Roerich International College of Fine Arts) was discussed thoroughly. It was decided that the unspent amount of approximately Rs 72 lakhs out of the Grant from the Ministry of Culture (2003) will be released for the construction of the first priority needed infrastructure for the Roerich Academy (which will include in the future: 1. 10+2 school with the art specialization; 2. existing Helena Roerich Art College (evening classes); 3. regular daily international Art College). Executive Director/Curator IRMT was entrusted to prepare the general estimate and plan for the required buildings and to submit it to the 'Vision Committee' within a month's time. Special attention is to be drawn towards ecology and architectural style harmonious with the local traditions. Construction is to be completed by the next year new academic session. Simultaneously the work should start for searching sponsors for the further financing of the entire Academy complex 'construction.

02.04. - Visit of the IRMT consulting & supervising architect, Sh. Duni Chand to Naggar, meeting with the IRMT director, detailed survey of the construction site carried out and discussion about the project.

Preparation of the general plan of the construction.

05.04. - Executive Director IRMT briefs Treasurer IRMT cum DC Kullu about the construction plan and overall estimate. Matter of land available arises, DC Kullu entrusts ADM to visit the place with Naggar patwari and demarcate the area available for the construction.

08.04. - ADM Kullu arrives with patwari and detailed survey of the land available with Tourism department is carried on and site demarcated.

10.04. - Meeting with Helena Roerich Art College parents-teachers management committee, briefing them about the proposed construction plan. Plan is approved by the committee. It is decided that the Executive body of the Committee will also monitor the work progress to ensure its efficiency and transparency.

19.04. - Visit of the Honorable Chief Secretary, H.P., Smt Rajwant Sandhu and the Principal Secretary LAC, Smt Manisha Nanda to the IRMT Naggar. Madam Chief Secretary was briefed about the general plan and estimate for the proposed construction of two buildings and approved the start of construction. Madam Chief Secretary also gave approval for the execution of the construction by the IRMT itself, not by the governmental contractor. She also stated that treasurer IRMT cum DC Kullu will timely release the necessary amount for the construction to the ED in stages according to requirements. It was approved that the work will be supervised by the IRMT consulting & supervising architect, Sh. Duni Chand and monthly reports about the work progress will be submitted by the ED IRMT to the LAC department.

End of April - further preparation of the project, meeting and discussion with the architect.

Preparation for the function to be held on 1st May, part of which will be laying of the cornerstone at the proposed construction site.

01.05.2011 - Laying the corner stone of the future Art Academy by H.E. Ambassador of the Russian Federation, Mr Alexander M.Kadakin, Vice President of the IRMT; Ambassadors of Ukraine, Kirgizstan and Tajikistan, Sh. Prem Sharma director, LAC Govt. of H.P. Shimla and the Principal of Helena Roerich Art College Sh. Kamlesh Sharma. Representatives of the Italian, Russian, Estonian, Polish, Australian, UK, Uzbekistan Roerich Societies and cultural communities participated at the ceremony. ADM Kullu and Naggar officials were also present. All teachers and students of Helena Roerich Art College watched the ceremony most carefully.

11.05. - Visit of the IRMT consulting & supervising architect, Sh. Duni Chand to Naggar, meeting with the IRMT director and construction tehkidar, surveying the construction site and giving detailed instruction for the first phase of the work at the site. Detailed design of both buildings is submitted by the Architect to the IRMT.

12.05. - Brigade of Naresh Kumar (associated with the IRMT for the last 8 years, executed construction of the Theatre, 'Blue House' etc) starts the work on dismantling the old retaining wall. In the process of digging huge amount of stones were recovered.

They are piled nearby and will be later reused for construction of the new retaining wall.
Simultaneously bushes are being cut on the lower portion, and cleaning of the old road in order to make it accessible for the cutting machine to come up for future slope cutting works.

14.05. - Major portion of the old retaining wall (constructed approximately in 1890) is dismantled by workers. Assessed cost of the recovered stones is approximately Rs 40,000/-.

15.05. - Whole old retaining wall is dismantled.

16.05.2011 - Construction stopped by the DC Kullu without any explanation. No further movement.

03.07.11 - 04.07.2011: J.C.B. machine cuts its way up the hill towards the Osborn ground

06.07.2011: JCB machine reached up

09.07.2011: starting cutting the slope

12.07. - 13.07.2011: Cutting the slope under the Osborn Estate

16.7.2011: preparing an even ground of approximately 50 meters where the new buildings are to be constructed

11.08.2011 - 2nd Meeting of Task Force Vision Committee of the IRMT took place in Delhi under the Chairpersonship of Chief Secretary, H.P.

August 2011: Raising up retaining wall

3.9.2011: Cutting slope, raising up retaining wall

22.9.2011: Constructing retaining wall, filling up with stones upper ground near Osborn building

29.9.2011: Filling up, cementing & covering upper ground near Osborn building

20.10.2011: Retaining wall completed from the left side, right side remaining to be done

23.10.2011: 43,5 m retaining wall has been completed; upper portion near the Osborn house filled with stones and covered; lower ground leveled and prepared for further construction.

Work stopped. No permission to continue further.

No permission to construct further, in spite of calls to SDO and ADM. We are told that necessary technical clearance from Shimla is being processed.

6.11.2011. Letter written to ADM concerning the permission to start further construction.

No answer follows.

Meeting of Teachers-Parents Committee, expressing concern in the continuous delay of the construction.

30.11.2011. Call from ED was made to DC concerning the construction, complaining about the continuous administrative delay in the work.

On 8.12.2011 letter was received from ADM stating that the construction work has been transferred to the BDO. Letter from Principal Secretary, LAC has been attached, dated 23.09.2011 - approval to execute the work through BDO. No reasons specified for this decision, in spite of the fact that the IRMT was officially entrusted with this task. The letter written on 23.9.2011 was not shown to the IRMT for the reasons only the LAC and DC are able to explain.

15.12.2011. Meeting of Teachers-Parents Committee, expressing indignation in the decision to transfer the work from the IRMT to BDO without supplying of the information to the IRMT.

16.12.2011 - To review the decisions of the 2nd Meeting of Task Force Vision Committee, meeting was conducted at Naggar under the Chairmanship of DC Kullu. DC directed the BDO to obtain the technical approval for the construction at the earliest.

No clearance, no permission to construct further, no explanations, no talks. Work halted, in 2012 as well, government officials do not react to any letter in this matter.